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Jones: (Short phrase of greeting in Russian)

After serious charges and corroborations by two former CIA members, Wallace Muhammad, head of the Black Muslim[s] for the past three and one half years, has resigned the post of chief imam of the movement. This decision of the leader has reportedly shocked the faithful because the CI [CIA] agents claimed he had been appointed to undermine the effectiveness of the Nation of Islam. Muhammad made the announcement at a lecture facility– uh, facila– facilitated by a telephone hookup to 200 mosque[s] in the USA. He said that he was sta– stepping down and turning control of the movement over to a 17-member council. Wallace is a son of the founder of the movement, Elijah Muhammad. The movement has reportedly fallen off nearly 80 percent in membership. The movement has existed for 45 years under Wallace Muhammad, however there was name changes to World Community of Al-Islam in the West. He also urged members to call themselves Bilalians and not Black Muslims. The movement claims to have had one million members among Americans in the United States, 25 black million members but now it could no way muster more than ten at the best– ten thousand. A prominent member and financial prop of the movement is Muhammad Ali, the world heavyweight boxing champion. Wallace Muhammad visited Guyana two years ago, where he had talks with political leaders, but as you know, Muhammad Ali had dropped his support from the movement and many others. [Louis] Farrakhan, the son-in-law of Elijah Muhammad, who married his daughter, also had split the movement. So Wallace Muhammad [is] finally exposed for what I have predicted and prophesied that he was. He is now exposed for what he is and no longer has any power in the Nation of Islam. Let us hope that under some reasonable facsimile or perhaps that they will call on Farrakhan, that we will see a return to some semblance of strength and identity, though it’s little likelihood, but at least we might come to a position of black pride, whereas Wallace D. Muhammad, as you remember after my speech appealing to black, said so uh– so stinkingly uh, weak, “I couldn’t even say I’m black, because my grandfather was white.” Farrakhan is much more of a fiery uh, black liberationist and a black activist. He has been a friend of Idi Amin. He had his own separate movement. Whether the 17-council member will call on him is not known. The news did not report that. Any later news we get on this will be brought to your attention. But anything in America to give some semblance of black militancy would be greatly appreciated. Wallace Muhammad has done just exactly what the two CIA members charged that he has been placed there to do. He was an agent provocateur to destroy the effectiveness of the movement and tear it down. He’s done the job ably well, taking eighty percent of the membership away from the movement and taking all of the impact of its one position – black separatism – to go back to Africa or to have a separate uh, part of the land of USA to develop a free independent black nationhood. Oh, these evil Judases. Sickens one soul that they are ha– on the scene, but it does at least sad– uh, relieve a saddened heart occasionally to find out that they are found out for what they are. Thank to you. Thanks to you, much love. (tape edit)

(tape silence for several moments)

Jones: –for the news of the day. Attention more certainly for matters of structure and discipline. While people are studying language at People’s Rally at 7:30 in the Cuffy Memorial Building down where Pat [Grunnett] conducts her classes, I shall be conducting a series and others– I’ll be interchanging to see how the rally goes, of those who have been causing work problems and discipline problems. They’re a minority, but they shall be dealt with, and we shall see that we have responsibility, or people can find themselves new places of lodging. There’re too many anxious people who want to get here, to the land of freedom and the land of promise. By the way, Norman Ijames, our pilot, is going to be coming in a couple of days for his extension of time. As you know, he flies over this area and comes in periodically.

