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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Sarabeth Trujilllo. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jim Jones: Attention, attention. Remember to pick up all (unintelligible) debris around you. Look for the ones (unintelligible word) misshapen. We hold all responsible for every department, that your department is absolutely clear, and the inspector should running around right now, that we’ll find.

News of the day. Today (unintelligible) a diversion with a rather simple ceremonies by past record, the inauguration of the pope [Pope John Paul II]. He refuses to call it the coronation, but merely his enthronement. That sounds bad enough for us. Vice President [Walter] Mondale will lead the US delegation.

Information has been revealed in West Germany that there’s a communist spy at the higher– at the highest levels of the West German government. It’s thrown the West German government into panic, as some of the most advanced secrets of nuclear technology is in the government’s hands. A Roma– a Romanian defector left his Cologne hotel– he is the one that gave the information that the Romanian defector from communist Romania cannot be found at this time.

Cuban/US playoff in football. Looks like the Cubans have a good chance of winning because they defeated Nicaragua 15 to nothing, and US barely made it through its last game.

Hydrogen vehicles are going to be empowered throughout capitalist and socialist world. They’ve found a way to split (pause) H2O to get hydrogen and water. It’s not like fossil fuels, it’s endless. The application from coal will also provide a high source of energy. Water energy is the s– the basic energy, primal energy of all the universe. So if this is broken through, it will solve the problem of energy supply for eons and eons. Hydrogen is very expensive, but (unintelligible word) now using electricity to split the H2O, they feel that this will be controlled. They’ve had no accidents in some 50 vehicles utilized in the Soviet Union, bu– empowered by water alone, and even the USA (pause) are also working on this type of energy. They convert energy sources to hydrogen. It’s a bridge to the sun. It’ll make– it’ll enable man to go as far into the universe as he wants to go with this new breakthrough scientifically.

Arab peace forces admit to excesses in Lebanon, said Voice of America. Radio Moscow said that, tortures and cruelty have been inflicted upon the Arab peacekeeping United Nations force by the fascist Christian– Christian militia. However, the Lebanon– Lebanese government said that they would meet fire with fire. All to go before a military tribunal of the United Nations peacekeeping force, (Unintelligible word) and the Christian militia fascists that are not even a legal representative of the Lebanese government. Casualty counts from military spokesmen say that the fascists have suffered the worst. The Christian fascists have suffered some 2000 losses in a (Unintelligible word) into southern Lebanon.

[Egyptian President Anwar] Sadat is working on plans for next week outlining (pause) his peace plan, his compromise, his sellout, his Munich that will be conducted with [Menachim] Begin, right wing prime minister of Zionist Is– Israel. Cabinet approved his peace plans, whatever they are, Sadat’s peace plans.

Chairman Hua [Kuo-fenj, chairman of Chinese Communist Party] talks to [Mohammed Reza Pahlavi] the Shah of Iran in Teheran amidst turmoil and city strife as the left are toppling the city’s administration and tying up all of the local police and the National Guard. The Chinese Prime Minister received a lavish uh, reception. Twenty-one, uh– Twenty-one gun salute in Iran, unprecedented domestic unrest all around him, the security measures are the gravest that the Chinese Prime Minister has ever had to face. New cabinet installed by Shah of Iran so the Chinese Prime Minister Hua will be the first one to meet the new cabinet. The general world issue and oil management will be those topics that will be of most concern. They are trying to woo Iran into the Third World so that the oil will go to help China in her bid for leadership of Third World undeveloped nations.

Tass [Soviet news agency] quoted western sources on– on the fact of a BBC commentary that the Chinese had worked out a Yugoslav-Chinese military cooperation treaty. Tenoub [phonetic], the Yugoslavian news agency, (Unintelligible word) this and registers a complaint with the Soviet Union. Marshall Tito [Marshall Josip Broz Tito, President of Yugoslavia] who is now in his 87th year, old guerrilla fighter, said that there is an absolute lie behind this BBC broadcast. Only an effort to stir up trouble and try to bring the world closer to a nuclear war.

Three thousand million dollar trade deficit in July. The trade deficit of the United States has jumped twice in just one month. It doubled i– the increase of last month. Right now the United States owes three thousand million dollars more than it has money in gold pay. The dollar today dropped the lowest it’s every dropped on the Tokyo market, 6.9, nearly seven yen from Tuesday to Wednesday. Fifth largest sus– such deficit in this entire history of US capitalist economy. US imports foreign oil down slightly because they’re trying to balance a economy that’s going crazy. Zig zag. Labor Department consumer prices index show that inflation rate is double digit. It’s increased again by four and a half points. The stock market fell five points from– and also fell ten points on the Dow Jones scale in USA on Monday.

Chad. In another one of those surprising and astounding breakthroughs, a rather right wing Christian regime has joined forces with the Frolinat in a coalition government. General Mahou [Felix Malloum] is now president of Chad and Prime Minister [Hissène] Habré who been the fen– uh, the foreign min– the secretary of the revolutionary Frolinat – Marxist Frolinat – who recently kidnapped a French anthropologist before she could go home and held her on hostage, is now a part of the Chad government. Sudan, Khartoum. President (pause) Mahou [Malloum] (pause)term ends, and the new president is elected, so it can be either Marxist or (pause) capitalist socialal– social democracy (pause) that will come in Chad. The breakthrough was surprising and the most effective unity in the north part of Africa. Many credit Colonel [Moammar] Gaddafi, the rather brave and talented leader of socialist Libya for the results.

Thurga– Thurgood Marshall [U.S. Supreme Court Justice] is present at the funeral of Kenyatta [Jomo Kenyatta, president of Kenya]. Foreign Minister David Owen of Britain attends. Owen’s plans– plan plus many other leaders– many Rhodesian leaders will be there. All the rest of the world, they gather to give commemoration and a moment of solemnity to the life of Kenyatta. Uh, the new future presidency will be selected within two months, and uh, the presidency, already according to cabinet, will go to a non-aligned position. The grimmest warning yet on Rhodesian (pause) comes from (pause) the Organization of African Unity. They said that a negotiated settlement must take place with the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front under the brave leadership of Robert Mugabe, Marxist/Leninist, and nationalist hero Joshua Nkomo.

Remember, our party’s the Peoples Nationalist– People’s National Congress, PNC, and our prime minister – all of you know and love him – is Prime Minister Forbes Burnham. Our new (pause) regional minister is Comrade Leonard Duvant– Duvant and he is quite familiar with Marxist theory and practice, and we should be very thrilled that we have such a regional minister.

Continue with the news. Shell Oil and British Petrol, who have made the most profits in Rhodesia, are now even urging the white regime to make a coalition government with the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front because Robert Mugabe has the strong position in the Patriotic Front and it is expected that if something’s not done immediately, Rhodesia will become another Marxist government like the brave people of Mozambique and Angola.

Nigeria. Military government plans to return to civilian rule by September of this year, the last part of September. (Aside) Um, OK, all right. (Back to microphone)

Plot to dispose Somoza [Nicaragua President Anastasio Somoza Debayle] has resulted in 200 arrests of top-ranking civilian leaders in government and over 135 officers. Somoza denies that he– he’s only arrested eight to 10, he said, military officers and 25 civ– civilians, all charged with subversion of the state, plotting to take over, overthrow the government by force, and they face death by firing squad. Also the major leaders of the union were also a– arrested by the Somoza regime.

