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This tape was transcribed by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Part 1

Jones: –there’ll be steering committee. We will also have television or a movie, termining on the situation. We have some movies that need to be exploited for their propaganda. They have some diversionary interest, no more, uh, some sort of suspense and violence, but they will have to be interpreted. We do need to re– relax our television from time to time. But we will announce more of that lately– later.

Israel said that they will receive the result of an Egyptian peace plan that’s being written up in Alexandria, Egypt. In a meeting with Vice President [Walter] Mondale, who is the world carrier now of US contagion of imperialism, on behalf of the administration. After much pressure being exerted upon Israel, they said they would consider the peace plan closely. USA, monopoly capitalist government, says no lasting peace can come to the troubled Near East that is endangering nuclear war without a complete withdrawal by the Zionist forces on all fronts, the returning of Gaza Strip to the Egyptians and the West Bank to Jordan, and the annexionist– annexationist territory that Israel invaded in Palestine in– in the Lebanon area, must be turned over to United Nations peace-keeping forces under [Emmanuel] Erskine, rather than the front– fascist front called the Christian militia that is a self-styled anti-socialist movement, anti-liberationist movement, supported, propagated, and staffed by Zionist reactionary Christianist– uh, Zionist reactionary Christians.

Beirut, once one of the most beautiful cities in the world, is suffering bombardment in its city again, the lovely seaport, artillery exchanges continue in the central and northern parts of the city, and also in the middle of Lebanon surrounding areas, as well as Northern Lebanon, is in turmoil, as the left wing Marxist Muslims battle with the f– right wing Christian Phalangist fascists.

Rhodesia keeps whipping up racism. Some 14 more whites have been supportedly [reportedly] slaughtered and also Uncle Tom farmhands working for the illegal Ian Smith regime in Rhodesia, or what we proudly as Africans call Zimbabwe. Mozambique forces have been accused of the murder and the slaughter. Gruesome tales fill the white racist media. BBC, Voice of America, Voice of the Armed Services, so forth. They go into vivid detail how the revolutionaries were supposed to’ve shot and bayoneted– bayoneted alive different ones of the 14, as well as Uncle Tom, and they go ahead and declare that a mother and three children were burned alive by the revolutionary Mozambique socialist government and participating terrorists as the white r– media choose to use from the Patriotic Front. The Patriotic Front resoundingly denied any involvement, and so did the government of Mozambique, whose prime minister [Samora Machel, president] is presently touring the Soviet Union.

A hundred and twelve persons were killed in an upsurge of violence in Rhodesia by the Ian Smith regime, said spokesperson for Robert Mugabe of the Patriotic Front of Zimbabwe. In the last few days, 112 people have been cruelly killed and tortured by the regime. Mozambique nor the Patriotic Front is not aware of this new charge of slaughter and burning a mother and three children, but it said it is not unknown from the experience at the Eagle Horn Mission, where the CIA eliminated their own white Christian missionaries after using them so they would not talk, it is suspected that this is further activities of the Rhodesian secret police in conjunction with the CIA.

British official says there are chances for free elections, though dim, under the illegal Smith regime. Britain has changed her posture and said that they would recognize the illegal interim government of the fascist white Ian Smith, but they doubted that there would be elections held by Ian Smith. Which now, they say, if elections were held, they would recognize the Ian Smith interim government that includes only three Uncle Bla– Uncle Tom black sellouts. (Pause) Foreign Minister [Lord David] Owen of the BBC did say that all-party government is desperately needed if Rhodesia is to be saved from the road to communism.

Baltimore Sun leading foreign news correspondent [Harold Piper] and the New York [Times] leading news correspondent for the Soviet Union [Craig R. Whitney] are charged with civil slander, a first in the history, in filing reports that slandered the United– USSR’s government, the Soviet Union’s government, fabricated that they made charges in the international news services that a confession of one violent Zionist dissident [Zviad K. Gamsakhurdia] had been extracted by force. The Soviet Union has refused up until now to turn these two over and are holding them, even though it’s just a civil charge. The Soviet Union is holding them for slander against the republic of the Soviet Union.

If United States, Japan and Canada can all get together and eliminate trade restrictions, then, according to the capitalist economic experts, and provide full employment, it could stabilize capitalist economy and US economy before a major depression. There is at present eight percent inflationary increase in all the three nations, but it will shoot up in the next month to between 10 and 12 percent.