I’ll read and comment on a touching story. In New Orleans. Recently the Daily Word– (long pause)– Daily World, a socialist paper, published an article about one Doctor Hal Becker, a behavioral scientist at Tulane University who has developed a mind control device designed to prevent shoplifting. Becker’s invention, which works like hypnosis, electronically embeds subliminal messages saying, “I will not steal” in background music played in stories and supermarkets– stores and supermarkets. The Louisiana Civil Liberties Union, noting how the device could be used to transmit messages, promoting all kinds of racism and other poison, call the implication terrifying and reminiscent of [George] Orwell’s 1984. For Louisianans with long memories, the name Hal Becker rings a bell. They remember when he got his start as a scientist. He boosted his st– career by serving as the chief witness against Doctor Robert Hodes, talented young professor of neura– neural physiology, who was fired by Tulane University in ‘53. This was in the depth of 1950 witch hunt, anti-communist terror, McCarthyited– ism at the worst, when it looked like America’s democracy, and even the formal appearance of it was m– about to totter and fall. And rumors were abroad that Senator James S. Eastland, Democrat, Mississippi, was going to bring his Internal Security Sub– Subcommittee to New Orleans to look for subversives. Tulane was frightened. Hodes, H-o-d-e-s, had a reputation as a radical, was outspoken against racial discrimination, for friendship with the socialist world and– and he was known for his friendship for– wi– for the socialist world and against the Korean War. University officials asked him to tone down his activity immediately against racism, suggesting that he could help the black people more by c– concentrating on finding a cure for schizophrenia. Hodes scorned in– the suggestion and later explained, “For me, it is a truism that a good scientist cannot ignore racial discrimination, because Jim Crow science is detrimental to all science– scientists everywhere.” With Senator Eastland and Senator [John] Stennis on the warpath against – and you know Senator Stennis is the provocateur in the beginning of our conspiracy – both were against communists and civil rights advocates and wanted blacks even eliminated and actually considered them one and the same. Communists and blacks were all considered one and the same, Indians, blacks, Mexicans, Asians. They all was one and the same, and there’s still that attitude now developing again in America. Hodes was clearly an embarrassment to the university, but even in those days– even in those days it– University did not like to admit that they were firing people because their political views, though thousands were fired. It made them appear cowardly and lacking in a commitment to academic freedom, so they would have to find other reasons to fire their professors. It also put them on the banned list of the American Association of University Professors, AAUP. So Hodes was told that he had become a source of friction within his department, creating a situation of dissension and disharmony with other personnel. He was asked to resign quietly to avoid further damage to his career and to his family, whatever the implied threat meant to his family reminiscent of all the worst of [Adolf] Hitler’s Germany. He declined to cooperate in this subterfuge and instead fought back. The university then proceeded to fire him. The AAUP, uh, as I told you before, the American Association of University Professors, which never did relent in their demand for uh, no infringement upon the right of teachers to teach freely, became his defense. And a full fledged hearing took place. It turned out that one of the main people Hodes was supposed to have created friction with– with was Becker, whose testimony info– formed the heart of the university case. It was Hodes who had hired Becker on uh, to– had hired Becker on to the Tulane staff in the first place. In 1949, as an electronics technician, whose job was to construct and maintain electrical equipment used in the neural physiological laboratory, it didn’t work out. One piece of equipment Becker was supposed to finish in the summer of for– 1949, was still unfinished in ‘52. Another piece of equipment he was s– assigned to build was never started, and an– and another broke down after a few months. And early in 1952, one of his superiors, a Tulane– at Tulane, vetoed his nomination to Sigma Chi, the national scientific society, saying he was not an ad– adequate scientific investigator for membership. But between early 1952 and early ‘53, the period when Tulane was in the process of getting rid of Hodes, some important changes took place in Becker’s life. According to Hodes’ testimony at the hearing, visitors to the physiology laboratory began being– being told that Becker was one of the group of geniuses in the department. In the year 1953, he was elected to Sigma Chi – with the approval– that’s spelled S-i-g-m-a– eck in nu– letter X-I, capital X-I – with the approval of the same official who had to– vetoed his membership in ‘52. Heratio– Horatio Alger, yes, never went from incompetus to genius in twelve months, but Mr. Becker did. Hodes commented on his– his testimony before his hearing committee. Later as a result of the Hodes case, Tulane faculty got a decent tenure system for the first time, but by then, Hodes was gone. The committee of course upheld the firing. Becker meantime went on to higher things, and 25 years later, turns up inventing devices to exert control over peoples’ minds through subliminal messages that can cause them to hate, to kill, to turn to rage, and m– murder any particular people that they– the society wishes murdered. The device is already made, my friends. It’s not a matter of theory. They’re already made. Like many talented people who lost their jobs in the ‘50’s, Hodes was lot– not able to get another job in the United States, and so left the country for six years. He returned in ‘59, but in this case, the loss of six years was critical. Testifying at his 1953 hearing, Hodes had described how he, like other scientists, built castles in the air, and then slowly and painfully tried to lay them– to lay firm foundations beneath them. “All of us live in the reasonable expectation,” he said, “that we have a fair chance to make our scientific castles durable, given the wit and the time.” Hodes was never given the time. After his return to the United States, he died prematurely in 1966, on the day after his 50th birthday. There’s no way to know what important scientific discoveries Hodes might’ve made if his career had not been interrupted by what– by that enforced six-year exile. But he could’ve contained– continued working in the United States of Amerida– Ameritha [America] in that period only by surrendering to the attack on him and thus cooperation in the witch hunt that threatened to destroy the country, this he could not do. For the sake to his fa– of his family, he had to flee the United States, just as we have done, as a larger family. “The administration said it would be hard for me to get another job if I didn’t go quietly from this one,” Hodes told his hearing committee. “But I have no regr– regrets. I have fought back because I felt I owed it to my fellow scientists and to the American tradition of free inquiry. The strength of honest people everywhere, who value democratic principles and intellectual freedom more than a secure berth or a steady income, has strengthened and supported me in my determination to carry on in this fight.” Hodes thus became one of a little known army of people who resisted the witch hunts of the ‘50’s across the length and breadth of America. Most of the battles were lost in the immediate sense, indeed. But each one inspired others not to crawl or give up, we hope. Anyway, Hodes returned, was met with nothing but defeat. His family met all kinds of harassment. Members of his children– children killed– two children killed themselves out of the horror of the repression they went through.

That’s why you need to think twice about America, and then there looked like there was hope. People talk about going back to the US today, going back to make changes. You must be out of your loving mind. Today taking [saving] for a few famous cases like the Hollywood Ten, the Rosenbergs [Julius and Ethel Rosenberg], the names of those who fought back in that period are virtually unknown – Wilmington Ten today, for instance – but in that period, are virtually unknown, they just weren’t known. No one fought back. But it can be argued that this scattered, unseen army of resisters put their finger– fingers in the dike and helped stave off World War III at least for a while, and fascism, which is mounting, we admit, said the article, in this country, until the new mass movements of the late ‘50’s and the ‘60’s could develop. Someday this country must recognize the debt that is owed to most like Hodes who fought back in this horrible period. Someday too, it must recognize the extent of the damages still suffers [suffered] at the hands of those who got their start toward fame and fortune by ridging– riving– by riding the wave of the witch hunt. This most famous example, of course, is in the person of Richard Nixon, the great enemy of the people. But there were many others, little known outside their own areas, people like Hal Becker in New Orleans, who now devise ways to control the human mind, and there is fear that this device is now being mass produced to be utilized all through the United States, particularly started first– the first it’ll be inserted on will be in the brain of black people and Indian people who they consider to be thieves by nature.

