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This tape was transcribed by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: Attention. News of the day. Remember testing, bonus evaluation be Friday in the socialist classes.

Buffalo, New York. Then black community fights for their very life against police brutality. Chief spokesperson of the NAACP of Buffalo said, this morning, we are fighting for your lives in Buffalo. The police department has been beating and killing people, and getting away with it, by the numbers that are incalculable, declares Hayward Lucas, a recent victim of rampant police brutality in the black community here. Across the nation, similar reports have been rendered by the Research for Justice Commission that have seen an increase in police brutality in nearly every city of the nation.

Benjamin Cilvetti [Civiletti], deputy attorney general, has ordered the Justice Department to check FBI informer Gary Thomas (stumbles over words) Rowe– Je– Gary Thomas Rowe’s charge that the FBI covered up his confession to murdering a black while spying on the Alabama Ku Klux Klan. Alabama authorities have been investigating the charge, as well as Mr. Rowe’s possible involvement in the terrorist bombing of a black church in Birmingham, Alabama in the 1960s. Four girls died in that blast, who were all classmates of our good friend Angela Davis. The FBI claims that it can find no evidence to back up Mr. Rowe’s charges. However, this time, the attorney general of Alabama [William Baxley], where the US Justice Department will not move, is seeking indictment against the FBI agent for the murder involvement of both the young lady from Michigan and in the killing of the four children. Mr. Rowe will be brought under indictment for a possible role in the embis– ambush murder of Viola Liuzzo, a Caucasian from Detroit who was ferrying marchers back and forth during a Freedom March. There is some doubt as to likelihood of conviction in the right wing climate and racist climate of USA in this hour of this day.

Nicaragua. Guerilla activist, the Sandinista Liberation Front, named after a great hero of Nicaragua[César Augusto Sandino], who was murdered by the state in the early 1930s attempting to bring about a people’s revolution, have taken over the Parliament building in Nicaragua, the stronghold of [Anastasio] Somoza, who’s been a dictator for 44 years, backed by US interests. It may bring down the Nicaraguan government. They’re asking ten million dollars and safe passage for 200 of the most outstanding political prisoners in Nicaraguan jails. The complexity of the matter, even though Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, is in a state of siege, is that [Anastasio Somoza Portocarrero] the son of the dictator Somoza is one of the people being held hostage. Dozens of ministers, parliamentarians, and cabinet officials, including the Minister of Finance and yet another relative of the dictator Somoza, is in the hands of the Sandinista left– uh, socialist liberation front.

Costa Rica has suffered a major earthquake that has caused thousands to pour into the sea– into the cities. Registering over seven points on the Richter scale, it has been called a major earthquake, uh, at this time, this news that I’m giving. No report of casualties, but a number of lives have been lost, and many more tragically injured.

Kenya is extending its mourning for its late president [Jomo] Kenyatta for one month.

South Africans. Northern Namibia being attacked by Union of South African forces. Zambia has joined in assisting the beleaguered Namibian people against the Union of South Africa.

Chairman Hua [Kuo-fenj of China] in Belgrade, Yugoslavia calls for a coalition of socialist and communist and particularly, the socialist communist of non-aligned and Third World nations. You know China’s Doctrine of Three Worlds. First World? USA, USSR. Since the so-called invasion of Czechoslovakia, China has considered USSR the more threatening of the superpowers, or at least, that is what is said overtly for political purposes. The Second World contains all of the major capitalist nations of Europe, and of course, China has been increasingly dividing them from USA. France and England and West Germany have all refused to follow suit when [Jimmy] Carter demanded a ban or an embargo on trade. West Germany has been able to succeed in selling the computer that USA refused to sell to the Soviet Union. The Third World, of course, i– in China’s mind includes herself as head of the Third World developing nations.

Brazil, South America, indicates that they have lost one-third of their coffee crop, due to a early frost. This will cause their coffee to have to be brought out of reserve and will up the wholesale price from Brazil, thus causing coffee increased prices in US to perhaps as much as eight dollars a pound. It is moving from one-eighty to two ten– two dollars and twenty cents because of having to use their uh, stockpile.

