Q016 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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(Transcriber’s note: This tape consists of ham radio traffic between Jonestown and Peoples Temple members in other locations, probably in San Francisco. There is much distortion in the tape, due to edits made by the recorder, the competing radio voices, and the fact that it was apparently recorded off the air by a third person who rarely speaks and who never identifies himself. As a result, about one-third of the tape is either incomprehensible or random sentences out of context. Because of the distance between intelligible portions of the tape, I have included only the exchanges I could understand, with notations of gaps marked with ellipses […].)

The FBI summary includes a marginal note that the tape was supplied to the agency by an unnamed source, whom the FBI describes as “confidential.” The only clear voice, then, is probably that of the confidential source.

Female: We’re gonna be running some packages tonight, and you know, you can help me out a little bit when you— you take care of that. It’s possible to get Rudi (tape distortion) so uh, it really— just wanted to get you on, go about your— your work or whatever, you were just hanging around (unintelligible).

(Tape edit)

Male: Roger.

Female: You did get a package down there today.

Male: Oh really? Uh— Is it uh— do you know what it is?

Female: (archly) I certainly do. I opened it. And I packed it up and it’s on its way. You got sandals and some underwear and some letters. I think that’s it.

Male: Okay, good, I need some of that um— (Pause) All right. Do you have the number?

Female: Uh, stand by.

(Tape edit)

Male: —I’d like to see you at this uh, oh well.

Female: It’s only quarter of ten here.

Male: Oh. Okay, well, it’s not that late then. (Pause)

(Tape edit)

Male: Naomi?

Female: Leoni.

FBI confidential source: Leoni, right.

Male: Roger. (Pause)

(Tape edit)

Female: (Unintelligible) (Pause)


Female: Vivian like her daughter. (Pause)

Male: Vivian?

Female: Vivian, roger, the one that came down to principal— (Pause)

Male: Okay.

Female: You know her?

Male: Lisa? (Pause)

Female: What?

Male: No, I don’t.

Female: Anderson.

Male: Roger.

Female: Loretta (unintelligible, sounds like “the nurse”). (Pause)

Male: Roger.

Female: Brian (unintelligible) wrote her daughters.

Male: Who did Loretta’s sister write?

Female: Her mom. (Pause)

Male: Okay, now do these— had uh, uh— where’d you suggest that we go with these?

Female: Give them to Julia.

Male: Okay.

Female: And anybody else that uh, you can think of in that same situation.

Male: Who did Leoni write? I mean, who did she write? (Pause)

Female: I guess she’s not much of a writing person. (Pause)

(Tape edit)

Male: Over?

Female: Andrew’s sister-in-law, Andrew’s sister-in-law (unintelligible) and sister of (unintelligible). She will understand that I cannot go ahead without your faith. Do you copy?

Female 2: Andrew told her once before, and I told her yesterday, over?

Female: Roger, well uh, the people ask where it was the last time, so uh, it would be helpful to have it.

Female 2: Roger, roger. Okay, stand by…

Female 2: You might ask Andrew if he’d like to oblige you in the housing list, over? (Pause) Or conducting it. (unintelligible phrase) (Pause) Do you copy?

Female: Roger.

Female 2: What, you’re failin’ not to respond, over?

Female: No, I said yes.

Female 2: Oh, I didn’t hear that. Stand by. (Stumbles over words) Have you got his brother yet?

Female: No, he wasn’t listed…

Female 2: Jason’s dad. (Pause)

Female: Roger.

Female 2: Or his brother who has the same name as (Unintelligible name— Terry? Jerry? Larry?), over.

Female: Yeah, roger.

Female 2: Go ahead and talk to them.

Female: Stand by…

Female: Roger, we do need two packages to put through. Could you tell us which one it is, so (unintelligible)?

Male 2: Hello?

Female: Go ahead.

Male 2: Where’ve you been?

Female: Hello.

Male 2: Where’ve you been?

Female 3: Hi!

Male 2: What?

Female 3: I’m not so sorry.

Female: Over.

Male 2: Where’ve you been?

Female: Where’ve you been, where’ve you been?

Female 3: Oh, where I’ve been. I was (unintelligible).

Male 2: Very good. Um. How’s everything going? I read your letter, did you get mine, over?

(Radio interference for several moments)

Male 2: Uh, yeah, Lori told me about it, so I’ll look forward to getting it. Um, how’s everything going? …

Male 4: Yeah, I’m working at the kitchen and supervising. (Pause)

Voice: Over.

Male 4: I did write. Sometimes the mail is a little bit slow. (unintelligible word) (Pause)

Voice: Over.

