Peoples Temple Endorsements Packet (Text)


Medical Profession

“I have known… Pastor Jim Jones quite some time and know him to be of good moral character, honest, sincere, and absolutely truthful in every respect. Pastor Jim Jones teaches Christianity, brotherly love, kindness, and willingness to help friends in need at all times. He teaches all of these things to his members, and insists that they live this type of life every minute of every day. One of his favorite expressions is: “we are our brother’s keeper.” This idea coincides with his teachings completely… He should be seen and heard by people of the entire world… This world will be a better place to live in because of Pastor Jim Jones.”

J. Bruce Massey, M.D.
Physician and Surgeon

“I have found Rev. Jim Jones to be a dedicated, trustworthy, sincere person who is endowed with an ability and talent possessed by very few. He practices exactly what he preaches, has helped numerous individuals… and all the while being a considerate, and understanding leader of men…. He has saved many from disaster and started them on a meaningful path of constructive well adapted behavior.”

H. I. Perkins, M.D.
Drug Abuse Program Director

“I am deeply grateful and proud to know people who are honestly and openly working for a better world.”

Price M. Cobbs, M.D.

“The Peoples Temple Christian Church has, indeed, an impressive record of accomplishments, and we congratulate you on your work. It is through these efforts that human life improves and it is up to all of us to try in the most effective way we can to make the lot of all safer and more pleasant.”

John F. Burke, M.D.

“This is a splendid and wonderful thing that you are doing and I wish to commend your Pastor Jones and his staff for encouraging your members to maintain good health and providing medical services for them.”

John E. Ray, M.D.

“Many of the world’s problems would be solved if others participated as fully and with as much concerned as you have shown.”

Phillip R. Lee, M.D.
Chancellor, University of California San Francisco

“I wish to compliment you for the interest and concern you have on behalf of the health and welfare of all children.”

Jay M. Arena, M.D.
Professor of Pediatrics
Director, Poison Control Center
Duke University Medical Center

“It is refreshing and gratifying to realize that there are organize groups in our community following the development of social welfare programs in our area with such close interest at all times. Their own commitment to community service projects is greatly appreciated as an even greater affirmation of your concern for the welfare of others in our community.”

Craig M. McMillan, M.D.
County Health Officer
County of Mendocino

“I commend you and Pastor Jones and the folks of Peoples Temple for the fine work you’re doing.”

Cortez F. Enloe, Jr., M.D.

“We are aware of Jim’s contributions not only to our community but throughout the state. He and his congregation are continuously giving to their fellow man in some Christian way.”

Searles R. Boynton, D.D.S.

“The Church and its leadership are to be commended.”

Jerome A. Lackner, M.D.
Director of Health
State of California

“We were deeply impressed with the work which are churches done on drug rehabilitation.”

Lois Christofferson, M.S.W.
Chief Social Worker
Department Of Surgery
Stanford University Medical Center

“The work of Peoples Temple combines the qualities of communal living with closeness to nature, plus the spiritual concept of fellowship. I feel that if we are truly to reach the wellsprings of better mental health, we will require to be set up alternative forms of living to that of cities and the human alienation that goes with them. Your work sounds like pioneer efforts in the right direction.”

R.W. Shepherd

“I am personally very aware of the valuable resource that the Peoples Temple programs are for the Westside residents.”

Alexandra M. Hunter, M.D.
Director Of The Pacific Medical
Center Day Treatment Program


“I am presently the Municipal Court Commissioner appointed by the nineteen Municipal Court Judges of the City of San Francisco.… For the last several years I have worked closely with this church which consists of one of the largest memberships in San Francisco. Their tremendous support within the community derives from the fact that they are involved in community service. The Peoples Temple is best known for reaching out to every kind of human need.”

Jerrold Levitin
Municipal Court Commissioner
San Francisco

“I deeply respect Reverend Jim Jones and the work which he does and all of you who assist him in those noble goals.”

