Reflections and Articles by Stephan Jones

Stephan Jones is a Jonestown survivor. In addition to writing the articles below, Stephan appeared as a speaker during the Griot Institute of African Studies lecture series entitled Jonestown: 35 Years Later at Bucknell University; his presentation appears on this page (scroll down the videos). He may be reached at

The Man They Loved (2015)

Death’s Night (2013)

Reunion (2013)

Ankles and Assholes (2013)

Johnny Brown: Taking Care of His Own (2013)

Restored Humanity (2012)

The Deluded Heir (2012)

Baby Toes (2012)

Chuck (2010)

My Brother’s Mother (2009)

Ruth’s Teeth (2008)

Going Home (2007)

A Farewell to A Friend (2005)

Marceline/Mom (2005)

Angels (2003)

Like Father, Like Son (2003)

Last modified on October 11th, 2018.
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