Yes, I said Tulane Universities. This Doctor Hal Back– Becker, mad behavioral scientist at Tulane University, has developed a mind control device to prevent any shoplifting. Becker’s invention, which works like hypnosis, electronically embeds subliminal messages, supply– saying “I will not steal,” in background music played in stores and supermarkets. But as a civil rights committee and civil rights union points out, it can also imply– put– so– subliminal messages, “Kill black people, kill socialist[s].” It can give any message it wants to. That’s the mass age of technology that we’re in. That’s why I– it was too severe for you to be saved in USA. Technology is out of hand. If we’d have fifty years with it before this type of technology, before the nuclear age, we could’ve continued in USA and fought, with some hope, but now there’s no hope. US has too much technology. Of course it will eventually cause their own collapse and will bring about, as Doctor– (Pause) Daniels– Doctor– well, the one that wrote the Pentagon Papers, it slips my mind– Doctor Daniel Ellsberg cried and wept in front of TV just the other day, stated, in tears, “It makes my heart ache,” he said, “to think that my country’s going to be nothing from the Pacific Ocean to the Atlantic Ocean but a wasteland and a desert.”

But that’s the certainty that we face. That’s why we must get as many people out to freedom as we can. It’s urgent that we all do our very best – our very best indeed – to bring people to freedom, (emphatic phrase) while we have time. Time is of the essence. And that’s why tonight, there will be the sternest measures taken against those– we’ve had reports in vegetable area, work has dropped amongst people who’ve been very reliable. Of all time for work to drop, for works to fail when we need you most, when we need your assistance most. It’s a terrible thought that you would have so little concern, when today in West Germany, because of the rise of fascism, a minister stepped to his pulpit to give a sermon and poured a 30 gallons of– 30 quarts of gasoline over his body and, before the large congregation, set it afire as a human torch in protest to the United States’ imperialist designs and Western Germany’s rise of fascism and nuclear weapons being pointed at the Soviet Union. This, my friend, perhaps doesn’t touch you. You don’t have that kind of courage. Some– many of you do, but you need to be developing at least the willingness to care to work. I would hope for– I would hope for.

FBI arrest Medina, seeks Latino data. The federal organ– t– authorities are continuing their attempts to force Latino activists to testify before a grand jury investigating the Puerto Rican independence movement. On September 16, three FBI agents and two postal inspectors arrested Adim Adalita Medina [phonetic] on charges of sending a gun through the mail. The 28-year-old woman later charged that the authorities then tried to intimidate her into giving information to the grand jury. She said that it was a lie, that she’d sent no gun at all. Medina, who worked for uh, the uh– one of the left papers called The Guardian for more than a year and left last week to enter graduate school in New York, has had no prior record– arrest record of any type. Although the indictment was dated January 31, she was not arrested until late last week. In a sworn notarized statement, Medina says that the assistant US attorney, Thomas E. Engels [Engel], tried to frighten her into cooperating with his investigation into several recent bombing cases linked to the Puerto Rican Armed Forces for National Liberation, FALN. By the way, the Puerto Ricans have arised till it’s nearly 18 percent now that are resisting US attempts to make Puerto Rico a permanent territory or a state. They do not want statehood. As you know, US conquered Puerto Rico many decades ago by force. “I want to make it very clear,” Medina quotes Engels as saying, “that I can influence what happens to you next.” Engels also suggested that if Medina cooperated with him, he would see that she was not taken to New Mexico to face indictments and long prisonment. Medina was charged with mailing a gun from upstate New York to New Mexico. And later when Medina told Engels that she had obtained William Kunstler to defend her, Engels tried to convince her that Kunstler was a poor lawyer. Kunstler later called this a breach of ethics. Medina was released on– on the eighteenth of S– September by a federal jury, after she signed a five thousand bond. Arraignment to set till the end of September. Arraignment is set for the end of September. Kunstler told the Cu– The Guardian, “The arrest is a desperate move on the part of the government and a continuation of the grand jury attempts to harass the Puerto Rican independence movement.”

By the way, to radio room, he is one that also should be contacted. He was in our service, as you remember, and quite touched by it. He was there but a brief, brief time. We should contact him and just tell him a little bit about how this place is and get people to come and see what advice he would have on what’s happening and tell him who’s involved and get a touchdown with him – touch bases – because he liked us very much. William Kunstler, who defended the Chicago Seven and a number of cases across the nation. Very, very important. Do that tonight. It’s too bad we’ve overlooked that, but we can’t remember everything.  (Pause)

Republic of New Africa: Obadele denied request. Imari Obadele, President of the provisional government of the Republic of New Africa, RN– NA, has been denied an effort to seek a trial in federal court. Obadele, who has been characterized as a US political prisoner by Amnesty International, had hoped to avoid trial in Mississippi. Obadele sought a new trial on charges stemming from 1971 FBI raid on RNA headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi. He h– holds that he was denied due process and has many witnesses to verify to– in the trial that he uh– which had led to his conviction in– on conspiracy to murder in federal– to murder a federal law officer. Obadele was not even present in the city at the time– He has ra– he has many witnesses, 18, that he was not even present at the time of the raid, but a federal district court declined to review his pedi– petition. There’s no justice for black and Indians and poor whites. The RNA leader is serving a twelve-year sentence in the Atlanta federal prison. His organization seeks a formation of a black nation, including five deep South areas. As I said, Imari is spelled I-m-a-r-i. O– Obadele, O-b-a-d-e-l-e, President of the provisional government of the Republic of New Africa, has been denied an effort to seek a new trial, or seek a trial at all in federal court. Obadele has been characterized as a US political prisoner by Amnesty International, and they’re very moderate in their judgment. They don’t make quick stands. Nothing can be done when you’re black. You better just get out and help others to get out, if you have any care at all. Do you have concern? Do you have care? What’s in your heart? What kind of feelings do you have? (Pause)

