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Jones: (unintelligible) –opens up like a nasty cancer, and they just rot away from the leg on up to the stomach, the torso clear up to the chest, and you finally die. So I’m asking you to be extremely careful. Do not wander out where the tigers are. Ask Ricky Johnson about that. When he was out there lost, he felt the tiger rush right by him. And they’re (slurs over words) giving some people some disorder. They don’t seem to be transmittable. And not trans– uh, contagious. But, they sure make the person sick that gets them. We advise you to follow that procedure one thousand percent. Thank you, very much. Joyce Touchette, Joyce Touchette, would you come to the radio room?

(Jones covers the microphone with hand, mumbles something, unintelligible)

(tape edit)

Jones: Attention, attention, attention. Nicaraguan people have risen in the most concerted insurrection to convulse a Latin American country since the Cuban Revolution. Sparked by a valiant fighter’s union of Sandinista Marxist-Leninist Liberation Front, a spontaneous mass insurrection is under way in Nicaragua’s major cities. From political crisis, pitting the Somoza dictatorship upheld by US imperialism against bourgeois dem– democr– democrats. Situation (pause) has now been transformed into the people’s war. No one can pre– predict the outcome but this match– much is clear. The Somoza regime, backed by the United States and its other Latin American and Eur– and European puppet regimes isn’t aright, and it has a will to fight and know their right to fight to the finish (unintelligible word) their very existence. If the US were not backing [Nicaragua president Anastasio] Somoza, it is clear he would fall like a marionette whose string had been cut. But the US is moving both overtly and covertly to shore up the crumbling regime. It is also undoubtedly preparing suitable bourgeoisie democratic forces to replace Somoza should he pr– prove unable to stand the revolutionary ide– tide, and as of yet there’s no indication that he ha– is able to stop the tide. It has now been reported by BBC that not one building in all of s– s– Nicaragua – reminiscent, isn’t it, of Korea – has withstood some kind of damage from bombing. For US imperialism, there is a cause for great concern. A victory in Nicaragua by the armed power of the Sandinists, S-a-n-d-i-n-i– (pause) i-s-t-s would open the way for the building of a second socialist country in the world– in the Latin American world. Such an event would shake the very foundations of US imperialism. The US government – should be called the Trilateral Commission that governs the American people, that dominates their lives, makes them robots – of course, is not blind to this– to this development. Undoubtedly contingency plans are being made at this moment. The reported introduction of foreign troops from other puppet governments in Central Americas may be only the first phase in a larger invasion. At this point, the direct and open introduction of US troops cannot be ruled out. US installed the Somoza family forty-two years ago and will now feel the need to defend it. US Marines three times invaded constitutionally-elected governments in Nicaragua and imposed self-styled dictators. You can tell the way people play abroad, the way they’re going to play at home. If you had any doubts, you that’re always looking back to (unintelligible word, sounds like “Babylon”), you make me sick. You make me want to vomit. That people could do this kind of thing abroad in their developments where they’re not threatened, how much would they do at home? In their own territory. We need an all– an anti– anti-imperialist organization. We urge that. And individuals to heighten their actions in solidarity, with the Nicaraguan revolutionaries. Educational activities to tell the truth of the people’s struggle and expose Washington’s shameless support of Somoza can be an effective means of undermining [President Jimmy] Carter’s policy. Picket lines, marches and forums can call this issue to the attention of the US people. We join with progressives the world over, in demanding US out of Nicaragua. Support the liberation, Sandinista front.

There’s one thing about our safety you have to understand. A coal mine manager once told a manager– reporter straight forward and that’s that you don’t make a dime on safety in– in that’s– that you don’t make a dime on safety. (Pause) (tape edit) In fact every dime you spend is a dime dow– down the drain. That is business basic philosophy, when it comes to protecting the lives and health of its employees in USA, and that is the underlying explanation of the mushrooming incidents of cancer in the workplace and said now to account for at least forty percent of all cancer deaths is from work– the work– where the people work– no matter what shop. Forty percent of all the cancers. That’s why we should be thrilled to be here. There’s nothing here that causes cancer. Clean air, pure air, free trade winds blowing constantly, no debris, no smog and yet some gripe. In releasing a study last week, verifying the forty percent figure of cancer being caused by the places people work, the government acknowledged that som– that it was a conservative estimate. My God, that must me– means fifty or sixty percent. The report is only a continuation, a confirmation of what every rank and file worker knows instinctively. The company takes minimum precautions to protect its workers in many instances. Companies take better– (Pause)

Woman in background: Go ahead.