E. Robert Wallach

“As a former executive director of Consumer Action, I would like to share with you some of my impressions concerning the work of Peoples Temple in our City. Since Rev. Jones arrived in San Francisco, he has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of some of our cities poorest and most desperate individuals. Jim Jones has inspired thousands to think less of themselves and more about the plight of their neighbors. His ministry has earned the respect and admiration of concerned individuals throughout the Bay Area. Despite the great amount of public press in adulation that has come his way, Rev. Jones has remained humble and remarkably self-effacing.”

Kay Patchner, former director
Consumer Action

“What would this world be like without people with the kind of dedication you and your staff display?”

Benjamin Ward, Director
Pretrial Services Agency

“Over the years our organization has had frequent contact with Peoples Temple. These relations have given us the chance to appreciate that humanitarian, conscientious efforts on behalf of San Francisco’s needy.”

Hiram E. Smith, esq.
Executive Director/President
San Francisco Neighborhood Legal Assistance Foundation

“… the description that you and others have given me of the works of your church–and of your remarkable pastor, Jim Jones–make it clear how deep and broad and various are your commitments to improving and humanizing society, and how marvelously effective your tireless efforts have been.”

Anthony G. Amsterdam, Professor
Stanford University Law School

“I am happy to hear that your Church, led by Pastor Jones, is so involved with some of the serious problems we face today, especially with regard to young people and young adults. I certainly wish to congratulate you and Pastor Jones on the excellent programs you have developed to work with young people, and on the excellent results you seem to have obtained. The efforts of the community and church groups is of primary importance to reaching young people today.”

Charles A. O’Brien
Former Chief Deputy Attorney General
State of California

“Peoples Temple are experts in the First Amendment.”

David M. Fishlow
American Civil Liberties Union

“I am familiar with its [Peoples Temple] work in the city. It is an unusual and unique organization, which puts religious principles into practice by working on the day-to-day problems of the people in this community. Its programs and child care, legal aid, housing, and rehabilitation enjoy an outstanding reputation. The people I have met from the Temple have been unfailingly courteous, enthusiastic and public spirited.”

Philip Martin

“You are truley [truly] a friend of the poor, the helpless and the oppressed.”

Charles Lewis, President
Legal Defense League

“In addition, it is good to learn the good work and devotion of the members of Peoples Temple Christian Church under the leadership of Pastor Jim Jones. Your interest in and concern about the total field of corrections is important and encouraging.”

Frederick R. Silber
Bureau of Prisons
Department of Justice


“The efforts of your church to live in racial harmony and equality are exemplary; you are obviously putting into practice the humanitarian ideals most needed by our society and by our churches.”

S.B. Ethridge
Director, Teachers Rights
National Education Association

“You are doing an important job in an excellent manner and I commend Reverend Jones.”

Robert L. Docter, Ph.D.
Los Angeles City Board Of Education

“I have known of the activities of Reverend Jones and believe him to be a man of great integrity and possessed of the highest sense of social responsibility. He works day in and day out to provide services for the destitute and outcast in our society and his actions on behalf of the church are a credit to our community. They [Peoples Temple and Rev. Jim Jones] are not motivated by petty political aims, but by a noble sense of principle sadly lacking in the nation in recent years.”

Bill Maher
San Francisco Board Of Education

“It is Ministers with the spiritual message and active participation to follow-up that message that provide an inspiration to those of us who so desperately need a guiding direction in all religious experiences. You are the epitome of caring for humans, sharing and providing basic needs for each other, helping the sick and afflicted and educating the young. Everyone’s struggle is your struggle: your fight for human dignity is beyond compare.
“Peoples Temple Community Church services a broad sector of the San Francisco communities. Many of the outreach programs of that church enable persons to move about in their daily lives with dignity and integrity that would be impossible if these programs were not available.”

Yvonne S. Golden
Opportunity II High School

“I have seen the outstanding works of Pastor Jones in the San Francisco area. The members of his congregation whom I have known for a long time and whom I have recently met certainly exemplified the kind of training which they have received from Peoples Temple.
“Approximately two years ago, my mother was hospitalized for a brain stroke and was paralyzed. Pastor Jones’ nurses and his well-trained Missionaries would come in daily to help the member of his church who was in critical condition. My sister and I were very much impressed because they also offered to do whatever they could for my mother. The nurse would bathe the member for Peoples Temple and stay with her all day. My sister had recently had a back operation, yet no one from my mother’s church offered to stay and relieve my sister while I worked.”

