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(Audio segment from previous recording)

Jones: What I mean is that they– (Tape edit) working out the final stages of nine trade and economic aid agreements. We have to see the long distant future. And in an age where nuclear war is inevitable, even according to all world scientists–

(tape shuts off for a few seconds)

Part I:

Jones: (Unintelligible beginning) are capitalist fascism. And if you’re a revisionist, you end up being a tool, at best, if not an outright lackey, an Uncle Tom or puppet of the fascist monopoly capitalist planners. In conclusion of the French apologist communist revisionist, many terrorist groups – and the Red Brigades among them – declare themselves to be Marxist-Leninist. Their recourse to terror is frequently justified on the grounds of a commitment to armed struggle, as Lenin called for, and posed as an alternative to the peaceful transition strategies of revisionist communist parties. But terrorism is no alternative to revisionism. In fact, terrorism discredits genuine revolutionary violence in the eyes of the masses and strengthens the hands of revisionism. I guess this is just a matter of polemics and rhetoric and interpretation. If the act of violence against one fascist imperialist, like Aldo Moro, can unite his wife to speak out against the ruling circles of Italy, it has been a revolutionary act perfectly consistent with the First Communist International and absolutely consistent with Vladimir Lenin and Marx’ call for class struggle and violence to overthrow the existing capitalist order. The French apologist revisionist communist – Euro-communist – say we do not doubt that some of the left will have feelings of sympathy for the Red Brigades. Oh, no, they could not doubt that. Admiring their audacity, courage and strength, and delighting in their ability to confound the forces of the Italian fascist state. But such a view is tragically mistimed and mistaken. Whatever their intentions or their rhetoric, these terrorists have served the cause of reaction and not the cause of genuine proletarian revolution.

I’m afraid I am not in sympathy with the Euro-communist view of the French. I find them sickingly– sickeningly apologetic, sickeningly cowardly. An act of people’s will against a murderer dictator is not an act of terror. It is a shame that communists would use the same word “terrorism” as capitalists do. It is tragic that we find communists who have become lackeys of world imperialism, such as the French Euro-communists. But I gave their view and gave instantaneous responses from my own consciousness, as tired as it is from lack of days and nights sleep, and you may choose to see some other point of view. If you do, freely speak it. Be sure you are well versed on this subject for People’s Rally and in socialist classes where there will be constant testing. They don’t mind grading them, then you must not mind being tested, because knowledge is the only road to sensitivity, and loyalty is the only key to our continuation. And loyalty must come from a knowledge of socialism and that knowledge is encouraged out of the barrel. The barrel of imposition on your routine indulgences. I try to indulge you – there’ll be movies tonight, beginning very shortly, Hollywood movies, which must be interpreted by someone like Professor [Richard] Tropp or someone else that has a communist perspective, because there is such propaganda – I try to give you time for music that is decadent, in terms of building any communist morality, that is diversionary at best. I try to be understanding, but we are in a turmoil, we are in the defense of our revolution.

Last night, a radio station on San Jose broke in and slipped to us the word that mercenary operations – then there was immediate jamming – that mercenary operations might take place in our area. So the people will be alert. We are quite able to turn back any mercenary. Their blood has fallen on our soil. And have been carried away. We have lost none. No mercenary action can continue to succeed against us. We have will and we are armed. We do not believe in gradualism. We do not believe in revisionism. We do not believe in working inside the system through legal parliamentary protest measures such as Martin Luther King did and was murdered, and his people did not even retaliate. We believe in armed defense and armed resistance to the exploitations of capitalists– capitalists be they on grand design of the CIA or smarl– smaller mercenary conspiracies, as have been so clearly devised against us. We do have ask for alertness to see anyone approaching our community at any time. We do ask that my comrade, Stephan, and others form their guerilla activist group and guerilla training and strategy. The regional minister of the People’s National Congress, a very good friend of our people up at Kumaka and Marteluah [phonetic], suggest that we should learn all phases of guerilla warfare and self defense. We urge this upon you to set the new time for your strategies and tactical training. We must discipline our bodies and be perfectly willing to go through whatever calisthenics are required by comrade Stephan. But it is time that we get on with training and discipline, because theory is essential to have practice, but theory without practice leads to revisionism. We are not revisionists. We are communists, and we are prepared to liberate all of our people in the States and keep this place liberated and reach out as the days go by to liberate. We would choose liberty or death.

Thank you, and all of my love. Thus ends news and commentary for this day. Take it to heart, review it again in the evening, those of you that are not listening to the Hollywood movies. But with proper interpretation, Hollywood movies can be educational. You can see the propaganda, how people are created to be apathetic robots and to end up in diversionary despair or deviation or revisionism. You can see it through the propaganda device of Hollywood movies. Whatever they are, I do not know. They’re different movies. Three. You can try them out as suits you. And they’ll begin shortly.

I love you very, very much. I love you more than you could ever know. I hope you felt that love as I go by you and touch you and smile at you. You should know that love in the medical care I give you, and when I stand and say take me, let my people go or I will die. That love speaks. I get you the best medical care. I provide for your security and safety and worry about you and my loved ones all over the States, every hour, to such a degree I cannot sleep. But I show that love, if you would want to hear that love and feel it, in the meetings. I show it in my judgment, my compassion, my mercy as I give resolutions to people’s problems. But please know that love, inculcate it and reproduce it, for the sake of building a great community, under the banner of Marxist-Leninism – not revisionism – but Marxist-Leninism that believes in the violent overthrow of all institutions of capitalistic oppression. Much love.

