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Jones: In (unintelligible word) People’s Chronicle, the largest newspaper in un– in Guyana, our beloved republic of Guyana, we have this information. Opposition now concedes that PNC – our party, the Peoples National Congress – under the leadership, the brave and avant garde leadership of Prime Minister Bor– uh, Forbes Burnham, is moving in a right direction. (unintelligible word) blessing, say they, in– to people in rural areas, as land rer– re-distribution is being taking place. So we’re glad to see that there is some points at least that the (Pause) two parties can find agreement.

Chinese national music. The (pause) tune, “East Is Red,” sent out by a Chinese first man-made earth satellite, launched in April 1970, was played on effective bell chime research in the 50’s from a tomb in Hassan. In (unintelligible name) province. The national institution instrument went over– used over 2000 years ago, consists of a row of 13 bronze bells hung on a wooden frame and ranged (pause) according to s– to pitch. It is played by sinking in the beat– of the bells with a wooden banner and– hammer. The bella– bell chime is now preserved in the Palace Mu– Museum in Peking. China has tradition in which (pause) the music that li– goes back to ancient times. Ancient musical instruments and surplus in– insectify– in– in– (Pause) inscribed on oral (Pause) torture [tortoise] shells and (unintelligible phrase). Shells and bones unearthed in the virtue of the dynasty in Hassan [phonetic] Province have con– provided evidence and twelve types of instruments organized over three thousand years ago. The number increased to (pause) eighty during the period from the eleventh and the second century B.C. (Pause) Now it has increased to hundreds, showing the progressive nature domestic Chinese Communism.

WPK general staff of the Korean Revolution. The Workers Party of Korea, the DEPK– RK, that beautiful, practical, lovely co– country that we saw on our TV station, where all the te– children eat rice as a staple food, and how healthy they look, and how vigorously happy, enthusiasm on all their faces, it would be good if Marceline could have that set up in her room so she could see it. Nothing would warm the heart more than the joy that was in the faces of the Korean people. Anyway, the workers party of uh– Korea is a party founded, led by President Kim Il-sung, the gram [grand] and great leader of the revolution, is in the vanguard de– detachment of the Korean working class and other working or– uh, masses. The general staff of the Korean Revolution and the gui– guiding– regarding force of the Korean uh– (stumbles over words) (Pause) the guiding force of– as the guiding force of the Korean people. His revolutionary party of new type that has inherited the na– the glorious revolutionary tradition that built up to President Kim Il-sung during the– Il the– his long-drawn anti-reactionary and anti-Japanese (slight panting) struggle. And the (unintelligible name, said twice with different pronunciations) Party struggle and– for the co– complete victory of socialism in the northern half of the republican– the republic led by (Pause) the consultation (pause) of the (pause) re– reunification (Pause) and for the most part, the (slurs over words) reunification of how the– the word revolution came into being. It goes on in essence to say that the PNC backs wholeheartedly the doctrine of the DPRK, the Communist North Koreans, for reunification of their countries. (Pause)

Minister of Education gets tremendous boost. History was created recently when this country – our beloved country of Guyana – first ever present dem– dem– first presented a patent de– democraza– democratization center, a new and a great innovation in nursery school education was permanent secretary in the military of education situated in Campbellville, and it is the first of three– such first of these– such countries to be set up. The under– the other two are erected (pause) in the– in some suit– suitable areas in the northwest region. They have set up one, you know, that they’re trying a live-in basis in our own northwest region. (Pause)

Advice has been given by the comrade commandeer, our dear friend, Co– Commander [Clarence] Price is always getting a– getting us the uh– (pause) flights that we need, never failed yet, to always wear life belts in boats and planes when traveling. We’ve never lost a life, said he in the commercial. Flights and ships um– but nonetheless, he said, he urged the flo– the use of flight belts which (slurs over words) (Pause) greatly ignored.

They said you’d have to bear with me, because I’ve had very little sleep and I cannot hardly read some of my own notes.

