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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Shannon Howard. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Tape rewinds.

Jones: (Speaks slowly and deliberately throughout, sometimes disjointed or halting) Sunday News. The gold medal car. Two Soviet exhibits, the latest Nixon– the Niva, rather, car [reference to the Soviet Lada Niva SUV-like car] and a circular grinding machine made in the Ukraine won gold medals at the Twentieth International Eng– Engine Fair in Brno, Czechoslovakia. Another go– gold mo– model um, went to a tuber– turbo electric city bus designed jointly by Soviet and Czechoslovakian engineers and others in the products from Western countries, the USA and other several– other se– countries from several different locations.

It’s windy on the moon. Although the moon has the atmosphere, dust storms appear in the two inch layer above the atmosphere. The wind is electrically m– powered being caused by electrostatic fields generated by solar radiation (Pause) report scientist from the Jopic [phonetic] Institute of Physical Engineering in Moscow. These m– ministorms are particularly strong at the boundary between the light and dark side of the moon.

(unintelligible name), a trained eagle. (Pause) At appearances not withstanding the eagle above standing on his master’s head, (Struggles with name) Abdu– Abdujaran Martsalvia [phonetic], an engineer on Kurtz [phonetic] collective farm in Central Asia is tame and responds to commands like a hawk. He was found at a ne– nestling by the shepherds in the Ally [phonetic] Valley. Apparently his parent had been killed or died from some disease. He is strong enough to pick up an infant child.

Comcom output growth. Industrial output of the Comcom (pause) countries was fe– five and one half percent higher between January and June – six and a half percent, that is – than the same period last year. Most of the growth was accounted for by higher product– productivity. Avera– An average pay of industrial and office workers was up three point four percent, and farm income up five percent.

Georgia’s new kind of tea: Coalkahide, coalkaida [phonetic], a new type of tea has been developed in Georgia where Josef Stalin, the man of steel uh, he feigned [fought] off the Nazis and won the victory over the Naz– Nazis and their Axis powers in 1942. Georgia in– i– in Georgia it is a– capable of yielding over six tons of green leaves per acre, twice as high as the present parent plants from which it was bred. (Pause)

Would you think that ostriches would live in Siberia? Fragments of hundreds of sau– ostrich eggs, very thick and seven inches long, have been found on a once-inhabited site near Lake Baikal in southern Siberia. (Pause) (struggles with unfamiliar, unknown names) believes ostriches are once– once flourished in this area like the mammoth died out during the Ice Age, that all of the area at one time was very warm and very tropical. Some of the better news.

Voice: (Quietly) Testing one two, test, test, test, test, testing one two three four, testing one two three, testing one, one two three four, test one two.

Sound of microphone being moved around.

Jones: Soviet Foreign Minister (Stutters) Na – Andrei Gromyko and French President [Valéry] Giscard d’Estaing continue to disguise (tape edit) (Pause) (Stronger voice, then falters throughout) –attempted to, anyway – a secret meeting but the discussions have become international and they’re dealing with problems of all sorts, furthering alliances, disagreements with the United States over the production of the neutron bomb and the escalating, uh, (pause) increase of uh, nuclear weapons everywhere. President Giscard d’Estaing continues to discuss international problems. Mr. Gromyko said Mr. d’Estaing has accepted an invitation to visit Moscow sometime next year. He continues discussions in spite of protests from many in the NATO alliance, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, which is the extension – the military extension – of the U.S. imperialists.

In the North Pacific Ocean, a Soviet fishing boat rescued ten persons fro– from an American Navy plane that crashed yesterday near the Aleutian Islands. The U.S. Coast Guard said the Soviet boat is still in the area looking for five remaining crewmen.

The cost of goods and services in the United States rose nine percent in September. This means inflation is growing at a annu– semi-annual rate of ten percent. News of the prime rise in American consumer prices caused the American dollar to drop again sharply on world money market and it’s practically at the mark it was just before the Great Depression.

In Brussels, the EEC urged President [Jimmy] Carter to act fast to reduce U.S. oil imports. They said such action is necessary to stop the fee– the fall of the dollar.