Frances Huff
Teacher and newspaper columnist


“I have been overwhelmed by you (Pastor Jones) and your congregations and your activities with law enforcement.”

Winston Churchill, Chief
Indianapolis Police Department

“We, as minority law enforcement officers, no of the work and accomplishments of Peoples Temple in the area of youth programs and activities that are of a positive social nature. The Temple’s work and concern for senior citizens puts it among the best type in San Francisco.”

Wilbert K. Battle, President
Officers For Justice, San Francisco

“The Peoples Temple has done a fantastic job for us in the social parts of the City. After considering the outstanding work of the church, your kind words take on a special significance. I hope I will continue to merit both your support and your respect.… Thank you again, Reverend Jones, for imparting the spirit of God and human fellowship to your congregation. We are deeply indebted to you for your hard work. With God’s help, we will both continue to help men to live happier and more rewarding lives.”

Edward M Davis, Chief
Los Angeles City Police Department

“Your Congregation’s firm stand in support of the police’s most vital and germane in the performance of their dangerous and endless task of protecting and serving the citizens of our free society. Our alliance in maintaining law and order would represent all citizens, Christian and non-Christians, our dedication to the principle of free society in which no person would be deprived of his freedom to worship in the face of his free will. It is organizations like yours and thousands of others throughout the country that are to be especially commended for the nobility of reason and maturity of vision to giving the most needed support to the efforts of law enforcement.

“Your expression of warmth and sympathy for the wives and families of police officers who have been victimized by the lurking dangers of their profession is as innately praiseworthy and reassuring as it is in keeping with the Christian principle of brotherly love. Goodness and wisdom are inseparable, indeed.”

Frank Isbell, Director
Community Relations Section
Los Angeles City Police Department

“The knowledge of your good deeds has been with us for a long time, and we want to add our congratulations to the many you will receive. We hope your congregation will enjoy the benefits of good health and good deeds for many years to come.”

Willie E. Frazier, Secretary
The Police Commission
City and County of San Francisco

“I know the many humanitarian projects in which you and other members of your church are involved, and you are to be commended for your contribution to society.”

Donald M. Scott, Chief
San Francisco Police Department

“Those in police work are constantly aware of the lack of community resources and existence of viable rehabilitation programs designed to help our young people return to productive lives. Thnak [Thank] heaven there are individuals and organizations, such as the Peoples Temple, who not only recognize this need but are also doing something about it.”

H. E. Britton, Chief
Fresno City Police Department

“The continuing interest and support of your church family is not only deeply appreciated but also most encouraging to all of us…”

Annie Belisle Daley
Confidential Secretary to the Sheriff
San Francisco

“Jim and his church members strongly support law enforcement and they also respect the property rights of others. They have never trespassed, destroyed or littered.”

Donn D. Saulsbury, Chief
Ukiah City Police Department

“With support of people like you and the citizens of this country, law enforcement can go forward and make this country a better place in which to live.”

J. F. Inman, Chief
Atlanta Police Department

“Your support of these organizations dedicated to the maintenance of law and order – a very difficult task in these changing times – is particularly gratifying.”

J. R. Fisk, Chief Constable
Vancouver (Canada) Police Department

“For some time I have been personally aware of your fine programs dealing with the problems of inner cities and your outstanding moral and spiritual guidance provided throughout the United States.… The Peoples Temple Church certainly deserves accolades from those of us engaged in the field of crime prevention, for the moral, physical, and spiritual leadership it has provided for citizens.…”

James M. Rochford
Superintendent of Police
Chicago, Illinois


“No published list of 100 congregations in America showing exemplary leadership would be complete without your name on it.”

H. Newton Hudson, Secretary
Religion In American Life

“Peoples Temple has an effective social ministry attracting people who, normally, are rejected by society.… I support the ministry and I only wish many of us were as effective as they are at Peoples Temple.”

