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Jones Speaking

Jones: –just arrived in Bucharest, Hungary yesterday with a delegation from the Zimbabwe pet– Patriotic Front of the African National Union, ZANU. Mr. [Robert] Mugabe – long known for his communist inspiration to the people of Zimbabwe and one of his– the revolutionary heroes of the Rhodesian country – is the guest of the Romanian Communist Party committee. Mr. Joshua Nkomo who– other cha– chairman of the Patriotic Front is visiting Bulgaria and is expected to go on to Moscow and firm strong ties– firm up strong ties of absolute mutual defense. I said, Buda– Bu– uh, I wrongly said Bucharest. That would’ve been Romania. I was thinking of Budapest, which would’ve been another ally of the Soviet Union.

Tanzania is today considering a general mobilization following the Uganda invasion of its territory with heavy artillery and tanks, according to the Western press, if you can believe anything it says. The capitalist press. Uganda announced yesterday that it has annexed the segment of Tanzanian territory it has long claimed west of Lake Victoria. President [Julius] Nyere, the Tanzanian president, left Mozambique– left for Mozambique– that Mozaikan– rather left uh, Communist Mozambique today after talks last night with the Mozambique President [Samora Machel]. Tanzania has asked Kenya to cut Uganda oil supplies to pressure it into withdrawing its forces from Tanzania– (pause) Ta– Tanzanian territory. Meanwhile Idi Amin of Uganda, that the capitalist world has made such a friend, made such a frump– uh, uh, a circus about him, always making him appear like some ignorant gorilla, has congratulated his armed forces on the victory of annexing the strip of Tanzanian territory that rightfully belongs to Uganda. In Radio Uganda, report Mr. Amin called the Tanzanian forces cowards, and he said they run away when they are confronted. A Mozambique newspaper said today that the Ugandan attack against Tanzania was aimed at weakened efforts by the five African front line states to free South Africa from the white minority rule.

In Iran, some religious leaders are talking about forming their own army, and it– it looks like it will get off the ground to fight the Shah [Reva Pahlavi]. The Shah’s days are numbered, according to even the Western press. Oil production has been cut by two-thirds. They’re only producing thirty percent the oil they was– they were because of the strike of the workers, because of the oil workers’ strike, which is also causing oil or– exports (unintelligible word) vital to America to cease and may increase gasoline prices any moment.

Radio London says that, within days there may be a devaluation of the American dollar. They did not signi– signify how much, but this will have a grave effect on all who hold American dollars. The only safety will be in gold. So we must look and think in that direct way.

Radio Hanoi said today that China has moved thousands of troops up to the Chinese-Vietnamese border yesterday. There were a series of border incidents between the country, but Vietnam held its own against the aggression of the Chinese mainland.

Lebanon Foreign and Defense Minister was a tac– target of an assassination attempt shortly before his departure for the Baghdad summit. The Lebanese official nearly esca– it– only– narrowly escaped injure– injury when gunmen opened fire on his car outside his Beirut home. Beirut Radio said that a number of his army guards, as well as several of the attackers, were wounded in the shootout. A major reshuffling will be taking place in the Lebanese army.

The longest space mission in history has come to an end. Two Soviet as– cosmonauts returned safely to earth today in a soft landing, a development in space that has not been able to be achieved by any other country a– after spending nearly one hundred and forty days in orbit. The Tass news agency said the space capsule landed in Soviet central Asia, and the preliminary check-up indicated they are both in good health.

An American publisher, John McGraw, has denied the report that he acted as an intermediary in a secret South Africa effort to buy the Star newspaper, located in Washington, D.C. But proof shows otherwise, that the South African fascist regime, upheld by our tax dollars which should weigh us down with guilt, the– the proof shows otherwise. The evidence says that Mr. McGraw tried to buy the Washington newspaper with eleven and a half million dollars supplied by the fascist Pretorian government that is upheld by American capitalism, where our people live in co– cancen– concentration camps, and are beat to death constantly. It’s not just a one-day occurrence, but constantly. They’re beaten off by dogs. (Pause)

I was hoping I could find something that would indicate to you how vicious– how vicious it is. One case that– in the south of the United States, even, and they do this in– in the south United States, you know what the hell they do in Pretoria, but uh, it– it indicated, that uh– (Pause) it indicated that (Pause) three officers have been ar– in­– arrested for beating three black men in a Southern state, US, under the arms– every place– no, with exception of the armpits, they were bleated to a– beaten to a pulp. Then they were hung on a tree and stoned to death, screaming for mercy. This is the kind of racism that is prevailing America, and is being upheld in the Union of South Africa. Horror to think about.

