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Jones: Attention. Some of the group going into Georgetown, take care of affidavits to get back at Timothy Stoen and sue him for several million dollars are uh– for his slander, his libel, his criminal activity, said when they left, “Well, the place will fall apart, they won’t get the job done, they won’t be able to get any production.” Every department, will you work your– roll your sleeves up and tell the observers to go around, tell the crews this. Work– roll your sleeves up. I’d like to show them that we not only maintain production, but that we er– go ahead of them. When– if they had been here. No one should feel that they’re indispensable. And they said it quite seriously. Nice people, but they said it quite seriously, so I would like for you to get that message to every department to step up, because now we have this antenna, so please step up and do things that we– they wouldn’t have gotten done if they’d been here. Thank you and much love.

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Male: Okay.

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Jones: – (unintelligible word) Washington. He was in death (unintelligible), failing to get US support for his internal settlement plan and the Rus– Rhodesian leader’s refusal to accept the Anglo-American plan for all-parties conference. It had been circulated widely in news circles that USA had intended to accept his racist plan, but the American public is clamoring too much, but more so, the world opinion is grossly turned against Ian Smith and the USA for backing both the racist regimes of Rhodesia and the fascist concentration camp regime of the Union South– Union of South Africa. A US State Department spokesperson said that the US believes an all-parties conference is the only way to achieve a peaceful settlement. Mr. Smith told reporters today that he will not– he will move forward with his plan, even if the black activist revolutionary leadership rejects it. He said that if there is no settlement, Rhodesia ten years from now will be the same as today. In other words, he will carry on the white regime and its fascist torture and murderous, barbarous attacks on black people and maintenance of concentration camps. He said it’ll be the same today– settlement. Rhodesia, then years from now, will be the same today. He admitted that Anglo-British support for his plan would solve many uh, problems but said that its absence would not mean the collapse of his fascist government. Smith is accompanied by his uh– his Washington visited– visit by fellow council minister and sell-out Reverend Sacona– so– son– Saconi. Uh, Satoli is– is rather the way it pronounces, I think. It doesn’t matter. An Uncle Tom black. There’s only three blacks that support his government. All of them are religious leaders. One, they have the Baptist, the other minister– the Methodist, and I think, the other is um, I– one of the Protestant varieties. In another week they will be joined by two other members of the interim bi-racial government, the only two there is left to join them. Meanwhile, Rhodesia’s bi-racial government has officially announced an end to all discrimination throughout the country. No greater lie, said Radio Sweden, could be told. Rhodesian government officials told newsmen in Salisbury that residential areas will be opened to people of all races, provided the character and standards of the area are maintained. This is a clear ra– racist restriction, even BBC said. This is just foolish to try to pretend that there’s going to be integration with Ian Smith as the prime minister of this dreaded regime of Rhodesia. In Washington, a State Department spokesperson said it is true that the racial discrimination–

Better stop and listen to the news. Don’t turn me off. It’ll hurt you. It’s you that has to take five extra days of classes if you fail.

It is true, he said, in Washington, the State Department spokesperson said, that the racial discrimination has been abolished on con– unconditionally. However, it has been denied by United States allies even, such as Netherlands and France and Britain. But USA doesn’t mind even lying. Anyone knows that racism has not been abolished, when blacks are maintained in concentration camps in Rhodesia, and there’s absolute separation. The United States welcomes it, this so-called integration, as an important step in the abolition of barriers that have separated the Rhodesian people.

We go to the Middle East. At the United Nations General Assembly, the Syrian (Pause) representative has described the Camp David sell-out agreements as illegal and invalid. The deputy foreign minister told the assembly that the agreements are against the United Nations resolution and the decision of the Arab-Soviet meeting. He said that the President– that President [Anwar] Sadat – or dictator Sadat, whatever you choose to call him – of Egypt, has no right to sign an– the agreement on behalf of the Palestinian people for Syria. He denounced Israel for interfering in Lebanon on the side of the right wing, I should say, Nazi Phalangist Christian military unit. He said that a comprehensive settlement of the Middle East problem will be attained only through the framework of a Geneva peace conference with the participation of all concerned parties.

