Q199 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: Attention. I shall begin Sunday news again.

United States to its– due to its faltering economy, has called upon the Arab Republic, the Saud of Arabia [Fahd bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud], oil-rich billionaire, to help strengthen Taiwan economically so that USA can break its formal recognition of Taiwan that was taken over by the corrupt Kuomintang under Chiang Nan– Kai-shek, nationalist by an outright invasion, through USA, the CIA cooperation of the Formosan people. Taiwan was formerly Formosa. Formosan people have become practically extinct in terms of their survival abilities, and economically they are at the lowest scale as second-class citizens. US had pledged eternal bonds of solidarity to the corrupt regime of Chang Kai-shek and his now inherited power leader, uh, his son [Chiang Ching-kuo], but apparently, in order to continue its nefarious arrangements with mainland China, renegade, nationalist– we used to call it a nationalist communism, because domestically at home, China practiced a reasonable form of cooperation and sharing, but their renegade practices of now joining the imperialist bloc of the Trilateral Commission – though they have no recognition in the Trilateral Commission, I can assure you – but their presence in Zaire, the Foreign Minister of China [Huang Hua], renegade mainland China, is still in Zaire attempting to give economic assistance. So this mutual war arrangement has been condemned fiercely all over the world. Even Guyana radio, that has to maintain a Third World position – it’s understandable, a nonaligned position – even they were very, very strong in their condemnation. They said the USA – GBS [Guyana Broadcasting Station] said at noon – began its Vietnam campaign in the same vicious way, but they’re now working in Zaire. Said the policies of USA in Zaire is fooling no one.

There’s a strong socialist content to today’s broadcast over the Guyana Broadcasting Station. This is important in a nonaligned nation that has to maintain itself in that position of nonalignment due to the Monroe Doctrine, but the input of the broadcast was strongly socialist and defensive of the Soviet policy, quoting Pravda and Tass exclusively with no broadcasting whatsoever of United States news agencies reports.

Anyway, the Shah of– the Saud of Arabia is supposed to get the USA out of its economic trouble by getting more assistance to Taiwan so that it can be economically more independent. They don’t quite trust China, and they don’t want to quite cut off Taiwan, so they want to put it on the back of the Saud of Arabia, who is the oil-rich– one of the oil-rich nations of the world, second richest in the world. The Soviet Union first, Arabia second, Nigeria third, Iran fourth. Nonetheless– (Pause) Also the USA has appealed to the Saud of Arabia, demagogue, religious thief, fearful of communism because of his Moslem traditional religious upbringing and his reactionary hold as King on the Arabian people. They have gotten from him a pledge to supply twenty-four billion dollars for radar and uh, missile submarines to make a conquest of the Mediterranean, would be my interpretation of it, so that the USA can dominate the Mediterranean through the Arabian money and head of state. How else can US survive, as its economy, as I explained yesterday, is diminished. It has no minerals, it has no resources. It’s built up some nuclear arsenal, and it can offer that to nations like Arabia that have not yet developed nuclear technology. How long the mutual arrangement will go is very uncertain.

The Soviet Union says that [President Jimmy] Carter’s policies are leading from a transition of another Cold War into a direct confrontation, the strongest words to be transmitted from Radio Moscow in over fifteen years. The strongest words, that Carter’s policies are leading from a transition, it was a Cold War era that appeared to be just a chilling to an act– actual confrontation, because the Soviet Union said it will not be intimidated by Carter’s be– bellicose statements and his imperialistic designs.

The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks, according to Senator [Robert] Byrd, racist leader, majority whip leader of the Senate, said it will not be passed, even if Carter were to get to it, until next year. It’ll be too late then. Senator Byrd said that Carter may wish it passed this year, but it will not be, and that it will have difficulty getting through the Senate anytime.

