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Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: Give people incentives and motivation for change. If you have had no offenses that bring you on Senior New Brigade, we will expunge your record after six months, so your past record will not be used against you. We will clear your record, if you go six months without causing any behavior problems.

We’re reactivating Junior Brigade. It has been necessarily merged with Senior Brigade because of a staff shortage for the number of children were first sent to Senior Brigade. Some now on Senior Brigade would’ve been sent to the Junior Brigade, if it’d been operating at the time.

The following guidelines would be used in making referrals: Teachers would use all disciplinarian measures, reinforcements, and so forth, available before rep– reporting to higher discipline authority. Teacher training has been directed towards this. b) No students will be referred without consultation, usually at the teachers’ meetings and junior high and elementary division level. c) Except for extreme offenses, elementary students will be referred to Junior Brigade, even non-heinous cases of acting out, touching people, could go to Junior Brigade, but for a minimum time. Not just one day. Other offenses would get off based on work and attitude, according to evaluations. d) Junior high non-heinous or aggravated offenses would go to Senior Brigade during the daytime hours, and they would return home immediately after dinner and go to bed early. Extreme cases – in the e) category – at any case upon the office’s discretion would go to Senior Brigade, that is cruel– cruelty. Making cruel jokes at other people’s expense, violence, gang violence, theft, destruction of the people’s property. They will go to Senior Brigade, no matter what level and will carry the usual schedule for the two-week routine sentence. Elementary supervisors would bring elementary students to Junior Brigade at 6:30 a.m. Junior high will deliver themselves to Senior Brigade at 6:30– 6:30 a.m., or would go then onto some other discipline or Senior Brigade.

Remember the most important thing, that your record will be cleared in the New Brigade. Now you have to serve three days minimum for every time you’ve ever been on New Brigade. You now have motivation to clear your records. If after six months of no discipline problem, and not being on New Brigade, your records will be completely removed from Vernetta Christian’s department. They’ll be expunged. It’s a socialist practice, a moral and humane practice. That will give you moral incentive to continue constructive conduct, cooperative conduct, instead of anarchistic conduct. Your total record will be removed and cleared, if you go six months without any problem. It’ll be like beginning life all over again.

News of the afternoon. Zaire. Revolutionary elements are at work for liberation of this puppet regime that is falsely called Zaire, changed in name only from the time when it was ruled by the Belgian Congo under the auspices of the Trilateral Commission and indirectly US imperialism. In spite of all the efforts of bringing Senegal troops, another puppet African regime, and Moroccan troops– and Morocco’s having great and considerable, immense difficulty putting any troops there, because they have 30,000 troops in West Sahara trying to support the tottering regime there that is falling to Marxist-Leninist liberation forces, and in Mauritania. But USA is using its airborne vehicles to bring French legionnaires out and bring new troops in. Apparently there is some discussion of putting Chinese troops– the renegade, the renegade mainland Chinese, who have sold out international communism. However, one can be sure that Zaire is not going to be allowed to be turned over to Chinese troops. I am sure that the white capitalist have not goy– are not going to be able to overcome that contradiction. They’ll not trust the Chinese, no matter what their foreign policy to get many troops in Zaire, being that it is so rich in uranium and cobalt. So it is a difficult problem.

The CIA is meeting in Congress, whipping up a fervor against Cuba for economic sanctions, or worse. No one knows at this time the news, it’s faulty in this regard. Admiral [Stansfield] Turner himself, appointed by [President Jimmy] Carter to head the CIA, is addressing the Congress, giving what he calls irrefutable proof, incontrovertible proof, of the Cuban responsibility for the liberation efforts of Zaire. Nothing so hypocritical could be known in the world today. Obviously, capitalism is getting ready to punish Cuba by economic sanctions, withdrawal of aid as has already been done by the puppet of US capitalism, Canada, that is, the government.

However, as you remember, Canada – the populist – are having one hell of a time right now. They’re almost in a populist war, the Canadians, with the USA. They have until this afternoon, that is, USA fishermen have until this afternoon, and corporate fisheries, to remove all their ships from Canadian fishing zones, because there’s been such a hue and cry amongst the people of Canada. And of course, USA has been forced to retaliate. I am sure this has not been the desire of the Canadian government, that is a good puppet of US imperialism, nor has it been the wishes of USA government in its fascist overtones of imperialism, to have to impose this kind of sanction. But the Canadian people are strong and adamant. US fishermen have been taking their best fish supplies and violating their own fishing zones, and so, the Canadian government was forced to demand the removal of all fishing fleets from the USA in Canadian waters.

Nonetheless, the Canadian government, in breaking aid agreements with Cuba, was a sort of feeler and symbolic of what will be taking place generally towards Cuba for its bravery and commitment to liberation, in standing by the African liberation that is going to take place, irrespective of the desires of the monopoly capitalist, the imperialists that rule the world from USA.

India apparently is safely back in the fold, talking with Britain. Britain calls it India’s safe return to democracy, which means that India now is being wooed into the imperialist control of the Trilateral Commission. In spite of popular growing support for Indira Gandhi, several frame-up charges are being placed against her, she has three indictments, her son was in jail, Sanjey Gandhi was in jail. However, he has been released under mounting pressure from the Indian people. So India is not certainly to be said to be counted upon re– remaining with its nearly one billion population in the capitalist fold.