Rev. Dr. A. C. Ubalde, Jr.
Bethany United Methodist Church

“The ministry and witness of Pastor Jones and the people of the Peoples Temple has great meaning for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)… the most meaning of any single incident or event that has happened to me in the days of my ministry for 20 years as a pastor in this part of the church… the ministry of Jesus Christ, which is the action of God in the world, has about it more that is clearly revealed probably by the Peoples Temple than any other member church of the Christian Church .… That’s an awesome thing and I just praise God.…”

Bishop Karl Irvin, Jr., Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

“I keep talking about the extraordinary work that all of you do it Peoples Temple. All of you are committed to serve the needs of others in the name of Jesus Christ. This is true servanthood and when combined with love it is the most formidable force in the world.… From my numerous contacts with members and staff of the church, I can say that they are the most committed and dedicated group of people I have known in any church anywhere.”

Wade D. Rubrick, Chief Counsel
Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in the United States and Canada

“I am deeply impressed by the ministry which you carry out in the Peoples Temple under the leadership of Pastor Jim Jones and I doubt that I have much to suggest to add to it. It seems to me that the kind of concerns you are dealing with and the outreach in which you are involved is exactly the kind of thing that I find extremely significant.… Peoples Temple is seriously trying to be faithful in his efforts to relate the Gospel to the unmet needs of persons in situations of extreme crisis, people who are victims of various forms of injustice. May God continue His work through the ministry of Peoples Temple.”

Rev. W. Sterling Cary, President
National Council of the Churches of Christ

“The Jewish community in the San Francisco area has developed a great respect for the contributions the Peoples Temple has made to the total community. At a time when many of our efforts in local social welfare and rehabilitation are faltering, the Peoples Temple has produced large, creative social services which produce results. That has been a heartening phenomenon for all of us.

“At the same time, the Peoples Temple was one of the first forces in the city to concentrate on needed education against the growth of neo-Nazism in the area.”

Earl Raab
Jewish Community Relations Council
of San Francisco, Marin and the Peninsula

“Pastor Jones’ vast ministry will surely attract ever increasing attention. One of Pastor Jones’ many skills that I particularly admire is his ability to attract young people and enlist them in Christian service, even to rescue great numbers of them from the grip of drugs. That calls for tremendous spiritual power, which is rare indeed in our troubled time.”

Father Alfred Boeddeker, OFM
St. Anthony’s Dining Room

“The City-wide Planning Commission for the Martin Luther King Celebration has chosen you as the local speaker because of your continuous effort in the struggle for equal rights and social justices for all people.”

Donneter Lane, President
San Francisco Council of Churches

“I have been pastor in the city for fifteen years and what that church is doing to enable human life for all races, all styles of life in the city is a miracle.”

Reverend Robert H. Stewart
First St. John’s United Methodist Church
West Nob Hill Parish

“The program of the congregation seems to be wide in its concerns, ranging from care of abandoned animals through orphans’ homes, homes for the aged, financial support of students in college, legal services for the community, narcotics rehabilitation.… In fact, it is apparent that no human need is expressed without an attempt being made to meet that need. I have the impression that the congregation is ready, willing, and able to assist any human being with almost any problem.… One gets the impression of being in the mix of the human race at its best: a Trinity of people whose primary concern is to love and to share.… Peoples Temple is led by a man of deep integrity and sensitivity.…

“I have found Rev. Jones to be perceptive, emitted and dedicated to the empowerment of those who have been neglected or disregarded by normal processes and structures of our society.”

Gerald B. McHarg
Assistant to the Executive Pastor
Christian Church of Southern California

“I continue to be impressed by the many ways the congregation has found to relate to its community and to the world.”

Ian McCrae
Social Action Newsletter
Christian church (Disciples of Christ)
Department of Church in Society

“There can be no doubt that you are actively striving to diminish the injustices and miseries that plaque man.”

John P. Mosti, S.J.
Jesuits for Peace and Justice
Jesuit School of Theology

“It is gratifying to know of other Christian groups that are deeply concerned about the welfare of mankind. Your church, under the leadership of your dedicated pastor, the Reverend Jim Jones, must truly be following the teachings of Jesus, not in words only, but in deeds.”