Italian people go to the election– the electoral polls today to decide on restricting police powers, and it appears that there is success in view. Also, restriction of tax money to support the establishment political parties are two referendums on the ballot. In spite of the mood supposedly that the Red Brigade would create, according to the revisionists, it has not done so. There seems to be a leavening, more and more a political awareness, and more resistance to police state tactics, as the people got enough popular support– votes to put two referendums on, one restrictring– restricting the wide police state practices of the national police and local police, the other to restrict tax dollar support to the major capitalist political parties.

The Prime Minister is in Linden – or just returned from Linden – champing– championing the new referendum, also defending import restrictions that Guyana and Jamaica both are employing to do, as he says, avoid having domination by capitalist governments, unfriendly to Third World and black people. Fri– Prime Minister Forbes Burnham feels a vote of confidence was given him at Linden for the July 10 referendum. Twenty-five committees indicated their support. He indicated that it is essential to be able to defend Guyana’s independence and socialist course, that it have a referendum giving a constitution that’ll provide the power to socialize this nation. Reportedly, according to the news, he addressed thousands at a mass meeting. There were reported cheers which were not carried over the radio, but reported cheers of “We need Burnham” as he finished. He did recognize that a great section of lawyers and doctors and church officials oppose the constitutional referendum. He said they have nothing to do but to oppose. They have no consistency and are not willing to consult, he said, but I am accustomed to abuse during the course of campaigns. It’s worth nothing. He said I am offering democracy to the working class people. Those who say kill the bill because Burnham wants more power, he said, apparently very sincerely, Burnham has all the power he wants or needs. He said we have to have constitutional provisions to guarantee us the right to health care, to housing, to work and leisure. Then to satisfy the small entrepreneur, he said there will be a right to small business private enterprise and a protection of safeguarding of their individual property and laws of inheritance. The People’s National Congress, he said, draws its strength from the masses and will never take away from the people their right to choose their own elected representatives. He said, I guarantee and promise that as a loyalty oath.

Replacement of the Nigerian top lawyer High Commissioner. As he left in an address with Prime Minister Burnham – and they carried the content of it over the radio – he said that a certain white country to the north of you, purpose is to cause division between blacks and divide Third World unity. He said Nigeria is pledged to closer unification and communication links with the Caribbean black nations. He said we, as black people, must not allow a white superpower to divide us. Strong terms for GBS that is normally rather insipid in news reporting, which is understandable being a Third World nation and nonaligned.

Six hour cu– power cuts are forced again in Georgetown, power supplies hope to be restored by 4 PM this afternoon.

He said we’re going to have to have – Burnham said – development without destruction. Barbados’ External Affairs Minister supports Guyana and Jamaica’s strong restrictions policies on imports, said it’s necessary to survive in a climate when Third World nations are fighting for their very life.

Guyana radio quotes economists from Third World nations, Britain and the Socialist republics, that it is time to employ their suggestion, that South Africa could only last two years, it would be in absolute chaos with total oil embargo. (Unintelligible word) charged the corrupt fascist regime – GBS did – of Iran for supplying 90% of the oil used by South Africa, although only 20% of the energy needs of the apartheid regime, the racist concentration camp regime, established by US monopoly capitalism (pause) only utilizes 20% of oil for its energy needs, most of the energy needs of its military are dependent upon oil. And it said that long before two years of oil embargo, the economy would be in a severe depression in matter of months. The intone– intonation, emphasis of Guyana Broadcasting Studios was that it is time that people show their unity against the concentration camp environment that’s been set up by US capitalism in Union of South Africa by this oil embargo. (Pause)

The Internal Revenue Service has issued a ruling that will end the tax exempt status of literally thousands of organizations that publicize the views of candidates for public office or make mention of their views, the church view or their nonprofit view, on any legislation pending. Churches, environmental, and social issue groups, as well as voter education organizations such as the League of Women Voters, will be affected by the IRS rule, the Internal Revenue Service. More of the outlaw mentality of fascism– fascist mentality of monopoly capitalism in its senile era, as we see one law after another passing, stifling freedom. Two of them – the League and the legal office of the US Catholic Conference – already have sounded alarm bells about the Internal Revenue Service rule, which has now taken effect as of the fourth of this month without any advance notice. The IRS rule applies to nonprofit, religious, charitable, and educational groups that are exempt from federal income tax. The rule bars them from polling candidates for public office, even polling them, and even publishing their replies. Washington tax attorneys are concerned about the impact of this rule, think it eventually will be applied to tax-exempt public television and radio stations, and prevent them from airing political opinion types of broadcast that differ from the established capitalist view. Freedom is going out before our eyes in USA, and little is being done about it.

