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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Seriina Covarrubias. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

(Tape recorded at different speed for few seconds)

Jones: (lethargic) -security helpers go out and find the (pause) homes, cottages and apartments. Take the look through- (Tape edit?) (voice more animated) -just take this readily, and the teacher will have to give you the news rather speedily for Tuesday, November 7th. The Shah of Iran [Reva Pahlavi] has named a new military government in attempt to halt continuing unrest in the country. The Shah named Armed Forces chief of uh, general uh, Azale (phonetic) as prime minister. Most of the other members of the new ten-man cabinet are also top military government. As soon as possible to prepare for free- for free election, says he. But he said the government he named today was necessary to prevent the construction [destruction] of the country. Soon after the new government was announced, shots were heard in Tehran as security forces moved to enforce military law. (Pause) Opposition (pause) forces in Iran have called for end to the military law. The Shah’s days may be short. At the Baghdad summon [summit] conference of Arab leaders, the leader have approved to- five thousand million dollars to improve the military strength.

Everybody’s supposed to be out now. It’s time for you to be into the uh, pavilion for listening for the news and uh, the um, the Soviet. By the way, we may have a- a group of bad relatives who are working with the conspiracy of which you refuse to speak to if one of you- if one of them come with this right-winged Birchite bla- anti-blacks, uh, congressman, you are uh, to refuse to speak to him. Tell him you will not see them and refuse to see them. That should be your pledge uh, now, and you should put it in writing, and have it circulated through out the whole meeting. His name is Congressman Ryan.

At the Baghdad summit conference uh, of Arab leaders, the leaders have approved two, uh, three- five thousand dollars to improve the military. Thirty-five million- million dollars rather- rather to improve the military strength of an Arab nation opposing uh, Israel. The fund was ap- approved (stumbles over words) as the semmit- summit ended. Lebanon and Kuwaiti newspapers reported at three thousand million will be given to Syria. More than one million will be given to Jordan. Lebanon and the PLO reportedly also will receive money too.

Dar-es-Salaam, Tanzania, continues to reject offers to regotiate [negotiate] its border dispute with Uganda and says it plans to end the rule of Ugandan President Idi Amin. Tanzania also says it will recapture the eleven hundred square miles of northern Tanzania, which Uganda seized last week. Radio Kenya reported that President Amin called Kenyan president [Jomo Kenyatta] today. The Kenyan president offered again to negotiate the dispute and then called on Uganda to honor U- Tanzanian territory. Britain has condemned Ugandan attempts to exact- extend its southern border, but historically the border line is as Uganda called it. Uganda’s action and invasion, says BC [BBC?] uh, and USA. Britain has offered humanitarian aide to the victims of the conflict, of course. That means imperialist aid. Leonid Briznif- Brezhnev [Soviet Secretary General Leonid Brezhnev] sent a special message to Idi Amin considering the conflict. President Am- Amin called the message very helpful. (Pause)

Last half of the news. United States [Energy] Secretary James Schlesinger ha- was quoted as today saying that a prolonged cutback in the rate of all- of all oil production might slow down the world petroleum market into confusion. Mr. Schlesinger, con- concerned over the cutback caused by striking Iranian oil workers, was related to journalists by Jap- by Japan’s internal trade and (stumbles over words) industry ministry. After the two ministers had met today in Tokyo, Mr. Sh- uh, She- Schlesinger was also quoted as saying that if the political unrest in Iran did not end before the (spells out) O-P-E-C, OPEC meeting scheduled for December fifteenth, the organ- organization’s oil-pricing policies will be seriously affected. He said if the unrest in Iran continued, that even the oil-pricing decision of OPEC will not be enough to stop the world oil markets from being thrown into total confusion.

In New York City, a young black youth was castrated and ha- tied to a tree, left to die.

The Fourteenth Socialist International Convention opened yesterday in Vancouver, Canada. Resolutions for peace in the Middle East supported by the Peoples Front of Latin America were adopted.

At least a hundred and twenty-five people have died in landslides and flash floods in the last three days in southern Indian states following heavy ra- monsoon rains, which have been blamed on cloud-seeding in Africa that has spread over their area.

President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania has accused Uganda of collaborating militarily with the regime of Ian Smith and Rhode- Rhodesia. The official news agency in Dar-es-Salaam stated that guerilla- guerillas from Reverend Santomie (phonetic) army has been reported by Rhodesian military a- aircraft from Salisbury to Uganda for military trading. The same affirms that President Amin has agreed to follow- allow the training of Santomie’s men in the country. There has been no official reaction from Rhodesia concerning the claim. Neither has there been anything but denial to the claim from Udesia [Rhodesia].

Thus ends of the reading of the news. Now you can study it, then go into Russian from there. Thank you very much, and I love you very much. I’ve got to be involved in the radio room (unintelligible word) at night because of s- a master plan to try and tear up our right to freedom by s- coming in, in a planeload, and that means everyone of you will have to say to your relatives, no. I want to see how- I want to go around and see how many says no. They will come in. They’re bringing them in, using them like scapegoats to try to dictate to us and take us back as prisoners. I want to find out how many say “no” tonight. Marceline, will you see for yourself? I want to see how many will sign now and say, “No, I will not be a prisoner. No, I will not go back. No, I will not see any of my relatives.” That’s what you have to do, because if your relatives comes with Congressman O’Ryan, (voice climbs) they’re coming with a man who voted aid to the Union of South Africa, who upheld the [Augusto] Pinochet, the brutal dictator that killed the blacks in Chile. So I- if your relatives come with him, your relatives are no better than he is. Thank you.