In Lebanon today, heavy sniper fire threatened a three-day old cease fire between Syrian troops and Lebanese fascist Christians. News reports say the action centered around the main crossroads connecting the Christian and Muslim sectors. As you may know, the Lebanese phalangists are fascist who are Christian, are being backed by the USA, while the Muslim are being backed by the progressive USSR, the avant garde of liberation and her ally in Syria. News reports say the action centered around the main crossroads, as I said, connecting the Christian and Muslim sectors of Beirut. Meanwhile, the Lebanese President [Elias Sarkis] con– announced– continued his talks in order to resolve the Lebanese conflict. He announced today that he is inviting Arab states to participate in Arab-Lebanese peace keeping talks.

Egypt’s delegation to the Mid East talks with Israel stopped in Paris today for a consultation with French leaders before continuing on to the United States. The delegation meets tonight with [Louis de Guiringaud] the French Foreign Minister, one of the lackeys of US imperialism normally. The delegation also in E– and it wi– will include Egy– In Egypt, President Sadat told a group of judges in Cairo today that the delegation has full instructions to negotiate on any matter with Israel except for the land and sovereignty of Egypt. That would mean they would now have the power to let E– Israel Zionist, uh, fascist Israel to keep the Gaza strip that belongs to Egypt. And of course Jordan’s not about to give her West Bank, but she wasn’t even invited to the meeting, nor was Lebanon who had to give up their southern part of their nation that’s been invaded by the Israelite Zionist. In New York, Egypt’s Ambassador to the United Nations General Assembly said his country still hopes for a comprehensive Mid East settlement and he is not seeking a separate peace with Israel. He added that the Camp David agreements provide the basis for an overall Middle East agreement.

In Washington, [President Jimmy] Carter meets with Israeli Foreign Minister [Moshe] Dayan, this afternoon. (Clears throat) He’s one of the more fascist varieties also.

Africa. Britain says it is considering military aid to Zambia, (Pause) but will not send combat troops to the southern African nation. A Foreign Office spokesperson in London said the British government is considering measures to help Zambia’s defense capability, other than troops. However, the spokesperson did not rule out sending ground-to-air missiles or vertical take off fighter planes. The spokesperson also declined to comment on possible– possibly sending military technical advisors to assist the Zambian forces. The foreign office of Britain, or England, the spokesperson said measures to help Zambia’s defense forces against possible Rhodesian military raids is one of the subjects discussed by the Prime Minister, James Callaghan, of the socialist Labour party that’s now the Prime Minster of England, and the Zambian President, Nigeria– of– of– of Nigeria, two weeks ago. It is figured that this may be a move of conshunon– conscience on the part of Callaghan and his Foreign Secretary Owens [David Owen], as they expect to lose the next election, and in their place will come Margaret Thatcher, woman, white racist, leader of the Conservative Party who promises to take all people of color and drive them out of England. But it is si– clearly frowned upon in Washington, and it is a departure from the NATO wishes.

Zambia has concluded an agreement with South Africa for a new route to the sea for its vital import-export trade. Under the agreement between the two railways of the two countries, fertilizer will be shipped by railway through Mozambique, South Africa and Rhodesia to Zambia. Zambian copper will be sent to South Africa on the return trip. The route opens the southern railway route through Rhodesia, closed since 1973. The Zambian government is faced with serious congestion in their ports and last week opened her border to Rhodesia, to help Zambia’s critical economic problems, despite the strong objections of Zambian black laborites. There may be, according to Moscow, also a tempering down of the left stand of Zambia’s government. For some reason, though, the– the British, a lackey of US imperialism, feels to draw closer to its government, so it’s probably not that– that good of sign.

