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Jones: — The test must take two hours after the socialist class tonight, as well as one hour law students. Secretary Vernetta Christian must go over the list, see all those that failed or had poor grades, be given the extra socialist classes. Because they are good people, most of them, they just need more learning skills. Those who did poorly must take one hour after the socialist class and the examination tonight. There will be (unintelligible word) examinations in Peoples Rally, and there will be a special examination given to those in the band, so be prepared to hear the news while you can — when you can, seek out time, Ocause you’ll be called aside for special examinations. (Tape clicks off and on)

News on this Friday afternoon. Six people have been killed in a bus that was bound for the Zionist, fascist state of Israel. The Palestinian Liberation Organization has claimed responsibility. Two high-ranking Zionist military officers were killed in the bombardment of the bus.

The government lawyers in Italy are demanding 15-year prison sentences for 16 — they’re men of the Red Brigade on trial in Turin, Italy, who were attempted to be released by activists of the Red Brigade who held Prime Minister Aldo Moro and subsequently executed him by a people’s court after the Trilateral Commission and the Christian Democratic Party — the capitalist puppet regime of Italy and US capitalism — refused to release even one prisoner anywhere in the world for the Prime Minister of Italy, who’d been chief proponent and spokesperson and architect of capitalism in Italy. Thus showing capitalism’s disregard and total disloyalty to those who serve the great monster, the monolith of monopoly capitalism, finance capitalism or world imperialism, as embodied in the USA-controlled Trilateral Commission. The government lawyers request that ten others be given ten-year sentences, and for seven others, charges are suggested to be dropped. It’s crazy enough, one of those dropped is one of the most active activists in the Red Brigade. Apparently Italy, its government, its prosecution, federal prosecutors, have some fear of coming down too heavily on the leaders of the Red Brigade. Contrary — Contrary to the attitudes of the Communist Party and the Euro-communists, revisionist, it seems that the concept of armed struggle, which would be called terrorism by many in the communist movement who have become apologetic, they’re bringing it out on change, on the revolutionary change, which Mao [Chinese Communist Party leader Mao Tse-tung] said, in his days of dedication to the national revolution, that all change must come out of the barrel of a gun. It seems they have been proven wrong again by the demands of the sentences. Formerly, they were requiring at least a minimum of 30-year sentences, and some would have faced life and execution. So the effect of Red Brigade in Italy has not brought about at this point more repression. Certainly acts of terror or vendettas are to be held in disrepute by all Marxist-Leninists, but one must carefully decide when that which many apologists or revisionists would call terrorism borders on armed struggle that brings about proletarian, working-class revolutionary change.

U.S. State Department has protested, strangely enough, at the same time that they’re attacking at the NATO summit conference, the Soviet Union as a diversionary effort from the faltering world economics of capitalism, the plummeting dollar, and the economic crisis in general in the capitalist states, as well as their war fever, that they have pitched and increased over Zaire. They’re now stating that the Soviet Union has put electronic bugging devices in the U.S. Embassy in Moscow. Supposedly they were discovered on the same day of the summit conference of the fascist alliance of NATO, North Atlantic Treaty Organization, being held in Washington. The bugs, or electronic devices, were supposedly found by maintenance people in the part of the embassy where a tunnel goes underground to an adjacent Soviet building.

After Chad liberation forces have successfully taken over one-half of their country — it’s located just below Libya, and has been bravely supported by the Libyan socialist nation under Col. [Moammar] Khadaffy, though Muslim, has been very pro-Soviet, and always active in world liberation efforts. French legionnaires have been poured in, equipped by US imperialism, and today, murdered nearly 1000 guerrillas near (unintelligible name — sounds like “Offie”), that is still under control of the Chad Liberation Organization. Offie is less than 150 miles from the capital of Chad, and still one-half of Chad remains liberated.

