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Jones: Work hard, all the basketball people, all the band, work hard during this time to try to make up– we’ve got to keep this project going. ‘Cause it looks like two of you may be out about the same time. It could be possible. And it really means we’re going to have to produce this place, and observers report to me that you are not pushing like you ought to. I didn’t get into it last night to a great degree because I had to be kept up by business. And get the flyswatters out, please? And clean up all the debris, pieces of paper on the school. That’s the first school pavilion. I find them there all the time. Second school pavilion, pick up the little pieces of paper. Students should be taught to pick up those papers, all around the place. Pick up everything that is debris. Cut weeds, Public Services, cut weeds thoroughly and– so that our houses looked groomed, as groomed can be. It’s very important if you don’t mind. Get it done now because we are definitely expecting visitors tomorrow, if not this afternoon. Much love to you. I care about you deeply. It’s why I want you to build this place to its fantastic top ideal, because then that lovely spot in Africa is available to us, a lovely spot in the Soviet Union and uh, both are equally attractive. Equally attractive. We may even have another one in Africa. Things have opened up very nicely for us. So we are ur– urging you, we’re urging you to do your best to keep this place in the best of order. The best of order. To produce, make this a model for our PNC, the– our party, the Peoples National Congress and our Prime Minister, Forbes Burnham. Be sure that you learn your language. Language will begin at seven thirty and then the news review– no, language will begin at eight– seven forty-five. Seven forty-five and everyone is to be there, helpers are to go around. Helpers now plan now to go around and see that nobody lays out. They’re still laying out. Anyone caught laying out must go to Public Services immediately. ‘Cause all should have some semblance of the news and the language. Only takes a couple of hours, then you can have any movie you want to see. I’ve established no movie that you should see. I’d like for you to see some of these lovely movies we got from Canada. They’ve got messages. They’ve got distinct messages. But it’s important that you carry on your work to the fullest and have this place repaired, and built up to the very ideal. Because you know, the one country’s not at all concerned– in fact neither country is concerned about the land or the building. We– one place would be very warm, we wouldn’t have any problem about building. We would be able to– it’s uh, not quite as hot as here, but it would be very, very warm. All year round. And of course (unintelligible word) got considering us in this USSR is also warm. But we’ve got to get a lot done amongst us because we may have our basketball team out. They’re being sought after by Guyana [Georgetown] right now and probably will be by the Soviet Union, and so is our entertainment, our band entertainment. So we’ve got to produce, folks, you’ve got to work harder. Observers, observers, observers, I demand more complete reports. Your reports are inadequate. I have to sneak around and get reports on my own, and I would prefer that you give me your complete reports immediately. Thank you very much. Much love.

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We definitely have guests coming and they may come by helicopter today or tomorrow. That has been what they’ve said. They want to see our basketball team or see our band. It’s possible that they will be able to work it out. They originally were coming just to see our band, but if they can work out the use of the helicopter, they will. Anyway, there’s no question about it, that the basketball team is wanted in Guyana and maybe wanted in the USSR. The band is wanted in USSR. Let us be sure that we’re working hard to keep this place up. Insecticide people, go after insects mightily and fly peop– everybody with a fly swatter, I expect everyone to have a fly swatter and go after them fiercely. Because we’re supposed to keep this place as much in order and as prosperous as possible for both the countries. We have a lovely offer in Africa. It’s slightly less warm as this, but it’s a delightful country. We even uh, may have two. So that means three options and it’s good to have all the aces that you can have. So it’s important, and we’re fortunate to be here. My God, we’re ten times better off here than we were stateside. So I’m– I’m urging you to immediately (pause) clean up your yards, your– your houses, have the six houses prepared, have all of the debris picked up that I often find as I walk around, debris on the school pavilion floors. Furthermore, I find this, that people will not pick up any debris unless I’m walking along. Because I know. I’ve been out walking about a little bit, and I see what’s going on. I just walk as in– inconspicuous as possible, so no one can see me, and people are not doing their job. They are not doing it up to par. Some are. Some are trying to put the eight hours into the ten hours, so very soon we’re going to be putting, uh, we’re going to (tape edit) –ducing as much as possible. The basketball team has a great deal of opportunity to make us some money here in Guyana. We found that out. We can get the coliseum, sell the tickets and have the refreshments. Lee Ingram should talk to Kay Nelson about this, ‘cause she is the one that’s in charge of business opportunities. But that means the basketball team of about ten, twelve people will be gone. And it means the band will be gone, if they happen to both be going on separate occasions. We’re not sure now which one will be going. The band will have to know a lot about Marxist-Leninism and current news, if it– and their conduct must be the highest, or they will not go to the USSR, ‘cause we’re not having a beautiful, heavenly paradise messed up by some people that can’t control their own lives. Same with, of course, those going in to Guyana. The basketball team must be leading exemplary lives, working hard. That’s their jobs until they go off to play on the court. The basketball problem is also– another significance, they have to practice on a regular court. They’re tough. They’re a good team. I played basketball, I was a star. And they’re tough, even under the present limited circumstances that they have. So I’m asking that everyone pick up your pace – some have – and we’ll be announcing those soon, at least by next people’s rally. Those that’ll be going on an eight-hour day and what they can do with their hour– extra two hours and there’ll be more free time. But we’ve got to have a critical analysis, and Tish is going to be weighing the person hours– person hours– Tish Leroy will be weighing the people’s hours and work production. So I’m asking you to please, urgently get that done.

