Q189 Transcript

This tape was transcribed by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Part 1:

Jones: –cooperate in the most extensive way possible, in maintaining the beauty of our project. We have s– distinguished people, agricultural specialists, coming from about the world. We wish observers to keep– is– to keep special observation on people communicating, so that we will be sure that we all communicate goodwill and warmth.

Outside the ambassador from Guyana to Washington [Laurence “Bonny” Mann] called our church, telling of the new and infamous attempt of Debbie Blakey who has joined [Tim] Stoen openly and say we bury people alive. But he laughed it off. Stories are heralded across the press that we have bazookas and heavy artillery and hundreds of guns – hundreds and hundreds. Well, whatever. It was wonderful to see the b– ambassador laughing about it all, and getting encouragement to us, and saying things were going hot for Guyana and socialism in Washington in general. Guyana has decided to brave up, apparently, to any pressures from U.S. imperialism. And that makes us feel very distinguished.

CBS at the same time, however, carry report from the US State Department that their officials had been here on different occasions from the embassy– from the embassy, US Embassy, and traveled about freely, talked at liberty, found everyone in good health, fed well, and none held in bondage. Spoke of the beauty of the place. But uh, enemy of the people– class enemy of the people, Blakey, who joins the top of the list, said the most horrible things. As I said, buried people alive. And that’s how low she has stooped and how far she’s allowed her mind to be manipulated. They have put the pressure on her too, got her back on drugs undoubtedly, she’s run out of money that she’s already stolen, Lisa lately– uh, Lisa Layton and her brother, Larry Layton, were magnificent as they countered her lies at least to the press by calling her just what she is, a thief and a robber of the people. We shall see if that’s printed.

Well, we shall go on now to clean up everything, every little piece of debris. Some of us have been up all night for so many nights, we don’t know when we’ve ever not been up all night, so we have an all-night all-day affair, some of us, and I have it all the time, so please help me now, will you? A lot of pressure, uh, lots of pressure, we must produce today to get our people out of there. We’ll have to close up rapidly now. That’s what they wanted, to get us out of there, cut us off from any chance of making more money there, so we have to tighten our belt, and make our money here, and think of every way– please, every scrap, save everything, teach the children in the schools today, special emphasis on saving and not wasting their clothes or wasting food, because we’re going to have to tighten our belts worse than ever before.

It’s incredible, the conspiracy. They must threaten those people with death, as well as bribe them, and get them on drugs, it– it’s incredible. There were many of there in the radio room to hear the article in that old rag in San Francisco, but it was wonderful to see Lisa getting up in the middle of the night, standing up as a true socialist, speaking up against the enemies, and the class enemy that included her own child, and her brother doing the same, calling her what she is, a thief for stealing seniors’ money. The lies were so incredible, that anybody with the right mind would not believe them, but the positive, as I said, CBS at the same time carried the US government’s report that we were all in good health, they had travelled freely amongst us, they found no one held here in bondage, everyone fed well, happy and contented. Words to that type of positive effect.

But it was a striking dagger blow at socialism, the same breath they attacked Guyana for moving more and more socialist and of course – obviously – we are socialist, who have committed the unforgivable sin. Everybody’s supposed to be taught the world over that everyone wants to go to USA, and we turned around and went the opposite direction, and that’s not allowed. They can’t allow the image of good people as we are to be printed or in television that over a thousand people have chosen to go the other way and to leave the United States, leave its corruption, not be a party to its guilt for murdering children all over the world, in Africa and Asia? It’s too painful to really think about, isn’t it? Though they can’t imagine thinking that good people would say we want no more wages there, we want no more taxes to be paid from our checks, we’d rather have no wages, and be free of the guilt of our tax dollars going into  USA military endeavors to murder people all around the wide world. We’ve made a noble stand. They never kick a tree unless it’s got fruit on it. They’re beating on us, they never beat a tree unless it has fruit on it. They’re beating us because we’re productive. We have the fruit of socialism. We are the most productive tree that’s come out of America in our century. And so we’re grateful. But they find it fit to attack us.

But it’s also rewarding to know that the US– the Guyanese Ambassador to Washington called us and laughed about it and said, in agreeing with me, that the best thing to do with noiret– toilet– uh, with newspapers is to wipe your ass with them.