We’ll continue to give you more news as uh, the day goes on. We’re gonna have guests now. Prepare ever– everything as presentable in your dress and appearance. Remember, bravo to the People’s National Congress, our party. Show our gratitude for living in Guyana. PNC and Forbes Burnham, our Prime Minister. We’ll continue the news later on.

Background noise

Man: It’s– It was extremely–

Woman: Why is it, why is it (unintelligible)–

Man: –extremely poor, (emphatic) it was extremely poor that when we went around with our guests, very few people knew anything. There were people that sat around that didn’t know the PNC, people didn’t know– didn’t know the opposition party. When they– when Dad asked for the uh, Third World doctrine, no one knew who had formulated it, no one knew who was involved in the– in the Three World Doctrine. It was an extremely poor display – an extremely poor display – particularly when we’ve gone over and over and over again the same very basic material. Uh, the head of the party, the vanguard party, our party, there were people that just didn’t know that. It’s an outrage. Particularly when our guests–

Charlie Touchette: (away from mike) You’re on there, you wanna go ahead and do it, or do you want me to do it?

Man: Yeah, go ahead.

Man 2: Yeah, you do it.

Man: Now, in order to get through (clears throat) the food line and get your plate, you’re goi– you’re going to have to be able to answer one of the following questions. If–

Tape edit

Jones: (off mike) major terror– there’ll be one of them throwed at you. And sooner or later–

Man: –one of these questions throwed at you and sooner or later you will get all of these questions. You’ll have to get the right answer. If you don’t, then you’ll go to the back of the food line. This will continue till you can answer the question before you can get your plate. One of the questions is: What does PPP stand for? That’s the party of the opposition, and it stands for People’s Progressive Party. What does PNC stand por– for? That is our party, it’s People’s National Congress. Why are we against the PPP? It’s because of apanjhat, which means vote your own kind. Dr. [Cheddi] Jagan is the head person– is the person in charge or the head of the PPP, and Dr. Forbes Burnham is the Prime Minister and he is also in charge or head of the P– PNC. People’s National Congress. You’ll also have to be– you’ll also have to know, who is the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front. Robert Mugabe is a Marxist, Joshua Nkomo (pause)is a nationalist.

Voices in background: (unintelligible)

Man: And the one– man who does not have any right to rule is Ian Smith [Prime Minister of Rhodesia]. You’ll also have to know the Doctrine of Three Worlds, which is, the first world is Russia and the USA. The second world is Japan and the European countries. And the f– Third World is China and the undeveloped Third World countries. That is it. You’re going to have to know one and possible all of these questions to order to get your dinner.

Jones: I’m going to have to select a (pause)program director for socialist– (pause)program director for socialist enlightenment. Now I want this person to see that these questions are answered. If you do not answer them, if you can’t answer one or two– (Aside) What do you say? Uh– That’s fine, that’d be fine. Com– There’d been a suggestion of Comrade James Edwards. That’s fine. Let him be the program director to go in the line with a stool – I don’t let him on his legs all the time – every person that goes by– by him for meal has to be prepared to tell us what the Doctrine of Three Worlds is. As Charlie said, it’s the Soviet Union and USA. Ameerica, Ameerica. And one other thing you’re gonna have to be able to do that I forgot to tell Charlie, you’re gonna have to say one phrase in Russian. You’re gonna have to say it. Yah achut mir. Yah achut mir, yah achut mir. If you can’t say it, back to the end of the line you’ll go. Yah achut mir. If you can’t tell us that Zimbabwe and Rhodesia are the same but the white man calls Zimbabwe Rhodesia and that white man name is Smith, Ian Smith, but remember Smith. And he only has less than three percent of the people behind him, less than three percent– three percent of the land behind him. Zimbabwean Patriotic Front is led by Robert Mugabe. That’s why we gave honors to the Ford lad [James Ford, aka James Wade]. He gets some chicken, and another one too. What’s the sister from Jamaica, she’s saved us on the Doctrine of Three Worlds.

Man off mike: Ethel Belle.

Jones: Everybody else said it was Russia and United States that started the doctrine.

Several voices off mike: Ethel Belle.

Jones: Ethel Belle. Our Jamaican sister.

Voices too soft

Jones: Lovie de Pina. She came up with PNC – thank goodness – ‘cause everybody looks like b– bumps on a log, and our Jamaican sister said China came up with the idea of Three Worlds. That means whose idea it was. What is it, Sister Belle’s first name?

Several voices off mike: Ethel Belle.

Jones: Ethel Belle. She’s from Jamaica, she has that beautiful Jamaican accent. You give her attention too, and they’ll give you something. Those people got us off the hook. The Ford boy, (Pause) James Ford and then he picked up one of his socialist sisters, a young lady that was nauseated and carried her to the clinic. Those were the kinds of things that impressed that man. He said I am impressed. He said if there’s any doubt – and undoubtedly there’re some Marxists here who have doubts – he said if there were any doubt about why you are here, it is now cleared up by the n– fact that you are socialists, you are training your children in socialism. But so we know now, that’s important, and you’re gonna do it, and I don’t mean that they gonna hafta pick some damn crowd. I want this whole crowd – anybody they stop to be able to answer what Charlie just said. Now I’ll go over it one more time. We are PNC. People’s National Congress. Think of (Unintelligible word) n’capitalism. P-N-C. People’s National Congress. Our Prime Minister is Dr. Forbes Burnham. Our regional minister that good man (Unintelligible phrase) just a commoner, good Marxist though, he knows his Marxist rhetoric. He knows Russian also. I spoke some Russian to him. He loves Moscow because they took him when no– no one could help him and gave him free medicine, so he has a w– a special love for Russia. I say we– were learning Russian and Chinese, so the Chinese teacher (pause)Daisy Lee, we’ll have to pay her to give us some Chinese phrases in people’s rally. If we have just one. And you’ll be responsible for that one Chinese phrase and the one Russian. Do you understand? Comrade [Tom] Grubbs came up with this idea, and I think it’s a marvelous idea. You don’t eat– if you don’t have some knowledge, you don’t eat. I bet you get knowledge damn quick.

Voices in back: (Unintelligible)

Jones: You know what I’m sayin’, all over this house now again. I’m tellin’ it. (increasingly emphatic) Zimbabwe Patriotic Front. Who’s leader? Robert Mugabe. He is the Marxist/Leninist and Joshua Nkomo is the nationalist. But he’s also pro-Cuban, very, very favorable to Cuba’s help there. Who’s the false leader, the wrong leader, has no right to lead Zimbabwe, which the white man calls Rhodesia? They’re both the same. Ian Smith. Doctrine of Three Worlds. Who made up that doctrine? Or formulated it? China. Who’s in the first world? USA and the Soviet Union. Or if you wanna say it in Russian, SSSR. Soviet Union. Who thinks– China thinks the Soviet Union’s the most dangerous. Why? Because the Soviet Union has the largest standing army and puts more money into technology. (tape break-up) Soviet Union is hegemony, seeking power, seeking power over the world which is not the case. We just present the doctrine. We say we’re not pro-Soviet or pro-Chinese. We just know their theory. We say that the Chi– the Soviets are fearful of Chine– Chinese expansionist aims in Europe. You understand? Chinese expansionist aims in Europe. But we are for détente, co-existence, because all socialists need to be one. We follow the lead of our government, which is a non-aligned policy. What’s that mean? We’re not for the Soviets or against them. We’re not for China or against them. Do you understand? We are allied with all socialists, whoever they are. And that’s the only way we’re gonna have peace. And the reason we’re not for the PPP is apanjhat, apanjhat, apanjhat, apanjhat, apanjhat. Better quit looking at their– your– your fingernails and start listening to what I’m tellin’ you. Apanjhat, apanjhat. Vote your own kind. The East Indians did that to try to get the East Indians to oppose the black party of the People’s National Congress. But the People’s National Congress has Indians and Chinese, the president is Chinese [Arthur Chung]. There’re several In– Indians in the cabinet. So it’s an all-inclusive government. Have I co– covered all that ground? And tell Comrade Edwards he’s gonna do that, will you tell him?

