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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Vicki Perry. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: –poisonous pesticide–

(tape edit)

(Numerous tracks play simultaneously for about one minute. Jones’ voice softer, unintelligible under two men testing tape equipment)

Male: Testing, one, two, three, four, five, six. Testing one, two. Testing one, two, three. Testing one, two, three, four, five, six. Testing one, two, three, four, five. Testing one, two. Testing one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten. Testing one, two. Testing one, two, three. Testing one, two, three. For an old machine, it records good. Testing one, two, three, testing. For an old machine, it plays back good. (unintelligible word)– it records good too. Testing one, two, three.

(tape edit)

Jones: (slurred speech, speaks slowly and deliberately) –our People’s National Congress. T– Be hesitant about having people come into this area. “Reds” Perreira will be however, getting clearance either this week or the first of next so the basketball team want– be sure to know and be sure to realize that he is fantastically impressed with the idea. Moreover, (Pause) Sunny, (Pause) the gentleman, I can’t think of his last name– Ogle, Sunny Ogle [phonetic]. Director of all cultural events in Guyana was happily pleased with our youth and thinks it’ll make a hit and be able to raise several thousands of dollars, to the tune of maybe eighteen thousand. We certainly can use that. Now on with the Wednesday news.

Church aids SWAPO. The World Council of Churches, WCC, announced the grant was to go to Namibia. It was announced to the whole world. And it was also announced (Pause) an African people’s organization (Pause) would be helped to form more military hardware to that troubled regime. And they gave full recognition of SWAPO which is the alliance under which uh– which is the alliance that has formed itself together on Marxist-Leninist primary socialist principles to bring liberation to their troubled country, that was guaranteed long ago. Independence and a right to vote, but like Puerto Rico, United States shows its true colors. How utterly devastating liars can be. (Tape edit)  –embodies 293 Protestant, Orthodox and Roman Catholic churches. SWAPO will grant, according to WCC, is a– is to be used– now this last grant is to be used however SWAPO sees it necessary to gain their liberties. A strong stand. [Agostinho] Neto, Prime Minister of Angola. and [Samora] Machel sign economic pact and war pact. Luanda, Angola comrade Neto, Mozambique, Samora Machel, M-a-c-h-e-l, also the press jokingly refers to as comrade, by– said that last week in the long march marked by– by uh, drops of sweat and blood together we instructed the freedom of our peoples of independent– independence of our countries and the foundations of– foundation stones of socialist society in this part of the world.

(Clears throat) I’m trying to read slower for you that require, you say, not so fast reading. It’s more of my characteristic as you know to talk very rapidly but I will try to slow down to meet your need.

Anyway, during an African’s liberation struggle, during Neto’s stay, the Rhodesian artillery, supplied by our tax dollars, equipped by our fighting soldiers. It makes my blood boil. I didn’t do so great as a child more than I did. I educated a great family here, socialism, and one day we want to get to use it. And the Russians spoke that we’d be able to. (Tape edit) I know that will make some of you more than happy.

(tape edit) –Era (Pause) Terror. It sounds strange, the title. Civil rights era terror. Terr-or. Like somebody’s afraid. [Gary] Rowe indicted. Thirteen and a half years a– ago, Viola Liuzzo, a white civil rights worker, was viciously shot down jus– shot in– to death. Her face was unrecognizable. (Pause) And the– the US Ku Klux Klan was supposed to have done it, but nothing ever came of it. However, two percent– two people rather, spent six pe– six years all in the slammer, the jail and took the rap. Last week a member of the FBI was indicted for that m– mur– that murder because of be– more pressure from the black and white in solidarity than had been seen for some time. Gary Rowe will, as I said, receive a new trial. (Pause) (Tape edit) (Stronger voice) The comfort of a new trial because he [Gary Rowe] was the white man who was an FBI agent who instructed the people how to kill this beautiful young white lady from Michigan. The September twentieth indictment paves the way for a new trial for the case. At the first that– (Pause) trial in which few blacks took part, Rowe explained– testified against three Klansmen who he and in– in who he had said committed– (tape edit) [Collie] Leroy Wilkins of pulling the trigger and Eugene Thomas and William Orville Eaton to bang– of being with William Wilkins Lucas. Wilkins and Liuzzo, Liuzzo. Liuzzo was killed as she was driving from Selma where she had taken away some people, literally, who were– lives threatened­– were– to a place of safety, but the march– the effort of the Ku Klux Klan was all-encompassing in those days and still growing in many. They surrounded her car. Liuzzo was killed as she was driving from Selma where she had taken some people who planned to march for voter registration to– in Montgomery. Terrible to say that someone still has to march for such a basic right in the constitution but there’re still many areas where black votes are not counted. In July, (Pause) (voice slows) Thomas and Wilkins charged mutually– nationally– nationally? Televised by mutual agreement a– a– televised uh, interview, that Rowe actually pulled the trigger and that they had been afraid to k– name him as a killer, because they had been told that it would mean heavy sacrifices and sentences for themselves. In fact, no one who was convicted on– on murder charges– no one– as a result of the incident, Wilkin– Wilkins, Thomas and Edison– and Eaton rather– were charged with and convicted of conspiracy only. Eaton died before he held– before he could ever be– be– be heard or serve his term. For some reason they wanted him out of the way.