And so, please now, back to serious vein, we’ve got to save, we’ve got to move our people rapidly now. It’ll be dangerous for some of their lives. They’re really whipping up the kind of frenzy that they want so that someone’ll be killed. And to think that Debbie, who once walked amongst us, is helping to do that and knows what she’s doing. So everyone save, everyone produce, everyone clean up, let’s have this sparkling – sparkling, I said – we must, because we have a opportunity for some of the most distinguished people in agriculture to go away highly impressed, to send back words that could help us in such places as Canada and other places.

All right. I told you I’d give you good news and bad the moment I hear it, and keep nothing from you. And I shall not break that bond, not now or ever. Fraternally we stand in the struggle. I love you.

(tape edit)

(tape silence for 5 minutes)


Part 2:

Jones: Attention, attention. Remember those that did poorly. Jann Gurvich, you’ll have to announce – I was waiting on you to do this – those that did poorly. To be safe, you better be sure that you’re there, or it’ll mean an extra night– an extra three hours. Socialist classes– Socialist classes will be tomorrow night, probably, and Peoples Rally on Saturday, but it could be reversed if we need strategy to accommodate the guests that’re going to be pouring in here, and members of our family in this operation rush, due to the class enemy Blakey.

News of the day. And be sure to listen to it in the library. There will be testing. We must keep ourselves informed, because as Debbie’s mother said – a great woman here, Lisa – she knew nothing of communism, and that’s obvious. All of these enemies– Stoen, ef– he never knew the first concept of Marxist-Leninism. He wouldn’t’ve known a Marxist from a socialist. He knew nothing of the enemies of international communism – anarchy, revisionism – he knew none of those concepts. Social democracy. You know them. I don’t need to repeat them. And you need to know those Marxist-Leninist thoughts.

News today. First, the high points. Italian president resigns in the midst of scandal and tax fraud. Israeli prime minister may be forced to resign, as his cabinet appears reluctant to back his hardline fascist policies against the Arabs. Leading Palestinian Liberation Organization leader of Kuwait was assassinated by the CIA. This is the second Palestinian liberation front leader that has been assassinated this year. The other was the Palestinian Liter– Liberation Organization representative of Europe in London.

Giovanni Leone, president of Italy, resigned amongst protest, charges of scandal and tax fraud. Charged with tax violations, and defamatory press campaign. He says he feel he will be vindicated. The only reason the press attacked this capitalist dupe of US imperialism was because the press has come under attack in Italy, as it has also in the USA, despite its– in spite of the fact that the press has been the willing servant of the monopoly ruling class, Supreme Court USA, five to three, decided that police, FBI, CIA can come in at will, any newspaper, television and media, looking for any information in their files about suspects they feel are engaged or about to be engaged in criminal activity, thus removing the confidentiality of sources which has been their one guarantee at least that sometimes people would step forward and tell of the criminal acts such as Watergate. However, President Mondale [Vice President Walter Mondale] held out sort of a peace feeler to them today, press organizations meeting with him in horror over the restrictions that censorship that’s been put on USA press, he said perhaps President [Jimmy] Carter could make some laws that would give them special exceptions, provided they were working in the national interest. He said obviously the intimidation on the press today has meant the end of freedom in the USA, because he said the journalists were so outraged and fearful over the situation.

Anyway, the press outraged in Italy because they had been charged (Pause) for violation of state secrecy laws. They had printed the messages of the Red Brigade and found themselves unwittingly also printing in the messages in the newspapers, coded messages of the Red Brigade, telling other members of the Red Brigade what activities they were to follow and what cells they were to disband and what people were to be kidnapped and even spelled out in detail the execution of Aldo Moro, and attempts knee-napping – which is the shooting of the knees – of Euro Communist revisionist leader secretary of the European Communist Party and other Christian Democrat capitalist in the Parliament of Italy. The press, out of retaliation, then broke the news on Giovanni Leone, president six years of Italy. A sort of humorous side said that uh, there was no one waiting in line to succeed him, as Al Moro– Aldo Moro, who had been kidnapped and executed by the people’s court of the Red Brigade, was ex– expected to be his successor, and now no one wants the job. So the news– the meat– the mean– meat of the news, the headline news of the day is that Giovanni Leone, president of Italy, had to resign in the midst of scandal, charged with tax violations and defrauding the people, defamatory press campaign giving him special advantage. The Communist Party refused to back him in the last moment, which caused him to resign. Even the Communist Party are feeling the threat of the Red Brigade. They have to give the pretense, though they are a revisionist party in Italy, they have to give the pretense of being a working class party, because they’re probably fearful that they might be kidnapped by some member of the Red Brigade. Just 15 days to elect a new president, but no candidate exists, said Voice of America and BBC and other European socialist and capitalist radio stations.

