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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Vicki Perry. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: -signed by Israel and Egypt tod- yesterday has been released in Washington. Egypt’s major co- concession is an agreement to ship a separate- to sign, rather, a separate peace treaty with Israel on the Sinai.

You’ll have to understand until the Russians send their doctors, though I managed to heal myself of all cancer-appearing signs, I have something that puts me up to a hundred and five, and the doctors, they’re with me now, trying to see that it doesn’t get above, because when it does, it’s dangerous. But my work never stops. I don’t want it to. There’re other socialists that are suffering worse than my- worse than I am, so I’ll gladly take my joints that are achy and all the other symptoms. Enough for that.

Egypt’s major concession unfort- fortunately is an agreement to sign a separate peace treaty with Zionist Israel on the Sinai. The agreement calls for the establishment of diplomatic relations after Israel withdraws al of its troops from the region. Egypt is still insisting that Israeli settlements on the Sinai must be dismantled, but that issue must still be revol- resolved by the E- Egyptian masses, who in a recent popularity poll accused him [President Anwar Sadat] of being – 92 percent – the weakest leader they’d ever had. It was done secretly, of course. Naturally, he does not permit secret polls. So, from that region, we shall see. Egypt is still insisting that Israel settlements on the third- Sinai must be dismantled, but that issue must still be resolved. Prime Minister [Menachem] Begin, dictator of the rightwing Zionist element that he is, even resisted by nearly one half of his own Israeli populace, who are moving more and more towards a leftward policy that they used to pursue. He says it mus- E- Egypt is still insisting that Sinai must be dis- dismantled but that issue must still be re- beins- be with- decided rather – that was not my error, that was a wrong error in- in typing. But the Sianese, the people who live in Sinai- ‘course they’re servants and s- peons. What do they count? Prime Minister, if you want to dignify him by that, Begin of Israel, revealed today that the United States- (Pause) the United States, I’m not hearing that- United States State Department- (speaks slowly, as he monitors incoming news) the second accord, apparently, for an overall Middle East settlement has been signed with the United States State Department, secret even to Begin.

Now, what does it call for? The- (Pause) it will install two air bases in Israel – now that’s really nice – revealed today that the United States uh, will instill two air bases, manned with US boys in, naturally, I’m sure, compliance with Senator Stennis [Sen. John C. Stennis (D-Mississippi)], who began our conspiracy, manned by mostly white airmen. Very few black men ever- or Indians get into the Air Force. So you might say this morning, another nation has been conquered by the beast from the north. Prime Minister Begin revealed today that the United States will have his full cooperation and virtual self-government of the Sinai. Let us see how the Organization of African Unity wakes to this. We have not yet heard Moscow’s response, neither have we heard China. China’s also opposed to a state of Israel. We’ve heard nothing from the other Arab League nations that were ignored like you would a tramp in the days when racism was so severe. (Pause)

This has been confirmed by the US State Department. The- the second accord, that is. Apparently for an overall Middle East settlement calls for Israel to withdraw from the West Bank of the Jordan. Yes, but, I’m sure the Jordans [Jordanians] would prefer having their neighbor Israel on their West Bank, rather than the fascist warmonger that started every war since the time that our history has begun, the United States. What hypocrites. [President Jimmy] Carter should never open his mouth about human rights.

By the way, Doctor- as you know- Doctor W- a- the man that wrote Rush to Judgment, (Pause) Mark Lane, is having a conference meeting. All leading government afig- figures praising this place, called me a saint and the- all the press is coming. Both the PPP, the Working P- People’s Party Alliance and uh, the uh, Catholic Standard. All will be there with the c- agreement of the government. Also when he goes back, he’s going to devote his life. He has touched, he said, he never believed. He was too cynical but he saw a man who is selfless. He said, “Jim Jones, you are selfless, so I’m gonna go back and I’m gonna spend three months of my time working on nothing but speaking about this program to override the dirty uh, copy they’ve had.” He’s very popular, he’s been on the [Tom] Snyder Show, he’s been on all the leading television shows. So- th- then there’s a lot more news, but I can’t remember it all. Not feeling too well.

All right, we’re back where the uh, Jordans are supposed to be thankful that USA is taking over the West Bank of the Jordan. (Pause) (Tape edit) As I said, I’m sure the Jordan people, a free, proud, non-aligned – I’m sure before long they’ll probably be pro-Soviet – are not satisfied with the fact that the US has replaced the meager forces of the Sianese that had been put in power by Israel in their conquered lands, that is oil rich. I’m sure there’s going to be indignation all over the world over the fact that the Soviet Union has placed- uh, rather, the United States of America has placed an advanced Air F- Air Force base right on the bank of Jordan. The second accord, if you can call it that, apparently for an overhaul of Middle East settlement of calls for Israel to withdraw from the West Bank of the Jordan River and Ga- Gaza Strip, after Palestinian residents hold free elections. Well, that sounds nice. During the five years’ transition – while these people are being brainwashed how they’re going to vote or they’re not going to have a job, they’ll have to vote for Israel or they’ll lose their job, very clever little capitalist tricks – the future of the region is to be determined by negotiations. No wonder the Soviet Union stomped out of the UN with Czechoslovakia, when they voted on a solution to Namibia. They said, [the] UN under US control, because US still controls by the fact of the way it was set it up- set up, even though she’s out numbered ninety-five- ninety-eight to one, she still controls the Security Council, and the Security Council is something like the president. The president can veto anything that Congress passes. Normally, they’re too chicken-hearted though, because they fear that they’ll get shot, like [Pres. John F.] Kennedy, or someone else.