US is doubling in the selling of gold, to try to somewhat balance out the staggering and falling– faltering US dollar, 750,000 ounces of gold [will] be sold a month, bringing 180 million dollars, which will help, the USA hopes, at least, to reduce its trade deficit.

[Francis Jay Crawford] International Harvester corporate businessman in the Soviet Union faces eight-year sentence for currency fraud on the white market.

District of Columbia. The– the opposition– strong opposition of Senator [John] Stennis has succeeded in getting a passage that an amendment will be included on uh, every state referendum to give the District of Columbia the right of two senators and uh, one or two members of the House of Representatives. Passage is not considered likely, because it requires three-fourths of the states of USA to ratify.

US’ most sophisticated spy satellite, weighing some 50 tons, according to the Voice of America, has fallen into the hands of the Soviet Union.

Carter is in Idaho, wanting to get away from the humdrum of civilization in a very rugged and dangerous vacation, over falls and area of the United States, one of the few places that there’re not overcrowding. What we have every day is such an experience, to get away from it all, and we should appreciate this wonderful vacation, and because of our consciousness of the needs of others in the struggle, the impending dangers of genocide against all races and nuclear holocaust that hangs over the world like the sword of Damocles– We should constantly work to make it possible for others to enjoy this great land of plenty and freedom. (Pause)

It has been brought out on the polls– a new poll, just recently conducted, that former President [Richard] Nixon has a 36 percent rating on the polls, rating him an excellent president, whereas Carter at this present moment has only 25– (pause) nearly 26 percent that are even willing, the– the US populace to call him a good president. NBC said President Nixon was only beaten once by fraud– election fraud in Cook County. Liberals are taking out their hurts and past bitterness against him, because he bested the mentor of the liberal fa– force, [Nelson] Rockefeller. They’re mad only, said NBC’s commentator, because he jailed lefties like Alger Hiss. That’s somewhat indicative of the US mood today.

West Germany, or should we say, neo-fascist Germany, where every tombstone of every Jewish grave bears a swastika mark, (pause) is becoming more and more repressive, but they seem to be unable or incapable of catching the three most wanted members of the Baader-Meinerhof [Meinhof] gang. Today, just a few minutes ago, these three were almost apprehended, as they landed a helicopter in which they were making a trial run, to free more political prisoners. As you know, they’ve had two successful jailbreaks. They managed to elude the pri– police in their Mercedes-Benz car that was waiting [for] them at the landing strip.

Several members of the city council of Cleveland are being brought under federal indictment for various crimes of corruption.

San Francisco’s biggest trial, perhaps, is being brought about this week, having to do with the Chinese gang killings that occurred in past months.

Huey Percy Newton, according to Voice of America, leader of the Black Panther Party that has fallen in disrepute and lost its following, is scheduled to go on trial August 21, on assault charges stemming from the pistol-whipping – and they don’t say alleged, but they say the pistol-whipping – in ’74, Preston Collins, his tai– his tailor, although Preston Collins had denied that he was ever beaten in the first place, but the police are pursuing it because of the harassment around such a figure. The controversial radical Panther head, according to the Voice of America, is also scheduled to be tried November 27 on charges on fatally shooting Kathleen Smith in most cruel fashion. Said Voice of America, the 17-year-old was slain on an Oakland street a few days before the Collins incident.