Marxist philosophy and scientific cognition. The sixteenth international congress of (pause) phi– philosophy in Düsseldorf, a West German city on the Rhine, more than fifteen hundred delegates, represented the– (slurs over words) community (Pause) of over sixty countries at the congress, along with mathematicians, physists [physicists], astronomists, biologists, psychologist, linguist, economist and representatives of other fields of knowledge from all over the world, both sides of the so-called alleged curtain. Discu– crediting the basic philosophical problems– They discussed the basic problems of science and national life, and discredited much of the theories on which psychology is based on. The idea of doing your own thing, that’s a healthy thing for your body. They discussed structure and what it means to people’s lives. And we tend to agree with that. We have found our structure has eliminated drugs, the use of anything harmful, and has given complete elimination of crime and total peace in our social units. And we certainly agree with that.

Political democracy and class dictatorship. This ma– This week’s foreign focus is in Austria. The chairman of Communist Party of Austria deals with the problems of individual freedom, national freedom, for decades and has been the subject of heated ideological and political debate, especially sharp is the past few weeks and with no signs of abating in the foreseeable future, for it is– it affects one of the most– it affects most to the– one of the international (Pause) development, the growth of the forces of democracy and socialism. As you remember, Austria was once in the socialist orbit, but to avoid a nuclear wa– holocaust, when the Soviets and her allies were not able to withstand the onslaught of a nuclear war, Austria was given up in an (stumbles over words)– really in nothing more than in an atmosphere of intimidation. (Pause)

Well, that pretty much covers the news of the Guyana scene. (Pause)

Reports from the Dar-es-Salan– Dar-es-Salaam, Beirut, Nairobi, today are that heavy fighting is going on inside Uganda. Between loyalist troops and rebels and other fighting forces has broken out between Ugandan and Tanzanian troops. Tanzania, under President [Julius] Nyerere, has been a very devoted socialist and a close friend of our prime minister, and has been the most forthright voice in Africa for liberation. Anyway, this dispute has broken out inside Tanzania. Heavy fighting involving tanks and fields guns is going on between loyalist groups and rebels. In Uganda near the Tanzanian border, there is no indication as to who has the upper hand in the fighting. Tanzania announced today– Tanzania announced that Uka– Ugandans had crossed the border yesterday in a provocative act, and that all efforts were being made to meet this (unintelligible word). I hope I’m reading slow enough for you to comprehend. (Pause)

Cuba’s Prime Minister, Dr. Fidel Castro, yesterday refused to link the withdrawal of Cuban troops from Africa with the process of normalization of relations with the United States. He said, we are in Africa to defend the people from oppression, from the l– imperialist bondage that has been centered in Washington for eons. And we are there to defend (pause) them from colonialism. And we combat it.

The (unintelligible name) Marxist-Leninist movement in southwest Africa, in Algeria, (Pause) said today that its regions– its troops killed fifty Morocco soldiers in recent fighting. Moro– Morocco has no one comment on this crisis.

The Arab Bank (pause) for commerce and development (Pause) – it has said the development in Africa – announced a four point four billion dollar loan to Zaire. The loss– the loan will be used for a public (unintelligible word; could be “travel”) or development program, with the understanding that none of the profits will go to the Western world, because the Arab League has become intransigent against what the A– the USA is doing in the Near East.

Strikes in Iran have halted all oil exports from the country. Basic to the country is ir– is oil. It’s one of the oil rich nations of the world. Radio Iran reported today that the supplies to local re– oil refineries slight also– (Pause) said also be sa– uh, be cut off. The oil industry is Iran’s major dollar earner, and the strikes could throw the country into a total economic chaos and collapse. Twenty more deaths were reported. Ministers that resigned last week– the minister for justice and the minister for the (Pause) executive affairs. The Shah had one of the most secure dictatorships six months ago, by the admission of even the USA, any dictatorship on the world. But it’s teetering and tottering today, as it’s falling, crumbling, with protests throughout the entire area of– of Iran. Every major community has strikes.

The Spanish Iran– The Spanish parliament today de– approved the new constitution to effectively stage the transition to democracy from the 40-year-old fascist dictatorship of the late Generalissimo [Francisco] Franco. (Pause) Heavily spread and reserves were posted in the nearby streets to guard against threats of guerilla attacks and stop the constitution of progress through Parliament.

