Q054 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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(Note: This tape was one of the 53 tapes initially withheld from public disclosure.)

Female 1: Yeah, roger, I heard the radio room could use a – a little uh, plastic plug-in teapot too, so I’m going to look around the old house for one of those and send down. WD6-DBI with WB6-MID, portable 8R3. That probably won’t be ’till next week. I don’t get out much these days to shop or anything, over.

Female 2: (unintelligible) WD6-DBI with WB6-MID.

Female 1: Well, James is telling me that something is all for – all for my eyes, so I suppose I better talk to James. I don’t know. Stand by.

Male: Roger.

Sarah: You know those striped socks that you used to be sending down here for the orphanage?

Male: Roger.

Sarah: How much they cost a pair?


Male: Uh, I don’t know, Sarah, I don’t know. I’ll – I’ll have to check. That information was passed some time back, but to tell you the truth, I – I don’t know (Pause) whether those are the same as the two-striped socks, you know, um. Laura wanted the kind with two stripes, and I noticed the ones that uh, we sent you this time have three stripes, and I don’t know whether they’re two separate items, or one and the same thing, over?

Sarah: It gets complicated, doesn’t it? Well, um, if that’s not right, it’ll be interesting to know, um. (unintelligible sentences)

Male: The last – the last figure I recall passing was one that applied to the two-stripers, and that figure was six-fifty per dozen, copy?

Sarah: Six-twenty-five (unintelligible phrase)

Male: Roger.

Sarah: (unintelligible phrase), that’ll probably do, over.

Male: Not bad, huh?

Sarah: Not bad at all.

Male: I mean the price.

(Unintelligible radio static)

Sarah: – you copy. (unintelligible phrase). Remember the situation I told you about last week with Thomas’ um, mother-in-law.

Female 1: Yeah, I think so, roger.

Sarah: Well, that – that has been completed. That has been completed. We got her a call today from um, I think it’s uh, Lil’s counterpart.

Female 1: Roger. (unintelligible phrase)

(Radio static)

Female 1: (unintelligible phrase) FBI, young man being involved in special counseling?

Sarah: Roger, roger. Apparently, he’s working with uh, with Lil’s counterpart in uh, in uh, their counseling sessions now, because uh, apparently he tried to call and uh, couldn’t get through for some reason, but uh, actually Connie there was uh, phenomenal, over.

Female 1: Roger. (unintelligible phrase) All the counseling sessions will just help him out, the special counseling will help him out with his problem, but um, it’s unfortunate that he needs that special counseling, it’s quite unfortunate, (unintelligible phrase, sounds like “if only he had um”), you know, paid more attention earlier.

Sarah: Yep, roger, roger. Anyway. You just better pass that on.

Female 1: Yep. Roger, roger.

Sarah: WD6-DBI with WB6-MID, portable 8R3.

Female 1: WD6-DBI with WB6-MID. Well, does anybody have anything for us?

Sarah: Roger, something coming across the wire right now. Stand by.

Female 1: Standing by.

(Long pause of radio static)

Sarah: Okay, uh, this is something from Arlene’s department that involves the Doctor Bryant and um, oh (Pause) Felix’s counterpart in Dr. Bedford’s area, and um, a number of other uh, people.

Female 1: Roger.

Sarah: Anyway, it’s uh, tomorrow in Dr. Bedford’s um, place, uh, and it’s uh, 15.

Female 1: Stand by a minute. (Pause) (unintelligible sentence)

Sarah: Uh, Scott – Scott will be there.

Female 1: (unintelligible)

Sarah: WD6-DBI with WB6-MID, portable 8R3. (Pause)

Female 1: I don’t know about that. Oh, wait a minute. I’m trying to remember Scott.

Sarah: Sorry, you remember what?

Female 1: (Emphatic) Scott.

Sarah: Scott?

Female 1: Scott. (Pause) Does he want to a (unintelligible word)

Sarah: No, but he – he’s related to Shoemaker.

Female 1: (Enlightened) Oh. (Pause) That Scott!