(Silewnce for several moments)

(Part II)

Jones: The Voice of America commentator said official count showed that Mobutu [Sese Seko] got ten million eight hundred and thirty three thousand votes and only one hundred and fifty abstentions. Now that is the most ridiculous lie anybody ever heard in their life, and the Voice of America said it for fact.

The Upper Volta elections that seemed to be going socialist were reversed. The general, Lamazan– Lamizina– Lamizawa [Sangoulé Lamizana], who has controlled it for some thirteen years, is still in power, but 28 members of the Democratic Union, left of center, got 28 seats in the 57 [seat] House of Deputies, and National Union for Defense of Democracy got 13 seats. The head of the National Union for the Defense of Democracy’s father was killed, of Lamizawa, who was then a colonel when he overthrew the elected government of the Upper Volta.

Britain’s Rozesian– Rhodesian expert John Graham, and Stephen Low, US Ambassador to Zambia, are on their way to Rhodesia, to try to hold up a tottering regime, according to BBC.

Zimbabwe Africa People’s Union, ZAPU, is trying to reconcile– reconcile differences it has with the Ian Smith regime, through US pouring much money and influence, as an effort again at division to try to pull away ZAPU under nationalist Joshua Nkomo, from the Patriotic Front, who the other leader is Marxist-Leninist Robert Mugabe. ZAPU has said they will not agree at this point to any kind of merger, but they are talking. The Patriotic Front, according to ZAPU, must be included, but according to BBC, there is weakening in some elements of Joshua Nkomo’s Nationalist Front. Nationalists are never dependable to maintain a revolution. There’s only one way to liberate a people, that’s by full commitment to Marxist-Leninism, not racial chauvinism or nationalism, or you get the kind of picture you see in People’s China: a dread monster of nationalistic communism that’s playing into hands of world imperialism.

NATO has gone full circle. From s– the last fifteen years of no concern about the Soviet presence, the hue and cry of the summit conference of NATO is that Soviet threat is the most crucial concern of capitalism in the world today.

The chief advisor for [President Jimmy] Carter, who is gaining more sway on the Carter administration who has been for some many years a member of the Trilateral Commission even before Carter was, [Zbigniew] Brzezinski, calls the Soviets a threat to the (Unintelligible word, sounds like “code”) of detente and world peace. And he said he holds the Soviets personally responsible for African internationalism. That is something else, that he would have the nerve to uh, (Pause) spell it out like it is. He’s a damned fascist. They don’t want people to be liberated.

Well, that’s a little more of the news than you had pri– prior to this time.

Vietnam and China may be reconciling some differences, according to Radio Peiping. Their view is that, for the first time being able to hear them, that thousands of Chinese will be taken out by boat. And these Chinese ethnics in Vietnam are the worst of the business element. How the People’s Republic of China is going to assimilate them into their collectives will be most fascinating.

BBC, Brussels, Comecon [Council for Mutual Economic Assistance] – the communists nations – and the European Common Market are seeking arrangements to seek economic li– links which Brussels headquarters, the European Common Market capitalist nations say that despite the differences with Comecon, which they have refused steadfastly since the beginning, never to meet with them, that if capitalism is to survive, they will have to seek links with the proper– prosperous Comecon nations.

Aronjaya [phonetic], province of Indonesian fascist dictatorship, Suharto, one of the worst murderous dictatorships in the world. When he took power from the founder of Indonesia – or the liberator of Indonesia – Sukarno, he immediately killed off over one half million communists and socialists. But there is great resistance throughout Indonesia. And Aronjaya are holding nine leading members of the Indonesian government, inclu– including the puppet provisional president, and they demand the immediate independence of Aronjaya, or they will execute these high-ranking military officers and officers of the fascist government of Indonesia.

I think that is primary news and uh, we will say good movie watching and good steering committee at this time. The movie will begin, and you should be seeing it, ‘cause you’ll be heavily tested tomorrow night in People’s Rally over the Soviet films. Thank you, and all of my love.


Part 3

Jones: Shh.

Woman’s voice in background: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Somalia– No, no, Somalia and Angola. They’re miles apart, but you’re right on with Somalia. What did Somalia do? Angola is way in the south of Africa and Somalia’s in the Horn of Africa.

Woman’s voice in background: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Can’t hear.

Woman’s voice in background: (Unintelligible)

Jones: What did she say? You– Hear– you speak up. I can’t hear.

Woman’s voice in background: (Unintelligible)

Jones: No, no, no, no, no. Somalia and Ethiopia have been enemies. Yes, uh, Lerna Jones, what happened in Somalia– Ethiopia today?

Lerna Jones: Well, I was going to say that– that the countries that, uh, they helped–

Jones: Hmm?

Lerna Jones: I was going to say one of the countries that they helped –

Jones: Hold on– tell me one of the countries they helped.

Lerna Jones: Was it Zaire?

Jones: Yes, that’s true. Some of them. (Unintelligible phrase) Okay. They– they– So we know the Soviets are back to the course that Marx and Lenin said, you must have a violent overthrow of the existing systems, or otherwise you are revisionist. But [Nikita] Khrushchev did get something out of Cuba. He extracted the first base in the western world. The western hemisphere. No other goddamn person coulda pulled that off, and how did he pull that off? When he was surrounded, and the missiles were eye– eyeball to eyeball confrontation, how did– yes, uh, uh, Martin [Amos]. What– what happened?

Martin: He said that if uh, that if they didn’t sign the uh, didn’t sign the treaty not to uh, not to invade Cuba, that he would– he would go on with that nuclear war.

Jones: He– he would keep the missiles there. He didn’t he’d go on with nuclear war, but that’s good. He’d keep putting the missiles there, and he got something else out of them. He made them take their missiles away from some place. Do you know where that was? (Pause) He negotiated on the high seas.

