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Jones: –Communist Party has re-affirmed that its chief objective on the international scene is to strengthen peace, and inside Soviet Union to raise the people’s living standards. The statement was ish– was issued by the party’s central committee in Moskva [Russian pronunciation of “Moscow”]– in Moscow in connection with the government’s sixty-first anniversary of the socialist revolution to be celebrated November 7, ’78. The statement said that the Communist Party will continue to work towards ending the arms race to ban nuclear weapons for all times, including neutron arms which are being recently proposed by the western imperialists, USA in particular, and will seek to bring a relaxation of tensions. The Soviet Communist Party stands for eliminating the consequences of Israeli’s oppression and uh, fascist expansionism and establishing a just peace in the Middle East. It voiced its solidarity with the struggle of the people of Zimbabwe, Namibia and South Africa and with the struggle of the people in Latin America against fascism everywhere. The Soviet Union’s Communist Party expressed absolute solidarity with Vietnamese people, the Laotian people, upholding their national sovereignty, territorial integrity, freedom and independence. They regard the strengthening of the world socialist system as the all-important task.

In Washington at the talks on a separate peace treaty between Israel and Egypt and the United States, has hastened to put a final touch on the sell-out deal at Cape– Camp David. The debate is based on the American draft providing for considerable concessions by Egypt to Israel. It is reported that attempts have been brought– (stumbles over words) been brought to tie up the signing of the treaty with the question of the occupied West Bank of the river Jordan and  the Gaza sector. United Nations flag is being flown on the building where the talks are being held in connection to this. The Soviet Union Ambassador– the Soviet Ambassador to the United Nations has issued a protest. He says the international organization has nothing to do with the separate deal that is being prepared. It’s entirely the handiwork of the US imperialist and in no way reflects the United Nations. Egypt, meanwhile opposition is growing to the surrender sell-out policy of so-called President of Egypt [Anwar] Sadat. The Parliament in Cairo says the independent jeopardy is that the signing of the (unintelligible word) treaty will strengthen the position of the Israeli fascist aggressors and fully isolete– isolate Egypt in the Arab world.

Demonstrators march in front of the editorial offices of Newsweek Magazine in New York, New York, during a banquet being held for Ian Smith of the fascist Rhodesian regime. The demonstrators carried posters that pledged support to the people of Zimbabwe. They’re the only government that represents Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe and Patriotic Front constituted of Bishop– constituted by Joshua Nkomo, Nationalist, and Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist. The demonstrators marching in front of the Newsweek Magazine that had been noted to be one of the magazines which the CIA had infiltrated, all of the US periodicals had been infiltrated except US News and World– World Report. The demonstrated carr– the demonstrators carried posters that pledged support to the people of Zimbabwe and denounced United States dealings with the Smith regime. Hundreds of policemen protected the Newsweek offices during the banquet, even though it was a modest number of protestors in the streets.

President of the South West African People’s Organization, SWAPO, has accused the South African authorities – illegal authorities, of course – of continuing the occupation of Namibia and the western imperialist powers, centered in Washington and her lackeys of supporting them. The statement was made by Sam Nejoim–Nujoma at the opening of SWAPO mission in the capital of the German Democratic People’s Republic. The leader of the patriotic organization pointed out the United States, England, their imperialist allies seek to preserve their economic interest in South Africa. Mr. Nujoma said that his organization is conducting a mass struggle for the real independence of Namibia and it is ready for reasonable compromises as saf– as re– safeguards uh, Namibia are– are included for the independence of Namibia. That is, not on any particle– line or ideological format, as long as Union of South Africa or Western nations, imperialist nations do not dominate what takes place inside of Namibia– Namibia. That is ready for reasonable compromise in cir– a certain extension that most people in their beleaguered condition would not have given, so it seems that Namibia is making every effort to bring peace in that troubled sector, because they know if they open up to free elections, that there’s a great possibility that there can be coercion, money can be used from Union of South Africa, US imperialism, can subtle ways be influencing the electoral process without the– it being apparently observed. According to the United Nations plan, approved at the end of September by the Security Council, democratic elections were to be held in Namibia within the next seven months, with some 9,000 UN soldiers and observers to be sent there to supervise them. However, many in the socialist world find this also (Pause) precarious because the 9,000 would no doubt mostly be made up of the western imperialist powers.