(tape edit) –a lot which [President Jimmy] Carter tried to get [Anwar] Sadat, dictator of Egypt and said of the dictator of Israel, [Menachim] Begin, Zionist expansionist and fascist countries that they are, nevertheless got away with their attempt to cover it over and decide the fate of the people of the world who had been homeless for years.

Camp David speaks Palestinian unity. In the dark cloud of the Camp David summit, it has a silver lining. It is that it may have brought about the conditions necessary for the rebuilding of Palestinian unity. Right, left, liberal, m– makes no difference. Atheist. As long as the Arab and Palestinian are gathering together in massive meetings, endeavoring to find ways to stop the expansionist aims of Israel. And what is dreadful, according to this BBC writer, they have lost all respect for the United States. They see the United States as their enemy and nothing short of that.

Indian riots target lowest caste. Early in– in this month, the most widespread and political mass attacks on dalis ex-touchables – used to be untouchables – yet seen in India, swept Marawatha– Martha Wada, a backward ra– region of ten million people in the state of Martha– Maraharshuth– Marashasta [Maharashtra]. Caste Hindu and students, rich peasants and landlords angered at the state because they saw it giving to consensus to the delta by– the dalis burned and destroyed – D-A-L-I-S – and destroyed government offices, railway stations, buses and bus stations, bridges and boatloads in a ten-day rampage. Nonetheless the police shot down thousands of people. Since that time, [Morarji] Desai, the Prime Minister has sought closer relations with USA because one of the most terrible things at one of the sea bases at Bombay was a whole shipment of food from the Soviet Union, and what would you think that USA/CIA did? They blew it all out of the water. (Pause) Enough food to have saved ten thousand people for ten years. But what’s that matter to people who want to carry on their own ruling class supremacy irrespective of who it wor– uh, who it hurts? Fact, I imagine most of them laughed over the matter while taking cocktails. But we shall see the day. We shall see the day.

(stronger) The Chairman of Ethiopia’s preventional [provisional] military administration council [Mengistu Haile Mariam] is hosting a visit from top-level delegation from the Geneva Democratic– or G– German Democratic Republic– GDR, that’s the modern state of the communist treaty alliance. East Germany is so modern and West Germany has not even rebuilt all the scars of war.

I’m sorry, I’m going to have to move faster. I tried to give some of you who have difficulty a little slower news. And sometimes this machine makes it slower yet. I hope you don’t get the effect of the (short laugh) tape recorders that will give you a slow effect.

Anyway, Ethiopia’s military administration is hosting a visit from top-level delegation from the German Democratic People’s Republic as a result of the victories won by the massive Ethiopian struggle over foreign and local reactionaries. (Voice slows) The chairman said– the s– the statement that the foreign– that the Ethiopian revolution has reached a level where it wa– can’t be either stopped– it can’t be stopped or reversed. We are now eliminating the final remnants of the feudal monarchial kingly power and have ended the period of social economic reforms that are necessary in building socialism. No more requirement of equalizing land because people have their land equalized. No more of equalizing grain, nothing needs to be equalized. Graft and bureaucracy have been stomped out of the Ethiopian government. That is certainly commendable with all the hell they’ve been through. It’s just simply remarkable. Ethiopia stands to gain much from the experiences of the world socialist countries. She’s asked to become a member of the Soviet treaty countries and likely will be allowed to, including the German Democratic Republic. The joint committee for a demo– economic week, scientific corporations between Ethiopia and the German Democratic Republic has reached agreements and ended with a successful outcome with a plan for the development of a national economy.