Belgium Prime Minister [Leo Tindemans] threatening to resign, for an entirely different reason. He wants emergency powers. In the 16-hour meeting on economic problems, the budget is three thousand million dollars in deficit, pri– primarily because they’ve been trying to uphold Zaire. USA’s also in difficulty over that. He’s demanding emergency powers, which could give a situation comparable to Egypt’s Anwar Sadat that has thrown a once-republican form of democracy into an outright dictatorship. He says he needs these emergency martial law powers to cut spending, but the socialist wing of the Belgium– both the socialist French-speaking and Dutch-speaking refused to approve them. (Pause) The socialists are requiring under present circumstances economy measures to divide into regions based on working class population and national ethnic (unintelligible word) as to who are Dutch and who are French.

Britain’s minority government, the Labour government is serving, because it has lost the backing of the Liberal Party, almost was defeated by a vote of no confidence today, but won by a mere five votes. Otherwise, we would have Margaret Thatcher leading England, which is known as Great Britain or United Kingdom, and she is an open and avowed racist, head of the Conservative Party and has vowed to stop all black, Indian immigration, and cause all minorities – Indian and black, Asian – to be repatriated to their own lands, even though some of them have been many generations in England. Two opinion polls show that Labour and Conservative parties are running neck-to-neck. Another round of inflation is inevitable in England, and the English economy is in grave danger. It is suspected that only a matter of weeks before the conservative power of Margaret Thatcher’s racist policies will be in action in England.

Israeli Prime Minister [Menachem Begin] may resign if his hard line position – his fascist, neocolonialist policies – is not backed up. He’s refused to give back Southern Lebanese territory to the United Nations under the command of [Emmanuel] Erskine of Ghana, but in fact has given it to a fascist Christian militia group that Israel set up as a puppet regime themselves.

Peace negotiations with Egypt have been stalled because of Israel’s hard line. Two days since Israel withdrawal from South Lebanon, with no sign that the United Nations will be given control, a clear violation of international law on the part of the Zionist, which means the religious racist or chauvinist capitalist elements of Israel. Still the fascist Christian mili– militia is in control of South Lebanon, which is nothing more than a puppet set up like Zaire is for US imperialism through the conduit of Belgium.

The United Nations wants to avoid a head-on collision, but it may be inevitable, said one United Nations spokesman of Erskine’s command.

Lebanese government has censored the leading papers of the land, both right and left, the six major papers. They have been suspended for not following government censorship laws. Censorship laws are being passed, restriction of press, individual freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of assep– assembly is being passed in one capitalist nation after another. These six papers, both of the right wing and the left, would not cooperate with the Lebanese Christian right wing view, and thus, they have been suspended. They were suspended because they’d been reporting stories of fighting of socialist elements within the Christian Phalangist or fascist ranks. Lebanon’s per– Christian Phalangist party is a fascist party for the most part, but there have been outbreaks of socialist dissent.

Palestine Liger– Liberation Organization in Kuwait leader, shot and killed in his home. Ali Yassin, riddled with m– with bullets, CIA Intelligence Agency involved. So says the news.

Zaire Red Cross. Kolwezi. Eight hundred people have had to be buried that were still left in the streets of that town, but the Zairian economy is so bad, that the International Red Cross had to come in and assist them in cleaning up operations. Cholera has broken out, rabies, all or– dogs are ordered shot to prevent the spread of diseases. American airlift still supposedly being withdrawn, but US military support, even Voice of America admits, will remain there, as well as in Senegal, Gabon, and US military presence, actual aggressive police-keeping forces, as started the Vietnam conflict, will remain in Limbashi [probably Lubumbashi] and Kinshasa, major cities of Zaire, formerly known as the Belgian Congo. (Pause)

Continue with the news. (Pause) Ian Smith, Rhodesia. The biracial government is not ending the guerilla war in Rhodesia. There will be a full-scale war, admits the Rhodesian white leader, before the end of this year, and as they will know in the not– not foreseeable future be a coming together of even nationalist leader Joshua Nkomo or the Marxist leader certainly Robert Mugabe of the Patriotic Front– (pause) Patriotic Front.

