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Jim Jones: Test one two. Testing one.

Morning news. Begun by commentary. [Monotone of reading dense material] Important commentary essential to the understanding of Marxist dialectic materialism is essential. The nature of theoretical task. Quotations will not do it. If they did, we would undoubtedly have won socialism in United States and all over the world by now. For example, every US Marxist-Leninist is undoubtedly familiar with Lenin’s famous comment: without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement. Not too many people recall as readily the sentence following that, in which Vladimir Lenin contrasts this point of view with those who have an infatuation for the narrowest forms of practical activity, to which in our present circumstances, we might also warn against an infatuation for the narrowest forms of theoretical activity.

Theory is not spontaneous. Of course, making a revolution is in the first place and primarily a practical activity. Only religious and secular mystics believe that the revolution is in your head. Revolution is a struggle for power, and this is a most practical activity involving large numbers of people taking actions and employing force. Nevertheless, that revolutionary activity will not succeed. Indeed, those engaged will not even have a clear idea of their objectives, unless the process is guided by scientific socialism. Scientific theory manifesting itself in a political program and a strategic plan.

But where will all this come from? A scientific theory capable of giving intelligent direction to the activity of millions and millions will not develop spontaneously out of daily life, no matter how much in a condition of oppression that daily life might be. In fact, the very state of oppression in all phases of the life of your citizen prevents correct theory from emerging, because any deep going plans that embraces all aspects of social life requires rigorous investigation and debate before it can be convinced— it can be conceived. And wide op—application if it is to be properly tested. And the conditions of life among the most oppressed work against their developing the time— these conditions of life among the most oppressed work against their developing in time. Developing the time, the energy, the faculties and facilities to enable them to do it on their own. Nor will the scientific theory for revolution emerge out of the disparate groups of intellectuals consulting with each other on the basis of vaguely-defined common assumptions or a general agreement on modus operandi, or— that is, methodology. We can say that only a Marxist-Leninist party can produce the basic principles, long-term strategy and political program which might deserve to be called scientific theory, but for us today, this really begs the question, since the task of bringing that party into being remains before us.

When there— when— what then is a strategic concept that should guide communists in this period when the forming of a Marxist-Leninist movement must be the objective that guides the political work in USA particularly, where there is very little Marxist-Leninist substance. We have said that the principal aspect of this work at this time is theoretical. This is true. But the formulation is rapidly becoming inadequate. Now we must begin to define more precisely the nature of those theoretical tasks. In the process, we may help overcome some of the mystique that tends to surround theory in our movement and locate our theoretical work in a more practical context. It should also be emphasized that in locating theoretical work as a principle at the present time, we in no way rule out the necessity for ongoing practical political activity. The spontaneous movements of struggle among the masses, as well as the practical, even though limited initiatives, that communist groups can undertake at this time likewise provide a school for the training and development of a communist cadre.

First of course is a question of study. Marxist-Leninism is a worldview embracing the realm of traditional philosophy, human history, political economy and revolutionary change. And we must understand that in Jonestown the importance of developing this communist philosophy. It views the world dialectically, and not empirically. What do I mean? That is, it looks at all phenomena in their motion and not simply as they are at a given moment. As developed by Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin, Mao and many others, Marxist-Leninism has been a way of both understanding the world and changing it. In fact, many of the richest contributions to the body of thought called Marxism-Leninism have been a developed— have been developed in the course of urgent, violent revolutionary struggle. Knowledge and mastery of this great theoretical legacy should be an objective of all Marxist revolutionaries. Classical theory will not solve the problems of the present, but it provides a theoretical underpinning for understanding contemporary phenomena and also supplies the developing cadre with the ideological equipment they will need in order to develop their own necessary theoretical work.

The Times in Library News. You may slow down the tape or stop, so people can digest what they’re hearing.