Male 4: Negative copy. Can you repeat? (Pause)

Voice: Over.

Male 4: (Unintelligible)

Female 4: How about sending some pictures of you guys, over?

Male 4: Okay, I’ll do that.

Female: Did you copy, she wants to know how everybody is, over?

Male 4: Everybody’s just fine. (unintelligible phrase) —with me now about two days a week…

Female: (unintelligible) — you would get your letter, over?

Male 4: (Unintelligible names) got back together, is what I mean.

Female: Go ahead.

Female 5: That’s great. You really upset her there for— over?

Male 4: Ah, that’s nothing.

Female 5: Okay.

Male 4: But Ellie’s doing fine now. She’s working here…

Female 6: —go out to lunch and (unintelligible) to continue the input. Has that been done, over? (Pause)

Female: Um, roger, roger.

Female 6: Um— No, not the most recent development. I’ll-— I’ll get that out too.

Female 7: Negative copy.

Female 6: Uh, not the most recent, not the— not the last week’s (unintelligible word), so I will keep them posted, over— I’ll get them (unintelligible word)

Female 7: Okay, well, we shouldn’t have to forward, just get them going, over? More than like 25, it just be regular input, over?

Female 6: Do you copy?

Female 8: Oh, I know what you— you’re talkin’ about overseas, roger?

Female 6: No, I’m talking about— I guess it’s around where— you know where Melvin— Marvin appeared, over?

Female 8: Roger, roger, that’s the (unintelligible word), over.

Female 6: Wherever it is. Do it, okay?

Female 8: Roger. Okay, you know the visitor we had, and we said to give encouragement to, over?

Female 6: Roger?

Female 8: Is that being done?

Female 6: Well (laughs), that’s um, coming up the trickin’. I got, uh, I’ve got him um, a letter last night, uh, informing him of uh, some of the latest, over.

Female 8: Roger, roger. Okay, um— (Pause) Stand by. You don’t know if Eric’s going to go along with this thing of Rudy’s next weekend, roger? (Pause)

Female 6: I don’t know why he wouldn’t. He did with the last one.

Female 8: Okay, well, just be sure— you know— go to Melvin. Who recommended that for (unintelligible word) down south, I had something to do down south. Here’s Nancy!

Male 5: Hello, Nancy, how’re you doing?

Female 8: She— she’s uh— stand by, she’s uh, laughing.

Male 5: She’s what?

Female 8: Laughing!

Male 5: Can I tell her hello, Nancy, how’re you doing? (Pause) Hello?…

Male 5: Well, I got one of you, Ocause you can’t get no more further than this, where we are now, over? (Pause) Three, four— Do you copy?

Girl: (unintelligible)

Male 5: Okay, I’m gonna let it go. I’m gonna let it go now. (Pause) How you been doing?

Girl: Fine. Listen (unintelligible sentence). I’ve checked it out, and it’s on uh, Geary Street.

Male 5: Hmm? Negative, negative. It’s um, right behind— right behind Geary Street. Roger.

Girl: Okay, I’ll take Rex with me, otherwise my eyesight must be failing, Ocause I can’t find it.

(Tape edit)

Male 5: Um, Val— Valdez. V-A-L—

Girl: I realize that. I (unintelligible word) grandmother.

Male 5: Valdez. Do you copy?

Girl: Roger, but the first one, do you know the first?

Male 5: That— That’s uh— Oh! Um, starts with a “B”, I ca— I— Let me think a second. Do you copy, (unintelligible names), I gotta think, over.

Girl: Roger, ask um, Melvin, he would know, he would know…

Male 6: Just a minute. Well, basically, he got a, a, um, several page letter from his boss, do you copy? (Pause)

Female 9: Roger.

Male 6: Basically, it’s— uh, stand by. (Pause)

FBI confidential source: That’s Rex calling from—

Male 6: From uh, his brother, he got a, a several page document from his brother, do you copy?

FBI confidential source: That’s Dexter he’s talking about. (Pause)

Female 9: Roger.

Male 6: Basically outlining the whole— the whole procedure he’s been using, basically outlining the whole procedure he’s been using, copy?

Female 9: The whole thing with (unintelligible), over.

Male 6: He got a several page letter from his brother outlining— outlining his actions for the past few weeks, copy?

Female 9: Roger.

Male 6: And uh, it appears he is acting (unintelligible)— He has expensive habits, he has expensive habits, copy? (Pause)

Female 9: Expensive habits, over?

Male 6: Roger.

Female 9: (Unintelligible)

Male 6: Say again?

Female 9: You mean he still has (unintelligible word), over?

Male 6: Roger, roger, roger, over.

