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Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: –to our family. I’m up all nights anyway. Every night. (More deliberate) Every night. At least tonight leads to fruitful protection for my children abroad that are in peril.

News has it this early morning hour that there have been 21 border skirmishes on the border of the Asiatic strong ally of the Soviet Union and the People’s so-called Republic of mainland China. The war fever rises, the Vietnamese and renegade mainland China’s border. So situation goes on relatively unchanged.

The Soviet Union will not back down from [President Jimmy] Carter’s demands, that they stop their efforts of liberation in Africa.

New resurgence of Katangan liberation activity in the Shaba region – falsely named by US imperialism – in Zaire.

I thought I might speak from the general of the United States who has come to his senses, Hugh B. Hester, his point of view. He congratulates a periodical for publishing Charles R. Allen’s (tape edit) Jr.’s fine letter from East Germany. If all our citizens knew the truth about the German Democratic Republic, East Germany, a very modern state of communism, so dramatically presented by Charles Allen, says General Hugh B. Hester, they would change US governmental policy of creating NATO which is definitely an aggressive organization. It is not a defensive one, as false US propaganda claims. General Hugh B. Hester, when he retired, had to speak his conscience about US military imperialism. A second congratulation for publishing Albert J. Menendez’ reply and Allen’s tremendously effective exposure of the neo-Nazi like character of the fascist West German state. In combination, the two have rendered readers everywhere a signal [singular] service. Only an informed public can change, if it’s possible, the disastrous course of successive Washington DC post-World War II policies designed to destroy the socialist system. From Woodrow Wilson to Franklin Roosevelt, and from Harry Truman to now, the policy has been to strangle the baby in its crib, a la Winston Churchill– Churchill’s Iron Curtain speech given at Fulton, Missouri, March 5, 1946, with Truman’s approval, is evidence of this imperialist policy. Every nation has a curtain, and the US really is the only one that has an Iron Curtain. It has it in Canada and Mexico and Latin American states.

It is doubtful that one out of one thousand Americans know that General George Patton commandeered a B-54 plane on May 5, 1954– ‘45, rather, to fly Adolf Hitler’s chief Nazi intelligent [intelligence] officers for the Eastern front, General [Reinhard] Gehlen, G-e-h-l-e-n, and his associates with his principal attachés and documents, to Washington DC for translation. Then Gehlen and his associates and documents were flown back to Berlin a few weeks later for the b– white mail and sabotage of the Soviet occupation zone. General Gehlen remained on the US imperialist government’s payroll for these purposes until 1955 at a cost of many millions of dollars. He and his functions were then turned over to the West German fascist government for the next ten years. General Gehlen retired in 1965, but his work continues at great expense to the US taxpayers through the aggressive fascist North Atlantic Treaty Organization, that is, the military arm of the Trilateral Commission of US imperialism.

As part of the US government’s program for the destruction of the Soviet government, Leo Crowley, chief of Lend-Lease, under orders from Truman, ended the Lend-Lease Soviet program the day the armistice with Adolf Hitler’s Germany was signed, May 1945, thus showing the true anti-Soviet, anti-socialist posture of US imperialism. While it is true, said General Hugh B. Hester, this order of cancellation was rescinded because of public objection, it was never really restored as public apathy finally took place. There’d been a strong pro-Soviet policy built up during World War II, because Hitler’s capitalism got out of hand and became a fascist brand of its own, seeking the primary interest of the German people above all the other capitalists. The German capitalists were put superior to all others, even though Hitler was set in motion by US imperialism. (Tape edit)

As part of the same program for the destruction of the Soviet government and other socialist governments, the Yalta and Potsdam agreements were repudiated, denounced, that is. (Tape edit) Berlin, Germany, Europe, China and Korea were divided. NATO was formed, the aggressive US imperialist and its allies combined effort to impose monopoly capitalism dictates on the world, and the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Agency, UNRBA, was destroyed.

