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Jones: -covered five years and failed. I want to give you one last thing, so that you’ll be able to get the real story of McCarthyism which is reviving again in USA. It’s a review of the book, The Great Fear, the anti-communist purge under the [Harry S] Truman and [Dwight] Eisenhower administrations, both Democrat and Republican. By David Caute, C-a-u-t-e, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1977, twelve dollars, ninety-five. We can’t afford it so we’ll just try to- I’ll try to give you some excerpts.

In the stereotypes then prevalent, to be a communist in the fifties was, as Murray Kempton noted, rather like being a child molester. Communists were perceived as the amoral agents of the China-Soviet-led world conspiracy that sought to subvert the American way of life in order to destroy the American and the free world, and turn us- returned upon the scene in an anti-Soviet hysteria. Anti-communism became as much a unifying ideology in a Cold War America as anti-Semi- Semitism – that means anti-Jewish – feeling was in Nazi Germany under [Adolf] Hitler, as tolerated dissenters, self-styled socialists, and independent radicals often went to outrageous extremes to show their opposition to the Communist Party in order to distinguish their policies from those whom the dominant media portrayed as tainted carriers of the political plague. In US today, although the same social groupings who created the post World War II anti-communist political repression remain in power, that repression is usually called McCarthyism and perceived increasingly by dominant media as the excess of rightwing politicians against liberal, though it is still just as severe as the McCarthyism of the fifties, of rightwing politicians against liberals, former communists, and various political innocents caught in a wave of Cold War political hysteria.

In The Great Fear, British scholar and novelist David Caute has written the most important and comprehensive general history to date of the postwar oppressions, challenging both the old shibboleths – s-h-i-b-b-o-l-e-t-h-s – of the Cold War period and the more contemporary whitewashing by selective anti-McCarthyism. By setting the record straight, David Caute continues the struggle against Cold War ideology and political terrorism that’s going on in US imperialism. First Caute removes McCarthy and his allied rightist politicians from center stage and replaces them with top national leadership and police authorities at all levels of government, the Cold War intellectuals and trade unionists who for various reasons either collaborated with or actively joined the witch hunts, and the businessmen and conservative elites through the society who championed and profited from widespread violations of civil liberties and democratic rights. Second, Caute organizes and synthesizes material from many sources to show more fully than ever before how widespread this oppression really was, making factory workers and public school teachers as significant as university professors and show business celebreath- celebrities in its account. Finally, Caute, unlike most American sources, treats communists- treats communists (Pause) both as political activists, as the victims of political oppression.

By the way, our good friend Harvey Milk was just simply devastated and charged with all kinds of heinous uh, crimes because of his open admission of homophile activity. He’s the super- supervisor in San Francisco. We need to write him lots of letters. He was terribly, terribly maligned by a gentleman he had a TV debate with. I can’t think of the uh- I think it’s some- some (Unintelligible name) or something of that sort who’s now ordering an anti-homosexual bill that no homosexual’ll be able to hold any job.

Snide attacks on all communists as Stalinists who mirrored the values of their political enemies on the right. Guilt-ridden sentimentality about communist as noble, romantic idealists mizzled into heroic action and attacks on Communist Party policy as betrayals of true Marxism are as refreshingly absent from The Great Fear, as they are predictably present in the most American literature on the subject.

How- but Caute works contains significant flaws. He fails to provide the nec- necess- necessary historical background on American class- (Pause)

Stand by for a moment for a question. (tape edit)

But Caute’s- Caute’s work to contain- contains significant flaws about (unintelligible word). He fails to provide a necessary historical background on American class conflict in the nineteen thirties or to understand the significance of victories won by communists and allied left militants in the trade unions and the mass protest organizations. These victories gave the communist Left an important base, making it both a significant thorn in the side of the capitalist class in the US and po- potential threat to postwar plans to restructure and stabilize fascists in the US and worldwide, although those forces are now weakening. Caute perceives the Cold War in conventional categories of Soviet-American rivalry, failing to grasp the extent to which the postwar power vacuum represented a profound revolutionary crisis for world capitalism, a crisis where only the US had the power to act quickly to defend capitalist world interest, thus de fact- de facto fascist interest. Caute fails to portray adequately the resistance of communists and those on the left who refused to collaborate with the forces of oppression, bravely so. There’s still little known history of that resistance, but it’s gone now from the American mood, even with its limited achievements, deserves to be considered as a remarkable chapter in the history of the American left and as a skew- as a significant backdrop to the civil rights and antiwar movements which did so much to break down the Cold War consensus in the nineteen sixties, which is now rebuilding, here in 1978.

These criticisms however in no way detract from the enormous gains represented by Caute’s book. By setting a lot of the historical record straight, Caute has made a valuable contribution in the continuing struggle against Cold War ideology and domestic political terrorism that’s at work more active today than it was in McCarthyism, a struggle that is as important today in the America of Jimmy Carter and Zbigniew Brzezinski, who really controls through the Trilateral Commission is- is at any time since the early nineteen fifties. This is uh, uh, just a brief synopsis.

Remember, we’re having our Soviet classes at (Pause) seven-thirty. Also, practice what you will be saying to guests who come in, uh, how you enjoy it here, how we have protein daily, how all the beautiful food, and never [a] complaint, and tell them how you have not considered going back to America if someone gave you a million dollars. You don’t want anything to do with it. This is acquired understanding that the CIA can infiltrate, not through the Russians, but others who will be coming. The other people did not come so far in. They only came with- the guests came only a short distance, but I still hold the same demand that these people who are at the entrance be given a slip of paper written up, typewritten on, what they’re to say, exactly what they’re to do, very warmly and very courtesily, and these people must take a one-day uh, public service program. They must have some educational experience, because this is uncalled for. We need to know who is coming in our entrance. It’s essential and uh, we’re grateful to Brother (unintelligible name), he’s been thinking along lines of security, and we want to be sure that we have this as the uh, Guyana Defense Force, who’s been very helpful, our very good friend, Commander [Clarence] Price, who is head of all the naval, the Army, the Air Force of the Guyana Defense Force is a friend of ours, and he has increased the protection around us, but we still cannot be too careful. Everyone should always have an eye for that lone sniper that could try to sneak in or something of that sort, and we must have complete legitimate reporting and there’s a person goes by without them noting it, take their license number of their car, just in case that someone comes who uh, represents themselves uh, being one thing and then it’s something else. We have to take certain procedures. Precaution is necessary. Though we’re in the safest place in the world [at] this time, we want to be sure that we take every precaution necessary. Again, I want more smiling and more friendliness tomorrow when the Soviets comes. There must be gre- greetings of (Russian language greeting words) and uh, the greeting for hello. You can see them- they’re to be- I- I don’t yet see them on the sign. They’re to be put in the pavilion in prominent showing. The Soviets uh, words should be put in the pavilion in prominent showing, indicating that we are learning, or at least they should be put in the library uh, because they would go in and just see Swahili, Chinese and Spanish and- which by the way you have no Portuguese. It would not be uh- It would be considered an affront and uh, we should have more Soviet than anything, because they have been good to us. Thank you very much and we’ll see you at the seven-thirty meeting on Russian language. Much love.