China has accused the Soviet Union of exploiting their overseas ethnic Chinese. The Soviet Union says China does not know how to do anything but to provoke. USSR stoutly denies having any contact with any ethnic overseas Chinese. China did not elaborate. There is inference that funding is going to the ethnic Chinese to take out citizenship in the Republic of Vietnam, Communist reunified Vietnam, where they now live. China is still undergoing great turmoil, as tens of thousands pour over her border into the territory of Hong Kong, still maintained under a form of neo-colonial agreement with Britain, England, or the United Kingdom, that they can maintain the city of Hong Kong, even though it’s on Chinese mainland territory.

Little news is forthcoming from the capitalist press. Radio Moscow suggests that there is again a purge taking place in Chinese leadership of those who choose to go back to the international Soviet line.

The Arab League has frozen all relations with the Democratic People’s Republic of Yemen, commonly referred to as South Yemen, frozen their accounts that they had in banks and encouraging other banks of the world to do the same. All diplomatic and econom– economic aid must discontinue. First time the Arab League has given such sanctions in 33 years, and are demanding USA and NATO intervention in the Horn of Africa and in the peninsula there, where the Yemen Democratic People’s Republic, South Yemen, has a port of Aden that has been used by the Soviets. There was an attempted rightist takeover in the Democratic People’s Republic of Yemen by their leader [Ali Nasir Muhammad], who did not approve of the military. A strange paradox, the military of South Yemen or the Democratic People’s Republic of Yemen, is pro-Soviet. But the executive president was not, and he assassinated [Ahmad bin Hussein al-Ghashmi] the prime minister of North Yemen, a dictator, but then the military rose up that was even more pro-Soviet than the present government, and took over the regime on Monday last, and sent out all sorts of formal apologies for the murderous scheme of their executive [Salim Rubayyi Ali]. However, North Yemen nor the Arab League have received– or have recognized this apology and are demanding for tough and firm actions to be exerted upon the Democratic People’s Republic of Yemen.

Two more election ballots to determine the prime minister [president] of Italy to replace Giovanni [Leone], as there is not a clear majority, no leading uh, person seems to be in the running, except (struggles numerous times over pronunciation of name that sounds like “Zarkoni”). It’s a very difficult word for me to say. He seems to be gaining some support of the Communists, and if the Communists back him, he could be the next prime minister of Italy, to replace Giovanni, who was pushed out by scandals and the agitation of the Communists, the– the Eurocommunist revisionist party of Italy has come more to life in demands for justice and legality in their government leadership. This is attributed to activities of the Red Brigade to a great degree.

Egypt not encouraged by what [President Jimmy] Carter (pause) is saying. (pause) Egypt does not believe that Israel will comply. Carter needs to stress more importance on the recalitrant [recalcitrant] Israel, says dictator Anwar Sadat, whose people foolishly voted him dictatorial powers a few weeks ago in a referendum.

Desmond Hoyte praises collective farm concepts. He also – Economic Minister – praised the farmers who are accepting the increased production goals for socialist Guyana. We’ve had reports back from Eric Clarke, a prominent jurist here, that Desmond Hoyte is very praiseworthy of us now. We also heard that from Sir Lionel Luckhoo, who is the most famous criminal attorney in the world, and it came to us from Vincent Hinds, an economist, so let us hope that this represents a real turn in– uh, now that would mean we have no forceful opposition of any kind in the country.

It is amazing, if this is the case, in view of the horrible lies that the conspiracy is bombarding on everyone here in the mails. But our people going from door to door still find good support for free will offerings, they’re still averaging over a hundred dollars a day, and our procurement people for food still are fighting no barriers, no more hostilities. Moreover, the conspiracy, including Debbie [Layton Blakey] and [Tim] Stoen and [Jim] Cobb and these reactionary fascists who are now appealing to racism, which would even hurt them, they’re cutting off their own nose to spite their face. Apparently unable to get any more news coverage in the San Francisco area, for what reason we do not know, as it’s such a hot story. There was only one blurb in the UPI, damaging as hell, and then more lies told by Debbie in the Press Democrat which contradicted her statements in the Chronicle.