To strive for knowledge and mastery of Marxism-Leninism, however, is a lifelong task. Likewise, there will always be new people coming into the movement with only a limited knowledge of Marxist-Leninist theory, like we have in our own movement. Some who have even a idealistic, impractical and even a mystical approach to Marxism, which is not substance, and will always fail one in a revolutionary time of crisis. One can go too far into the realms of violence without thinking. A good balance of thinking and violence seems to be taking place in Italy with the Red Brigade, brilliant thinking that invades the insurance companies and gets information as to who the richest people in Italy are that are violating their own capitalist laws by investing abroad for insurance policies, then knowing who they can get — some are not kidnop— kidnapped, they’re just intimidated by a note, we know where your daughter is, we know what nursery school, we know your plans, and so many rich people, really not that concerned about capitalism, other than their own selfishness, which is a contradiction that will bring capitalism down, actually contribute to the Red Brigade just to get keep the Red Brigade off their ass, as it were. Well, we’ve got to get knowledge, and mastery of Marxist-Leninism. It’s a lifelong task. Likewise, there will always be new people coming into the movement with only a limited knowledge of Marxist-Leninist theory. Therefore, while study may be the principal theoretical task before we who are communist at a particular period, this must be a relatively brief period, not only— not— not that study comes to an end, but after an initial period, the study of classical Marxism-Leninism must become subordinate to other theoretical and practical work, revolutionary achievements, like we are now seeing in Jonestown. Produce instead in talk. There are so many communists that we see in the United States that never produce anything in substance.

Marxist-Leninist organizations. Is the study of Marxism-Leninism today therefore the principal theoretical task of the communist? Although it was for several years, we must say that this is no longer the case. Evidence for this is to be found in the fact that the study group form has, by in large, become outmoded in the movement. Study groups, of course, continue to exist and should, particularly in Jonestown at the end of the work day, so we know what we are fighting for. And new ones are constantly coming into being. While this was a new and rising phenomena of a few years ago, it is no longer the case. Today the new and rising phenomena is in organizations of Marxist-Leninist. Some of these are national organizations, some local, but it is obvious that there are thousands of Marxist-Leninists in the United States who are now demanding a higher organizational form than the study group. Hopefully, however, systematic and guided study of Marxism-Leninism will go on in these organizations so that there can really be a strong communist movement. as also there must be a strong socialist movement and a strong free trade union movement, if fascism and genocide, eventual nuclear war, is to at all, by any chance be hoped to be stopped, and there’s no chance — not hardly a snowball’s chance in hell, particularly, that nuclear war can be stopped.

Another critical theoretical task before the Marxist-Leninist has been the necessity to draw the lines of ideological demarcation between themselves and various expression of bourgeois — it’s b-o-u-r-g-e-o-i-s — ideology in the ranks of the left. First of all, revisionism, but also, Trotskyism, anarchism and social democracy. While this task is far from being completed, we can say that in broad outline, its principal objectives have been accomplished. There does not exist— There does exist today a widely-held critique of the principal errors of these retrograde tendencies. It is also true that these tendencies towards revisionism, Trotskyism, anarchism and social democracy in varying degrees, continue to exercise a dangerous influence on the movement in USA. But these take more of a hidden or indirect form than an explicit attack on the fundamental principles of communism, Marxism, Leninism.

We must also recognize that the whole study group phenomena was itself a significant manifestation of the struggle against revisionism and the other tendencies mentioned. Thousands of people went back to the work of Marx and Lenin — in particular, Lenin — as well as other revolutionary thinkers, precisely because their ideas and discoveries have been abandoned or distorted or slandered by the dominant left tendencies, liberal left tendencies of the 60s.

At the same time, no Marxist-Leninist can be satisfied with the level of understanding reached so far around these questions. All too often, the critique of these tendencies is ritualistic and superficial, making it all the more possible for their ideas to come into the movement again wearing less obvious clothes. A correct definition of our theoretical task in this area, then, is a necessity to deepen our critique of these incorrect tendencies, and again, what are those incorrect tendencies that we need to look for and be aware of constantly on vigilant battle against? Anarchism, revisionism, Trotskyism and social democracy.

A correct definition of our theoretical task, then, is a nece— necessity to deepen our critique of these incorrect tendencies, with particular emphasis on revisionism. Revisionism is the most dangerous enemy. Trotskyism is an en— enemy. Anarchy is an enemy. Social democracy. But so much revisionism. Left opportunism. A third important theoretical challenge to Marxist-Leninist has been the struggle against what has variously been called dogmatism, left opportunism, and flunkyism in our movement.