It had been announced in Luanda that President Mobutu [Sese Seko] of Zaire will pay an official visit to Angola. Angolan news agency says purpose of the visit is to develop friendly relations between the two countries. The visit is in reply to one paid in August by President [Agostinho] Neto– Neto rather, Agostinho Neto, of Angolan People’s Republic. The efforts to normalize relations was started by the Angolan leaders who said they seek friendly rat– relations with all their neighbors, including Namibia, when Namibia wins its independence.

[President Jimmy] Carter has approved a deal on the United States military budget for the new fiscal year. A hundred and seventeen point three billion dollars will be provided for– in the budget. The president has allotted several billion dollars more than last year. Together with the figures of last year’s budget, the United States spending will reach about one hundred and thirty billion dollars. This is an all-time record. And well more than half of it goes into war. The bombing of innocent men, women and children.

Radio Hanoi of the free Vietnam, the unified, has reported new Chinese provocations and disturbances against Vietnam territorial integrity. Chinese mainland aircraft have been constantly violating the republic’s air space, taking (unintelligible) negotiations by normalization of relations. Chinese troops have been– have made repeated intrusions into Vietnam territory. Many people have died at the hands of the provocateurs. Radio Hanoi also spoke of intensified Chinese military aid through the nationalistic, now fascist regime in Cambodia. It calls itself Kampuchea when the nationalists took hold after the Khmer Rouge that was originally in control of the communists, it was overwhelmed by nationalistic elements. China is encouraging Kampuchea’s nationalist expansionist tendencies to carry out armed provogations– provocations against the People’s Republic of Vietnam.

A new ambulance model is being developed in Moskva, Moscow. It is like an operating room on wheels, including a pressure chamber in which it will be possible to create an increased oxen– oxygen pressure. This will enable patients to live through the first critical hours of their disease and will make it easier for their hearts to function. Ambulance service (unintelligible) already has machines in which it is possible to start treatment to patients on their way to the hospital. Thanks to this, the death rate from heart attacks have dropped by several times. This kind of medical assistance is free, of course, to all patients, as is all medical care, educational care, dental care is for the people in the Soviet Union.

Rhodesian police have murdered several black people today, shooting them in cold blood while they were so-called hunting for the whereabouts of black, as they call them, guerillas. Combined with the total number of 350 people dead in the last 24 hours, this brings this year death total to more than four thousand murdered by Ian Smith’s fascist white regime, who is being hosted by Newsweek Magazine and naturally some protestors. It is only shameful that there are not more protestors right at this moment in front of the sell-out dining hall of Newsweek Magazine where Ian Smith, butcher, is being entertained in New York. Ian Smith is now visiting, you know, Un– United States, and he’ll go on to Los Angeles accompanied by the three Uncle Tom sell-out members, the interim government of Rhodesia. Smith and his apostles of butchery and fascism are campaigning support for the continuance of the apartheid racist regime, nothing more than a replica of the Union of South Africa.

