Q278A Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: -and direct it for your healing, as well as I have not been afraid on occasion to abandon my intellectualism and my so-called staid appearance that some of you never abandon, and direct you towards those who were trying to harm you, who have proven to be more than people, but class enemies. Evil personified.

Crowd: (Scattered applause)

Jones: And when all of you learn that here, a lot of our problems will cease.

Crowd: (Scattered applause)

Jones: When you put principle above it, your own personal image, and you will try our principle, that you shouldn’t even have to be experimenting with these days, after seeing all the healings and all the miracles and all the protections and all the impediments that have been moved, it oughtn’t to take any experimentation on your- on your part, but if it does, you better be trying it, ’cause you’ll hurt yourself when you don’t.

Crowd: Scattered applause

(Tape edit)

Jones: -the fear of following direction, though I have all the tests before me. Recall them. The tests will be given on Saturday, or Friday.

Crowd: (Stirs in activity)

Jones: Recall them. Because it’s important-

Unknown male: Shh.

Jones: -that we not (unintelligible word under male)

Male: Quiet. Quiet.

Jones: -what we are achieving.

Male: Quiet. Excuse me, Dad.

Jones: What we are meant to achieve. Go ahead, son.

Male: Excuse me, Dad. You guys- Just because he says no test- I mean, don’t do that when he’s talking, all right? And it really shows where we all are. Because we should want the test.

Jones: Or we should want the knowledge. That’s what we should want. That is, the test brings the knowledge, and indeed, he’s right. (Coughs) (unintelligible sentence). Now, if you’ll pass those papers back, please, and someone will collect them, because paper is of short supply. (Pause)

Male: Quiet, please. Shh.

Jones: If they put the names on them- if they put their names on them, then they can give them back to their name and call their name, and the person can put their hand up, ’cause the test will definitely have to be, because they have to prove to ourselves. We’re not trying to hurt anybody. We have to prove that we know how to conduct ourselves on that important day. What- How do we report to work? We say, come to work. I’m called Jim. We don’t say, thank you, anyone. Just thank you. Everyone knows who we’re- we’re thanking without saying thank Dad or thank Jim. Just say Jim, instead of Pastor, Reverend or Comrade. No complaints about the weather, no complaints about being hungry, aches or pains, don’t complain about people, about houses, nothing about public services or being on the floor. Don’t say anything about discipline where we deny privileges. Do not talk anything about recreation, positive reinforcement, rewards for good behavior. The other’s very acceptable – very acceptable – but you never know who you’re dealing with, so they won’t-

Tape originally posted June 2005