(tape edit)

Attention, attention. Every member of the community must come to the pavilion immediately. Peoples helpers must go around, escort them into the pavilion. We may have the invasion, not with guns, but with hostile racists- one hostile racist congressmen that voted for Pinochet who cruelly killed the president of Chile [Salvador Allende] and represents all anti-black feeling. A few have gathered to make a little scene for him, I guess for his next election. Now whether they’ll get to Georgetown, I do not know, but we are to see that we sign that he- that you do not want to see any relative accompanied by- with any congressman. You do not want to see any relative that you have not requested to see, and you will determine the time and the place that you see your relative. Thank you very much.

(tape edit)

(starts mid sentence) knows that, I know Jessie McNeal who’s been ill will know a lot. She will know some that appeared on television. Ask her there. Collect these names as fast as we can, so that they can be blocked from entering this country. This is the point: to block them from any kind of entry and then illegal entry. There- there is a possibility, we’ll have to be very alert at night, security. There’s a possibility that they will violate Donny’s law and come from the sea. We know the number. Forty. That’s certainly a number we can handle.

We know Wayne Pietila is on the list too. (Pause) Mmm? Who? [Don] Ponts is on the list. We know that. Mr. Ponts. They’re pann- planning some kind of violent action against us. An entry into our project by force. We shall meet that force, but it is better if the Guyanese can meet them. And that’s what we will enable them to do, by giving them the names so any that at- (unintelligible word) attempt to enter through the normal channels. We have notified them also, that there might be an attempt to enter there, the- the mouth of this river without legal permission, because it has been discussed by this- this reputable fascist (Pause) Congressman O’Ryan who has supported the murderer of President Allende and supported the overthrow. He is so far right you can call him nothing but fascist. Now all of our people are in that kind of a mess. [Tim] Stoen is also in the- not- in the number naturally, and Grace [Stoen]. They are now as high in their salutations for fascism as they once were in their devotion to socialism. It’s painful to conceal this kind of foolishness. They are traveling with some astrologer, some uh, sounds like the scheme of a maniac who is guiding them the right time to enter our premises. So we have to know that they are filled with hate. They tell the most horrible tales, mo- most awful tales that people are chained here to their work spot 24 hours a day. Most incredible tales, that women are forced to have intercourse with people they don’t want to have intercourse with. They whip up dreams of madness out of their own nightmares and evil souls. These are wicked people, but we do not have all the list that- that I- the names I just gave would not be 40. Every- everyone, Jann Gurvich should give a list of everyone that the American Emba- Embassy’s ever asked to see. Those are enemies. Now you may consider that you are a person not in the church. They are still enemies if they’ve spoken against it. You know from your mail whether they have spoken against you. We must move quickly, because the hour can approach tomorrow or the next day. We know that then- with anytime within the next five days, that this tactical maneuver of the fascist can take place, and so we will be prepared, this 40 people. Who? We do not know more than I’ve just said. You can help us fill the list. The foreign minister [Rashleigh Jackson, Guyana Minister of Foreign Affairs] wants to know the names of all hostile people to Peoples Temple. All those hostile to Jim Jones and the truth that I stand for. So move quickly. Get those things together so they can be processed. If Gerry [Geraldine Bailey] will set up Jann Gurvich over in the pavilion. Hmm? (Voice off mike) Geraldine Bailey, yes, and Jann Gurvich. We can get these names processed to go into the radio room to be transmitted to Georgetown to be sure that nothing happens through their legal route. If they come into our promint- into our property illegally, they will have to suffer the consequences and those consequences will be grave indeed.

So it’d be better if you can report any relative you think that might be hostile, because if anyone approaches this property illegally, they will leave it dead. Let us make that very clear. If you want to help your relative to one day wake up from their insanity of now supporting fascism and the overthrow of great democracies like Chile and the murderer of President Allende. They’re under the direction now of this fascist congressman, Ryan. For the last one of them, they- they’re devoted to him, and they’re devoted to him and he to them, because he lost a daughter to Scientology. So- So he is very mad against the world that happens to keep its different step than he did, or hears a different drummer than he does. A drummer that might be keeping time to truth. A wicked man. It’s inconceivable, it’s almost impossible to conceal- conceive that our people could have made this bad a change. But our infiltrators are very reliable. We have trained infiltrators to be in every sense like them. To sound like them, to listen to their talk, to go on with their talk. So our infiltrators are inside their movement entirety, and they know (Pause) all of the people, but they don’t know which of the hundred and fifty so- or so are going to be the 40 that come on this scamp that they’re going to take in the next four or five days.

So immediately, Gerry Bailey, and Jann Gurvich, process- and Rita Lenin [Rita Tupper]. Let’s process any names that can be immediately handled- handed to the foreign ministry so we can assure that no one legally comes here that we have to have a hassle with at our front gate. We don’t want to have a has- a fight with anyone. No one enters our territory without our approval, so I’m giving you fair warning. If you care for your relative, and you know they have hostile feelings that might be on this illegal excursion – and they think it may be just that – an illegal attempt to come through the mouth of the river, you had better tell now so we can get it stopped, because if they come in here by night, they are finished. Thank you, much love.

End of tape.

Tape originally posted February 2005