Charles Bohlen, B-o-h-l-e-n, says General Hugh B. Hester of the United States Armed Forces, he says of Charles Bohlen, a longtime top foreign service officer, one of Truman’s chief advisors and Russian language translators, left the service when the US secretary of war, Henry Stimson, informed Mr. Truman at the Potsdam conference, Germany, that the atomic weapon was successfully exploded July 16 – wouldn’t you know, sixteen – 1945 at Alamogordo, New Mexico. Truman danced a jig and said, now I have old Joe Stalin where the hair is short, and I will blow him to hell when I want to. Isn’t that lovely? He was supposed to be his ally. The shortly thereafter result was the explosion of the atomic bombs over Hiroshima and Nagasaki, murdering what General Hugh B. Hester says was a half million, though falsely reported by US newspapers as slightly over one hundred thousand. The mass murder of civilian population in Hiroshima took place on August 6 and Nagasaki on August 9, 1945.

Though the nuclear devices were– could’ve been used for Hitler’s Germany, they never were. The difference is, Japan were people of color. Gar Alperovitz – that’s spelled A-l-p-e-r-o-v-i-t-z – in his important and informative book Atomic Diplomacy: Hiroshima and Potsdam, Simon & Schuster, said the United States imperialist waited to see whether the atomic devices were a success, and when the report was favorable, immediately forced England to the conference. The author quotes most of the military leaders as opposing the dropping of the bombs, stating it was war– it was a war and political propaganda stunt, no way a military necessity, as Japan was already negotiating its surrender. In view of the fact that Truman knew the Japanese were already trying to surrender, it is obvious that all intelligent and open-minded people would see that this confirms the falsity of the Truman claim that dropping the bombs saved a million lives. It showed how little importance lives were to US imperialists back in 1945. (Pause)
Thus gives you some commentary of a general, one of the few, that has turned to conscience in his retiring days, General Hugh B. Hester. We’ll give you more news as the day goes on, but I would study that to see the incongruities, the lies, the deviousness of US imperialism, even back there in the 40s, how quick they were to sell their allies that saved them from their capitalist archenemy, Hitler’s Germany, who was more successful at skullduggery than USA, so they had to call on the Soviet people and their great brave support to their Soviet communist principles as embodied in Joseph Stalin to get them out of the quagmire that they were in. Typical of capitalists, no loyalties whatsoever. They say there’s no loyalties amongst thieves. Well, there’s absolutely no loyalty among capitalist rogues.

Thank you very much. Good production please. Please watch all waste. We must, or it’ll cause direct a– effect on the meat that we eat. We had a wonderful meal on Sunday, the rice mixed with chicken. Fact, as some said – Stephan [Jones] was one – prefer having the chicken mixed up like that regularly throughout the week in such delicious, tasty meals than have it as one meal uh, weekly. It has a point to consider. We have beautiful meals. We appreciate the kitchen keeping up that creativity, keep it up, ‘cause creativity and taste, I like to reward my people. My God, if you knew the cost. Tens of thousands of dollars that were put into television, films, just to give you entertainment, and it would go into the million[s] in terms of medical care. I hope that you will watch all breakage, waste of tools, be responsible to see, all of you, that there is not litter, destruction of people’s property. If you don’t, you’re actually a murderer, ‘cause you’re killing some souls’ opportunity to get this land of promise, the– the only place in the world that can live through a nuclear holocaust, the only place our people can get out from being under the pointless brunt of racist oppression that will finally lead to genocide and concentration camps, if not beforehand to nuclear hell. Please don’t be a murderer. Don’t waste your time, produce and be grateful. Give your gratitude now, ‘cause the blessings are ever flowing. You better count your blessings and see which you’ve got, because we don’t get any more blessings till we count already what we have.

Thank you so much, and I love you very, very dearly. I love you more than you can possibly know.

(tape edit)

Woman: Okay.

Jones: (softly) Ready? You say?

Woman: Yeah. Ready.

Jones: Attention. Attention. News of the afternoon, or should I say, the evening. (Pause)

The most serious news of the evening. Earthquake, very serious damage, very heavy earthquake has struck Japan, destroyed many lives, it’s impossible to calculate at this time, has severed all railway transportation, communications between Tokyo and the coastal areas in which the– (microphone moves) Stand by. (Microphone moves) where the major quake took place. Already two hundred are dead– known dead. Entire city has collapsed. Earthquake prone California and Japan usually have suffered simultaneous seismological disturbances. It is not unfrequent or infrequent for several quakes to follow in succession. Japan had a major–  minor quake last week, and now this is a very serious quake, two hundred lives lost, most of the lives were lost due to the fact of the following mortar building materials of the homes. People were buried alive.

