A History by Maurice Kleineibst

1952 he brought his family to the Peace Mission in Philadelphia and exhibited his ideas and his opinions on how to live by having with us the children of all various races. As I remember he had two or three children of different races with him at the time. When he sent me the telegram [space for deleted word?]. We used to hug and kiss and Jack Beam was with him. We ate together and attended the meeting together. Jim spoke of his dream of adopting babies. He told us how he cared for the senior citizens and he had a home for the children in Indiana and he was housing the people. Jim asked Father Divine to come and go with him back to Indiana and Father Divine started to go, but the secretaries surrounded him and wouldn’t let him go.

Father Divine and Jim talked together about each other’s work and mission, and there was a correlation between the two. They talked about spiritual things and how to do away with racism and Churchianity. The only disagreement that ever existed between Jim and the Peace Mission was in 1969 when Jim visited Mother Divine. He told her how he felt about the way she was spending money on cars, clothes and jewelry and not looking after the senior citizens and not letting them receive their Social Security. This was the breaking poing [point] when Jim told her that because of this the Peace Mission would go down. Mother Divine got up and declared all the things Father Divine had done, but she didn’t answer his question about the senior citizens. Because Jim was standing for the rights of all people she opposed him from every angle and she ordered Jim and all the children and members that were with him to leave right after breakfast.

I found Jim to be a man of his word. He kept his promises that he made in 1952 to establish Peace Mission churches throughout the country. The love he had for the people– He also told us that he planned to adopt children of all races which he has done. He also told us of his concern for the senior citizens which he has exhibited in providing senior citizens homes for all who need a place to stay.