This struggle has led to an outright organizational break between those forces upholding a proletarian worker international line and those following an objectively class collaborationist path, based upon their adherence to China’s foreign policy. But while the international wing of the Marxist-Leninist forces, to its great credit, refused to follow the path that led others to becoming the objective allies of their own bourgeoisie, we cannot say that it has thoroughly resolved some of the important theoretical questions which this struggle brought to the foreground. Chief among these, of course, is an independent Marxist-Leninist analysis of the socialist nations of the world. The greatest enemies of Marxism-Leninism, today, though, is the class collaborationist path based upon the adherence to China’s nationalistic communism, its renegade foreign policy that openly cooperates with US capitalism in spite of the good domestic policies that we have seen in many instances in China. The dire consequences of China’s international line were reason enough to exercise caution in the thesis of capitalist restoration. But this in turn has led to an increasingly embarrassing silence on the question of other socialist nations. It has also led in some quarters to an under-estimation of the role of hegemonist superpower in the world today than can develop in some socialist countries, as well as to let up in the struggle against revisionism any form. That’s why we’re glad to hear that Czechoslovakia, East Germany, and the Republic of Yemen, communist, are assisting in the Red Brigade, not only theory, but practical works, where change is being made. The Christian Democratic Party split by proving to the world that capitalists do not care about their own, like Aldo Moro, five times elected Prime Minister of Italy, who wasn’t worth the substitution or exchange of one humble black or poor socialist political prisoner in a jail. It’s divided a party. It’s brought less dedication of capitalist. It’s brought fearful lack of financial support from financial rich circles to the capitalist, because capitalists are highly narcissistic for the most part, except perhaps those in the Trilateral Commission, who know that they are the greatest war criminals of all, and face an instant justice in any revolution.

A definition of our movement’s principal theoretical task in this area, then, might be the necessity to strengthen our critique of China’s foreign policy from a firm anti-revisionist perspective, guarding especially against a tendency to make right opportunist errors or to adopt an electic— eclectic view which does not sharply differentiate among different incorrect tendencies. A second necessary theoretical task is a summing up of the principal errors made by the principal groups and tendencies who at one time composed the new communist movement. There has been considerable debate as to how this task should be approached. But Mao’s sage advice that the correctness or otherwise of ideological and political line decides everything, offers sound guidance in this respect, in spite of China’s incorrect application of Mao and the terrible, disgraceful way they have treated Mao’s wife [Jiang Qing], who would’ve led China back into the international arena. Border clashes, incidentally, are still continuing along the border of China and the Soviet Union, and China is still very strong on Radio Peiping that nuclear war between USSR and China is unavoidable and is soon forthcoming.

Still, even if this is not our movement’s prism— principal theoretical task, although currently it must be pursued. All that has been mentioned so far is old business, however uncompleted it may be. But something else is now emerging. A new urgency is beginning to make itself felt, although it is barely recognized as such yet. It comes out of the felt needs of the study groups, the settling of accounts with ideological deviations and incorrect lines, and it comes out of the beginning forms of organizations towards a new communist party. And it is this necessity to begin to formulate the rudiments of the general political line on which the new or reconstituted communist party will be founded. Involved in this are the thorough and concrete investigation and analyses of the objective conditions of US monopoly capitalism today, and its interaction with the rest of the world. Our forces must begin to study and make scientific appraisals, and not simply in an agitational way of the current status and long term prospects of the US fascist economy, the bourgeoisie political parties, class relationships and strengths in the USA. Political realities and currents in the working class mean political trends in the movements of the oppressed nationalities, tendencies towards fascism that are so obvious and much more.

Need for analysis of United States workers is desperate. Especially important is an in-depth analysis of the US working class today, with particular attention to the industrial working class, or what we know as the proletariat. Such an analysis must take up the multi-national character of the working class, role of women workers, status of the unemployed, movements toward organizing the unorganized, role of the trade unions and the trade union bureaucracy, and some estimate of the nature of backward consciousness in the working class, particularly in relation to racism that is so pronounced in the working class in USA, and sexism, and their strong currents of anti-communism that is frighteningly, dangerously leading to the destruction of USA. This investigation and analysis is of course only one aspect of the formulation of a general line, and many other questions are involved, including an historical assessment of the communist movement in the United States. Space does not permit a further elaboration at this time of the many specific tasks connected to the development of general political line for a Marxist-Leninist party. Suffice it to say that what is being put forward here is an attempt to give concrete and practical definition to what is meant in saying that theoretical work is it— is primary in our communist, Marxist-Leninist building today. It is primary, no question of that. It is primary. (Pause)

News has it that French saber jets under US military assistance of $40 million now contingency sum has been given by [US President Jimmy] Carter to try to bomb into the Stone Ages particular the famili— families of the Katanganese revolutionaries who have penetrated deeply into Zaire. Great concern chills the USA as some 88 white people have been killed. The BBC, even the Voice of America, all the white, pro— the cap— the capitalist countries are going over and over about the horror of US citizens and European citizens that have been caught in the revolution. But the revolution that’s penetrated from Angola, where Katanga was forced out of Zaire by US imperialist and their puppets into a life something like the Palestinians that were forced out of their homelands by the Zionist and the USA that tried to divide the Jews from the working class movement. They have finally penetrated out of their caves and their refugee camps from Angola and are driving, wedging in, taking several cities, several radio stations. They are determined that their nation will once again be theirs and be free. Katanga is now called Jaba, it is indeed a province of Zaire which is a puppet regime of fascist USA run by the terror dictatorship of [Pres.] Mobutu [Sese Seko]. (Pause)