Mozambique. An Anglo-American team there trying to be able to rebuild relationships that have chilled in these past days of US imperialist interference in Zaire and in other parts of Africa by supporting the aggressive policies of the Moroccans, the Mauritanians, the Somalians against Ethiopia, and so forth.

Frances Jay Crawford, American businessman arrested for espionage and currency speculation. Nothing more has been mentioned in US press, of course, of one Martha Peterson, leading embassy official who was found under a bridge giving out canisters of poison and explosions– explosive material to Russian anarchist who was going to dou– no doubt kill some Soviet leaders. That’s the way our tax dollars are spent on the world scene. (Pause)

The KGB is accused of threatening US businessmen– that is the intelligence agency of the Soviet Union, and this, according to USA, will threaten economic and commercial relationships that had been increasing between the Soviet Union and USA.

Tass knocked the reactionary peanut politician – of course, referring to Carter – for direct interfering in Soviet policy, direct subversion and intrusion into Soviet affairs.

NATO, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, the military aggressive force of USA, is meeting with the Warsaw Pact of the Soviet Union, to try to agree– to reach agreement or to consider a peace-keeping Soviet policy of reducing person– Army personnel power 950,000 in Europe.

President Carter, special message of emergency to the Congress and to the people, said that Turkey will be courted by adversaries of the USA if they don’t lift the arms embargo immediately, but Congress has been slow to act on this, when there’re so many urgent needs at home, for taxes to help US citizens who are out of work, living in poor housing without proper health care, and some even in slow starvation. President Carter says it’s an absolute emergency as Turkey will withdraw from NATO and end up as a Soviet ally if there’s not an immediate lifting of the embargo of arms against Turkey.

Rumania has purchased 82 British planes, which will help in the commercial airlines, socialist airlines of Europe which undersell capitalist airlines by some forty percent.

Italian news, as I mentioned, coded messages of Red Brigade, and they’ve all been charged with uh, assoc– uh, assault on the state and uh, aggravating the personal lives and privacy of several high-ranking governmental officials. (tape edit) So these newspapers, ironically, to get a sensational story, actually coded messages from the Red Brigade, telling the Red Brigade plans for their own people. It was a nice way, free, for the Red Brigade to get messages all over Italy to members of their cells as to who to kidnap, and what cells to disband, and to change names and so forth.

The Malaccans, a brave people in the Pacific of course has co– been deemed terrorist by US imperialism, as they took over a go– a federal government building in Holland, demanding the rights of independence for the Malaccan Islands that are held under Dutch imperialism, supported by US monopoly capitalist imperialism in the Pacific. Asked if they were contrite, they said no, if they did it again, they would’ve killed all 70 hostages. That’s the kind of bravery that people should have. They didn’t ask for mercy, and they face certain life inprint– prisonment or death under cher– charges of high treason, but they said the young men were unrepentant and stood behind their positions strongly, that it took a desperate act to bring the desperate plight of the Malaccan people in the Pacific that are treated so badly by Holland, which is a member of NATO, a puppet of US imperialism.

(tape edit)

Twenty-four nations OECD meeting. US-Canadian agreement for easy loans as an emergency measure, because African economies that are still capitalist are near collapse.

The US is attempting to reduce inflation, cut trade deficits. US dollar sank very, very low today compared to the Japanese yen. Japanese surplus in trade with USA continues to cause the danger of collapse of the capitalist world economy, and building a protectionist policies by segmenta– segmenting various factions of capitalism.

Carter to go to Panama to sign the treaties. Student demonstrations will be felt all through against him in Colombia, Costa Rica, Jamaica against what US imperialism dictated as an unfair treaty to the Panamanian people.

India-US agreement over several subjects. There has been measures for non-proliferation of nuclear weapons, but there is an assistance being given to Indian nuclear technology, probably of inferior equipment, endangering the nearly billion people in India, but India as yet has not given agreement for US military presence or any naval vessels of US imperialism or its allies to dock at any of its ports.