Municipal Court Judge Bill Kessly (pause) has stated uh, that he would– uh, that– rather, he– Ju– M– Municipal Court judge Bill Kelsay (pause) recently dropped assault charges against Mr. Newton and Robert Heard, his bodyguard, stemming from a barroom fight. However, Mr. Heard was charged with being a ex-convict in possession of a gun in connection with the May 30– or May– May 11 barroom brawl in Seacliff. Mr. Heard’s arrangement [arraignment] is set for August eighth, his bail was lowered from 25 thousand to ten thousand. Mr. Kelsay– Judge Kelsay ruled that he could not find enough evidence to bind Mr. Newton or Mr. Heard over for trial on charges of assault with intent– with intent to commit murder and assault with a deadly weapon as a result of the bar fracas. The reason Kenneth Hall, the so-called victim – and I’m putting “so-called,” uh, that is not the way it was carried by Mutual Broadcasting – was a willing– Kenneth Hall, the victim, was a willing participant in this fray and engaged in much of the same type of bad action as everyone else involved. Newton, who returned from Cuba last year, where he had been living, has served two years in prison on a ’64 conviction of felony assault. However, Judge Kelsay said he could not be considered an ex-felon, because his conviction had been nullified on a technicality.

Mr. Newton and the Black Panther Party are subjects of an investigation, said NBC in the July 10 issue of New Times Magazine. The report cites the many crimes, said the im– Mutual Broadcasting Company, not, I would say, (short laugh) without showing their prejudice– (Pause) the reports of the New Times cites the many crimes committed by Mr. Newton since his return to the United States, and crimes that were committed by other leaders in the party. Doesn’t seem to be much hesitancy there to show their prejudice, does it? Seems that the press continues to follow its role of convicting people (short laugh) without jury. It’s hardly what we though was proper, trial by the press.

Grand jury declares Santa Rita prison grossly inadequate. The Alameda County grand jury, after touring Santa Rita Rehabilitation Center, or jail, in Pleasanton, have stated that conditions at the county jail are grossly inadequate and have called for the building of a new facility, though it may be caught up in a lot of rod– uh, red tape. Ironically, as the grand jury was recently touring the county jail, an inmate, Nathaniel Jackson, committed suicide and was found hanging in the cell at the jail complex. He was serving a 15-day sentence on drunk driving charges. Past grand juries, prison reform groups, and county supervisors have criticized the outmoded jail as a breeding ground for homosexual rapes and gang fights. In 1972, a federal judge ruled that incarceration at Santa Rita was cruel and unusual punishment, and ordered Alameda County to rebuild the Pleasanton jail. Santa Rita, once considered a model jail, is in such bad shape that even the most enlightened penal administration imaginable could not run it successfully, the county grand jury said. This is a different direction in the rather dependable right wing mood that we have in USA today. We’re grateful for at least these glimmers of light, but you know that the situation in USA remains very, very desperate.

Johnny Spain is hopeful to s– of the over– overturning of the San Quentin Six conviction. Imprisoned Black Pra– Panther Party l– member Johnny Larry Spain, hopefully predicts that his trumped-up ’76 murder conviction in the infamous San Quentin Six case, will be overtuned– overturned. In interview with Belva Davis, who has been noted for her disgusting smear of the Cuban uh, ex– excursion that– that she took. You also remember her from once being in attendance in our church. She aired the interview over KQED Channel 9, on uh, last July 19. The 29-year-old former Panther member expressed hope that his conviction which he appealed to the U.S. Court of Appeals on May fifteenth, will be reversed. Let us hope that he is uh, proper and uh, correct in his analysis or his expectations. It’s a bad time for young men like this.

Amnesty International says that US does indeed have tens of thousands of political prisoners, just like Andrew Young, the black ambassador to the United Nations, has declared.

The TV Tube hotel. Work has begun on a 20-story hotel in the [Soviet] city of Kalinin. The top fifteen stories will rest on a huge solid (unintelligible word) concrete structure shaped something like a TV picture tube. The base will house the technical services and also serve as underground shelter for Soviet citizens.

A Soviet naval squadron, the cruiser October Revolution and two destroyers, have been on an official friendly visit to the port of Gdynia in Poland, abroad where Vice Admiral Vladimir Sidorov, commander of USSR Baltic fleet and his staff.

To heat an entire city. All the heat and power needs of an town of over one-third million people can be met by a single 250 megawatt turbine now being built in (unintelligible name). Until recently, combined heat and power stations were supplied with 100 MW turbines.

