Reflections and Articles by the Family of Liane Harris

Sherwin Harris, father of Liane Harris, who died on 18 November 1978, described himself as “co-founder of the Concerned Relatives Group [who] had a unique perspective as a non(ever)member parent dealing with the Temple and as an eyewitness to the events as they transpired in Guyana and the people and other groups involved.” He subsequently consulted with other parents whose children “were similarly involved with cults.” Sherwin died on January 11, 2016.

Liane’s brother Adam Harris can be reached at Liane’s uncle Jeff Plotnick can be reached at

My Daughter Liane 2011, by Sherwin Harris (2011)

About my sister Liane, by Adam Harris (2011)

Reflections of an Uncle, by Jeff Plotnick (2011)

Still a Father, 30 Years Later, by Sherwin Harris (2008)

A collection of stories about Liane Harris may be found here.

Last modified on January 7th, 2017.
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