Man off mike: Piss Poor Position is the PPP.

Jones: Piss Poor Position is the PPP, Piss Poor Position. It will be, if you say it for our party. You’ll be in a Piss Poor Position. PPP. People’s Progressive Party. If you can’t answer that when you go eat, you might as well not get in line. (pause) Did you hear what I said? Our Prime Minister’s Forbes Burnham. Our party’s People’s National Congress. A phrase in Russian “I want peace” is yah hachut mir, yah hachut mir, yah hachut mir, yah hachut mir. That goes for all you little children too. Walkin’ by me, John [Victor Stoen], uh– What’s John in Russian? What is John in Ru–?

Man: Victor.

Woman: Ivan.

Jones: Ivan. Ivan Victor, Ivan Victor. Ivan. I like that, Ivan. Just say it in Comrade Edward’s ear. Comrade will be the program director of socialist enlightenment, and it has to be said in ear. Well, he won’t give you– He’ll not give the person after you. If he’ll follow my direction, I know he will, he’ll not give you an answer. (Stumbles over words) He’ll not ask uh, two people the same question. So really really listen and hear– get the answer in the ear, and I count on Comrade Edwards to send them to back of the line. It’s gonna take a firm personality to do so. (Tape edit) (unintelligible) table, we could have a table, and you can go by and get a pass, and if he– if he gives you a pass, you will uh, you will uh, uh, pass through the line and that could be done that way, then he could be sitting at a table. If you don’t answer the question (tape break-up) I think there can be as much as (Unintelligible word) for awhile. I want him to stand in the line, stay in that line, and give him a stool. He can set, when person goes by him, you better answer any one of the questions. I’m giving ‘em to you again for the last time. The Doctrine of Three Worlds. USA and the Soviet Union are in the first world, they consider the Soviet Union the most dangerous uh–

Voices off mike too soft

Jones: Special line, huh? (tape edit) Special diet s– salt free, sugar-free, I don’t care what you’re on. Milk or (tape break-up) Everybody goes by it. The second world is Japan and, as Charlie said, the major capitalist nations of Europe. Do you understand? The Third World is China, sees herself as the leader of the undeveloped world. That doesn’t mean they’re not rich, that means they do not have the chance to develop industrial power. Do you understand? Big factories. Even Iran with all of its oil riches is not in the second world. You got that? And what other major– I want something else. The major enemies of socialism. What are they? Anarchy, Trotskyism, social democracy, liberalism, social democracy, and revisionism. What? SB. RATS. Revisionism, anarchy, Trotskyism, social democracy. RATS. You got that? Those are the major enemies of what? International socialism. Marxist thought. That– Those are the major enemies. I want you all to know them or you don’t eat. (emphatic) You hear? By God I hope you will. The announcements that’re getting through the radio, we’ll be goin’ through noon and we’ll be goin’ through the afternoon so nobody can say they didn’t know, tonight you may be eatin’ about 10 o’clock. (pause)(breathes into mike) I’m tellin’ you, by God, because we’re gonna get this, we’re not going through this shit. That was ridiculous. And (Unintelligible word) Comrade Ethel Belle from Jamaica who doesn’t quite understand our English as well, but she got it and she said China, and Comrade De Pina– uh, quite a few of you just looked at me like you didn’t know what the fuck was goin’ on! Like you’d never heard it in your life and you staring off into space. And the Kice boy [Thomas David Kice 2nd], wh– young white lad been here long? He shoulda known all those answers, every damned answer. Anybody’s white oughta make a special effort like some of you – most do – to get that that knowledge in your head. And we always struggling through . We all mixed. We were mixed in marriage or adoption. Do you hear? That impressed the man too. OK, Jamal, uh, Jamal, I want– I, I, I, I want them– Talk to him in counseling. It’s outrageous. With a mind like him he couldn’t give me any answer of any sort, I’d give him a simple question. Not Jamal Baisy, Jamal Lundquist. His mother’s [Diane Lundquist] one of the brightest people, ain’t no sense in this goddamned ignorance, when you’ve got good minds. So now do you all understand? Little children, knee high to a grasshopper, suckin’ your thumb, pickin’ your nose. I don’t give a shit, you’re gotta know apanjhat. That’s why we are not for the PPP. It means vote your own kind.

Man 3: No.

Jones: It’s not him–

Man 3: No, Bonnie [Simon]– Jamal Lundquist.

Jones: Jamal Lundquist. You’re gonna know that it’s uh, PPP, People’s Progressive– People’s Progressive Party because it says vote your own kind, apanjhat, apanjhat, apanjhat, vote your own kind. It is an appeal of the Pissed Poor Position, the People’s Progressive Party, to get East Indians to vote one way so that they would win, and that is not Marxist principle to appeal to race to win an election. The Russian phrase that you’re gonna know – and I’ll tell you the Chinese later, when Daisy Lee comes and gives me one – Yah hachut mir, yah hachut mir, yah hachut mir, I want peace. You understand that? You better be sayin’ it, or you ain’t gonna eat. The child over there playing around, you’d better say it. I’m tellin’ her, you’re not gonna eat till hell freezes over. Yah hachut mir, yah hachut mir. Now, have I covered it all? Zimbabwe is led by the black leaders Robert Mugabe, Marxist/Leninist, and Joshua Nkomo, nationalist, and the false leader, the white man who doesn’t have any right to lead is Ian Smith. (Pause) And what great miracle happened in Africa? Angola, a socialist nation, made a friendship treaty with Zaire, a black capitalist nation. Do you understand what I said? All right, get that down. That’ll be gone over and over and over, and Comrade Edwards will be asking you these questions starting as of the next meal. (pause) The next meal. And (tape break-up) the four enemies of revisionism, the main en– enemies are called RATS. What are they? Revisionism, anarchy, Trotskyism, social democracy. And what major forms does revisionism take? It’s pretty goddamned lazy, what– Peaceful means, gradual, democratic, and legal. (unintelligible word) pretty goddamned lazy. Peaceful, gradual, democratic, and legal, pretty goddamned lazy. That’s what revision makes up. You got me? All right, see if you can get Comrade [Eugene] Chaikin. We learned your name– your name last night but I will never be able to say it. How was it? Eu– Eugen– Eu– Eugenia?

Woman: Virginia.

Jones: Hell, it was on the board last night. You’d better teach all three of ‘em at the same time. Although the Russians use script the most, the reason the printed letter must be taught first is because the words in the dictionary are printed. This advice comes from Comrade Jackson so we’d better have them all there. Comrade Grubbs is taking care of that. He told me he would. Now give me back, attention. Continue with the news. I– I– No talking in here please.

There’s a large article about us in the Guyana Chronicle with a beautiful picture, showing myself, Dr. [Carlton] Goodlett, Herbie Harper, and Johnny Jones, my son, and some other people. Headlines. (Calls out) Now there’s supposed to be no talking when I give the news!