We were too effective in that arena, and they’re afraid I guess others will. You can see some of these laws are aimed directly at Peoples Temple.

Proposition 13 won, cutting back all assistance for the poor, particularly an open dagger, murderous attempt to destroy minority – Mexican, black, Indian – rights in California. Major reason for it was the cooperation of the tax department in Los Angeles, who sent out 500,000 homeowner’s notices early, that unless the point is strongly made, that those property taxes, uh– that your property taxes go up. That’s what caused it. They made a notice that their property taxes were going up, and they sent it out before the usual time, obvious emphasis to affect the vote. The statement was, after the Los Angeles mail was sent out to 500,000 homeowners that unless the point is strongly made, that those property taxes do not go up as those assessed valuations would suggest. [California State] Senator Leo McCarthy said before Proposition 13 passed, he said it’d definitely will cause Proposition 13 to win. Well, it did, and several other cities – San Diego – also did the same. San Diego. Very interesting, very interesting indeed, that even the tax bureau that depend upon their own livelihood for tax revenue, sent out notices of tax increases just to cause the people to vote for Proposition 13, and reduced all taxes– property taxes for the middle class. Not that poor. The main relief is felt on the bourgeoisie, factories, industries, businesses, that it reduces some 65% and decimated, destroyed medical help, welfare assistant [assistance], all kinds of services, job training, had just been destroyed, as California’s budget has been cut back by seven billion dollars.

Small liquor store owners reacted with dismay and bewilderment to the news, the California Supreme Court threw out a law that had protected them from cut price chain stores of big monopoly capitalism for 40 years. Many feared a price war that would put them out of business. They were nervously waiting to see what will happen. It’s a real shock. I never believed it would actually happen. They have been talking about abolishing the fair trade law for twenty years, said Shin Quan Yim [phonetic], owner of SNB Grocery at 1012 Post Street. It’s going to be a big problem for us. We can’t compete. We’ll have to close, he said, my business will have to close within six months. Douglas Chang, owner of the Liquor Locker at 1223 Taraval Street, was equally gloomy. He said he paid 32,000 dollars for the small store just sixteen months ago. It was a money loser from the start. Now he believes it will go broke within three months. (Pause) Well, another one said, he had close already before this, because of the presence a block away of a larger liquor store that was illegally cutting prices. The previous owner of the store never mentioned the bomber, as they are known to the trade, down the street. He said, I have been trying to sell this store for months. Now with this desic– decision, it looks as if nobody will buy it. It means seven years of my hard-earned savings down the drink, said this owner, Steve Nelson, who also has to work now as a film printer during the day to survive feeding his family. Many, many small store owners are reluctantly contemplating cutting prices, but none of them had optimistim– optimism that they would survive. The end of free enterprise. USA always lies about being a pre– uh, a free enterprise nation, but not so, because the small business person, the small farmer is fastly being pushed out of the scene. Nearly 90% of the farms of USA are owned by big multinational capitalists. All the stores, the nursing homes, there’s no place for the small business person left. So what they called free enterprise is a hypocritical lie. USA is a monopoly capitalist nation, where only a few white ruling families have the control, and also control the destiny of billions of people across the world, and cause two out of three to go to bed hungry every night, with our tax dollars raining napalm down upon black people, Asian people, and the poor of the world.

A solid majority of Americans now express belief in astrology, UFOs, with the proportion having grown steadily since 1966, when the first measurement was taken. A new sign of the opiate, the media is giving great encouragement to astrology and belief in the UFOs. The latest survey, 77% of those aware of UFOs and astrology believe they are both real. One, real visitors from outer space, the other believe that the stars control their destinies. Well, anything that capitalism promotes, you can know is decadent and ulterior and absolutely subversive to the will and the achievement of peace and liberty for the working class.