(pause of several minutes of blank tape)

Attention. I thought I’d give a little Soviet history and maybe Don- (Pause) Tom Grubbs, Tropp, Dick Tropp could step up and give some favorite sayings of [Vladimir Ilich] Lenin and S- and uh, uh, [Leonid] Brezhnev as far as that goes, and [Karl] Marx, and put them around at various places. Any- any uh, sayings. Would you please take that burden off me, because I’ve had no rest and I need your assistance in that matter. I’m going to give you a little Soviet history so that the children can be drilled particularly in Pat’s [likely Pat Grunnet] and other areas where I stop children.

During the ninth and twelve centuries, Slavic land-tilling tribes inhabited a vast- (tape edit) -property inequality led to the social inequality, when the feudal aristocracy and its leaders, the princes, seized the rights of the land and to the labor and even personal freedom of the peasant. Rem- Rus (Unintelligible word, sounds like “properly”) (tape edit) -became the nucleus of the Russian land’s territoriality- territorially rather, economically and politically. Thirteenth century- (tape edit) -Rus, R-u-s, broke up into fourteen principalities and regions. The internecine- internecine wars – between tribes and peoples, that is – had broke out at that time, coin- coincided, went parallel, went together with the invasion of the nomadic hordes led by the Mongol Khans, which wrought devastation to European civilization. Rus bore the brunt- (tape edit) -achieved.

Fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. The national revival was the gr- direct result of the emergence of the centralized Russian state, which rallied the land to the great Russia, the Ukraine, and Byelor Russia, into a political and territorial enti- entity. That’s great Russia, Russian, the centralized Russian state, which rallied the lands of Great Russia and Ukraine and Byelor Russia. That’s B-y-e-l-o-r, then Russia, R-u-s-s-i-a, into a political and territorial entity. This state took the lead in the struggle against the golden horde – the golden horde – and subsequently mustered the efforts of the Russian nation to overcome its impoverishment brought about by the military intervention by Poland and Sweden early in the seventeenth century. (Pause) The new centralized state also helped restore Russian’s prestige in the eyes of other countries. Seventeenth, eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Having crushed the first Peasant War, the big land owner- land owners- the tsar, t-s-a-r, the nobility and the clergy set them (Stumbles over words) selves up as an unchallenged rulers- as the unchallenged rulers of the country. The period saw the rapid development of cities and trade with the emergence, that means no- (tape edit) -coming forward of capitalist relationships. Russia now found parts of the European economic system. The tsar, t-s-a-r, wielded unlimited power over the entire country. The triumph of absolutism was complete in the days of Peter the Great and Catherine the Second. Those are past leaders of pre- post- I mean pre-revolutionary Russia. The reforms introduced by the monarchs of Russia did not change the feudal social- socio-political system of the country which, with the advent of capitsm- capitalism, entered a period of social crises. The most notable of these were Peasant Wars led by Yemelyan, Y-e-m-e-l-y-a-n, Pugachev, P-u-g-a-c-h-e-v, Europe’s biggest the uprising of the Decembrists, D-e-c-e-m-b-r-i-s-t-s, 1825 and the socio-political movement of the revolutionary democrats. The emancipation of the peasants from feudal suppression became inevitable.

Continuing. Continuing. Stand by for just a moment. (tape edit)

Male: Okay.

Jones: 1861, the abolition of serfdom in Russia marked the beginning of a new epoch- a new period. The transition from feudalism to capitalism. There was a rapid development of industry. Emergence – that means coming forward – of a proletariat working class, and a capitalist class and- and intensification of social contradictions – that’s Soviet term that you might remember – an intensification of social contradictions. A working class emerged on the political scene with the- and the ideas of Marx began to gain ground. (Pause) Karl Marx, you know as the writer of Das Kapital, he with [Friedrich] Engels helped form the great book, Das Kapital about n- socialism, about communism which we would’ve never known. Marxist thoughts started with Karl Marx. He was- in 1848. Anyway, a working class emerged on the political scene and the class- the ideas of Marxism began to gain ground. 1895, the legal struggle for the emancipation of the working class, the embryo, that’s like the part of the egg where the baby is just beginning to form. But the revolution- revolutionary party of the proletariat, the working class, was organized in Lenin’s initiative Marxist ideas root in the working class. You remember Lenin had to live several years in exile, just as we are, before he was able to free his country.

1905-1907. The bourgeoisie democratic revolution in Russia, the first such revolution ever to take place in the period- epoch of imperialism. The mass of the people, headed by the proletariat, which was guided by a revolutionary party- party, constituted – made up – its driving force. 1914 to 1917. The First World War brought all the contradictions of imperialism, all of them, to a head and accelerated- accelerated, or sped up, that’s what it means, when you accelerate, you set- put your foot on the accelerator of a car. It accelerated or sped up the general revolutionary crisis which was at its most acute stage in Russia in 1914-1917.

February 1917, the victory of the second bourgeoisie democratic revolution, the overthrow of the autocracy and the beginning of the development- victory of the second bourgeoisie- see they had a revolution just before they had the communist revolution. February 1917, the communist revolution’s October 1917. The victory of the second bourgeoisie democratic revolution in Russia. The overthrow of the autocracy and the beginning of the development of the bourgeoisie democratic revolution into a socialist revolution began.

Now we go into the socialist era. The latter part. 1917. In October 1917, as a result of a socialist revolution, there emerged in Russia the world’s first socialist state of workers and peasants. A new age was ushered in, the age of mankind’s transition from capitalism to socialism, to a new order under which there is no exploitation, no one taking advantage of man by man. The prolecla- the proletariat, the working class of multi-national origins of Russian background blazed the trail to a vast new society.

The 1920’s and 1930’s. Industrialization, collectivism, that means like we have- live here, collective farms, collectivism of agriculture, a cultural revolution and an equitable fair sharing solution of the nationalities question, turned the Soviet Union in a short space of time into a mighty socialist power. Its working people successfully managed the central and most difficult task of the socialist revolution: the risk- the task of construction.

1941-45. The horror period. Nazi Germany’s treacherous attack on the USSR, as they were set up to do by US monopoly capitalist interest and [Winston] Churchill – it was even later brought out in British intelligence papers, you can remember – interrupted the Soviet people in their peaceful work in the central- in the great Patriotic War. The Soviet people not only defended their freedom and independence, but contributed decisively to the victory and the rescue of European and world civilization from fascism, and that they did. You can mention that they almost single-handedly stopped the- the biggest- the vast German resistance at Stalingrad and then the last stand at Berlin, when Churchill at that late point was offering a uh, telegram, by telegram to Hitler in which, you know- and Dresden that shows that he danced up and down with [Paul Joseph] Goebbels, his propaganda minister, that if he stopped the Russians, they would still negotiate a settlement where he could carry on his vicious Nazi regime, fascist, the last stage of capitalist regime and his concentration camps.

1945 to 1950’s. After acquiring [acquitting] themselves heroically in the great Patriotic War, the Soviet people displayed similar dedication in the bourgeois reconstruction. The ruined towns and villages, farms and factories were quickly restored, but the entire industrial belt, nearly, and the entire agricultural belt, nearly, were destroyed.