(Radio static)

Female 9: Okay, roger.

Male 6: So, he got— I mean, you know— (unintelligible) the weather’s been uh, keeping pretty good here (unintelligible)

Female 9: Roger.

Male 6: And uh, so he’s just going to resign the department he’s in, that he’s been working in. (unintelligible word)

Female 9: Roger.

Male 6: He’s just going to tell his boss he’s not interested in working for him anymore, copy?

Female 9: Yeah, roger, roger.

Male 6: Over.

(Radio static and traffic for several minutes)

Female 9: How soon she gonna do this, over?

Male 6: Um, immediately….

Female 9: —have Mary Lee take care of that, over?

(Unintelligible exchange)

Female: Stand by. I want to get M— Mary Lee up here right now, over.

Another Female: No, I don’t need Mary—

(Tape edit)

Jones: —I am. Mr. Dexter, and then, uh, (unintelligible sentence). Anybody working in Jane’s department (unintelligible phrase) contacted uh, anybody’s contacted, uh, people, telling them not to cooperate with Jane, do you cooper— uh, do you copy, that was, (unintelligible word), that uh, Stanley has no uh— (Pause) He has no legal counseling with uh, Martha, do you copy?

Female: Roger, roger.

Jones: So there needs to be a lot of um, concern shown in that department, do you copy?

Female: Roger, roger.

Jones: (Unintelligible) lady doing uh, in that office. (Pause)…

Jones: (Unintelligible) It’s not proper to alienate people (unintelligible word) rebuilding faith. It’s very, very bad business. (unintelligible word) people when they are rebuilding their faith. (Unintelligible) The Methodist officials [probably John and Barbara Moore] are very impressed, from the United States, they’re very impressed with what they’re seeing…

Jones: It’s not right to Jane’s people, to take care of Jane’s work, in the day. Until it’s almost impossible for them, in order to get her work done, or anyone (unintelligible)…

Jones: Hell, a lot of folks talk about it. It’s just— it just seems that about the time you get the country— They didn’t realize that the first time, about the time people were able to fit into the program, and function, and have hope and optimism, they always seem to interfere with that. And then they force people to go other directions. That’s what they do. They always do that. And they don’t seem to have the judgment to realize. Ever since the— (unintelligible phrase) dreadful uh, tragedy with Bobby, some people go to Stanley for Oem. Moderation — and (unintelligible word) moderation — in counseling therapy, (unintelligible word), can become wise after that, and they ought to— they ought to come out realizing this, because I don’t want Stanley to do— to control our situation, to keep this up.

Male: Roger, roger, roger, seems like (unintelligible phrase) sort of uh, learn from past mistakes, over?

Jones: Well, he can try, that’s all he can do, is try. And we’ll all continue to try.

Male: Roger, roger…

Jones: Maybe he can get this situation taken care of. While Dexter’s having problems with his work—

Male: Roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: Well, Dexter, how he— (Pause) Oh, he’s given up, huh?

Male: Yeah, he just wanted to check it.

Jones: Negative copy.

Male: Yeah, he just wanted to uh, he just wants to send it back, over? (Pause)

Jones: I didn’t catch it.

Male: He just wants to send it back, he just wants to send it back, over?

Jones: Uh, is he uh, aware of the income?

Male: Negative, negative. Last time I asked him about that, he said that despite his destitution, it’s not firmed up yet for (unintelligible word), and uh, he didn’t know just how it was going to take place or not, over? (Pause)

(Tape edit)

Jones: [I] wouldn’t be surprised [if] Dexter and Netty haven’t conferred.

Male: Uh, I missed the first part of what you said.

Jones: I wouldn’t be surprised if Dexter and Netty have not conferred.

Male: Roger, roger, roger. Um, as of this evening, he’s just going to send his union ah, card in and stop paying dues and tell Oem that uh, he’s not interested in belonging to the union any more, copy?

Jones: I see, yes, huh? (Pause) Well, Rachel can uh— she can take care of it immediately, can’t she? (Pause)

Male: Oh-h! (Pause) (Tape edit) Roger. Do you need a phone patch?

Jones: What’s that?

Male: Are you talking about a patch, over?

Jones: No no no no no. Rachel— (Pause) (unintelligible word) she knew originally in the Far East…

Jones: He can’t assist with Dexter, can’t he?

Male: I really don’t know. I really don’t know.

Jones: (unintelligible sentence) Well, for what, if Dexter’s just going to— to drop this whole situation, copy?

Jones: Yeah, well, can’t Rachel take it up right away?