Man: Hey, shut up over there! Hey!

Jones: This is (tape edit) want to know what’s happening. It’s important. People be quiet so they can listen. Headlines of this beautiful big picture that they have of us. Myself, Dr. Goodlett, Johnny Jones, Herbie Harper. What’s Herbie Harper. I even forgot him. Viola B– Viola Burnham’s brother, yes, and some more people. Headlines is: “Black American Publisher Says Peoples Temple Agriculture Mission Inspiring and Challenging Mission. Leading black newspaper publisher of the United States says that the Peoples Temple Agriculture Mission in Northwest District of Guyana was an inspiring, intriguing, and challenging project. Dr. Carlton Goodlett who publishes the largest newspaper in northern California, recently made a flying visit to the project site in the northwest district which has been in operation for about three years. There he met the head of the missiop– mission uh, Bishop Jim Jones, ah, there’s (Unintelligible word) Bishop, and was shown around the 500-odd acre site that is uh, cultivated along with members of the local press and radio. The project is the first, which is based– is the first which is based in California, United States. The project is the first which was established by the Cali– California, United States-based Peoples Temple. Dr. Goodlett and the Civil Rights struggle in the United States– uh, this is– this don’t make no sense. (Pause) Peoples Temple Bishop Jones must’ve struggled with Dr. Carlton Goodlett in the civil rights struggle in the United States. The influential medical practitioner who was also president of the National Newspaper Association, black press of the United States, says he was very impressed with what the Peoples Temple was doing in Guyana. The project site which is known as Jonestown is striving towards self-sufficiency in food crops and at the moment is also supplying neighboring areas with greens, vegetables and chicken. One of the sidelines was cassareep produced from cassava grown at the mission. Goodlett paid tribute to the medical clinic, the nursery, educational facilities, and cultural activities of the mission. He said he was very impressed and pleasantly surprised that in such isolation, the est– isolation, the estimated 1200 community of men, women, and children were still living in a high standard of living through their own sustenance and industry.” All right, that’s it. Visit from the Russians was very b– beneficial, we’ll get more feedback on that later.

Daisy Lee: We want peace. Wah min jaht nee wah hay. (phonetic) Again? We want peace. Wah min jaht nee wah hay.

Jones: Let me see if I have it right. Wah min jaht nee wah hay. I don’t think I have it right. You say it again.

Lee: Wah min jaht nee wah hay.

Jones: Wah min jaht nee wah hay. Jah, jah, jah, jah. Say it again.

Lee: Wah min jaht nee wah hay. Wah min jaht nee wah hay. We wish you peace. Wah min jaht nee wah hay. We wish you peace. Wah min jaht nee wah hay. We wish you peace. Wah min jaht nee wah hay. Wah min jaht nee wah hay. Wah min jaht nee wah hay. We wish you peace. Wah min jaht nee wah hay. We wish you peace. Wah min jaht nee wah hay. Wah min jaht nee wah hay. We wish you peace. Wah min jaht nee wah hay.

Jones: Now you heard (Unintelligible phrase) As I was mentioning in the news, a plot to dispose Somoza, a coup was almost successful. It’s meant over 200 arrested in the army, and nameless and numberless of num– number of people who have been arrested in the civilians levels of government. Somoza, the dread dictator of Nicaragua that’s upheld by US capitalism for 44 years, said at the most he’d only arres– arrested between eight and 10 officers, and 25 civilians. All charges of plotting to take over the government, said he, and so he arrested them, and he arrested a couple of union leaders. However, all foreign news broadcasts have it quite to the contrary. He has arrested all union heads and all opposition, wherever they were.

Continue with the news. Muhammed Ali, former title weight, heavy title weight boxer, is gonna be fighting it off again with [Leon] Spinks – I guess that’s the way they call him, Spinks – in New Orleans, and Muhammed Ali said if the national anthem was to be sung, it had to be sung by Joe Frazier, former title holder, and Joe Frazier has agreed to sing the national anthem. He said if I have to hear it, said Muhammed Ali, I want a black man to sing it. So, we’re going to be into some interesting thing in the fight arena as Muhammed Ali gets a second chance at the title. (tape edit)

Billions of dollars in aid have not upgraded schools, said the Voice of America, because local schoolteachers and officials have not had enough to say about teaching patriotism in the schools. In what is distinctly a sharp Cold War, right-wing tactic, the Voice of America said the reason education – billions of dollars – has been ineffective in United States is that we have not listened to the local teachers who would put great emphasis on love of country.

Memphis. A tornado struck Elvis Presley Boulevard and confined itself only to the fast food services, the quick service restaurants. Everybody in Mac– McDonald’s got their ass blown out. Twenty-nine in the McDonald’s restaurant of Memphis, Tennessee’s Elvis Presley Boulevard were all blown out on the street. Several have been injured and, at this point, several critical. The only thing that was attacked was quick service restaurants. And I think that there’s a dimension of mind, we’ve talked so much about McDonald’s, I wonder, by God, if maybe McDonald’s didn’t catch a little heat. At least it didn’t pay those folks to be in the fast service restaurants because they were the only ones that got hit by the goddamn tor– tornado. It lifted up one heavy lady of some two hundred and seventy-seven pounds and her husband who was 140 and carried them a hundred feet away. She fell on top of her fat ass, and that was all that injured, her fat ass. (pause)

Somoza insists on staying as dictator till 1981. The Voice of Netherlands says if this is the case, if he maintains his rule till 1981 presidency, he will– (tape edit) dictator Somoza says he has no plans to declare martial law. But BBC says it’s quite evident that the army is going to take over in a matter of hours in Nicaragua. He has no popular support, the people have turned totally against Somoza, and he can only hope that the right wing element of his army will maintain his leadership.

Democrat representative to Congress, Larry McDonald, a high official in the neo-Fascist John Birch Society, won by 12,500 votes in Georgia, showing distinctly how far right and fascistic the last stage of monopoly capitalism that United States is going.

Lisbon, Portugal. Prime Minister [Alfredo Nobre] da Costa is calling for an austerity program. The Communists and Socialists are giving little sympathy because they feel that there is not enough Marxist or Socialist representation in the government. The far right accused uh, Prime Minister da Costa of having too many Socialists in the government, namely the Foreign Minister, the Minister of Interior, and the Minister of Home Affairs.

[President Jimmy] Carter has returned from his dangerous vacation in the West in Montana, Wyoming, and Idaho. He only got 10 days because he had to rush home to get a compromise on natural gas bill. Where Carter was promising the big utilities that they could have uncontrolled, unregulated prices, he’s finding some opposition in Congress. And it looks like his bill will be defeated unless he can do some fast talking.

Black paper. The only uh, remaining paper in Rhodesia The World has been outlawed in South Africa, and all of the editors and the publishers and owners were arrested this morning at 6:30. They’re held in house detention with no charges. That means they can spend the rest of their life in house arrest. They’re not allowed to leave their house for anything. People have to bring them their foods, their supplies, they must not leave their house by night or day.

United States arranging to negotiate for– to– for lower fares and better service to more cities, as they have allowed the airlines, as you know, to decrease their rates as high– as low as 70 percent and to increase them by ten percent without Federal Aeronautics A– Association approval– without the FF– FAA approval.

Netherlands, Israel, Japan, Gre– Great Britain and West Germany are entering into bilateral trade agreements to try to save the faltering uh, capitalist economies in Europe. As every one of those nations is suffering from some degree of inflation or another – West Germany and Japan the least of all – but the rest are nearly as badly affected as United States.