Thus ends the commentary of the news. I’m sorry I may be a little staggering in speech, but as I said, it’s going on the fourth night without a wink of sleep, and that’s rather amazing that I continue.

Do all feel responsible now for Parallax View under the pavilion, and all who failed, though good people, many of them, their classes must write a paper and those that did poorly must write a paper. Parallax View, the author [Don Freed] that’s coming to write a book on our life and our communist principles, and the unquiet death, murder, of the Rosenbergs [Ethel and Julius Rosenberg] by the US government because of being framed as communist. Thank you.

(Silence for several moments)


Part 3:

Jones: Hello? Attention, attention, attention. (unintelligible word) want us to be properly presentable. All neighbors are to be considerate of their neighbor, tell them how they appear. When you ask certain questions about our defenses, you certainly say no, we don’t believe in guns, we don’t have guns, (Pause) if you’re asked anything of that nature, which you’re not likely to be. If you’re asked questions about your happiness, we of course will know your response and expect you to uphold the community. You’re not supposed to speak to anyone unless you are asked to, in terms of carrying on conversation. Just communicate a friendly smile that comes from knowing socialism. Be courteous, wave – always do that – various greetings, always be friendly, but know that we– these are friendly visitors, prominent visitors, you never know who is exactly in your midst for sure, even though they appear one way. So intensive questions about our food, say we have very kind of food under the sun, if that would come. That will not come. But just in days ahead, prepare the students for these matters.

Massive earthquakes are predicted for the western region of Mexico and lower California. From university scientist using spaceshot technology to forecast disasters on earth, they predict the first mur– massive earthquake will occur in the stain of– state of Al– Oaxaca in Southern Mexico, and then work its way up through Acapulco and eventually in the California fault line. U of C and University of Texas researchers expect that quake in Mexico, the first one, to be stronger than those that shook Managua, Nicaragua and Guatemala City, which actually devastated and destroyed tens of thousands of lives.

Italy is a state of national crisis. And that is where the Red Brigade kidnapped Prime Minister Aldo Moro originally, and US imperialism refused to allow him to be released in exchange for even one humble worker prisoner. That’s how little capitalists take care of their own. (tape edit) And as we saw on the Rosenbergs, the horrible murder by the US government of the Rosenbergs, a period that’s being repeated now in the United States, even when a man sold out his own sister, he ended up with a 15-year sentence. You never find anything to gain by selling out your own, as those who are being set up as pawns now. Even though they’re getting a little money for lying, like Debbie and Tim Stoen, avoiding a little sentence in jail because they were foolish enough to go back to that awful, awful vomit and got intimidated, just like I said they would, when they crossed the border. It doesn’t pay to go along, because in the end, our conspirators will probably end up dead, set up by their own conspiracy that’s now using them. (tape edit)

Anyway, in Italy, no one wants the Prime Ministry position or the presidency. The obvious successor would have been Aldo Moro, but he’s not on the scene. The left have been quickened and motivated by the Red Brigade activity, contrary to revisionists, who thought it would bring about more repression. It was the left that demanded the resignation of President Giovanni Leone for massive scandals of fraud, misuse of tax money for his personal use, and building a 38-room ocean side villa, and other abuses against the civil liberties of the people. Communists will not now accept Senator [Amintore] Fanfani, a moderate to uh– moderate right conservative, where they probably would have before recent Red Brigade activity, which incidentally is continuing in the bombing of several rich people’s homes throughout Italy. So as of this morning, Italy remains in a state of crisis.

Cambodia is uh, exerting a massive purge against those pro-Soviet communist elements in its government and also pro-Vietnamese. Vietnam is a ally of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviet Union, the avant garde of Marxist-Leninist liberation. Cambodia has purged what has been expected – actually murdered – close to 100,000. Even imperialist allies such as Thailand, Indonesia, only can defend China for backing Cambodia on the basis– the flimsy basis, that if China did not back Cambodia, Cambodia might got to the Soviet Union. The Soviet Union said you will not hold us with that lie, we would not accept the association of Cambodia’s nationalistic form of communism. China continues to give support to Cambodia in its massive purges, which is close to 100,000 dead now, who oppose the nationalistic sal– pseudo false-called communist regime.