Male: Oh, yeah, roger, roger, roger. Sure. Sorry, got a little thick on this— (Laughs) —a little thickness to it. (Radio static) Roger, I’m sorry, there’s a little thickness on this end. Yeah, roger, Rachel can pick it up right away.

Jones: (Pause) Okay…

Jones: —the greatest imagination. Everyone is in good health, (unintelligible word), happy…

Jones: Yes, thank you for your thoughts. Tonight we have our inspirational program. It’s just fantastic, the results of which being people who have been (unintelligible word), who are now moving freely… (Several sentences follow, mainly describing people who found health when they went to Jonestown) —the goodness of God, and the land of the free.

Male: Thank you so very much for relating the story about Sister [Lisa] Layton. Yes indeed, uh. I remember her, and uh, it was just wonderful. Wonderful. The things that one (unintelligible word) experienced and the joy of such beauty, it, it, it’s just beautiful. (Pause)

Jones: Yes, and I’m glad for those that are faithful, as it was in the days of yore. Some are and some aren’t, and I’m particularly grateful to you and to those like you. As the old saying goes, in the latter times, they would even give you, thinking they do God a service. So we have seen the fulfillment, but we’ve also seen the resurrection of every hope and dream, and that is beautiful. You can’t— you can’t capture it in your films, you can’t know it in these slides. There’s only one way to see it, and that’s first hand, and it is just simply breath-taking. And I’m looking forward to all of you that want to see it to be able to see it, over.

Male: Wonderful, wonderful. I copy. And thank you. Over?

Jones: Take care of (unintelligible phrase). Thank you for enduring the separation (unintelligible phrase). Much love to you. (unintelligible sentence)

Male: Thank you so very, very much. Thank you for what you’ve done for me and my family, which has been uh, great indeed. As a matter of fact, we have all experienced so many miracles and— as a result of keeping the faith. (Pause)

Jones: Thank you (unintelligible phrase). There’s nothing like standing by the truth, over and all the days of the problems gone past, one pays the price for truth, the deliberation of knowing the truth is more than anything else, because the truth does indeed set you free. I just want to say (unintelligible phrase), come to you directly with my love at this time, and let you know how much you mean to me. You could never know. I want you to know (unintelligible phrase) speaking with you. Thanks for everything.

Male: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Over.

FBI Confidential source: (short laugh)

Jones: All right, I shall proceed on. We’re doing some medical work here tonight, setting up a laboratory. John has been really— being of great assistance to the doctor. We’ve got tremendous facilities. We’ve had so many lovely births, and never have lost a one. And that’s quite a record, over?

(Unintelligible exchange)

Jones: All right, all right. Well, I’ll say love and peace, eternally abiding. I’ll be standing by while you terminate. (unintelligible sentence) Thank you so much for talking.

Male: Thank you…

Male: (Sign on with call letters, spoken rapidly). You have a point of information, do you copy?

Stateside male: Roger (unintelligible phrase).

Male: I think it was because I just— I woke him up when I called him, do you copy?

Stateside male: Oh. All right. (unintelligible phrase).

Male: Also, uh, he takes medication at night, and it makes him tired, copy?

Stateside male: Roger, roger…

Jones: The number.

Male: Roger? (Pause)

Jones: And before that— and before that, would they have (unintelligible phrase) (Pause). That’s Jane’s address. Do you copy? (Pause) Now how’d that happen with the Texan, you know, the Texan, not long with uh— that kind of work, do you copy? (Pause)

Male: Yeah, I copy.

Jones: Well, to take certain things for that to take place with the Texan, do you copy?

Male: Roger.

Jones: And then he’s been contacting the medical center about things— (Competing voices break in) Copy? We’re checking on that.

Male: I’m sorry. A breaker came in on top of you there. Can you say that again, please?

Jones: Netty has been contacting people at the uh, medical center that takes care of people like the Texan. It’s a situation. Do you copy?

Male: Roger.

Jones: Do you understand what I’m saying? (Pause) So, when uh— there was a desire to communicate more closely (pause) the other day, um, Mildred, (stumbles over words) it’s just difficult getting it done, because um, many have made um, communications difficult, do you copy?

Male: Yeah, roger, I’m familiar with that situation, roger. (Pause)

Jones: The medical center, do you copy?

Male: Roger, I copy that.

Jones: So, that’s gotta be made a part of the brother’s situation, (unintelligible phrase), and everyone you can think of, because you can’t do therapy, without (unintelligible word) communication, and this is obviously a part of um, what he said, what Netty said, about trying to tear down the barriers, do you copy?

Male: Roger.

Jones: At— the one point we could make for more difficulty, in getting your psychological work done, it would just make— would make for more difficulty, do you copy?