Carter lashes out at Cuba again for role in Zaire invasion. Cuba strikes back with a resounding accusation that Carter is a bully, and that he and China are both gangsters. So the war of words continues to be strong, and it has not caused Cuba to withdraw its advisors from Joshua Nkomo in Zambia, nor has it caused them to withdraw their advisors in Angola, and certainly not in Ethiopia where the Ethiopians are under the people’s socialist liberation, about to destroy the last pocket of USA and China’s imperialistic backing of Eritrean capitalists, who are trying to break that province that rightfully belongs to Ethiopia away, so that Ethiopia would be landlocked without seaport.

FBI men are coming together in great strength of unity in the once hallowed kingdom of J. Edgar Hoover. It was a first. Three top FBI officials photographed, fingerprinted, and arraigned. Former director L. Patrick Gray, associates W. Mark Felt and Edward Miller were indicted on charges of violating the civil rights of American citizens by authorizing illegal break-ins of the homes of those who dissented with the system. For hundreds of present and former FBI agents, it is a bewilderment– bewildering joke. Their response is panic. Mimicy– Mimicking the actions of their old antiwar adversaries outside the US district court, they moved en masse, demonstrating, protesting, cheering their comrades who had been erected– uh, been elected for jail, though they will not face any sentences. It is close to Z, you see. Z is very, very near, I’m sure you can see. We ought to study Z again tonight for intensive testing over it early, because new movies will be coming in on the boat. They left around six last evening from Georgetown, and thus should be here by that hour tonight. There’re four new Hollywood movies on that boat.

I urge your attention. Don’t be wondering about not listening. You could listen while the news is coming. Remember the protection of the people’s property. I gave you a system last evening of television, closed-circuit, and we’re working on that. Gabriel Thomas is to be invited into that with his electronic specialty, tens of thousands of dollars to try to give you entertainment, but there’s still too much breaking, wasting, loss of tools, breaking of fencing, breaking of housing, various things that we use, we’re not careful with. Going to show in our ability to give ourselves the kind of high medical care that’s the highest in the world, and all we want to eat, it’s going to show. Coming in today is expensive fruits that I’ve brought in from Georgetown, but unless I get the cooperation of people to watch those that are breaking up things, and never pick up any trash– I have to walk over this place and pick up the trash, people can walk right through it, so many, and never see. Everyone should bend over when you see a little piece of paper and pick it up. You should be concerned. And I observe those that do that. I equally observe those who go do not, ‘cause I know they don’t give a damn about this property and the welfare of the people.

Anyway, the FBI is forming strong resistance and talking about taking things into their own hands to stop this socialist and communist maneuver, as they’re openly calling it, to discredit the FBI. They have nothing to say about why these FBI figures broke in to people’s homes, even the relatives of dissenters, not just the homes of those who were in socialist movements, like the Weathermen, but into the relatives of people’s homes. There was little they could do, because they broke into some very prestigious homes.

According to the Bonn, German report this morning, [Leonid] Brezhnev is an ill man, a sick man who must be frequently medicated, a man profoundly worried about the future, who feels that nuclear war is about to happen.

These are some of the personal illusions about Leonid Ilych Brezhnev, Soviet chief of state, and head of the Communist Party, which is the avant garde of liberation throughout the world. The Soviet Union has been the friend of the working class in Angola and Mozambique, now in Zaire, and in Vietnam, bravely supporting it with its missile system so that Jap– China could not invade Haiphong harbor. Yes, it’ll be a sad time for Brezhnev, for the people if he were to fade from the picture.