All right. Then when this is over, the future of the region will be determined by negotiations between E- Egypt, Israel. Now Jordan. Wonder why they didn’t include Jordan over at Camp David, in the little summer camp uh, where Mr. Carter is. By the way he’s having severe chest pains that’ve been called anything from angina to peptic ulcers. We shall remember him in our prayers.

During the five-year uh, transition period, the future of the region is to be determined by negotiations between Egypt, Israel, Jordan and the area’s elected representatives. Prime Minister Begin, however, told reporters today that Israel intends to keep its own forces in that area, no matter what is decided. This is the arrogance of fascism out of Begin, the Zionist fascist that is doomed to bring down nuclear war.

Please write your loved ones as you are told, and write them in front of the news letter writers. Some refuse to write there at the table. It disturbs them because some never get done. No exceptions. You are to write at the table. Some sent newspapers out- articles out, and we’re going to deal with this. You’re going to have to explain why you did, because the people reported on you, so we want to know what you are doing. You ought to understand the socialist situation. Doctor Lang- Doctor Mark Lang said he would make every person that entered this community go naked and look in their vagina and their penis. And in their mouth. (Pause) (Stern tone) And that’s what I may take to do, if some of you people don’t take to minding rules. You know damn well private messages are not supposed to go out. They’re supposed to be read, by censors. Those censors have never, never one time have you heard any gossip of the censors talking about what was in your letters. If you did, you should’ve brought it to me. Now I insist that all letters be written in front of those censors. They are the most important letter writer helpers that this cause has. You don’t know. They know how little words can be taken wrong and be used by the CIA. For Christ sakes, be thankful they receive your mail. You always get the mail in the- in the first place. It always comes to you. We get it to you the moment it comes to Georgetown and is opened. We tell you, we open and read it there and transfer it to you here so you can know how to read. And in some cases where you’ve gotten no mail at all – and lots of cases that’s so – you keep running up. One of the worst ladies that keeps running up for mail. You have got no mail, Mary. I don’t know what the problem is. You’ll have to talk with your relatives. Write them, but also do not ask our photographer to take pictures. He is assigned, and it must be through Rita [Tupper, aka Rita Lenin] that these assignments go. These pictures are- are costly. Some of you break my heart. Here I sit with a hundred and five degree temperature, and by God, some of you won’t do a- as much as to try to save a- a stamp on an envelope by writing some s- sucko- some- ha- ha- damn, I haven’t got the words for it. I haven’t got the damn words for it. It’s just low down and unthankful, that’s what it is. And we’ll be talking about it in People’s Forum.

(Tone moderates) Anyway, good old J- [Cheddi] Jagan says that there’s not going to be any change, no matter what uh, takes place with the so-called summit Camp [David] conference. He and the President hav- have been briefed, and they brief with the top US legislators on the summit talks today before they met with Sadat. Sadat was not- he was one of the nigger Arabs that wasn’t good enough to come in. If he had any digit- dignity, he would have walked out.

In Washington, and Presidential Carter will address a joint session of Congress this evening, but we know how it’s going. We already have the announcement. They’re going to br- substitute US bases, and Israel will not– will not– Israel intends to keep its wo- own forces in the area its- of its settlements that is conquered by bloodshed on the West Bank and the Gaza Strip forever. What is there to talk about? How dumb the American people, and how caught up in Zionist must be American Jewish people, because even half of the Jewish nation is calling for the resignation of the dread dictator. Some call him a lunatic, because he said he would rather go down in nuclear ashes than to give one grain of sand of Israel- to give up one grain of sand of Israel.

The Palestine Liberation Organization, Libya and Syria loudly condemned the summit talks, but moderate Arab stage- states reserved official condemnation for only a time. But they are still simmering. All are in deep resentment of Washington’s clear minutia- manipulation of hegemony and world domination. Georgian- Jordan King Hussein cancelled a visit to Morocco and returned home from his vacation. And he was very, very close to Morocco, by the way, and he returned home from his vacation in Spain in the wake of the- in the wake of the new developments- the new summit, as he called them, Munich sell-outs. That was a sell-out that USA and Britain made that sold out all of Europe to West Germany. So, European reaction ranged from a sharp attack o- o- to Morocco and returned home- Jordan’s king is in London. And he cancelled a visit there and he is- speeches, summit uh, talks with the big leaders of England, ranged from how he had had a good vacation in Spain and in the walks- in the wake of the Morocco situation, had returned home from his vacation in Spain. In the walk- uh, the wake, it means the beginning of the Morocco and returned home- in the wake of the Morocco situation, he returned home, stopping a three week van- va- vacation that included all of his families. He left London. He said, “We will have war over this. US does not have enough might to defeat the people’s will to be free on their own land.” Then he went to Yugoslavia. In Israel, among a number of opposition leaders, voted support for the ma- the agreements. Yugoslavia condemned the agreement. Non-aligned communist Yugoslavia. And the- a number of opposition leaders voted support for the agreements and (Pause) the- the- the Egyptian news media also just sort of quietly upheld the accords, because if they don’t– if they don’t uphold the accords, they go to jail, because Egypt was fooled into a so-called referendum, and they voted for it, 99 percent that gave Car- that gave Sadat power over all the land. And we know the difference between our referendum than that, because no power has been taken here, and it’s been weeks and weeks. But a great deal of power was taken the next day, after they passed the referendum. (Pause)

Stand by. Question.

The Jordanians, meanwhile, the rich King Hussein has flown to the Near East where it is reported he will be conducting negotiations with all of the Arab nations, and he will ask a special delegation from the Soviet Union. Heretofore, he has hated communism because of his religious opiate, Muslim faith. Now, he’s beginning to see the light. That’s encouraging.