Male: Roger. (Pause)

Jones: So we’ve got— But you know, we could do to exercise more assurances of that not taking place.

Male: I’m sorry, we’re unclear on this uh, uh, on what the last part you said.

Jones: Well, we’ll see if there uh— (Pause) If Rex hasn’t been able to have any assistance, uh, if he couldn’t have assisted continue with the uh, medical program, if he couldn’t assist it— have assisted, then, there’d be nothing left— left but for Mildred to have to utilize (unintelligible word), do you copy?

Male: Yeah, roger.

Jones: And uh, Netty has been facilitating Jane from giving assistance, do you copy?

Male: Roger.

Jones: Each time, each time. Rex should just independently pursue the matter.

Male: Roger.

Jones: So Netty is um, (Pause) strategizing. Do you copy?

Male: Didn’t copy the last word.

Jones: Netty is strategizing.

Male: Yeah, roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: Do you copy?

Male: Roger, roger.

Jones: So the part of the notification to Elmer and uh, the brother, and getting people like Dr. Sutton and everybody to realize the seriousness— seriousness of the importance of the counseling center, that’s gotta be gotten across, you can’t do the type of medical work— you can’t do it without the crisis intervention, you can’t do it without Jane’s work, you can’t do it without um, (Pause) Dexter, do you copy?

Male: Roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: It’s a part of the impassioned zeal of (unintelligible name) husband mentioned, his wife mentioned, do you copy?

Male: Roger. (Pause)

Jones: I suspect the last came from the contact with Eleanor. They don’t realize that uh, Eleanor has no meaning other than uh, necessity, (unintelligible phrase)?

Male: Roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: I’m sure that that’s what prompted the last (unintelligible word), the timing’s about right. Do you copy? (Pause)

Male: I’m sorry. Negative copy. (Pause)

Jones: I said, right immediately after Eleanor, Jane began to have some difficulty, do you copy?

Male: Roger. (Pause)

Jones: How many days ago was that, approximately? (Pause)

Male: Just a minute, we’re checking a little record here. (Pause) About two weeks, about two weeks ago. Copy?

Jones: Roger, roger. (Pause) (Gives call letters of ham station, rapidly) (Pause) And there’ve been attempts to um, talk to Oscar about De— uh, Dexter too. I don’t ever really think about that (yawns) and expect little from it. Do you copy?

Male: I’m sorry. You got wiped out there.

Jones: I said, there have been attempts to talk to Oscar about Dexter. I’m not sure that there’s any results there, though. Do you copy?

Male: Roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: But still, Rachel could do nothing without Jane. Do you copy?

Male: Roger.

Jones: And I can see that in the offing.

Male: Roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: It’s a massive kind of medical experimental program, do you copy?

Male: Roger. (Pause)

Jones: (Unintelligible question about ID)

Male: (Gives call letters) (Pause)

Jones: I’m sure that they’ll know. I’m sure that all the people there will know who will be responsible. I’m sure they’ll know that. That’s one thing. The (Unintelligible word, sounds like “alienation”)— People are doing the most constructive thing. The Methodist officials are so impressed, and I cannot believe— by the way, get that report that Dr. Sutton gave you. Get that report to everyone post-haste, do you copy?

Male: Roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: Now the— to all of the— Mary Lou’s people too, all Mary Lou’s— Mary Lou’s people, do you copy?

Male: Roger.

Jones: Because you can see that um, nothing’s been trying to (Unintelligible word) Sarah, too.

Male: Roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: (Unintelligible sentences as competing voices talk over him) —and I’m sure everyone can understand the necessity of a survival program. They can understand that. That’s essential what (Unintelligible phrase) if we’re to maintain mission program. Now surely, they can see the effect that people— if they can very clearly attest their Trotskyite background, they can see what they’re doing, and stop that.

Male: Uh, I copy Trotskyite background and see what they can do to stop, but you have somebody coming in over the top of you before that. (Pause)

Jones: I’m just saying, they, they, they surely know that, the settlers and everything, 2000 people approximately, people are coming in, new families moved in tonight, and uh, it is a very constructive kind of program. And all our people want to do is to keep out of the critical word that’s controversy, and build an agricultural project. And I can’t understand why that cannot be understood and communicated, (Unintelligible phrase) and realize the drag of those people who said that they’re just simply trying to drive people into things (Unintelligible word) to fulfill their Trotskyite intentions.

Male: Roger. (Pause)

Jones: With (Unintelligible word) comes much knowledge. Lots of things. One thing you learn here is, there’s much knowledge, Ocause people can save their various dreams and utopias. And I’ve found no more goodness and no more caring or sharing community than this one. And that’s all the people want to do, is to continue to care and share. And they’d like to reflect well on the country, there and here. (Pause)

Male: Roger, roger. I can certainly feel that, over.