The 1950’s to date: As a result of the Soviet peoples’ efforts, a developed in- socialist society has been built in the Soviet Union. Developed socialism implies the fusion of the scientific and technological revolution with the advantage of the socialist system. It means the creation of the material and technical base of communism and it-  a steady rise in living standards for all people is today [the] supreme achievement of human social progress. There is no en- unemployment at all in the Soviet Union. There is no cost of living. In fact it’s gone down. That’s the advantage. Free medicine, free dentistry, all those- uh, those things. You should show some knowledge. If I were to stop and ask you some question, you should show some knowledge. This tape will be being played un- under the second tent. In a moment I’m going to give the news of the day.

(tape edit)

I remember that the Soviet Union lost twenty to twenty-two million dead. Twenty-two million of their citizens died. One in five died. One in five of every family on an average died, while USA suffered very little from the war. No bombings, no killing of civilians. So that’s the heroism of the Soviet Union, that from October 1917, the great October revolution under Lenin, that we could still see. Remember (unintelligible name, repeated several times with different pronunciations) They- Don can give these better. Now, if-  after I’ve finished the news, Don would be so kind and Tropp-

(tape edit) (Pause)

Am I- have I begun?

Male: Oh, yes, (Unintelligible word). You’re on.

Jones: I better try it again.

Male: Okay.

Jones: News of the day. Some briefly positive things in a world of much heavy news. Jobs for a hundred and forty thousand people. New graduates of Ukrainian colleges and univ- (tape edit)

-our people. Two of the estimated fifty thousand marmots that inhabit the Kazakhstan S- area of the Soviet Union, the animals were in danger of disappearing until strictconservation laws were brought into effect. Similar conservation has been done in the Volga region which has brought back-

(Male in background, unintelligible, working on technical problems)

(tape edit)

-fish that were nearly in extinction.

Dolphins happy- dolphins happy event. (unintelligible Russian name), a dolphin at the (unintelligible Russian name) aquarium has given birth to a thirty-second- 32 pound, rather, baby. It was, if you’ll excuse the expression, a boy, and the second she has given birth to in the dolphin area. As you know, dolphins have the intelligence of man almost, and some say they supercede man. I’m sure that they would be as gentle, if they are much more communistic than we see the world today.

New air route open. Regular flights have been inaugurated from Moscow to Rovno [likely Rivne] in the Ukraine. Rovno is now linked by air to 28 cities. As you know, because of socialism, the Soviet airlines are able to furnish much cheaper rates to those who travel her lines.

Tajik leopard spotted. T-a-j-i-k leopards have been spotted for the first time in 16 years in the Tajikistan mountains. The animals are protected by a strict nature and conservancies- conservancy laws which are not regarded in the imperialist circles as you know.

Female in background on radio: Go ahead.

Jones: Scientists lifted 200-year-old shell abroad- aboard the Soviet research (unintelligible word) ship, (unintelligible name), which has just returned to Vladi- Vladivostok after a long research voyage in the Pacific. The ship reached the Great Barrier Reef in Australia, where it studied the great- the coral reefs and how they protect themselves. The scientists are hoping that studies there will help them to provide protection for other organisms on marine shells. The shell and other discoveries are now being studied at Marine Biology National Institute.

(tape edit) (Pause)

-Adventists, s- which are known as Sabbatarians, or Seventh Day worshippers, Seventh Day Adventists, visit fellow believers in the Soviet Union. It’s good news to hear that they are on- on a positive note there. We have known them always to be more conservative, if not reactionary, and often very racistic in the USA. A Seventh Day Adventist delegation has been visiting the Soviet Union as guests of believers in the great USSR. Mr. Robert Pierson, President of the General Conference of the Seventh Day Adventists, said he had been greatly impressed by his first- first visit to the USSR. They had been whatever they wanted- they had seen whatever they wanted, gone wherever they had liked, they could see the Soviet constitution was right in saying there was no state interference in religious affairs- of course, elementary to those who know socialism. During their visit, the delegation attended religious services in Kiev and Odessa. As you remember, not too long back, Muhammad Ali came back and said that the Soviet Union was the most beautiful country, the least racist country he had ever seen and got in a bit of trouble with his fellow Muslim believers for praising it higher than he did Mecca in the Saudi Arabia.

Canada car contracts are being made with the USSR. Lauda [phonetic]. The first consignment of Lauda cars for sale in Canada has arrived by ship in Montreal. The contract for the supply of Lauda cars is the biggest contract for the sale to Canada of Soviet industrial products. Lauda cars have been tested in tough Canadian winter conditions fortwo years and have passed the most rigorous tests.

We’ll go on to the usual news now. All forms of education and training are free of change [change] in the great country of our spiritual motherland, the USSR.

Electronic devices get water to the cotton de- fields, a new device employed. This helps to save water in the Arab [arid?] areas and at the same time to increase the harvest by ten percent. Some- it is a little difficult for me to listen and hear and relate because the static is considerable. So I’ll try to make as much sense out of the news as possible. Estimated irrigation system has appeared in all of the major Soviet areas. I believe that’s what it’s saying. The government allocated additional funds for constructing them. The Soviet government, that is.

Land improvement in the country is financed by the government, and the grain land is handed over to the farmers. Collectives are encouraged like ours in the Soviet Union. That’s why we would be- it would be heaven on earth, paradise for us to be living in such an environment, where the entire society supports a way of life rather than finding yourself, though with tremendously fine Marxist [Guyana Prime Minister Forbes Burnham] in the leadership in this country, nonetheless the people not as aware or as supportive of collectivism as they should be.

(struggles with news item throughout) The government has taken new steps to develop the handcrafts of small nationalities. From a small- from no- small nationalities. It opened a school that also in a small nationality, of which I count here, where young people can study the traditional art of wood and arv- ivory curv- uh, carving. In the Soviet Union, much attention is given to per- promoting the handcrafts. An emphasis on- emphasis like on ours perhaps, on work study, where we spend time with the academics, all of us learn in group settings at night joyously, rather than by any kind of compulsion- uh, compulsory nature, instead of like in USA where we saw people glued to the television and made passive robots. The Soviet Union have well-equipped shops and schools for trained artists. The government-owned shops and museums, produced by the handicraftsmen and- are high, and guaranteed prices are of- are- are upheld by the Soviet government. Increased to its workers in response to demand- (Pause) Stand by.

(Tape edit) -in response to demand of more than 25 percent. (Pause) I can hardly imaginedemand of workers’ needs. There is uh, demn- demand perhaps for production. This is what it means, because Soviet Union’s trade unions are free, autonomous, and no need for strikes exist in the Soviet Union, as guaranteed employment, recreation and all other benefits, social benefits that we have to fight so hard to get for our people and our neighbors, free medicine, dental care. All those things are free from the cradle to the end of life.

By the way, a newsbreak. The new pope [Pope John Paul I], who was considered anti-communist, has just died of a heart attack. It seems Rome is having some trouble to find a successor to the seat of Saint Peter. We are always sorrowed when a human being passes from the scene. We hope that this will be at least an opportunity out of this painful grief that a more progressive pope like Pope John [XXIII], who was known as a pope of peace, will be reinstated. (tape edit) (Pause) -advocate for co-existence and so forth will be elected.