The longest space mission, as I said, in history has come to an end. The Tass news agency said their paid– space capsule landed in Soviet central Asia in a tremendous soft landing that has cracked into areas of space venture that the world has been trying to do, but only the Soviet avant garde was able to achieve.

An American publisher, as I told you, John McGraw, tried to buy this uh– Washington newspaper with eleven and a half million dollars supplied by the fascist multinationals of USA and the Pretorian capital of Union of South Africa’s fascist government. The money allegedly came from a secret fund in the South African ministry of information.

At a press conference in Washington, Secretary of State Cyrus Vance, said today that the United States support the Shah of Iran’s efforts to retorn– return order to his country. That means that the Secretary of State Cyrus Vance of the US supports the fact that nearly two hundred thousand Iranians in the last two and a half weeks have been murdered, another two hundred thousand have disappeared, and perhaps as close to a hundred thousand are being tortured at this time. That’s the kind of government that some of you long to look for, and would want to go back to. For me, I would rather die by any death than uh, to go back into a mess like that. He has also said, the Secretary of State, that the United States believes the Iranian leader is doing a fine job and the right thing in trying to make his country modern. By– by destroying his cities? By burning people alive in the theater? His– uh, the Shah’s secret police set fire to a theater that ended up in the death of four hundred and one people, trying to blame it on the Communists, but even the news broke out and he was finally proven guilty. Is that the way the United States approves of building order and uh, justice? Of course it is, and of course that’s the way they’ll do it in United States when the people finally demand their rights.

Meanwhile, in Iran. Thousands of– Thousands of people continue to protest and demonstrate against the dictator– dictatorship of the Shah and his fascist repressive regime.

Moscow. The Soviet Union and Vietnam have signed a treaty of mutual defense and friendship and cooperation. It is the first such treaty between Moscow and Southeast Asia. What it amounts to is that, in case Vietnam is attacked by China, the Soviet Union– or any other nation, the Soviet Union will come to their rescue.

The Soviet Union seems to mean business about this bi– uh, this factor of defending the liberation of people. The evidence also revealed many other aspects of the department of information manipulation of its funds. Excuse me, I’m in– I gave you wrong uh, news here.

Major political bombshell has exploded in the South African political scene, after a supreme judge has published a damaging evidence of corruption and the massive misuse of public money by the former department of information of the fascist state of the Union of South Africa, which was our tax dollars, and we all should feel guilty for supplying them tax dollars to put our black brothers and sisters. Imagine your son, your daughter, your husband, your wife, in a concentration camp. Barefoot, unable to get enough to eat, imagine them crowded into the ho– uh, great barbed wire sections, and I imagine then you’d have a little bit of feeling against the United States. (Pause) The scandal which involves some of the leading political figures in the country seem certain to cause the resignation (Pause) from the government and to also have profound effects on the unity of the ruling National Party. If it does, it will constitute the biggest threat the white African government has faced during its 30 years as the dictatorship in office– that has been held in office by the United States tax money. The judge has wa– was appointed by the new South African president [Marais Viljoen] earlier this year to a– head a one-man commission of inquiry in possible foreign currency contribution by the former department of information. His appointment followed weeks of newspaper speculation that the department had se– secretly been using taxpayers’ money for a number of controversial, not to say highly dubious projects. The inquiries have been– have now shown, as the judge himself put it, that there has been improper application of taxpayers’ money running into millions of dollars. He also said there are indications of corrupting rela– corruption relating to public funds. The judge released hundreds of pages of affidavits given under oath as to how to public– uh, how public money was used. He totally ignored an appeal by the prime minister [Pieter Willem Botha] to not divulge the evidence he had amassed. A brave judge. The most damaging fact that he has revealed is that an attempt was made by the government to secretly use taxpayers’ money to buy out the country’s major opposition newspaper, including the Sunday Times, and to buy several newspapers and television in the USA, where they could continue to propagate apartheid, racist separation as the solution in America too. When this plan failed, they used an even larger amount of public money, this time totaling fourteen million dollars, to set up a pro-government language newspaper. The evidence showed that among those involved in this secret project to buy out the newspaper were former Prime Minister [Johannes] Vorster, close al– ally of Adolf Hitler, who was prime minister until the last few weeks, who is now the state president, the former powerful minister of information and the former head of the secret police. The evidence also revealed many other aspects of the department of information manipulation of its secret funds. One man, a lawyer who represented the police during the inquest into the death of Steve Biko, the black consciousness leader, is director of a front company set up by the department of information, closely with the Central Intelligence Agency, funded by the USA, to loan them money through Swiss bank accounts. There is one positive aspect to the story. It– it is that it shows that the– the resilience of the South African press, which despite the many strengths under which it labors, have played a key role in exposing this scandal of the fascist operation that USA has brought upon the African continent in the name of Union of South Africa.