Jones: And that’s the last I shall say on the subject.

Male: Roger, roger. You said uh, you said uh, people here just want to uh, build a— a caring community and— and be left alone and uh, they should be allowed to do so. Over?

Jones: Yes, and I uh, think it’s high time that people with any concerns at all would do something about looking into the type of people who’ve been trying to distract, and I know that some will be doing this. But it’s um— as I said, I’ll put the last I’m saying on the subject. I’m going to follow that picture, and let others be responsible.

Male: Roger, roger. (Pause) (Gives call letters, twice) (Pause)

(Tape edit)

Jones: I’ve not been a part of her lying and schemery of Tim. (Unintelligible word) relatives are enjoying themselves immensely. And those who don’t want to participate with him can be more than happy in a— a relaxed environment, because the people are enjoying themselves, they’ve had now relatives about every two days. I’m sure, sooner or later, they’ll see— we’ll see what he represents. After— As the minister’s wife [Barbara Moore] told you last night, uh, the old love-hate syndrome. Some others have fallen into that too. They know what they’re doing. They know exactly what they’re doing. But it won’t succeed. Rationalizing away guilt never works. One has to always face their own guilt, as each of us has to.

Male: Roger, roger. (Pause)

(Tape edit)

Jones: To their attentive and listening ear, let it be known that um, it doesn’t really make that much difference anymore. (Pause)

Male: Roger, roger. That should be known. (Pause)

Jones: (Gives call letters) (Unintelligible sentence)

Male: I didn’t copy you last.

Jones: I said, who do you have with you there, my good man?

Male: In the room is uh, Tom and Lil and Martha. (Pause)

Jones: Well, I believe in the way of peace, in my heart, that all will prevail. God’ll prevail upon everyone there, and you prevail upon them. Please, um— It’s not worth your worrying about. (Pause)

Male: Roger, roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: What else is new? (Pause)

Male: Uh, stand by. (Pause) Not much, really.

Jones: Well, okay, well, I won’t say more, other than to tell you this, that I’m heartened by your courage and strength. Tell those that get overzealous to be cool and uh, remember the teachings of Jesus Christ about turning the other cheek, that one day, that people like that have to know who tried to cause so much disharmony. They cannot possibly win with people who have nothing at all to lose. (Pause)

Male: Roger, roger, roger. Good always wins out in the end, I guess that’s been proved over and over again.

Jones: Maybe that’s all you have, is principle, so you can’t see. You don’t have ego (Unintelligible phrase), you’re not interested in harassment, like this individual here, and his cohort, but, there’ll be some present breakthrough, you’ll be seeing in the news department, you’ll be seeing some very pleasant breakthroughs. (Pause) If that’s the way they want to spend their life, the rest of their life on a vendetta, then one can counter it— counteract evil with good. (Pause)

Male: Roger, roger, roger. (Unintelligible phrase), that’s right. (Pause)

(Tape edit)

Jones: Begging your forgiveness for— for saying that the person’s path is being manipulated, I now recall that. I don’t think a person is doing it out of any um, personal concern or fear or problems they may be having. I think that they’re doing it out of um, the worst of ego baseness. So I shall remove myself from any council further about it, other than I say, don’t allow a person like that to get you disturbed. Just go about your job of doing good. And I do admit that uh, I have been wrong entirely about the person. That person’s motives are completely sick. (Pause)

Male: Roger, roger, roger. We’ll not let uh, (Unintelligible phrase) divert us from the teaching of the (Unintelligible word). Roger, roger.

Jones: Roger, roger, (Unintelligible sentence)

Male: (Gives call letters)

Jones: We’ve been celebrating the joy of life here, in terms of babies, we had a remarkable wonderful thing happen with Darlene [Newman], it’s just that it’s impossible to conceive of anything could happen so beautifully with a premie [Kenya Henderson]. (Pause) Just fantastic to see children happy, youth happy, you can hear the movie in the background. Tremendous joy. And we’re so glad for the government’s letter of praise about that. That ought to take care of a lot of people’s curiosity and um, those that’ve not understood, they appreciated what the U.S. officials had to say this week, again that we’re here as well as what was said back there. We shall live up to that. And uh, we will not be alienated. (Pause) That’s the important thing. We shall not be alienated, that no matter how many people— You— You can’t expect to be um, (pause) receiving accolades, and those around, when you’re doing a work abroad, you’re always going to have those who are trying to divert. Always got Trotskyite element to deal with. But um, I can tell you, we’re in good standing here, because our works speak for themselves. Fifty, sixty people a day getting medical care, several babies that’ve been completely brought back to normal health. (Unintelligible word) speaks for itself. (Pause)