In the United Nations today, apparently the Trilateral Commission has slapped the hands of Prime Minister [James] Callaghan of the United Kingdom or Britain, or what we commonly know as England for his statements that [U.S. President Jimmy] Carter should know as much about Africa as he does about peanut farming, because his policies were endangering world peace, by accusing the Cubans of being responsible for the Katangan efforts to liberate their own land. Today, he had done a complete about-face. He has turned 9unintelligible word; sounds like “totally”) and called upon the African nations to reject outside help, which he calls Soviet and Cuban intervention in African affairs. Mr. Callaghan, as all leaders of the puppets nations which are presently meeting in Paris at this time, Britain, Belgium, West Germany — Federal Republic of fascist West Germany — and France and England and USA, they have apparently censured him, slapped his wrist and given him a warning, so he’s turned full circle. He says that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization — Prime Minister Callaghan of England said — will have to increase its military strength and its number of soldiers in East Europe because of growing increases of military presence of the Warsaw Pact, which is the Soviet alliance, named after where the alliance was formed, in the capital of Poland. Warsaw is the capital of Poland. Poland is a modern communist nation. Britain went on in her harangue to the puppet Prime Minister Callaghan and stated that they were gravely concerned about new modern breakthrough nuclear weapons that were aimed at England.

Nairobi. The Ethiopian government has stated that they will not utilize Cuban forces in a new dispute, an armed struggle that has broken out in northern Eritrea, although 17,000 Cubans are still present in Ethiopia — at one time the capitalist Voice of America and BBC said 40,000, today Voice of America says 17,000. You can believe absolutely nothing that the press says whatsoever in US imperialism. The Cubans also say they will not involve themselves in the northern Eritrean dispute at this time. Ethiopian Peoples’ Socialist Liberation, that were trained as Agadan (?) territory from the aggressive Somalians, say that they will be able to contain the disruption in their province caused by the subversive elements of US imperialism.

Washington. US will send military experts immediately to discuss the request for arms by Somalia. The Congress of course has to approve all arms agreements. As I told you in earlier news, great effort is being brought to bear on the Congress by five former right-wing generals who headed NATO, all US generals, because Congress can lift their control and allow the president unlimited expenditures for military expansion for (unintelligible word) he chooses, particularly as he attempts to send up a Pan-African military force — international capitalist military force — to put down all efforts of liberation in that troubled continent — on that continent, so rich in minerals, vital to US imperialism that is sucking two-thirds of the world, causing two-thirds of the world to go hungry every night.

Washington. House of Representatives refused to be intimidated by the president and continue their ban on the World Bank and its Export-Imports of loans to Union of South Africa. The World Bank is also required by Congress as a cong — compromise to give no loans to any socialist nation. But at least, ostensibly there’ll be a ban on loans to the World Bank, but multi-nationals privately have been able to channel some 457 million dollars in maintaining the corrupt concentration camp environment of Union of South Africa.

Economic news. Cost of living is up seven percent this month. Unemployment increased by some three percent this month. Yet US hypocritically brags that the American workforce has now gone over 100 million for the first time in history. However, there are 250 million people in USA. Even the Voice of America admitted that this so-called 100 million employed in USA includes part-time workers, workers that are on welfare-job programs and so forth. In the Soviet Union, and all socialist nations of the Warsaw Pact, there is not one unemployed, and there’s an estimated 22 million unemployed able workers in USA.

Prague, Czechoslovakia. The necessity has caused a meeting of the Warsaw Pact, of the Soviet alliance of nations for liberation, to lead the avant-garde of Marxist-Leninist liberation for the world, formed friendship and trade agreements with Czechoslovakia for the next five years. Thirty so-called human rights anti-Soviet dissident campaigners arrested during President Leonid Brezhnev’s talks in Prague were released by the humane Czechoslovakian government after the conference had been ended. These dissidents had been using threats around the area where the president of the Soviet Union was speaking.

Yugoslavia. Polish chairman of the Communist Party, arrived to discuss in Yugoslavia, the non-aligned communist nation, expanding trade and commercial relations with Poland, and to discuss the effects of revisionism as exemplified in Euro-communism in Europe. Yugoslavia has been friendly to the attitudes of gradualism and working through the legal system, the parliamentary system, for gradual change, which is anti-Marxist, that Yugoslavians have been, according to the BBC, sympathetic to that view. Poland discredits the Euro-communist as sellouts of Marxist-Leninist thinking.