Martin: (unintelligible under Jones)

Jones: And some of these people were a little scared, because how many people were lost in Russia? They lost– uh, they– they were scared that these damned Yankees were crazy, they believed in God and they believed in immortality, and they’d never lost any people in war, uh, so he was a little scare– his people didn’t back him up. How many people did they lose in Second World War, do you remember?

Martin: Twenty million.

Jones: Twenty million dead. That’s a lot of folk. But he was brilliant. He got the missiles pulled out of what country? Yes, back there again.

Voice in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: No, no, he didn’t them pulled out of Cuba, he got them pulled out of uh, where?

Voice in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: China– no, no, no. A reactionary fascist regime that killed two million Armenians. Not only has uh, one nation done it. Germany killed seven million, but just a few years before that, this nation killed two million Christian Armenians. Racist genocide is not unknown and will be done again. You can believe USA’s got plans for it, as I’ve given you the plans under Senate Bill 1437 and the King Alfred Plan. What uh, what uh– Yes, uh, Comrade Chaikin? Where was it?

David Chaikin: Turkey!

Jones: Turkey. Turkey. Look at Turkey. Uh– Well, you laugh– you laugh like you think it’s so funny, that there is a nation named Turkey? You’re the foolish person even to find it funny. It should be so well known to you.

Woman’s voice in background: (Unintelligible)

Jones: Huh? No, when I’m back here, I was talking about Turkey. Ah, they’re laughing at you for being up– that’s good, I’m glad some of it– some– I sa– one of them was talking about Turkey. You’re foolish if you’re laughing about something uh– There is a nation named Turkey. It’s spelled just like a Turkey– the turkey gobbler. And so you’re not– uh, you’re the one that should be laughing at yourself. All right now. I try to give some information here. Now if you uh, got this, and I think we should test over this. Teachers, I think we should test over this all very, very closely over what’s been said in these two– these last two classes. Now if people don’t get it in here, they’re not trying.

Voices in crowd: (unintelligible)

Man’s voice: Right. That’s right.

Jones: They’re not trying. So the test should be combined this time with what we’ve been doing in here. All right, son, tell me something in the news, real quickly.

Child: Uh, uh, it was– uh, it’s about the Red Brigades and uh, but the USS has had the war in uh, the uh–

Jones: What’s that– What’s that, honey?

Child: The US– uh, arrested uh, the Red Brigade and– and uh, they would let asylum and there was uh, asking questions out of them and tortured them.

Jones: Well, you got it a little mixed up, son. Uh, you’re a little nervous in front– Don’t be nervous about uh– Don’t ever be nervous– We’re– We’re not to be– supposed to be nervous about losing our life. And there’s no embarrassment about not knowing. We just have to keep on till we do. Uh, Pat– see Pat there about an extra class this week. (Pause) Right there. Pat [Grunnett], hold your hand up so you can see him. (Pause) Uh, what happened in Vietnam? In Vietnam today. I mentioned in news yesterday too. I mentioned it from–

Annie Mitchell: Uh–

Jones: – a capitalist view yesterday and I mentioned it today from a communist prospective.

Annie Mitchell: In Vietnam they uh– uh– (unintelligible) – Tuesday. In Vietnam they are fighting– uh–

Jones: No, darlin’, they’re not. Ta– Take an extra class this day. We’ll move on here quickly. Give her name, please?

Woman: Annie Mitchell.

Jones: Thank you, sweetheart.

Woman: Lucy Miller.

Jones: All the acting children, they’re all such good actors. Tell me something in the news, Lucy?

Lucy Miller: I didn’t get any news today, Daddy, but I can tell you somethin’ I got off of the board down there today.

Jones: Well, what is it?

Lucy: Uh, [Huey] Newton had set up before charges for murder.

Jones: Uh-hmm.

Lucy: And the Black Panthers uh, didn’t stand as a leader. And they went to Cuba and went to New York and the police were taking over, take charges over, and there was 20 prisoners. And uh, three of them was kilt.

Jones: Uh-hmm.

Lucy: And the uh– then uh, [Nelson] Rockefeller, he was gonna, he was the government and he’s taking over. And–

Jones: Trilateral Commission– He’s uh– he’s one of the big powers of the Trilateral Commission, right?

Lucy: Yeah. And then it was uh– uh– three was kilt. And then about the ten-year-old child, it was a doctor on a missionary–

Jones: Uh-hmm.

Lucy: – and then when they taken this child and then– and worked it as a slave– and this child in uh–

Jones: That’s right. In Florida.

Lucy: Yes, that’s right, and so–

Jones: Baptist missionaries.

Lucy: Sure. And this child– as it spoke about the school and the name of the school was Am– Am– uh, Am– Amneta [phonetic] High School–

Jones: Umm.

Lucy: –and when it did, the teachers got kind of superstitious [suspicious] ab– about it, you know, and that’s when they find out about this child being a slave.

Jones: Well, you’ve sure done a great effort for a senior citizen, and give her excellent. To try to memorize the news at your age is not easy. (Tape edit) Attica uprising, (Unintelligible phrase) what the Attica uprising was. Anybody in that line know what the Attica uprising was? Yes, uh, Comrade [Christine] Miller?

Christine Miller: I think it was because uh, they didn’t like the way that they were treated and the way that they were fed and the prisons–

Jones: That’s right, it’s a prison riot. Where was it?

Christine Miller: In New York.

Jones: Right. Pass. (Stumbles over words) And uh, what did they– can you tell me though – anyone else in that line – why didn’t they just kill them at the time? Why didn’t they kill the rest of those prisoners at the time? There was a good reason why they didn’t. Not– not Comrade Miller. She doesn’t need to. That’s all right. That’s very good. She passed. Very good but– (Pause) Yes, comrade. The hand up there. Why didn’t they kill them at the time?