Insect people, please, do something about the garbage immediately. Every pool that’s setting– standing, where flies breed, the toilet, the little toilet behind the pavilion is off base for everyone. It’s put– a lock put on it and the lock left in my office, only be used in the case of strangers or immediate emergency, so a lock should be put back on the key– on the uh, uh, even– even a uh, a numbered lock, whatever. Because I have found many people in there who have said they were supposed to be in there, and they’re liars. That– that bathroom will take no excess uh, feces. It will smell the whole pavilion up. You’re not to be in that area. Remember our first priority must be a bathroom. We’ve got to get a new bathroom. We’ve got to have a hospital too, but we’ve got to have a bathroom. So all keep in mind that it’s not that much, and the exercise is good for you, to go down to the bathroom that we have. But we’ve– that bathroom is fastly running out. So we’re going to have to be sure that we get our bathroom filled. We’re going to have to get– be sure that we get our bathroom built and the pit dug and prepared. I want all urgency put upon that task. Thank you very much. Remember your conduct, the basketball team and the conduct of the band determines whether you go to Guyana or to– outside of the country for these wonderful for– performances that’ve been offered to us. Thank you very much and much love.

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Attention, attention. Also the karate team should keep themselves in good performance, and I want the best, most principled. I certainly want Ronnie [Ronald James] in that, I know he’s become a very good practical examiner– a very good practical doctor. I’ve heard all kinds of raving reports, but we will have that also as an opportunity. We just can’t take all three of you out, but we’re looking for exa– uh, opportunities in karate. That helps our PR. Perhaps even that could make money, I don’t know anything about that. The karate team will have to show me how their ideas for making money– or Kay Nelson. But we can’t take more than two. It’s bad that we have take two at the same time, the basketball and – it’s possible we will have to – the basketball and the band. But the band’s gotta get their shit– their shit together. You’ve got to get your Marxist-Leninist studies, your Russian language and you’ve got to get some current news. All these three teams, karate, basketball, and I’m speaking to the band. Because we want to make a good, growing impression because they’d use us. They’ll like to have us there for enta– entertainment, because it shows to the world that the true fact, the Soviet Union is the only one in Africa liberating black people. They’re the only one that stood up to this damn new thing that NATO and the South American fascist Chile government has worked out to be a western alliance pact to try to destroy Namibia, and Chilean mercenaries, white mercenaries, going there in the– with US support to destroy Namibia and to keep them from their independence that’s due in– by– at late December, at the very latest. So we know what we’re up against, and we’ve got to show our interest and our devotion in our work, and we want to also make Guyana proud because Guyana did speak up [Enunciates] very, very sharply about US policies and British policies. On headlines they spoke up very positive. Our pim– prime minister made headlines condemning US and British policies in Rhodesia and in South Africa. So we are so fortunate to have this place. We ought to be glad we have this place and then other places to go to. We have alternatives. They’ve given us a way to code to us if an emergency came where we could be gotten out to freedom, and you should be thankful, and you should always feel in your heart like kissing the ground. Don’t, because we don’t want any germs, but you should feel in your heart like kissing this ground. You had a privilege that kings and queens would like to have, a feeling that somebody’s not going to get them the next day, because the rich are not sure somebody’s going to kidnap them or shoot them. Because they’ve done so many people in. We have a thousand, twelve hundred people behind each one here that’s in trouble and every time somebody’s been in trouble, and there’ve been five or six times, I’ve got them off every time. So that’s a remarkable community. Not to mention the tremendous healing factors that ought to be talked about from voice to voice and from ear to ear.

There should be no light-hearted talk, no gossip. Everyone that hears gossip should report it. It’s your duty because you don’t know when that gossip’s going to turn into treason, so you should do it as often as you hear gossip or any negative talk. Much love, and please follow these rules. It’ll be for your protection because I am afraid of nothing.

I can take anything the world dishes out. It’s dished out the worst to me. When you give your life to your daughter [Suzanne Jones Cartmell] and give so much money I’d like to give unto you, I just sit here earlier this morning and thought, I coulda given you a big beef dinner or I coulda given you a rib dinner, three or four times with the money I paid just one time, to get her adopted. Just one time, the fees, and to think of all the years as I rais– reared the ungrateful heifer, the ungrateful uh, capitalist pig. I– I– It just pains me, but Marceline [Jones] thought she always had a lot of good in her. I had questions. I had a lot of questions, and that’s why I confronted her on occasion, because of the way she treated you people. And perhaps there ought to be affidavits begun by Doctor [Richard] Tropp on things that Suzanne did, because Suzanne’s going to become one of the class enemies, and I know a lot of you people she did not speak to. And maybe she did more than that to you, so you ought to write up things to Doctor Tropp. He’s awfully busy but I’m sure he’ll find– I’ll get him the volunteers if I need to. We need to be ready for her, because she is a wicked, wicked woman. She tried to get her own brother [Lew Jones] to go to bed with her, it’s ridiculous, this kind of idiodicy, idiocracy. It is only capable of happening in capitalism. We should be glad we’re at least on a territory that’s trying to be socialist where the headlines at least give support to black Africa. In the USA, the headlines are giving support to Rhodesia – white, fascist Rhodesia – and white concentration camp Union of South Afri– Africa with all of its apartheid. Thank you and much love.

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From my suggestion box – I want you to use the suggestion box for things like this – there has been a barrel of butter setting outside of the banana shed. It was reported that the water gets into the butter. The barrel is not sealed tight enough. I told the kitchen pe– personnel about it, but today it is still like that. That should be corrected.