Anyway, four days Brezhnev spent in West Germany were the first he has spent outside the highly protective borders, according to this West German fascist news broadcast, and some of its wording will show that touch. It said the first he has spent outside the highly protective borders of the Soviet Union in nearly a year. Diplomatic observers from all countries were understandably curious to the measures– to measure just how effective a world leader he still is. The curious included all the leaders of the capitalist Western world with whom Brezhnev is involved in long-term negotiations on the fundamental issues of nuclear war or peace. Also leaders of the Communist Warsaw Pact are concerned about Brezhnev’s health, many of whose political careers– careers, according to this fascist West German report, rest on their personal connections to Brezhnev. These interests in Brezhnev’s health are vital, because the Soviet Union in its 60-year history as the first communist government, has never solved the problem of orderly leadership successes [succession], according to this capitalist periodical. Brezhnev has gathered more personal power than any previous Soviet leader since Josef Stalin, but the danger of disruption in any changeover of authority following his departure has grown correspondingly and causes Western in– nations to tremble that there could be nuclear confrontation, if his health were to fail suddenly. The conclusions of those who dealt with him in Germany are that he is an old 71 years, but still effectingly [effectively] functioning as the leader of the communist Soviet government and party apparatus, but the German observers also gathered a vivid impression of his physical and mental limitations.

Please listen to the news.

According to officials who met with Brezhnev, he was able to function in public steadily for about 90 minutes only at a time before he excused himself to receive medication. This was described in German as spritz, s-p-r-i-t-z, an inoculation of some drug that appeared to perk him up and enable him to continue his activities. This reviviving [reviving] treatment was administered both doing business discussions and social functions. While he performed relatively well during the short working sessions that were scheduled, Brezhnev was constantly surrounded by aides who appeared to watch him apprehensively, for fear that something would go wrong with his health. They seemed to circle around him, waiting for something to happen, one diplomat from one US allied imperialist nation commented. Fortunately, nothing did.

Following instructions from Moscow, Bonn, Germany scheduled only two major banquets, one with Brezhnev as host, and the other with President Walter Scheel. A small lunch for twelve was held in Chancellor Helmut Schmidt’s private office in Hamburg just before Brezhnev returned to Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union, that is the avant garde of Marxist-Leninist leadership and world liberation. (Pause)

The appearance of his physical– just his look in the picture certainly would bespeak that there is edema. Brezhnev is reportedly wearing a heart pacemaker, and he suffers from emphysema from slo– smoking too much that killed my mother [Lynetta Jones], and a slow acting form of cancer of the blood, leukemia. He refuses to ride in helicopters – they suspect it – for some medical reason, and was instead driven at high speeds in a heavily-armored Mercedes Benz limousine in Germany. The 80 mile nearly an hour speed, normal for Brezhnev’s Rolls Royce in Moscow on a thoroughfare that allows different speeds, where there’s no danger, was too fast for the tires on the heavy Mercedes– Mercedes, producing the most dangerous incident of the visit, a highway blowout. But Brezhnev, worried about the world, stressed from the tensions of fear of nuclear war, impassively transferred to another car and continued his journey to Bonn, as if nothing had really happened. Man, when they get that kind of worry on them and leadership responsibility, they realize it is nothing, and that death is probably inviting. No doubt he does, seeing the horrid mentality of capitalist, the viciousness of human beings that we’ve even seen in our group who once claimed to be socialist turned worse than animal? You can understand how a person would not crave responsibility at 71 years.

In his meetings with the German leaders, Brezhnev, wearing glasses and a hearing instrument, read from a prepared briefing paper. He then generally sat stony faced while the host responded. The Germans had to look to his aides to see if they were nodding or shaking their heads, to see if there was any agreement, another diplomat reported. (moves microphone to cough) That shows that Brezhnev had certainly consulted with his aides, that the aides did not have to have signs from him, that their minds were democratically concluding what was right and just decisions, but of course the capitalist press puts a different overtone on that. Brezhnev, even though– Brezhnev, even though he didn’t say very much, seemed to be in charge. But we wondered how long he would last, said one German diplomat.