The south of– of the WPL– MPLA, the youth of the MPLA, that is, is to hold its first national coast– conference in Luanda, Angola. (Pause) There are representatives from all of the provinces of the republic in attendance. They will review the youth organization’s activities since the years (Pause) of independence. They will discuss the organization’s role in the future of the nation’s continual demonstration and– reconstruction. O– Other topics will be the plan to further educate the youth of Angola in the theories of Marxist-Leninism. I’m sure I don’t have to break down slowly Marxist-Leninist theory. But that should be done tonight. I would welcome this to be done by the educator helpers, (Pause) ‘cause I have the feeling that Marxist-Leninist principles are not fully understood, to say the least.

US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance has arrived in Moscow for two days of negotiations on a new Soviet-American strategic arms control. This is a continuation of the talks which were held earlier this month in the United States. Much of the world’s opinion, both in the capitalist world and the socialist world, do not hold great optimism about these talks. US Secretary (Pause) has been known– US Secretary’s been known for his duplicity and hypocrisy, and he runs about saying one thing and he ends up doing something else. All of them are members of the Trilateral Commission. All the chief aides, the men in government, both sides, were picked before they ever held their office. It’s almost as if they were prophets. Ha, ha.

Two former members of the Somali cabinet have been sentenced to death – that’s the regime that’s been backed by mainland China and US imperialism – on charges of plotting to overthrow the government. They are the ex-Defense Minister and the ex-Security Chief. Both must have realized how much the Ethiopian government is on the right and how little there was, feeling that the Somalian people are on the right. Yet America continues to be brainwashed, to believe that Somalia is the good guys. This is about the third time in about six weeks they’ve tried to overthrow that merciless regime. Somalia is another one of those countries that has one in five of its citizens in prison. It’s not out building water shelters or (Stumbles over words) reserves, plots of gl– gran– grant land given to the people. No. No, it’s building in spite of the war that the Chinese unfortune to– unfortunately with their beautiful domestic views of communal living. They are nothing but half-wits when it comes to foreign policy.

In a statement, (Pause) the ex-Transport Minister was sentenced to twenty years uh, at– at hard labor in Somalia. That means hard labor. They have to beat rock like the old timer did with the old big sledge hammer. They have to beat rocks, from sun-up till sundown. The ex-Transport Minister was one of the few people to have a consciousness for the people in Somalia. We grieve this setback with great sympathy. It’s amazing that they even got it done, because US imperialism is right there with their missiles and China with her spies. It’s amazing that they were able to get as far as they did.

President Mohamed Ad [Siad] Barre is holding celebrations in honor of the ninth year since his military coup – overthrow, that is – of the generals taking over the civilian right to rule where you no longer have any (Pause) rights or principles. I would hardly think it’d be anything that man’d want to celebrate. Nah– it’s in the new way– that I said the ninth year since the military coup when he– Ad Barre gains that power in Somalia. In a statement to the Soviet Union and Cuba, Ad Barre agreed– urged them rather to (Pause) change their policies concerning the Horn of Africa and in what he called threatening and aggressive moves against Somalia. He– They did their best– (Pause) (Tape edit) Stand by.