China foreign policy statements from Radio Peiping, the capital of mainland China, getting more severe against the Soviet Union, as they are accusing her of world domination because of Vietnamese successes against China’s own ethnic minority in Vietnam who have been the business community, the exploitative capitalist business community. China is now being forced to take 110,000 of her own Chinese citizens from Vietnam, and all these were the corrupt business people in Vietnam. It will be fascinating to see how China will integrate this kind of criminal capitalist element into its own society. Vietnam has strong support from the Soviet Union, even missiles to protect herself, and according to BBC, is probably safeguarded from any question that China could annex her. But China is bellicose, threatening.

China receives the fascist representatives of Spain – the king [Juan Carlos I] – and praises them for their support of NATO. Foreign Minister [Huang Hua] throws out the red carpet – it should be called the yellow carpet – throws out a yellow cowardly carpet of sell-out and appeasement to the king and queen [Sophia Margarita Victoria Frederika] of Spain who had supported the fascist dictator that many US freedom fighters, black and white and brown, in the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, had fought in the early f– and late thirties against [Adolf] Hitler and [Francisco] Franco. What a turn China has taken.

The Soviet Union is required to expel three of its diplomats from Yugoslavia. Yugoslavia has been non-aligned, more of a revisionist Euro-Communist kind of regime. The Soviet Union is charged with trying to direct a pro-Soviet organization in Yugoslavia, who would lead Yugoslavia back into the Warsaw Alliance. This pro-Soviet element is led by a group of Yugoslavs who are opposed to the leadership of the present president [Josip Broz] Tito who is now 87– uh, 86 or 87 years of age.

Ian Smith, in the eyes of the British Foreign secretary [Lord David] Owen, will soon be forced to negotiate a peaceful settlement of Rhodesia with the Patriotic Front, in that he is not able to resist the guerilla activity, and more of his land falls under control of its own people, the Zimbabwean people. Now close to 80 people are dying a day on the government side. Mercenaries are being fought back, the Patriotic Front unity is regaining its strength. As nationalist Joshua Nkomo has pledged again, in spite of bribes and offers– apparently he takes them and tricks some of the monopoly capitalists trying to break up the Patriotic Front from the US imperialists, he takes the money and then puts it back into the Patriotic Front. He’s a different kind of nationalist. Nationalists often can be questioned – and rightfully so – because they have no political basis, other than their desire to emerge free and independent. But it takes a political philosophy to be free. His compatriot, Robert Mugabe, is a Marxist-Leninist in the Patriotic Front.

In revolutionary activity in breaking out in Soweto again, on the anniversary of the murder by Union of South Africa of thousands and thousands. It is expected it will get violent again throughout the next day or two, as there are constant revolutionary activities on the part of blacks resisting, and there have been in this past week, 2000 people murdered by the US-upheld apartheid state, our tax dollars put 457 million there the first part of this year alone. That’s why we should be proud to be out of the stunch– stench and stink of USA. (Pause)

Ralph Nader charges the airlines of swooping down on taxpayers’ money and grabbing four billion dollars more from airline passengers with governmental backing. Behind this latest chapter of corporate pressure politics is a tale of corporate socialism. Socilim– Socialism’s not good for the masses, but in capitalism, cor– corporate socialism, uh, military socialism for the generals, everything’s provided for them, it is certainly nothing bold at all to set. And it’s as successful– if it is successful with the airlines, it will set the stage for many similar inflationary congressional raids on the people. It’s a simple story of business greed. Back in 1976, the Federal Aviation Administration ordered the airlines to comply with a new noise reduction standard in gradual stages by 1985, which is, as is suspected that the US average citizen in every large city’s he– hearing will be grossly affected, because US Congress always indulges its monopoly capitalist greedy elements. To re– retrofit– to retrofit the noisier jets in the airlines fleet would require, after taking generous tax credits and depreciation allowances, less than [one-]fourth of what the airlines are demanding from Congress. But criminal activities such as this are nothing new. The airpline– airplanes, the airlines, corporate airlines saw an opportunity, why not claim that to really reduce noise of airplanes around airports, it would be best to replace the entire airplane fleet that needs to have its engines treated for noise levels. It’s a criminal fraud. This approach would cost a mere seven billion dollars, the air– airlines estimated. To fund this enterprise, airline lobbyists went to their friends in Congress and got them to introduce Title 3 of House Bill 8729. The bill will impose a tax on airline passengers to produce a slush fund of four billion dollars for the industry. What does most of the taxes go? On the ordinary flight, economy packages. Not on the uh– whatever they call it. We been away from US elitism so long, I can’t remember what it is that, uh, special class– well, you know, the front section of the airplane. But even they will get their burden too. All the burden always goes uh, to the common working pre– people, and even the middle class, and they’re too stupid to realize they have a common enemy.