The South African Prime Minister [Johannes Vorster] has ruled out the possibility of an African majority rule at the recent meeting of the National Party, Christian party, fascist, in Cape Town, Union of South Africa. He voiced confidence that the West would give full backing to his policy, meaning US and her imperialist allies or lackeys. The western powers, he pointed out, are vitally interested in the survival of the present rule in South Africa, because they need what we supply them economically in order to live. That’s true. That’s why US will do anything. They’ll murder half of black Africa, if they could, to be able to save it so they could exploit its minerals. Spokesman for the African National Congress of South Africa stated, while visiting the capital of Angola, that there are literally hundreds of thousands of prisoners in South African jails. ANC is an activist group. It’s everywhere in the Union of South Africa and causing them a great deal of trouble and creates acts of sabotage, assassination of the dread police of the Union of South Africa, and blowing up police stations. They are an activist group that are growing larger every day. It is told by BBC that Moscow is funding them. Moscow makes no denial of the fact. Among them in this Angolan conference– and uh, speaking about those hundreds of thousands of prisoners in South African jails, among them are Congress leaders, who were imprisoned without trial or investigation. He accused the western powers of supporting the apartheid polici– uh, policies pursued by the Pretorian fascist regime. The main brunt of his attack was on the USA. Tanzania will give all-out support. The people of Mozambique, the victims of constant assault by the racist Salisbury regime that has been supplied new military harw– hardware by the US– well, whatever– de facto fascist, that’s what USA is. This was put forth in a statement by the President of Tanzania. Bravo. President of Tanzania, President [Julius] Nyerere, is a personal friend of our beloved Prime Minister [Forbes] Burnham here and of our party, the Peoples National Congress.

In Tunisia, a large group of trade union leaders were sentenced for imprisonment from six months to ten years. The General Secretary of the Tunisian Labor Association was sentenced to ten years of hard labor. The union leaders were charged with conspiracy to overthrow the present regime and organizing the general strike held in January 26. More than fifty persons were killed and police dispersed demonstrations which accompanied the strike. The biggest international trade union association, including the Soviet trade unions, came out in defense of the persecuted union leaders in the fascist state of Tunisia, [singsong tone] which is, of course, an ally of USA imperialism.

Moscow: In a meeting in Moscow on Monday, Soviet and Italian Communist Party leader, Leonid– on Tuesday, rather, Leonid Brezhnev and Enr– Enrico Berlinguer con– reconfirmed the solidarity of their parties to achieve national and social liberation for all Afro, Asian and Latin American peoples. (Pause) They expressed a desire for joint efforts to expand international cooperation and to deter the arms race before nuclear hell rains down upon USA and Europe.

The Association of Afro-Asian Journalists has accused Peking’s reaction to the South African situation as a very dangerous policy on the world scene. The head of the Association of Afro-Asian Journalists said he– that the Chinese leaders’ policy had aided the undermining of national liberation and progress of movements also in Asia, Latin America, Africa and are discrediting socialist ideals everywhere. Their foreign policy is so horrible, it’s too bad that they cannot live uh, with a better foreign policy, Marx and Lenin. They’re clear out of step– uh, Marx would never have approved of building a pure kind of domestic communism they have at home and then practicing fascism abroad. This is absolutely contradictory. This is the twentieth anniversary of the Afro-Asian Journalist Association. Leonid Brezhnev, head of the Communist Party in USSR, sent his greetings and congratulations to the meeting, which just convened in the Soviet Union. He praised them as implementing– for implementing the ideas of freedom, humanitarianism– humanitarianism and democracy. The current meetings is the sixth in the history of the association. It is attended by representatives of East Europe and a number of international organizations.

US arms negotiator is resigning from his post for personal reasons. He feels US uh, President has betrayed his uh, stated policies under Carter when he sought the election, that there would be disarmament. In a White House statement, President Carter said he would accept the resignation, and nothing more was added. The arms– the US arms negotiator will step down later this month following the next round of negotiations on the new SALT Treaty with Soviet officials in Moscow. All of Carter’s promises have proved to be lies.