This gives an idea of the attitude towards homosexuals in United States. New York Times. (read in lighter voice) Payment of some $55,000 was approved under the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) last November for the Trans-Experience Center in Coconut Grove to assist it in support of gay, bi-sexual and heterosexual alternative lifestyles. Only $4500 of the grant was sent, however, before outraged protest forced cancellation of the grant. The CETA program was supposedly created to train the unemployed, but its purposes, said the Los Angeles Times and the New York Times, have frequently been perverted. In Los Angeles, for instance, the gay community services center was presented with $640,000 in CETA money to instruct the public about the happy lifestyles of homosexuals. (Pause) Elsewhere, it is the same, as syndicated columnist Nick Thimmesch reported not long ago. Thimmesch noted for example in the New York Times that in Rochester, New York, the Gay Alliance of Genesee — G-e-n-e-c-e, uh, G-e-n-e-s-e-e — County, New York got a $35,000 grant, though it took a city council debate to improve the lives and opportunities of the local faggots. That’s horrible to see racism, sexism to that degree, that they would use that word. Midge Constanza, President Carter’s ombudsman, spoke out publicly for the gay request in New York. The National Congress of Neighborhood Women got money to pay the salaries of their group, the National Gay Task Force, and the militant National Organization for Women. Total cost: two point and a half million. It is not enough for the faggots — that’s the way it’s written in the New York [Times] and Los Angeles Times — to swish about their own purses. They are now into the taxpayer’s pockets as well. Carter, since after the biting news attacks, has backed off from any support of assistance to gays in rehabilitations, psychiatric treatment, or any other type of programs that might benefit this oppressed minority. (Pause)

Eritrea. Ethiopia still holds its line. It is not invading further, but it is holding its line. Somalia. Ethiopia is inside the Somalian territory, after US and renegade China imperialist power tried to invade. But the Cubans, in spite of US protest, are breaking off all trade agreements, all negotiations on SALT as Carter has, and his lackeys and the Transnationals in the Trilateral Commission — again, many don’t understand the Trilateral Commission, primarily conceived by [Nelson] Rockefeller, the big big big multi-nationals, and is made up mostly of USA business people, and of course all of the Carter Administration, and attempts to really govern in these last stages of senile monopoly capitalism, European capitalism, American capitalism, and Japanese capitalism. Very few Asians are represented. That’s why Sun [Myung] Moon got into some difficulty in his religious fanaticism, his fascist fanaticism. But his brand of fascism, you see, Sun Moon Unification Church, does not blend into the will of the Trilateral Commission. And he’s the wrong color. Racism is rampant in the Trilateral Commission. So Sun Moon is a deviate from the right, and the deviations of the right are feared as much by the Trilateral Commission as the deviation of the left. They want the apathetic middle, in which there is total indifference, despair, apathy, the feeling you can do nothing but follow a line that is constantly bombarded, that’s Trilateral Commission decides through its great television corporations, its newspaper magnates, that its line will be followed. That is its will. It’s the God in these last stages of capitalism. And as I’ve said, every member of the Carter Administration, or any administration, is forced to join the Trilateral Commission. You need to understand that dreadful, upper echelon, elitist ruling element of monopoly capitalism. It was the Trilateral Commission that decided that Aldo Moro must die, that no political prisoner would be exchanged for him, even though he was a member of the Trilateral Commission. Primarily, the power behind the Trilateral Commission is still US capitalist. (Pause)

Afghanistan continues to reform its government and draws closer to the Soviet Union. Kampuchea has been driven back out of Vietnam— Vietnamese territory after it penetrated again with Chinese backing. The border is calm between Vietnam and China at this moment, as Soviet backing has always been staunch. One thing one can say: the Soviet Union has been in the avant garde of supporting liberation movements the world over. (Pause)