Woman: ‘Cause they wanted to see if they would talk. See if they go out and tell them–

Jones: That’s what the young man said and that’s– that’s a point. But there’s something more– more significant than that. Far more significant than that, because they didn’t dare– Yes, uh, Comrade Parks? (Pause) What is it? Louder, please, can’t hear.

Male in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: They didn’t want to get into the newspaper– What? What’d he say?

Voices in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: Right. Why didn’t they want it published though? That’s true. Let him– that pass– Parks passed. Why didn’t they? Because at the same moment– now let me see– anybody know? Rita?

Rita: Uh, what you said uh, one time, you said that the capitalists– you know the capitalist, he was (Unintelligible word) and they settle down and then they forget all the past. And it’s all passed over, so they bring it up at a later day, and they say “Oh, well, you know, it’s all gone. It’s over.”

Jones: I’ll pass you for that, but there’s a mo– something they needed to forget. A horrible thing that was done. Word broken and then an order given– Comrade [L.C.] Mitchell?

L.C. Mitchell: (unintelligible)

Jones: Yes. Some did– who ordered the killing?

Scattered voices in the crowd: Rockefeller.

Jones: Rockefeller, yes. Mitchell passed. But uh, Rockefeller, who was one of the leaders of the Trilateral Commission. Now, here he’s back to the big– big monopoly finance capitalists. The one of the leaders, the– the leading potentates of imperialism. Imperialism and finance capitalism are what?

Voices in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: The same. The last stage in capitalism. Rockefeller promised those people that they would be negotiating with them. He was going to meet for negotiations. They were peaceful, they hadn’t done any violence. They’d fed even the guards. And he ordered his own guards shot down. Like dogs. Killed more guards than they did prisoners, or killed as many. And so Rockefeller didn’t want that shit to get out in the news. He didn’t want that out in the news. So they let them go. They let them go. They give ‘em uh, yeah, slight treatment and hounded them through various agencies of New York until finally they had their Waterloo with them last week. And finally finished them off. The last of the Attica resistance. As the young lady said, eight years later, the people would forget. Okay, tell me something else in the news, dear.

Child: Umm–

Jones: You better know this stuff that’s been rolling out here tonight.

Child: Does it have to be today?

Jones: No, it– give me any news you remember.

Child: Uh– Gary Tyler was 16-year-old boy. He was charged uh, with life in prison uh, for killing a white student. And uh, a witness, a white uh, 14-year-old girl, she said that it was true, and later on when they found out she lied, uh, his attorney asked could uh– could there another trial and the trial was decided, and he’s still doing life in prison.

Jones: I missed what she said. (Unintelligible about Paula Adams) that’s got to be revised, but that was based on something else. Tell her her message has got to be revised. It goes in with Anita. She can see me after meeting. Tell her not– not to send any message to the Soviets because it’s got to be revised, based on what the head of the party, uh, Dr. [Ptolemy] Reid asked us to do today.

Woman’s voice in background: (unintelligible)

Jones: What’d you say again, what’d you say?

Child: Gary Tyler uh, a 16-year-old black student was uh–

Jones: That’s good, sweetie– don’t be nervous.

Child: –was uh, charged with life in prison uh, because he was charged with killing uh, a white student, and a 14-year-old g– white girl says that uh, he did, and later on when they found out–

Jones: (interrupting) She– She admitted she lied. She admitted she lied.

Child: –that uh, she lied. And then uh, then his attorney asked could uh, there be another trial and the trial was decided, and now he’s still doing life in prison.

Jones: That’s true. Per– Teachers are going to have to pick up the news of black individuals and uh, youth and so forth in the news. We’ve got to pick it up. There’s where you relate a lot of things. Starts at that point. Thank you. Very well. She passed. Tell me something in the news, sweet.

Woman: Uh– there was a– a race riot in West Philly and they uh, uh–

Jones: Mm-hmm.

Woman: –there was a race riot in Philly. They uh, quarantined everyone there.

Jones: Uh-hmm. Surrounded them. Surrounded the district.

Woman: (Unintelligible under Jones) –they surround everyone.

Jones: Quarantine. That’s a pretty good word.

Woman: So uh– I– I can’t remember the rest.

Jones: Okay. We’ll– We’ll pass. Good. Yes. What is it, darlin’?

Girl: Could we have these two seniors, ‘cause they’ve been waitin’.

Jones: Surely. Surely. Can you tell us what’s in the news, darlings? Tell me something you know about the news. You can sit right there. It’s all right.

Woman: Umm– (clears throat) Well, I don’t know so very much, uh, but I’ve got some news all right enough.

Jones: What’s that?

Woman: Uh, in Brazil, the people had to leave there on account of they was uh, starvin’ and they didn’t– couldn’t find any work.

Jones: That’s true.

Woman: And uh–

Jones: They had to leave south– (laughs) southern Brazil.

Woman: – and uh– it– in uh, Texas and Oklahoma they– they’ve ordered those doctors to give some sort of stuff to the different people, and uh, the doctors didn’t want to do it. They said that it– they would be called murders. And uh–

Jones: That’s right.

Woman: –and uh– (Pause) and in Houston, they having a race riot–

Jones: Well, what they want– that they want– well, what those doctors were– what she’s remembering– it’s very good. She’s a senior who’s uh, sometimes a little disoriented and that’s beautiful. The uh– the uh, doctors were told that they had to uh– the doctors should be the official executioners. Now they’re going to execute by hypodermic.

