Police Report of “New West” Break-In (Text)

San Francisco Police Department
Intra-Departmental Memorandum
Property Crimes Division
Wed 06/29/77

Clement de Amicis
Deputy Chief of Investigations

Attempted Burglary at New West Magazine Office, 325 Pacific


The following is the body of the supplemental report as it will appear when entered into the system. I have reviewed the investigation and conclusions arrived at by the members investigating and concur with them.

On Friday, 06/17/77, Mr. Tracy of the New West Magazine was notified by his secretary, Kathy Whelan, of the damaged window lock. Ms. Whelan said the window was down and the lock was in place although the slide bolt was broken when she first noticed it. When Officer Duffy of Central Station arrived, the window and lock were still in the same condition. Officer Duffy was told by Mr. Tracy that nothing was missing from the office. Mr. Tracy further stated that one or two other folders in a file cabinet containing information on the Reverend Jim Jones appeared to be an inch or so higher than the rest of the folders. After inspecting the premises and interviewing Mr. Tracy, Officer Duffy concluded entry had not been made.

On Monday, 06/20/77, Inspector Evans of the Burglary Detail, responded to 325 Pacific and conducted the follow-up investigation. After inspecting the premises and interviewing the concerned persons, Inspector Evans also concluded that entry had not been made.

On Monday, 06/20/77, Inspector Michael Byrnes of the Crime Lab, responded to 325 Pacific. The window lock had been removed and replaced with a new lock by that time. Because of the time lapse, physical condition of the building and the number of persons that have visited the scene, Inspector Byrnes was unable to determine if the pry marks on the window frame and sill were of recent origin. After being given a description of the position and condition of the window lock, Inspector Byrnes concluded that eventually had been made to lock would have had to be pieced together after the window was closed and the exit made through the front door. It would seem logical that if someone made entry and peace the lock together, they would also have made sure that any folders they touched would have been returned to the file cabinet exactly as found and not an “inch or so higher than the rest of the folders.” No other files were disturbed.

The only useable physical evidence were palm prints and fingerprints located on the outside of the lower windowpane. A search of our files was started immediately. Meanwhile, fingerprints were requested of all the New West employees to determine if they have touched the window. On Friday, 06/24/77, Mr. Jon Carroll of the New West Magazine, responded to the Hall of Justice to be printed. His prints match those on the window. Mr. Carroll was interviewed by Inspector Evans and stated that he had been working late on Monday, June 13, 1977, finishing an article for the magazine. He went to the men’s room and locked himself out of the New West office. He then proceeded to the third floor and located Mr. Tom Cook, Sedway and Cook, who suggested he use the fire escape to get back into the office. According to both Mr. Cook and Mr. Carroll, Carroll went down the fire escape, down the window unlocked and let himself into the New West office. This accounts for Carroll’s prints being on the window.

From the indentations on the window frame and sill, it is apparent that someone used to pry tool on the window but it cannot be determined how recently.

It is the conclusion of the investigating officer that because of the lack of physical evidence entry was not made to the New West office between 06/16/77, `830 hours, and 6/17/77, 0900 hours.

The investigating officer recommends that the classification of this remain as attempted burglary.

Respectfully submitted,
[signed] John A. Mahoney
Captain John A. Mahoney
Commanding Officer
Property Crimes Division