Foreign airlines must now agree not to undercut US airlines, or they will not be allowed to land. The Soviet plane, Aeroflot, will not be allowed to land in New York because the fares on Aeroflot are one-half the prices of PanAm and Trans World Airlines.

Arab peacekeeping force, the Arab League– Arab League, the oil rich nations who have been a part of the peacekeeping force for the United States have been charged with excessive cruelties. This has been denied. The Voice of America has much to say about so-called excesses. They have nothing to say about the Fascist Christians that are holding on to Lebanon illegally and have wiped out whole villages– uh, whole villages.

The Shah of Iran has thrown out the red carpet for Chinese Prime Minister Hua. China attacked big power aggression and for the first time in several days also took a heavy attack on the United States as well as the Soviet Union. So China is living up to her Doctrine of Three Worlds with some consistency.

Yugoslavia de– denies that any military agreement was made with China. The Soviet Union has accused Yugoslavia of ending in– entering into a military agreement. The Soviet Union has all of her allies of the Warsaw Pact in Crimea. I don’t– I’ve forgotten how they say it in Russia. Crim, the Crim, I think they said.

Hussein Audrey, the Frolinat leader who is a Marxist/Leninist, has made perhaps the best news of the day by getting the Chad moderate conservatives and right wing to join in a coalition government. The Chad president– presently elect will remain. The pre– uh, the Prime Minister, but the Deputy Prime Minister will be Hussein Audrey, a Marxist/Leninist with pro-Soviet leanings.

(Voice rises throughout) Rumors uh, has Somoza is about to flee the country. His bank claims that most of his monies in Nicaragua have already been moved to secret accounts in various parts of the world. Nicaragua is the size of the state of Alabama. It’s a banana republic, tightly under the control of US monopoly capitalism. US Marines intervened the last time– they’ve intervened in Nicaragua many times, the last time they intervened was in 1933. The United States Marines have intervened several times in Nicaraguan affairs. The last time was 1933. At that time they imposed the Somoza family, so the Somoza rule goes back 45 years. At that time it was [Nicaragua President Anastasio Somoza Garcia] the father of the present Somoza leader. Somoza – elder Somoza – lost to his son in 19 (pause)56. Then the brother, the eldest brother (pause)had a campaign against his own brother [Nicaragua President Luis Somoza Debayle] and defeated him in 1967. And the brother died under mysterious circumstances. It has been rumored even by BBC that Washington was involved in the brother Somoza killing– the elder brother killing the younger brother. Since 1967, the strong-arm dictator, the la– the last of the Somoza brothers rules with a fascist hard hand. Washington sees Nicaragua as a bulwark against Communism. Nicaragua was– had given quite a great esteem, the business circles, to Somoza until the earthquake a few years ago that nearly destroyed Nicaragua and the Somoza family. The elder one that remained and his children took all the money sent by the United States for construction supplies and other countries and put them in their own private bank accounts. Somoza now controls 30 percent of all the construction companies and firms in Nicaragua. He controls 35 percent of all the land in private ownership. He controls all the newspapers and the televisions. He controls the airlines. (Clears throat) Carter would not give the same carte blanche support to Somoza the dictator Nicaragua as [former President Richard] Nixon has given. This has upset many in the Chamber of Commerce and other of the financial capitalist set in Washington. It is feared by some analysts in BBC that Carter will have to support the same right wing dictatorships as Nixon did – his predecessor – or he might find himself certainly defeated in the next election if not, as a commentator Pearl Henry said on BBC, assassinated. It was from there that Nixon, [former President Dwight] Eisenhower, and later even [former President John] Kennedy– Nicaragua launched the Bay of Pigs uh, invasion against–

End of Side 1

Side 2

–Socialist republic of Cuba. All business elements now however are turned against Nicaragua because he is bleeding the country to death. He has lost his political control, his economic control is practically totaled. He practically owns all of Samo– all of Nicaragua. The business elements announced this morning unanimously with the three trade unions, that unless Somoza resigns immediately, there will be a communist coup, but Somoza adamantly refuses, even though he has no b– base for political support or public support in the country whatsoever. All he has left is a crack guard of some Gestapo secret police who have been known to kill and torture children of the opposition, numbering perhaps a thousand, and the Air Force, that is extremely fascist.

Inclusion of any communist or social democratic elements would have affected Portugal’s balance of power, so the Prime Minister da Costa has not accepted any socialist in the cabinet. He has uh, formed a new cabinet, however strangely enot– nough, not lawyers, as is been– has been historically the trend in Europe and– and USA. They’ve been made up of engineers and teachers. (Pause)

Right and left are k– wing are total distrustful of Prime Minister da Costa. As I said, the right wing accused him of having three socialists, Foreign Minister, Home Affairs and Interior, whereas the left wing says he has no real socialist, they’re only Social Democrats. His government will be playing– well, we’re putting the ball back into the socialist and conservative course, because none can take the pressure of refusing a coalition government at this time, because if they don’t, the International Monetary Fund will be able to dictate absolutely who holds every office in Portugal. So it is thought, according to BBC commentators, they will give Prime Minister da Costa a few more months. (Pause) Uh– If he does not stabilize the government by that time, the International Monetary Fund is to come in in December and make new demands that will completely crush any social democratic or socialist government in Portugal. It is thought by BBC that there are perhaps forty percent of the military that will not stand by idle and let the International Monetary Fund destroy Portugal. It was the military that overthrew the fascist dictator [António de Oliveira] Salazar that US capitalism had upheld for over 40 years.

China gained much, said the Voice of Netherlands, in her recent trips. The Voice of Holland said from Amsterdam that China used the differentiated approach of the Soviet allies, that there are differentiated perspectives and various Euro-revisionist standards in some of the socialist nations. China will soon visit West Germany. There she will champion, according to the Radio Netherlands, German reunification, thus get strong West German backing for trade agreements. She will move on. The prime minister will be going in the next few months to Sweden, which has been a social democracy, uh, but still serious capitalist munitions industries. In fact, the Nobel Peace Prize – it comes out of the Scandinavian world – was presented by a m– munitions maker [Alfred Nobel]. And Sweden will renegotiate a close sh– treaty of peace with China, because China will be buying a number of arms and industrial equipment from Sweden. In Italy, she is going to meet with the prime minister [Giulio Andreotti] who is socialist. There she will champion Euro-Communist revision, which will also break more into her doctrine of the second world and pull them closely into the Third World under Chinese leadership, said the W– the Voice of Netherlands, or Holland. Sweden arms corporations will not be able to resist the deal that China will offer her. China had a great harvest this year, and she’s going to be able to put a great deal of food on the world market, and Sweden will buy and then there’ll be an exchange of arms. (Pause) Radio Netherlands says that China is a threat to word peace. She is cleverly and cunningly dividing the Soviet alliance, she has cleverly divided the US alliances in NATO, and is distinctly on the ascendancy as the major world power. And she holds no fear, the fear of nuclear war has no meaning to China whatsoever, said the Voice of Holland. It will mean that the Cold War will get the chilliest ever, said the Voice of Holland from Amsterdam. Now, we move on.

The deficit spending in USA is twice as much as it was in the month of July. As you know, there is a outstanding trade deficit. We owe more in the United States than we take in by three thousand million dollars, we have a three thousand million dollar debt, and don’t have no idea where in hell we’re going to get the three thousand million to pay it.