Carter’s meeting today with elements of the Trilateral Commission– As you know, in the United State, the Trilateral Commission and Brezhnev [mistaken reference to Leonid Brezhnev, Communist Party General Secretary, USSR, rather than to Zbigniew Brzezinski, Carter’s national security adviser], the chief-at-aide to the president and the security head, is really the power behind the scenes. We have reliable information from Harper’s andPlayboy, both what you would consider capitalist or– organs stating, that it was a shoo-in for Brzezinski, who is a neo-fascist, who talks of genocide in open terms, jokingly he– he spoke of leaving the circle to go to speak with some people in his office about genocide. He has in his books, advocated a kind of superman position. He is also an advocate, like Peoples China, gone mad by the Doctrine of Three Worlds, that nuclear war is inevitable, to talk in terms that nu– nuclear war, said Brzezinski, chief aide to President Carter, iscertainly acceptable means of warfare and defending democracy, so-called, joke. The ruling class, he should have said– He should have said ethnocentric in the first place, which shows his ignorance.

Newspapers seem to agree that the purpose of the meeting of the heads of the [United Nations] Security Council – this is another bit of news – is– is to head off Zambian anger, over the oil sanction scandal. The Daily Express of London says that [the] meeting will be a humiliating experience for Mr. [James] Callaghan, the prime minister of the Labor Party.The Daily Telegram describes the British prime minister’s visit to – wherever, I cannot decipher – as a pilm– pilgrimage. The paper says that some other person is desperately anxious to end the Rhodesian upheaval, which has almost ruined Zambia, said that he and the British-American government are prisoners of the African militants. Well, that’s of course an interesting bit of news that he and the American are victims of the African militants. It is the Americans and her imperialist lackeys through NATO that are stirring upthe African cauldron. They suggest that two leaders should be looking for a new, more realistic plan for solving the Rhodesian problem – Carter and Callaghan, that is – on terms which will enable the whites to remain in Rhodesia and in– (Pause) I don’t catch this word, I presume it must mean South Africa.

The Times says that Mr. Callaghan will not be going to Nigeria, if he did not think it was of the greatest importance to British interest to give president of Nigeria [Olusegun Obasanjo] prompt and public satisfaction. Nigeria has been moving more and more independent of western imperialist circles. It’s an oil-rich nation of OPEC, as you know. African accusition– accusations say that Britain was all along on [Rhodesian Prime Minister Ian] Smith’s side, as has been reported repeatedly by socialist circles. Since UDI and the fow– the row over the oil sanctions make it hard to co– counter such accusations, though they are mistaken and must be denied, the Times says that Britain will be under pressure for a new and real British com– commitment to bring Smith down. I would think so, when the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, under Robert Mugabe, nationalist and– rather Robert Mugabe, Marxist Leninist, and Joshua Nkomo, nationalist, represents 97 percent of the people of Zimbabwe.

Another paper said a minority government in Britain will have to rule out the use of force for this purpose. The Guardian has editorialized on the Israel attitude of the outcome of the Camp David summit, or should we say sell-out, on the Middle East? There’s been irate reaction, even in the reactionary regime of [Reza Pahlavi] the Shah of Iran. All through the Arab world, there’s deep resentment that Zionist expansionist Israel and Egypt uh, (Stumbles over words) more or less a satellite or puppet of US imperialism, and USA had the audacious nerve to negotiate the West Bank, which was taken by force from Jordan and Lebanon – south Lebanon – which is occupied by the aggressively neo-fascist Zionist state. It is unfortunate that the Jewish people which are (Pause) in- which have been in the past some of the greatest friends of change were led astray by the capitalist trick of Zionism. (Pause) The Guardian – Manchester Guardian, I presume – al- writes almost everything that [Menachem] Begin has said since the signing of the agreement has been to provoke the Arab opponents or humiliate Mr. [Anwar] Sadat. He urged to- I don’t catch it, I’m trying to listen and tell you at the same time- he urged that things are irresist- irresistible by his continued in- assertion of Israeli presence in occupied Arab territory. Begin, who I would call, to be kind, reactionary Prime Minister of Israel, seems determined to go on poisoningthe world. The Guardian advises the Israelis not to push their luck. The paper says that the Camp David agreement represented in the ultimate in what President Sadat could give Israel gave the agreement the most liberal interpretation in favor of the Palestines- Palestinians. This is, of course, capitalistic news, and you have to read between the lines. Obviously Israel has not given any concession in this situation.

The liberal Mail who carries a large feature face- page report from a correspondent in Ni- Nicaragua. There has been ten days of armed rebellion against the country’s military regime. The article is headed, the roost- lo- ruthless revenge of General [Anastasio] Somoza, who by the way is continually to being backed up by military– with military hardware by multinationals from you know where – Washington – and the- the article described aerial and arterial [artillery] bombardment by his fascist government forces. Somoza has been in power for 44, years after a US Marine invasion of that cont- that country. It goes on to describe, as I said, bombardment by government forces against densely-populated towns, whole sections of the towns are said to be burning, gutted and stinking with corpse. The Morning Star comments on Nicaragua. The paper says that despite President Carter’s interest in so-called, we should say, in human rights- if he reallywere interested in human rights, he would do something about the numerous thousands as, in a moment of truth Andrew Young said, were in our own political jails, as well as the Wilmington Ten, who are glaringly political prisoners, and the Puerto Ricans that’ve been kept for thirty years for their resistance to occupation, really, by a foreign power. Puerto- Puerto Rico was invaded by the United States. They wish their independence for the most part. Polls show that they do not wish to be a state of the United States. His own- the only intervention- his only intervention in Nicaragua has been to suggest – Carter’s is, that is – that General Somoza should exercise control over the murdering troops. Well, that’s not-  (tape edit)

-can hear the radio very clear. I believe this is a correspondent- foreign correspondent for New York. Often the foreign issues of US journals are a little bit more honest and, should we say, liberal than those for US consumption. An American journalist in The New York Times is visiting Nicaragua, and he said that the USA is offering the government- is offering more military aide to the regime.

The Costa Rican people have bravely withstood all efforts to get them involved, though it seemed their government was being attempted to being manipulated by the USA and her lackeys into the horrible barbaric murder of the citizenry of Nicaragua.

The main points of the news: A Foreign Secretary, and uh, I believe that’s Doctor Owens [Lord David Owen], I can’t hear clearly, are leaving London this AM to meet [Kenneth David Kaunda] the President of Zambia. The meeting will take place in Nigeria, and Rhodesia and Libya are expected to be the main topics. (Pause)

Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Begin, says there have been central misun- general misunderstandings on the part of the Camp David agreement standing with Israeli settlements of the West Bank. Doctor- uh- Mr. Begin, dictator of Zionist Israel – and that’s my own subjective feeling – who is now on his way home, will have a talk with Mr. Callaghan. Though do not underestimate the number of laboring-class Jews in Israel who oppose the Begin policies.

Moves are being made to unite dissidents in eastern Europe, and Polish and Czechoslovakian activists have announced plans for an international something- I wish I could hear it- uh, I- international (Pause) symposium or something, I- it’s not clear.

The Organization of American States has begun discussing the crisis in Nicaragua. The Organization of American States is considering sanctions.