Sarah: Anyway, the – the uh, the main – the main one will be uh, Dr. Bryant and his – his uh –

Female 1: You hear a lot of –

Sarah: It’s a lot of uh, Andrew’s plans of, you know, meeting together in, in unity, over.

Female 1: Oh, that’s right. That’s right. Um, we’ll – we’ll have to find out. Is it tomorrow?

Sarah: Roger. Has to be probably uh – oh, well probably this – uh, yeah, tomorrow evening.

Female 1: Good. (Pause) Uh, what do you think would be good (unintelligible word – sounds like “or”), what do you think would be best –

Sarah: Um – uh, stand by.

Female 1: Standing by.

Female 3: Um – (unintelligible word) This is Arlena (unintelligible word). We talked to Dr. Ryan today regarding uh, various quotes and uh – so he has the background regarding Sally.

Female 1: Roger, roger.

Female 3: However, this was another uh, event where he would be – and I wanted to just kind of run it across and not make any assumptions about Dr. Ryan. Do you follow?

Female 1: Yeah, roger, um – I’m just – While we’re asking, uh, I wonder, wha – what do you do you think would be a good number?

Female 3: If – two, I – I would say is a good number, but I guess my point is, that unless there’s something new, I don’t really feel we need to go, because we’ve already given him – Stand by –

Female 1: (unintelligible short reply)

Female 3: We’ve already given uh, Dr. Ryan Dr. Hutch’s uh, opinion on the matter.

Female 1: Roger, but maybe just see that uh, you know, that it’d be better to have your lovely faces there and show your wonderful support.

Female 3: (Jovial tone) Oh, roger roger roger.

Female 1: (unintelligible short reply)

Female 3: Roger.

Female 1: That’s good. (Pause) We’re checking it, but we tend to agree with you that two’s about right.

Female 3: You said you’re checking, and what else?

Female 1: (Emphatic) That we’re checking it, but we tend to agree with you that two is the right, you know, position.

Female 3: WD6-DBI with WB6-MID, portable 8R3. (Pause)

Female 1: (Calls out) Well, here we are. Anything else?

Female 3: Stand by. (Pause) Yeah, well, some of Anthony’s friends are going to be uh, putting on a play in a couple of weeks, we were just kind of, you know, talking about it tonight and it’s, you know, it’s gonna be – I think you’ll appreciate it. We’ll – we’ll take pictures of it and – and let you know.

Female 1: Roger, roger.

Female 3: Uh, it’ll, you know, be a take-off on an event several weeks ago that was quite uh, comical event, at the time I – we conveyed it to you, I – how motley it was, over. (Pause)

Female 1: That sounds interesting. At least take pictures.

Female 3: Yeah, we’re going to. I mean, it’s hilarious. I mean, we just – [Edith] Roller came up with the idea, and uh, it – it will be – it’ll be really funny. It’s funny just thinking about it.

Female 1: I think that’s a good idea. It’s a good idea.

Female 3: It’s an excellent idea. Anyway, I was telling Julia what uh – Roller needs more pictures, um, ’cause uh, you know a lot of people like to uh, take – take pictures anyway, they like to be entertained. But they uh – it would – it would really help out Lola’s work, if – if we could get some more of the nice pictures, over.

Female 1: We will, we will. (unintelligible phrase)

Female 3: Roger. As soon as possible, if you can, it – it would be uh – actually, it would help (unintelligible name – Mason?) out a lot, too, I think.

Female 1: Roger, roger. (Pause)

Female 3: If you think of anything else for my friend who’s going to be contacting Dr. Miles, uh, let me know. She’ll be here through tomorrow – tomorrow evening.

Female 1: Dr. Miles. (unintelligible word)

Female 3: I work for the same department as Dr. White.

Female 1: Oh yeah, roger. Stand by. (Pause) Well, it’s, you know, it’s an opportunity, (unintelligible phrase) you can do on that, as much as you can do on that. (unintelligible word)

Female 3: Yeah, roger, anyway, um – okay. (Long pause)

(Tape edit?)