To move along a little faster: Par– Britain told the United Nations General Assembly yesterday that– that uh– (Pause) there was no cause whatsoever to lift the trade sanctions against Rhodesia. The British representation said the international pressures should b– (pause) be kept up against Rhodesia. Thirty-one more people have died in the Palestinian– I mean the Rhodesian struggle in the last twenty-f– hours, as a result of the (Pause) clashes between guerillas and white citizens, that many of which have been traced (Pause) and trained in New Mexico, who are actually a part of the U.S. military apparatus. (Pause) These 31 leaders do not count the casualties of civilians. These 31 leaders were members of the fighting force of the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, which is indeed the leadership of the– (Pause) the country that white people call Rhodesia, but really is led by the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, Joshua Nkomo, nationalist and Marxist-Leninist leader Robert Mugabe. (Pause)

The president of Mozambique, who abstained from the meeting – [Samora] Machel uh, is his name – from the meeting of the front line states discussing their stra– strategies against their (Pause) common enemy. Rhodesia is saying that President Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, who is just returning from the meeting which was held in (Pause) Dar-es-Salaam (Pause) (Exhales) Nai– Nairobi.

Informed sources in Peking today said that China’s vice president, Kan Pao [phonetic], will pay a private visit to Somalia, following bitter attacks against the– against China from Ethiopian head of state and– and their allies. As you know, the Ethio– Ethiopian head of state is Menigestu [Mengistu Halle Mariam], who accused Peking of backing up the imperialist against the country. (Pause)

Arab foreign ministers today formed a six-member committee to draw up a plan for this (Pause) Tuesday’s– this Thursday’s Somalian meeting, aimed at launching a joint offensive against Egypt-Israel peace plans. The demonstration is made up of Iraq-Syrian peace-keeping forces. The Palestinian Liberation Organization also. Jordan, Tunisia and Kuwai– Kuwait are also involved in the protest.

Stand by.

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Nine thousand joined in sympathy. In a strong display of solidarity for staging unionist in the west coast paper mill industry, some nine thousand one hundred workers in other wood product plants in northwest struck recently, demanding the companies meet the strikers’ demands. The walkout at the 28 mills of the Big 6 paper company began on July seventh, when 28,000 members of the Association of Western Pulp and Paper Workers – AWPPW – struck, and overcome issues (Pause) pickets in plants of struck companies where members are represented by other unions and where (stumbles over words) that were not on the strike. The workers at about 40 plants refused to come to cross the picketing line to support the AWPPW. The more we– (unintelligible word) we always interpreted the union– (Pause) attempt to step up the peasants on the Big 6. (Pause) We’re glad to hear there’s more success in that strike, in the recent strike of the union’s mineworkers strike, which was abominable, that the AFL-CIO, headed by George Meany, who has been, as you know, under the hire of CIA in trying to undermine this government many years ago, would not give any of their fat treasury of relief– food relief and any other aid to the striking miners, so out of desperation, after 115 days, the strike workers, the UAW in the United States were forced back to work in a condition that is indescrible. The three-by-five space that they have to come themselves into to get down in the mines, not to mention that silicosis kills them off at the average age of 44 years of age. Typical, typical, typical.

But perhaps we shall see more of a labor arousal than we have seen in the past. We hope so anyway, because certainly labor is disorganized in United States, and even though we are socialist, you have to have a strong communist party, a strong and independent socialist party, and strong trade unions that are free from the machinations of big business, in order for democracy to continue. It’s bound to be a return to the worst primitive forms of capitalism– actually, a return to the last stages of capitalism, neo-fascism. But now we have fascism in de jure– in de facto. It– We have fascism without really (Pause) open signs of it. Oh, we can see it when people ten– attempt to strike, like the pulp workers or the mine workers, they’re threatened with the army. But it’s still goes through the process of saying how interested they are in the welfare of human rights. Everybody’s human rights except those that are oppressed by fascist dictatorships. We hear a lot about the four in um– uh– the USSR, and we’re concerned about human rights everywhere. But it seems that um, little is being said– little is being said at all about the human rights in the nations across the world that’re in the capitalist (Pause) orbit.