Woman: (Unintelligible word). And they didn’t want to do it–

Jones: The tried to give ‘em– all the states– they don’t want to do it because they didn’t want to get their hands– Officially they didn’t want to do it. They said if anybody wants to do it privately, it’s their business, but they will not uh, officially give the injection that kills. ‘Cause the death penalty’s been restored, and they’re going to do it by hypodermic now in uh, what states? Texas, as she said, and Oklahoma. That’s good, darling. Very good. She passes. Okay, can you tell me, Ollie, some news?

Ollie Harrington: No, I can’t remember none. No.

Jones: What’d you say, sweetheart?

Harrington: I said no, I don’t know no news.

Jones: Oh, I bet you do. Something. You remember something, don’t you? I don’t mean necessarily today.

Harrington: No, I can’t remember, unless I am– remember you talking about the three children that wind up in Alabama. Um-hmm–

Jones: Yes, that’s right. What’d they do to them, sweetheart?

Harrington: They burn them and (unintelligible).

Jones: See? Got to get these graphic experiences of our own black experiences. Thank you. We’ll– Thank you, sweetheart. We’ll pass. That’s true. They did it in Alabama and they killed ‘em. We’ve got to have lots of examples of human suffering, direct places where people’ve been and from our own racial background. (Tape edit) Over in Hollywood, who– where’d you pay the most price?

Man: In Watts.

Man in crowd: What is that called? What’s that called?

Jones: Uh-hmm. High jacked the prices.

Man: Yep. I didn’t hear–

Man in crowd: What is that called? What’d you call that?

Man: Umm– (long pause).

Jones: You better look out, you that look back to USA. You get your ass there, if you were– if you weren’t arrested, if you weren’t picked up and– as you would be. If you got your ass there, there wouldn’t be no time to settle, till they have you round up– I mean these people are filled with hate. If New York teachers would oppose a black woman like that, who’s kiss ass. Shirley Mae Chisholm has tried to get along with the system, but they wouldn’t let her have. They wouldn’t let her have it. They wouldn’t let her have it. What? What’s that?

Man: (unintelligible)

Jones: (unintelligible word) Shirley Mae, yeah?– Okay, what uh, (Stumbles over words) what shall I ask? I don’t know where in the hell I’m at with the news. I– towards the last– yeah, we’ve covered a lot of news. Where– where is my notes? (Tape edit)

Part 4

Jones: –Robben Island. R-O-B-E-N [R-O-B-B-E-N]. He was restricted to his house from that time on with visits limited, quotation by the press prohibited, and permission to leave the country denied. The 50-year-old nationalist leader underwent the chest surgery in Cape Town for lung cancer. As you know, our enemies tried to inject cancer in Mother [Marceline Jones]. We should be so grateful that we are here, although your father brought about a miraculous healing. Her slides prove– you can look at her x-rays, as you could look at the x-ray of Nawab Lawrence, and should, of a miracle of scientific socialism in the paranormal degree in your father. He has great healing faculties. Nonetheless, this man died with great courage, where he underwent chest surgery in Cape Town last month.

This gives you a little bit of the idea of the news. We hope that you will keep up with the news. It’s very important.

Zimbabwe continues to gain ground as the insurgencies who represent the people, over 80 percent, the Patriotic Front under Joshua Nkomo, nationalist leader, and Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist leader, tend to unite more of the people. It has not been decided whether Bishop [Abel] Muzorewa, who has always been an Uncle Tom sellout, yet he could stomach no more, withdrew from the interim pirate fraudulent government of fascist white Ian Smith– I-a-n, and you know the spelling of Smith. He resigned because all black officials in the Ian Smith government had been removed from their office.

US military aid, International Monetary Fund aid, continues to pour into these fascist regimes, such as 473 million dollars just recently to the dread fascist state of Union of South Africa. It– which is nothing more than a model for what USA will be doing in its own communities. As you know, our people in South Africa live in concentration camps. Over one half of the black population suffer from near starvation. They have to be in by sundown, and they cannot have any association with husbands or wives or families for one year, from Christmas to Christmas. The husband and wife must hire out as domestic servants to white people. This is the horror of the [Johannes] Vorster regime. Isolated and reviewed [repudiated] by world opinion.

Indonesians resist dictator’s efforts to suppress them. Indonesian dictator, General Suharto, S-u-h-a-r-t-o, which was recently given some thirty million dollars of aid by Vice President [Walter] Mondale, another forked-tongued liberal that I was selected by San Francisco mayor [George Moscone] to meet, who promised me when I demanded that there’d be no more efforts like the USA had done in Chile, that it would never happen again, is now in the business of traveling the world and giving support to dictatorships everywhere.

Combined left unions – particularly the teacher– teachers union – are causing considerable disruption in fascist France. Great resistance is growing to the fascist, imperialist member, France, of NATO – Nor– Amer– Atlantic Treaty Organization, which are puppets of US imperialism, for their invasion into Chad and Mauritania.

US-South Korean war exercise denounced. The Democratic People’s Republic that is drawing very, very close to Prime Minister [Forbes] Burnham of Guyana, Communist North Korea, which really represents all the people of Korea until USA imperialism artificially separated the south and made a puppet regime under a vicious dictator [Park Chung Hee], last week denounced plans for the largest joint US-South Korean military maneuver since the Korean War. Strong resistance has come and even so more courage, we hope, to the internationalists in China as Prime Minister Hua [Chairman Hua Kuo-feng] has openly decried US influence in Korea and demanded immediate withdrawal of US troops. It’s the first internationalist position that the People’s Republic of Communist China has taken in many years. It is the feeling of most communists, including Dr. Fidel Castro, br– the brave Prime Minister of Cuba. As you know, Cuba offered us all asylum, should we ever face anything that we couldn’t live under. We are grateful for that offer. They feel – Dr. Fidel Castro and the communist internationalist in the Warsaw Pact, which is the true liberationist of the world oppressed – that they feel that China will be moving back into the international arena before long, because of their good socialist practices on the domestic scene.