Martial law has been discussed by [Ferdinand] Marcos of the Philippines, as to whether it will be continued for the next months, or whether he will return to civilian rule. An interesting discussion. He has released his opponents, now that there is Soviet technological assistance, nuclear reactors, so forth. Perhaps his wife Is– Ismelda [Ilmeda] Marcos is having some effect on his overall policy. One cannot say, one can only speculate. The fact that he released thirty people charged with a conspiracy to murder him is a breakthrough for liberation in the Philippine Islands. As you know, Esmeralda Marcos is the one that opened doors in negotiation to the Soviet Union. She declared her heroes had been Mao [Tse-Tung] and [Vladimir Ilich] Lenin.

Zairian soldiers – it has been unnamed [unknown] how many, but estimated in the hundreds – have been shot for looting in Kinshasa and other parts of Shaba Province, where the brave Katanganese people were attempting to get their liberty.

Carter still charging that Cuba is responsible for the invasion. Zambia, feeling the economic pressures, has offered to be a negotiator for peace in the troubled region of Zaire. [Fidel] Castro stated that he knew of the planned invasion by the Katanganese  a month earlier, and said it was untimely and would be fraught with potential defeat. He said we, as our government of Cuba, could possibly do–  did all we could to stop their planned revolution, because he was fearful that it was not timely. However, Carter still calls for reprimands, stating that his intelligence reveals that Castro was directly in on the planning and the actual action of the Katangan revolt in the Shaba Province.

USSR continues to state that the Soviet Union and Cuba as being singled out by Carter to divere the American people and the world from the crisis of capitalism that is becoming very severe. The USSR, in its periodical Pravda – which means The Truth in English – stated that they did not mind being a scapegoat by Carter, as long as it did not aggravate world peace, but that his measures had gone far beyond the bounds of sanity.

Israel states that they will not agree to give up the West Bank territory and Gaza Strip until at least five years. They refused to answer UN questions as to how the Palestinians will express their wishes. There will be no plebiscite, Israel announces. They hope to resume direct negotiations with Egypt, Israel said, at a later date. Egypt has become more demanding in Israel, and as US capitalism and its imperialistic design needs Saudi Arabia and the reactionary Arab League to maintain its position in troubled Zaire, where US cannot exist without the cobalt supply from that oppressed nation, Egypt has been given a freer hand to make demands upon Zionist Israel. US capitalism does not mind sacrificing any of its faithful or loyal allies. It finally comes down to a term of dollars and cents. That’s basically true when a nation’s survival is at stake. Egypt has sent several military (pause) assistance– m– much different types of military assistance into troubled Zaire, as well as troops to aid in the putting down of the liberation of Zaire.

News just has it over the radio that as many as two thousand Zairian soldiers have been shot for looting. Apparently Carter’s groomed crack forces of fifteen thousand, made up of mercenaries and elitists,  could not be trusted. The USA is making advertisement for various people to do special engineering feats, aircraft pilots and so forth, in the Near East and Africa and other parts of the world, charges Harper magazine. When they get there they find that they have been tricked into actual mercenary murderers actions against oppressed peoples. Some who have rejected their role and wanted to return have been murdered, according to Harper’s, by the CIA. Our tax dollars being spent for such operations always causes us great pain.

A US bulk carrier– oil carrier, Yellowstone, has crashed into socialist Algerian freighter, several lives have been lost,  several reported missing. At least eight Americans were lost. No Algerians have been reported missing or dead at this time.

Al-Fatah, the Palestine Liberation Organization, has launched an attack into Israel. Zionist Israel reports little success and no loss of life. The Al-Fatah PLO declares that they were able to stop military aggression in Israel that’d been planned on southern Lebanon. The Israelis were to have removed their troops from the region by the thirteenth, but the date is near upon us and, much to the consternation of United Nations forces Commander [Emmanuel] Erskine, Israel refuses to turn over southern Lebanon to the United Nations, but to rather a fascist right-wing Lebanon Christian militia that is not in any way a legal or representative organization or government for the people of Lebanon. (Pause)

Northeastern islands of Japan is standing in the wake of an expected typhoon. Over three hundred now are reported dead. The strongest earthquake to have struck Japan in over fifteen years, tidal waves are expected to be in the two meter range. (Pause)

Foreign ministers of the capitalist states of Europe are calling an emergency meeting in Copenhagen in reference to a decision on assistance to troubled Zaire, but the spokesperson, the Foreign Minister of Denmark [Knud Borge Andersen], where Copenhagen is the capital, said there was not sufficient votes to allocate military assistance to the dictatorial regime of puppet leader Mobutu [Sese Seko], who’s on the strings of US capitalism, killing his own people, estimated two thousand that were shot in cold blood of his own soldiers today, without military tribunal.