Secretary Vance [US Secretary of State Cyrus Vance], meeting this afternoon with Chinese foreign minister (stumbles over words), minister of fascist Egypt and fascist Spain and the fascist Ivory Coast of Africa, and fascist Pakistan, that has taken over and presently are holding the ex-Prime Minister [Zulfikar Ali] Bhutto in a cold damp cell, waiting his execution in the next few days. You can tell a man by the company he keeps. Secretary of State, USA, Vance, meeting with the Chinese foreign minister, Egypt’s and Spain, Ivory Coast and Pakistan. It is speculated that new ventures are planned to counteract the Soviet-Cuban efforts to bring liberation in troubled and needy Africa.

Armenians, persecuted by the Turkish regime — the Turks committed genocide against the Armenian population several decades ago, killing by mass murder two million Armenians. They are now seeking closer alliance with Soviet Armenia on independence from right-wing Turkey. Today, Armenian Red Brigade activists assassinated the wife and brother-in-law of the ambassador to Turkey in a Madrid street while they stopped at a stoplight. The members of the Red activist Armenians, who used to break away from Turkey, escaped without being detected.

The Washington Post has declared that President [Jimmy] Carter has frozen all arms control talks and all pending discussions of strategic arms limitation talks. President Carter bitterly attacked The Washington Post and accused them of lying, even — even after having checked with his office. He said that arms negotiation talks are still continuing. However, the editor of the prestigious Washington Post that was the first to break the news of the Watergate criminal actions, after being prompted to do so by the socialist world that are already had leaks printed in socialist nations of the Watergate scandal. But nonetheless, The Washington Post editor still stands by his statement. He said that his sources are correct.

In the future, he will not be able to maintain his sources. The news who has sold so willingly, the aims and treachery of monopoly capitalist USA, have had their wrist slapped and their freedoms restricted. The Supreme Court handed down today a decision that no newsman will be able to keep his co — sources confidential, and he can be jailed, unless he reveals his sources. Thus that means that no scandal of a government, such as the CIA bribes from Korea — fascist South Korea — to Congressmen, no such events as Watergate or the scandal of the Pentagon Papers, can be printed, and no sources will be able to be kept secret, thus causing no one to step forward to ever tell of criminal actions taking place by the fascist government of US-financed capitalism, or as we know, imperialism.

USA, after hearing of renewed fighting in the northeast part of Zaire, it’s uh, easily a thousand miles from the Angolan and Zambian border, and borders Uganda, so certainly now — with Katangans cannot be blamed upon the Cubans and the Soviets, new fighting has erupted in Zaire for the liberation of Sada, (unintelligible phrase), which was formerly known as Katanga. Katanga. USA, hypocritical, said they’re airlifting, sending airplanes in to airlift the white citizens of Zaire in northeast Zaire who are aiding the combat struggle for liberation of Katanga. (unintelligible word) has it from Radio Moscow that they are bringing in arms and equipment and highly-trained specialist airborne divisions. USA, typical of its lying style. The liberation torchlights in Africa.