(unintelligible name) station, a complete meteorological station weighing only 15 pounds and packing into a knapsack, has been developed for use by small expeditions in the Soviet Union. It measures all the main weather indicators and transmits the results to a central collecting point. (Pause)

One of Moscow’s landmarks, the great dome of Ivan the Terrible tower in the Kremlin, is being regilded. The dome is 30 feet across and more than 3000 square feet that have to be covered with fine gold leaf. But first the old gilding has to be removed. This highly-skilled and very delicate job is been– being undertaken by a team of art restorers, all Communist women.

A mechanical smoker. A new type of smoker, a mechanical one, which enables research workers to simulate the effects of different smoking habits and show the consummate damage that is done to the human body, has been built in the Research Institute of Tobacco and Macorkah [phonetic]. The machine permits collection of nicotine, tar, and other substances from the inhaled smoke. It duplicates all the actions of a human smoker, except of courser, said Radio Moscow, getting cancer.

[Leonid] Brezhnev and [Gustáv] Husák hold uh, useful talks in the Crimea. President Husák of Czechoslovakia took advantage of a holiday in the USSR to meet Leonid Brezhnev in the Crimea this week. Soviet-Czechoslovakian cooperation, they declared, would grow still further following agreements reached during the recent Soviet party and government delegation visit to Prague. Both leaders stressed that the recent Washington NATO session and other aggressive actions by the Western powers to step up the arms race were– were– were aimed entirely at aggravating international tension at– pursuant to the nuclear war that China hopes to bring about. They reaffirmed the solidarity of their peoples with the people of Vietnam and Laos, and they underlined the hypocrisy of those sudden champions of human rights in the West, whose real aim was to interfere in other countries’ internal affairs.

President Carter has turned down the appeal of Senator [George] McGovern calling for an international military force to liberate Cambodia or Kampuchea from the nationalist element that have taken over from the Khmer Rouge. Formerly it was thought that uh, Kampuchea or Cambodia was going communist, but a nationalist element has taken control, and reportedly one-third– one-third of the population of some seven million plus, have already died of starvation or other forms of deprivation uh, and uh, maltreatment because of their political beliefs.

A new town in Siberia will beat the frost. North Baikal, a new town for 40,000 people, is being built on Cape Curley [phonetic], where the new Baikal (unintelligible name) railway connects with Lake Baikal. The new town’s being designed by Leningraders, who found that the Lake Baikal shores reminded them of their native Gulf of Finland. North Baikal will look like parts of Leningrad, with straight streets rising from the lakeside and passing through pine, birch, and latch– and larch groves, where tourist blocks of flats are going up in the clearings. All the flats are being built with windows facing the lake, which will also ensure them of maximum sunshine. Because of the permafrost, the earthquake fault zone, and the rocky soil, the houses are especially designed to withstand low temperatures and all earth tremors. They are being built on concrete supports with basement ventilation, helping to prevent the frozen ground on which they stand, from thawing. No industry will be allowed in the town, so ensuring that it presents no pollution threat to Lake Baikal. Construction of the water purification system is running well ahead of the housing program, another indication of the high priority that Siberians are giving to environmental protection. Siberia, of course, was a wasteland in the Soviet Union. Now they’re turning them into modern cities with all sorts of scientific know-how. And of course the city, as all Soviet cities presently, contains underground shelters for the potential or likelihood of nuclear holocaust.

Lithuania amazes visitors from So– from the USA. We were amazed by the successes of Soviet Lithuania, said Donnato Shatus [phonetic], a chemist who headed a group of Americans of Lithuanian origin visiting Lithuania at the invitation of its Academy of Sciences and the Society for Cultural Links with Compatriots Abroad. They had seen how science flourished in this Baltic republic, the work done in many splendid research laboratories, and the con– contribution Lithuanian scientists were making in such fields as vibro-engineering, semi-conductors and heat exchange. And all that started from nothing, said Mr. Shatus.