Nigeria has lifted a state of emergency which has been in force for 12 years. They’re, as you know, promising new elections. Let us hope. Let us hope. (Pause)

(Tape edit) Today it appears likely that the president will use his authority under existing law to declare a national emergency, which of course he has right at his fingertips, just as allof the pseudo-democracies have, as Hitler had when he set up the interesting situation in Germany by taking [Marinus van der Lubbe] a mental patient out of a Dutch hospital, placing him at the Reichstag- his secret police, the Gestapo that is, and giving or putting oil cans around him, combustible instruments, and then setting fire to this- the Reichstag, the parliament building in Germany, and as you know, uh, he was also accused of being – this mental case – of being a communist. This happened after even Hitler had been namedchancellor and given a great deal of power, where five million communists were stillshowing their courage at the ballot. It was only then that he gained enough power to begin the repression that led to the horrible concentration camps, which indeed killed m- many, many communists, socialists. Not only Jews, but all those who resisted the forces of fascism, which is the final state of monopoly capitalism. There is no other place for monopoly capitalism to go.

Union sources say the law does not say that- that it was intended to handle situations where the strike is actually started, so if a back to wor- a work to order comes, union spokesman heads can answer the question to the legislative representative. And they made it clear that he thinks that they are not required to go back to work. But certainly we saw the hundred and fifteen miners who struck bravely with- that were in near poverty and they in fact werein poverty. The only union that gave them any assistance was some food help from some- a garment labor organization which has been for the uh, Soviet Union for many years, and good old Mr. Manie- [George] Meany, who is a boss, which makes it difficult in the United States for any revolutionary ferment. You have to have a- a active communist party, verystrong and independent, at least active socialist movement and an active and free tradeunion movement. Unfortunately we lack some of those elements today in the United States, to say the least, though there’re some brave people that we speak with, and we’ll be anxious if we could be of any assistance upon the advice of our Soviet brothers and sisters. But atthis time, we saw that we would’ve been devastated. Our seniors would have been destroyed with the fires being set and the assassination attempts on my life and my wife [Marceline]. And so many children, little children. They’re trying their smears, their press smears, plus all of the other horrid things to close our school- I suppose every agency in the United States started an investigation simultaneously against us, and it looked like we couldnever live through it, but we have survived, thanks to socialism.

The next move will probably come from President Carter at a press conference scheduled to begin within the hour.

South Africa has a new Prime Minister [Pieter Willem Botha] – I did not catch the name – who for twelve years served as the country’s Defense Minister. His views are well known. He is a hardliner on racial apartheid, a fascist. Most of the leading leadership of west- of South Africa were actually allies of Hitler during World War II. And he’s a hawk on military matters. The claim that he could send the country to uh- to war if he chose, but he did not at this time. He promised to work for better relations between the rations- races. John [Johannes] Vorster, who retired as Prime Minister, if you want to be so kind as to call him an elected official, because of ailing health, so-called, has been nominated for the largely ceremonial post- whatever that is, I cannot detect over the news. The static is too bad.

President Carter speaking- is making all the moves preparatory to ordering radio- railway workers back to work for sixty days. Of course, of course, I’m sure he is. Labor has begun to wake the sleeping giant of labor, something we have not seen in an apathetic America that is increasingly racist in every nook, crook and cranny. For the last three days, the strike has threatened three-fourths of the US labor system. Secretary [Ray] Marshall speaking- the Norfolk and Western BRAC have an- have been unable to reach an agreement during the past 26 hours. I am going to say, stay in touch with both parties and urge them to continue their negotiations. Secretary Marshall says the president has received a recommendation from the National Mediation Board – that is Secretary Marshall is of the railway union – to set up an emergency board under the Railway Labor Act. The union legislative council, James Kennedy said, we have been trying and busting our (Pause) house to get this thing settled – busting our rears, I think he said – to get this thing settled, and maybe they should ask the administration, who are the really bad guys?

As we saw in our movie [Harlan County, USA] that we captured the best of, on uh, TV and avoided all the violence and the capitalist commercials, while it was illegal to do so by closed circuit videotape, there is for the first time in some areas, though I must admit it’s miniscule and almost microscopic, a union of black and white coming out of racial concerns, stop fighting for black liberation or white liberation, which is ridiculous, but are working together as in Harlan County, when they resisted the mines for working class liberation. And so it was with the miners in the U- United Mine Workers a few weeks ago.

This is the only hope for America, and America’s a dangerous giant today. The fortress America, with her finger on the nuclear button and madness enough to think, like China in her idiocy, that nuclear war is thinkable. Of course China, in her plans feels that if nuclear war comes, becomes of her massive population, she will be the winner, but it’s an insanekind of concept, and in no way does she carry out sincerely her Doctrine of the Third World, ridiculously trying to make USSR as the most dangerous part of the First World, and her ridiculous overtures of the second war- Second World a mere exploitation in expansionism, and the Third World is more ridiculous yet, in that China has not led anyliberation struggles. She was on the wrong side in Angola. The wrong side in Ethiopia. She’s on the wrong side in uh, southeast Asia, in Kampuchea, formerly Cambodia, which has turned the nationalist element of the Khmer Rouge, has taken over and killed two million of the population.

We are in a difficult time, but let us hope that America can awake. The sleeping giant can awake to resist capitalism before it’s too late.

Said the railway union legislative council, James Kennedy, we have been trying and busting our rears, as I’ve said, to get this thing settled, and maybe they should ask the administration who are the bad guys. Railway u- railway union lawyer, James Kennedy, President Carter may make- and (Unintelligible word) President Carter may make his decision about what to do about the rail strike at his news conference. You can hear the president live a half hour from now over many of the entertainment uh, work- network stations. Well, Americans will have to set aside their soap operas for a moment and their hypnotic boob tube, to be able to listen to the facts that the labor class struggle is indeed a reality in the United States of America.

The House Assassination Committee hearings in the killing of the President [John F.] Kennedy are winding down. The committee is wrapping up these hearings today, weaving together reports of organized crimes, anger at the Kennedy administration for its tough law enforcements with hints that the mob figures may have arranged for the assassination. No mention, of course, of the numerous writers who have referred to the oil interest, who has, late as a day before President Kennedy’s journey to Dallas, took out ads, calling him a monster and calling for his annihilation. Chief Counsel Robert Blakey told US, organized crimes had a motive, the p- opportunity, and the means to carry out the p- the p- the plot. The testimony so far however has not proven that such a conspiracy exists. It’s ridiculous. The Mafia were not the ones that uh, stood to gain. Kennedy was at least more amenable to peace. He would not give the Air Force backing that Nixon and Eisenhower had requested to invade the Cuban- the only free territory in the Caribbean. So those who had everything to gain were the rightwing conspiracy, the multinational rulers, the elitists, the capitalists that rule the United States. Florida crime boss [Santo] Trafficanti denied under oath the accusation that he had known in advance that Kennedy would be killed.

Research at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston has come up with a new blood test to detect some cancers before the normal symptoms show up, says Radio BBC.

I wish I had better news available, but we- we do not have good reception from Moscow, and we are not the slightest interested in Peking’s ballyhoo and propaganda. Early detection means a better chan- chance of cure. (Pause) Stand by. (tape edit)

Voice of, let’s say, ruling class of America, continued. Botha has been selected as the new South Africa prime minister. Vorster is stepping down for reasons of health, although his policies are expected to be continued, if not more aggressively, by Botha, a hardliner, as much a neo-fascist as Vorster who, up until now, has been defense minister. That’s my commentary.

Congressman John Conyers walked out of a black caucus meeting called by President Carter on how he failed him on the issue of priorities, and he said that Carter should push the Humphrey-Hawkins bill before other legislation. Conyers: “This is not a matter between me and the president. This is now a question between the people who believe that the Democratic Party has an obligation to come forward with a response for joblessness, growing inflation, and constitutional justice which is not addressed either in the gas bill or the tax bill.” Conyers says President Carter will have to face the issue again when he faces black congressmen this weekend.