Secretary of Bangladesh [likely president of Bangladesh, Ziaur Rahman] is in Burma. Burmanese nationals have to go back. Fleeing from Burma, refugees left in camps in poor conditions in Bangladesh, and Bangladesh is turning them back. Bangladesh has been more or less cooperative with USA in its orientation, and Burma has been moving more to the left, but has been coming down heavily upon those who dissent with its government. But Bangladesh is not going to even maintain the façade of Carter’s hypocritical human rights. All the Burman– Burmanese capitalists that fled are going to be returned, because Bangladesh does not want to feed them, and capitalism never rewards those that are loyal to them, no matter who they are, as we had the several hundred CIA agents in Asia that are living in concentration camps in Thailand, people without a country, and USA promised to take them in, but USA has no loyalty. There is no loyalty amongst thieves, particularly capitalist rogues, the ruling class, big business.

Luxembourg is having a meeting– an important meeting on the status of the dollar and general economic worsening conditions in the capitalist world.

Morocco. Basically, according to BBC, Morocco is a police state, by the admission of even the British Broadcasting Company. Most of the population cannot read and write, 99% cannot read or write, and it is that government – Morocco – that USA is flying in to maintain the so-called sovereignty of Zaire, which is a puppet regime not representing the people, led by a murderous dictator, Mobutu [Sese Seko], put in power by the US-CIA after the murder of the great patriot Patrice Lumumba. Also, BBC admitted, that all the people live in reservations that are worse than shantytowns. It has taken International Monetary Fund moneys and World Bank loans in order to survive. It is completely tied to Western foreign policy interests. That’s a nice way of saying it, BBC, it is completely tied to imperialist interest. I think he’s slightly off there– Maybe he’s on there. Strong-armed police are well known (unintelligible under radio), Morocco has 30,000 troops trying to subvert the Mauritanians and the West Saharans, and they’re in economic difficulty, and King Hassan is even saying that USA is going to have to do more than expect him to carry the load. King Hassan is the dictator of Morocco.

West Germany. The minister of interior [Werner Maihofer] has resigned, because he is not taking strong enough tactics against what the capitalists call the terrorists. Several of the members of the Baader-Meinhof activist Red Brigade have been allowed to escape from Germany, uh, the crackdowns have not found any to arrest, and the leader of the Baader-Meinhof activist Red Brigade in West Germany, fascist Federal Republic of West Germany, escaped the best fortress prison in capitalist Germany. So, the interior minister is taking the brunt. He must resign.

Spy trials are taking place in USA. There is a reactivism of the old Rosenberg era, in which the Rosenbergs [Julius and Ethel Rosenberg] were framed and murdered, executed by the state, just because they were Jewish and pro-socialist. They were charged by– with passing secrets to the Communists. Now we have three couples charged with giving NATO plans – North Atlantic Treaty Organization – nuclear attack plans. They even call it, BBC calls it, nuclear attack plans. Perhaps they mean peremptory uh, uh, a war– nuclear war without any advanced warning. Anyway, these three couples have been charged in a new growing neo-McCarthy era, a wave of anti-Communist hysteria in USA and capitalist West Germany, they have been charged with giving – these three couples – nuclear secrets about NATO’s nuclear attack plans to the East German communist– modern communist state. They will be tried for treason and can face the death sentence.

Zambian and Zaire residents– presidents are meeting together. This is not necessary fortuitous for the forces of liberation in Zambia. The meeting has not been detailed.

We do know that Dr. Reid – Ptolemy Reid – has said that the CIA is working heavily to suppress African liberation, even in the Caribbean. We are familiar with what he’s speaking, because the news is rampant with the CIA activities trying to create hysteria against Cuba. Undoubtedly, Dr. Reid was referring to us. It seemed that his whole speech was trying to be aimed at giving us support for our Marxist-Leninist position as he addressed the Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement yesterday. The implication of Dr. Reid is that there are CIA, even in this country, and undoubtedly there are. The CIA is everywhere. We do not mind having class enemies, we did not come expecting rewards for being communist. We came standing for international str– struggle of the working class, upholding the principles of Marxist-Leninism, because it is the right thing to do. Not what the results would be, but it’s the right thing to do, where the bloody capitalists are sucking the life out of two out of three babies that are going to hun– bed hungry, and over a billion population that is starving to death right now. Starving to death. Twenty-five million that the CIA cause to starve to death in the last three years in the Sahara, a million in Ethiopia by its aggressive backing of Somalia and the Eritreans.

Thus, the meeting between Zambia and Zaire presidents– it should be called Zaire’s dictator Mobutu and the president [Kenneth] Kaunda of Zambia. The details about the meeting are unknown, but great pressure is being brought to bear on Zambia for allowing Katangan residents to be on their territory, who have been fugitives in the eyes of the Zairian government, but have actually taken asylum from the murderous and oppressive regime of the dictator Mobutu, who is a puppet for US imperialism.

Thus ends the afternoon news summary. Thank you. Much love.


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Tape originally posted May 2012