A congressman by the name of Obey [Rep. David Obey (D-WI)] from the Midwest has changed rules about the journalist. He’s requiring that journalists re– pay for their car space and for journalistic booths in and press rooms in his state of– I– I– I believe it’s Mil– Minnesota. And this pat– pattern has been copied throughout the 50 United States. However, Congress is holding out against it because the pressroom represents access. If they have to pay, the network paying can then say they can film congressmen without asking the congressmen, if they have a legal hold on the uh, some rented space in the House, of the Congress or the Senate. And these new measures are a terrible, terrible move for the alternative press. The poor man’s press like the Guardian, and the People’s World, and black journals will have no means of really getting news coverage, because they will not be able to afford the uh, car space and the rental for having a news booth in the various states of the union. Thus far, the alternative press has been barred by just a rule that’s understood. The People’s World is never allowed in a Washington press conference, neither is the Guardian, neither is any left socialist weekly, or even moderate socialist periodical allowed to cover news in the White House. That means, essentially, that we have no free press in the United States. They cannot now, the People’s World has been– Governor Brown [California Governor Jerry Brown] has gone along with the bill that’s passed in California that all alternative press must get out of the legislature and not be in the governor’s mansion at any time. But Congress is afraid of making charges to all because if– they said if the press paid rent, they might do better coverage, and for that reason, Congress has de– defined– declined charging unlike the re– the rest of the 50 states in the United States. They have declined to charge rent.

Alleged payoff. There is an alleged payoff that is in the billions. The General Service Administration of the United States government is in the biggest scandal ever. It far outdistances Watergate. United States has never had such a scandal. One employee of the US government General Service Administration alone received 250,000 US dollars – a quarter of a million dollars – in the last two months. And it’s been laundered through Swiss banks. Billions. It may go into a few billions of dollars that have been ripped off from the American taxpayer.

South Korea hits back at US Congressmen (pause) by denying them the right of any few–any uh, visits presently. (quiet tone) South Korea hits back at US Congressmen by denying them any rights of visits because Congress has been critical of their connection, yes.

(Voice rises) Archbishop of Philadelphia [John Joseph Cardinal Krol] says what went on behind the Christine [Sistine] Chapel-locked doors in the Vatican was just exhuberation and joy in contrast with the past seriousness of the Conclaves. The Archbishop of Philadelphia said he was greatly concerned with the anti-s– communist and anti-progressive mood of the new Vatican. As you know, the new Pope, John Paul, is an arch anti-communist.

George Gibson in Memphis McDonald’s restaurant. He said all went black and– in a moment, glass was shattered and driven into his face and the faces of his children and wife. Everything broke, everything swirled, they were swirled outside of the building. This tornado struck only, as I said, the fast food service restaurants in one four-block area, one-half mile from the estate of the late Elvis Presley, which as you know, news has pointed out. he was both a CIA and an FBI agent.

President of North Korea Chung-Hee Park [South Korean President Park Chung Hee] resembles Nazi Germany in their elections, said Senator [George] McGovern. Moscow said– no, they– said Senator McGovern, whereas [Sen. Barry] Goldwater retaliated with fervor against McGovern and called him a subversive. He said it’s not Nazi Germany that the political process resembles in South Korea, but the elections in Russia. Goldwater called McGovern a com-symp. That word has gone out of use for about 20 years. But McGovern was called a communist sympathizer.

US dollar is falling like a rock, said BBC, like a rock on Japanese trade markets. It has fallen nearly seven yens. It fells seven and a half billion dollars in deficit to the Japanese, we owe seven and a half billion dollars deficit to the Japanese economy.

Nation’s governors have voted for Puerto Ricans to have the right to decide on statehood, much to the consternation of Washington’s Congress who has not favored it, and it is not sure where Carter stands on the issue.

At least 25 people have been hurt critically in the tornado that struck Memphis. Electricity is totally out and windows were completely broken in a four-block area.

Nation’s governors meetings in Boston were sharply critical of President Carter on particularly his beef import policies. They say Carter’s policy is killing the farmers, and the farmers are forming a bloc that is formidable enough to defeat Carter if he didn’t have everybody else mad at him. They did agree, the governors, with a– with tax measures. Unfortunately, they agreed with tax measures that should favor the rich. (Pause) (under breath) Uh, where in the hell am I now? (back to mike)

New Orleans schools will be open, said the Board of uh, Education of Louisiana, but teachers are going on strike at noon today. The Board of Education says they will hire scabs and the teachers will have no job, if they don’t come back to work within 48 hours. Well, that’s the way you see US respects unions.

Nicaraguan Somozan Air Force this morning is bombing one third of Nicaragua. They’re machine-gunning their own people. Armed civilians in Matagalpa, Nicaragua are in open warfare with the army and have practically taken over the city of Matagalpa. In Mant– in– in Nicaragua. Somoza’s Air Force is bombing every city, and has bombed one-third of Managua, the capital. It is the goddamnest mess that ever was in Nicaragua, and you– you can see how this is going to turn those people to communism.

US propaganda says that US relations– (Pause) No, no, US propaganda says that USA has a retaliatory power greater than USSR’s First Strike capability. But this will only last until the 80’s so they’re calling for the new– for a new nu– nuclear build-up. War talk is in every broadcast coming out of NBC, CBS, Mutual Broadcasting, and BBC.

Security Exchange Commissioner requires better records being kept because all of the government agencies are involved in corrupt practices. He said some monopolies are actually cheating the taxpayer and perhaps it will involve as much as half of the US budget that’s going to fraud for the white collared rich capitalist set.

HUD says that there’s a number of people leaving– Housing– (under breath) What’s HUD? H-U-D? (Pause)

Voices in background: Housing and Urban Development.

Jones: Housing and Urban Development said that they are getting so many requests for people to move overseas that they urge the people to realize that in socialist countries, there are different laws in regards to uh, morality then there is in capitalist. They are getting on the average of 15,000 requests for information about how one can live overseas. A lot of US people are getting unhappy about what’s going on in Amer– in– in Amer– Ameereeca, Ameereeca.

Henry Fleming was in interest of better case for US prisoners while he was a prisoner of war in Korea. Oh, he– he– he was in– he worked in the interest of– of better conditions for US prisoners while he was a prisoner of war in Korea. The US government has overturned a dishonorable discharge that had kept him from getting work for 20 years. He was discharged with a dishonorable discharge and has been practically in poverty ever since. But for some reason, Carter has now called his discharge honorable that the reason he gave information to North Koreans was to protect others. Who knows.

Muhammed Ali, as I said, will fight with Spinks in New Orleans next week. [George] Foreman will sing “Oh Say Can You See.” That bullshit.