More and more black congressmen are being harassed, according to Lieutenant Governor [Mervyn] Dymally, our friend, who has written a book that has clearly pointed out how blacks have suffered in the dilemma of black politics. “Every politician or leader who is black or minority such as myself has been the victim of smear, investigations or outright criminal indictments,” like Congressman uh, from- uh, I don’t readily remember his name uh, in- in Michigan, who was sentenced, but he’s the chairman of the Subcommittee on House Affairs, black uh, of uh, concerned, the House Affairs for Africa. Anyway, w-  [Charles] Diggs is his name. He faces a hundred and seventy-five years and 37 felony counts. This is the kind of justice that is meted out to those who dare to speak a word, and if they dare to, like Andrew Young, they’re whipped into submission. We who are Marxist-Leninist should know this, that the one thing that often causes people to lose their courage is fear of loss of reputation or fear of death. Everyone dies at some point or another. We have lived with death at times, and yet the very next hour after the conflict was over, joy returned to our lives. It’s better to live joyously for principle and to die honorably, than to have to do, as Andrew Young did, read off a text with his head bowed before the eyes of the nation, apologizing for his courage, momentarily, to speak the truth.

Anyway, some US delegation is to go to Cairo within two weeks to begin work on a peace treaty- I cannot hear.

In Tel Aviv, Israeli- Israelis were in long queues to sign up for the tours of Egypt. A reverse exodus is to begin as soon as the border is open. In Egypt, the military are getting ready to work on (Pause) some kind of public service improvements. I’ve left out and made commentary on a lot of the news. It’s just the same old pabulum.

A Cleveland councilwoman says she doesn’t care what the ACLU – American Civil Ler- Liberties Union – says, she and her neighbors will continue to call the wives of men seen talking to prostitutes, although she may be responsible for some divorces, she admits. Well, that’s interesting news. I’m sure if she calls uh, the uh- uh, (Laughs) wives of men seen to talk- talking to prostitutes, she will be able to solve the whole situation.

As you know, Cleveland has a uh, patronage m- uh, mayor, a mayor [Dennis Kucinich] who has given uh, the old spoilage practices and given jobs to his family and uh, important establishment friends, and he was up for recall, but the establishment was clever enough to have it on Sunday, and of course that’s the religion which is the opiate of the people. That’s why we are all atheists. That was the thing that lost the vote. The blacks which represented the mino- the majority of Cleveland were in church, studying about heaven. Which does not exist. This is the only heaven we’ll ever have, on earth, what we develop with our own sweat and blood.

A Cleveland councilwoman says she does not care what the ACLU says (Pause), as I said, she’s going to go on this great campaign and going to launch it throughout the nation. I love- I- I love USA’s campaigns. They have such meaning to them.

John F. Diner, a Republic- Republican congressional candidate has lost his radio ad. The voice sounded just like that of radio news commentator Paul Harvey. The voice is actually that of David Spencer. He says he just happens to sound like Har- Harvey. None of which explains why the announcement began, “Hello, America,” does it?

Oh, there’s so much, much generous news. I’m getting a little bit of Radio Moscow. Let’s see. The Soviet Foreign Minister, Andrei Gromyko, and the American Secretary of State, Cyrus Vance, have discussed in New York the remaining unsettling re- uh, questions concerning their working out of an agreement to limiting the strategic defense uh- of defense arms which is a priority today. Peace is a priority, when you have madmen likeBrzezinski and the Chinese uh, renegade nationalist mainland which- who- who advocateopenly nuclear war solution for problems. Addressing the UN General Assembly, AndreiGromyko said that she- the talks of the issue could be completed successfully, if a sober course takes the upper hand in the United States. Meanwhile, it was reported from Geneva that the Soviet and American delegation again met today to discuss ways of limiting strategic defensive harms- arms. May it be. Our deepest wishes that such suc- suc- much success shall come to it.

Today is the first day of the work of an international concert [conference] of the liberation movement in South Africa fighting apartheid. The conference is held in connection with international- uh, I don’t catch it, against aparty- apartheid proclaimed by the United Nates- Nations speaking on the eve of the opening of the conference. The President of the World Peace Council, (Pause) Chandler [Romesh Chandra], and the liberation- said the liberation of South Africa is one of the most important international issues of concern to all the world. Indeed, it is. It’s a fascist Germany, upheld by 447 billion dollar aid from our tax dollars which makes us have no small amount of guilt that we pay taxes in USA in the first part of this year, not to mention the billions that was also brought out by even some US journalist uh, when forced to by socialist alternative presses, that money was being smuggled by multinationals to the dread South African regime where people live in abject poverty, where husbands and wives do not see each other- see each other from holiday- Christmas holiday to holiday, because the women live in and are the- the mammies that take care of the babies, the white babies of the ruling class, and the middle class, the petty bourgeoisie and the bourgeoisie. They are however not allowed to live together, so the black male has to live outside. And in the evening, black males who work in the cities, and all blacks for that matter, have to walk often miles to nothing more than ca- uh, conference- uh, concentration camps, and carry passbooks, just as Nazi Hitler’s Germany. The liberation of South Africais, I would agree with the World Peace Council, the most important international concern. The existence of the racist regime would’ve been impossible without large-scale support of the US imperialist powers and her lackeys. Indeed so. Anyone with their right mind would also know that.

The League Chairman of the special United Nations Committee on Apartheid, Leslie Harriman, has called on all countries to step up the struggle against the racist regime in South Africa. He said in New York, New York, it was the duty of the United Nations to press for the Africans’ liberation from racism without delay. Leslie Harriman was speaking [in] connection with the coming day of solidarity with political prisoners in South Africa. It will be observed on October 11. There’s also much world pressure needed, particularly being championed by the avant garde of liberation, the Soviet Union, the Warsaw Pact, for Namibia. That’s just why the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia voted against the United Nations solution. It does not guarantee a really independent Namibia.

United Nations General Secretary [Kurt Waldheim] feels that ratification by all countries of the international convention on (Pause) the crime of ray- apartheid is a must in the (Pause) objective of action against racism. This is the main conclusion he makes in his report. United Nations circles draw attention to the fact that the United States, which poses [as] a ch- a champion of human rights, has not signed the basic document. It’s also readily important to note that the recent meeting on human rights conducted in Geneva, Switzerland was not attended by two states: Zionist Israel, who the world has indicted for racism – pity that they would practice in reverse that which was practiced on them by the Nazis – and USA, who upholds racism- racisism, not only in Israeli, but in other countries of Africa and throughout the world in their puppet re- lackey control. Also in the United States itself.