(Pause) –east the United States imperialist and her western European lackeys and China, they sold out communist principles on the foreign policy arena for giving his country economic and military aid. United States imperialist government was present at the official anniversary celebration. William Harria– Harrioc– H-A-R-R-O-T (unintelligible) and he was represented by deputies to discuss a possibility of American military aid to Somalia. It looks as if it’s coming in on the radio, and a little difficult to get the same time and broadcast out. (Pause) It would help if I’d had–

(tape edit) –flies. Swat those flies now, folks. Get at ‘em because when I get around today as I did today– yesterday, and see this place not being taken care of. Reds Perreira can come in tomorrow. We’re not sure. He definitely will be in (Unintelligible word) for several radio broadcasts and he’s renowned for sports in the arena of uh– all through the Caribbean. That’s why we wanted to have him– we want all that mud in the driveway, if we can, leveled off and all– whatever you can. Do whatever you can. I’m just saying, do what you can. But it– it would be better if we had mud and debris, paper and that sort of thing cleaned up and have our sinks up for sanitore– sanitary reasons, please.

Sudan says it will leave its unit attached to the Arab deterrent forces in Lebanon for another three months. Sudan’s president [Gaafar Muhammad Nimeiry] announced that he will not pull out Sudanese troops as earlier announced because of decisions taken during a du– meeting of Arab foreign ministers in Beirut last week. Beirut to the– to be replaced (Pause) with– re– replaced with Saudi Arabian units at the same– of the same Arab force– at the– of the same Arab force. Lebanese Christian militias. This– this agreement is intended to reduce points of friction between these Lebanese Christian fascists but the Palestinians have no Christian militia, it’s self-imposed upon them by (Pause) Israel themselves. They have no representation. It– it is a Muslim nation fastly becoming more and more so.

(pause) (tape edit)

Following the statement, Patriotic Front– (Pause) following the statement, Rhodesia says its forces have attacked twelve black (Pause) na– nationalist villages. It’s a nasty, nice way of saying they murdered more with our napalm. It– It gets to me. I can hardly stand to think of it. Wipe them out. They’ve attacked and eliminated twelve villages. Bases deep inside Zambia. I hope someplace the socialists of this world will– will stand up. I’m sure when the USSR has laser beam perfected, some of this will stop. But this is outrageous. No socialist (unintelligible word) should have to stand back and see that lovely government. Zambia is a personal Prime Minister– personal friend of Prime Minister Burnham [Forbes Burnham, Guyana Prime Minister] here as well is our Prime Minister the personal friend of Machel in Mo– Mozambique and [Julius] Nyerere in Tanzania, who are very strong socialist and, I might say, strong– strongly supportive of the Soviet Union, the avant-garde of liberation, the people’s army that struggles to deliver us from oppression all over the world. (tape edit)

(mumbles in background) (returns with slurred speech) –is making a three-nation tour starting in Rome to press his bid for Greece to join the European common market. Crete is currently, and is– Cr– Crete is current– and is associate membership of the EEC, the European Economic Communist– Community, rather (Pause) and– and has asked for full membership by 1980. However, Greece is looking at US with a jaundiced eye, because after Turkey invaded part of her territory, of Cyprus with the usual napalm bombs– only place you can get them is from USA. Greece has been pulling away more and more from the USA. And in all fairness, China seems to be causing considerable disarray in this second world. Don’t forget her Doctrine of Three Worlds. Her morality’s unjustified. (Pause) She has (Unintelligible word) Third World, which means the European nations and Japan to look more to her for economic trade, and USA’s so stupid, they can’t see that they’re being had. (Pause)

Following the statement of the killing of twelve black community cities, the brave statement of Patriotic Front leader Joshua Nkomo, the nationalist leader as you know, sent a release saying that it– that Rhodesian forces had attacked (Pause) even more of his cities, villages in Zambia, following the initial raid on Thursday in Lusaka. He (Pause) indicated that fighting is still going on and he has– he has stated that his patriotic forces had shot down seven Rhodesian – bravo for him – aircraft. It’s the first time he said in history that aircrafts had been shot down in such large number with nothing more than field artillery, weapons, hand– arm guns, but they did it.