[Sen. Ted] Kennedy to enter primary in New Hampshire. Senator Ted Kennedy will enter the primary in Canada– in New Hampshire. Better he did enter it in Canada, he might have more chance of getting elected. Already Chappaquiddick is being brought up. NBC says it tells how the– the– Senator Kennedy would behave in a crisis. NBC, in a blistering attack against Senator Kennedy, said he made 17 phone calls while his girlfriend [Mary Jo Kopechne] was laying dead in a la– car, when she could have been rescued under the water. He never did reveal that she was dead until someone posed that he had been in company with a young woman. NBC said, why is it that he was not charged with manslaughter. Massachusetts law makes it mandatory that anyone drinking while driving, guilty of reckless driving, where life is lost must be charged with manslaughter. But NBC said it was because of who Kennedy was. So it doesn’t look like Kennedy’s gonna get too far. However, CBS countered– (pause) CBS said NBC a month ago was calling for Senator [Edward] Brooke’s – the black Senator’s – resignation for ma– for lying in– in a matrimony court, in a civil court. CBS said NBC was hypocritical. They said Chappaquiddick was an accident, doesn’t agree with what Kennedy did, but it was an accident. He had momen– perhaps he had momentary amnesia. The commentary of CBS was carried by Pat Buchanan, a Republican. Said that it was, uh– no no no, no no no no no, I’m wrong, I’m wrong, Tom Braden, Democrat, ta– it was Pat Buchanan of NBC that said that, uh, uh, Kennedy was not possible material because he doesn’t behave well in crisis and he let that woman die by neglect. Tom Braden of CBS said that he defended him, he said it was an accident, he made a bad mi– decision. He said that it was anything more than behaving badly after a tragic accident that could happen to anyone.

Washington Post says United States of America is planning to pose in the summit talks at Camp David between Israel and Egypt and USA to build a strong United States Air Force base in the Sinai Desert. The Arab League, through Syria and Iran, retaliated that this is not acceptable.

Lizzie Borden, um, 85 years ago – you heard of Lizzie Borden, she’s the– she’s the one that’s supposed to’ve killed her mother with an axe. Well, they’ve conducted an investigation in San Diego, that’s how long it takes to get the news. It said she teamed up with a maid. Eighteen investigators, the best in the United States, said it was a bizarre double suicide. The mother had actually died, and the two were lesbian lov– lovers. She didn’t kill her mom with the axe at all. She just put the axe to her head, and then the daughter and the maid agreed on a double suicide to shock the religiously pious and bigoted neighbors that were around them in San Diego who disapproved of lesbian relations. Eighty-five years it took to find that out. We’re all glad to hear that Lizzie, uh, whoever the shit she is, uh– Lizzie Borden didn’t do this– didn’t uh, kill her mother with the axe. That’s just another theory.

Floyd McKissick has sold out to black capitalism. He said black capitalism is working well, e– even though his site for Soul City that was approved in 1968 when he agreed to give up the Congress on Racial Equality, Soul City made application in 1971 for some funding, took three years to get its first five million dollars and uh, (Pause) it was s– sold out the first hour. Congressman Helms [Sen. Jesse Helms] charged McKissick with nepotism and fraud. Since then the charges have not stuck and Floyd McKissick is even supporting US aid to Rhodesia and South Africa. So he’s now received uh, nine and a half million dollars, but it will still go broke because he needs 14 million, and he is four and a half million dollars short. He was supposed to have 50,000 people on 27,000 acres by 1975. However, he’s somewhat short of that. In Morton County, South Carolina. Doesn’t look like even as much as he’s kissin’ ass to the honky that he’s getting too far.

Senator Mensonba– Mensonbaum [Sen. Howard Metzenbaum], Democrat, says we’re not taking the far right serious enough. In a chilling speech over Mutual Broadcasting Company that I heard while being up all night as usual, early in the morning around 5:30, he said these people are neo-fascists and they represent 70 percent of the American population. He said if US liberals and progressives do not wake up and prove them the– the– for the liars they are, we’re going to have a country as rabid with hate and bigger– bigotry and– and– and totally emotionally mood as was [Adolf] Hitler’s Germany.

Carter says the right wing made– (Pause) the right wing mood prevails, as was shown in Proposition 6 which uh, is passing (Pause) in California. And a model of Proposition 6 is being used as a model all over the USA. What does Proposition 6 do? It bans all homosexuals and those who defend them. If you even defend homosexuals, you will lose any civil service job, any government job, any teaching post, any medical post in any hospital. Senator Briggs [Sen. John Briggs, California State senator] says we are going to expose them for the– uh– (low tone, unintelligible word) Senator Briggs says we are going to expose the homosexuals all over the United States for the subversives to our way of life that they really are. That’s a nice climate, isn’t it? Lovely climate in USA.

Carter lackluster, hypocritical, not interested at all in helping consumers, says Ralph Nader. He’s a do-nothing president and it’s going to lead to a right wing takeover, said Nader. All of his work – Carter’s work – now is devoted to helping big business, monopoly capitalism.

Matagalpa. It is estimated that 300 have died. Civilians have weapons, but they’re firing on planes that are equipped with machine guns. But they’re still bravely holding on to Matagalpa, Nicaragua, and they’re holding out against the US planes that’ve been sent as late as the last part of last week. Jets with the– the best of machine guns, and still the people are resisting them with only rifles and pistols.

Ruling in Massachusetts, that even felons can use and grab a gun in self-defense. That seems a little progressive. I imagine it was done for some white person’s benefit.

United Nations will send peacekeeping troops to guarantee South Africa removing troops by the promised date of December 26 and those uh– and guarantee a peaceful transition to Namibian self-rule. The Soviet Union gives a word– a terse warning from Moscow that they will not go along with this, this is a maneuver of the United States to keep control of Namibia under monopoly and multi-national corporations.

President Carter will propose US military presence both in the Sinai and the West Bank. This has been confirmed by the US Secretary– President’s [Press] Secretary Jody Powell in a news conference today. So it’s no longer a theory of BBC. Jody Powell has said President Carter will propose at the September 6th meeting between Begin, d– right wing leader of Israel, and Sadat, right wing leader of Egypt, and Carter– that Carter will propose a US base both in the Sinai and the West Bank. This has been confirmed in a press conference by the first secretary to the president of the United States, Jody Powell.

(Quiet tone) In a sad bit of news, Harvey Milk’s businessman, lawyer, companion [Jack Lira] – they lived together in a respectable homosexual relationship – committed suicide this morning. He had seen the movie Holocaust about what happened to the Jews – it’s a film that’s going around USA – and the concentration camps, and he left a note saying that he said this is what’s going to happen to gays and blacks and other minorities and so he– it depressed him to such a degree that he took his own life. We want to send a lot of letters, Professor [Richard] Tropp, Harvey Milk has been one of our deepest supporters. This is with great pain that we have to give you that news. Harvey Milk was a counselor, a supervisor, a Board of Supervisor member, on San Francisco Board of Supervisors, San Francisco County.

Dr. Goodlett said since being here and uh, praising Jonestown, has found that his phone is tapped. What would we expect? But I don’t think he’ll take that setting down, he’ll probably raise some hell with the press over that.