South Africa’s brutal invasion of Angola this month demonstrates once again that the fascist racist government in Pretoria that is maintained and financed by USA imperialism, is prepared to turn all of southern Africa (tape turns off and on) into the battleground on which they will wage its war of counter-revolution. From Angola to Namimbia to Zimbabwe to South Africa itself, the fascist [Johannes] Vorster, prime minister (unintelligible word), of South Africa, has in effect, announced to the world that he will respect no borders and spare no people in his dep — desperate defense of its system of capitalist fascist exploitation and white supremacy. The vicious attacks on the Namimbian refugee camp 155 miles inside Angola comprised of only women and children and older people came just two days after United Nations General Assembly, by 119 to nothing vote, reaffirmed its condemnation of USA’s puppet regime of South Africa’s continued colonial occupation of Namimbia, which it had guaranteed liberation and independence to by the end of this year. On South Africa’s support of the patriotic — it had um, reaffirmed its condemnation of South Africa’s continued colonial occupation of Namimbia and given its support for the patriotic Southwest Africa People’s Organization — SWAPO — by a 119 to nothing vote, as the sole legitimate political representative of the Namimbian people. The armed action that slaughtered literally thousands of defenseless Namimbian refugees, particularly young children, was dictator Vorster’s answer to the UN and the military counterpart to its latest diplomatic move as seeming to accept the western plan for a peaceful settlement in Namimbia. But just because the five western powers — USA, Britain, France, West Germany and Canada — the five real leaders of capitalism, seem to be trying (Pause) seem to be trying, at least, to mediate the differences between SWAPO and South Africa to avoid the loss of South African riches to US neo-colonialist, there should be no illusion as to the true role of these imperialist countries that I just named. Behind Britain, France, West Germany, Canada and US’ perfunctory denunciation of the South African fascist invasion was the glaring fact that they are the true international ringleaders and supporters, props and suppliers of the concentration camp apartheid regime in Union of South Africa. All of these capitalist nations are deeply committed to the preservation of their own finance capital imperialist interest throughout southern Africa, and our only circle that open support of Pretoria’s fascist regime will prove too costly in their relations with the rest of Africa, whom they seek to exploit the mineral riches of. Despite the tragic toll of human life at the refugee camp and the clear invasion into the sovereign territory of socialist Angola, the Namimbians fought back heroically. Their stubborn resistance came as a surprise to the South Africans, who felt that they could effect a quick and murderous assault in a manner of minutes, and then found themselves engaged at one site in a battle that went on for two and one-half days, with relatively unarmed Namimbians. Literally thousands of young people who had taken the first step in training themselves for Namimbia’s patriotic struggle, were massacred by the South Africans at (unintelligible name). But thousands of others have taken their places. Today the torch of liberation is lit all across southern Africa. It is because of this invasion into Angola that undoubtedly Angola did not interfere with the Pa — Katangan refugees who attempted to liberate their own land, and left their places of asylum in Zambia and Angola to go into their own homeland of Katanga to help liberate it from the dread puppet dictator Mobutu [President Mobutu Sese Seko] in Zaire, who is nothing more than a henchman for US imperialism.

In Rhodesia, the desperate political maneuvers of the Ian Smith white fascist regime to paper over its true character through a phony internal settlement is daily being exposed by the intensifying struggle waged by the forces of the Patriotic Front. In Namimbia, SWAPO support among the masses is unshakable and cannot be disguised by fascist dictator Vorster’s maneuvers in the Union of South Africa. At the Nambian version of Rhodesia’s internal settlement, it was attempted to try to fool off on the world, but Namimbia will be given its independence. In South Africa’s fascist state, a level of militancy and patriotic consciousness is developing among the black masses that is without precedent, even though they are shoeless, and almost homeless, without clothes to maintain them in inclement weather, they are resisting, and it’s without precedent, and which when it is fully realized and inevitably released, it’ll explode with the force that only centuries of pent-up sacred of oppression can have. In the bordering states of socialist Angola, socialist Mozambique, Zambia and agricultural-socialist Tanzania, Botswana, there is a growing realization that their own future, as well as the liberation of the rest of southern Africa, depends upon a unified and uncompromising armed struggle, Marxist-Leninism, armed struggle, not gradualism or revisionism, armed struggle that will not stop short of ending racist and imperialist rule throughout the southern part of Africa’s rich continent. South Africa puppet regime of USA capitalism, the Rhodesian regime also a puppet of the imperialist Trilateral Commission, dominated by US monopoly capitalism, and their imperialist allies and supporters, are fighting back with every weapon at their command. The Zimbabweans and the blacks of South Africa, that is. Some weapons are military, some are diplomatic and political. Supporters of the liberation struggles must redouble their efforts to expose, not only the obvious resistance of reaction, but all of the western fascist capitalist thieves and plots to change the appearance of things while retaining their substance. The war for the full liberation of southern Africa has been underway ever since Angola’s second war of liberation in 1975. It takes place today in every country of south Africa, and that is why Carter is now (tape break-up for two seconds), and general (unintelligible name) of Zaire and to also get aid and military intervention in Angola, a true fascist posture that the populist Carter wants so — tried to say so, as a peacemaker. He is now showing his true colors as an imperialist. It was hidden all the time, in sheep’s clothing. It will not end, this struggle, for liberation, until the peoples of Zimbabwe, Nambia and South Africa and Zaire have destroyed every last remnant of USA imperialism and racism in their countries. It is good to know. It is good to know. It is too bad that we do not find more unity and direction on the homefront of USA, where we came out of (unintelligible name). (Pause)