The other key Soviet figures were longtime Foreign Minister Andrei uh, A. Gromyko, who had had a falling out with Carter just a few days before, and Andrei Alexandrov, the chief of Brezhnev’s personal staff. They seemed very important. Gromyko is more than a Foreign Minister, an observer commented. As he was leaving Hamburg airport, Brezhnev reached back for some of the ebullience lost since he last visited Germany in 1973. Why– What did he like in Germany, he was asked. Oh, nearly everything, he answered. When did he not like? Nothing in particular, he answered. Let us hope that Brezhnev’s health will be able to last.

Saudi Arabia has grave concerns about US policy in Africa, comes this briefing. Saudi Arabia’s the one giving twenty-four billion dollars, but apparently not without strings attached. It’s America’s most important ally in the Red Sea. It’s becoming one of the sharpest overseas critics of what it regards as the Carter administration’s policy of courting favor with black Africa by refusing to meet head-on with the growing Soviet-Cuban challenge. As the Saudis see it, the Soviet Union has now established– this is a capitalist point of view again, so it may be another Carter trick or a Trilateral Commission trick to make the Saudis look like pressure for tougher policies against the Soviets, when it may be just the other way around. You can never know. But as the Saudis see it, according to this capitalist report, the Soviet Union has now established its clear intention of intervening wherever possible all over Africa and the surrounding region. This, they make clear in their mild-mannered soft-spoken way, is a direct threat to the Saudi kingdom that cannot be dealt with merely by moral protest from Washington. (Pause) It has shown that this thing grows, said Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud Faisal in a recent interview, referring to Soviet and Cuban intervention in various African countries to assist the liberation of a people that US capitalism and its renegade allies like Saudi Arabia have never done anything but to exploit. That’s my commentary, of course. When Angola came, it was said to be a unique situation, but it repeated itself in Zaire and Ethiopia, so it does spread, said the Foreign Minister of the reactionary kingdom, Saudi Arabia.

The recent coup in Afghanistan resulting in the establishment of a communist dominated government there has only served to confirm the Saudis’ worst fears about Soviet intentions. With thousands of Cuban troops present just across the Red Sea in Ethiopia, and strong Soviet-Cuban presence in South Yemen, there is a growing sense of encirclement here in Saudi Arabia. All this helps to explain why the reactionary Saudi Arabian regime is pressing the Carter administration to adopt a more aggressive posture in Africa, and apparently that’s been done, ‘cause Ca– Carter’s going all out, equipping some 15,000 mercenary crack elite troops, putting military advisors in Zaire to suppress the black people that want their freedom like the Vietnamese, and finally will get it, just like the Vietnamese. They’re pressing Carter, the Saudis are, to include an increase in military assistance to moderate Arab and black African states, and even hinting at the need for direct American intervention to counter the expanding Soviet-Cuban military present [presence] with their own US troops. That’s why the Arabs have given 24 billion dollars to USA, because USA has now intervened, and USA’s putting that aid in terms of military submarines, radar to protect the reactionary religious regime such as the Saudi Arabian regime.

There’s a point uh, it appears, that Saudi Arabia distributes more aid in black Africa than does the United States. The real issue, according to Prince Saud, is not the Carter administration’s policy of nonintervention, but whether the Soviet policy of repeated massive involvement in the internal affairs of African countries and even intra-African crisis to help them with their liberation will go on unchallenged. Saudi Arabia’s rich in oil and dollars, and the situation is not a financial problem, remarked Prince Saud, who describes his kingdom as a small country with limited means of defense. These are of course lies, US capitalism is defending them well, and they’re mutually helpful to each other in their treachery. Something more than verbal protest from the United States has become a necessity, said Prince Saud, ruler of the fascist reactionary regime of Saudi Arabia.

The Saudis are stepping up their financial assistance through capitalistic– pro-Western capitalistic African states that are threatened by the increasing Soviet-Cuban intervention for the liberation of Africa. It is not known by outsiders here exactly how much of the estimated 66 billion dollars Saudi Arabia distributed in aid last year was earmarked for African countries. It is likely however that the amount easily surpassed the 350 million dollars given out by the United States, making the Saudis an important asset in American efforts to stem the Soviet-Cuban tide of influence on liberation on the African continent.

