Tim Stoen Letter to Jim Jones (Text)


P. O. Box 933
San Francisco, CA 94101

November 17, 1977

Rev. James Jones
c/o Mrs. James Jones
People’s Temple
1859 Geary Blvd.
San Francisco, Calif.

    Re: Return of John Victor Stoen

Dear Jim:

I am asking for your cooperation in delivering John Victor Stoen to Grace Stoen and me in San Francisco by next Friday noon, November 25, 1977. We will, of course, raise John in an inter-racial and sharing environment consistent with the highest teachings.

I have received reliable information to the effect that Grace is being seriously discredited in John’s eyes. Not only is this deeply offensive to me, but it could easily cause irreparable emotional harm to John. I ask you to immediately reverse the hate campaign and to advise John repeatedly what you and I both know to be true: That Grace loves him deeply and has never abandoned him. You and I both know, and John should be told, that Grace’s leaving the People’s Temple was not in any way due to a lack of commitment to the goals of racial equality, economic fairness and social justice.

As a further indication of cooperation, please indicate to Grace’s attorney, Jeffrey A. Haas, by telegram not later than Tuesday noon, November 22, 1977, the exact time and flight of John Victor’s arrival at San Francisco International Airport. The telegram should be sent to Mr. Haas at 3609 Sacramento St., San Francisco, California 94118. (Telephone: 922-6200)

I am sending a telegram to Clarence Hughes and Lionel Luckhoo in Guyana asking them to be of assistance to you in returning John Victor to us. You may confirm that I am the authentic author of this letter by contacting my attorney, Patrick Hallinan. (Telephone: 861-1151) I know that Marceline Jones and your attorney, Charles Garry, will be able to convey the verbatim text of this letter to you by telephone and short wave radio immediately.

May the goals we shared be realized at Jonestown.

Very truly yours,
/s/ Timothy O. Stoen
Timothy O. Stoen

cc: Charles Garry, Attorney at Law