My personal feelings about the Soviet trip and those who should not go. Bertha Cook has a hygiene problem, though she’s a great, great performer. She has a bad odor. This is a medical problem, I’m told. Perhaps not. Doctor should examine her so we could do something about it. But since we want to make the best impression, I feel she should not go unless this odor can be conquered. I feel Don Jackson and Mike Prokes should go. Don would take pictures and Mike could write a story of the trip. Everyone should be informed that the Soviets may take an inventory of what they u– use, where they will be staying. And they should be instructed clearly not to take anything, not a bar of soap or anything, and I am sure the Soviets are very careful not to waste, so they would notice even the loss of a ba– a bar of soap. They should leave the place very clean and in order. Make their own beds and that sort of thing.

I think there’s too much carelessness in the kitchen. On Saturday, the inspectors found a pot of diesel oil in the kitchen. The cooks could have mistaken it for cooking oil and used it in the food. The oil was in the cooking pot. So that’s two re– recommendations about that.

And I want the doctor to see Bertha Cook because she does do a tremendous mer– uh– miraculous uh– she puts a lot of joy into her performance, so let’s see if we can do something about what– what is causing the odor. Her clothes? Maybe her clothes need to be cleaned more thoroughly, maybe there’s a dental problem, whatever. Let’s look into this right now. Medical department, list her for an appointment. Thank you very much.

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(unintelligible) Those helpers at the SC uni– unit, the hospital and the extended care unit must be alert at all times. Some people, the finest people in the world, allow themselves to have hostilities, which they shouldn’t in this socialist community, towards people or persons that would take their lives. Socialists should not allow that, ‘cause all the burdens I have on me, again very little sleep, I did get a little bit of sleep this morning, but very little, I would never dream of hurting you that way. Anyone that commits suicide hurts someone, not to mention the fact that you do come back, and that’s a matter of scientific proof that I have. I don’t believe easily. I have to be convinced. You must stay on alert, you must tell your successor on duty to stay alert, the nurses must stay alert. Don’t have any patients send a nurse out. No nurse sent out on any errand. They must be kept there at all times. Because some people are bent on venting their hostilities. They have not become socio-centric enough. And so it’s important that you watch carefully at all times, and we have to have able-bodied people there at all times. In my small community of 900 where I was reared, I remember no less than three suicides a year, so we’ve been blessed, miraculously. But I cannot understand why anyone who is a communist, if you have that much hostility, or black, would not want to take it out, or even a white person who has become black through consciousness, would want to take it out on the community. It looks like you would ask to do a mission at some point in time when we were ready and make your life worthwhile. This is utterly stupid, with all these opportunities of Africa and other parts of the world open to us. It’s just utterly ridiculous. And we– I’ve impressed the people and they want our industriousness, so I’m again urging you, do not leave your post. Be alert as you can be. Anyone that is off their duty at Public Services or nursing, and staff that sits down or sleeps or wa– does not watch closely, you are personally held responsible. Again, I say you are personally held responsible for any incident of someone running off or trying uh, suicide for attention or suicide because they are too self-centered to think of the effect that it has on little children and the hurt it brings to others. You have to help them grow out of this self-centered stage. And this is very important. We’re going to try to give you exercises that will get your mind off of your compulsion. And that will be necessary. There’ll be educational calisthenics and programs so you won’t have all the time just to think about your self. Maybe some of the teachers coming in can get you to think about little black babies and black mothers who would love to commit suicide, but are fighting hard against the white mercenaries sent from New Mexico by US Army to kill off black people in Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Namibia, and even on the outskirts of South Africa. And in Ethiopia. It looked you would– it– it seems to me you would look at that very carefully and not want to waste your life. You are a life. That means you could take some fascists down with you, and I don’t understand it, because I’ve lived all my life with nothing but problems. People create pain for me every day. They always do – demands, or they’re running off or they’re committing suicide – they’re always creating problems for me. But I would not dream of hurting my people in such a way. Not because I know for a fact that you come back five hundred generations, but because I know the pain it hurts to other people, and I would not ever do it. It’s the most anti-socialist action of all, so please take that seriously to mind. You are responsible, shift people, and you must stay alert. Thank you very much.

Male voice: (in background) Okay, good.

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Jones: Attention, attention, attention. Often I do not give the healings, the miracles or the paranormal, which the Soviets spend three million dollars a day to study, because they believe in it, thoroughly. Denise Hunter was diagnosed here with appendix and/or kidney’s uh, failure, she was in severe pain, but by the time she got to Georgetown, all of her pain was gone and nothing was wrong with her, and yet she showed every evidence of the disease while she was here. This is the type of thing that you should write up every day to build up faith in others. Thank you very much. Much love.