The Chinese Foreign Minister [Huang Hua] arrived in London today after a five-day visit to Italy. The Chinese envoy is scheduled to meet with British Prime Minister Callaghan today. Reports say that the British Prime Minister is expected to hand the Chinese minister a formal note inviting the Chinese party leader to visit Britain next year. Their talks are expected to center on improving trade and scientific cooperation. Chinese envoy flies out of London next Sunday. Chinese are certainly following their Doctrine of Three Worlds with close precision to try to wean the second world of Europe away from the super power. And the USA is falling for it, but China is trying to bring about her own kind of international communism. It’s tricking the USA every step of the way. USA will probably not wake up until it’s too late, because China is basing her entire doctrine, you know, on the absolute fact that nuclear war will come, and she knows that US has no underground shelters. So USA will disappear from the face of the earth.

The Soviet Union today charged that recent trips abroad by Chinese leaders were aimed at undermining peace. Sharp attack in the Soviet newspaper, Pravda, said that the Chinese visits also intended to undermine peace, divide developing countries and influence talks in every possible way. The paper also condemned the recent UN addra– ress by Chinese Foreign Minister Huang, terming it viciously anti-Soviet.

An Italian magistrate was shot to death today in his home. The Red Brigade is claiming responsibility for the assassination because of a sentence that he handed down, you remember, a few days ago, that was very ha– very step– stiff for two members of the Red Army, the Red Brigade. Italian court officials have been a favorite target for the Red Brigade in the past because of what the Red Brigade and other sympathizers to their communist cause feel are unjust sentences. Italian Communist Party Leader E– Enrico Berlinguer has– have opened talks in Yugoslavia with President [Marshall Josip Broz] Tito. They will be discussing the international communist movement and the non-aligned movement.

Democratic Congressman Charles Diggs, convicted of mail fraud and illegal kickbacks– employee kickbacks, says he will give his official congressional duties for the present time. He will give them up. This is a sad thing, that this great black leader, chairman of the caucus on African affairs in the House, one of the few blacks left in leadership in USA Congress Senate House, has been convicted for using his own money, when every white Senator does the same thing and does it even more atrociously. He says if he is re-elected in November, he will resume those du– duties. Representative Diggs, black, announced– (Pause) ment came one day after a top Republican Party official called for his resignation, naturally so. They want no black leadership left anywhere. His father [Rep. Charles Diggs, Sr.] before him was a congressman and was treated in the same way, but there was more black solidarity in those days and his father beat off the charges. But unfortunately Congressman Diggs has been convicted. Where is the solidarity of our people? To think that 30 years ago – his father had this 20 to 30 years ago – his father had the same experience, the same type of frame up, and he won. But now, his son faces 175 years in the federal courts. Federal jails, rather. He has been convicted by the jury of 12, and I’m sure they were not his peers.

[Reads rapidly] A superior court judge has ordered New York Times reporter Byron Barber [phonetic] to return to jail Thursday in his continued refusal to turn over his notes on– for his continued refusal to turn over his notes on the New Jersey murder trial. Last July, Far– Farver was sentenced to jail after he igno– ignored a court subpoena to hand over his information. Defense attorneys in the (unintelligible) trials said the reporter notes are vital to their client’s case. Last week the United States Supreme Court rejected Mr. Barber’s latest appeal.

The two Soviet cosmonauts continued to unload the automatic transport ship Progress which brought more than two tons of cargo to the Soviet station on Friday. Their next job will be to pump the fuel over to their station, and that will be done by automatic devices. After the unloading is finished, the cosmonauts will carry out a number of techno– uh, tactical and technological, medical and biological experiments. Soviet Union states that they are also developing various means of defense of the Soviet revolution. Let us hope that it is some great sun– use of the sun that will deter the fascists from bringing their missiles out of their silos, or laser. Then they will begin to deactivate the station and prepare for return to earth. The two men have already spent 116 days on the station, which is a new space en– endurance record. They are feeling well and in absolutely good spirits.