Religious Society of Friends
Palo Alto, California

“In all of my dealings with Peoples Temple Church, I have found them to be caring and supportive of the social-religious commands of Jesus Christ, going way beyond the call of the Gospel in order to (as their pastor Jim Jones says) ‘Care about someone else besides yourself.’”

Montford Caldwell

“Peoples Temple offers a tremendous witness to the gospel of liberation and justice within our community. Many judges referred young persons to Peoples Temple for rehabilitation programs. They also offer services in training for use around such skills as carpentry, printing, broadcasting, electronics, auto mechanics, tutoring, etc. and Peoples Temple provides more food services than does St. Anthony’s dining room! All of these are vital ministry with the people of our city. This type of ministry fulfills a great need which would otherwise have to be met by the city’s Social Services and other agencies were it not for church groups like the Peoples Temple.”

Rev. Norman E. Leach, D. Min.
Associate Executive Minister
San Francisco Council of Churches

“Peoples Temple is a caring community of people of all races and classes. They bear the mark of compassion and justice – compassion for the hungry and jobless, lonely and disturbed, and also for the earth and her offspring.”

Dr. John Moore, District Superintendent
United Methodist Church

“I have known Rev. Jim Jones for approximately 8 years and have come to know of his responsible commitment to poor people, multi-racial communities, and services he provides trying to bring about self-determination.

“We are pleased and honored that you will be with us on Sunday, January 16th to accept Glide’s 4th Annual Martin Luther King, Jr., Humanitarian Award, in recognition of your leadership and contributions to so many communities of people.
“What I appreciate about you is that you extend yourself beyond specific situations and provide the experience of sharing in the cause to which we are committed.”

Rev. A. Cecil Williams
Minister of Celebration and Involvement
Glide Memorial Methodist Church

“The ministry of this man and his congregation is surpassed by none in our denomination. Their witness and feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless and ministering to the sick and imprisoned is sorely needed in this troubled age.”

Dennis W. Short
Associate Pastor
Urban Life
Christian Church of Southern California


“It is impossible to adequately express the deep feelings we have for the members of the Peoples Temple who rallied to the cause of a free press during our recent incarceration at the Fresno County Industrial Farm.

“To watch on television hundreds of persons marching in the courthouse plaza and to realize they were demonstrating on our behalf is something which we shall remember for the rest of our lives.

“Even more important is that those of your congregation who were there, or who were among the hundreds in the church who took time to write us in jail, understand the essential importance of a free press in this democracy of ours.

“The unselfish show of human love and compassion will forever remain as an example to us and our families which demands far more recognition than we are able to give.”

George Gruner
Managing Editor
The Fresno Bee

“I am very touched that your church has been so dedicated to issues of press freedom.”

Katharine Graham
The Washington Post Company

“I cannot think of a person whom I’ve grown to admire more. What if more ministers were really involved in social issues? He certainly has my interest and support.”

Julia Hare
Director of Community Affairs
KSFO Radio

“We at BLACK ENTERPRISE have the highest regard for groups such as the Peoples Temple.”

Tamara Owens
Administrator, Public Affairs
Black Enterprise

“It is gratifying to see the evidence of the commitment of you and your fellow members of the Peoples Temple to freedom of the press.”

Clayton Firkpatrick, Editor
Chicago Tribune

“In taking the action that you did, you set an example which should be emulated by all concerned with such vital issues as the defense of freedom of expression; and I am sure that your protest not only had a major influence on the outcome of the case itself but also enlightened countless persons throughout the country.”

Albert Kahn, author

“I have known Jim for several years and have worked with him in the movement for liberation and self-determination of all peoples. Jim is a highly sensitive man, one who is completely dedicated to the cause of social justice. I have seen him under fire from reactionary elements, and has never wavered in his commitment. He is undoubtedly one of the most articulate and effective leaders in the United States today.

“At the same time, he is a humble man who does not seek ‘to task [bask] in the limelight,’ on the contrary, Jim has made a sincere effort to achieve accord among organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area, in the hope that unity will strengthen the defense against oppression, while submerging his own position in the process.”