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Juanita Green had extended swelling of the legs through some type of severe infection. But she believed in what I said, and applied same, and she was healed. By the way, cow-foot leaves should be readily in abundance in the medical department. You should have them, because they can save some of the pressure of– on me to take out swelling and poisons and toxics. We’re fortunate to live in a land with so many herbs that are valuable. Even like the pawpaw– the papaya that heals all ulcers of the skin and even is thought to have curative uh, effect on– (tape edit)

Attention. Christine Young, one of the main persons in charge of the extended care unit, is a psychiatric nurse. Illness of emotion is no different than illness of the stomach or of the back or kidneys or eye trouble or anything else. She knows a number of methods of getting people reality therapy, where they come in contact with reality again and find that their world is much brighter than they thought it was. I’m authorizing her to implement it inside the uh, care center where she is. ‘Course, the security must be around because of some things we’ve had about people who just manipulate, but most of the people in psychiatric, uh, the extended care unit do not do that. They’ve had a pressure, and the pressure has gotten big, so this will be talking on how to make money so they can get oriented and feel productive, and we want to keep them productive all day long. Any joke made about anyone on Public Services or in the extended care unit will (enunciates word) automatically mean that you’ll be in Public Service Unit. And you will be there for a long while, if you make one bit of fun of anyone that has any kind of emotional problem or physical problem. We will not tolerate it. So notify Christine Young that she is to employ all her knowledge. She is a vast skilled person. She is a psychiatric nurse. She is in much– much involved in psychiatry, and every one of us could use that to some degree or another, so there’ll be no jesting. If anyone makes jest towards anyone, whatever their problem – handicapped, or if it’s physical handicap or the way they talk, the way they walk or the way they dress, the way they look or their race or anything about them – you automatically go to Public Services. Thank you very much. I’ll be back again.

Male voice: (in background) Okay, Dad.

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Jones: Attention, attention. The electrical crew has asked for special meeting on Wednesday, eight to ten. I find a special meeting most essential for anyone as technical work as they are, but I cannot see them missing Russian. You need the language, so make it nine to eleven, and it will be perfectly acceptable to me. Electrical crew, every Wednesday, nine to eleven, make that your time. Because we all need to know something of the Russian language as much as we possibly can. Thank you very kindly.

Male voice: Okay.

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Jones: News: Radio Moscow, the most dependable broadcasting station in the world. The avant garde of liberation throughout the world. The West Germany company which is closely connected with the West German military industrial imperiast– imperialist complex is producing and setting up missiles and advanced booster rockets in Zaire. The West German company engaged to start in the early 1880’s by exploiting the minerals of the Shamba [phonetic] province of Zaire. This new happening gives great concern to the whole of the free socialist world. The only balancing factor is that Zaire has been leaning quite heavily upon the Angolan Socialist Republic, and it appears that Zaire has control of her missiles. And she has been considerably friendly to the Marxist-Leninist state of Angola.

In Washington, there has been a mass demonstration against the arms race and U arms– US arms resistance, or assistance rather, to reactionary fascist regimes. It was initiated by 20 anti-war organizations. Marchers came to the capital from all over the country. I hate to tell you the size: less than 200. They demanded on uh, the spot an end to the increase in the military budget. They protested the delivery of giant amount of arms to such countries as fascist Chile, that was overthrown by our tax dollars and the CIA, seven million dollars on one case alone delivered by [former Secretary of State Henry] Kissinger, in the former cabinet of [former President Lyndon] Johnson and [former President Richard] Nixon. And Nicaragua. Arms are being poured in by the US military industrial complex, our tax dollars into the dictatorship of Nicaragua. [Nicaraguan President Anastasio] Somoza, you know, is the dictator– three times the US Marines have invaded that country, imposing upon those people mass murderers as dictators. It’s something which should touch our hearts and cause great depth of guilt and concern. The demonstration was aimed at a meeting in Washington of a conference of the US Army Association. The participants of the council are representatives of the war manufacturing suppliers who stand for escalating or stepping up the arms race.

Different times you notice there’s different speech, uh, sounds and seemingly slurring and slowing down, it’s because of the change (unintelligible) generators. But our librarian will kindly write it up for you, so that you’ll be able to get it in the evening time. Remember tonight we will have our language class at uh– first our news class at quarter of eight and then our– and then one hour later, our news class– our language class, rather, at a quarter of nine. The first class will be the news class and explanations. They are doing an exceptional job of that.

In Rwanda, Angola, Angola and Zaire have signed an agreement for cooperation and mutual assistance. Zaire has promised never to use her missiles that have been provided by the West German fascist against the Marxist-Leninist Republic of Angola. The agreement provides for setting up a security control commission. The commission will be working under the auspices of the Organization of African Unity. Both countries pledged to open traffic by the fifteenth of November, which will be the initiation of the railway. The railway is of vital importance to Zaire and Zambia, both of which will now be enabled to carry out products of their export economy.

The Chilean dictator [President Augusto Pinochet] has arrived for negotiations in Peking. Drastic to consider Peking, capitalist of– capital of China’s mainland, once a proud communist country and still so domestically, doing wonderful things on the domestic level for their people. But being prejudiced because the Boxer Rebellion and the Opium Wars, they have a deep and abiding distrust of white people. And so they find themselves in a foreign uh, picture there, foreign service– their foreign affairs of consorting with the most vicious enemies. It is hard for us to forget that China closed her em– embassy doors on such great champions of freedom as Victor Jara immediate after the– immediately after the dictatorship of Somoza– of the Pinochet regime that was put in power by the CIA in Chile, the Chinese gates were closed and she did not receive not one– not one person seeking asylum from the vicious tortures that have gone on till this day. Thousands are still missing, and many tens of thousands were killed, with the aid of the US Green Beret, CIA and the Chilean military dictatorship under P– Pinochet. Reports from Peking say that economic cooperation is to be the basic issue discussed between Pinochet and the Chinese leaders. China currently supplies weapons and industrial equipment to Chile, and it is provided mil– and it has provided millions in trade over the past two years. Evidently since the installation of the fascist, vicious fascist dictatorship of Pinochet, that so-called dictator of Chile.