The Philippine Islands, in spite of [President Ferdinand] Marcos’ return from ill health, and his wife Imelda negotiating with the Soviets about nuclear reactors, a continued dialogue is going on with the Philippines and the Soviet Union. Strange bedfellows. That’s the contradiction of capitalism. The capitalists don’t trust each other, and so they’re turning to the Soviet Union, and the Soviet Union is wise enough to know that the end justifies the means, to try to work economically to some degree to pull away the Philippines and the Philippine leader, the dictator Marcos is uh, almost pressured into dealing with the communist Warsaw Pact, because the majority of his opposition — strong rebellion is growing throughout the Philippine Islands, and it is all Marxist-Leninist, all the parties of resistance are Marxist-Leninist, and so I guess he’s concluded, you’re going to have to deal with the Soviet Union, and US capitalism. The Trilateral Commission always shows its arrogance and racism by dealing shoddily with the Philippines, even though Marcos is a good capitalist dictator. They were prepared to give him a leaky nuclear reactor that had been outlawed in USA and was established on a fault line. The Soviet Union are humane people, and they at least are going to put a nuclear reactor without the potential of helping the Philippines to build a nuclear war um, capacity, or nuclear arsenal, and the agreement includes that Soviet aides must remain in tight control of the nuclear reactor. That’s one safeguard that the Soviets have looked to, that USA has abandoned. That’s why most scientists feel by 1980, a nuclear war will be upon us, because the arms race is out of control. Nuclear reactors are everywhere, and people can make bombs if they have a nuclear reactor. Simple enough. (Pause)

Other news has it that Namibians have been able to kill several of the occupying army of Union of South Africa. The Patriotic Front continues to gain ground, little by little, in troubled Zimbabwe. Brazilian rebels, Marxist rebels, have practically taken over whole sections of the northeast of Brazil, as Brazil has greatly troubled. The military dictatorship that is modified. Again, the Soviet Union has been wise enough to play on its fears, because Brasilia— the Brazilian government is mostly black, and even though fascistic, it has been mistreated by the Trilateral Commission, because it’s the wrong color, so the Soviets— Soviet Union has moved in with some forms of aid, wisely enough, and Brazil’s in a terrible, troubled condition with its drought, worst drought in its history in southern Brazil. So the rebel sur— insurgencies, the communist revolutionaries are may— being active all below us, all below our southern border here in Guyana.

Chile continue to rock and reel, as trade union strikes are prevailing. Teachers’ strikes. Elements of the armed forces are rebelling against General [Augusto] Pinochet. He has been forced to release political prisoners. He is being forced to lessen some of the terrible fascist laws. He is being forced to bring in civilians into his government. Fascism— the time clock shows that fascism will run out, in spite of the nuclear hell that will probably precede it. (Pause)