Rhodesia’s racist regime has remarked- embarked on a course of constant active aggression against Mozambique and Zambia, again aided by the fact that USA hypocritically, without any shame, has lifted the bar on arms limitation, economic aid to Rhodesia. (Unintelligible, sound like “The Church”) of the Rhodesian Army operations wall has boasted in South Africa, that there has not been a single day of the year when Rhodesian troops have not engaged in hostilities outside the country. (Pause)

Someone has denounced an attempt to the west to send to Africa- I think it is uh, more mercenaries in the interest of monopoly influences in uh, Zimbabwe, which of course, no way in the world that those two nations could be maintained except by outside, uh, military might. US might. All the money, the 200 years of advancement they’ve had in development through capitalism. They have a great deal of wealth. The Soviet Union, barely fifty years young, then having to face a wa- a war and the- carry the brunt of the war. And actually, you might say, American troops were held back and allowed the massacre of a hundred thousand Germans in Berlin, a hundred thousand, rather, Soviets in Berlin, fighting the Nazis. Some have heard statements, as we did on the television, Dresden that even [Franklin] Roosevelt offered Hitler and [Paul Joseph] Goebbels that if they could stop the Russian advance and kill off enough of the Soviets, they would still make a separate peace settlement with the m- murderer Hitler.

The corporations seek control of the continent’s mineral wealth. The USA cannot survivereally, without this. The only way they survive and have their consumer advantages today is by exploiting the natural resources of other countries, making super profits. To camouflage the- (Stumbles over words) the West claims that it is also the African countries who are interested in them helping- uh, helping them with their technology. However, between 1958 and ’74, the 18 African countries associated with the Common Market received for the purpose from the European development fund, a ridiculously low sum, a mere seven million dollars. It takes tens of million do- of millions of dollars to build one medium-sized enterprise in the engineering or chemical industry. Behind the interior scheme, is profiteering by the monopoly cro- capitalist. And they do it without shame. It is the monopoly’s report and not the national interest of the developing countries.

The President of Syria [Hafez Al-Assad] is discussing the situation in the Arab world with the government of Kuwait, the conclusion of Israel-Egyptian separate deal at Camp David with Carter, the figurehead, at least, for the Trilateral Commission. The Syrian president is now touring some of the Arab countries and explaining the need for outright confrontation against Israel and Egypt, if this unholy summit agreement is upheld. The front has rejected the deal, and much of President Carter’s political future, say some – many commentators in fact – rest on him being able to get this manipuly deal for US imperialism.

Again, as you know (Pause) from yesterday, even Nixon, an open criminal who has beenproven to be so, has made millions, as we reported, his accounts are in the millions now, even though his wife [Pat Nixon] has had ill health. I guess criminals do pay in the end, but that’s not the purpose of socialists. Uh- We are interested in justice and the feeling it gives to us, in fighting for justice. But Nixon actu- actually has a better lead in the polls than Carter does at the present time.

The Front has rejected the deal. It has nothing to do with the Middle East settlement. Members of the Front are Syria, Libya, Democratic Yemen, Algeria, the Palestinian Liberation Orgaza- Organization, the PA, the Palestinian Liberation Front.

In Tripoli, the permanent secretary of All-Arab Peoples Congress stated at its recent session that the agreements reached at Camp David show that President Sadat has- (Stumbles over words) gone into the camp of the Zionist and the imperialist.

France will set down for a disarmament committee in Geneva. This has been announced after a meeting of the cabinet. In his speech, [Valéry Giscard d’Estaing] President of France said this country will help to bring world peace before it’s too late. France, until now, has been a member of the Geneva committee, but did not take part in it, at first, according to this report.

There are 21 countries – I’m about through, the news is a little longer than usual and much more staticky and difficult to get to you – there are 21 countri- commit- countries on the committee, and it will begin holding meetings in (Unintelligible city) starting in January. The committee was opened to new members by the decision of the special session of young General of Disarmament held this year- of the young General of Disarmament.

The opposition broke in Nicaragua, saying peace in this country can only be restored through the resi- resignation of dictator Somoza. The broad opposition front and the Sandin- Sandinista National Liberation Front have rejected the possibility of any talks with the dictator.

US news media that have tried to say that – and even had the nerve to say that – all of thelocal uh, (sighs) opposition had been killed off in Nicaragua, so these had to be Cubanresistors, uh, are just too ridiculous to mention. But anyway, none will have anything to do with uh, Somoza. The Americans have already sent their special inquiry [envoy], William Jordan, to Managua. By using these tactics, the Americans expect to keep in power the dictorial [dictatorial] fascist regime which is getting the large American military, political and economic aid. Using American weapons, the Somoza regime is conducting last reprisals against the population taking part in the rebellion. More than ten thousand citizens have already been murdered by troops trained by American subjects. My God.

The Executive Committee of the Socialist Economic Community is meeting in Mongolia, I believe. Economic integration program and discussing ways of extending the organization’s content- contact with Mongolia, an alliance. As you know, the sifty- the Soviet Union havemany, many ethnic groups and nationalities that live perfectly in harmony. As Muhammad Ali said, the only place he had never felt racisism. In one interview, recently, inWashington, when a TV com- commentator was attempting to be smart, he said, don’t you know it was probably staged to you? He said, do you believe? Well, it’s- that’s verywonderful, if they can stage thousands, tens of thousands, people running out in the streets, greeting me, well-dressed and well-groomed. They must have quite a bit of equipment and modern uh, [short laugh] clothing and so forth, to be able to make such a staging. Muhammad Ali has his own colorful way of doing these things. He is due to visit here, along with Dick Gregory, in a few- few months at- at least and maybe earlier.

The opening speech was made by- in Mongolia, by the first efforts of the Mongolian Peoples Revolutionary Party, [Jambyn Batmönkh] the Chairman of (Pause) the Peoples Republic of Mongolia. He said that cooperation of economic community – it’s very difficult to understand now, at this point – economic growth of this country. The Mongolian leaders sharply criticized the socialist, (Pause) so-called, forces of China and its attacks on Vietnam – which are obvious – and their inciting of Kampuchea, as the Khmer Rouge, as I said, which has turned nationalistic, and uh, (unintelligible word) Kampuchea is no longer a socialist revolution, and has killed a third of its population, est- over two million people. Cuba and Mongolia were praised highly.

The Soviet government has sent a message to the General Assembly of the United Nations, natural resources- resources conservation which have be- been uh, meeting in Soviet Central Asia. The message says that cooperation of the sti- scientists make it possible to solve the problem of protection of the environment much more effectively and also should better the international situation. Representatives of 103 countries are taking part in the gathering.

For the fourth month of- the board- for the fou- fourth month on board, the space platform, which is a absolute ini- initial breakthrough- a first- the Soviet space flight is the longest so far and exceeds by 20 days their space endurance record (Stumbles over words) by an American au- astronaut. One of the space experts says that the station has opened the way to gaining even more permanent knowledge and uh, awareness of our world. It was impossible to regulate- uh, something not clear. Scientific laboratory- laboratory on this station- It’s very difficult for me to understand. Anyway, we know that they have been able to learn much about the world and the atmosphere. We hope they’ve also been able to learn some technology of defense against US military aggression and clear first strike (Pause) reservations which they’ve maintained for themselves. As we all know, the S- United States is one of the few nations that refused to even sign a genocide treaty, which is horrible enough. It’s unimaginable that a people would refuse to sign and- a genocide treaty, guaranteeing that they would not kill off any part of their people or other peoples.