The organizations committee of the 1980 Olympics game, to be held in Moskva, as we say, Moscow, has given travel agencies in fifteen countries special passes to the games. Fifteen countries were selected by the Moscow committee. Some three hundred thousand foreign tourists will be coming to Moscow to see the games. New hotels are being constructed for their accommodation. There had been much effort on the part of the USA and their western imperialist allies to stop the 1918– 1980 Olympic games from being held in Moscow. But until now it has had no success.

Rhodesian troops, funded by UI– USA, mercenaries trained, were actually US military soldiers who had been trained in New Mexico, crossed into the territory of neighboring Botswana late yesterday. The intrusion took place in the regional border area between Zambia, Rhodesia, Rhodesia and Botswana. Salisbury, the capital of Rhodesia as the white man calls it, or as we would call it, Zimbabwe, which should be under the leadership of the patriotic front, led by Rog– Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist and Joshua Nkomo, nationalist. Anyway, these Salisbury white authorities, who have refused to let black people have any place in government, again tried to justify the fascist aggression by saying that their troops were pursuing guerillas. This is not the first time they are using this excuse.  The Rhodesian troops repeatedly violated the borders of Mozambique, Botswana, and Zambia in the last few months.

Pope John Paul II has outlined the direction of his ministry. In his first message to the church and to the world, the new pontiff, Vicar of Christ, seer of Saint Peter, who was a direct descendant, supposedly, of Jesus Christ, pledged to continue in the (unintelligible word) path of the form laid down by the ecumenical council. It’s the first pope in four hundred years who has not been Italian. Pope John Paul II is from Poland, communist Poland. He said he would oppose both excessive reforms and conservative demands for return to the past. The new pope from Poland said he would take a stand in political controversies only for religious or moral purposes. He cited the– the– the need to fight social, economic and political injustice. He issued a special message to his native country of communist Poland where he had been– he had both opposed the communist regime and worked for better church-state relations. He was not what you would consider a true patriot of the Marxist-Leninist. Poland communist party has joined the rejoicing Catholics in hailing their choice of the Polish cardinal as pope, in spite of his not too apparent sympathies for Marxist-Leninism. A telegram sent to the Vatican from the communist party leader stated Poland’s great satisfaction with the appointment of the new pope. There are some say that he is a sleeper, that down, basically at heart, he has socialist principles in his inner being. If the communist party in Poland was so allegedly against the Catholic church, then why would they send a telegram stating great satisfaction with the appointment of the Polish pope? More US propaganda trying to aggravate Americans against atheistic communists. Obviously, any pope believes in deity and supposedly, unless he’s like Pope John [XXIII], the great beloved pope that everyone loved in the world, we will look forward to see what changes John Paul II will bring. He is the third pope in less than a few weeks to take the seat of Saint Peter.

Further anti-Soviet provocations: The USSR permanent mission, Soviet Russia’s permanent mission, at the United Nations has again protested to the US mission about the continued hostile actions that interfere with the normal functioning of the Soviet mission. The note says that provocative gatherings of thugs took place outside the mission’s building this week. The thugs shouted threats against Soviet diplomats and members of their families, and called for the destruction of Soviet people. Policemen watched who did nothing to prevent their p– provocations, their attacks, in other words, w– were in practice conniving– and were in practice conniving with them. The policemen actually helped the– the mug– the thugs and gangsters attacking the USSR’s permanent mission. Pointing out the hostile actions of this nature are punishable under the existing federal law on the protection of foreign officials and official guests of the United States. The United Soviet Socialist Republic mission expressed its po– surprise at the efforts of the US authorities to avoid responsibility for the continued violation of the law and of the international communists they have assumed. International commitments rather that they have assumed. The character of these actions, the note says, is evidence of the mounting campaign aimed at stirring up hostility towards the Soviet Union and the Soviet people among US citizens. The Soviet Union, USSR, mission at the United Nations regards these provocations or these acts of hostility as a new stage in this stepping up or escalation of anti-Soviet actions organized by certain circles in the United States of America, imperialist center of the world. The Soviet Union, USSR, mission lodges a strong protest in connection with these hostile actions against the Soviet Union and demands again that the United States authorities take all necessary and effective measures to prevent such actions in the future. It is abominable that the USA would not do anything to protect the Soviet Union’s foreign missions. I am sure we would hear the hue and cry of [President Jimmy] Carter if someone was bombarding the US embassy in Moscow.

The US is filled with violence. Over the weekend past, some eighty different cities had breakouts of race riots. Blacks were not the instigators. Whites entered black neighborhoods in Memphis, Chicago, leading cities such as Pittsburgh, Buffalo, New York, and I could go on, but there were eighty some racial harassments. We should be grateful and kiss the dirt of the ground that we are on free land. And with other doors open to us, like in Africa, which I will not state now because someone might slip and in the great Soviet Union, the avant-garde of liberation for all the world.

