Q170 Transcript

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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Katherine Hill. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Unidentified man: But he’s fine now, and he’s conscious, and he’s alert, so don’t worry. (Tape edit) –fine, he’s– he’s all right. He’s uh, talking to us all. He’s in good health. He said he’d be on his feet tonight. And he wants all of us not to worry. He said, you bet your ass he’ll be there on his feet. Enemies can’t kill him. He’s going to get all of our enemies. He’s gettin’ ‘em now. If he has to hire the Mafia, he will get our (unintelligible word under tape distortion). And all of us should keep our minds and attention and concentrate on the highest, and you should turn to your– closest person to you and tell them three things that you can be grateful for. And remember always to keep an attitude of gratitude. And Dad will definitely see us through. (Tape edit)

Jones: I’m very emotionally disturbed with another traitor [Teri Buford] who has stolen our money. It only amounted to a few thousand dollars, but I am disturbed, and that’s what caused my heart attack. Someone in the States and I’ll get every last damn one of them, I want to tell you, every last damn one of them will die. They will die. I declare unto you, I will not stop until every last one of them is dead, and I’m a long way from death, even though I was three minutes dead, I’m a long way from dead. (Tape edit)

(silence for several moments, followed by short segment of rhythm/blues/soul music)

Jones: Please no one speak their thoughts as to who the traitor may be. You may find yourself embarrassed and entirely wrong. There’s to be no more talk about who the traitor is, because the talk I have heard is not correct. Do not further discuss the subject. It’s in the hands of one who can and will take care of th– the– the factor without any difficulty, because he resolves all things satisfactorily. Thank you. (Tape edit)

(Music resumes for balance of tape, including R&B selections by Jerry Butler and Thelma Houston)

Tape originally posted June 2012