Tens of thousands of Spaniards in the Basque city of Vitoria demonstrated last week in commemoration of 1976 slaying of five striking steel workers. Workers da– died in the largest clash of post-Franco [Francisco Franco], dictator in Spain. Over one thousand were injured by riot police. Basque workers have formed a national liberationist-Marxist movement following the same tactics of the Red Brigade, kidnapping and killing members of the secret police and the government that are going along with the seamy tactics i– of the Basque people – B-a-s-q-u-e – in the north of Spain. So, the courage of those who wish world liberation have not entirely been removed from the scene.

France imperialism, stepping up in the government attempts to links to Haiti, where 98 percent of the people cannot read or write, even though it’s right next to Cuba, where over one half of the people are in starvation existence. French imperialist, backed by the US fascist government, are gloating over recent gains in Haiti, according to a secret French government letter sent to its Haitian mis– ministry – Haiti is spelled H-a-i-t-i – and a host of new economic and cultural programs demonstrate the scope of stepped-up collaboration between France and the fascist dictatorship of Jean-Claude “Baby Doc” Duvalier, the– who is elected dictator for life, if you could imagine any such election. It was just a farce. The cultural and economic cooperation has indeed been greatly expanded, said the letter, written several days ago, but only recently exposed.

The number of Peace Corps type-volunteers, who are often suspected of being CIA agents, has grown from 60 in 1973, to 220 in this last year. (Tape edit)

Chile is receiving worldwide pressure over the [Orlando] Letelier murder and the CIA which dumped seven million dollars into the murder of the man who was in San Francisco who I asked not to go back because I had a revelation that his life was in danger. The Chilean DINA secret police, connected with US CIA, murdered the diplomat Orlando Letelier, L-e-t-e-l-i-e-r and his assistant, Ronni Moffitt, US lady, right in front of her husband [Michael Moffitt] and family, who is head of the [Institute for] Policy Studies for better relations with Latin America. The question has become increasingly embarrassing to the US government in recent days, even as the Justice Department’s 17-month investigation builds, with little likelihood that they will really expose the CIA involvement. (Tape edit) For it is clear to the world press, outside of US – where the press in USA sells out to capitalist interests – that the CIA was implicated directly in the murder of Orlando Letelier. Even The New York Times disclosed on the third of this month that State and Justice Department officials were suggesting that the US recall its ambassador to Chile [George W. Landau] if the military dictatorship junta continues to refuse a US government request to turn over two Chilean military officers [Michael Townley and Armando Fernandez Larios] for questioning about CIA murder in USA.

Naturally, the monopoly capitalist clique that rules USA will bring about a takeover which will put our people in concentration camps and murder blacks in the streets, as protest continues to build. No opposition is tolerated by monopoly capitalism in its later senile stages, which will finally and always and inevitably move in to a fascist murderous takeover as we’re seeing happening in Italy.

This gives you some idea of the world news of the day. We hope that you will get it down clearly, because the next test will be very, very serious. All teachers, supervisors, tell their children again. No talking of killing capitalists or killing anyone. We are socialists, attempting to light candidles– candles and not curse darkness, to convert capitalists to socialism. At least our emphasis should be one on peace and justice. The people’s courts will eventually take care of the injustices done by the capitalist exploiters, but it will be very bad in our PR for any of the children to speak in this fashion, with guests coming.

Guests are coming today. Be sure that you have all of your homes prepared. Remember the malaria team is also coming, which the– though we have never had any problem with malaria, we’d like further elimination, at the government’s expense, of the mosquito. They will be spraying – when they finish, perhaps in two cycles – all of our homes. Your beds are to be pulled out three feet from the wall and everything spotlessly cleaned and no revolutionary material laying around or anything else that could cause embarrassment. I w– expect the closest cooperation.

The Shah of Iran [Reza Pahlavi], surrounded by countries friendly to the socialist liberationist forces of the great USSR, has sought to avoid criticism for the massacre of peaceful demonstrators last week in every one of his major cities by charging local officials with negligence. Governor Escandau Assamudi [phonetic] of Iran’s Eastern Azerbaijan province were dismissed for allowing foreign terrorists, as he called them, into Tabriz, where the uprising occurred. They always have to blame it on communist influence, but there’s actually dissent breaking out (Tape edit) in the bastion of wealthy oil, US-backed, Shah of Iran dictatorship, who was put into power by the murder of a great president who had liberal socialist leanings [Mohammad Mosaddegh, former premier of Iran, removed following coup].

Well, we’re glad that Afghanistan has gone Marxist-Leninist and has proved a base for operations. It’s right next to Iran. Iran is also completely surrounded by Iraq, which is close to the Soviet Union and Syria. Bravo to the people for their brave struggle of liberation in that part of the world. We know the power of worker solidarity. One day, it will be able to wee– win the wills and minds of the people. Socialism is a superior system. Look what it does for us. The medical care. Last night, tens of thousands of medical supplies were ordered – in dollars, I’m speaking – for your welfare. Look at what it means to have a thousand people guarantee your security. Don’t get any ideas in the capital as you go as representatives in various areas, cultural and otherwise, that you could make it alone.