The Vietnamese message: Vietnamese-Soviet friendship which is being tirelessly strengthened by the communist party of Vietnam and the communist party of the So– USSR, the Soviet Union, is constantly yielding splendid fruit, says a message from Le Duan, General Secretary of the central committee of the Communist Party of Vietnam, on the occasion of twentieth anniversary of the founding of the Soviet-Vietnamese friendship society. In spite of Vietnam being a border of uh– on the border of China and far removed from the Soviet Union, Vietnam has clearly that the Soviet Union is the only nation of socialism and the Warsaw treaty alliance that carries on Marxist-Leninist traditions. The message states that in their economic struggle for the noble ideals of socialism and communism, the people of Vietnam and the Soviet Union have always stood shoulder to shoulder, have shared their joys and sorrows and have constantly supported and inspired each other. Vietnamese Communist Party sent a thank you of gratitude to the Soviet Union for making it possible for them to defeat the imperialist, led by the USA and their western lackeys, thus winning the war. The first time, really that this– United States of America ever lost a war, a major war to any other nation. It stresses that the Vietnamese people will always be grateful for the enormous, all-around, and effective assistance and support which was given to them by the communist party of the Soviet Union. The Soviet government and the fraternal Soviet people and their allies, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria and a host of other nations have given enormous, all-around and effective assistance and support which was given to them by the communist party, Soviet Union and her allies. The Soviet government and the fraternal Soviet people during the two wars of resistance and which is now being given to them is in– in the cause of building socialism. They have stood steadfast behind the Vietnamese in their struggle. (Voice slows) Always one thing clear that you see, the Soviet Union always on the front lines of liberation. Consistently so.

(Resumes reading) United States double standard on hijacking exposed. United States department spokesman told a press conference this week that the United States of America, imperialist America as we know it, racist and fascist America, who was planning concentration camps for its citizenry under Senate Bill 1437, and the other six countries of her token uh, imperialist allies involved with taking steps to secure support for the resolution adopted in Bonn at the beginning of August on sanctions in the case of the hijacking of haircraf– aircraft, the Tass Washington correspondent said. Tass news agency is one of the largest in the world. It’s in the Soviet Union. The spokesman was asked how this resolution could be reconciled with the policy and practice of the United States of America’s imperialism which has refused to meet the Soviet Union’s demand for the extradition of the father and son [Pranas and Algirdas], Brazinskas, B-r-a-z-i-n-s-k-a-s, who seized a Soviet airliner, and forced it to land in Turkey, way back in October 1970, in the course of which they killed a stewardess and wounded several others and seriously and permanently crippled the navigator and pilot. Both criminals are being– are hiding in the USA, and bills to grant them permanent asylum were submitted recently in Congress. I guess that’s the reason the Soviet Union said that anyone that immigrated to their land would not have to deal with any US consul, because this is a crime against humanity, and so the Soviets are very quick to protect any people who immigrate or go to their nation and make it their home. The spokesman gave a strange reply, that this act of international air piracy was not covered by the Bonn resolution, which is an outright and flagrant lie. He also evaded giving a direct answer when asked whether this meant that the United States of America’s imperialism flatly refused to extradite those two criminal murders– murderers. He said that this question did not arise in the context of the Bonn resolution. Bonn, West Germany, of course, prides itself of being the inheritor of [Adolf] Hitler’s Third Reich, so you know where their sentiments are. These cynical replies, the Tass correspondent says, show once more the double standard adopted by Washington DC, the pulse, heartbeat of the Trilateral Commission that rules sixty-six percent of the world and maintains a stranglehold over the populations, causing two-thirds of the people to go to bed hungry, but fastly, we’re seeing Washington and its imperialism backing off because of the immense courage of the Soviet Union. It shows that Washington is very much concerned about the seizure of US planes, but is totally indifferent if terrorist actions, criminal murderers are committed against the planes and citizens of the free Soviet Union and the other free socialist countries. It also shows from these replies that the seven Western countries intend to appropriate the function of an international policeman and be sole judge of air hijackings and other acts of international terrorism. The impression is given that the seven western countries, lackeys, all ass-kissers of US imperialism, are going to employ sanctions unilaterally – that means on their own, without consultation – at their own dis– discretion, in their own interest. The Soviet Union suggests that Cuba continue with its policy of accepting hijackers that arrive in Cuba. Thus far, Cuba has tried on the part of world peace where it was not a political situation to deal with any hijacker as a criminal, as they deserve to be dealt with, but USA has no standard of morality, absolutely no principles of justice.

Cooperation builds: The proud Czechoslovakia metro is a striking example of a fruitful Soviet-Czechoslovakia cooperation – after the eight year or nine year ago attempt by the CIA to overthrow Czechoslovakia – between the two countries the Soviet Union and her Czechoslovakian communist ally and their peoples, Leonid Brezhnev, head of the communist party of the Soviet Union, USSR, says in a message of greetings to the builders of the Prague underground railway on the completion of its second line ahead of schedule. The underground railway will also serve as a complex of an underground city in case of nuclear war. As I’ve often said, it shows by the fact that socialist nations build underground cities and shelters for their people, that they care about human beings. The USA does not have one shelter for the public. And the one shelter they do have is in Washington that goes down 100 feet deep and is not too secure at that, and the Senators or Congressman cannot take any of their wives or children. In their reply, the builders of the Prague metro thanked the communist party of the Soviet Union Central Committee and the Soviet government for their great assistance in building the railway.