Jones: –care of their machinery for instance, their own material means of production because they own the means of production, you know, since the laboring class owning the means of production– they’ve bought them. Every one year’s work is enabled the laboring class to buy the means of distribution and the means of production. But the company figures that by the time the worker gets such a disease, they will ha– they’ll have retired. And besides, who’s to say that they didn’t get it from smoking or some other source? This kind of cold calculation is beyond me. (Pause) (unintelligible word) the companies flagrantly say they will not give not even minimum precautions, and nothing has been done about it in either house of US Congress. Not even minimum precautions to protect its workers. In many instances, companies will take better care, as I said, of all of their instruments and they do and their work machine products than they do of people. In fact, industry after industry has helped– has planted biological time bombs in the bodies of its workers that they will condemn them to die slow and horrible deaths. In many instances, it was done knowingly. The government’s estimates that toll from the asbestos workers alone (unintelligible word) two million over the next thirty years, and they said that they were counting on this in knowing how many people they would have to be responsible for with their meager pensions. As exposures of capitalism’s blood and greed multiply, so does the determination to fight back. Just eight years ago after the passage of the federal op– operational uh, safety and health act– (Pause) in– stop, stand by– (pause) It is evident that neither the government nor industry can police such minimal reforms. It is up to rank and file workers and their unions to demand and enforce safety on the job. In this regard, it is clear the key feature missing from all the reform legislation and all the minut– militant pronouncements of union and government leaders. It is the right to strike over safety. It was such a provision that the AFL-CIO – now bureaucrats for capitalism – lobbied against when OSHA [Occupational Safety and Health Act] was passed in 1970. Once again showing the fe– they fear of the rank of– and file worker as much as the company. In the present period, labor finds itself battling merely to keep what it has already won which is dangerous in a inflationary time when the US dollar has lost thirty-six percent in value. In (unintelligible word) your dollar would only buy thirty-six percent of what it would if you went to the grocery store today, and yet you know in USA you have no way of making a thirty-six percent increase. That would mean if you were making three hundred dollars, that better than one hundred dollars would go out automatically cut off, you wouldn’t have it anymore but your wage would remain the same. Job safety (pause) has a potential of becoming a key issue in the people’s movement. It affects everyone. Not just productive workers. The carcinogen – cancer – inhaled first by the worker does not ride out the factory’s smokestack and into the air everyone breathes. It is also estimated the present rate of industrial carcinogens, cancer-causing agents, and they automatically number of cancer causing agents in food that we’ll wake up in a few years and find seventy percent to eighty percent have cancer in our population.

We should be grateful for the fact that we live in a country where that’s not dang– know da– such danger. You also should be grateful to show more work and not damage things and pick up, and be sure, inventory people, that they return things exactly as they got them. Be sure, you are responsible, check out and I don’t want to hear any more about somebody holding onto something for two or three days. This is a mistake of inventory people, and I hold them responsible for this.

Anyway, the job safety has a potential to become a key issue in people’s movement. It affects everyone. Not just production workers. Every person. The cancer inhaled first by the worker goes right out the factory smoke stack and into the air everyone breathes. It’s comparable in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Los Angeles, for instance, to smoking three and a half packs of cigarettes a day which would doom a person to have a cancer of the lungs by their mid-forties. It also– it is also an issue that has a political character. What clearer exposure of the capitalist system is there than the deaths of one hundred and fifteen thousand workers a year for the sole reason that protecting them against cancer is unprofitable to big business, the big monopoly capitalists of the industrial working class that oppresses. The industrial working class.

I’m not going to give you so much news because I want tomorrow, that you listen very closely on how to greet strangers. We’ll be having a number of guests. Head of the sports team, ministry of all Guyana. We have people coming from ra– Reverend Al– Ralph Abernathy says he’s coming in two weeks. We have lots of people coming. So we want to work on our teeth and our hair. We want to clean our places as well as we can un– in– under our beds. No catch-alls. No catch-alls under the houses of the buildings. Everything put in neat and very strict order.

Iranian government will release one thousand four hundred and fifty-one prisoners on the Shah’s [Mohammed Reza Pahlavi, Shah of Iran] fifty-ninth birthday next Thursday. One thousand one hundred and twenty of them are believed to be political detainees. He’s becoming increasingly careful of his giant government that he tries not to– the giant government of the USSR to the north that he tries not to make nervous. Iran never takes a foreign policy initiative against the Soviet Union. He– even (unintelligible word) he’s always all riches, recognizes that the Soviet Union is the most powerful in the world. The main opposition leader in Iran– Iran said yesterday anti-government riots in the western town of Hamadan resulted in 30 to 40 deaths. Leaders now exil– exiled in Paris said the police were responsible for their murders. The Soviet Union sent a very severe note to the Shah of Iran saying that they would have to take methods. They did not explain or elaborate. It has to take methods to see that this type of holocaust is stopped. They will not stand by and border a nation that deals with people like Attila the Hun would deal with them.