Wallace Davis. Official– another Ha– Hanharan [Edward Hanrahan, Cook County Illinois State Attorney]. Wallace Davis the third. Members of the Committee for Wallace Davis blasted Illinois state attorney Bernard Carey [Cook County Illinois State Attorney] two weeks ago after he failed to appear for a scheduled meeting, September 11. The committee has demanded that Carey indict Chicago police officer Donald Freals [phonetic] who has admitted shooting 29-year-old black man Walla– William– Wallace David– Davis to death and another John Johnson– John Johnson, 18 years of ace– age. The police brutality victims were hit March 8, 1976, after the– the– after they notified the police of a holdup attempt at his uh, fast food store in Chicago. Af– Hours after the holdup investigation – my God – investigating officer Freads [Freals], shot Davis, the man that owned the store, in the back, while he was allegedly questioning and searching him. He’s the owner of the store. Davis has since undergone a series of operations that lasted several months and finally terminated in his death in June, and been given a limited amount of time to live due to the injury of his spinal cord. If he had lived, he would’ve been permanently paralyzed. The committee also wants the police department to fire Freals, a 12-year veteran of the force. Last month, Carey indicated that the cop would be indicted, but he reversed this stand in a letter to the committee l– this month. Carey stated that it appeared that Freals was in danger of great bodily harm when he shot Davis. “We feel that if Carey ignores the incriminating evidence in my case, then he’s just another Hanharan,” Davis told the black daily Shar– Chicago Defender. Davis was referring to former secretary­– state attorney Da– Edward Hanharan who played a key role in the murder with the FBI and the Chicago Red Squad of the Black Panthers like Fred Hampton in the ‘69 murder, as you know, that ended up– the Black Panther party leader Fred Hampton and Mark Clark [assassinated Black Panther party leaders].

On and on. You can’t imagine having a man– one men– one of the men– the other man didn’t die, but the man that was shot and killed is a store owner, and the policeman still working, still instated in his job, still going on, roaming the streets with a gun, a license to kill.

More parole. Chavis [Benjamin Chavis, member of Wilmington Ten] gagged. Wilmington Ten member Wayne Moore was paroled September 18, becoming the seventh member of the civil rights activist group to be released from prison after he had served many, many years in prison. Meanwhile, North Carolina prison authorities have prohibited Reverend Ben Chavis from speaking to press or community people while he’s attending classes at Duke University through a study release– a study release program. He has a gag he has to wear. (coughs) Chavis, a leader of the Ten, told a reporter that, “The authorities had put a stipulation and restriction upon my activity and my freedom of speech at Duke University, while I am a student at the Divinity School.” He slipped this out in writing through someone else. Chavis, Moore, eight others, all black and one Indian, with exception of another, one white woman, were jailed in connection with their 1971 self-defense in the face of a Wilmington, North Carolina racist attack by members of the Ku Klux Klan and the police gathered together in a joint effort. An international campaign to demand pardons for the Ten is under way. All the world calls them victims of human rights, while [U.S. President] Carter so piously talks about four people in the Soviet Union who are denied their human rights, when they have been found guilty with outside corroborating evidence – outside the Soviet Union – as being CIA agents. Chavis, Connie Picanis [phonetic] Tindall, and Marvin Patrick remain in privon– prison. Kendall and Patrick are expected to be patrolled [paroled] in their future but what– who knows. And Chavis will not be up for patrol [parole] in– until ‘80’s. They all were sentenced, as you know, in 400 years. That’s how racism works in United States style. There is no justice, and it’ll get worse instead of better, I guarantee you.

You better read Brzezinski’s plan. You want to know Brzezinski [Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s national security advisor] full and thorough for the news tonight for the test. Must be prepared for that, ‘cause the first will be the Soviet, the Russian language. Those who have to be called out for special discipline and special instruction, ‘cause we will change the work habits here. We’re all going to carry our burdens fairly. There’s none– too much work for any. Everyone has plenty to eat. Go back for seconds, no one’s ever denied any food. No one’s denied (unintelligible). The best of medicine which is costly as hell, and we will have equality, so that we have special sa– session down by Cuffy, the Cuffy Memorial, right down at the end of the walkway, directly beyond the pavilion. I will conduct that and others of the– the judges will be there. The judges are the people, and then I shall go back and forth between the languages, and we shall quickly dispense all matters, because we are tired and we will not tolerate this lack of work, and there’s none too high – none too high – that will not be dealt with for putting your work burden on others and being inconsiderate and lacking in concern. The vast majority are kind, but some are taking advantage of the fact that the Russian guests are coming. We’ve had distinguished guests all through these many weeks. You’re taking advantage of that. Well, you– to know, I spoke very plainly when our guests were here to you, as plain as could be. When the most famous authors and congressional people were here, I did not one moment let down. I told them what we were going to do, and we were going to work, and we were going to demand a society where everyone carries a fair load, and I– I cussed and was my ol– old self. Even the famous Doctor Lane, Mark Lane, the former congressman, jurist, author of ele– el– sev– sev– eleven books and Doctor Don Freed all heard me say the same thing, so don’t think that people uh, being present, guests or Russians or anyone else will– going to effect one thing about me in terms of our structure. I will not allow what I see happening, and Johnny [Brown] has reported too much to me, and so has the other administrative a– aides and (emphatic) it’s going to stop as of now, immediately. Thank you, I love you very much. (tape edit)