Hundreds of opponents of Philippine dictator Ferdinand Marcos have taken to the streets throughout the USA to denounced the martial law regime. The actions, most of which took place last week at the start of the seventh year of martial law, took a multitude of forms. Activists picketed Philippine consulates, conducted motorcades through Filipino neighborhoods, showed slides, heard lectures and reenacted torture scenes. Protest took place in New York, Washington, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Chicago, Seattle, San Diego, Los Angeles, Sacramento, Honolulu, and in Cla– Canada there were ac– actions in Ottawa and Toronto. However the amount of those involved look very insignificant from the pictorial scenes. In Fayetteville, North Carolina, meanwhile the Carolina chapter of the Friends of the Filipino People, FFP, called for a congressional investigation into the training of troops for military dictatorships, including the Marcos dictatorship, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This is rather surprising that we’d find Friends of the Filipinos in Fayetteville, North Carolina. A string of protests throughout the country. Protests, though small as they were, were sponsored by the FFP and the Anti-Martial Law Alliance and were endorsed by a broad spectrum of progressive organizations. Hundreds of demonstrators who participated demanded the lifting of martial law and the restoration of democracy, the release of all political prisoners in Marcos jails, and the end to all US aid for the dictatorial fascist regime. Which seemed for a moment might be temporized by his wife [Imelda Marcos] while Marcos was ill, but now again, it’s back in the worst pattern of demagoguery. Chanting “Down with the Marcos dictatorship,” some one hundred people demonstrated on Fifth Avenue in New York City across the street from the Philippine Consulate. That’s a small number compared to the Philippine community in New York City. Speakers explained that the US backing of Marcos allows the regime to maintain its power. US military aid, Sister Caridal, C-a-r-i-d-a-l, a Filipino Catholic nun, pointed across the street to the consulate and explained that US military aid has doubled since the impossession– imposition of the dictatorship under martial law and that’s the way all dictatorships come. President Carter also has a bi– the power to bring about martial law any time he chooses. She pointed across, and said that US has doubled its military assistance from an average of twenty billion dollars per year prior to martial law, she stated, now to an average of forty-two billion dollars since martial law was declared. That’s where your money goes. A hundred and thirty-four billion dollars, and then to think forty-two billion of it alone in support of the Marcos regime. Fascist murderer. Theresa Rodriguez of the Union of Democratic Filipinos noted that even the Philippine government admits, publicly, that it has fifty thousand political pri– prisoners since the beginning of martial law. Note that emphasis of martial law. As I said, USA, all capitalist countries have that little clause. They can call martial law if the executives – president or the Prime Minister – feels that there’s a threat to the existing government, even though it’s not a government of the people, and by the people, and for the people. In Washington, some thirty demonstrators marched – that’s not even worth mentioning, but that’s where US is with its apathy – through the downtown shopping area to protest the sixth anniversary of martial law. The march culminated in a rally across from the White House. It was joined by a motorcade, arriving from an anti-martial law rally held earlier in the day in a Filipino community center near the city. (unintelligible name, souunds like “Planas”), a former political prisoner and opposition candidate in the sham National Assembly election held this spring in April was a main speaker at the rally which drew sixty people.

See, this is un– ungodly that we have so little concern. We actually are the life, the pulse of resistance in USA. We were the crowd. We were the assemblies at every speaking engagement at every left or progressive activity. It was Peoples Temple that had to produce the numbers. No wonder we have been this– the brunt of so much harassment.

We want to think very, very positively about what we’ve had this last few days, just this last– last day. James Baisy brought back from death itself and (Pause) young lady, Teri Smart, brought back from the death of bacterial infection in her blood, which is never done. She was in a coma, and I spoke the word, and she came forth back into a revitalized self. This never happens. Uh, it’s septicemia, blood disease. It never happens – except you can check with all the laboratory workers here and the medical doctor, professional people – it never happens. Unless there’s one that has power above natural law as we now know it. And we must keep this community together and not waste our energies on unnecessary foolishness like doing harm to your own body. We’re grateful for the restoration that has been given to Ricky Johnson. But we must not in any way put ourselves in a position as socialists of laying down one body that would please a white racist from Florida to Washington state, from California to Maine. Never give the racist that satisfaction. And then take a close and considered look at the fact you do not end your mind with death. It does not stop there. It did not begin with your body, and you do not get out of this body that way without dire consequences, five hundred generations. And you can take the (unintelligible word) of the truth of that voice and believe it and be freed from unnecessary agony, because to do otherwise is only to harm you as well as a great principle.