Carlton B. Goodlett. M.D., Ph.D.
National Newspapers Publishers

“You have done a tremendous job. I wish you continued success and, as a member of this community, thank you for what you are contributing to my city.”

Steve Gavin
City Editor
San Francisco Chronicle


“I am grateful… for… the work of the Peoples Temple Christian Church in defending the First Amendment guarantees of freedom of the press, in managing the drug program, and in running the ranch for handicapped children. Knowing of the congregation[‘]s deep involvement in the major social and Constitutional issues of our country … is a great inspiration to me.”

Walter F. Mondale

“Those who are most familiar with the work of peoples Temple and of your pastor, Mr. Jim Jones, speak glowingly of the numerous social programs your church has established a meeting every type of human need. Your commitment and compassion, your humanitarian principles, and your interest in protecting individual liberty and freedom have made an outstanding contribution to furthering the cause of human dignity.”

Joseph A. Califano, Jr.
Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare

“You and the other members of the congregation are to be commended for your work to aid young people and for your commitment to reach out beyond the walls of the church to make Christianity a meaningful part of all aspects of modern life.”

Mervyn M. Dymally
Lieutenant Governor
State of California

“It is indeed encouraging to me to find that citizens such as yourself remain deeply committed to the vital freedoms which the First Amendment guarantees, and are sensitive to governmental actions which erode them.”

Sam Ervin, Jr.
United States Senator

“… It is only through the hard work and commitment of persons like yourself and those in your church that our greatest social problems will finally be overcome. Let me express my heartiest approval, then, for the efforts you and your friends are making in your community.”

Warren Magnusen
United States Senator

“Brotherhood and equality have long been pursued by those seeking a newer world. Contributions by groups such as the Peoples Temple serve to keep those goals in sight and bring them ever closer to reality.”

Philip A. Hart
United States Senator

“It is always good to hear that the spirit of the American people is still as vibrant and generous as ever. Pastor Jones seems to be a credit to your community, and I hope his good works continue to play an important power in the continued well-being of your area. Citizen power has always been one of my watchwords, and I’m glad to see it in action.

“The work of Reverend Jones and his congregation is testimony to the positive and truly Christian approach to dealing with the myriad problems confronting our society today.”

Hubert H. Humphrey
United States Senator

“I also welcome hearing of the fine work of your church, and the many projects which are congregation has undertaken, both on a community and a national level.”

Henry M. Jackson
United States Senator

“The Peoples Temple Christian Church sounds almost too good to be true… I cannot praise its membership too highly. You are truly practicing Christians in the finest sense.”

Mike Gravel
United States Senator

“The Reverend Jim Jones has taken to heart the Biblical injunction, ‘faith without works is dead.’ He has translated his commitment to action. He has worked to alert those to the injustices which exist in our society and he has worked tirelessly with those who seek to correct those injustices.

“Let me express my heartiest approval of the efforts you and the other members of your church are making to help the less fortunate in our community.”

Philip Burton
United States Congressman

“That me commend your pastor, Jim Jones, for the dedication he is showing to his community and surrounding areas and also for the impact he makes on members of his congregation.”

Ronald V. Dellums
United States Congressman

“I am personally acquainted with Pastor Jim Jones and the remarkable services of his congregation… I am particularly enthusiastic about his program because it shows what the volunteer sector can do with dedicated individuals and it is an extraordinary argument against those who would adopt the view that the government can effectively respond to the social needs of our nation. It is fair to say that Reverend Jones and Peoples Temple epitomize giving of self and service to others.”

Don H. Clauson
United States Congressman

“This inter-racial church is well known for a host of splendid and effective projects which help people, including drug habilitation, senior citizen centers, convalescent-type homes, animal shelters, free legal assistance, and emergency services. The membership includes lawyers, nurses, teachers, community workers, factory and agricultural workers, and others who have committed their lives to serving others. They are highly industrious, work well with other groups, and do good without seeking recognition for it.”

George E. Brown, Jr.
United States Congressman

“I was most impressed to hear the good works your church is doing. You are showing the kind of commitment to social justice which our nation so desperately needs.”