Nairobi, Kenya. A top official says he stopped a plot to kill Kenya leaders following the death last August of President Jomo Kenyattu (Corrects self) Kenyatta. Leaders atta– attorney general Charles Njonjo– Njonjo told Kenya’s parliament that the assassinations would have led to the military rule in Kenya. Mr. Njonjo said his action against the plotters made the constitution election of the new presidential possi– the new president [Daniel arap Moi] possible. He did not say what had happened to the plotters. No mention was given as to what happened to the assassination attempt. There were several between the death of Kenyatta and the present president that was just put in who is, by the way, moderate and favors African liberation causes.

In New York, the World Health Organization has announced there is no more smallpox in the world. There’s been no reports of this disease in one year. Uh, WHO, uh, World Health Organization officials said this is the first time in history that man has completely defeated a disease. He said the–the success of the WHO’s anti-smallpox program proves that international occupation and health is very important. He said if man would lend but one-hundredth of a percent of what he does for war-making, he would be able to eliminate all the plagues and diseases that affect the world, such as bubonic plague and tuberculosis and uh, uh, (Stutters) the mus– the mun– the uh– malaria that comes from mosquitoes in certain part. And by the way, the United States, uh, their mosquitoes carry much more dangerous um, serum than ours. Ours very simple. It’s a filarious type and uh, they uh, confine on a worm and check it out. But in the States often some of the mosquitoes bear– carry in the summer brain fever and as well, they carry on, um, an arthritis that is impossible to be cured from. So that’s great, that they have been able to make this breakthrough. (Pause) Where was I at this time?

President Carter is scheduled to make a major nationmi– wide broadcast tonight on his plans to fight inflation. He is expected to ask the American working class to be satisfied with the yearly wage increased at no more than seven percent, compared to the new, uh, report on the yearly growth of inflation at ten percent. This leaves a bit of a gap.

Peking. United States Energy Security James (Stumbles over words) international en– secretary James– Energy Secretary James Schlesinger has arrived in China to discuss possible American-Chinese cooperation in energy. Mr. Schlesinger (Pause) said his visit shows that– that President Carter wants normal relations between Washington and Peking, and cooperation in energy would help both countries.

Mauritania head of state [Mustafa Ould Salek] has said that Saudi Arabia is ready to help settle the Western Sahara conflict. The French news agency reported that the Mauritanian leader returned from Saudi Arabia yesterday after two days of talks on the issue. Mauritania has reportedly already begun peace talks with the Po– Polisario Front and– who is fighting to take control of the Western Sahara from Morocco and Mauritania. The Polisario guerilla activists are now observing a ceasefire with a– with the Mauritanians. They’re continuing to fight Morocco’s fascism.

Paris, France. Delegates from one hundred and forty-four countries have opened a five-day meeting with the United Nations Organization for Education, Science and Culture. (Pause) The summit meeting between the five front line states, the states involved in Southern Africa, is to be held today in dos– (Pause) as– Dar Es Salaam has been postponed until Sunday in order to allow Agostinho Neto, Angola’s Marxist-Leninist president, to attend. The summit will be attended by Angola, Tanzania, Botswana, Mozambique and Zambia, all left-leading governments. Tanzania President Julius K. Nyerere has drawn up the agenda problems. The agen– agenda which is thought to emphasize the need for a unified program over the problems of Rhodesia. Official sources in da– Dar Es Salaam said today that the agenda would not include the revived Anglo-American proposal of peace in Rhodesia.

A spokesperson for the Angolan Opposition Movement, UNITA, right-wing, has threatened that guerrilla forces will prevent the reopening of the Venezuelan [Benguela] railway. The spokesman said in a press conference that yesterday, that the Benguela, uh, railway – it was misspelled, which why– misspelled, some of these words are misspelled before me – that UNITA now controls large areas of Angola and about half of the country’s civilian population, which is a gross lie according to even the B– BBC and members of NATO. (Pause) The Benguela ra– railway, closed because of the Angolan civil war, was used to carry fifty percent of the Zaire and Zambian copper exports. Retaliations [Relations] between Zaire and Angola have improved (Pause) greatly since last May invasion of the Shaba Province, and both countries have agreed to reopen the railway. But the UNITA spokesperson told the press that the railway would be unable to operate without his organization’s cooperation. UNITA is a far-right element that was backed by China against the Leninist regime that was finally pu– put into power in Angola by the people’s will.