A large amount of hard line drugs have been captured off the coast of the USA coming from Colombia. The Colombian left have long since charged that there’s even CIA involvement in the shipment of these hard line drugs. Let us hope that that is not the case, but it has been reported before.

Thus finishing the news of the day. (Pauyse) I will give you– I will give you a commentary on the new Iraq. In the Vienna talks on mutual reduction of armed forces and armaments– Before I give it, I wanted to mention in central Europe, there has recently been a turn for the better, said Nikolai Karasov [phonetic], head of the Soviet delegation speaking at a recent plenary meeting. A decisive contribution towards ensuring this turn has been made by the socialists states, he added. (Pause) In the long range, said Dr. Gimkov [phonetic], also party of the delegation, he is not sure that the world be– will be able to avert nuclear disaster, but all steps must be taken by peace-loving people. Said certainly anyone with judgment would know the Soviet Union would not want another war, having lost 22 million of their citizens in World War II.

The new Iraq. In the recent history of Iraq, there are two dates of outstanding importance, the anniversaries of which are now being celebrated. On August 14, 1958, the masses overthrew the corrupt feudal monarchy and started building a new state. And ten years later, on August 17, 1968, the Ba’ath Arab Socialist Renaissance Party took power and opened a new chapter in Iraqi history. Since it embarked on the road of independence and major social and economic reforms, the young republic has scored many successes. The property of foreign countries has been nationalized, and capital been made available for social needs, public health, education and culture.

Such successes in so short a time are largely attributable to the formation of a national progressive front, whose efforts have done much to mobilize the people, to carry out progressive reforms, and resist the machinations of imperialism, Zionism, and capitalist reaction. The present leaders of the country are carrying out a program of social and economic reforms in the interest of the people, says Radio Moscow. The wages of low paid workers have been raised, and new laws have introduced social insurance, free schooling, and a free – or almost free – medical service. A law passed in 1970 helped break up the decrepit feudal system, completely changed the ma– nature of land relations and give the Iraqi fellaheen a better life. As for industry, the state of Iraq sector now holds a commanding position in the oil, petrochemical, heavy engineering, ore mining, building material and other key industries, and this sector is being constantly expanded, says Moscow.

Besides sweeping away the monarchy, the 1958 revolution also swept away all obstacles in the way of equal and fruitful relations between Iraq and the Soviet Union. In August 1958, the first Soviet ambassador arrived in Baghdad– in Baghdad, uh, and in March 1969, the two countries signed their first agreement on economic and technical cooperation. I hope that the uh, bit of lisping will not hinder you he– hearing the news, because I’ve not had rest for a couple of days. The rapidly-improving life of the Iraqi people is tied up with the country’s economic development. The Soviet Union is helping Iraq strengthen its oil, power, transport and communications industries with irrigation and agricultural–

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Jones: –controlled industries have been created bu– due to the Soviet help. It has helped Iraq build over a hundred projects over which 47 are already at operations, including chemicals and farm machinery factories. At many such enterprises, thousands of yesterday’s peasants are working alongside Soviet experts, providing valuable experience for a nation trying to rid itself of backwardness and poverty, and build a new life free from exploitation. Besides this, many Iraqi students are studying in Soviet colleges, tech– uh, schools, technical schools, and higher uh, schools of learning, universities, and many have already gone back to help their country’s economic development. On April 9, ’72, a treaty of friendship and cooperation was signed in Baghdad for 15 years, opening a new page in Soviet-Iraqi relations. It is making a substantial contribution, both to Iraq social and economic reforms, and to the Arab people’s struggle against imperialism and capitalism.

