Writings of Ken Risling

Ken Risling attended high school in Davis, California, with Annie Moore, who joined Peoples Temple after graduation and who died at Jonestown. She was 24 years old at the time, as was he. Ken went on to lead a relatively normal life, staying in Northern California, pursuing a career in construction, and raising a family with his partner. But he has not been able to mute the incessant echo of the silent scream he heard the day he learned Annie was dead. His search for peace has inspired him to reconnect with family and friends, read all he can about Annie’s world, and write. He has authored numerous essays and accounts, and composed a song, “Jonestown,” relaying his memory of, and bewilderment about his friend.

Human struggle remains a focal point in his life. Writing and music continue to grow as his passionate pursuit.

The song “Jonestown” appears here and here. He can be reached at rise@sonic.net.

Angel of Death, My Beloved (2018)

I Lost My Friend (2018)

Before The Wind: Remembering Annie Moore (2011)

Confessions of a Religious Bigot (2010)

The Gift of Tears: “The Ballad of Annie Moore” (2008)

“Jonestown”: Annie’s Song Launches Songwriter (2007)

“Jonestown”: The Birth of A Song (2005)