In the Soviet Union there is a system of continuing education, including both children and adults. This was stated in an interview in Moscow by the Vice President of the Academy of Scientists- Sciences. He explains that every now- that even now, young person rese- receives a secondary education – everyone does – at the minimum, and every person goes through a refresher course once in four or five years. More than forty million persons study at school and are trained for new pro- per- per- professions. Various courses and so forth. As you know, the Soviet Union has also a very unique policy. A person is guaranteed the right to hold their job for three years, as I pointed out to you, I think, in some previous news article. They have the right to maintain their job for three years before they can be fired, giving them time to learn the- the task. No greater job security could be found anyplace in the world. Would that the USA had such security, and then free health guarantees and all of the oth- other. Impossible, impossible. (Pause)

The final point of the day- and the news has been too long, but some wanted some commentary, so we shall give it. The talking point in US government quarters today is prog- in progress is US-Chinese relations. Broadening cooperations, so-called, between the two countries and a second thaw after the first one following President Nixon’s visit to China in 1972. Speculation about such relations increased as a result of the establishment of a livelier political contact uh, between the two countries. Some growth in trade this year is expected to amount to 700 million as it compared with 374 million last year, and the broadening of scientific and other exchanges. This would have been an encouraging trend, if it were based on the mutual desire of both countries to promote the cause of peace and detente. Unfortunately, the latest developments, especially of the recent visit to China by a US government scientific delegation, gives reason to question the sincerity of the intention of the two sides. Indeed, if one is to take a look at the extensive scientific and technological cooperation program between China and the United States which is being discussed in US press, the question may arise, what either side expects to gain from the development of contacts in the field. As for the US, the scientific community has safe- lately lost much of its interest in Chinese acupuncture- acupuncture, and there is nothing else Peking can offer in the way of technology. It is no secret that even the little that Chinese science and technology had achieved, was destroyed during the reign of Mao Tse-Tung and his zealous associates now referred to as the Gang of Four. On the other hand, the Chinese leadership does not conceal its plans to use Western economic and scientific know-how, particularly that of the US for carrying out its programs of four modernizations. The main target of that program is to modernize the Chinese armed forces, which in terms of numbers of troops are the largest in the world, so they are the real hegemony power. So it- it is not bilateral cooperation at all. It is in fact unilateral aid from the US, for China’s efforts to build up her military and academic and economic potential to threaten the USSR. The talks held in Peking- Peking between China’s leaders and a high-ranking US delegation led by Frank Press, science and technology advisor to President Carter who’s known for his rightwing thinking, bear this out. The US representatives at this- at the talks sought to create the impression that they were discussing such innocuous things as cooperation in space research, energy production, the use of natural resources, oceanography, et cetera, while China’s Deputy [Vice] Premier, Fang Yi, bluntly said that US-Chinese cooperation in the field of science and technology would contribute to the struggle against hegemony. This was an invitation for the United States side to participate in China’s military (Pause) and political programs. The worn-out pieces about hegemony was used to indicate that this cooperation would be directed against the Soviet Union. USA had better be careful. She’s being used to give China the hegemony that she seeks to be the one power that remains after the nuclear holocaust that she envisions to take place and is working very hard to bring about.

It would be appropriate to point out that, while presenting itself as a weak country oppressed by superpowers, Peking is persistently seeking to put into practice (Pause) its imperial ambitions that- and seizes every opportunity to press claims for foreign territorieswherever possible, and any unbiased observer is aware of the dangers of the policies pursued by the Chinese leadership lately, who have completely left the communist aims of Marx and Lenin, and have gone into a nationalistic chauvinism. Shortly after cur- carrying out a unilateral military operation aimed at seizing the partial- the Paracel ice islands, China resorted to open blackmail against Japan, trying to gain control over the Sen Kaku islands. Then China turned against Vietnam. Having decided to reestablish its traditional sphere of influence, Peking first set Cambodia against Vietnam, and then deliberately, blowing out ofall proportion the problem of resident Chinese in Vietnam, resorted to direct erect- interference in the internal affairs of that country.

The New York Times justly termed China’s arrogant policy a dangerous game- gamble. Even the rightwing- New- U- US News and World Report warned the USA against China’s aims. It’s only to bring them into conflict between USSR and USA, says US News World and Report, and that ultimately to bring about a nuclear war in which China sees herself as the winner. The United States appears to want to become involved in Peking’s gamble out of desperation. In any case, Washington has approved the s- sale of China- the sale to China of military-related equipment, such as scanning facilities for geographical or geophysical rockets. (Pause) It also encourages military cooperation between Peking and the United States Western allies. Does the White House realize that in hoping to use China’s expansionist ambitions to its own advantage, it overestimates its strength and underestimates the political acumen of the Chinese leaders? There was a period in the history of US policy in Asia, when Washington supplied raw materials and military technology to the main expansionist power in that part of the world, at the beginning of the century. At that timetoo, the United States hoped that it would use them in the right direction. Those hopes were dashed at Pearl Harbor. So US-Chinese scientific and han- technological cooperation is notas safe for the US national interest as it might seem at first glance, because it will eventually back- backfire.

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-of the news. Interesting closing of the news. De- deer defeats eagle. A huge eagle swooped on a reindeer calf which had strayed from the herd at the (unintelligible name, sounds like “Omayakanski”) state farm in the Arctic Circle in the Soviet Union. Reindeer herders rushed to the scene, but before they got there, the leader of the reindeer herd had edged up on the eagle. It kicked at the bird with its hooves, tumbled it on its back and trampled on it angrily. By the time the herdsman reached the scene, all that was left of the eagle was a heap of feathers. That’s quite unusual. Thought that would just be an interest of note. We are interested in animals and all such nature life around us. Thank you and greetings of peace and goodwill.

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-(unintelligible) clean, such as our office and plants set out. Decorative things. Be sure that all of your apartments are cleared. Some were not clean, and when we have them, we’ll be bringing them up in Public Services, unless you get them straightened out by the time we get out there. Cut out all weeds and, as I told you earlier, we want that place at East House to be apple pie order. All through the vegetable stand. No unsanitary appearances. People, be sure your hair is not gro- uh, badly appearing. Be sure it’s not matted. Be sure you’re uh, given yourself proper bathing, so that you’ll give the right appearance. This is essential to us as representing a socialist society and meeting with a Soviet group, who is prepared to talk to us about (Pause) any kind of option, should we ever need it. Should we ever need it. Should we ever be pressured from any side. We want to win their friendship with certainty and with much love. You must extend your love, your courtesy, your warmth (Pause) and give the greetings. They are in the library, if you’re unsure. There’s also uh, something of Soviet history, uh, just a brief syn- uh, synopsis of So- Soviet history that I think would be helpful. It takes you all the way up from the present. It only took me about, I think, about approximately forty- oh, it didn’t take me that long. It didn’t take me fifteen, twenty minutes to give it, and I hope Comrade Grubbs and Don and uh, Tropp have been able to give you some of Lenin and Marx’ statements. You ought to have them. And they are- they be already posted about, and then learn them. Le- learn them and learn something of them- of themselves. Perhaps Comrade Grubbs could point you to a book that you could be reading in the uh, pavilion area at the moment. Or uh, in the library at the moment. Some way that you could get uh, some knowledge of quoting. It’s a little belated, we should have thought of it earlier, but quotes of Lenin and Mar- and Marx, particularly Lenin, will be very highly uh, welcomed and received cordially. And even our attempts at the Soviet language impressed them. They of course said we had a- what they jokingly called a southern accent, but we uh, note they have a accent too when they speak, so- Some don’t. Some speak it almost eloquently, but it’s very rare- very rare. So don’t be hesitant to use your lang-

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Tape originally posted May 2009