Anarchists holed up in Philadelphia. Associated Press reported — now remember, some of this has a capitalist slant — last month that police in Philadelphia had blocked a band of armed black bandit anarchist. Well, that’s Associated Press. That shows you the racism of the US press services. In an attempt to starve them out. The anarchists are members of a revolutionary group which calls itself MOVE, and they have been holed up in a rundown three-story house in west Philadelphia since last May, when they confronted the police with automatic rifles. Sheldon Albert, city solicitor, says that there are at least four women, eight children, and 20 adult male anarchists still inside the house. Some have been let out by mercy. The MOVE movement is much like the Red Brigade. (Pause) Well, they’re armed with explosives inside the house, and at least 14 weapons, some capable of automatic firing, and they’ve held out since May 11. That gives some point of what we could do if anyone was threatening our internal freedom here. We’ve certainly got a better capacity to resist, and more bodies and more arms, although we are not offensive in our design, we do not believe in violence, and our children must be taught that we do not have weapons, only for hunting, and that’s the truth. But we will protect our freedom. Obviously, we will fight for our freedom. For the last 11 months, police officers have had the house under 24 hours surveillance — oh my goodness, this is since last May a year ago, twelve months, now, they’ve held up in that house — at a cost of $1.2 million in overtime pay each month. Beautiful beautiful beautiful. MOVE has caused that kind of reaction. They’ve been housed up in that house for 24 hours a day for one year. Police have not been able to serve warrants, which were issued for the arrest of 18 members of MOVE on explosives and weapons charges, as well as charges of riot, disorderly conduct, and criminal conspiracy, all the laws that are made by the fascist Supreme Court’s upheld and all the court system which is indeed an arm of the fascist state, just as the press is an arm of the fascist state. That is ma— amazing, that there can be that kind of solidarity amongst black people to hold out one year against the police state. Mayor [Frank] Rizzo, you know, of Philadelphia, is forming a new White’s Rights — White Is Out Of Sight — and that kind of thing, a White’s Rights Party, that is gaining much support throughout the USA. He’s our little fascist pig with his own CIA secret police in Philadelphia. The New York Times reported last June that the group says that all it wants is to be left alone. (Tape turns off for one second) And that’s the cry of every people everywhere. We’ve made overtures to this group, it only came to public attention last month, I guess they couldn’t hide it any more. Says that all it wants to do is to be left alone, to pursue its own way of life. We might think of ways of negotiating their release and uh, (unintelligible phrase — sounds like “less of cost”) to the uh, Philadelphia police. This includes keeping their children out of school. They do not want anything to do with capitalist education. And naked, even in the winter. Sheltering a pack of 60 dogs and preaching to passerbys [passersby] a revolutionary doctrine that would literally give American back to the Indians and abolish all governments from here to Peking and Moscow. Unfortunately, that’s anarchism, and we’re a little bit afraid of that. But we can sympathize with their distrust of government anyway. One young woman member was quoted in the Times article as saying that MOVE had set up chapters in Chicago. By the way, they’re under house arrest in Chicago and Detroit. And they’re also in New York and several other cities around the country. Residents of the racially-mixed neighborhood say that MOVE members are obstreperous — this of course is a capitalist version, you know, the New York Times — physically filthy and potentially violent. And know that’s capitalist brainwashing. One woman asserted that many people in the area were frightened and disgusted by the anarchists. She asked not to be identified, because she said, “My parents are European Jews who went to the Holocaust, and these people are like Nazis.” Now that’s New York Times brainwashing. They tried to divide again the Jews from the blacks and all elements of the working class, and you’ve got to see that. I’m giving you capitalist news, and you ave— have to understand, I interpret it as much as I can. (Pause) But bravo salutations to MOVE at least for standing up and being counted. New York Times, (unintelligible word — sounds like “particularly”) Murdoch press and Hearst is crying out against the Communist lecturers that are going through the nation. Murdoch press, New West and Hearst was the one that attacked us. And begin the attast— the attack that destroyed Synanon, the great drug rehabilitation cooperative in the Bay Area and has now attacked Huey Newton until he’s practically out of his mind, face— faces four charges of murder, conspiracy and assault. They can’t get him on one, they’re determined to destroy that young black man. I wish he’d listen. We offered him to come here, and we’d’ve gotten him, in spite of protest. I wish he had stayed in Cuba. But he wo— could not find himself able to adjust to speaking Spanish or a new culture.

And that’s the trouble with some of you. You’re going back to certain death, (pause) like our defector [Debbie Layton] went back, and even willing to compromise with the embassy, and tell lies. However, the head of embassy called (pause) ingratiatingly, sweet as saccharine, trying to keep our good will, so our solidarity still is worth a great deal. Called Jean Brown in uh, San Francisco, and said we’re just the same, I really love you folk, I’m kinda like to— part of your family. And he said the defector was indeed a person who was selfish, wanting to do their own thing. I guess that he found that it made no real difference how much information they get from the defector, we will be here, that they have to come through all of us to get any of us, and that’s our key. One thousand strong, united we stand. (pause) (Voice starts to rise) That’s the key. More protection than any people have on earth. Thousand strong, with you will have medical care, thousand strong, with no one will take you away, and then your father standing strongly and boldly when they come, say “No, you can’t have anybody.” When they arrest somebody in Georgetown, “No, you can’t have them,” and they always have released them. That’s a power, a protection that needs to be educated in every class, teachers, I demand it. In every home, every parent needs to educate. No one can come in and mug, rape, steal, hurt you, come at you with court suits, come at you and take you away to jails or concentration camps. That’s a power, in spite of this defector being high up in our finances. That was a call late in the morning, that we got on the radio, that the head man that was out there, the head of— going to be now promoted to the head of the Guyana Desk of the State Department, he was ingratiatingly kind and smooth and wanted our good will. It was obvious, he did not want us to be troubled in spite of the fact that she gave damaging and treasonous information against us. And I salute her family who have stood up so strongly under the onslaught and not even batted an eye, by forgetting the defector and the traitor, because the defector has become a traitor.