Recorder’s voice: F14-267.0.

(Radio static and interference)

(unintelligible exchange)

Female 1: Roger, roger.

(unintelligible exchange)

Female 1: Roger, roger, the frequency is in use, thank you for checking. WD6-DBI with WB6-MID, portable 8R3. (Pause)

Male: (unintelligible)

Female 1: (Interrupts) Okay, um, what do you want us to do now, then?

Male: (unintelligible)

Female 1: The frequency is in use, the frequency is in use, this is WD6-DBI with WB6-MID, portable 8R3. The frequency is in use. (Pause)

(Another male, unintelligible question about frequency)

Female 1: (Frustrated) The frequency is in use, the frequency is in use, this is WD6-DBI with WB6-MID, portable 8R3. The frequency is in use, the frequency is in use.

(Second male, unintelligible comment) (Pause)

Female 1: WD6-DBI. Standing by with WB6-MID, portable 8R3. Standing by. (Pause)

(Tape edit) (Distorted voice gives call letters)

Female 3: Roger, roger.

Male: Good evening. (Balanced is distorted)

Female 3: Roger, a missionary medical work in South America, that’s correct.

(Distorted male voice)

Female 3: Roger, roger, Tracy, I – I missed your call sign now. Thanks for breaking in. It is a very rewarding type work, and we’re just uh, glad to be of service anywhere we can. Uh, by the way, you’re seven-by-nine tonight, you’re coming in loud and clear, over?

(Distorted male voice)

Female 3: (Laughs) That’s – That’s (unintelligible word). WD6-DBI in San Francisco, and uh – thanks a lot for breaking in, we appreciate uh – uh, your interest in uh, the missionary field, because it is uh, very wonderful work indeed, and glad to be of service.

Female 1: WD6-DBI with WB6-MID, portable (unintelligible phrase). Copy?

Female 3: Stand by, stand by.

Female 1: Roger, roger. (Pause)

Female 3: Okay, did you say you have some more for me before I go?

Female 1: Roger. (unintelligible phrase) prepared to uh, that thing with James, over.

Female 3: Oh, in addition to it, you mean?

Female 1: (unintelligible short reply)

Female 3: Okay, go ahead.

Female 1: Uh, explain that we always have uh – we always have people uh, like uh, Danielle writing the home, do you copy?

Female 3: People like Danielle (unintelligible word)

Female 1: (unintelligible word) writing our home, do you copy?

Female 3: Roger.

Female 1: And we have people like her living out uh, on the agricultural project as well, over.

Female 3: Roger.

Female 1: They uh – they’re not members of the uh – they aren’t members of Tony’s household, over.

Female 3: Roger.

Female 1: But uh, we do (unintelligible word) to help them when they have um – emergency medical problems or other needs, when – whenever we’re going to come on home, over?

Female 3: Stand by. (Pause) Roger, go ahead.

Female 1: So there’s certainly no uh – there’s certainly no uh, boundaries on uh, anyone. It would be impossible un – under special circumstance. (Pause)

Female 3: Roger.

Female 1: In fact, (unintelligible phrase)

Female 3: Roger.

Female 1: We had a, a guest um, an Iranian guest in our home, do you copy?

Female 3: Roger. In fact, her name is the same –

Female 1: The same last (unintelligible word) as uh, the uh, man with uh, several friends where you are. (Pause) (unintelligible phrase) (Pause) Do you copy?

Female 3: Roger, but I can’t place uh, who that is.

Female 1: Oh forget that, he’s got several youngsters, one of them uh – well, all of them have some uh, physical – physical problems.

Female 3: Roger.

Female 1: Same name as their guest in our home. The same name as (unintelligible phrase)

Female 3: Roger.

Female 1: And uh, you can also check with uh, David, over.

Female 3: Roger.

Female 1: His last name is –

End of side 1

Side 2

(Radio static and electronic sounds for several minutes)

(Balance is blank)

Tape originally posted January 2002