However, there has been a silence for now two weeks. She would’ve been the idee– ideal television person to have destroyed uh, our image. Not one television, not one radio, has even carried anything. It seems a very strange situation. They have become – apparently, the conspiracy – desperate, and certainly not without funds, so they have taken Debbie’s first lie, which was the grossest, which she contradicted and called us Communist in uh, Santa Rosa, she did not do so in the uh, press– in the U– U– the Chronicle, which also appeared in a uh, UPI report. They would not dignify what our beloved Lisa Layton said, this is because we are socialist, and my daughter is doing this because she has stolen from her own mother and the people here. None of that was covered.

In the Press-Democrat, she changes her story to say that we would die if we were ever attacked, and of course, we would die before we would give up our liberty. In the Chronicle, she said we would only die for John [Victor Stoen]. But maybe the contradictions has gotten through to the press, but the press have all lied, and contradictions have been noted every day from one paper to the next and in the same newspaper. I can’t imagine why they would be not doing this, unless they are fearful of some of her articles now where there’s a appeal to racism directly, saying that two black young men raped or molested an old drunken reporter [Kathy Hunter] and poured liquor down her. Uh, it’s possible that they would not want to incite racism, and anyone who read the pris– Press-Democrat could tell that now our enemies have dehumanized themself and are appealing to racism in their attempt to vilify and destroy socialism. Despicable people.

The acting CARICOM [secretary-] general [Joseph Tyndall] says in spite [of] crisises in the CARICOM community, which Guyana is a member, that he believes that there will be an upsurge of economic prosperity. However, Prime Minister [Forbes] Burnham said only with strong will and intent and a more socialistic program can CARICOM be a s– success.

Defense Minister [likely Bansi Lal] is being prosecuted in India, along with Indira Gandhi, as the government is making more and more repressive attempts to hold down Indira Gandhi’s upswing of popularity that would elect her, according to all polls now, if she were to run for prime minister.

Economics minister Desmond Hoyte calls for diversification of the economy, and that’s why we must move forward, and see how we– cheaply we can do it, with timber, with fisheries, and I did not catch the other worl– word. It was another word, and I wish I’d caught it, maybe 8R1 can clear it up and ask what the Minister of Economic Development Desmond Hoyte called for, but he called for diversification of the economy.

Bodies of ten people killed in the Georgetown area were strewn all over the highway, as there was a head-on collision. Twenty-six in total – pedestrians and people – were injured. Ten killed. This is the tragedy that our own people were saved from, because as you know, the miracle of the Janaros hitting head-on and not receiving a scratch. Here, ten people killed. All the people in the cars that hit head-on were killed, and others around were injured from the cars catapulting, rolling over and going into ravines.

Fourteen children have been selected for one year advance work study in silk processing, silk screening, and book binding that will be offered and funded by the Cuban socialist government.

West Dusseldorf is in a state of riot, says the Moscow Radio, as US soldiers are also participating in a racist anti-Semitic move against Jews in West Dusseldorf. All over the city, the rampage goes on and, claims Radio Moscow, it is being inspired by people in the US military, and the US military is openly participating.

Now we will discuss beyond the bourgeoisie concept of equal rights. Where does the bourgeoisie stand on the question of equal rights? They are among the staunchest supporters of it in principle. You might even say, they invented the idea, equal rights before the law, that is. The legal document which launched their political rule on these shores begins will the proclamation that all men are created equal. Of course, the “all” did not include blacks or Indians back there in ni– in 1776. The ownership of black slaves represented far too significant a capital investment to be tampered with by political doctrine – capitalism in those days owned bodies – and for too much territory, occupied by the Indian peoples remained as a bright prospect for expansionist capitalist designs and exploitation to permit a recognition that the Indian peoples of this continent of USA might perhaps have rights that would have to be equally respected. Nor was the phrase “men” used in its generic sense, that is, as a representation of humankind. There could be no doubt that the Founding Fathers had the male of the species exclusively in mind when they proclaimed their devotion to equality.

Despite these enormous qualifications, the political representatives of the early USA bourgeoisie class were not merely engaging in hypocritical rhetoric with their pronouncements about equality, for what they were proclaiming was that all white males, regardless of their parentage, occupation and wealth, had equal rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. However, the indentured white servant class of criminals from Britain probably would find that laughable. This too must be modified, since for a considerable period of time, there were property qualifications also for voters. You could only vote if you owned so much property.