(Voice quickens through reading) I’m going to give you the reading of the nice article again because it’s not very clear the way I gave it the other time. The article in the Guyana Chronicle today, by Steve Narine, with a lic– nice picture of the office, Dr. Goodlett, the brother of the Prime Minister’s wife, Herbie Harper, Johnny Jones Senior, and several more of our coworkers here. Headline is, “Black American publisher says Peoples Temple Agriculture Mission Inspiring Challenging Mission. Leading black newspaper publisher in the United States says that the Peoples Temple Agriculture Mission in the northwest of Guyana was inspiring, intriguing, and challenging pro– project that he’d ever seen. Dr. Carlton Goodlett, who publishes the largest newspaper in northern California, recently made a flying visit to the project site in the Northwest District which has been in operation for about three years. There he met the head of the misshop– mission, Bishop Jim Jones, and was shown around the 500-odd acre site that has been cultivated, along with members of the local press and radio. The project is the first agricultural mission to be established by Jim Jones and Peoples Temple which is based in California, United States. Dr. Goodlett and Bishop Jones are old friends, who have been and are still in the civil rights struggle in the United States. The influential medical practitioner, who is also president of the National Newspaper Association, black press of United States said he was very very impressed with what the Peoples Temple was doing in Guyana. The project site, which is known as Jonestown, is striving towards self-sufficiency in food crops, (Pause) and at the moment is also supplying their neighboring Guyanese all around in the areas around Jonestown with greens, vegetables, and chickens. Out of the sidelines– one of the sidelines also is cassareep produced from cassava grown at the mission in Jonestown. (Clears throat) Dr. Goodlett, medical physician, paid tribute to the medical clinic, the nursery, educational facilities and cultural activities at the mission. He said he was very impressed and pleasantly surprised that in such isolation – and he estimated 1200 community of men, women, and children – were still living a high standard as they would in the US through their own resourcefulness and industry.” (Clears throat) (Voice moderates) That is the comment of the news of the day. I think I’ve given you all of the news.

(Voice calms) I shall give you some commentary at this moment (pause) so we can understand the US aggression in Korea. (Clears throat) China and the Soviet Union have called for Korea to be reunified. The Koreans have been very good to us. The minister– new minister of this region said he’s going to s– go the North Koreans and see about getting medical supplies for us at cheaper rates. (Voice rises) Whenever US imperialism’s policy-makers discuss their problems, war is only one option away. The fundamental truth about the nature of imperialism was dramatically demonstrated the other day by former President Richard Nixon. In the final installment of his video TV interviews with David Frost, Nixon mentioned casually that in 1969, the US was on the verge of bombing the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea with nuclear bombs. Former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger said Nixon advocated the option of taking out two or three North Korean airfields with nuclear bombs, following an incident in which a US reconnaissance plane had been shot down while flying over the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea. The US claimed of course that the plane was unarmed and was flying over international waters. Nixon himself, he reports, tilted toward such a decision for nuclear war, but was finally dissuaded by others in the administration. “I figured having one war on our hands was enough,” said the ex-president, “without getting another war on our hands, particularly one in which the Chinese were very close and the Russians too.” The incident should serve as a grim and timely warning (Pause) as to the precise location of where the main danger of war resides in the world today. The increasingly desperate United States ruling class sits astride a world empire under the constant assault of those who seek national liberation and social justice. Revolutionary victories against US imperialism and its allies, particularly in southeast Asia, and in Angola and Southern Africa, have certainly weakened this monstrous system. But it would be foolhardy to think that US fascist imperialism has in any way been pacified by this weakness. If anything, as Washington reels from the blows of peoples just as Washington, jus– just struggles throughout the world, the US bourgeoisie becomes mo– even more and ever more ready to turn its military option in defense of its system of exploitation. In particular the incident should underscore the constant danger of US aggression in Korea, and in the Near East. Ever since the end of World War II when the US appointed itself an Asian power, East Asia has been the scene of the largest scale military conflicts of this age. Two bloody wars in Korea and Indochina have made clear to the world’s peoples the brutal and genocidal nature of the US imperialist system. Despite its defeats in Vietnam and its inability to prevent the consolidation of the Chinese revolution, US imperialism continues to mount a grave threat to the peoples and nations of East Asia. The most glaring reflection of this threat is on the Korean peninsula. Many believe that China has just appeared to be friendly to the United States to weaken her moves into southeast Asia and in Korea. For more than 30 years the US has propped up and defended a brutal fascist military dictatorship in South Korea, a regime which has been willing– that willing tool of US imperialism and has one-sixth of its population in jail, in exploiting its own people for the profits of US multinational corporations. The US imperialist has prevented the reunification of Korea, which both China and Russia call for, and seems determined to make the present division between North and South a permanent one. It mai– maintains tens of thousands of troops and sophisticated atomic and nuclear weaponry in South Korea to prevent the collapse of a regime which is universally hated by the South Korean masses and does not have more than five percent support of the public. Now Carter has proposed withdrawing some of the 42,000 US ground troops stationed in South Korea. While some military figures have strenuously objected to the Carter proposal, it would be an illusion to conclude that the US has finally seen the light and decided to stop interfering– or intervening in the internal affairs of the Korean people. For Carter simultaneously proposes to beef up the US Air Force in South Korea, expanding the number of bases, maintaining atomic and neutron weapons so they can blow up the people of Korea and save the property in that country and turning some two and a half billion dollars in military aid over to the fascist military dictatorship of Park Chung-Hee.

An ironic scandal. One ironic offshoot of the US presence in Korea has been the recently uncovered scandal involving scores of white US political figures who received outright bribes and campaign contributions from the CIA through the South Korean KCIA and businessmen and influence peddlers, Tongsun Park, like the China lobby which used US AID funds to build support for the Chiang Kai-Shek fascist regime on Taiwan. Park, the dictator of South Korea who is an undercover operator, an agent for the undercover of a– Park, who was an aide of the dictator of South Korea who is an undercover operating– operator for the CIA and the Korean CIA also, utilized US aid to South Korea to buy the support of dozens of congressmen and administration officials in Carter’s administration for policies favorable to the Park fascist regime. Now the country is witnessing an elaborate charade designed to cover up the extent of the scandal. Park has been indicted for his role in the scandal, but government officials– officials conveniently waited until the KCIA agent was back in South Korea before announcing the indictment. There is abundant evidence to show that high administration of– officials including Kissinger and [Former President Gerald] Ford as well as Carter’s administration knew about Park’s illegal activities as far back as 1972. It is not hard to figure out why there is so little enthusiasm for trying Park in court. The KCIA man should undoubtedly compromise scores, maybe even hundreds, of US politicians, if he were actually brought to trial, and he is obviously shrewd enough to know how to employ such a threat. The Park scandal, however, is only an ugly little– ugly little pimple when compared with the more fundamental corruption encompassed by US imperialism’s role in subjugating the people of South Korea and denying all the Korean people their national right to reunification which all Koreans want. Ninety-seven percent of both Koreas voted for it, precisely because US domination of South Korea requires massive fascist repression. The possibility of war in Korea remains an ever present reality, and it’s possible that China is trying to defuse the situation by acting like she is an ally of the USA, says the natu– the Guardian. Sooner or later the oppressed people of South Korea will rise up in their wrath against the fascist regime in Seoul, a popular democratic government in the South will make the task of peaceful reunification of the Korean nation a relatively simple one. It will be socialist, provided US imperialism can be prevented from interfering and intervening militarily. Here then is a crucial internationalist task before the people of the USA. We must demand the withdrawal of US military forces and all atomic and neutron weapons from South Korea. We must demand an end to all military aid to the corrupt South Korean regime. We must further demand the withdrawal of US military forces from Japan which provides a launching pad for aggression in Korea against the Korean people. The current attention being paid to Korea as a result of the bribe scandal and Carter’s troop withdrawal plan provides the left with an opportunity to educate the people of the US once again to the truth about the bloody history of US imperialism’s intervention in the affairs of the people of South Korea. But a campaign for the reunification of Korea in Washington D.C. that had been planned for nine months only drew 125 participants.

Thus ends reading of the news and commentary. Let us work well to free our people while we have time. Much love. Movies tonight will be selected based on the vote of the people, and I want the test scores now. Will you give me the test scores so I can tell those that must start their extra classes this evening? Please bring me the test scores now.

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Tape originally posted April 2008