We would like to look for critical reviews, at one insider’s view of the Communist Party USA. In order for fascism to be avoided, there has to be a strong communist party, a strong socialist movement, and free, independent strong trade union, none of which exist in USA, and that is why to avoid your utter destruction, materially of most of you, and murder of the rest, I brought you here to regroup, recoup, rehabilitate and gain strength, and militancy, and a proper education in Marxist-Leninism, which you had never picked up, even though I was avowedly, openly Marxist-Leninist and atheist, you have never picked it up, for the most part, in United States, except for a handful. One important, but generally neglected part of the ideological separation for building a new Communist party, unified in USA, is a concrete and detailed study of the history and actual workings of US Communist Party, CPUSA. William G. Foster, History of the Communist Party USA, which is out of print, is a useful doc — document, (Pause) and that’s why it is out of print, although it does suffer from the inevitable shortcomings of being somewhat of an official history, at least at the time it was written. A small army of academics has found a measure of remunerative of employment uh — assistance in researching through the Communist Party USA’s past. But the general tenor of these works is libertarian, anarchist, and anti-Leninist, and has as a result highly-selective and self-serving purposes. There has also appeared a body of work from one-time party leaders, mostly in the form of autobo — autiobiographical memoirs. Of these, the best by far is (unintelligible name — Richmond?), who was formerly the editor of The People’s World, in his Long View From the Left, published a few years ago, which is rich in the first hand texture of daily party life. (Pause) And then there’s Peggy Dennis’ autobiography. Now another volume has been added to the pantheon, that is the autobiography of Petty of Peggy Dennis, widow of the party’s one-time general secretary, Eugene Dennis. As a political work, the book is lightweight. The great political debates that went on in the party leadership during the period when Dennis was the Communist Party USA’s foremost public figure, are not so much analyzed (Pause) or discussed as they are recalled. They do (unintelligible phrase) from Gene Dennis’ own perspective, which in the main his wife supported, and now tends to justify. But if this autobiography will hardly pass muster and serious political evaluation of the Communist Party USA, it is nevertheless useful, as one more first-hand account of party life, which can help familiarize a new generation of Communists, both with their legacy, positive as well as negative, and with some sense of what a party looks and feels like. And how essential it is to be learned from practice (unintelligible word) to form, before it is too late, a unified communist-socialist bloc (unintelligible word) the ever-impending fascist takeover in USA. It is also although somewhat cumbersomely quite moving at times, as Dennis recalls, some of the personal joys and anguishes of life as a communist for over half a century. The book covers two very (tape break-up for one word) lives, albeit with a great deal of frustration for the reader, since many of Gene’s activities on behalf of the Comintern — he worked in China, South Africa and the Philippines, among other assignments — occurred without his wife and are truly therefore primarily as absences. What Gene Dennis saw and did and learned during those times would have provided the materials for an understanding of the work of the Comintern, which has never been adequately done. But Gene Dennis died of cancer in 1961, and never wrote about that. Most interesting in the present work are its glimpses into the political struggles that raged within the leadership of the Communist Party USA over the years. Unfortunately, they are little more than glimpses. In general, Peggy Dennis, in her political estimate of her husband, is that he represented the best political force in the Communist Party USA, combating both the (unintelligible word — sounds like “cynicism”) of Earl Browder and the leftism of Foster. Two (unintelligible phrase) such as youth in the leadership in the Comintern, who she said promoted Gene Dennis in the party hierarchy as a balance between Browder and Foster. Browder finally sold out the Communist Party because of revisionism. Two Out to Work, Peggy Dennis, Mark (unknown last name; sounds like Schopf), Rightist and Leftist Lines on Major Questions. Most of her criticism, though not all, is aimed at Foster and the leftist. She says that Communists who participated in the great CIO organizing drive of the 1930’s were puzzled by Foster’s characterization of the movement as spontaneous, since they were helping make it happen. (Voice overwhelmed by other noise for several seconds) — delineation between Browder and the line represented by her husband. Bypassing Browder’s euphoric reliance on [Pres. Franklin Delano] Roosevelt, the National Committee’s pos — post-election analysis emphasized the growing independent power and political consciousness of the working class which influenced the Democratic Party in a progressive and democratic direction. Opposition to the formation of a national farmer-labor party at the time was expressed emphatically. The party will resist any such attempt, the document stated and would support all those measures of the Democratic Party and the Roosevelt administration which have a progressive character.