Bella S. Abzug
United States Congressman

“Your pastor, Reverend Jim Jones, and your church certainly deserves commendation for the manner in which you exemplify of commitment to the precepts in which you believe. It is easier to claim believe in any religious faith than to actually live by them and your accomplishments certainly reveal the depth of your dedication.”

Patsy Mink
United States Congressman

“The Peoples Temple is to be commended for the active role it has taken in working for the preservation of press freedoms.”

Lawrence Coughlin
United States Congressman

“I commend you and your staff on the broad scope of community services you provide to all the people.”

Cardiss Collins
United States Congresswoman

“I only wish there were more like the people of Peoples Temple Christian Church.”

Don Edwards
United States Congressman

“I applaud your defense of the First Amendment (of the U.S. Constitution with regard to Freedom of the Press) and commend your pastor, Jim Jones, for his actions in this matter.”

R. Eckhardt
United States Congressman

“Please pass on my commendations to Pastor Jones and the members of his Church for their Christian service to the community and to our country.”

Jonathan Bingham
United States Congressman

“I enjoyed reading about the journey that the members of the People’s Temple made. My congratulations to all the members of your congregation for setting a fine example for the rest of the nation in your dedication to humane ideals. I especially admire Pastor Jones for his ability to envision and lead these efforts. He has done a great deal to foster the spirit of brotherhood both in individuals in the congregation and in the rest of the community.”

Leo T. McCarthy
Speaker of the Assembly
California State Legislature

“I have had the great pleasure of knowing a leader with tremendous character and integrity, Jim Jones, who is the founder of a large movement called Peoples Temple. The members come from virtually every racial, religious, and socio-economic background. Rev. Jones is reagrded [regarded] among government officials, civic and religious leaders, and particularly the black community and working class people, with utter respect for what he has done to upgrade the quality of life in our area and to bring greater health and well-being to thousands of poor, minority, and disadvantaged people.

“Rev. Jones[‘] influence for progressive change among the citizenry has been extremely impressive. His ministry, in addition to wide ranging programs that reach out to every type of human need, also puts out its own newspaper to well over half a million people in this area alone.”

Willie L. Brown, Jr.
California State Assembly

“Ninety-nine percent of all the work done by Peoples Temple is in service to the elderly, poor families, and troubled youth. On many occasions I have referred destitute people to Peoples Temple for help and they all received it.”

Art Agnos
[California State Legislature]

“I’m grateful that Peoples Temple is located in the Fifth Senatorial District which I represent. Among the many services this church provides to San Francisco are: a clinic in the San Francisco church, in which 80 persons are seen each day by qualified nurses for general check-ups or in special clinics, a physical therapy facility for seniors and handicapped persons, a drug rehabilitation program that claims to have ‘rehabilitated’ 300 former drug addicts, a legal aid program where some 200 people a month come with serious legal, usually criminal, problems, and essential kitchen that serves 1,800 persons a day.

“It is heartwarming to have among us human beings who are willing to get involved.”

Milton Marks
California State Senate

“Your contributions to the spiritual health and well-being of our community have been truly inestimable, and I’m heartened by the fact that we can continue to expect such vigorous and creative leadership from the Peoples Temple in the future. By your tireless efforts on behalf of all San Franciscans, you have demonstrated that the unique powers of spiritual energy and civic commitment are virtually boundless, and that our lives would be sadly diminished without your continuing contributions.”

George R. Moscone
City of San Francisco

“I am very aware of the outstanding work being done by Pastor Jones and his tremendous contribution to all communities. Please extend to Pastor Jones and all his members my best wishes and my sincere desire that his inspirational work will long continue.”

Terry A. Francois
San Francisco Board of Supervisors

“I have known Pastor Jones a long time and fully agree with the testimonials he has received about his great integrity and of the spirit of brotherhood and love that he has brought to his parishioners and to all those whom he comes in contact. He is also the be commended for his compassion and his deep understanding of the refugees from Vietnam, and for setting an example to the community by adopting Korean War orphans.”