All right. President Carter called the Jordanian leader today to discuss the new accords in a very festive celebration. But the dark-skinned Arab leader, Mr. Sad- Mr. Sadat, was not to be found. He was not one of the celebrated guests. He mus- he has to go along with these accords, because his own country’s trying to kill him. He’s soon going to have to seek sanctuary some place, and then they get them because finks never play with anybody. Right now, they’re after Timothy O. Stoen. We know that because of the conspirator [Joe Mazor] that broke. They want him to be the fall guy. You never tak- talk about others without paying. And let that be reminded tonight. So now he’s going to have to run the rest of his life because everybody’s got a bounty on him. President Carter calling, the nerve, uh, Sadat, the nerve that he would not denounce it, because he is dark-skinned and allow Begin to come to the festive conclusion of the treaty. I thought it took all three of them to sign the treaty. Carter called the Jordanian, Carter called- It’s a little slower today- (Pause) (tape edit)

-actions ranged from sharp attack even amongst NATO. A sharp condemnation from the Voice of Netherlands. One from Norway. One from Sweden . And it seems that Britain is none too happy with the presence of a base in the Near East. Capitalists are based on distrust, you see. Socialism is based on trust, unity. And that’s how you build it, by not gossiping behind people’s back, but by talking directly to them. So, he’s in trouble- Carter’s in trouble. President Carter called the Jordanian leader today, the greatest hero of the Near East. Oh, yes, yes, yes. We know all that. Opposition- opposition leaders voted support for the agreement reluctantly in Washington, because they’ve got to have the oil. United States is, I told you last night, its dollar dropped (enunciates for emphasis) thirty-seven cents. Thirty-seven point one cents. And the Egyptians’ news media, also held under the dictatorship, celebrated the accord. There has been no official Egyptian com- comment. However, on reports that Egyptian Foreign Minister Kama [Muhammad Ibrahim Kamel] and the Egyptian Ambassador to the United States resigned on the spot following the sell-out at Camp David summit, several news agencies have reported secretly, have gotten news out that the resignations and other Egyptian officials in Cairo say the reports are- are true. And it could lead to civil war. Hope it does. Damn Uncle Toms.

(whispers off mike) Hold it, hold it, hold it, hold it. (Tape edit)

-and civilians volunteered are recovering the bodies of some several thousands of victims from the terrible ruins of God’s world of the north, it- sub-continent of India. Iranian towns even, devastated by saturating earthquakes. Reports say that the death toll had new ri- had now risen to- to more than a hundred and fifty thousand. Two thousand are receiving injury- in- in- receiving medical treatment in an open air hospital where they’ll be only subject to more disease infections.

The Iranian news media, already besieged by its own working class, fighting to bring down the murderous [Reza Pahlavi] Shah of Iraw [Iran], that our e- our tax money- yes, our tax money, and we should fee- feel guilty every day, our tax money- shot him [Mohammad Mosaddegh, deposed premier of Iran] down, in cold uh- cold blood he was- dragged down the seat- the streets in front of all the world. The news media of Tehran, which is also censored, says being airlifted to Tehran for hospitalization and the mostly injured are being aircrafted to Tehran for hospitalization. The Soviet has it that the Iranians are being dropped in massive graves, and the graves are being covered with bulldozers. I choose to believe the Soviet report. Most seriously injured are being airlifted to- to Tehran for hospitalization. The Iranian news media says Tabas, which was at the spit- epicenter, right at the center of this horrible earthquake is around (unintelligible name) and a town of a hundred and sixty kilometers. At the east was- (Pause) at- but the east was destroyed also. Forty villages have been dismantled, dismoledge- dismolished [demolished], and sixty others have been- while the aftershocks continues, and 70 shocks have been registered in 24-hour period. The Shah in appeal said he would give millions of dollars to anyone that could come up with a fail safe system that would warn him of nuclear war impending because- I mean not nuclear war. It’s war- It’s worse than nuclear war, we know in some instances. All the people died in that city. But he says he will give millions. So if you got any creative geniuses like I know some of you are, try to go to work on how to do that. (Pause) (moves microphone) We could use the Shah’s money for very good projects.

(Tape edit) -of Rhodesia’s executive council says that he agrees with the Salisbury government decision to put aside the new- the idea of holding an all-party conference on Rhodesia. At the same time, he is in- is- he in a ma- mass news media, they always give mass media attention to ca- to sell-outs conference in Salisbury held over the attack by guerillas on a Rhodesian airliner. Bragging- bargaining to settle down, the Rhodesian airline was, but they- remember uh, white racists that had killed untold hundreds of thousands of blacks and Indians. This is BBC’s bullshit for trying to justify putting in a US base in Zimbabwe. Well, the retaliation from the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front was, before the man got home, his head was cut off by a machete. The council favors an all-party peace conference and- as advocated by Britain and the United States. No use here to talk about gentle terms, no use to talk about at all. All Marxist-Leninists believe in armed struggle. If they don’t, they’re not Marxist-Leninists. You never saw any beast give up anything. You never saw a wild dog give up its food, never, without a fight.