Anyway, the press in USA is concerned over communist tours of colleges. Claude Lightfoot, black man, blinded, field secretary of the Communist Party USA, recently made a triumphant tour of colleges in the Boston area. He was the guest of honor at a reception held by the Black Educators Alliance of Massachusetts, said the New York Post. Some 50 black educators showed up to hear Comrade Claude, including a district superintendent and 10 school principals. But that’s nothing. But you see, even 50 people shake up the Trilateral Commission and the capitalist lackeys. Ewart Guinier, professor of Afro-American History at Harvard — we ought to remember him to write him, E-w-a-r-t, capital G-u-i-n-i-e-r in Harvard, and a left wing communist fronter hosted a dinner at— for Lightfoot at the Harvard Faculty Club, which was attended (spoken in sarcastic awe) by 50 members of the progressive forces, that’s in quote, like it’s taking a dig, among them, a state representative, a delegate from the Communist World Peace Council, and civil rights attorneys. After the dinner, Comrade Lightfoot gave an address — and that’s always— that’s making a barb, too, in quotes — at— he gave an address at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Speaking at Simmons College, the Communist Party official, black man, maintained that the whole of American history needs to be rewritten. How would he know, said the press. He is black. He is— he is blind, rather. Even the ra— the terrible prejudices against the disabled show. The accumulation of wealth in this nation was primarily made possible, said Lightfoot, by the genocidal, mass murder slaughter of Native American Indian peoples and the brutal enslavement of b— African black peoples, the likes of which have no comparison in world history anywhere. This is a part of our national heritage that I hope you will join me in renouncing and rejecting, said the communist Claude. (pause) See the smart little remarks. Lightfoot also spoke from the pulpit of the community church of Boston — we ought to remember them, we can learn a lot from our enemies, who to praise — and gave the keynote speech at the eighth anniversary celebration of the founding of the Young Workers Liberation League Youth Arm of the Communist Party USA, which of course— Communist Party USA is pro-Soviet and pro-Warsaw Pact, and as we know, the Soviet Union and the Cuban forces are the bravest and the most avant garde of the Marxist-Leninist liberationists, and we uphold them, Lightfoot went on to say in his disheveled clothes and tacky appearance. See the little cracks that they make. And this is one of the more broad-minded papers. He told the young Reds — and I’m quoting from different papers, this is New York Timesall of the prerequisites are materially present for a resurgence of the struggles of the 60s for civil rights and peace. These struggles will dig— dig deeper into the guts and entrails of the system known as capitalism. We warn the American readers, said the New York Times, that we must be alerted to the Communist being dignified by being allowed to travel to our best seats of learning. (Ironic tone) Sounds like McCarthyism, sounds like the old anti-Communist movement being whipped up again.

Teaching the party line is another column in the Los Angeles Times. The California State Board of Education is planning to investigate Roland Angle, a teacher at Alameda High School, who is a self-professed communist agitator and member of the Progressive Labor Party, which he describes as a communist organization that is more revolutionary than the American Communist Party. The flap began when Angle gave his class an assignment concerning the coal strike which took the Communist Party line on labor conflict — and remember, this is the Los Angeles Times, totally unsympathetic to anything communistic. (pause) In fact, it would kill communist in the name of the Lord. The school called the assignment propaganda, and critical parents described it as communist indoctrination. Alameda is in the Bay, broad-minded, so-called, and they marched on the c— the teacher, marched on his home. (pause) I’m cutting short some of it. Angle who stands to lose his $18,500 teaching post says that the controversy is nothing but McCarthyism, and declares he has no regrets about having given the assignment. The project was designed by W. Barksdale and Larry Orloff — O-r-l-o-f-f — two teachers in San Francisco — we need to find these people — who like Ronald— Roland Angle, R-o-l-a-n-d, Angle, A-n-g-l-e, who works for the Alameda High School, are members of the radical Committee Against Racism. See, we can learn who to support by just reading the capitalist press. (pause) Italian industry suffers, says the New York Times. Senor Domin— Dominico Bartoli, D-o-m-e-n-i-c-o capital B-a-r-t-o-l-i, director of the Florence newspapers La Navione, N-a-v-i-o-n-e, has dubbed Italy’s present economic situation a counter-industrial revolution. Strikes, he declares, have become a habit in which a single worker may arbitrarily decide to prevent goods from leaving a factory. Supported by their communist-subverted unions — that’s typical of capitalist press again, remember, the Times — Italy’s workers have succeeded in pushing to bankruptcy the factories responsible for their country’s postwar miracle. (Sneering tone) Nnn-yeah. Postwar miracle, my ass. The oppression of the working class. Today there are over one and a half million unemployed in Italy, while the men whose impossible demands and non-productivity brought their companies to ruin now work at night in small family enterprises, which being undeclared are subject to no taxes. See, the capitalist press doesn’t like the little man to get any share of the pie, to have little businesses that might make him enough money to feed his family. You can see so much in the capitalist press, how they are the willing arm that comes out to crush down any resistance, how they set us up by lying on us and smearing us so the people would be turned off to us, and the government would have a better room and crush us or whip up such hate that someone would assassinate us. But they did not get it achieved, and we’re still here a year later, standing bravely and more united. Meanwhile, the government was expanded rapidly, as thousands of new municipal and national agencies sprang up, and tens of thousands of government employees who produced nothing are now working only four hours a day. New York Times of course is greatly, greatly concerned about that. (Pause)