Anyway, the world news is a prob– is probar– probably covered for the most part. I can think of nothing more.

Zaire’s economy i– is still in disarray. The world is remembering today Patrice Lumumba.

Loctors– Lawyers and doctors fees are even being called outrageous by U.S. finance chief. Anti-inflation chief Robert Strauss, said medical expenses and lawyers’ fees are so outrageously high, and both professions will have to be targets of administration jawboning or the American people will now [not] be able to afford lawyers or medical expenses. He says medical expenses are outrageous. Lawyers’ fees, it kills me to say it, being a lawyer myself, are so ridiculously high that people just cannot afford good legal representation. Mr. Strass– Strauss told– he’s the chief uh, anti-inflation chief, the finance chief of US capitalist administration Carter, Strauss told interviewers on ABC-TV Issues and Answers program. People seem to forget that doctors, lawyers, dentists and medical attention generally take a big toll out of the public’s pocketbook, and he said there’s wide protest about it, though I’m sorry to tell you, it’s not in a socialized form. But it’s forcing the administration to have to come down upon chief parasites, the doctors and the lawyers. Asked whether the administration’s jawboning to keep prices down would be aimed in part at these groups, (tape edit) Mr. Strauss replied, it certainly will be. Heavily. During his trip west, Carter accused doctors’ groups and the organized bar of protecting their members rather than acting in the public interest. Mr. Strauss was quick to follow Carter’s lead. When asked whether he had gotten any instructions or hints from the chief executive of US imperialism and the Trilateral Commission’s world domination that has to give in a little bit at home, because US sectors are in total tax protest, primarily aimed at black, though, because they’re tired of funding welfare programs, and thus now the state is b– by necessity going to have to require its lawyers, they’re not quite in the upper class– (tape edit)

–tion, attention, attention– our black–

(Long pause)

–to put the bite on the lawyers and doctors, because the American taxpayer is in a protest, white and the sell-out Uncle Tom, the few that’ve arrived against blacks, the browns and the poor who are getting medical treatment free, even though limited through Medicaid and welfare and general hospitals. All those have been cut back by Proposition 13 which uh, reduces those taxes that will go to the poor by 60%, so now US capitalism has to take a bite on the middle class, and the ruling class never minds doing that. Doctors think they’re part of the ruling class, but medicals doctors and lawyers are not, as always has been proven in the final stages of monopoly capitalism, fascism, as in Germany where Hitler took a special spite out on doctors and lawyers.

Kenyan school establishes a new school in memory of the freedom fighters. President [Jomo] Kenyatta led freedom fighters to victory, as you remember. The fight for Kenya’s independence was a bitter one, and tens of thousands of freedom fighters died at the hands of white British colonialists. One of the most unforgettable incidents took place on March 3, 1959, at Hola detention camp in Tana River District, where 11 Mau Mau freedom fighters were massacred in cold blood by white Christian missionaries. To stand as a testimony to this sad event in our history, the people of Kenya have decided to build a secondary school on self-help basis. By January next year, therefore, students from all over the country will be enrolled at the Halla– Hola Ma– the Hola Mau Mau Ha– Harambe [phonetic] secondary school being built at the cost of about two million dollars US at the very site where the massacre by white Christian missionaries took place against the Mau Mau. You remember how our US press brainwashed us at the time, that Mau Mau were cannibals and how evil they were? Now history shows us later, as Kenya’s in good graces, that the Mau Mau were actually massacred and brutally tortured by white Christian missionaries. That’s the way you’d cannot trust US imperialist press, news–

End of tape.

Tape originally posted June 2012