South Africa’s cabinet meets in Pretoria, its capital, on Tuesday. Reports indicate that Prime Minister [Johannes] Vorster plans to step down because of ill health, but it’s trickeration. Questions about South Africa’s future leadership come at the time the country is questioning to give the United Nations its final opinion on the United Nations plan for UN takeover for a transitional peaceful uh- transition of- to peace in Namibia. And we all know who in the hell controls the UN, because I said it’s the Security Council, and the US has the- the vote, the veto. I don’t know why they ever went through the farce of the UN. It’s nothing but a farce, because the UN [US] can vo- veto any damn thing that the United Nations does. One day, they’ll throw them out. You watch, they’ll start a new one of their own. People are tired of being treated like some kind of serfs or slaves. Anyway, the fu- the future- Africa’s future leadership came at a time the country is preparing to give the United Station- United Nations its final opinion on the plan on Namibian dependant- independence. The Foreign Minister met over the weekend with the Ambassador of the Western nations on the United Nations. Security Council members – that’s the one that controls the- all the UN – said afterwards that the doubts whether negotiations will be able to bridge the gap between South Africa, its racist, fascist state that has murdered into the millions of our people. (Agitated) Why should they have to be negotiated? They took that land by force, just like the Indian land in the USA was taken by fort- force. Why in the hell should they have to negotiate anything? And our black people were- three million (Unintelligible word) were hung till they death- hung to their death for not- refusing to work. Till getting up in the morning till getting down at night, and then still expected to work on into the night, and then to give their wife to some red-necked devil. But the bastards want- it’s time the people of the world got militant against these bastards.

(Voice calms, then becomes agitated again) Anyway, he said the disagreements that the doubts whether negotiations will be able to bridge the gap between So- South Africa- remember Vorster, V-o-r-s-t-r, t-e-r, was a personal ally who stood on the platform with Adolf Hitler at every rally and was an open fascist, and USA still supports him. Corporations sneak over I don’t know how many- a hundred billion dollars- a hundred billion dollars recently, and nothing’s been done to the corporations, because the goddamned tax dollars, our tax money- you can’t get enough money for an increase in social welfare, you can’t get enough increase for medical aid, but they’ve got 457 billion dollars for this bunch of pricks, white racist pricks to drop on people of color. Can you imagine what 457 billion is? Well, stop and think about it. (speaks slowly for emphasis) It’s 457 thousand million. That’s a lot of money.

They’re also unhappy that the UN is sponsoring the proposal to delay the elections, because USA is having trouble with many of her Western capitalists. China is having some effect because China is dividing– maybe some of her strategy’s not going to turn out all too unwise at that. She’s sure done well. She’s gone home with some fat contracts, and she has taken a strong position in Iran against Israel, so who knows? Anyway, delay- delay in elections will be until next year, and that’s always the oppressor’s way of saying, we could not get the vote.

The Organization of American States, that’s a organization- (pause, moves microphone) Oops- all nations in this country, or in this nation [continent]- South America. In the past, Cuba and- socialist Cuba and socialist Guyana have not been member[s] but have been allowed to attend because it is not a capitalist organization. However, there’s some speculation that an overture will be made to them this spring for full membership, because they were asked by OAU [OAS] to go to Washington to sign the Panamanian treaty, which by the way turned out to be a farce. Uh- Before the ink dries on President Carter’s pen, it seems that he’s not possible- it’s not possible for him to tell a- a- a truth as far as he can piss, and I’m sure that’s not very far.

Meanwhile, the fighting continues bravely in Nicaragua, where tens of thousands have either killed or wounded- have been killed or wounded since anti-government forces upheld by who – you know who, CIA, US aid, military equipment – launched several attacks days ago, and the (Unintelligible; sounds like “cross sources”) said in some cities alone, Leon at the- at least three hundred years- three hundred people are being starved to death, and hundreds more killed and thousands are being wounded, and yet they hold out bravely. (Tight voice) Goddamned Carter. He’s a goddamned stinking hypocrite to uh, talk about human rights. Why doesn’t he mention the Wilmington Ten, our black brothers and sisters and Indian, that are laying in jail in USA for four hundred and fifty years. They’ll lay there, because even the witnesses admitted they had been coerced, tortured by the prosecutor to testify against them, and all they were charged with, was walking down an empty street and setting fire to an empty garage that didn’t have one damned thing in it. Let Carter stick his human rights up his ass.

(Calms) German reporters, (Pause) witnesses also reported, executions of suspected snipers, since the city was taken by government (Stumbles over words) forces (Pause) troops this morning. Government reports are that they are mopping up, have stopped the border attacks, and no US ally, no liberal, no socialist has offered them any help except USSR, and they’re afraid to take it. And it is being gotten in, we know, clandestinely from the way Havana, Cuba talks, secretly it’s being gotten in, but Radio Sweden again is trying to send them food. Everybody else is letting them die. And you think they won’t let you die? Nicaraguans are black people. They’re brown and black. Light-skinned, well-educated people. Doesn’t make any difference what your color, child. And that- and say that the northwest part of the country is under control, says the dictator [Anastasio] Somoza, who has control by US capitalist support for forty some years. They are adopting and mopping up- mopping up troops on Saturday, by Saturday evening with very technical means. That means torture. Torture like there was in Chile, and these people know it. And we ought to have a breath of silence and let Pa- Paul Robeson play and Joe Hill because each of the ones arrested, Somoza has ordered tortured – not captured, tortured – and then executed in public square. Sad that there’s such evil in the world.

In the northwest part of the country, there is still, according to Radio Cu- Cubana, businessmen resisting, and they will continue their general strike to force the president’s resignation. US has gone so far to alienate Panama to keep that dirty little banana republic of Nicaragua, that they have attacked Costa Rican villages on the edge of their borders. Now it caused Costa Rica to come out to a very strong, very strong Cuban position. Well, such is the way it goes.

