Q039 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Patty Houston: — Hello, Grandpa [Robert (Sammy) Houston], I was really glad to hear from you. I hope you get a lot better, so — and um — I’m really happy here. This is the best place I’ve ever been. We have lots of sports, and your favorite sport, baseball. We play that all the time, too. But I’m on — I play volleyball a lot, and basketball too. And we have a real good education, and I’m getting training in medicine, and I’m learning how to — I’m planning to be a nurse or a doctor, maybe, when I grow up. And it’s really funny, this — (smiling voice) this is really the best place to be. And I’m really happy here. And I was really glad to hear you. And (pause) I don’t know. It’s just — just so fun here, and everything. All my friends are here, and I’m glad to hear that Patrick and Scott have grown up really well, and how they’re having fun in school and how S — Patrick is on the soccer team and all. And it’s just really, really fun here. And uh — (Pause) and uh — (tape edit) (unintelligible word) also, we have all these beautiful plants that you pay for it there, they just — they just come out the jungle and they grow really well here. And it’s just so beautiful and everything. I’m very sorry you couldn’t come with Carol [Houston Boyd], ’cause I’d like to see you, but it’s really nice out, it’s just the best place I’ve ever been. (Pause)

Judy Houston: This is Judy, and I’m glad to hear from you — and um, um — here, I’m learning — I’m on the baseball team and I’m also learning how to um, be [an] electrician so I’ll be able to fix the lights and all that stuff. And I — I was really glad to hear from you, and that um — um — that um — I got a lot of friends, we got a library here that we could read books from, we could study anything we wanted to learn about, we could — you know, it’s free for us to use. We have — Like Patty said, we have basketball court, baseball diamond, we got um, soccer, we got track, all that kind of stuff, and um — It is really beautiful here and um, I’m sorry that you couldn’t come — you — you couldn’t come along with um, Carol, ’cause this is a real nice place to be. It’s some — something I know you would en — enjoyed, if you woulda had come here.

Soft female voice: Thank you.

Tape originally posted November 2001