Rhodesian armed assaults into Zambia continue, yesterday coundi– coming as close as ten miles from the capital of Lusaka, Zambia. Pressure is mounting inside Zambia on President K– Kenneth– Ken– Kaunda [Kenneth Kaunda] to retaliate against the raids launched on guerilla bases in his country. He has consistently refused retaliatory action, but still fully supports the guerillas who are using Zambia as their base. (Pause)

Ethiopia has introduced a draft resolution in the United Nations Assembly, the colonization committee, to condemn states that cooperate with South Africa. Among those countries singled out by the draft are Britain, France, West Germany, and the United States imperialist and Zionist Israeli.

In Baghdad, at the summit conference, Arab leaders have approved eleven thousand million dollars to be used to oppose the Camp David sell-out by [U.S. President Jimmy] Carter and dictator Anwar Sadat of Egypt and dictator [Menachem] Begin of Zionist Israel. Iraq promised the money to improve Arab military strength against Israel and yo– her US imperialist backers. Attending the meeting are the leaders of 20 Arab nations. Never have the Arab nations been so unified or fractured from the United States. They have been completely removed from any sort of friendly alliance towards the United States by the sellout of Camp David. You know that sellout. When US and Egypt and Israel got together and decided to– what to do with the West Bank of (Pause) off of Jordan, which belonged to Jordan. It was taken away by Egypt by fascist aggression by Jordan. And the Gaza Strip. And the southern part of Israel, uh, Leb– Lebanon, that– the southern part of Lebanon. It was taken away by the Israelis. The– Lebanon should have had something to say about their country that was under the conqueror’s heel. Also, the– Jordan had the w– every right to be present at the discussion that– what was going to happen to their territory. Iraq promised the money to improve, as I say, military strength against Israel and all of her US allies and their imperialist lackeys. Attending the meeting are the leaders of 20 Arab nations and the Palestinian Liberation Organization, PLO, all seeking a common position against the peace move of Egypt and Is– and Israel. Egypt is not attending. This is a lot of money. Eleven thousand million dollars. That’s a lot of money to oppose US in her imperialist moves in the Near East.

Thus ends the commentary of the news for the day. We want you to listen closely now, very closely, so you have new study– there’ll be new study from 7:45 to quarter of uh, eight, and uh- no, to (stumbles over words) quarter of nine, and quarter of nine, there’ll be language till quarter of ten. But we do want also for you to listen now. It’s important that you listen. We want some review in the class tonight of the (Pause) question here on how you deal with strangers who are coming in to spy out your liberty. That is important. Because we know that CIA have been here, the government has told us so. (unintelligible  word) has told ‘em that much by the US embassy. Take great care when you are in United S– in– in Georgetown on duties. If (unintelligible word), please write, we will deeply appreciate it. They are vicious, and they never stop. We have to keep ever on the watchman’s wall. (Unintelligible word) wall. Please, I urge this, do not fail. Do not fail. Take this into consideration now. Fast as you can, bring those– Kay [Nelson], bring up any names you can think of particularly in the staff of San– Los Angeles, but– anybody. San Francisco. Los Angeles. We’ve got to get those letters out or the addresses out. Uh, messages from you. Whatever. We’ve got to get them moving quick. We’ve got to get a letter from you moving quick to them, so that they’ll have time to move back. We can in meantime say we will have (pause) hundreds of letters coming. We didn’t feel it was necessary for justice to have to call on all of our supporters, but we will, if this– if these lies that these people, all former radicals – and still some of them no doubt involved in radical activity – continue their actions. Thank you so very much.