We wish we could be in the fight. But at least we can be grateful for what we have, and be grateful for the day when we can do something for the revolution, and every time you do your work here, you’re freeing a child, a child that will be tortured, I tell you, a child that will be tortured. A senior that will be tortured by the same USA, when Africa finally breaks hold of Rhodesia and Zaire and loses all those resources, and if Jordan convinces that Arab oil league, OPEC, to go against USA, the dollar won’t only drop thirty-two cents- nearly thirty-one point seven cents- it won’t be worth the price to wo- wipe your ass on. So you sure won’t have any place to go, and we have food out there, and some of you ought to start making this your home. And some of you seniors could talk – youth would show you how to do it – to get out there and see what you can do with a bow and arrow. May not be possible, but maybe there’s a gun that some of you could fire. We uh, can’t fire them all, but we have guns been issued to us by the government. (Pause)

The United Nations Security Council meets shortly to extend the mandate- the first and harshest order given by the United Nations of peace-keeping force in South Lebanon. They are accepted- expected- the peace keeping force, under General [Emmanuel] Erskine, a black general from Israel [Ghana], has been ordered by Kurt Waldheim, a good white Swede, or Scandinavian [Austrian], so you can’t tell who’s good by the color of their skin, and I do want that stopped here. There’s always people who are bad, but you can find just as many bad whites as you can blacks or any other color. They have given him- (Pause) they vote for another extension of the mandate. United Nations General Secretary Waldheim had recommended a six-month extension. France had wanted to withdraw. Even France is cracking from the seams, and she’s been a tight member of USA’s faltering Trilateral Commission, you know, the monopoly capitalist that rule the world. In- but France has voted already to withdraw its troops from the force, earlier, in favor of a four-month extension of the mandate, and see if the Union of South Africa can take care of its affairs alone. They said they did not want to be a part of further colonial efforts. That’s very strange, because they are very colonialistic in many places. Maybe they’ve got some hidden rivalry over the resources that are there over the USA. It’s bound to be that the capitalists in the last resort are going to be fighting over who’s going to get the diamonds, who’s going to get the tink, who- the zinc, and who’s going to get the tungsten, who’s going to get the chrome, the rubber and all the other. As you know, Africa’s the biggest and the richest nation [continent] on the earth.

The UN force was dispatched to Southern Lebanon, heavily armed, to assure the Israeli aggressive fascist forces withdraw from the area. They are now going to force Israel to withdraw. Israel says she won’t, so this could be the verge of war. Parts of the southern Leban- Lebanon nation are Christian, fascist, very, very rightwing. And Israel has used their rightwing tendencies and are holding a strip of territory along the border of Israel. However, it does not represent a fraction of their population. By rights, they would not have twenty square miles, and they have several hundred square miles.

Thus ends the reading of the news. Remember People’s Rally tonight- uh, no, not People’s Rally. We’ll see if there’s any uh, People’s Rally for those that failed the test. That must be done, and there may be a film that I’d like for you to see. It’d be a short documentary that Doctor Lang wanted us all to see, and he’s coming back shortly.

Ask if there are any children who are not being treated (Pause) fairly from- from the people that are supervising them. This is an order to the whole community. I’m asking this. This is my idea. Having more than others. I don’t want children to have more than others. I want them to teach- to be taught to share. Others, also children, are very sensitive at an early age to pick up on differences and favoritism, so occasionally give them a little bit of your (Unintelligible word, sounds like “puddin'”), and show a senior that you care about children. Everyone should be very positive and smile at all time, because a number of government delegations are coming in, a number of families are coming also. Some of our long lost loved wen- loved ones, so it’s going to be important that every weed by the offices of the Public Services and all their cooperators, medical, whoever, can possibly look, security- security can be involved in that, now that you have these new long-range things that can protect us. All right? (Clears throat) So let us all clean the area up. Boots on the porches and the walls. And don’t have any of the gates broken – I mean the walkways – so seniors could fall and slide and have a hip broke.

The next children who are born should be named after Mark Lane or Don Freed. That is the good diplomatic sense to do and only the honorable thing to do. I didn’t make it so strong about naming them after Marcy [Marceline Jones] and Jim, which some refused to do, so you can see I’m not too upset about it. But I do ask that whoever has the next child, if it’s a boy, name it after- or you could fix up a girl version af- after Mark Lane or Don Freed. Doctor Lane and Don Freed.

All departments should talk about the news. I don’t want to hear, when I walk in to departments or other might- members of the people’s revolution, hearing chit-chat. I want you to be in dialogue, talking about the news. Talking in Russian to each other, practicing. We should be above our brainwashing, as Doctor Lang said this- Doctor Lane said this is a sick society- USA. Said everybody here no doubt should’ve been in a mental hospital, because we are so sick as a society. He said he should’ve been in a mental society. He said if he felt like he was being torn away into a new dimension. He didn’t want to go. The only reason he went was to have a giant press conference. He wanted to stay longer and bring his family and everybody. As I said, he’s talking about bringing Muhammad Ali, who by the way just won back his world championship. Old Muhammad Ali won’t be put out, and you know how praiseworthy he was of the Soviet Union. He said it was the most beautiful place. And he got the Muslims all set, so he’s in disfavor with them, because he said it’s far more beautiful than Mecca. He said when they put a nasty question to him, don’t you think you were brainwashed and taken in? Oh, he said, if you can call a million children all well-dressed and groomed, coming up and hugging me in the middle of the streets day after day being brainwashed, and people kissing me and giving me flowers and allowing me to go wherever I want to, in any home and see whatever I want to see, if you can call that brainwashed, maybe we all should try it. You know Muha- hammad Ali, he comes off with a good humor.

Nursing staff should be especially kind to our seniors. I require it. You must smile. It is a fearful thing. You must be warm when you pick their body up. It’s a fearful thing to be sick. Let me know- let me tell you, I’m sick or very much, but I’m not in the nursing center and I’ve got work to do. And my temperature’s now over a hundred and five. And I’ll be all right, once I take some more of this- whatever they put up- depository [suppository] and aspirin, but please, be kind to my children.