New report on monosodium glutamate. It’s M-O-N-O-S-O-D-I-U-M, glumti– guim– glumanate. G-U-L-M– G-L-U-T-I-T-A-M-A-T-E. (Pause) Anyway, (Unintelligible). There’s an article published in the New England Journal of Medicine by a physician– psychiatrist– scientist doctor Walter Carmen. He said the present preservative found in dozens of various American food products on sale, (Pause) especially the fast food type, chemi– can cause very bad effects on the human body chemistry and even the human personality. And it had effects even on human depression. The thought that may trigger suicide if some of the people (Unintelligible word) that suicide’d be coming, unfortunately, the largest cause of death amongst US youth between eighteen and thirty-four. (Pause) Also voluminous frustration and just generally feeling crazy reported by the– the users in a test experiment that involved several thousands. (Pause) And it also (Pause) (Stumbles over words) can cause fits of rage that could kill. It could do anything in the human personality to revert and take its moral restraints from its conscience. To the– the damage would be (Pause) irreversible to a person’s physi– psychiatric state and– Food industries deny Doctor Carmen’s charges and of course Doctor Carmen only has put in hundreds and thousands of dollars in the test of his own money, but he got some university grant money and he placed thousands of students in the program, so I would think he’d know more about it. But just like the thing with the mind, it’s “oh, we know, we know.” Just sort of pass it off like a man chauvinistically patting a woman’s shou– shoulder, “it’ll be all right, it’ll be all right.” Now how much more crap are we going to have in America? Here a new round of sodium glu– glutamate. Not only in the meat, but in every phase of the food. It’s horrifying to consider.

Remember there may be a test and quite likely will be, because we canceled People’s Rally last night, so come prepared for your language test, and uh, I want Vernetta Christian to get me the hundred and sixty names so we can figure out what kind of work they’re going to do while they uh– (Stumbles over words). We want everyone, no matter who they are, to realize that each one is responsible to do equally the things that are required by all. And there’s a hundred and sixty people here that think you’re better than others, and we will not tolerate that. Much as I love you, we will not tolerate that, so let me know if you want to confess now as to why you do it. We already have your names. Confess why, confess what your problem was or some difficulty. Do it, but unless you talk to me, you’re going to study, I can assure you. Thank you and I love you very, very much.

(Several minutes of blank tape)

–Davis? James Ford. Johnny Franklin. Willie Graham. Annie Harris. Ace– Hazel Horne. On this– it was cleared– on this list was– Phyllis Bloom was cleared for research and so is Tom Grubbs. They were cleared for research. Willie [Willieater] Thomas? Annie Harris? Hazel Horne? Osialee Hilton? Paulette Jackson. Garnet– Jessie Garnet. (tape edit) Samuel Johnson. Lew Jones Senior. Nancy Jones. Stephanie Jones. Va– Vellersteane Jones. Fannie E. Jordan. (Pause) Gerald Johnson. Jones, Billy. Billy Jones. Ma– (Pause) (tape edit) Leola King. Wanda King. Doris Linton. And course Crenshaw was given also because of night work round the clock to– to [Maria] Katsaris. Same with some other secretaries and other field workers. Doris Lewis. Tony Linton. Love Life Lowe. W– Willie Malone. Lawanda Mitchell. L.C. Mitchell. Annie Moore. Morehead. Leola Morehead. Lydia Morgan. Mr. Mueller. L.V. [Levatus V.] McKinnis. Ray McKnight. Rose McKnight. Mar– Charles Marshall. Mr. Marshall. Other Christis– Marshall Smith. Callie Mitchell. Jessie McNeal. Chris Newell. Ken Norton. Some of these– Ken Norton was excused. Some of you people have the best records in the world, but you’ve got a lot of nerve thinking you can step out of a class. Now if you have proof otherwise, you better see Vernetta Christian right away. Boo Parker. Brenda Parks. ‘Cause these are an hour and a half classes that you’ll have to take extra. Joan Pursley. Five days. Estella Railback. Pat Rhea. Orlando Robinson. Jackie Rochelle. Anthony Simon. Robert Simon. Ujara (Pause) Sly. Winnie Smith. Clevyee Sneed. Willie Sneed. Martha Souder. Ernest Thomas. Vennie Thompson. Joyce Touchette. Mark– Scratch that. Le Flora Townes. Cornelius Truss. Janet Tupper. Victoria Lillie– Lillie Victoria [Lillie Victor]. Gene Chaikin-Wagner. Johnny Walker– scratch that. The following people I named are responsible for their tests and will see Vernetta– or she will see–Vernetta Christian will see you– (Pause) Thank you very much.

End of tape

Tape originally posted March 2009