This is a bit of good news on uh– from Moscow, where there has been some news of concern. Of course, the West– uh, the capitalist West has been greatly concerned about Iraq and uh, caused the uh, number of terrorist activities against their embassies in France and uh, Britain, because Iraq of course has been pushing the Arab uh, League to refine their own oil and cut out the middle-man refineries in USA, which would c– destabilize, if not cause the US economy to completely collapse. Also they’ve been calling upon the Arab nations to build their own weapons so they would not be dependent upon USA. But Iraq had had some difficulties with the Soviet Union, because Iraq has been backing the Eritreans in Ethiopian-Eritrea dispute, and Iraq also is calling for the complete uh, dissolution, a complete elimination of Israel, and which the Soviet– on– on that subject, the Soviet Union said it was uh, ridiculous to think in those terms, because of the realities of nuclear war that could come from it, and there’s also, uh, according to Freedom of Information Act uh, revelations, uh, that the CIA does have evidence that the Israelis have a nuclear bomb. (Pause)

Thus ends the– the giving of news on local and international scene. There are perhaps a– just a few last comments on our own Republic of Guyana situation.

Dr. [Ptolemy] Reid, in a speech called by the [Guyana] Chronicle avant garde, calls for radical change to socialism in the world economy to stave off starvation. Dr. Reid said every four seconds, some child, woman or man, dies of starvation. This inhumanity cannot be allowed to continue.

Guyana condemns USA for trying to manipulate the sugar market to f– help destabilize the Guyanese economy, but the government of Guyana goes on to give assurances that the number of treaties that they have been able to effect with the Peoples Democratic Republic of North Korea, East German Democratic Republic, also other members of the socialist bloc, will enable them– an– and due to the fact that they have nationalized 90 percent of their means of production and distribution to withstand any kind of effort to overthrow (pause) the Guyanese government by economic maneuvering.

Warrant out for passport accused. Principal magistrate (unintelligible name) issued a warrant for the arrest of a man who is accused of forging a Guyana passport, after he had failed to attend court to stand trial. He is (unintelligible name) of Zeelandia, (unintelligible name). It is alleged that on August 1, the defendant, with intent to deceive, forged the passport that was issued to one (unintelligible name), supporting to be his– purporting to be his. The matter will come up for report at a later date. Conviction on such a charge would carry only one-year sentence.

In a further house-cleaning of Guyana’s leadership, the housing chief in the cabinet housing administrator Samuel Dray [Day], who two days ago complained that he was embarrassed by an opposition question in parliament about his protracted period of leave, was yesterday charged with 100,000 dollar fraud involving Guyanese government frunds [funds]. It seems that our good prime minister, uh, Dr. Forbes Burnham, is not going to stop until white collar crime at even highest level, has been brought to justice, and when Day appeared in court together with Field Auditor– Guyanese Auditor, Finance Auditor for the government, Richard Butts, his lawyer told Magistrate (unintelligible name) that he had been sent on leave for one year while investigations were taking place, but up to now, the investigations were not complete. Mr. Peter Britton, who is associated with Mr. Odell Adams for the two accused, charged that the police were still not certain what Day was to be charged with, and he asked for reasonable bail. The Principal Magistrate, who had earlier read out the indictable charges accusing D– Day, Butts, and contractor Milhud Ali [phonetic] of conspiring to defraud government of 114,038– uh, three– 114,380 dollars and fifty cents, fixed bail in the sum of 15,000 each. Day, who assumed duties only on August third last year, and Butts on– was told to return to court on September 15, but the magistrate issued a warrant for the arrest of Ali, who is reported to have fled the country. Detective Inspector Gento, who laid the charge, told the court it was alleged that Day issued a contract to Ali when he was not authorized to do so. This is now the thirtieth person in high level, including two members of cabinet, who have been indicted for crimes against the people.

It’s an obvious fact that Guyana would not be moving more capitalistic when they have come down on some of their more moderate and uh– in fact, those who have been arrested are almost for the uh, total uh, pro-USA, giving one the feeling that indeed Guyana intends to be (Pause) on the socialist course and maintain it.