Now we may amuse ourselves with the thought that Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and George Washington indulged themselves in some kind of demagogic bombes– bombast merely as a device to enlist popular support for their own class aims. And there would indeed be more than an element of truth in such a view. But it is also true that – and much more to the point – that these so-called gentlemen firmly believed in thel– those ideas of equality for the limited, aristocratic white male set. Naturally, to most of them, their democratic ideas appeared to be the philosophical realization of suddenly-discovered universal truths. In reality, however – and this is not said to minimize their revolutionary significance – those ideas were the political and moral expressions of the already-developed capitalist relations of production which dominated the economic life of North American colonies.

Bourgeoisie equality has never meant genuine equality, nor can it ever mean that. No one knew this better than the country’s first revolutionary leaders, for their liberty was fundamentally the liberty of contract, that is, different indial– individuals should have the rights to freely enter into economic agreements with each other for the sale of goods and services. Chief among these was the right of a worker (pause) to sell his labor power to another on the basis of mutually-agreeable terms, though he always ended up a wage slave. That worker and employer do not approach– That worker and employer do not approach this contract in a state of complete equality is nominally of no concern to bourgeoisie law – b-o-u-r-g-e-o-i-s. In fact, that is the whole point of the arrangement.

The employer, owning the means of production and a place of business, having access to raw materials with his already-accumulated resources, in most cases having numerous other advantages, by virtue of education, inheritance, and that access to political power that is the inevitable accompaniment of capitalist wealth, is hardly the equal of his prospective employee. The latter has little choice but to work under terms offered by one or another employer, or starve to death. This is the worker’s liberty, the right to refuse employment. The fact that this right is mitigated by the consequences of at– attended upon its exercise – starvation – is of course the basic Catch-22 of the entire monopoly capitalist, finance capitalist system.

The bourgeoisie’s devotion to equality, therefore, is quite understandable even then. The bourgeoisie is well aware of the advantages to itself in maintaining an actual state of inequality within the working class itself. For if one group of workers is more desperate than another, even closer to absolute pe– penury – p-e-n-u-r-y – than another, it will undoubtedly make itself available for more arduous and less-rewarding tasks. Such a group will serve the eminently-useful purpo– purpose of depressing the general wage level of all workers. This is why the bourgeoisie has an overwhelming material interest in maintaining and forcing– fostering racism and sexism in the ranks of the working class.

Moreover, maintaining actual inequality in the working class requires more than discrimination at the point of production. It requires an entire social structure permeating every area of life from education to housing to religious ideology for the opiate that it serves, if the actual conditions of inequality are to be maintained. But it does not necessarily require legal inequality. Even when Jim Crow was legal, the fiction of equality before the law was maintained. This was accomplished in two ways. One was the completely specious separate-but-equal argument that prevailed for more than a half century in US imperialism, that prevailed, as I said, until the rush of events internationally and the rising tide of black struggle in USA – which is now gone – forced the US Supreme Court to abandon it in 1954, although last week it was reinstuted [reinstated/reinstituted] in the Bakke decision, when (short laugh) there is no guarantees for blacks anymore to be able to get into professional schools. The other was the convenient concept that the government could not impose its own p– impersonal commitment to equality on privately-owned businesses and individuals, so that while public policy might be to disapprove of racial disag– discrimination in hiring practices of private employees– or employers, are in excess– in access to facilities in private hands under the law, there was nothing that could be done about it.

The principal accomplishment of the mass civil rights movement of the 1960s and the subsequent upheavals in black communities throughout the USA was to bring down all of the remaining statutory barriers to inequality, until the recent reversals in the courts, particularly in the South, and to formally eliminate the separate-but-equal and private policy rationales for de facto segregation. That means it seems to be that segregation’s being removed. De facto means in all appearances, uh, it is not. If we say de facto fascist state, that means, in all appearances, it really is a fascist state. De jure means that it openly chose it to be one. This was no small achievement, made even more significant by the fact that it had to be wrested from the bourgeoisie by militant mass struggle. Nevertheless, the elimination of formal barriers to equality did little to change the underlying basic inequality of black and white.

As a result, those in position of inequality began demanding much more than their bourgeoisie democratic right of equal treatment and standing before the law. You remember to get all this down, there will be more th– more severe testing this week. For some reason, the various Social Democrats, new and old, can never seem to get it through their heads that the oppressed want much more than their democratic rights, which under capitalism are merely equality before the law and the liberty of contract. Doesn’t guarantee them anything. No life, no housing, no jobs, no medical care. Ultimately the working class and other oppressed and exploited sectors want power to deliver themselves, so that the source of actual inequality – capitalist relations of production – can be eliminated. The new demands arising from the movements of the nationally oppressed and from women were to go beyond formal equality and insist upon affirmative action that would bring about some measures of real equality, but the present Congress has killed off affirmative action, as also did the Bakke decision by the highest court in the land when it ruled against blacks in the Bakke decision in the Supreme Court.