Anyway, it is sad to think that only sixty people turned out for a great national assembly hero who had managed to get free from the Philippines. He said he thought Americans were known to love freedom, yet American taxes are being used to suppress freedom in the Filipinos– in the Philippine Islands, he said. Addressing US government, (same unintelligible name), a woman, rather, said leave us alone, give us a chance to determine our own destiny. In San Francisco, a noontime picket of only thirty-five people – see? thirty-five people, if we’d been there it’d been a thousand thirty-five, at least – people denounced Marcos martial law regime and efforts by Washington to support the dictatorship. Seven anti-martial law activists, AMLA, seven who are currently framed on trial with charge of illegal trespass earlier in the spring, and they’re still being held without bail, incident at the consulate made an appearance. They wanted their representative made the appearance at the picket. It’s not really us who are on trial today, but rather the Marcos regime, said one Reverend Lloyd Wake. Both the trial and the picket are indictment of the Marcos dictatorship. In North Carolina, meanwhile, the California and– the Carolina, rather, FFP chapter argued that courses at John F. Kennedy school of military assistance at Fort Bragg are designed to aid fascist repressive regimes in crushing dissent. That’s why it is stupid for anyone to look at America and think that they could possibly be free inside of it, when it goes to such an effort to train people so well to how to kill and destroy, just like this morning, right now, this day, happening in Rhodesia. Killing women and children. Just brutally slaughtering. If they go to so much effort to slaughter people abroad so they can use their– their land, milk them dry of their resources, how much more will they do so to protect their own home base when it becomes threatened as it now is with high inflation, cost of living, un– increase in– untold increase in in– unemployment and all sorts of racial antagonisms and ecological disturbances. The threat of genocide will then become much more meaningful. Because somebody’s got to go. Can’t have unnecessary people on the streets, can’t have people out of work. Used to, you could throw them in the army. Shed a few lives in Vietnam or Korea. The USA is not in a mood to fight a war. So, finally, you will see, finally it’ll have to be. There’ll be extermination and we’ve certainly seen it begun, by law, of children in every state in the union. CIA. Not only people of color, but all children, institutionalized in USA in every state, and is now upheld by the congressional law. Anyway there is evidence, said even a military spokeman, that Filipino military personnel trained directly at Fort Bragg school are the ones that now assume the secur– secret police units posts in the Philippine Islands and are carrying out the most hideously– hid– hideous means of torture known. These security units have been identified as carrying out torture of political prisoners of the martial law regime of Ferdinand Marcos, and they were trained in their skill ably, many months at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. So again, as I say, we train for the Philippines, obviously they’ll train for California and Kansas, Illinois and New York. Earlier the group calling US Representatives, Ike Andrews, Democrat, North Carolina, to demand an investigation into the role played by the Kennedy school training personnel to bolster– bolster military fascist brutal dictatorships all over the world. The motley crew of protestors of some thirty-six cited two cases known to them of officers from Fort Bragg who directed the torture of prisoners in the Philippine Islands alone. They are– they na– they gave the names of two officers in Fort Bragg who trained all of the Philippine torturers who are now torturing fifty thousand people, held without trial, only because they oppose dictatorship in the Philippine Islands. Some places should touch your heart, cause you to have guilt. Turn that guilt into something productive in our community, which will make this community shine. We’re going to have guests tomorrow coming by helicopter from the cultural center. Uh, they will be coming by helicopter early on Monday. We want our houses as well prepared as they can be. Clean up your homes, your– your yards. Public Service must take responsibility in inspection. Uh, committees, you must all get involved in this. Administrators. This is– They will be here no doubt early Monday, according to their plan, ‘cause they want to hear some of the musical performance. So play well tonight, for the movies, which will be just after our language classes. Thank you and I love you very much.

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Larry Schacht: Attention, attention, attention. I just couldn’t help but tell you about it. I couldn’t help, I couldn’t wait to tell you, because we had two miracles performed. Two fantastic miracles were performed. Teri Smart, last night, she fell out, in fact she’d fallen out several times yesterday. She had septicemia, in other words, she had bacteria in her blood stream. The laboratory people will well– they say they’ll well verify it. The fact the bacteria were in her blood, and you can even see the slide yourself. She had septicemia. It had affected her central nervous system, and she was in serious trouble. We tried to be reassuring but inside, inside, I knew she was not long for this world. But Jim walked into the nursing office where she was and she lay in a coma, her reflexes were diminishing and disappearing and they were absent. We had no hope for her whatsoever. When this happens, the brain is dying. In fact, her brain was almost dead. But he walked in, he spoke to her, and she spoke to him, and he asked her to open her eyes, and she opened her eyes, and within a matter of moments, she was fine. And you know we have to thank for that– you know whom we have to thank for that, and that power that he has that permitted her to come back and brought her back from the very doorstep of death. So we can all be grateful for her life and that she’s– she’s doing fine today.