Last bit of news: anniversary message to Indian leaders, or American Natives. The three decades of Indian– no, this is the Indian nation, subcontinent, uh, correction, please. The three decades of India’s independent development have provoked and provided proof of the remarkable achievements of the Indian people in their economic and cultural development, says the Soviet message of greetings, sent to President Neelam Sanjiva Re– Reddy of India and the Indian Prime Minister Morarji Desai on the occasion of the thirty-first anniversary of India’s independence. The CIA and imperialism in general, through USIA– USA’s intervention has tried desperately to move India away from its alliance towards the USSR, but unsuccessful thus far. The message which is eas– is signed by Leonid Brezhnev, General Secretary of the Communist Party, sec– Soviet Union Central Committee and President of the Presidium of the USSR– those will be the people that will be coming, the leading rulers of the Soviet Union to visit us, so we want to be welcoming them with open arms. The Supreme Soviet and Alex [Alexei] Kosygin, chairman of the USSR council of ministers, says that India now rightfully holds a worthy place on the world scene, plays an active role in the non-aligned movement and enjoys high international prestige while pursuing a policy of peace détente – that means co– peaceful co-existence – and support for the legitimate rights of the peoples fighting for national liberation against the forces of US imperialist aggression and her NATO– NATO allies and their oppressions that are being conducted across the world, most recently in a trans-Atlantic attempt to involve Chile, to bring white mercenaries from Chile, the worst fascist regime in South America, into Namibia, black Namibia to deny them their guaranteed elections, free elections, in December. The Soviet leaders declare that the same aims are also served by the steady development of Soviet-Indian relations firmly based on the treaty of peace, friendship and cooperation, and the seventh anniversary of which was just this week. The treaty meets the vital interests of the peoples of the two countries and is an important and effective factor in strengthening peace in Asia and all over the world, they say, in spite of all the reactionaries’ attempt, led by USA, to divide India and the Soviet Union. All attempts have been unsuccessful to date. The message also expresses firm confidence that the friendly relations between the USSR and India subcontinent of nearly one millio– one billion people will continue to grow stronger and develop for the benefit of the peoples of the two countries and the sake of universal peace and international security.

Soviet Union also said, in closing, greetings on anniversary of the Korean liberation. The Korean DPRK, the only rightful government of Korea, has been non-aligned but it’s very close to the Soviet Union in that it models most of its collectives and cooperatives after the Soviet Union.

Cooperation with the Philippines: Satisfaction with the results of a recent visit to the Soviet Union was expressed on her arrival in Manila by Mrs. Ims– Imelda Marcos, ministry of ecology and settlements of the Republic of the Philippines. This to the chagrin of her husband who has been taking a very strong and reactionary stand against those who are fighting for freedom on the Philippine Islands. During her visit to the Soviet Union, an agreement on cultural cooperation last week between the USSR and the Philippine Islands was signed by Mrs. Marcos, wife of dictator of Philippines, and Soviet Foreign Minister, Andrei Gromyko. Speaking in Manila, capital of the Philippine Islands, on the results of her visit, Mrs. Marcos said that in the course of their talks on a wide range of issues, Alex Kosygin, Chairman of the USSR Council of Ministers, had assured her that the Soviet Union wished the peoples of Southeast Asia peace and prosperity, and he– and expressed a sincere desire of the USSR to widen cooperation in order to contribute to the development of Philippines. She said that the USSR was the most advanced country in the world. This brought great consternation to her husband. She stressed the desire of her country to development closer relations with the Soviet Union, which is the avant garde of liberation. It seems that Mrs. Marcos has social democratic tendencies, to say the least, in spite of the fascist tendencies of her husband, and she is one not to bow to the chauvinism of her dictator husband of the Philippine Islands.

Thus ends the commentary of the news, and we hope that you will study it closely and give attentiveness to it. Remember, we may have guests in at any moment by helicopter who are coming from the government to see a performance of our band. I would also like for them to see a performance of our basketball team if they have time. So we may call you at a moment’s notice. We do not know when the helicopter will be coming. They will come at their earliest convenience, according to the report we received. Thank you and much love.

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There has been such report and it will be made a matter of public issue if it is not remedied immediately. A threat of violence is in my mind comparable to violence. We want no violence in this community, we have had none, and we wanted to maintain that standard of peace and reaching people by mind or if necessary by medical therapy, depending upon their illness. Again I repeat, I want no threat of violence or use of violence in any department. No physical content is to be tolerated between people. We are reasonable human beings. We are people who have evolved along the lines of socialism, on the road to the proper ideal, the highest ideal, and violence should drop from us like the scales from a leper. We must remember this and keep it in mind. Again, no threats of violence, or I will make it a redounding public issue. May this be circulated throughout the Public Service Union and kept in mind in all departments. I will not accept threat of violence, shaking, or any other matter. You can deprive privileges, you can have people do longer work discipline, all sorts of things as this. If you cannot control someone beyond their acting insane, you take them to the medical department, if they want to play-act insane or if they are simply disturbed. Most of the so-called insane business is a manipulation, and we want you to know that we are very much aware that insanity is manipulation from the experiment of the Chinese in the mental hospital, and what happened when he said “I guess, well, they’re all babbling and no value to yourself or others,” and he said he would take care of them with the Bibles as you know. Forty-five Bibles. And what happened was that all of them immediately began to get industrious, and their minds settled down and they went to working in the gardens, hoeing, weeding, and acting as normal as all the others because they realized that socialism did not tolerate that kind of play-acting. And we will of course give medical treatment to people who show bizarre actions that are not– is in the social setting. But death threat– death threat to the person or other persons, anyone that does that, that’s to be resolved by the medical department, and it will be put in that department. We don’t mean to be put in a bed and given a picnic. They shall be given therapy and proper medical treatment to cause them to change, ‘cause nothing is incurable. When we see the great miracles of septicemia, blood disease never healed, healed in young Teri Smart, when we see– (covers microphone, speaks to unknown person in background) Stand by. (unintelligible word) –the healing of a heart condition, such as Robert Johnny Franklin when I met him on the wayside and suggested immediate treatment or it would’ve meant his life, and just talking the last few hours and the falling of Marianit– Marianita Langston, out of a top floor, straight down on her head. By no means should she have escaped a broken neck or absolute breaking of the cranium and allowing blood into her brain and becoming a permanent vegetable, if not immediate death. You’ve– you heard them all, over and over again. Evans’ child who had the similar fall, laid in a coma. The little boy that was hit with the ball– (covers microphone, speaks to unknown person in background) Isaac Edwards, hit with a ball, coma, blinded, not moving, no hope. I said he would be all right, even when they took him on the plane when he wasn’t all right. Tommy Beikman, when they took him on a plane. He was still blind. I said he would be all right. They don’t have enough gratitude for the fact that the office can bring change and does bring change. Then we look at Rose Shelton who fell, as all seniors are asked to carry sticks. She hadn’t and there was a bad place, that’s why we’ve got to watch the walkways. She didn’t know places that stick up. She caught her toe and went head first down, and she was blinded, kinda suffered a concussion, with no way of getting her out. She would’ve died. James Baisy, no way for him to live with a horrible kidney infection and temperature, and I went past him, was taken care of. And the same with another young man, 25 hours and shut out like cement had blocked his kidney. Met him one night, told him to get up and void. Taking in of gasoline which should– the vapors should have caused death to the young man. Uh– It did not cause death to him. (covers microphone, speaks to unknown person in background) Ricky Johnson. It’s fantastic, all up and down this path, and I could go on and on and on just the last few hours.