The European Bureau of St– st– statistics said today that there are six million u– unemployed in the nine nations who are members of the European Economic Community. This is about six point five percent of the active population, and the figure has not improved at all in the past months, contrary to what USA has tried to lie and declare.

Zambia celebrates independence day for today. Upon getting independence fourteen years ago, the government placed under it con– its control the key corporations, the banks and insurance companies. Major plants were built which lessened the country’s dependence on foreign supplies. United National Independence party and the government implemented a large scale social program providing free schools, colleges, education, hospitals, and free medical care, dental care and every type of assister– assistance you could imagine. Zambia totally supports the peoples of Southern Africa in their struggle for liberation, so October 25th is just the fourteenth year that brave nation that dug out of the bush and being– to being a modern socialist civilization, in spite of the fact that USA continued to supply airplanes, arms and equipment to bomb them from South Africa, trying to bomb the Zambians that they have bravely given care to protect and also the Rhodesians. You heard my yesterday’s news how literally thousands have been massacred but Zam– Zambia goes forward.

West German corporations are expanding contacts with the racist regime in South Africa. USA is in complicity with these corporations. President of the German Industrial Commercial Association said in a recent statement there is no alternative that will aid in their relations with South Africa and that South Africa import goods have vital economic importance for federal Germany, he said. West Germany regards South Africa as a major supplier of (unintelligible word) materials. When asked about the horrible treatment they were providing black, Indian and Asian people, he said, what’s that to us? We need the uranium. And that’s included in the deal. West Germany proto– prides itself of being the inheritor of [Adolf] Hitler’s Third Reich so it’s nothing new out of their mouth, we should expect it. The West German fascist government is playing a major role in supplying Pretoria, the capital of Union of South Africa with the major equipment for a plant to manufacture nuclear weapons of its own. (Pause)

Hundreds of thousands of South African mine workers produced fifty thousand tons of rock, daily, at slave wages and even whips are used against them. The Soviet Union calls for an all-out world reaction, but the u– socialist nations and they would cooperate with any other for direct intervention to stop this hideous slavery that goes on daily. They have to work in extremely hazardous conditions, because the owners refuse to spend a cent on safer techniques. The barracks for the miners where they are forced to live away from their families look more like a prison than a dwelling. They can’t leave the settlement, they’re fenced off with barbed wire. Without a special permit, they’re given no books to read and no radios to listen to. They’re denied the– of course, access to TV because they can never even get the money to afford it in the first place.

In Tokyo, Japan, a peace and friendship treaty between China and Japan has gone into effect. Japan Prime Minister [Takeo] Fukuda and Chinese Prime Minister [Teng Hsiao-] Ping agreed that the treaty will strengthen relations between their countries and will hurt the ef– efforts of other– and will not hurt the efforts by other nations, (Pause) except the other nations who would seek to gain control of Asia. This was a direct slap at the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union sent a note to Japan saying Japan would be number one on the list along with US imperialist and China in case of a nuclear war. Bravo to the Soviet Union for not being intimidated. Seems that no matter how beautiful China has built communes and collectives, the many rodents – which USA has more rodents than there are population, more rats, more vermin as we knew in San Francisco Temple, the enormous amounts of insects – all they’ve done for their own people but they’re so self-centered that they do what’s only suitable for them on the foreign arena and what they’re doing is following a madman’s course.