We had another child last night, James Baisy, who came in with a rapidly elevated fever. It grows from normal up to 104 within about ten minute period. He was shaking and having rigors, and he had severe pains in his left leg, upper leg. It looked like a growing abscess, pains in his upper back, and he even didn’t respond to muscle relaxants. We gave him very strong muscle relaxants to try to prevent him from tearing his muscles loose from his ribs. He was in rigors, and we’ve never seen anything like it. He was just jerking, he was having seizures. And it went on and on and on, and I tell you, we gave him– we gave him one dose of intra-muscular muscle relaxant, and he just kept on se– having these contractions and these rigors and his temperature kept rising. We gave him another dose. We checked his urine. We were doing all the appropriate lab tests we could do, but it was very serious. A very serious thing. And Dad – Jim – walked back to the back of the nurse’s office where James Baisy was laying, having his rigors and his terrible chills and his excruciating pain and violent muscle contractions, and he just looked at him and said, you’ll be okay, you’ll be okay, Jim. And he spoke to him very affectionately, and said you’ll be okay, Jim. And– and he walked away, and within a matter of seconds, this child opened his eyes, looked calm, his fever dropped rapidly down to 99 and then to ninety eight six – normal – and his rigors stopped and his uh, muscle contractions stopped in a matter of seconds after he was spoken to. So don’t forget and be sure– be sure you know these things happen every day. We can’t– we can’t speak about these things enough, ‘cause they’re real, they happen every day here. There’s not a day goes by when that power doesn’t save someone’s life, so I think you should turn to your neighbor now, turn to your neighbor and say three things which you are grateful for, and I’m certain that you know there’s a lot more than three things you can be grateful for. (Pause) And say those three things now in gratitude. (Emphatic) Thank you, Jim.

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Part II

Jones: –and Jackson agreed with me. And I don’t agree with anyone telling the person they shouldn’t have been on the floor. This is to go to council. This is to go to council. This is a direct reflection on me. When you don’t follow these departmental hearings and uh– uh, council, you are defying me. Because those catharsises, those group– inner group studies are vastly important, just as it is with anything else, so thanks, Pat [Grunnett], for writing that up, and we want them to have immediately counseling. Let’s get these people together. All the school teachers, all the school teachers. Get them together so we can decide about this. This is not right to be mouthing and then others to be showing agreement with the person. No one– no one should get upset over being on the floor. I’ve told you, your worst enemy – how many times do I have to explain this – your worst enemy will give you your best criticism, and everybody has faults. So here you ought to be thankful that someone will step forward and tell you, something is wrong with you. (Emphatic) You ought to be thankful. And we’re supposed to take criticism, whether Lenin, Marx, Mao and Jim Jones, from any place and not go around uh, these people didn’t treat me right. I– I– they weren’t fair. You know that there’s something you can learn from every criticism, and nobody remembers that damn criticism anyway, and it shows you’ve got ego and narcissism– narcissism. You’re afraid of people’s uh– what your image is in people’s minds. I don’t give a damn what my image is. I know a lot of folks hate me, they’d cut me. We had one (stumbles over words) looked like they were getting ready to stab me the other day. We don’t– we don’t care– we don’t care about that. Let’s do what’s right and uh, welcome criticism. I don’t want to hear any more of this type of thing.

Peter Wotherspoon, we brought to my attention that Peter was– I think I’ve already mentioned that. Yes.

Diane Wilkinson. [Reads] “First of all, those letters should be coming from me, but I feel I can express my thoughts on the matter of Loretta [Cordell] not going on tour. Understand I am not defending her because she’s my com– friend. I feel that well– way if anyone was playing. I feel if I am singing and have to present a performance and yet get over the message in the songs, for example, together in peace and of the songs I do, I feel that it takes away from the impact if I’m getting– sitting behind the piano, singly– singing and not practicing the dynamics of the song. I’m sure this can be debated. I would like for you to ba– uh, take this in to consideration.” I don’t have to for a minute. That’s obvious that that’s true, and Loretta should go. It’s obvious that that’s true. “Also, a lot of the songs that Loretta plays, but you don’t have to leave us a lot of song, background music so we can sing some songs here while you’re gone, and others here feel something so some of the younger talent can give us uh, their abilities. I would like to res– res– open– reopen– I would like– and also the songs that Loretta plays I would like – I don’t know – to be reopened for di– discussion. Any suggestions? Also I understand the twenty slot thing as for people’s seats, etcetera. One last thing, I know it’s something hard to concentrate on playing the right notes at the same time. I feel the band as a whole should voice their opinion. I also feel that Norman [Ijames] needs to rehear– hearse just like everyone else. And knowledge. How is he going to get this rehearsal while gone?” Well, he probably won’t be going to Moscow (unintelligible word) as he’s had the– the rehearsal. Uh, nobody knows when he’s going to get to go to Moscow or not. Nobody’s said a word about that. It may not fit into his schedule. But he will have to have practice. You’ve got to synchronize, otherwise you’d– it looks very evident. Although he did a very good job this time, uh, it be– it brought spirit and the Russian, uh, overlooked what probably were difficulties with the uh, band by his involving the community and then substituting the word “communism.” But he should practice just like anyone else. “I feel that the thing we did at the cultural show if done in the Soviet Union would somewhat show bourgeoisie class consciousness. But I feel we ought to mix song with messages and jazz.” That’s true, that’s true. “Maybe Marthea [Hicks] could recite a poem pertaining to our suffering and cultural background while the band played, then go into strong– into a song. There– all the poets who write poetry ought to just give an example of poetry that could be used in many, many ways. Thank you.”