(Pause) (Tape edit)

Number of you have worked for people and served them almost like slaves. They might write a letter. (unintelligible word) that your church, that you wouldn’t belong to anything but a excellent church, and you’re behind them all the way. They’re behind– behind you all the way. Some of you worked hard for some of these people. Perhaps just a moment of compassion might slip through them. It’s important. It’s not the end of the world, we can bring our people to freedom, but it is important, very important, that we get this done without uh– much loss of time. I urge you tonight, don’t wait tomorrow– don’t wait till tomorrow. It may be too late. I urge you, do it now. Come to the radio room. Thank you so much.

(tape breakup)

–news will begin at quarter of eight, revolving around the new guest and current events, and then tonight’s our Ru– our Russian language. Quarter of nine to quarter of ten. (Pause) I think there shall be nothing thereafter, but I want people’s helpers to see that everyone is in the meeting. I want people’s helpers to see that all are in the meetings. Uh, when I walk through, I found some not in the meetings last evening. And automatically, that’s a subject for public service. Peer responsibility, to hold up the standard. I urge you now, letter to NBC and the letter to the Los Angeles D.A. [John Van De Camp]. Sarah [Tropp], please? (Long pause)

Part 2

Jones: He said she never saw anything that touched her so much. The fishman is also very popular in the country, the snakeman, and he said he will come back and teach Stephan [Jones] all he knows about capturing snakes. In the meantime, don’t you try to capture the snake. Stay away from it. Leave it up to Steve, leave it up to Steve to know how to handle it, because the– (tape edit) the equalities in the uh, defend them from the– the uh– Excuse me, someone’s talking to me. (Pause)

Attention, attention. I felt that you needed a little entertainment, so there’ll be a nan– dance from nine uh– at 9:30– at 9:15 on till 12 o’clock. We do ask that you conduct yourself as socialists should. You are impressing, I wish I could tell you, how many of you are impressing socialism. Socialists here and abroad by not engaging in liquor and being a come-on. We’ve had the feedback that a lot has been gained, and your courtesy helping people up and showing as much warm to Mom, even though she – Moms Mabley– Mabley – is stronger, older than you, always show courtesy, utmost of courtesy for uh, this uh– the– for our seniors. Smile a great deal whenever you come in, but you need to listen tonight under the school tent till you have it down, how to deal with strangers. The man seems friendly, but I am not sure. How can you be sure of anything, when so many of our own relatives– it’s too painful for me to talk about. Because nobody could’ve been a better father than I was, but she [daughter Suzanne Jones] turned and– for money, we know, for money. And did the dirty work, they tried to put (pause) Ted (Pause) We have to restrict because of the mal– malice of those who are trying to destroy people, like uh, [Jim] McElvane, and uh, Florida [Smith] and others. They won’t succeed, but it is a one hell of a– one classic hell of conspiracy. I have never seen the like of it in my life. But things are turning for us. We’re gaining friends. Today, the doctors raved about us, and the snake handler who handles the venom for all of South America, uh, for research studies, was overwhelmed. And Margaret Ackman, who meets the prime minister, Prime Minister [Forbes] Burnham at 7:30 tonight, is absolutely sold on the place. You– you– you won her by your love. (Pause)

From Dr. Schag– Dr. [Larry] Schacht, who is here by my side now, who– when it was like the fairground, he’d never se– seen anything so just and so fair and so lovely in his life. And the last doctor (unintelligible word) had to make two radio broadcasts just to get him (slurs over words) doctor the praises that he had to see, and had to say. Anyway, it’s important that we know how to talk and who we’re talking to. We’ve got to know whether wh– when you’re talking to the Russians, they’ll be a different talk. We are (unintelligible word) you tomorrow, for tomorrow’s visitors w– even though he tell– says he is our friend, my daughter also said she was a friend. We’re urging you to be very cautious and don’t engage in conversation. Say hello. You know, hello. Understand?

Male: Mmm-hmm. [Yes]

End of tape


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