And I want a lot of praise to go to Jim Arthur Jones. He has been doing things for seniors way beyond the call of duty. And I would like for some special job by counseling to be reserved for him. He never comes up to me, he never calls me his grandpa. He goes about his duties and does his work. He is a remarkable lad. There’re a lot more but that’s just one that came to my mind. Thank you, I love you very much.

Larry Schacht: Okay, uh, I just want to say that uh, I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never seen uh, anybody as sick as Dad has been, and yet he’s gone on with a fever, a hundred and five. And many people go into a coma when they get temperature elevation that severe, and yet he went on in shaking chills and uh, gave the news, and he went and took a c- and gritting his teeth and uh, shivering and he’s got severe joint pains, severe bladder pain, can’t urinate without severe pain. And he’s- (Pauses throughout Schacht are to hear and repeat Jones’ words, barely audible) And he just said it, I’m still going to make it. And he’s shaving right now and he said (Pause) in case King Hussein wants to join us and that people don’t worry about him. He’s- (Pause) he’s- (Pause)- he’s been ve- very sick and he went on and gave the news anyway, and he went out and- (Pause) and he’s been reading notes all night long. (Pause) Necessary that we have a- that we have a committee that clears the notes and that the- that the notes are uh, summarized. The writing is just too uh, too illegible. (Pause) If a- if the clearing uh, if the clearing committee doesn’t know what the person’s writing, then they should go back to the person to find out, so the person’s- just like Rita, Rita Lenin does, just like Rita and her uh, team does. And- ’cause we’ve had no trouble with uh- we’ve had no trouble with her department. (Pause) The only trouble is that- that uh, some people send the messages bypassing the law- bypassing our law and uh, they’re not interpretable. Uh, (Pause) and it’s easy to code that way. That’s right, it could be a CIA. (Pause) We better see no handshake between any guest and anybody here that lasts too long. (Pause) A few seconds is all, and no rubbing by anybody’s pockets (Pause) because the government feels sure (Pause) that we do have a CIA agent here. (Pause)

-Tired of eighty notes a day about going to Georgetown. People are pestering him about going to Georgetown and th- (Pause) and when you want to go to a big industrial city (Pause) or any villages or anyplace, you’re not a socialist (Pause) ’cause the outsiders have no convictions and they have no morals. (Pause) And you’re certainly lacking in your socialist commitment and perspective if you even have a desire to go. (Pause)

Been- asking us and wants us to bring young people into this community so they can be socialized, (Pause) because the government says they haven’t been able to get them socialized any place else outside of here. (Pause) And they’ll be able to- and they’ll back us up, they say they’ll back us up all the way in socializing the youth. They just want them to have the experience of living in this cooperative project. (Pause)

And uh, tell the uh, Prime Minister [Forbes Burnham] about the two new boys who’ve uh, just come in to our community. Jimmy Gill and Derek Dawson. And uh, Dad thinks they have such a sweet smile, and that he’s seen them- seen them from afar. (Pause) They should feel free to talk to council if they have any need, or to write it up into Dad’s suggestion box.

We all greet each other here as comrades, (Pause) except when, as the government has told us, capitalists are coming. And when they give us warning, then we just say hello to the people. (Pause) CIA are murderers enough to sell out their mother. Doctor Lane told Dad that he knows a big owner (Pause) who worked with the CIA, and they got tired of him because he was older, and hit. Dropped him some place in the Bay of Biscayne. (Pause) So you better realize how people regard finks, and they’re never respected. And know that if you’d sell out a good group- (Pause) or any group, that then you’d sell out another, so you’re foolish to talk to anybody about anything unless you are asked to do so. (Tape edit)

-you very much. The comment that Dad went out and took a shower, a cold shower, with his high fever to bring his fever down and he stood under the shower for a long time, and he wants to say that there’re people who refuse to take showers when they have high fevers, and that they should go out and do it and adjust themselves to taking- taking discomfort and pain, and also that his example here is a- is a- is the best example of what a socialist should be, and that people should not be looking off to and idealizing people like Che [Guevara] who aren’t here. But his- his example is better than that- is better than Che. And I’ve never seen anybody suffer as much pain as he does and still go on with his task, because he’s committed to us and because he cares about his children (Pause). That’s all, thank you. (Tape edit)

Jones: Do you mean that the surveillance unit appointed under Tim last evening helped so mightily by the good gentleman Mazor and Doctor Lane, because Mazor was in- involved in the attack against us, and he’s had dirty tricks played on him by Stoen, so he’s quite anxious. So have those surveillance protections, as we shall call them, all stationed throughout this entire project, and don’t let anybody- don’t let anybody try to cause us harm. Thank you. (Pause)

I’ve always been able to heal myself. When it was an emergency for you. What I think we face, is some out there that doesn’t care about anybody- not only that, would- but would prefer to see the office dead. You better think about what your life would be if he were. That’s all I have to say on the subject. I’ll go- I’ll come through. But you plug and think positively. Beautiful seniors and others who refuse to intellectually cope with what certainly Doctor Mark Lane thought was an excellent thing. He’s going to write a book on the paranormal. That should be explained to our new members. He knows I have healing power. That’s what caused Russia to get more upset than anything. A news re- reporter tried to steal some of their findings on extra-sensory perception and paranormal and they threw the book at him. They put three millions- three million dollars a day. So please, you don’t know what you’re doing, and people that know people are hostile, I see you. I look up out the window. You don’t work, you don’t push yourself, you just playing like the land doesn’t belong to anybody. (Pleading tone) Oh, my God, my God, socialism, please, please, I’ve begged all I can beg. Thank you. (long pause)

She will observe each lev- (Pause) (Tape edit)