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“While the herb department consists of all supervisors, I’m only the time supervisor. I can uh– I can state to the date everyone is co– constant.” Uh– Earnestine– I cannot read this. Earnestine March, please take this to council. Earnestine March uh, go to council immediately about the matter. “I would like to write up Maureen Hines– [Bernell] Maurice Hines for his– s– he’s in his sixties, but he does heavy and strenuous work. He does it all on his own. You never have to ask him to do it once. He never complains and always has good affra– a good attitude.” We praise uh, Maurice Hines, and Vernetta [Christian] can repea– The– these can be replayed again tomorrow during the day. They’re now taping them. I do not know what Earnestine– You bright– You have to write legibly or get someone to write for you if you expect me to understand all this. (Speaks under breath) Oh, dear God. (Pause) (Normal tone) Some of these scraps will have to just wait. “First (unintelligible word) please excuse– there’s none to be had. So I had to write you a letter so I did. And more so to uh, to meet the council and I was very hostile. For I thought much was done to– oh, Lord, I get angry at anything and– said to me. I speak to all that I think will– sp– will any answer will answer, I find fault with everything that Helen [Love] uh, everyone but Helen. I think that most everyone I (unintelligible word)– things– I have some (unintelligible word) from me, I now dislike pancakes. There’s– I– I now– Now I dislike panc– cakes and tired of rice. If I– Father, I’m not grateful enough for how you brought me here without a passport and not a check up to– to now. I’m sorry that I’m such an ass. And I thank you. Helen Love.” Now I would advise all of you to be very grateful. To find a way to be grateful. And you can think. If you see couple of– that (unintelligible word) me and we’re not grateful and wanted to look back, and Helen doesn’t want to look back, but we should not be ever complaining about our food. You got some idea how we can change it. We did it one night in people’s rally. You can bring that to my full attention in the people’s rally, and we’ll add to it as best as we can afford right now. But you ought to know that we don’t want to put any more money out here uh, than we have to if we’re thinking about– you know what I’m saying– freedom someplace else. So, that is tha– that’s that for the– the time being anyway, it seems to me. “I would like to know if I could work half days at the piggery. This is a uh, work request. We don’t do much in the afternoons. All we do is singing.” What? “All I– I do is singing.” I can’t– I can’t read it. Uh– it– uh– uh– I don’t know who wrote the uh, thing– it doesn’t say the name. (Pause) Yes, it does. Clark Grubbs. Will Clark Grubbs report to council for job change. Clark uh, Grubbs. You can discuss it there with him, if you will. All right, that’s– that– the others I will hand deliver and uh, call out at another time because I always have so much counseling. but there’s some things that I need to get done quick because I’m behind, I’m trying to get caught up. I’m looking at– I noticed a bunch here on the radio stand, out of a whole bunch of pile of– of notes that I haven’t even gotten to. Thank you, much love.

Woman: Yeah, Karen went um–

Jones: –to after Mr. [Zbigniew] Brzezinski, the Trilateral Commission and how you meet guests. Thank you, much love.

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Jones: Maria Katsaris, report to radio room, please, or the house. Thank you.

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Tape originally posted April 2008