(Side B)

Jones: You cannot– you could – if you were a millionaire – not have the security that you have here. Remember the capitalists give no security to those that work with them. Elaine Brown sold out the Panthers, charged with murder one. Aldo Moro, Prime Minister of Italy, chief architect of world capitalism, they allowed him to die. Five millionaire capitalists, associates of [Ferdinand] Marcos of the Philippines, murdered. All through the world, that’s the typical pattern of the competitive rat race of capitalism. Socialism teaches cooperation and unity and solidarity. Even the US Embassy officials yesterday were highly impressed and made remarks about the love, the goodwill, the togetherness of our people. Whatever they do behind the scenes, they are touched by what they see of genuine socialist practice and cooperation here. There are a lot of Americans who are socialist in the closet. Rosemary Williams, yesterday, in the rally, apologized for not being able to come out in the open.

So we shall continue to fight these people. The conspiracy is not able to muster the best kind of elements, when it has Whitey Freestone who molested his own child. Ross Case, who had sexual relations of a most deviant kind with several people. Transvestite, evildoer, planned murderer – I mean planned murderer at least of Chris Lewis – Timothy O. Stoen.

We shall continue in our vigilant efforts to defy the efforts of fascism. Let us be grateful now. Give your gratitude to those around you for the great miracles that have been performed in Jonestown and for (unintelligible, sounds like “the 30 mile around”) free territory, the beauty, the clean air, the foods free of the chemicals that cause cancer, and the radiation that’s been dropped from the clouds due to the heavy rainfalls, caused by big corporations seeding the clouds to try to help their own farms, and bringing down radiation levels from China to a dangerous level in every person’s body. Not to mention the PPB chemical that was put in openly by capitalists to increase the weight of their cattle and it actually brought about literally into the millions of beef being contaminated, and then the capitalists, in spite of governmental warnings, sold it to baby food producers so all of the children of USA are eating it, and it’s proved that the chemical causes deformities in cattle and already has created deformities and paralysis in human beings. This is the viciousness of US capitalism that’s fastly going down the road to racist genocide as they will be forced to do in their closing days as imperialism is driven out of Namibia and Union of South Africa and Zimbabwe, Chad. All throughout Africa, the strong voice and force of liberation is being heard. When USA monopoly capitalist can no longer exploit the working class there, they will have to exploit the working class, white, black and Indian. They’ll have to eliminate them because there’ll be no necessity for them. So let us be grateful for what we have. I love you so very much.

Remember, we have guests. Clean up everything. All departments – educational, inspection, medical, construction – I’m counting on you to go around and pick up everything and repair all situations. Have the school children now be– weed the areas in the cottages and everywhere, so that we’ll have a most presentable presentation.

We are grateful, as I said, that we outnumbered our enemies. In spite of the vast number of us that’ve moved, we outnumbered our enemies in the protest, four to one. The news would not cover us. We were so successful, they didn’t cover even Stoen. They allowed a ballgame to go on in the place of their news. That shows you how little freedom exists in USA. But no news is good news.

Thank you again. Much love.


Part 5:

Jones: –of the US embassy who was so impressed with the facilities. Please report in to the radio room. If you do not report in to the radio room, we will assume that you were responsible for the display. All those that were in the pavilion during the visit of the US embassy who were so impressed with the facilities of Jonestown, be sure that you come in. If you were there between nine and noon. We will of course know from each other those who were. We want to properly reward and designate those who were.

News of the day. With frightening regard, The Manchester Guardian of England has written that the Nazis are surfacing again all over Europe and finding an amazing degree of tolerance from Western governments. The surfacing of neo-Nazi and neo-fascist organizations and personalities is accompanied by a wave of anti-Semitism, anti-black, anti-brown, all minority racism, crude anti-socialism and anti-communism and violence, reminiscent of the days which paved the way for Adolf Hitler who murdered all minorities, seven million in gas ovens. And Benito Mussolini and his oppressive regime and his murderous invasion of black Ethiopia.

There are today no fewer than 30 Nazi and fascist movements in France alone. One hundred and forty-two organizations, ranging from neo-Nazi to extreme right wing in West Germany, with into the millions of members. There are fewer such organizations in Britain, but because they are more concentrated, they exert far more influence and have a much vaster membership into the hundreds of thousands. The worsening economic crisis, growing unemployment and government scapegoating of immigrant workers for these conditions have proved to be propaganda, bonanzas for the resurgent fascist France and West German enthusiastically recruited from Turkey, North Africa and Southern Europe, to do hard, low-paid, often unskilled manual work.

The same conditions are beginning in the United States and is reported that millions of aliens will finally be ex– deported from the United States. Racism is at the (Unintelligible word, sounds like “woven”) fabric of every city in America. Every leading city has White Citizen Councils, anti-socialist and anti-communist movements, Ku Klux Klan, and now with Mayor [Frank] Rizzo, noted racist, though popular in Democratic circles, uh– popular racist mayor of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, forming white’s rights coalition party. It is expected that we’re going to see the same wave of total right extremism and fascism sweeping United States. The fascists are finding fertile soil among the underemployed and the unemployed in their demands for the expulsion of all minority workers and foreign workers by blaming black and browns and immigrant workers for unemployment and other economic problems. The fascists serve to divert attention from the real crisis of US and western capitalism. And once having begun attacking black, brown, Asian, immigrant labor or economic and racial grounds, their groups quickly add anti-Jewish, anti-Semitism, to their propaganda mixture.