Jones: [Short greeting in Russian] A little bit more of the news I think needs to be brought into your consideration. It’s amazing that we are a nation and area free of the mosquito, whereas in just one nation – India alone – seventy-five million had malaria last year. Several thousands had it in North America. Every nation’s suffering a new outbreak of malaria. All you have to do is to take your salt as directed, or your pill. That prevents it, but it’s miraculous that we have not yet– and there should be more investigation done by the agronomist, botanist, the pathologist, the biologist, rather– the doctor to see if there the (Stumbles over words)– mosquito around, but we have not located the one at all that bears any type of disease, whereas there are three very dangerous type of mosquil– mosquitoes in United States, bearing one brain fever encephalitis and the other a crippling form of arthritis. But imagine, seventy-five million had arthritis– had uh, ma– malaria in India last year, and eight hundred thousand of those, nearly one million, died. The number of people with malaria in the world today equals the combined populations of Japan, over a hundred million, Malaya, over a hundred million, and the Phillipin– Philippines, nearly a hundred million. Three hundred million people, a third of a billion people, had malaria. It is nothing to toy with and so be sure you eat your food properly and all of the balanced foods, and take whatever medicines your doctors have required.

[Stern tone] Now I want to say something very serious and very urgent, and I want administration e– ears to this and all medical department personnel to listen. This does not apply to the doctor in any way particular. There are a number of people capable of conducting diagnostic uh, studies on people, to giving them pure physicals. And some have given no physicals in weeks. I am disgusted, consternated and perplexed. I am not a person that’s by any means down under, this temperature though rises and I ca– get– contend with it daily. I continue with my work and writings, or getting some preparations for memoirs that’ll be later used for the glorification of this community, and I work, and I’m on this telephone carrying business with the radio on every minute, and go out from time to time to stroll to see how people are doing their work. But I am sick and tired of the fact that I have asked repeatedly in times past that people be trained, even lay people can be trained, in simple diagnostic work (coughs). And nothing has been done about it. I want full physicals done on everybody in this place. Do you hear me? And I mean business about this. I want full physicals done no less than– particularly now, because when some have not been done, I want them done in three months. So that is your goal. That means you’re going to have to train some people how to do things, and some of you’re going to have to get off of your duff and quit doing this– you’re acting like petty bourgeois doctors, and petty bourgeois practitioners and petty bol– bourgeois nurses. There’s no sense in this. The doctors should have a briefing immediately. There should be called an immed– emergency session right now. I demand it. And all medical people should be taught and even outside people, like the Chinese socialists and the– the Soviets, where they have barefoot doctors. They train them in uh– uh, noticing uh, the simplest syndromes of cancer and other contagious diseases or uh– viruses and other symptomatic disorders. It’s very easily done, and I demand it. I’m not asking it now, I damn well demand it. Do you understand me? I love you, but I demand it. There’s been enough floating along here with bourgeois b– bourgeoisism – bourgeoisie attitude towards uh, medicine. The Soviet doctors will see on the average of sixteen patients a day, and they receive the same wage and are not working for it, but they see those sixteen patients and they do a good job with sixteen patients. So now let’s get down to business. The doctor can’t do it all. He can’t possibly see all the people, but we can teach our skills and I demand it by God now, I’m not going to talk about it any more. I demand it. Thank you. (tape edit)

Jones: –my name out. Don’t use my name. It will always embarrass you when you do. I have asked for no person to be available for my assistance except on one occasion, Annie Moore, to do certain observations when I was going through a very difficult period. I have asked for not one soul. I called Dale [Parks] the other night and he ca– capably came to my rescue when we were having an inhalation problem. But I want it said that uh, Diane Louie has been doing a exceptional job of– so I understand. That’s my reports, and I’m always open to correction, but I will blow when I keep getting this kind of reports, and you better correct this information if it’s not, and the medical department better do it very quickly. But she’s doing an excess burden of the uh, ex– the uh, examinations– the physical examinations and the full studies. And I want the doctor to give everyone the training and get a class right now, and I want this goddamned thing taken care of. You’re dealing with my human lives out there, and they’re going to get the best medicine in the world. The Russians are impressed with what we have, but the best is not good enough. We can do better. You’ve done a lot of good things. The doctor’s done tremendous things, so have other medical people, the nurses, and the radiologist, and particularly Al Tschetter, how he’s carried on when his own physical didn’t feel like it, and now we have a good physical therapist in Mary Black [Mary Love] and a number of physical therapists assistants to help her, and all the medical nurses, RN, and– and they– the uh, the ordinary uh, practitioners and the– the physical uh, uh, the uh, pratit– practical nurses. All the medical staff, the laboratory technicians, you’ve done a good job, but this is insane. At– some people have not done any physical for days and days and days. This is insane, and doing a handful of physicals a day is not– it’s not suitable. You’re going to cause some patient to be caught too late, and I– I will not be able to live with that on my conscience, and I would doubt that you would be able to live with it on your conscience, so let’s get our damn self organized, and I’m at– asking the administrator at this point– the one administrator that’s here presently– because uh– and Sarah [Harriet Sarah Tropp], of course she’s uh– busy in uh– a certain law phase at this moment. But Carolyn [Moore Layton] is not here, but Johnny and if Sarah has the time. I want this im– implemented immediately. I want the health care of our people. If I’m prepared to pay for it, to fly people to any point in the world to get the best of surgery, if we did– we can’t perform it here and often doctors perform the very best thing here, but I’m tired of disorganization, I’m tired of wasted time. By God, I push myself when I’ve got a temperature of 104 and 105, and I want to get the hell out of this damn lethargy and running around in circles and get our ass together. Thank you. (tape edit)

Jones: I wish to say again I’m not excluding just Diane Louie as being the only person that’s doing a (unintelligible word) job. There are others that are doing exceptional work. Our pharmacist [Donald James Fields] has done exceptional work in his department. Other nurses, and we were just informed on how a special emergency was called upon, Judy Ijames responded (Tape edit) and Sharon [Cobb] our prac– practitioner.