Male: Roger, roger. That’s what people really said when they saw the Slys. It’s like it’s your friends, uh, the Slys and the sisters who have, and they say, well, it speaks for itself. You really don’t have to explain much, over. (Pause)

Jones: Well, I don’t want to name the Methodist official, but you have uh, the people that— for the brotherhood, they can talk to them directly. And that would be the most (yawns) (Unintelligible word). It’s just uh— No, when you get as devious as one Timothy, when you get that devious, you finally become your own uh, nemesis. Everybody— Everybody realizes his ridiculousness. OCause too many people have been here, averaging (Unintelligible word) I would imagine, close to a hundred and fifty a week, and finally when the news broke up— broken there from the right source, there might very well be egg on their face.

Male: Yeah, roger, in fact, uh, Marceline [Jones] and I were talking to a couple of people in this field, (Unintelligible phrase) this week, do you copy?

Jones: Negative copy.

Male: Marceline and I were talking to a couple of people in this field, who— who said they knew him longer than we did, copy? (Pause) And this— they um, said that he— they thought he was a broken— a broken man, that he was— he had uh, more or less collapsed. Do you copy?

Jones: He’s a broken man, and he can’t— He can’t reach us— Uh, roger, (tape distortion), dilemma, he can’t reach us.

Male: —in his field, with people in his field.

Jones: He can get on the (unintelligible sentences). — distract from goodness. That’s his affair. I do believe that you are quite correct now, though, that he is sick. He’s not being manipulated, he is sick, and a willing participant. (Pause)

Male: Roger, roger, and I’m sure of um— I’m sure that Debbie [Blakey] sure could benefit from talking to those beautiful people who are uh, who are visiting, over.

Jones: Roger. (Pause) Well, I won’t counsel you on the matter anymore. I won’t give any more points on the matter at all. Just— I don’t know how to um, recommend. He needs a good psychiatrist. (Pause) (Tape edit) Well, they just finished a very good movie, we had various embassies provide us, the US provide us with some good films, and Guyana, Minister of Information, as well as other embassies, and they just get the best films in the world, you couldn’t have better cultural center. Our youth (unintelligible phrase) cultural event with the (unintelligible word) and the band tonight, for our guests, the Methodist officials. We have so much joy, and I thought perhaps for a moment that um, you know earlier, that maybe, he was being manipulated, but I think he very sickly knows what he’s doing, it— And it will not succeed. That’s what he is— doesn’t have any insight. Narcissism always blinds one, and a zeal for a name and the glory of the um, the chart that— Well, you can learn that chart, just go over the presidency. You can do with it what you want to. (Tape edit) OCause I’m not going to um, (Pause) advise, I’m not saying any more on, on the subject. But I know one thing, that the person cannot, just cannot possibly succeed. Love always has the victory over hate. It always does. And I’m not going to waste any more of my time trying to understand that person. I would recommend a good psychiatrist, that’s what I would recommend, if— if consulted.

Male: Roger, roger, roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: If Venus indeed is love—

Male: Roger, I guess we’ll just let that sit in his isolated self.

Jones: (Gives call letters) Someone said Venus is love, and that it is indeed the case. So, (unintelligible phrase) about, knowing more about that love. (Pause) (Yawns, unintelligible phrase), them to understand where I’m coming from, to see the— the tense fierceness and love and concern on— on the subject. And that group wants to be able to make their contribution. And we can understand that, and so too, our different goals. Then don’t follow the same theology. That’s natural to any people. But if one people want to destroy another people, it’s inconceivable to comprehend that kind of motivation, and I don’t even mind, because it can’t be done. Over.

Male: Roger, it cannot, that is a fact, over.

Jones: It wouldn’t even make any difference if the good was in (unintelligible word) bones, one cannot overcome the consciousness of Jesus Christ that precious love cast out all fear, and it certainly overcomes the very last enemy, even, death. You’re not— you’re not fearful, you’re not disturbed, and you’re certainly not interested in making a name for yourself. And that’s what um— and that’s (unintelligible phrase), he’s trying to tarnish the image of a psychopath.

Male: Roger, roger, roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: And I think he’s sociopathic, that’d be my opinion, but— if I could get more esteemed counsel that my own.