World bankers calling for means to stimulate the sluggish capitalistic e– economic growth immediately. France and Italy have shown some revival or slight improvement, but conditions in the mind of the World Bank establishment continues to be grave, and the likelihood of an economic depression leading to worldwide depression in the capitalist system, is imminent.

Trial in Switzerland for three West German activists of the Red Brigade, the Baader-Meinhof accused for attempted murder. Large number of police were put in the courtroom to such a degree that the defense attorney, appointed by the state in Switzerland, said “I have to in good conscience refuse to defend my client on the grounds that I have no privacy to counsel with them.”

[David Berkowitz] Son of Sam, notorious murderer, made popular by bird– uh, the uh, notorious newsman from Australia that started the conspiratorial attack on us– (pause) I cannot think [of] his name immediately, owns New West and New York magazine, New York Post, Rupert Murdoch. According to Newsweek, actually many of the murders that Son of Sam achieved were allowed to be because of the notoriety and sensational publicity, headlines that Rupert Murdoch’s New York Post gave to him. Today he was sentenced to twenty-five years to life.

Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand [likely Deputy Interior Minister Prem Tinnasulanon] is attempting to bring a return to parliamentary democracy, as the socialists are gaining strength since the military coup, the bloody coup that USA-CIA engineered in 1976, but fortunately the socialist leaders and elements of Thailand were able to flee to the jungle. That should have meaning to us, ‘cause the jungle of Thailand is quite similar to ours, and in spite of USA special advisors assistants and Green Berets and the military crack force of the Thailand fascist regime, the socialists were never able to be apprehended, and now have built up strong peasant support and are making demands for a return to constitutional or parliamentary democracy, or the beginning of a new revolution in Thailand. That has interesting significance to us.

The Soviet Union has established a strong naval base in South Yeme– Yemen, thus causing Iran and Saudi Arabia to be considerably apprehensive and demanding US advanced weaponry, which USA has been reluctant to give because of the Judaistic and Moslem conflict. However, due to US capitalism’s crisis, as the Soviet Union says, it is likely that there will be stepped up giving of modern weapons to maintain Iran that been troubled with one rebellion after another, in spite of the fact that it could inflame another near East confrontation between Israel and the Arabs.

This is the primary news, the last momentary news coming over, a dreadful bit of information is that the plague of locustses  that Radio Cuba said had been created by the CIA and its counterparts in Saudi Arabia to attack Ethiopia, have gotten out of hand after causing a million deaths along with a drought, and it is expected that the locusts will spread from the Atlantic to the Himalayas. It is a major epidemic facing the world, that the attack of the locusts will spread from the Atlantic throughout Africa, throughout the Near East into Asia to the Himalayas.

Thus ends the commentary of the news. Now please listen to last night’s news, where I spoke so deeply from my heart to you, and think about it very, very strongly. (Tape edit)

End of side 1.

Side 2.

Jones: – evening, there will be heavy testing over the movie Z. Tonight there will be a movie shown, shows a breakout of a German fortress prison during the Nazi reign – it must be interpreted – and then a film following it having to do with a Italian robbery, a major bank robbery or gold robbery, and it has been that means and measure that Red Brigades and Red Armies have sustained their revolutions. It has some value, but must be interpreted. If I’m caught up, as I have been for the last seven hours on this telephone and with radio problems, and all night last night in the radio room with strategies for problems back in the States to try to get us on the offensive to defend our people from the oppressive designs of the fascist clique of conspirators, someone must interpret, because it’s easily possible for people to get caught up in delusional systems. The propaganda of USA media, Hollywood variety, is notorious for its brainwashing people back into a sleepy opiate condition. They are reasonably good movies, but there’s always propaganda that between lines – not during the actors’ lines – need to be pointed out.

Steering Committee will be held tonight.

Thank you. Much love to you, and now the news of last evening. Listen to it attentively. Thank you.

End of tape

Tape originally posted May 2012