There’s a notable irony in the new Saudi activist role in Africa, and Saudi complaints about American passivity towards the Soviet Cuban liberation challenge. Only a few years ago, the Nixon– Ford administration was pushing a somewhat lethargic Saudi government to do more to help the West contain the spread of communist influence on the Arabian Peninsula. Now it is the Saudis who are pressing the Carter administration as capitalism begins to (unintelligible word, sounds like “tartar,” might mean “tarnish”), perhaps, if this is– is the case, ‘cause capitalism’s definitely rocking and reeling all over the world. The reverse has come now. The Saudis are pressing the Carter administration on the same point in both Africa and the Red Sea region. With the United States increasingly dependent on Saudi oil and backing for the besieged dollar, which is constantly falling in value, Washington can no longer afford to ignore the pressure from Riyadh. It has placed the Carter administration in the difficult position of having to reconcile the demands of its new black puppet African allies with those of its most important Arab oil partners.

While these Arab states (moves microphone) tend to view Africa mainly as a new Cold War theater and the soft underbelly to their own exposed lands, much of black Africa is preoccupied now with the problem of containing local forces that threaten to break away from the dominance of capitalism in the African countries, and they were preoccupied with doing something about those strong forces of liberation that are bringing about the end of white rule in southern Africa. On both counts, the Russians and Cubans have suddenly emerged as black Africa’s most important allies, even admits the Hearst press.

The growing disagreement between Washington and Riyadh over the Carter – that’s the capital of Saudi Arabia – over the Carter administration’s new Africa policy reached its peak last year over the US refusal to provide Somalia with arms after President Mohammed Siad Barre – B-a-r-r-e – cut most of his ties to the Soviet Union and broke relations with the People’s Republic of Cuba. The Saudis have been encouraging the United States to do more to wean Somalia away from the Soviet bloc for years, before the Somalian-Ethiopian war led to Siad Barre’s break with Moscow (tape edit). They were deeply disappointed when the split came and there was no positive answer from Washington, as Prince Saud put it, but US is fastly making up for that by backing the Somalians now. Washington found itself under enormous pressure from its black African allies, even though they were capitalists, some of them, not to reward Somalia because it was regarded as a flagrant violator of Ethiopia’s borders, and US needs more than oil. It’s in a dither between the devil and the deep blue, it needs the cobalt, the minerals that I mentioned to you yesterday, from these black nations as well as the oil from Saudi Arabia, so it is really being put between the pressure mill as to what aid and assistance it’s going to give these days.

Anyway, the nations of Africa regarded E– Somalia as a flagrant violator of Ethiopa’s– Ethiopia’s sovereign borders. Pro-western Kenya, another neighboring neighbor fearing Somalia’s territorial ambitions, was particularly insistent that the Carter administration reject Somalia’s request for military assistance. Poor Carter’ll be sorry he ever saw the presidency. The malay– uh, the malaise in the special Saudi Arabian relationship is deepening, and depending over the lack of a strong US response to the expanding Soviet-Cuban presence in the Red Sea region. It is ex– exerbated [exacerbated] as the number of Cuban troops increases just across the strategic waterway in E– Ethiopia’s northern war-torn Eritrea province. It is in principle a threat to the independence and security of our region and directly a threat to the independence and security of our country, remarked Prince Saud. What conceivable basis would they have for intervening in that area, see– he said of the Cuban and Soviet assistance for the liberation of Ethiopia.

For the Saudis, the primary issue at stake in Ethiopia is not the preservation of its territorial integrity against a separatist movement, which is the new– the view most black African nations hold and have impressed on the Carter administration. Rather the Saudis are concerned about the massive intervention of the Soviet Union on the internal affairs of liberation of an African country, this time one that could easily serve as a springboard for socialism into the Arabian Peninsula. Of course, of course, we know Saudi, we’re worried about– we’re gonna have to share some of the billions and billions that you’re setting on in your royal throne.