But I am damned tired– One thing infuriates me, causes me to go up like a rocket, makes my temperature rise, makes me angrier than hell is when somebody uses my name so that they cannot work or do something, basing it up on my name. Because you better not quote my name unless, by God, you know what you’re dealing with because (emphatic) I am not a bit afraid to take on the– all the devils of hell, much less human beings. I love you, you’ve done a lot of good work – the person this is aimed at – knows you’ve done a very good job, but don’t use me as a copout, by God, and nobody else. Nobody in this entire en– department. Don’t you ever use my name as an excuse for not working when I haven’t said one damn word to you, not giving you one instruction to do one damn thing to me. Don’t you lie on me, ‘cause you’ll be caught with your pants hanging down. Thank you. (Tape edit)

Jones: Attention, attention, (greetings to friends in Russian). Again, those who are interested in be– learning socialist barefoot medicine, the practical doctors that go through the fields of China and the Soviet Union giving training but are not really M.D.’s but yet do major uh, diagnostic studies and medical physical examinations, would you report uh, your request in to uh, the office. Make the suggestion wide and clear in my suggestion box so Christine Lucientes will have it. Also I understand Wanda King is interested in doing such. I want this diagnostic work to be uh, uh– done immediately. I am not tolerating one more second of delay. I’m asking this meeting to be called, everything else be put aside, and calling it now. Now I– and so I would like to talk to my uh, head of surveillance if you will, please uh, would you step to uh, the telephone, will you come to the telephone immediately please, Tim– Tim Jones, please.

(tape edit) –tion, (tape edit) attention, attention. Luna Murral [Buckley] for instance has done a wonderful job of nursing. She’s the type of person should be trained in all sorts of uh– a– specialized areas, has Wanda King doing extra work, an exemplary job, and there’re others. These type of people should be trained to go beyond their field of duty. And I do mean, I want this– everything dropped and get our asses together today and start showing people how to do a– get a patient and show them from beginning to end. I want them to see how you do physicals, and I want them to watch, and I want this training session to be done regularly. I’m tired of disorganization around this goddamned place. We punch clocks in capitalism, and here we do when we want to, get up when we want to, go to bed when we want to, do whatever in the hell else when we want to, and that’s not socialism amongst some. Some, this is the most fantastic place on earth. The best people in the world. Some of you’ve grown by leaps and bounds and strides and millions, but medicine, you cannot afford one failure. That shows my love for my people. You can’t afford it, and I’m sick here with a temperature of 104, worrying about other people. But I’m not worried about myself right now. I’m worried that we don’t get some patient because of our foolishness, and wait and there’ll be some cancer develop and there’ll be three weeks too– too late to do anything about it. Now let’s get busy, and get off our butt and do it now. Thank you very much. Much love. (tape edit) (tape silence)

Jones: Uh, good (Pause) physical therapist as well as a brilliant laboratory technician come to the radio room to speak to the office, please. I need your advice on a more– point of information, thank you. (tape edit)

Woman: You’re on.

Jones: Again I say (Russian phrase for peace) but, though I want peace, I also want conscientious work in all fields. I just wanted to speak to Comrade Black who is an excellent laboratory technician as well as Eliza’s [Eliza Jones] physical therapist. She would be an ideal person to be trained in all areas of diagnostic therapy, all areas of physical examination. She has kindly consented, as busy as she will be, in her field to that training. I want this to be done regularly, I’m holding you responsible, the administrator uh, comrade Bloom [Phyllis Chaikin, aka Phyllis Bloom], are responsible that this classes– these classes are conducted daily until we are with some expertise at recognizing the dangerous syndermes– dangerous syndromes that cannot be cured other than through my power. It is blasphemous and disgraceful to depend upon my power, when man has energy and knowledge here. We have the best (unintelligible) clinic the Soviet Union said they’d ever seen, more medical staff than they’d ever realized in proportion to the population. So it is no excuse for us not to be doing the best job in the world. Though we do a good job, we need to be doing the best job in the world. I’m also calling for the head of security, I’ve called once, now I’m not going to call again. I want the head of security please. Immediately call the office. Thank you. (tape edit)

I want the head of security there. I want to take note of people’s reactions and how they can deal introspectively, self-analytically, what– (Pause) What’d I say the first part? I– I– I want the head of security, I said, daytime security, which is my son [Tim Jones], and by the way he was sitting there all the time. He was just being patient and letting the other ladies go forward. So that was pointed out to him by one of the secretaries, and it was good that he wasn’t defensive about it. But he is to be there, and I want this meeting to take place immediately. I uh, want also explanation as to why people are late for work which causes the administration immense problems, all sort of difficulties. You are one department that is life-saving. You are the heart of the people. You can’t come when you feel like it. You can’t drop in when you please. People don’t have that right. When people are ill, they need to have– they report into clinic and uh– to see if they have a– uh– a difficulty, temperature, or what is the– the problem? Or call for someone if you’re severely ill, have one of your compatriots, your comrades call for a medical uh, messenger that comes through– to the doors of our people. We are graciously concerned about your health. We go from door to door. We give each member here temperature, pulse, respiration checks, and blood pressure checks, regularly. But I– as I say, I have to have the best of medicine, and I w– I won’t tolerate any less. I won’t tolerate any less. It’s terrible to watch people die with diseases that you know could’ve been cured if people had done what they should’ve done. Thank you very much and much love. (tape edit)