One of Peggy Dennis’ most interesting observations is on the dissolution of party caucuses within the trade unions in early 1939. her attitude seems to be that not only was this the correct decision at the time, but that there was something inherently wrong with our procedure of meeting separately to determine the attitudes we would take at union meetings before even hearing the members’ discussions or views. (Tape turns off and on) Of course, putting it this way loads the question, since it implies a mechanical rigidity which proper communist caucuses work would avoid. But then she goes on to say that these dissolutions did create other problems which were not dealt with and therefore weakened our work. Freed from their — these rank-and-file caucus and party cu — club controls, leading Communists in the unions became elitist, who consulted only with individual party leaders, and practical union considerations increasingly dominated the party’s political decisions. Here is a subject worthy of a book in its own right. Another intriguing comment, also in passing, is a note on some differences between the 11 national leaders of the Communist Party USA indicted under the dreadful Smith Act concerning the strategy to be pursued at their trial in the awful McCarthy era (Aside) that is now beginning to show its Cold War ugly head again in USA. (Back to text) One urged that the right to teach and advocate what the Smith Act prohibits — forcible overthrow, that is, armed struggle, the right to revolution — be defended. The majority decided that the right to revolution would be defended as a theoretical, historical concept. The defense, they decided, should be as much as possible within a context they — that could solicit the widest support from a very prejudiced American community against Communism, (Aside) which is again becoming increasingly bigoted against Communism. (Back to text) It is worth recalling in this connection that 160 Communists were arrested under the Smith Act during this period, and that 41 served long prison terms, ranging from three to eight years. Let this be kept in mind by all the present-day proponents of democratic transition to socialism, revisionism, that is, including some of these very same individuals. The threat posed by the Communist of the early 1950’s was unfortunately largely fanciful. It was very small indeed, and the majority of the USA was in a fascist, racist mood. Nevertheless, the bourgeoisie responded with massive repression, particularly as justification for what is hoped would be a decade of Cold War against Communism that might even lead to an international hot war. (Aside) And again, we have the same conditions, fear that USA is lo — losing its economic base in Africa, has whipped up international frenzies to recreate the Cold War hysteria between USA and the Soviet Union, and all inspired and created by the architects of USA monopoly capitalism. (Back to text) It is not hard to imagine what the bourgeoisie state will try to do when there is a strong working class movement with socialist objectives led by a genuine vanguard party, (Aside) if ever it does exist in United States, before genocide and concentration camps in an outright fascist takeover, or the ultimate horror of nuclear war comes. (Back to text) One final distressing note along these lines is Peggy Dennis’ confirmation of anti-Semitic attitudes in the Communist Party leadership, which she enca — encountered in the 1972 Comintern. She quotes one upward moving party activist who told her, speaking of another individual, “You can appreciate how capable he is, he holds such a responsible position, even though he is a Jew.” I have not commented here on some of the more personal aspects of the narrative, but these too offer some useful insights into party life and party attitudes, particularly on such private matters as sex and marriage. It is thought that Peggy Dennis is primarily appealing to Jewish dissidents, (Aside) as is always the case to attempt to divide the Jews in US American life from supporting working class international s — communist struggles by stating that there is prejudices against Jews in the Communist Party and in the Soviet Union, which, indeed, is an absolute lie. Jews still occupy the most leading and important roles in the Soviet government. There is anti-Zionist feeling, because the state of Israel has become a fascist, cancerous cell, created in impossible conditions in the first place, that would only bring out the worst flames of nationalism on the part of the Israelis, as well as the Palestinians that were removed from their own land to make place for the imposed Zionist regime. (Back to text) Peggy Dennis left the Communist Party USA in 1975, more over the matter of the party’s lack of