As a first step, the Saudis clearly want the Carter administration to step up its military assistance to moderate African and Arab countries – that’s been done this morning – with Soviet-backed neighbors such as Kenya, Zaire, and Sudan. If threatened countries are left alone, then there is no hope, said Prince Saud. If they are not given arms, even when they want to fight, if they’re not given the opportunity to do so, then we are really in a hopeless situation. Even the Saud admitted that he felt that these threatening situations could bring confrontation between the Soviet Union and USA, and bring nuclear war, but he said nuclear war would be preferable than to living under atheistic communism, godless communism.

The Saudis seem to be convinced that the next arena for a major Soviet intervention will be southern Africa. Saudi Arabia has just agreed to open an embassy in the Zambian capital of Lusaka and will probably provide financial assistance to that economically hard-pressed country, if it will yield to Saudi Arabian influence. Saudi Arabia’s also providing billions of dollars to the special twelve billion dollar Arab fund in support of the Rhodesian fascist white nationalistic government, apparently, hoping to offset Soviet and Cuban influence inside the Patriotic Front. There’re also reports in Salisbury that Arab money is going to the new biracial Rhodesian government, although it is not clear which countries are supplying it. The Saudis are also financing Sudanese and Egyptian arms purchases in the West. The Moroccan fascists and Mauritanian war against the Soviet-backed Polisario liberation movement, socialism in the old Spanish Sahara. They’re also backing pro-Western African states like Zaire that’re now in desperate financial straits, in fact there’s an emergency meeting being called at this very moment in Brussels, discussing how to save Zaire when it has a dictator put in by US imperialism and its renegades with no backing from the people.

That’s the commentary on Saudi Arabia. You have to gleam between capitalist views to see how much is really true.

FBI files also have brought to light that the second black leader, Roy Wilkins, was involved with the FBI in an effort to discredit and destroy the late Martin Luther King. Black leaders – apologist establishment black Uncle Tom leaders – are saying this is the ghost of Hooverism, bringing out the fact that these black leaders l– such as the head of that Chicago-based group, I’ve forgotten his name [Jesse Jackson], and Wilkins are involved in an actual– were– actually were involved, but the FBI memo had nothing to gain, it clearly indicates who these black leaders tal– talked to, and Roy Wilkins was one of the ones that met, trying to get (Pause) Dr. King removed from the Southern Christianship– Christian Leadership Conference.

We’ve always been besieged by this kind of thing. As you know, Coretta King has called for the abolition of the FBI for its monstrous acts committed against her husband. She said she continues to be haunted by the monstrous acts of the FBI, and the nation should consider abolishing the agency and replacing it with a law enforcement agency responsible directly to the people and respects personal freedom. She’s a dreamer, but she does not deny that Roy Wilkins did conspire with the FBI, head of the NAACP, most prestigious black man in the world, along with that head of PUSH in Chicago. Most popular Uncle Tom they’re using to go through the schools and tell all of our black children to be quiet and be good and be kind and like your teacher. I can’t think of his name, he eludes me so much. You perhaps remember him. He heads Operation PUSH, sickeningly disgusting sell-outs that’ve made fascism so vividly real in USA, because we have our own sell-outs amongst our ranks, who would do a good man in, like Dr. Martin Luther King.

Thus ends the news and commentary for this Sunday. I love you very much. Please produce around your homes all kinds of foods in your leisure moments. Beautify. We have guests coming, we have news group coming from– they’re friendly– from Guyana, and we want to have everything in the best order. Cut weeds down wherever you can, and pick up debris. Each one be responsible, or it will show in what we’re able to afford you in supplying the free movies and extra foods, and extra fruits and meats. Please. It’s in your own interest to protect the people’s property and to pick up debris around you, and not waste food. Watch those that do, and bring them to our attention so we can correct them before you have caused someone not to be saved. The blood of our people are on your hands every time you waste food, every time you break something, every time you neglect this people’s property, you are killing someone. Think about it. Much love.

End of tape

Tape originally posted May 2012