It was at this point (coughs) that bourgeoisie propagandists rediscovered their passion for equality. Some whose silence on the blatant discrimination practice against blacks and women suddenly erupted in an expression of concern that the rights of whites and males were in jeopardy. Others who had spoken out against legal restrictions on equality decided that taking positive steps to end de facto inequality was going a bit too far.

No one summed this up more succinctly than The Wall Street Journal. The essence of the open society of free individuals equal before the law, and this voice of capital is to judge actions by rules, not by particular results. What a pious, hypocritical f– statement. All manners of dangers were suddenly discovered in demands for specific targets in employment and school enrollment that would objectively demonstrate a commitment, you might say, a commitment to overcome discrimination. The supposedly liberal president of San Jose State University, John H. Bunzel, B-u-n-z-e-l, says affirmative action is the worst form of condescension. It is also a distorted definition of equality, it carries with it the principle that in order to make some people equal, we must use the authority of the state to make others unequal.

A Republican Congressman from the state of Washington, Jack Cunningham, has suddenly sh– shown extraordinary concern for Indian rights. He has called for a new federal policy, one which treats all citizens fairly and equally. Cunningham says that the USA has always been a country of equals, with no individual or group subjected to subordinate or special rights. Indians became US citizens in 1924, said he. The time has come for th– this group to become full and equal citizens. Brave words, but let’s listen now. When the bourgeoisie’s political voices begin speaking about equality, it is time to listen carefully. How would Congressman Cunningham make sure that Indians became full and equal citizens? He has introduced the Native American Equal Opportunity Act. But the key provision in this legislation in Cunningham’s own words would abrogate all treaties entered into by the United States with Indian tribes. It would absolutely nullify them and eliminate all treaties entered into with the USA and with the Indian tribes who are rightful owners of the land. You see, instead of the special status of Native Americans, whereby a token measure of autonomy on their lands is permitted, Indians will now become fully equal before the law. Naturally in this process, any and all claims they may have under previously-negotiated treaties to land with US government and mineral rights, et cetera, would be immediately cancelled. They will become equal with all other US citizens to be poor, to be in the ghetto on welfare, on dope and alcohol.

One could go on indefinitely. Professors suddenly find that affirmative action creates racial typecasting. Other discover hidden dangers in the ethnic revival, and find that all this emphasis on national racial and ethnic identity only goes to show this nation’s retreat from its constitutional commitment to the ideal of equality. Previously-silent libertarians bite their fingernails in anxiety over the equal protection and due process rights of whites and males.

The philosophical underpinning for all this is the bourgeoisie con– conception– false conception of equality. Even affirmative action, by the way, as I said, has been killed, so they don’t have to worry. Their white male chauvinism and racism has gotten the job done. The practical base for it is in the need of the bourgeoisie to maintain an actual state of inequality among the oppressed, both to guarantee profit levels and to make it more difficult for the oppressed, particularly white and minority workers to unify in opposition to their common class enemy.

This is why communists, Marxist-Leninists do not idealize bourgeoisie democracy, and why they undertake to educate the workers to its true ulterior significance. By law, both the bourgeoisie and proletariat – which means workers – are equal classes. In fact, the one dominates the other. That’s what the fact is. In order to change this state of affairs, in order to provide substantive democracy, substantive democracy and genuine equality, the working class must turn the upside down. It must exercise political control over the bourgeoisie, take away its wealth and capital, the source of its misused fascist power, and prevent it from restoring the old order of things. Or to put it another way, the dictatorship of the proletariat is the great equalizer, and you must recognize it so. Until the working class has a dictating will, then monies of the bourgeoisie will continue to cause poverty, squalor and hunger which all the cat food in USA is presently being eaten, mostly by white seniors, not to mention the black, Indian and Asian seniors. And that bourgeoisie class exploits Africa and kills little children, destroys and slaughters in the name of their internal practices of capitalism and their so-called endowment they feel with the right to make capital off of even the blood of little children. Yes, there is only way, through the armed struggle, not through revisionary methods of working within the appar– the parliamentary system or the electoral due process, because the due process is always serving those that are propertied, the rich manipulate the courts, they get the best lawyers. The poor have no defense. Only the shoddiest lawyer will take a case that has no money, and then he has to be made to take the case, as a defense uh, uh– that is assigned by the state. We must recognize the importance of our struggle against the ruling class, the rightness of socialism that will lead down to the pure road of communism and the withering away of the state and all authority, because the conscience will direct us and lead us on to that utopian day.