-Rita Lenin and (coughs)- (Stern tone) Oh, damn people, why don’t you cooperate with rules? Damn you. Rita Lenin and her comrades have been appointed by the office itself to protect you in letter-writing, and you still give a hell of a way to go. Every person’s to write letters as she says- as they say, because we’ve been told by the Guyanese government how to do it. We’ve had more info to this than just our own input, and uh, believe me no other form better go out here han- by hand of hand. You could be a CIA. The Foreign Minister of Guyana [likely Fred Wills, could be Rashleigh E. Jackson] said we had a CIA here, and so did the cabinet. And now it is Mark Lane says the same, Doctor Mark Lane, the great British and American writer, and so does Doctor Paul Schneed [Schrader], great writer, the one that exposed the assassination along with Mark Lane of President Kennedy, Martin Luther [King] and Robert Kennedy by the FBI. But they’re right in the middle of their Kennedy inquiry, and they’re dropping everything. Moving from Memphis where our wo- wonderful brother was killed. Moving to Memphis because they see a conspiracy so dangerous to us and the United States people. Must be a coup, military dictatorship, maybe it’s concentration camps. Some of you don’t take enough appreciation. I got on to say, I don’t want any slosh- sluggards today, and I’ll appreciate it if every one of you will push people on. But if you or someone that they respect stands around, then they’ll follow the example. If you anarchistically don’t go to the work schedule, then others will iden- identify with you. We’re going to have to have a heavy talk about this, very soon. I don’t like meetings, but we’re going to have to have a heavy talk about this. It’s not right that some people burn themselves into the night. And I’m burning here with a temperature. The last time they- they took it, it was a hundred five point one. It’s not right. It’s just not right that some carry burdens. Now I’ve got all kinds. Sitting by my side are two secretaries with their le- with their legs stacked full of things that I have to approve, because you will not follow instructions of Rita’s committee. Thank you.

(Tape edit) (Pause)

Attention, attention, attention. Doctor Cha- Schacht, Doctor Schacht has been voted in – in spite of all the hate m- mail, and all the things the CIA has uh, attempted to do – he has been voted a Pan-American Cancer Psychology member. This is founded way back over a hundred years, and it has too many impressive names for me to mention to you. Doctor [Walter] Thain should be written to, Rita. We need to write to the [Guyana] Chronicle reporter. You need to ask information, his name leaves me for a moment – [Carl] Blackman – we need a lot of letters to go out to this organization. Rita needs to see the long list of distinguished doctors, so they can be thanked from here, and uh, hand dropped by the beautiful people that are going back to help the cause. And they need to be encouraged tonight, of the states, never, never must we let down. Who else was here? The brother of the Prime Minister. We should send letters from here. He’s been praising us, all over Guyana. He was just turned on. He’d been so critical, it was pitiful, but he turned on to what he saw here. Then we have someone from Radio Dem- uh, Demerara. We need to look through our guest book, which Rita would be able to get from Jerry, our receptionist there, and let us start- some of you can do this- just a little letter, doesn’t take much. A little thank you. It’ll help worlds and let’s do it quickly. Even some other ideas of pro- pos- [Richard] Tropp has of people back in the States, like Merv [Mervyn Dymally], who have been kind and consistently so, and you should thank, of course, Doctor Freed and you should thank Doctor L- Lane and all the people that’ve come here, Doctor [Carlton] Goodlett, you should uh- you should be very, very uh, friendly. And if- if uh, Leona suggests, we will thank her sister for coming, but Leona must clear that. Leona Collier must clear that. Mazor- we need to also- the man who stepped forward – Mazor, his name is Joe Mazor – and told all of the horrors that the CIA was doing to us. We need a lot of letters going to him of appreciation. And that shows we’re good people, that we care. Nobody in the United States care, so when you have a lunch, come over and do this right now. I’m expecting to see a lot as I look out the window. I’ll appreciate it very deeply. Let’s do this every day. And Rita, keep me informed if no one is cooperating. Thank you so much.

(Tape edit) -Reporting information about anybody’s medical chart will be [result] in a serious consultation in the People’s Forum. This is not a gossip center. We have people who are low cycle, we have people who could not take the aggravation, though there’s not- no one here, presently, serious unto death. There are those who are suicidal, and you have no right to be talking about it. The doctor should proceed through Barbara, through Annie [Moore] rather, and Annie should take that, and there should be- there should be no further questions about it. We gossip too much. If you want to know who’s on who, ask in the town forum and ask them permission. Keeping the inventory is a very difficult thing, but when Annie goes to the Bond head, (Pause) Rennie [Kice], the- then she should get what she needs. And doctor, when he wants something, must go through Annie. That is the process, because there was a mistake made in certain informations uh, given through chart procedures. And I better not see any of that information – people do things when they’re tired – but I better not see one bit of a patient’s history ever talked about. I want to see no gossip, ever. And I will come down on – you will see – in the next rally, which could be tonight, if this keeps up, you will see what I mean. I’m going to put gossips in the Public Service work, and then maybe you can- maybe your ton- your tongue won’t be quite so active– it might be a little tired. Thank you very much, and I love you.