If the uh, CAO’s, the administrative members of the triumvirate can be – those that are present – can be in this ma– me– meeting– I would appreciate this meeting being coordinated and by the council representative also, it’s a counseling matter. I feel this– if these reports, even half of them are re– are true, that it is dangerously uh, overdue that we see that we get this done. I want barefoot doctors. Lot of youth can put in the suggestion box. I want to learn how, and you can be trained, and the doctor and then other practitioners can train, and we could have people trained in medicine all over this place so that when people come in here, it won’t be a big burden on one. And this doing four, five, six medical exams a da– a day is ridiculous, and then some doing none. This is asinine. Totally asinine. We have to have time for study and research, but all people should feel this. Not only the medical doctor but all people should feel this, and I demand that it be so. This is not a request. This is a demand of the office. Thank you and much love. (tape edit)

Jones: Attention, attention. (Russian greeting) We wish to have Russian played. Different people though the community have suggested to have it played constantly until we become aware of its sounds. So now will you play constantly Russian throughout between intervals of announcements, and some music like Robeson’s great music– it is soul stirring (Pause) creativity. It was so hard on Paul Robeson. The US system was so hard on him. He came back in his last year of life to take care of a loved one, and his mind collapsed from the terrible pressures and hate that still was at work just three years ago when he died. So we want to hear this great man. We want to hear Victor Jara, but let us now for hours listen to Russian. Get used to its sound. It will not hurt classes in the background, if it’s not too loud. Get used to hearing it. The more you become accustomed to it, the more eventually you will pick out sounds and pick out words so put Russian on. Thank you very much. (tape edit) (tape silence)

Jones: Hmm? What’d you sa– (abrupt tape edit)

Jones: Attention, (Russian greeting) We wish to, as I said, practice Russian, and I will not be interfering much more. We had a little difficulty a moment ago that could’ve taken a life. A great miracle was performed. (tape edit) Sam Johnson was working with the chain saw. It should’ve severed his artery, his tendons, his fingers, everything. But nothing, nothing was harmed. It came within one one-hundredth of an inch of severing his artery, which would have been– well, it’d been curtains. Now we’ve got to have safety classes re-established, it seems, and safety emphasis in each department. These chances, these things can be avoided. Accidents do not have– happen. Nothing just happens, everything happens just. And reverse wise. We don’t have accidents, other than that there’s some subconscious conflict, tiredness, resentments, hostilities. If we’re taking care, they will not be done. So I want every department through the CAO’s to be giving the toughest emphasis on safety and seeing that safety classes are being functioning one hundred percent effectively every week. Thank you very much. Much love. Now with the Russian.

(tape edit) (muffled tape) reserved on the subject of delegation to the USSR. Remembering the reactions during White Nights of the past several weeks (unintelligible) concerned about the absence of blacks in USSR, one writer (unintelligible) comments about the Russian (unintelligible) (tape edit)

Jones: –staff, all have been totally noncommittal, even about the films. We are a community, you know. We will decide where we visit, what we do, where we get our educations, and that’s all we talk about. And uh, when Mrs. White [likely code for “final White Night”] was here, we don’t discuss that at all, that’s in uh, no value at all to anyone, present or in the past, you don’t know her and if– don’t need to ask about her. I suspect there is a deep concern about going into another what is appeared to be a white culture. During the uh, difficulties, when we were discussing the USSR as uh, a popular alternative, uh, the– uh, as an alternative, it seemed to be the least popular among other major places during the difficulties of the Seven Day Siege, for refuge, despite in its obvious ability to give us better protection (tape falters) when Mrs. White was visiting us during the Seven Day Siege. For myself, I have grown more and more keen about the possibility of going there. There– Of course all of us have initial reactions to cling to our beautiful community that we’ve built, unless our children would be affected someway here by difficulties or disasters. I now think it would be better for you, and perhaps us, to know our people were in the relatively safest spot on earth or have that option, that we have the option to go to all these places that we have been invited, to be educated and to have delegations. You understand what I mean. Then you would have freedom to do many other things which somewhat– with somewhat less anxiety, if we were to go into areas of Africa. I would hope the Soviet environment and its resources would be conducive to the pursuit of the greater accomplishment and with the training we get from you, our young people, could become effective in world humanitarian services. Yes, any youth that go to the Soviet Union will be living in their own community, a self-built community, where they would be educated, and they would be learning all about revolutionary struggle, as the Soviet Union is the avant garde of the socialist principles of liberation. So they’d be learning that socialist living on a scale that would be much uh, different than the Guyana uh, base. Uh– It’d be more e– easily obtainable, because the entire structure would support such. At least this is a perspective of one person. And her feelings are strong, though I want to express them. (Clears throat)

Whether the USSR (repeats name in Russian) is viewed as advantageous alternative, if we ever need it, a possible alternative or a sheer necessity, I think a good deal of information would be advisable to penetrate the reservations that so many of our people seemed to feel. Perhaps an emphasis on how much the Russians would appreciate our black uh, presence. They– They want us to come to visit, they’re almost begging us. And let’s face it now, I’m speaking, there are fifty different nationalities, many of them are black. One of the most famous people in the Soviet Union, [Alexander] Pushkin, P-u-s-h-k-i-n, the most loved of Russian poets was a– an African, black. We make mistakes in thinking that blacks do not exist in the Soviet Union. There’re fifty different nationalities and races in Russia. And racism a– as a problem has never been noted, and never been brought out but except the most freaky anti-communists who are trying to scare people. There is no anti-black feeling within that socialist community.

Anyway, we wanted to give this information. We appreciated this information about uh, Carolyn Looman’s bringing this up. We’ll also give simultaneous emphasis on the richness of the African culture and history and accomplishments that are constantly taught in the yu– Soviet Union, and we’ll be welcomed immensely by any delegation or students that came from here to there. It would be a remarkable opportunity, and we have the remarkability– the remarkable opportunity, as you know, in Zambia. Those wonderful privileges of travel to our people later, for (unintelligible word) free and uh, education, in Africa. All these opportunities are just tremendous.