Well, the lights have gone off (short laugh) so that means that I will not be giving you any more news to speak of. I have a few notes from my mind, but uh, I do remember that the Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement plans a special kind of market day to help provide uh, uh, new schools, new technical schools, live-in schools like we have in Port Kaituma, based on the Cuban concept. (Pause)

I (Pause) want to tell you that we cannot be grateful enough for the tremendous detail that Comrade Don Freed provided us of the ha– con– conspiracies at the highest levels against our– our own friend Martin Luther King, who had the pleasure of knowing and talking to uh, very intently when we were jointly awarded by the Midwestern city that I served as the director of Human Rights Commission, awards for our service to the cause of uh, black people. We are very grateful that Don Freed is on the case, that his committee is pursuing and have such invaluable evidence that at least reveals to the sensitive world that indeed Martin Luther King was not killed by one lone nut, but in fact was murdered by a conspiracy that included the FBI. (Moves microphone)

There is still great discussion on Radio Moscow about the China-Japan Treaty. You know China rer– have rer– ratified last week the Peace and Friendship Treaty with Japan, but according to Radio Peking, the Soviets are sending out bellicose messages and warning from Moscow uh, that China is endangering the peace of Asia, and the USSR assures her she will suffer consequences.

Indira Gandhi, as I recall in my mind from the news and listening to many stations, as I said, all night, since I have come back from the sessions with our comrade friend Don Freed, the author who we are so fortunate to have in our midst, who has come up so– won– wonderful ideas on how to counter the conspiracy against us, our people, (pause) so I have– have to go somewhat by memory. I also recall President Carter expressed great worry over the decline of the US dollar. He said that he was very deeply concerned over the declining dollar and has asked for a study by all cabinets of ways to deal with the situation. He said uh– the– the president said that he had asked Treasury Secretary, what’s-his-name, [Michael] Blumenthal, and the Federal Reserve Board chairman uh, [G. William] Miller, I believe, to consider what actions might be appropriate on their part and to recommend any possible future actions on the president’s part to deal with the worsening situation. The dollar, as you know, has been declining rapidly, especially in relation to the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc in the past many weeks.

Big businessmen are supporting [Alfredo Nobre da Costa] Portugal’s uh, prime mins– minister-designate uh, uh, which is discouraging International Monetary Fund manipulations has brought uh, ap– apparently an end to a truly independent socialist government. (Pause)

A top (unintelligible name) official has also been charged uh, with fraud.

There is a commission probing the textile mills also, to see that there’s not any abuses. A genuine strong– strong emphasis upon revolutionary change, by eliminating corruption.

Guyana and Jamaica have been heralded by Habana Radio for leading the way with Cuba to revolutionary change within Latin America and the Caribbean. The Panamanian government has moved towards a more progressive course also, and indicted the USA, its efforts– uh, imperialist efforts in Zaire, its imperialist designs on Rhodesia against the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front.

The Guyana Broadcasting Studio said this morning that no one can deny that Guyana and her sister progressive nations, Jamaica and Cuba, are being regarded by other world progressives as leaders of revolutionary change within the Latin American and Caribbean region, according to the most objective socialist conditions.

Of course, the youth of Guyana have come back from the Eleventh World Festival of Youth and Students, just ending in Cuba, and they came back with the deepest inspiration that the world is moving towards socialism, and hopeful that the USA will cease its imperialism before it brings abou– bou– about a nuclear holocaust.

I do think that that is the last that I can think of that had any real merit of the– in news. There has come a strong unisy– uh, effort between the Hindu, Mohammed uh, Muslim and Christian sects in Guyana towards building more cooperatives. This is the one country I’ve seen that is uh, genuinely uh, ecumenical in that regard. Very little prejudice exists between religions, and so little racism, when you stop to consider the immense uh, difference bearing, uh– differences of religion and uh, si– six major ethnic groups, it’s an amazingly cosmopolitan and unified country.