The Nazi International, a very s– serious view of this upsurge of fascist organizations and activities, was taken at an international meeting of anti-fascist groups in Amsterdam last week. One important revelation emerging from the Amsterdam conference is that most western countries now have local organizations affiliated with the World Union of National Fascists – in other words, a neo-Nazi International – which includes representation from every city in the United States and every major city in capitalist Europe. The local section of the World Union in England is called The British Movement. Its members near– wear Nazi uniforms in private meetings and distribute Nazi literature eulogizing Adolf Hitler, mass murderer, through a book club called Patriot Publications. In Amsterdam, delegates from the French movement against racism and anti-Semitism and for peace, MRAP, noted that the French section of the Nazi International has vowed to exterminate all Jews and all minorities and generalize a system of apartheid that they eulogize in the Union of South Africa that is upheld by monopoly capitalism throughout the world. This group has a six point pro– program. Definitely wipe out the Jewish communit– communist and socialist and Jewish plutocratic schemes of treachery and subversion. Apply on a world scale final solutions to the minority questions: black, brown, Asian and Jewish questions. Protect and promote the Aryan pure white race, Nordic race, and western culture throughout the world. Work for the unity of the white people within the so-called national fascist who have dirtied this word “socialism” and tried to adopt it to gain support amongst the working class. Protect private property and free enterprise. Capitalism against communist and socialist class struggle. Work for justice and dignity for each racial group on the basis of a total geographic separation, with a portion of the world’s surface set aside for the exclusive use of each race. Naturally blacks, brown, and Asians are confined to the underdeveloped world where there are less opportunities for advancement. And they will be under the pip– patronage and supervision of the great monopoly corporations and the transnational corporations centered in USA. Thus the group advocates, in other words, the extension of South Africa’s apartheid policy on a worldwide scale.

One might dismiss this as the rantings of a lunatic fringe, were it not for the increasing number of cases of vandalism against all minorities, Jewish cemeteries and synagogues, written threats of murder against personalities, and bomb attacks in cities throughout U– the USA and Europe against Jewish and anti-fascist centers, against socialist and communists. End even, unfortunately right wing Zionist have played into this wave of terror. (tape edit) One of the latest incidents here was on the night of Wednesday last, when a bomb virtually destroyed the Paris Headquarters of the Federation of Jewish Society in Europe. It was the 549th attack within three months in which explosives had been used again – including nine within just a few day period – against MRAP, the peace organization trying to bring peace between all races. A MRAP spokesperson commented at the time that such attacks and other crimes and threats have been unleashed against blacks, browns, Asians, Jewish, immigrant workers and especially – in France – Algerians. (Tape edit) (Unintelligible word) racism that is moving throughout the world today, in the capitalist world.

Léon Damas, founder of the black literary culture movement called Negritude, has been murdered. They murdered him in the hospital while he was supposed to be receiving intensive medical examinations.

West Germans employ now, in all of their factories by consent of the federation of the free enterprise system, only anti-socialist and anti-communist. Italy has been turned into turmoil just as the Red Brigade had conceded would happen. The death of Prime Minister Aldo Moro has caused great division and confusion and revolutionary violence in Italy.

Anti-Somoza [reference to Anastasio Somoza Debayle] forces coalesce in Nicaragua. Anti-Somoza forces now have hope of bringing down the dread fascist regime that has been upheld by une– US monopoly capitalism for 44 years.

Montonero’s foreign front for Argentine struggle. Montoneros, after ten years of political turmoil and fascist repression, the Argenine– Argentine Montoneros are emerging as one of the most significant, left wing political military forces in Latin America. The Montoneros made their existence as a tight-lipped guerilla organization widely known in 1970 with the assassination of former Argentine president, General Pedro Aramburu, who had overthrown Juan Peron– Juan Peron in 1955. They are actively working in every city practically in Argentina and have brought about a very repressive – a very repressive – fascist response from the military.

Ecuador, moving toward civilian rule, hopefully. Ecuadorians went to the poll for the first time in eight years and approved a new constitution by a mass majority.

Chile. Prisoners moved. A Chilean federal court last week ordered the military junta to move twelve hundred political and labor leaders from confinement in remote mountain villages to a city center. The ruling of the court of appeals, handed down late in the week, said the authorities may exile persons from one province to another under the state of siege declared by the [Augusto] Pinochet regime – as you know, which was put into power by the CIA – but may not deprive them of liberty unless they are convicted of a crime. These twelve hundred members are the Christian Democrats, capitalists, not communists or socialists, because when dictatorship comes and fascism, all of dissent is stifled. That’s the unfortunate fact of those who have opposed our program. No liberal, progressive, or even moderate who dares to dissent is safe. They had been arrested for over one year in a new wave of repression following the so-called plebiscite which President General Augusta– Augusto Pinochet claimed a 77 fraudulent– 77% fraudulent victory. Without being formerly charged with a crime, the 1200 were summarily exiled to isolated villages at high altitudes. One of the 1200, Guermo Yuan [phonetic], a young youth leader, active in the streets before the plebiscite, was about to leave for the USA at the invitation of the State Department, to speak, when he was arrested, according to The New York Times. Strange invitation. But Chile has become so repressive and so murderous uh, in its tortuous fascist regime, that even USA is afraid to give open recognition to Chile and will often allow dissenters to speak in the United States to try to show some of the repressive tactics and terror tactics of this dreadful regime that was put into power by Mr. [Henry] Kissinger, who brought the nine million dollars to overthrow– to overthrow Dr. [Salvador] Allende, a great medical doctor who was president of Chile, duly elected by the people.

South Africa– you knew South Africa has entered into a joint military agreement with Chile.

Argentina, to combat the rise of the people’s guerilla activities, are forming assassination squads. While dissension brews within its rank, the Argentine military junta also faces accusations by the Montonero, the leftist group, of sending assassination squads into Mexico to hunt down exiled leftist leaders. Argentina is sending these assassination squads throughout the world to find the dissenters who have left Argentina.

Thus ends a capsulization of the major news points of the day. Thank you, and much love.

(End of tape)

Tape originally posted June 2010