I hope we can see some of that conscience in practice in this communal cooperative. Will you go out and work voluntarily? Will you show your inspiration, because we’ll be bringing up all those that did not tomorrow, in this atmosphere of love, where you were given a day off when we couldn’t afford it. Please respond graciously. Maintain all of the place. Pick up things around you. Look after property and waste nothing, because in doing so, you’re cutting yourself off from greater opportunities. You can be living in paradise while the world is in hell, if you’ll only realize, you must participate in the saving and the working and the production here. Tell the children this in their classes. I love you very, very much.


Part II:

Jones: –late last year, after he was put under permanent house arrest, as US CIA does, it’s a model practice in apartheid South Africa with the corporate monopoly capitalist of USA, have what is known as permanent house arrest, and you never leave your home until you die.

But Woods managed to escape. Woods has written also Biko, Paddington Press, about the great black consciousness leader [Steven Biko], movement leader, who was killed, assassinated in detention, at the hands of the torturing South African police. And he has also toured, Donald Woods, the newspaper editor, has toured Western nations, urging the strongest international intervention short of war to compel the white racist minority regime to come to its senses, and accept majority black rule, where black people outnumber whites twenty-some to one. Forty-some there, rather. What is required, he says, is total ostracism, cut off, totally from the fascist corrupt apartheid Union of South African regime that’s upheld by US monopoly capital finance capitalism. You must withdraw all economic, cultural, sports, and diplomatic contact.

A silver-haired liberal and fifth-generation South African, Donald Woods, 44 years of age, says he is making his appeal to the conscience and good sense of the West. But he warns his general conservative fat cat audiences that Western governments must act quickly or lose out to the East. He himself is a capitalist. He’s speaking merely practical terms, pragmatic terms. He said young urban blacks aren’t looking to the West. He says they think Andy Young is far too moderate, and one Russian Kalashnikov rifle is a lot more substantial than the Carter Administration slapping the fast– the fascist Vorster government lightly on the wrist. My audiences don’t like to hear it, but I will tell them frankly, that if the Cubans marched into South Africa today, blacks would greet them with open arms and participate in the overthrow of the racist regime.

Editor of the East London Daily Dispatch for 12 years, and a nationally syndicated columnist, Woods has warmed that the express train of white racism is now rushing at full speed on a collision course with the express train of black anger. He predicted an escalation – that means a stepping up – of fighting on South Africa’s borders and growing internal violence that will lead to an outright racial war within three years. When things get really bad, Prime Minister [Johannes] Vorster will do a deal with the wrong people, maybe someone like Zulu or Chief Bouthewaze [phonetic], but it will be like [Ian] Smith’s internal settlement in Rhodesia, which doesn’t stand a snowball’s chance in hell of succeeding. There seems to be a rule for white minority leaders in Southern African, to wait too long, do too little, and do it with the wrong person.

All right. That’s just a little bit of the insight of further news. I wanted to add one other thing, that Carter’s having a devil of a predicament on how to get a tough line policy in Africa, because it– by his own admission, the Soviet Union are helping all the right causes. In Mozambique, in Angola, in Ethiopia, all black people of the world are in sympathy with those causes. And so, he has to be very indirect, using the CIA sneaking methods, as he’s now use– secre– sneaking aids into [Jonas] Savimbi, the right wing r– rather narrow nationalist that is supporting– he’s fascist, really, because he works with the Union of South Africa, and so Carter through the CIA is sneaking help in to resist Angola, and he can’t come out frontally. Also, there’s an unpopularity for war. US whites won’t fight them, and Carter is afraid to trust black people in fighting wars where there are black people. He has publicly said he is afraid to trust them.

All right now, we’ll begin the television presentation of our– my speech in the convention center with the sell-out Nation of Islam, and then thereafter Klute, which is just a movie, an ordinary movie. Thereafter tonight, Little Big Man with Dustin Hoffman, which tells a tragic true story of the American Native in US society.

Thank you.

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Tape originally posted June 2012