This definitely will be the last of the news. King’s killer charges that FBI conspiracy– it was a conspiracy in the murder. James Earl Ray, the convicted killer of Dr. Martin Luther King, according to Guyana Broadcasting Studios– Studios has publicly protested his innocence and said he had a (pause) great deal or some– great deal of evidence of the FBI complicity in a conspiracy to murder the civil rights leader. Ray, as you know, is now 50 years of age. He told a closely-guarded meeting of the House of Representatives Assassinations Committee that has ended already that he was driving around Memphis, Tennessee when the shooting occurred in the southern city some ten years ago. James Earl Ray, as you know, has been sentenced to 99 years in jail, and he was sentenced at his trial in ’69. He told the congressmen yesterday, my lawyer, Mark Lane, and his aides has just examined three FBI documents which provided further evidence of possible FBI, Memphis police and other government complicity in a conspiracy to murder Dr. King. Of course, comrade Reid– uh, comrade Freed, uh, the tremendous author and uh, his ingenious uh, mind, has presented us clear cut evidence, so this is not real news to us.

Remember the fashion show. Remember that uh, we will be getting bonuses for news and we’re to keep up with the news for evaluation in socialist classes, in our humanist classes on Friday. Maintain good production. We have all sorts of people, particularly those in jails, who realize the destitution of the American system as uh, Don Freed put it so ably last night, the American disease. We have now over 200 prisoners– political prisoners, some who’ve been channeled through Dr. [John V] Moore, the Methodist superintendent who visited here and went home and has stoutly uh, supported it on many lectures throughout the Methodist movement, in which he is a participant and has written all sorts of letters on our behalf, and uh, more recently approached [John Van De Camp] the district attorney of Los Angeles (pause) condemning the harassment that they’re trying to do there, based on lies and using two senile individuals [Wade & Mabel Medlock] to fraudulently claim that [Jim] McElvane had threatened them or extorted them to get their property, as we all remember how well we took care of them, and certainly they derived much more from our community, our church, than they ever put into it. We are hopeful that uh, (Pause) the findings of– of Don Freed and his remarkable investigation will be brought to light and that some element of justice can come to the American scene that is tragically seeing its greatest leaders shot down, thus causing a fear to grip the mood of America at best, an apathy at worst, and disinterest, but it is tragedy when you consider that two Kennedys [John Kennedy & Robert Kennedy], Malcolm [X], Martin Luther King and nameless others– you– countless others, I should say– have been killed, and still nothing has been done about it. So we shall continue our struggle here and our struggle on the stateside, and remember, we have our responsibilities you know of in Africa and all over for the world liberation struggle. Remember, as Dr. Reid, our good friend and head of the Peoples National Congress, the vanguard party in Guyana and uh, deputy prime minister, that every four seconds – one, two, three, four – someone just died of starvation, and so often, it’s a child. We have a debt. We can repay that debt for the years we sucked on the blood of America, the vampire that was taking the riches of the world, but we took the few leftovers. Years ago, when I wanted to go to jail and make a strong tax protest, some were not up to it then. But even though I did it for you, and went ahead and paid my taxes so that we could come to the maturity that I think we’ve begun to have, a readiness for anything, to stand for our beautiful, non-violent socialist principles at whatever cost, we did pay those taxes, we did live and use some of those consumer products. We do have the blood on our hands too, and we can’t wash away the spots, but we can compensate and make up for the– those years by building a haven, a sanctuary for people who are harassed, so that later, one day, even if it’s on the ashes of war, they can go back and rebuild, or can go, in case a holocaust is averted, to help in a struggle when there’s a readiness in US mood, or for those who want to go on to Africa and other parts of the world, or this continent, to help bring liberation, it will be possible, if we work and do our best.

Remember to write your criticism up of me, group criticisms. We welcome it. That’s the way we grow. But do not talk about your comrade behind their back. That’s a community principle that we require be maintained. It’s a beautiful feeling to be in a community where you know there’s not gossip. Let’s stop waste and come up with any creative idea on how to make money and how to save it, because you will be saving lives in so doing.

I love you very, very dearly.

End of tape

Tape originally posted January 2013