Now I have had the last case of looking back that I intend to hear about. I have told people that I would clear those who I chose and those who I would choose not. I have had the last case of those looking back to Sodom and Gomorrah. It’s a land of destruction is forthcoming soon. So those that have put that in my suggestion box about that Babylon, with all the information I have given you, and told you to bring your loved ones here and write them to come, because they will come before it’s too late if you will write properly. Now you have lost protection for the time being, and you must see the results of that in your own life. I lift my protection from you, so that you might learn.

We also propose a community education program designed to erode some of our adult patterns that continue to hold our children back. Overall, our children are making substantial progress. They are far more expressive, more self-confident and more secu– secure than they were a year ago. And much– (Pause) much better informed, but we still see them impeded in their growth by the following: poor adult examples. Needless to say, this should be brought up every moment you see a poor adult example, condescending, or mal– bad treatment of an adult to a child. Adults tend to speak them– to them only to criticize, and then it is done in a destructive way rather than a supportive one, never to praise them. And this is to change, adults, throughout this community. There is still very little affection, non-demanding, shown to children of elementary age or higher except by a small percentage of adults. This is required from now on that all adults reach out and hug children. Those that’ve been looking back to Sodom and Gomorrah which will have some sorrow because you have the two that I’m speaking of. One older and one younger. You will– if you had lost your life and the life of others except in the narrow view of your own family, your own kin, you would’ve had help, and would’ve had a long future, and would’ve avoided many, many problems. Love children. It’s demanded. Adults should, when they pass children, pat them on the head, and they should give them hugs and constant attention. Like flowers, children grow by warmth and touching and loving. Children are usually expected to do what adults want to do and are seldom allowed to pick an activity that adults will share with them. So, that should be encouraged too, on occasion, that children pick activity, and adults work with them with the activities that the children uh, pick or employ.

Much abusive language is used, and this is to stop immediately by order of the office, and there is still a great– good deal of ex– exploitation of children without appreciation for what they have done. Adults generally have little awareness of our patience for children’s need to learn. They are expected to know everything and have everything under control. Well, remember, adults, you were once very, very dumb. (Pause) Much, much dumber than these children. These children are bright. They have been given the experience of being brought up in a socialist community in USA and here. Even more than the adults themselves do. Sometimes you expect them to know more than you yourself do. It will take a while longer to reverse some of these patterns after working with the children. We are still guilty of every one of these errors and more. But I think we must make a new start by having a series of short, non-accusatory sessions on child behavior in People’s Forums or separate meetings. I assign the teachers to keep this before us, the teaching staff, Comrade [Tom] Grubbs, so that this is done. Utilizing a panel of teachers and non teachers who can articulate, that is well speak out, in non-technical ways some of the dynamics we find in our adult-child relationships. A lot of propaganda would be helpful. (unintelligible word) mean teaching, enlightenment, stressing the need for affection, positive reinforcement, letting children be right some of the time, when they are so many of the times right. Letting them learn by making mistakes and complimenting them for the things they do without being torn down by criticism. The big brother, the big sister effort should be reinforced and even sped up and facilitated where necessary, as I have seen done with some, like Stephan [Jones]. Different devices to help adults begin looking at children’s behavior instead of merely reacting to– it could be used. And there’re others who are doing this, others who have done a good job of taking children, and like [Odell] Rhodes, we need to be constantly concerned about our children. They are our flowers. They will grow. They even grow taller physically if they’re given love. They are stunted in their growth if they’re not given love. Physically, I mean. That’s a fact of life. Every medical doctor can affirm that. Anyway, I know there are no quick panaceas, but I think some sort of program put together by several interested persons would be helpful, and I am demanding what I just said earlier, an end to all of the following: poor adult examples. Adults tending to speak to them only to criticize. There’s still very little exception, shown to children of elementary age or high– high school except by a small percentage of adults. Adults seldom listen to children to show their value of their thoughts. Children are usually expected to do what adults want to do and are not allowed to pick the activity that adults will share with them. Much abusive language is used and it’s to stop now, and there’s still a good deal of exploitation of children without appreciation for what they have done. Adults generally have little awareness of our patience of– of our– our patience– awareness of our patience for children’s uh, needs and to learn, they are expected to know everything and have everything under control, even more than the adults themselves do. It’s a shame that you forget that you were once young. Children to also respect adults but the chi– the child must learn from the adult. Remember that. The child must learn from the adult. And I want this to stop. I’ve said enough on it, and I’m not well. I will come through, but I expect certain socialist principles of growth to be exhibited.

There’ve been some good pointers that Comrade Grubbs has brought up that we will review again tonight about the sawmill question. We want to be sure that we are putting our priorities where they ought to be. Never fail to review questions. We may resolve a thing and then find that it is not the best solution. You know the whole community decided one thing one time. Perhaps later we review the situation, and it’s taken on new texture. I’m speaking about the sawmill.

Continue to put your reports in, but don’t burden me with asinine long, long letters. You can get your questions to me, suggestions to me, but don’t give me any suggestions about Sodom and Gomorrah. ‘Cause those that have are going to pay. I told you the last (tape fades out momentarily) I cannot go against my prophetic word, so the next person that said anything ‘til all of our people were here comfortably, except those I have permitted to come and go on missions of mercy, and I’ve said that anything that was said further about Sodom and Gomorrah, Babylon, (emphatic) they would have judgment upon them. Will not be a judgment of to death, but it will be a most unpleasant judgment of sickness. Mark my words. My words do not fail. Thank you.

End of tape

Tape originally posted December 2009