So everybody can change. We do not accept mental disorder as un– irrepairab– irreparable or unchangeable situation. It can change and must change. And we want to have this played back in our minds and reviewed and think of the countless hundreds of other miracles here. The youngster when I was growing up, years ago before suicide was hardly practiced because it was– it was such a fear of religion. I never knew a year that there wasn’t three to five known suicides in a town of 900 population. We’ve had none. So we know that– we’ve seen the proof that mind lives on after death. We have the proof of immortality, much to one’s consternation and dissatisfaction, but it does exist. And we’ve had the proof that all people can change and all people must be given the environmental condition to change. There must be no violence or threat of violence. That is a demand from the office representing the people, and I will bring it out directly in the meeting tonight. Language begins at seven thirty. Uh, news, rather, begins at seven-thirty and language thereafter. I will announce free nights and uh, days off on short notice. And we will try to have something planned for special day, not too far away. But I won’t, because of certain people’s incorrigible patterns, be able to give you the kind of advance notice I’d like to. Let us build this community solidly, with the offers we have in Africa, the interest that we have. I might tell you that even the US embassy went to the court here and said they were very concerned that I get the best medical care, because they were concerned about what these 1200 people would do to (unintelligible word) with their lives if anything happened to Jim Jones, so that might make you– um, we asked the judge of the registrar over and again if that was the case and he (unintelligible) over and again, that they were concerned that I get the best medical care and be allowed to travel freely to get that care because they were afraid that – I guess – the community would be radicalized if I wasn’t here to keep them building and they’d rather have us build a peaceful form of social change – light a candle, live and curse the darkness – rather than be back in their hair, and of course so would we. But with all the offers we’ve had – and we’ve had some wonderful offers, one we’re not talking about – we want you to keep in mind that this is a community built on peace. We’re to smile at each other, we’re to speak as we go by. Anyone that does not speak is to be reported and be brought up in people’s forum and will be brought for court consideration by the jury. You are to be friendly, you are to smile. I speak to everyone, no matter how ill I’ve been, and I came through a great miracle myself last night, a great miracle, as the laboratory technician and the doctor could tell you. But I came through because of my love for you, the people. And I always speak, I always wave. If I miss for a moment, the sound, then I’ll turn back and I’ll holler at you. If I do this, you make yourself do it. I’m no more s– a person of strength and endurance than you are. And it’s your duty, children and adults, to be kind to each other. No pushing, no threats of pushing, no threats of violence, and that a smile is to be given in this community. This is to be a community working on building the love of socialism. Thank you very much.

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(unintelligible) According to numbers of people in the class from ten to eleven, for the band, the karate team, and the basketball team, there was too much lightness and play. Now, the group that goes will be the group that does not show disrespect in that class or disrespect for the teacher and learns the most. It’s not a play. They expect you to have some command of Marx-Leninism. They expect you to have some command of language. I know that some of you are very good entertainers, but do not use the classroom for entertainment and divert others and cause others to feel that they can mimic you because you have leadership potential. This is an urgent appeal, that the basis of going is that there is no anarchistic tendency shown. No anarchistic tendency shown is a basis for going to Georgetown and abroad. You know that, you’d understand that. You can’t have it. You may know how to control your anarchism, but others don’t. They carry it to the very lethal end. Sometimes they carry it so far as to do things of harm, try to run, try to kill, try to hurt, so don’t show any anarchy if you’re someone that’s looked up to as a leader. Don’t do so. And no matter what anyone else does, each person is responsible for their own doing, and I demand absolute cooperation in that class. Absolute cooperation for those that are going to have that privilege of honoring the name of socialism. I want you to be sure, to be absolutely sure that you are conducting yourself in the best possible fashion. Thank you and I love you.

End of tape

Tape originally posted April 2008