Bulgaria’s president [Todor Zhivkov] has joined Ethiopian head of state [Mengistu Haile Mariam] in considering China’s foreign policy at a banquet held in honor for the visiting Bulgarian president. Chairman Meni– Mengistu condemned Chinese foreign policy f– from Ethiopian standpoint because it hindered the struggle of oppressed people around the world entirely.

Also the Chinese delegation arrived in (unintelligible name, dounds like “Niome”), Nigeria (Pause) yesterday for a friendship visit. The delegation will meet with the president of Niger [Nigeria] and visit agricultural projects in the country. Nigeria has been leaning more, however, towards the Soviet Union, but they are non-aligned.

President Anwar Sadat – or dictator, whichever you choose to call him – of Egypt and Prime Minister Menachem (Stumbles over name) Bega– Begin – and dictator more– more realistically would be his title of Israel – who (Pause) have led their countries away from three decades of wars and joined, jointly a– awarded the– were jointly awarded the Nobel pu– Peace Prize today, which many nations scorn. The– this year’s prize, the Norwegian committee said, was intended not just to organize– recognize that the two recipients are worthy of praise for tasks already done, but to spur further efforts in the essential negotiations still needed to secure peace. Nobel Peace Prize had been given to fascist devils from one end of the world to the other. It’s called Nobel Peace Prize, and it’s made from the inheritance that was left in a bank by [Alfred] Nobel, who was a manufacturer of explosives, bombs that bombed the first– he was the first inventor of dynamite to blow people out of their homes and villages and kill them.

U– Uganda. Tanzania tru– troops have again invaded Uganda. Radio Uganda said Tanzanian troops supported by Cubans have crossed the border and are in the area west of Lake Victory [Victoria]. The uh, broadcast reported that the town of (unintelligible name, sounds like “Martakala”) had been captured. Tanzania has strongly denied that its troops invaded Ugandan territory. Tanzania foreign minister said that Ugandan charges are completely foolish. This is the third time this month that a– a Ugandan has uh, accused Tanzania of in– invading its territory. (Pause)

Tehran. Uh. Trans-Tehran radio reports that– say anti-government demonstrations are continuing in every Iranian sil– city. Tens of thousands of civilians have been killed and captured. Radio Iran said demonstrators have ransacked the offices of the governor central– governor general of the western city of Khor– Khorramshahr and taken over the nation’s second largest radio station. Incidents also were reported in the city of Khoum – K-H-O-U-M (Pause) south of the Tehranian– Tehran capital. There was also a demonstration in (unintelligible name, sounds like “Jerome”) yesterday where the police chief and local military commanders were killed by the people who are right– irate and indignant.

Interest to you that Nicaragua is carrying on its fight. The struggle is deep and abiding, and they have not relented even though their population has been destroyed.

It also would give you some relief to know that the third world minority peoples are fighting – actually literally fighting – from their neighborhoods in Houston, Texas because of the exploitation, the lack of food and facilities and resources in which to live. And they barricaded a whole section and are holding that section at the present time. We hope one day that we’ll hear the news, that people are prepared to fight for what they believe in America. Unfortunately we hear too little and often too late.

Much regards and I love you very, very much. Remember Peoples Rally tonight, seven-thirty, seven forty-five, beginning with the Russian language and then the news review and then the test. I’ll definitely be in that meeting. Thank you so very much.

(End of part 1)

(Long pause)

(Part 2)

Jones: (Stronger voice) Remember at seven forty five, news analysis un– in the tent and the– the theater pavilion and language, thereafter test. Be sure those that have not given us a reason why you didn’t take your last test, be sure that if you don’t get an explanation to Vernetta [Christian] that is successful and that is reliable, we will have a– a couple of weeks of session just for your edification.

Now, we want this place to be [in] apple pie order, we have guests coming, it is very important to do so. Will you please swat the flies when you’re eating and around the table. Debris that falls there, pick it up. Notice anyone who leaves any kind of peelings from oranges and things like this. Those are those that litter that– a community that’s un– they do it in the school, they do it in the theater pavilion, everywhere, behind the showers, please take note. Everyone be responsible. Because if you are, I’ll give you the best breaks in the world, you know every benefit we have I pass on to you. Thank you very much, and I love you.

End of tape

Tape originally posted March 2009