Since the beginning of the year, the Soviet Union has had– held 20 international seminars and other– and courses for the developing countries at the recommendation of the United Nations. They were attended by officials from more than 30 Afro, Asian and Latin American countries. They studied Soviet experience in metal– men– metallurgy, machine building, electric welding, agricultural health services and education. Lectures were held by a prominent scientist and specialist. The representatives of the developing countries got more closely acquainted with the work of the industrial enterprises in the Soviet Union. All expenses of the stay of the guests in their country for their studies and their transpa­– port and their housing wer– uh, were paid by the Soviet Union. And the great vast majority of those were black. The Soviet Union is developing a fa– a faster than was provided for by the government plan. The central border statistics say that the first nine months of this year, production growth was more than five percent. The planned figure for the year was four point five percent, so it’s doubled. Any expectations going to double. Uh, any expectation, at least. The countries of Western Europe have had no growth of industrial output since the beginning of the year. In the Soviet Union, the avant garde of liberation the world over, the (unintelligible, sounds like “power and seal”) building, chemical and radio electronic industries are advancing especially rapidly.

It might be of interest to note that there are ten best censored stories of 1976 of this period. Number one was Jimmy Carter and his Trilateral Commission connections. Books written about it were re– denied to be published. Publishers were threatened if they were in any way to print it. Corporate control of DNA. The lack of governmental regulation for artificially-created life, like clones, mak– uh, making mindless robots to be slaves. Thirdly, it was also banned by the United States – and there’s supposed to be freedom of speech, but we don’t have it there at all, no such banning exists in the Soviet Union – selling banned pesticides and drugs to the United States and to all other countries that are causing every known type of disease. Fourth, the oil price conspiracy. A conspiracy on the part of USA to raise revenue and pretend they had shortages and create death for many seniors while all the time they had plenty of oil. It was just a means of getting a better ch– price. The Mobil Oil/Rhodesian connection, that was also censored and not allowed for the American public to know, that USA is going to stand in with Rhodesia through Mobil Oil and some other great corporations. Missing plutonium and inadequate nuclear reactor safeguards. All kinds of nuclear materials that have been lost that could be in the hands of anyone, any kind of a nut in USA right now. That was also censored. Workers die for American industry, injuries in the foundries. How many tens of thousands? But that also was censored. [Henry] Kissinger, the CIA and SALT– how he tried to sabotage a number of liberal governments and brought down governments by murder, other than Doctor Allende [Chilean President Salvador Allende]. Number nine: censored about prescription drugs– non-prescription drugs that uh, they are dangerous to the health. Ten, the natural gas shortage that exists in the United States. It’s censored. And I could go on and on with the way US handles things.

One last step. Guatemala police murdered forty people on the outskirts of the capital. Guatemalan police killed four peo– forty people whom they identified as guerillas. The police responded that two of them– their men were wounded, since, when they opened fire, the group fired back with small arms. The officials’ report did not give more details on the incident.

Guyana, our own beloved Guyana, under our beloved Prime Minister and the PNC, has pledged support against Guatemala claims against Belize, a predominately black country in the isthmus of uh, in that uh, part of Latin America.

Somoza [Anastasio Somoza Debayle, Nicaraguan President] still refusing to step down. Speaking at a meeting in the ruling Liberal Nationalist Party in Managua, the capital, Nicaraguan dictator Somoza said again that he would not resign and would continue to hold his office. He said his term– when his term runs out, he would consider then what he was going to do. Observers feel that thi– this is Somoza’s response to two statements by the Catholic Church, calling for his resignation and to the support expressed for his demand by opposition groups and management, student and labor organizations. At this point, it is estimated that eighty percent of the population of Nicaragua have either run for safety – sanctuary – in Panama and Mexico, or they are dead by the tens of thousands. A dictator with no people. It’ll be a first time in history. How did it happen? USA gave, just a few weeks ago, dictator Somoza all that he needed to destroy his own dark-skinned people, our brothers and sisters, our tax dollars. Bad enough in the first place he was put a– into power by the US Marines that invaded illegally, and held power against the people’s wishes. He was put in power, and US Marines drove out a constitutionally-elected government. But that’s USA imperialism. There’s no longer any guessing about it. You can just see it acting right out in the open. US fascism is no longer subtle. It’s as open as the air we breathe.

Thank you and much love.

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Tape originally posted April 2008