independence from Moscow than any thorough critique of its present revisionist lines. (Aside) She just wanted to play it safe, because she feared future Cold War tensions. (Back to text) Unfortunately, she is unable to comprehend the nature of the present day critique of revisionism. She seems to see it either as a new form of flunkyism toward China (Aside) — some truth there — (Back to text) or as a return to the worst sectarianism of the Communist Party USA’s early period (Aside) — a little truth there too — (Back to text) but there is strong need for a dogmatic solidarity at least, based on much reflection, introspection and democratic self-criticism, self-analysis, and group criticism, but if ever there was needed a position of offertori — offertarian loyalty in the left in USA, it’s today, (Aside) and it’s already, no doubt, too late. (Back to text) But a party’s independence is not an end in itself. To be independent of other parties is of course absolutely essential. But this hardly guarantees the development of a genuinely revolutionary line, merely because the Communist Party USA would attempt to break away from Moscow. Peggy Dennis, like a number of her contemporaries who have given up on the Communist Party USA because of its obsequessness (struggles with word), and uh, its, uh, leaning to Moscow, seems to have no alternative other than an equally reformist outlook that is certainly far more revisionist than the worst days of [former Soviet Premier Nikita] Khrushchev in the Soviet Union. Despite these political inadequacies, the book is useful. Today’s communist must become familiar with the lives and political struggles of their forbears. These were courageous men and women, many with long histories of class struggle, class combat on the front lines of the working class struggle, these leaders of the Communist Party USA that is pro-Moscow. The party they led is not the exclusive property of the present-day Communist Party USA. As a historical phenomena, it belongs to those Marxist-Leninists of today in US of A, and all through the world who are working to build a new communist movement that will learn from both the errors and the accomplishments of the old Communist Party. Internationalism is essential. International solidarity. In the mind of the writer, we cannot afford to allow a criticism build-up to the point that will flame the passions of racism and anti-communism. (Aside) So this writer’s suggesting that no criticism be publicized to any degree of the Communist Party’s past mistakes, because this would only lend credence and flar — flame the hatreds of communism, the anti-communist and anti-socialist feeling in the USA today. Anyway, it’s just an insight into an insider’s view of the Communist Party USA and some of its twists and turns under Browder’s revisionism and the left of Vo — Foster, who uh, indeed, did represent international struggle in the more classic Marxist-Leninist sense. (Back to text) We have to safeguard against revisionism, because there are revisionist elements in the communist party, for instance, who thought that the mine workers’ strike should be ended, for fear that repression would come about. This kind of revision must be stamped out, because there can only be armed struggle, armed resistance, to oppression. Certainly there must be education in USA. No recommendation of armed struggle at this point. But when mine workers are taking an assertive role, they need to be encouraged and not dissuaded from peaceful protest. Their right to strike, which is even, so-called, safeguarded in the republic’s constitution, and it’s asinine to talk, as some communists do, that we must not rock the boat in these troubled times. You can follow that course and end up with an Adolf Hitler and still say, don’t rock the boat because he’s liable to persecute somebody that disagrees with him. It’s important that we keep our radical history and our radical perspective, that it is the proper thing to stand up for what is right and en — to encourage and fan the flames of liberation and revolution, both in US Babylon, which almost is hopeless, because of apathy and despair, and certainly in the international struggle that has been bravely led by the Soviet Union and Cuba. And let us always hope and believe and keep them inspired by at least our thoughts and writings, that the Soviet Union is doing the right thing, and Cuba is doing the right thing, in spite of the threats of economic boycott, stopping of trade and breaking of trade as Canada, the puppet regime of USA has done. In spite of new attempts at economic isolation of Cuba, they must continue to support the flames of international liberation, or there would be no hope for any principled people in the world. Thank you, and much love.