Male: Oh, roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: I would inform Eric of all the course of events in that um— (voice fades momentarily), and um, (Pause) tell them of all the good results here, that the Methodist officials are very impressed, they didn’t expect anything nearly like this. They just didn’t expect it. Did you get to tell them about the report of the US government, it’s a good report? (Pause)

Male: Um, Martha did um— Martha did tell Mary Ann, but uh, Eric never returned Michael’s call about it, so she hasn’t talked to them about it directly, do you copy?

Jones: What did she say? (Pause)

Female: (unintelligible word) of my uh, job and didn’t get any particular conversation, um, but gave you the highlights, over.

Jones: Sounds good. (Pause) (Casual tone) Comme si comme ça. (Pause) C’est la vie. (Pause) And que sera, sera. And it matters not to me. You look right and left, and the historical process take care of it, and we’re all very small microscopic creatures in terms of the historical process, I’m sure. But whether you’re microscopic or not, you do the right thing and— I have something deep in my heart that believes that good triumphs over evil, someplace down the road. It doesn’t make any difference to me where it is on the road. (Pause)

Female: Roger, roger. (Pause)

Jones: Here’s a cute little (Pause) check that the um, chap trying to do with the um, (Pause) sister. She read it and— and know nothing more than disdain, the hate, the vendetta that was in man, don’t want to continue to alienate further. (unintelligible sentences). I’m surprised at him. (Lengthy pause) I think there’ll be a number of people sending home because they paid them, maybe. (Pause)

Female: Roger. (Pause)

Jones: (Call letters) Do you copy?

Female: Roger, roger, we copy.

Jones: Some folk want to come back and help you a little bit with the work. (unintelligible sentence). Do you copy?

Female: Roger, roger, we copy. (Pause)

Jones: I’ll uh, leave that up to you folks from now on. (unintelligible sentence). Just keep on doing the right thing. Keep on being good, keep on saying (unintelligible phrase), Ocause your two lawyers said (unintelligible phrase) making themself very apparent to everyone, so you can reveal the full information of that to the top officials, if that’s what you want to do. (Pause)

Female: Roger.

Jones: We’re looking forward to a visit down here with (unintelligible name). Everybody’s looking forward to a visit. (Pause)

Female: Roger. (Pause)

Jones: (unintelligible name) and his wife anticipated visit will be very rewarding to be able to see this lovely place. (Pause)

Female: We copy someone uh, being— it’s very rewarding seeing that lovely place, but uh, negative who.

Jones: Oh, we’re talking about— apparently what uh— (unintelligible word) (Pause) The one who took care of baby Snoops’ mother. Do you copy?

Female: Roger.

Jones: I would gather from that that uh, she’s planning to uh, visit. Do you copy?

Female: Yes, that’s a roger.

Jones: And the lady she (unintelligible phrase).

Female: Uh, yes, we copy.

Jones: What’d you say? (Pause) Do you say that you copy?

Female: I said we— we do copy that, we do copy.

Jones: Then if you can, to confer.

Female: Do we have the weekend to confer.

Jones: (unintelligible sentence). Do you copy?

Female: It’s um— It certainly looks that way.

Jones: Excellent. Excellent. (Pause) Well, we’ve had a rich full experience here. We could come home tomorrow (unintelligible phrase) We have not— We haven’t yet even begun to complete the good work. It’s one thing when you’re doing good. Every day has a sense of fulfillment. A real sense of fulfillment. And you don’t worry about the tomorrow. (Pause)

Female: Roger. (Pause)

Jones: So I want you to know how much I love you, and take care of yourselves. (Pause)

Female: Roger, roger. Thank you. (Pause)

Jones: (Yawns) They surely know much about perseverance. Excuse my yawning. I haven’t had sleep for a while, but I’m very relaxed. Not feeling too much strain or stress. (Pause) Don’t let anything disturb you. (Pause)

Female: We uh, we copied all but the last.

Jones: I said, don’t let anything disturb you.

Female: Roger.

Jones: Let the little dogs bay at the moon.

Female: Roger, roger, that’s very, very evident. (Pause)

Jones: There’s certainly a great advantage of having the um, the trump of goodness in your hand (Pause) And so just— just remember that uh, how— how cruel that was to um, to do that (unintelligible word). Do you copy?
(Several unintelligible sentence about cruelty)

Second Female: Oh, that, that the cruelty is um, the cruelty is, is everywhere, um, roger.

Female: (unintelligible sentence), because the mother is ill and about to operated upon and the father is blind, over.

Second Female: Roger, that’s a roger.

Female: And that upset me. That upsets them, over. (Pause) And they’re fine now, they’re fine now. (unintelligible sentence)

Second Female: Roger, roger, it’s um, extremely cruel treatment of uh, of the elderly, over?…

Female: I said, in regard to Audrey Smith, over?…

Tape originally posted July 2001