Much love, and please let’s do much production. Show me that you can work. We still haven’t had enough reports in. Show me you can work in eight hours what you could ordinarily do in ten hours. And so I gave two half days off which I could not afford. No way can I afford it, but I love you and I care about you and I want you to relax. And people, please, rely– don’t get on me. Public services union, it is not the easiest thing now these days. I would recommend it to you to stay out of that area. And to give up– It’s a novel thing when the socialist allows themselves to preoccupy to the point of carrying out suicide. This is terrible. If it wasn’t for the fact of going back five hundred generations which I know to be absolutely true, you never die. Your mind goes right on. It is a terrible thing to leave a vacuum for your children, like the last brother. His daughter and s– son. He’s explained that to them, someway, sometime he needs to explain that to them. I am calling heretofore an increased staff of security. I’m calling for women, as you know, equipped so that they won’t– some women know how to do it and I– I mean business. If it’s in the legs, fine. If not, the government will understand. We’re not going to have any more of this damned foolishness. We’ve had enough foolishness of people trying to run away and cause disturbances, and we told you it’s dangerous out there, just because you don’t get your way. Your love life doesn’t suit you or something else goes wrong or the truth hits you, maybe too hard. I always let the truth hit me hard every day. That’s what makes me struggle to give you more love, because I’m always looking for critical points in my personality, not a (unintelligible) and that’s what I want you to do with that suggestion box. As far– and I don’t mean criticism of the group but from me or any other thing. Some of the best ideas in the last few weeks, two weeks, you’ve heard me give and by– give credit to the names. Write through on that suggestion box. You could do the same if you are on uh, public service, but it better be a legitimate uh, complaint. It better be a legitimate honest complaint instead of some kind of manipulation or a conning. Because we’re getting very wise to that, and I have yielded to it. Somebody’s centered all the time on you. They’re centered all the time on you, so take a– take your chance at running, if you want. I guarantee you won’t run far. Thank you very much. Much love.

Woman: Attention, attention. Tonight, at seven forty-five, there will be a news review in the pavilion followed by Russian language classes, then testing will take place, testing will take place in people’s rally tonight, followed by agricultural session and a catharsis. I repeat that at seven forty-five people w– should be in the pavilion for the world news review followed by Russian language class, then testing will take place in the people’s rally that will follow. There will be an agricultural session as well as a catharsis in the people’s rally tonight. Thank you.

Mike Prokes: Attention, attention, please. Could we ha– have everyone’s attention in the community? I think it’s appropriate to take a moment out for some gratitude for the many miracles, healings and protection that we’ve all experienced within the recent days and weeks. We should all think about each and every incident, to remind ourselves of how lucky we are to have someone who is so willing to sacrifice to meet our needs. We should remember these people, such as Mary Anita who fell from her loft on her head and would be a vegetable if it wasn’t for Dad. But to see her walking around, you can tell, it– it’s as if nothing ever happened. Bobby Stroud, whose legs were run over by a truck of many tons and crushed. Doctor said he wouldn’t be up for a year. And if you’ve seen him, you know that he’s already up, walking around on crutches. We should remember Mary Griffith who had some rare, serious disorder. They didn’t even know what it was. She went into the rigors of death. Her eyes rolled back, she swallowed her tongue and suffocated. But she’s all right now, thanks to Dad. Ava Inghram who had a temperature of a hundred and seven, which would literally fry her brain. When Dad found out, he lowered that temperature and there was no problem any longer. Teri Smart had septicemia, and we should remember these words because it’ll give us something to focus on. Septicemia which is bacteria in the blood, something which causes everyone who gets it to die. And this is from our medical staff. Anyone who gets this disease, they automatically die. But Teri did not. He we– when Dad saw her, he went up to her and said I want you to revive. I want you to come to. This is Dad. The doctors had given up on her and she was walking within ten minutes. Then there was the young Baisy child [James Baisy] who had a kidney infection and a temperature of 104 or 105. And when Dad walked by, his temperature dropped immediately by two points and then he got completely better. (Pause) You can’t drink as much gasoline as Ricky Johnson took and not die. And Ricky was out for three hours, but he too is okay now, thanks to the power and the love of Dad. We should always remember these things and concentrate on them. We can’t think about them too much. It’s important that we keep our faith high and our attitudes right. And it should be easier for us than any other people in the world because we have something in our midst that can heal and protect us like nothing else can. Thank you, Dad.

(tape edit)

Jones: –off work you should be in the library studying the news for test tonight. More Russian and current events. And if you feel free, then you should be, even while you’re studying the news. You can use fly swatters and they’re not being used enough fly swatters to get at these flies, because they tend to hover inside in rainy weather. I’m asking and demanding, the insecticide do something about these flies. I don’t want them to be in major supply when we see our top officials of the Soviet Union looking at us as a candidate for great and a promising future. We have to produce our lands, our citrus, everything has to be up to par. Our poultry, our livestock. Please dispatch, please dispatch, pass that on. There’s got to be cleanliness, just as if it were– we were going to live here a hundred years. And you know a bird in a bush is worth two in the hand. Till we get there though, they sound very, very promising yesterday in negotiations. We want this place in absolute order because the ambassador said that’s what would be the thing that would impress the leaders of the Soviet Union who are coming here. So please, fix up any little thing. Pick up debris, paper, and be sure that around that basketball court – I haven’t looked – around that basketball court is level. No place that’s not level. Where the tractors come through, level it, please level it. Thank you so very much.

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Tape originally posted March 2008