(Tape turns off and on)

(Speaks more slowly) United States president calls for invasion of Zaire. That’s not his term, but military support to the crumbling Zaire puppet dictator regime of Mobutu, that has been imposed unnaturally on the Belgian Congo, the Congo which had been promised liberation by Patrice Lumumba, and was murdered by the CIA. (Pause) Even BBC is speechless by this request. Monday, a NATO meeting will be called to discuss a multi-national pana — Pan-African military force of the world imperialist powers, directed by our fascist USA, which should cause us all guilt and vomitous for its warlike actions and murderous, murderous activities against the poor and the oppressed of the world. Carter has called for military units from all capitalist nations, including USA, in a Pan-African international military force, to support the crumbling murderous dictatorship of Zaire under dictator Mobutu. As new outbreaks of civil war have taken place in the northeast province of Zaire, of Katanganese that certainly this time cannot be blamed upon the Angolans, as they are far removed from Zambia and Angola’s border. So goes on the scenario of world imperialism, who feel so threatened over losing such vast uranium and cobalt and copper supplies as exist in Zaire’s Katangan province.

That is a news bulletin. Thank you. Much love.

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— formation of opportunities in industrial centers. Fourteen years ago, they [were] even talking of getting him the Nobel prize. He provided 1200 jobs for people in 14 years from workshops held in the basement of a Philadelphia church. Now he’s announced a new goal, a great new goal: economic parity for all blacks in USA. How is this going to be brought? He’s got three blocks in a Philadelphia dilapidated neigh — neighborhood ghetto, and then take the dilapidated houses, refurbish them, pocket I’m sure a good bit, and for small down payments given to poor working class blacks who have no jobs. But one thing came out at the commemoration, Senator Brooke [U.S. Senator Edward Brooke, (R-Mass.], the only black Senator must be getting ma — a little nervous about the state of American affairs — said he was tired of seeing two types of capitalism, a double standard of capitalism. One of poverty for blacks and one, prosperity for whites. Mayor [Richard] Hatcher, black who’s become somewhat of a sellout, the mayor of Gary, Indiana, said poor people in USA today — black, brown and white — are, he said, (unintelligible word) being treated like animals. If these Uncle Tom lackeys can speak this way, you better take note: Things are not going too well in USA.

Thanking you for commentary, the news for today, Monday morning, (Tape too soft for sentence) and reward accordingly, he’ll be bringing up (unintelligible phrase) discussion, the lack of production (sentences too soft) ideas for making money and saving money.

Yesterday there was a terrible waste of food. Food, as I understand, didn’t even get to the (unintelligible phrase) compost. My heart breaks when I think of that kind of waste. We are killing people, we are depriving those that would come here, that we build Jonestown (unintelligible phrase) people there, concentration camp beforehand, USA, that would cry and scream for freedom. And we, by wasting food yesterday, may have spared some child’s opportunity for freedom. I hope you feel good about it, you that left your food on your plate. You better write up, because I saw you have already been written up. You better have some remedy of time and extra work performance to make up for this grave crime against the people. Food wastage is criminal, when we’re trying to save lives. It’s criminal anytime there’s someone hungry, and there’s two out of three babies (unintelligible phrase) hunger, out of the world. I love you, but please, let us assume our responsibility. My love demands that we all cooperate so I can protect you.

(unintelligible phrase) two of Hollywood movies for the night (unintelligible sentences). But study Senate Bill 1437 very well, and the news that I’ve just given.

Thank you, and all of my love.

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Tape originally posted May 2000