Joseph L. Alioto
Former Mayor
City of San Francisco

“Concerning them, I say without qualifications does this church is been second to none in preventing crime in the Western Addition. They have donated thousands of dollars to city-sponsored fund drives for the purpose of creating summer jobs for youths and programs for cultural enrichment. They have sent some of their wayward youth to their large agricultural mission in South America entirely at their own cost. This is truly an original, inovative [innovative] and exciting program. If some of the youths that are in this program were left to roam the streets of San Francisco, the police department would have to have been enlarged, and many people would have lost a great deal of security.”

Joe Johnson
Former Deputy Mayor
City of San Francisco

“I am greatly impressed with the ministry of Pastor Jim Jones and the Peoples Temple Christian Church, and feel that you are to be commended for making the Christian gospel relevant to the needs of the people today. Too often in the past the church in general has tended to withdraw from the real world of real people, and it is heartening to know that you are attempting to reverse this trend.”

Terry J. Hatter, Jr.
Special Assistant to the Mayor
Director Urban Development
City of Los Angeles

“I’m aware of the good deeds done by the Peoples Temple and Pastor Jim Jones. I commend you for all the fine jobs our [you] are doing in the community.”

Gilbert W. Lindsay
City of Los Angeles

“Your church is the kind of church that is, indeed, doing something about the problems in our community. It is good to know that we have you as one of the congregations in my district.”

David Cunningham
City of Los Angeles

“Your projects are indeed worthwhile and we need many organizations such as yours to work with people who need help.”

Lisa Naitro
Hawaii State Legislature

“I am very impressed with the wonderful things you are doing. I take special note of the efforts to help the elderly and to provide healthcare for those who cannot afford it. I join you in the congregation of the peoples Temple of Christ in working towards the Christian goals of justice, equality, peace and fellowship. Only after we have accomplished his goals, will we able to say we have a truly just nation and world.”

Richard Gordon Hatcher
City of Gary


“We feel it is extremely timely and fitting that the black community is San Francisco should tender to you this simple gesture of friendship, encouragement and honor for your dedicated and conscientious work in the area of humanitarianism and the social gospel. Your acquaintances speak glowingly of your numerous social concerns, involving efforts to rehabilitate drug addicts, provision of housing and health care for senior citizens, the development and maintenance of an animal shelter, and your multi-racial adoptive family, all of which we believe is encompassed in the Judeo-Christian ethic – that man is his brother’s keeper. These are tumultuous times, requiring that each individual be ever mindful of the prophetic words of Edmund Burke, spoken in the 18th century: ‘All that is necessary for evil to triumph in the world is for enough good men to do nothing.’”

Carlton Goodlett, M.D., Ph.D.

“The Reverend Mr. Jones has worked tirelessly and unselfishly to inspire the members of his congregation and followers to become involved in community affairs and to participate, and thereby influence, the decision-making process to ensure the establishing of policies and programs designed to meet the needs of the disadvantaged and disenfranchised citizens of San Francisco.”

Joseph A. Meza
Human Relations Commission

“During this period when there are such serious problems with which our minorities are faced, it is encouraging to learn that there is such an effective effort which is being made by the Peoples Temple of the Disciples of Christ.”

Roy Wilkins, Executive Director

“Pastor Jones and all of you are setting an example which, if followed by others, we certainly do much to make this world the place it could be.”

Charles A. Erickson
Field Representative
US Commission on Civil Rights

“As the head of an organization that has worked closely with the Peoples Temple, the minister, and the members, I have the highest regard for the leadership they are providing, and the positive contribution they are making in the city of San Francisco. Their commitment and dedication to ending human suffering of the oppressed and downtrodden are unsurpassed by any of the organized churches in the city.
“Your background and willingness to work make you and the others from the Temple a great asset to NAACP, and we hope that you will be participating in many NAACP activities in the months ahead.”

Joe Hall, President
San Francisco NAACP

“Many Indian people when they need for family groceries have called upon us and when we run dry I feel secure because I know that I can place a call to the peoples Temple and that these families will eat tonight. This is happened often. And it will no doubt happen again tomorrow.”

Dennis Banks
National Director of AIM
Federal Indian Law Instructor
D-Q University, Davis, CA