(Pause) (Tape edit)

Attention, attention, attention. My temperature is down slightly, to a hundred and four, but I couldn’t let this pass. Ron Talley has come up with an add- idea that I would like explored immediately by the administrative an- analyst [likely Johnny Jones]. (Reads memo) I think, we- he says, that we should look into trying to make this a spice farm. Spices, spice has always been worth a lot of money, and the market seems stable. And that’s very true. We could grow it and dry it here, process and send it to Georgetown or other countries even, because we have that permission with our new ship, in vacuum drums, that we must be pressing San Francisco to send to us, to be sold that way, or package it ourselves and sell it ourselves at a stand or a shop all over Guyana. But whatever. It- It seems to me merit immediate looking into. If we can grow enough for that kind of marketing, we can afford- we could afford to put a lot of fertilizer and shell into the ground and build up the shell- the soil, because we would be working on something worth a lot of money when sold. I don’t think we could look at- to the farm for any kind of income, unless we do this in these special areas, like we’re doing with the dolls and making things. We’re going to have to have this kind of breakthrough. If we are s- stick to a bigger garden, citrus, bananas and some papaya and put that together, we can uh, also do spices, he feels. We could buy the rest of the food cheaper than we grow it. That’s true. I think we can make money with our food shortage [storage] system with vacuum shortage [storage], and we should push it- we’d be pushing on these larger money-makers, because I don’t think bricks or soap is going to be bringing us the income that will make it worthwhile. If we outline our vacuum storage, and have someone go around Georgetown and see where it would be applied and maybe countries uh, the Albatross, our great freighter, goes to, part storage, uh- part storage et cetera. Also I’m working on a completely new large-scale bulk storage operation that could put us on the map and bring us large context- or contact- contracts with high margin of profits for this cooperative, so we can take in more sweet children, as we took in Jim and Derrick. We can sell our technology and sell training to every underdeveloped country of the world. I think we need to look at the areas where we are just treating- treading water and won’t really make us the kind of money we need here and put priority on other areas. I wish that others would write such up- here’s a man that passes his test, gets his exams and uses his time to be out of meetings. I have said I will okay everyone who has abreast Marxist-Leninism, has the concepts of the PNC, and has the necessities of socialism that lead to loyalty. We’re no different from the animal, unless we have a philosophy that makes us one family, and that is socialism. Without that, people are all animals. They do everything they can to hurt you. As the two young man can tell you, they will try to rob you, they won’t share with you. Here, we are at least working on a society of total sharing, and it better move even more rapidly than it has. I asked the analyst to look at that right away, because it certainly turned me on, and I’d like to hear some of the rest of you that’ve passed your examination with such creative minds, why don’t you put your creative mind also to some thoughts like this? Thank you.

(Pause) (Tape edit)

Attention, attention. Now I’ve had a temperature of a hundred and five- (tape edit) -packets and we’re getting into a new file. I have 88 letters from people in Jonestown that have a theme something like this: (Dramatic reading) Father, I know how much you bear. I know you’re suffering. I care so much. I really love you. I want you to know how much I love you. (Normal tone) Often at the end they’ll say uh, I’m- I- I need a- a new pair of glasses, but sometimes it doesn’t. I’m going to tell you, if you- you know where to go for glasses. We have a great expert for eye medicine. I’m going to tell you this and I do mean maybe. If you care, why don’t you just gently touch me like I gently touch you? And take my hand softly, but don’t hold on to it for an hour, because I’m crippled with arthritis. Just do that. Because I don’t believe that anybody cares about me when they write me a ten-page handwritten letter. Thank you, and over and out, and much love.

(Pause) (Tape edit)

Attention, attention. I wish a great praise to go to our pharmacist, Comrade [Don] Fields. Throughout this community, I’ve heard about his change, his warmth, his sensitivity, how he desired that his father who was a Marxist-Leninist could’ve been here in this community. Being sick today, it means a lot to have encouraging things like that.

Tom Grubbs, another person who passes who ta- his test, is- I- he has found dozens of good tooth-brushing teeth- teeth- toothbrushes lying about on the ground and returned them to be- to central supply. He suggests – and I agree – that we (Pause) have each toothpick- ea- each toothbrush and comb and brush be issued the same way, and have express marks on them. Take a little mark on who they are. Or think of something, I think we can do something. We’ve got to stop it. Some people are taking things at a gross expense. It can be reached neatly- en- engraved in the plastic, and he would know how. That’s what he uses his times when he doesn’t want to go to meetings, and that’s beautiful. The method works very, very well, he’s found. Central supply said they do not have the personnel to assign to the task. I’m sure some seniors and others and maybe even children’s on- at uh, at times would be able to help. Also, eddo juice, he finds, makes a permanent stain in any fabric. It makes a permanent stain, so, he does- I suggest, he says, that- oh, I can’t read- (Sighs) (Pause) I suggest, says Comrade Grubbs, Tom Grubbs, that it would make an excellent laundry-marking ink because you can’t get it out of the fabric. He will pursue this further. Thank you. This is what we need. Creativity in socialism. Thank you very much.

(Pause) (Tape edit)

Attention, attention. We will be visited by high-ranking Soviet officials. Please get your best- get your game, your talent, I mean, your plays, everything in order. People should put in suggestions what they think is- is appreciated. For instance, the gospel cares. If they see moving around with socialism every day, if- if they go for that stuff, how- how we can use religion, but let’s have a hell of a good program. They’re coming on the airplane, we didn’t have time for warning. You’ve got to clean up everything. Every supervisor, I hold you responsible for your department. Have no bathroom that smells, and I’m asking complete and immediate clean-up. The ma- The news on the blackboard is perfectly all right, be- I gather it’s pro-China- pro-Soviet Union. There needs to be pro-Soviet Union statements everywhere to compriment- to compromise what I’m saying- to compliment. Now there may be some PNC person with them. That will create a problem. Then we will put something pro-PNC also up. Have it ready to be up inside. We won’t have to uh- we can call the Russians inside and not uh, even call the uh- uh, Guyanese in- uh, uh, inside, but be with them. It’s a marvelous breakthrough. Furthermore, I want to speak to my security. When security-

(tape edit) (double tracks and reverse tape for several moments, unintelligible)

End of tape

Tape originally posted May 2009