Black Panthers. Newton awaits sentencing. Black Panther Party – BWP – it– leader Huey P. Newton was convicted late last week in Ph– in Oakland of two charges of possession of hanggun– uh, handgun, and acquitted of assault. Superior Court Judge Joseph Karnish [phonetic] immediately ordered Newton to Alameda County Jail to await the (Pause) sentencing on the gun charges of– of October 27. The charges stem from a 1974 incident, in a wo– in which Newton was accused of ple– pistol-whipping the tailor. The tailor however denied this and refused to testify to Newton th– that Newton was the gu– out to get him. Immediately after Newton was first targeted for the beating, he f– fled the country to Cuba. He returned in 1977 in the char– to face the charge, citing a changed political climate. Newton faces up to two years in jail for each charge. (Pause) I would doubt again, having met Huey Newton in Cuba personally, when it was illegal to travel there, when my family went there, we found him to be a very hospitable host, and he was most dedicated and serious in reference to the rights of US citizens and his struggle for freedom, the international struggle for liberation. I doubt very much that he would pistol whip a old tailor, and ju– a senior tailor, just as much as I doubt that he, as popular a man as he would, would have to be out checking the scene of the nightlife and picking up a woman from the streets to have se– to have some sort of sex with. (Pause)

Charles Diggs’ trial opens. Co– Co– Congressman Charles Diggs went on trial last week to charges of mail fraud and taking in kickbacks from the– from the staff. Diggs was in– He was a hit, certainly– in March, with a 35-count indi– indictment – which later turned out to be 37 – for a variety of financial (Pause) inconsistencies. Six of the charges were dropped just before the trial of a Western– of a Wa– of a Washington D.C. (Pause) The federal court open September 27. The government has charged (pause) that Diggs sur– surly– sorely in debt, used a number of means in case (Pause) or to case his hi– financial burdens– treasury testimony from their sources and from former s– Diggs employee Jean Stoltz [phonetic] who all uh, said she left in bias from his team last week, centered around the charge that Diggs raised the salary– uh, raised her salary and requested her to pay some of the bills with the differences between the old salary and the new. Diggs has not denied that staff members substan– sometimes may– paid (Pause) the (Pause) bills or his bills (Pause) from the salaries sometimes paid the (pause) (stumbles over words) from the salary sometimes paid, but considered and contends that the parties with– which have– have been trying to get his job, he contends that this represents the mispractice that had been legalized by the House of Representatives. His father [Charles Diggs Sr.] went through similar proceedings many years ago. I– The trial will be decided by a jury of eleven blacks and one white. We shall see how it goes. He may have a chance with eleven blacks and ten whites not to get a um– (Pause) not to get a uh, heavy sentence. (Pause) Stand by.

Certain– Chican is a small peasant community in the historic sacred valley of the Urubamba River, several hours drive from the former Incan capal– capital. If you are having trouble listening to this P.A., please let us know, we’ve have a lot of trouble with it, and it goes on slow speed and high speed, and distorts the voice, so be sure that you uh, mention it to us. Anyway. Curicuzo [Cusco], high in the Andes, the region’s outward security leaders (Pause) belies decades of violent strugger– struggle over– over the land, including the present insurrection of the early 1960s. History was made as Char– Chican during August 27 through September, as the Peasant Confederation of Peru – CCP – held its fifth congressional uh, and achieved a merger with the National Agrarian Confederation. One of the few countries where we see the Maoist and the middle left and the Soviet left agreeing on points of liberation. And that of course is what it’s going to take, if colonialism’s boot is removed from the backs of the oppressed in Chile, in Peru, there is no other way. I’m trying to read you some notes and scratches from other people, and so I hope that it’s intelligible to you. The CNA was a– was once used as subversive bureaucracy created and controlled by the Peruvian military dictatorship. But as the power sectors of the peasantry were organized in recent years, under the militant leadership of the CCP and the CNA – also because became radicalized and broke with the bourgeo– ise regime on September 12, more than ten thousand peasants at Ciraco– Cirzaco– Cirsco’s [Cusco] Plaza de Llamas to whi– witness the signing of the mer– of the merger government. I wish that people that make the notes would give the um, um, the news. (Stumbles over words) Someone is here to speak to me? Okay. Stand by for the news.

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Tape originally posted March 2008