Chicago Tribune. Capitalist press all. For hundreds of years, the real world has subscribed to the theory that gold is not held as an investment, but as a protection against disaster. Gold demotisiz— demonstitizes the d— the dollar. Now this theory has been adopted by the Arabs, and as gold takes over the monetary functions of the dollar, the figures make interesting reading. According to the London gold firm of Samuel, Montague and Company, 370 tons of gold passed into the Middle East in 1977 into the Arabs’ control. Remember, the Zionist influence is also highly felt in the media, in the press. But three oil countries of Iran, Saudi Arabia and Kuwait together imported as much as— much gold as the International Monetary Fund sold at its four auctions last year. Seventy, ninety, and 35 tons respectively. European countries imported 570 tons of gold, 220 of which went st— went to Italy, where Italians, hedging against inevitable communist revolution — oh, even they admit it’s going to be inevitable, that communists are going to take over Italy — salutations to the Red Brigade, the capitalist press does slip in something there now and then. Two hundred twenty tons of the gold which went to Italy, where Italians, hedging against inevitable communist revolution — that means absolutely that communist revolution will take place in Italy — stashed part of its gold in strongboxes. The rest was used for jewelry, most of which was bought up by Arabs who may soon demand payment for their oil in gold, instead of Carter’s dollars, who are beginning to be distrusted in the world market, although 1221 tons of gold sold for industrial purposes last year. (Mike clicks off for few seconds) One thousand six tons went to the jewelry trade alone. Of the 1450 tons of gold on offer, 700 tons came from South Africa, 250 tons from the Western world, 300 tons from the Soviet bloc, and 200 from the International Monetary Fund. Once industrial and jewelry demands were met, 208 tons remain, open for speculators. The amount of gold on offer in 1978 was not expected to exceed last year’s figure, although the USA could change that by dumping gold on the market to make our trade deficit look better, and they did. Even this element of uncertainty is counterbalanced by the January 1978 expiration of the agreement barring Switzerland and the central banks of the Group of 10 from buying gold on the open market. This happened, USA had to dump part of its gold, and gold is the only backbone of its dollar, and it’s having to sell off its gold to hold up its staggering dollar. The dollar’s falling so bad, and unemployment is rising so terribly that now 40% of the black community is virtually in substarvation, in poverty, and unemployment. Yeah, you look at the Ebony and you see a picture of some black person that’s made it, some Uncle Tom to try to placate the blacks or some sell-out black preacher like [Reverend] Ike, give the appearance that black people can make it— that shows how little consciousness they are, that there— there is no consciousness of liberation in USA, or Ike long ago would be dead. Murderous milker of the people’s money. He put $22 million in Mexico, and when devaluation came, he lost ten million of it right on the spot. And he just had the nerve to cry about it in the press. Twenty-two million dollars that he had invested in Mexico. Not church money, his own personal wealth. And the fact that robber barons like that in our black community, Uncle Toms get by without ever being shot, shows you how little concern, how little black consciousness even there is, not to say, Marxist-Leninist consciousness, and how right we were to get out of there before they sweep up people in concentration camps before genocide and nuclear war comes. (Pause) Well, that’s the way it is.

Another thing on gold. New York Times. For years, America’s bankers, investment houses and federal governments have been trying to sell Americans the idea that gold is good only for making jewelry and crowning teeth, a hard piece to put over when nine-tenths of the world has confidence in no other monetary standard. But the push to demonetize gold continued, and if the recent collapse of the dollar on the world market does not teach Washington its folly, nothing will. These capitalists are getting nervous. Even the New York Times doesn’t believe in the dollar any more. That’s good news! (Pause) The flurry of apprehension that hit the boss— the (unintelligible word) of Europe as Carter let the dollar slide proved again the old truism that gold is the classic crisis metal to which investors turn when threatened by inflation, war, or an unstable foreign exchange market. And we must admit, as US businessmen said, the New York Times business section, that that’s what happening. We are threatened by inflation, nuclear war, and unstable foreign exchange market. I guess they’re going to buy some gold and bury it, and hope that they can survive. They won’t survive, but the gold might. On the first, gold soared to $181.95 per fine ounce at the nineteenth auction of the International Monetary Fund, IM uff— IMF, the month of March was subsequently the most turbulent on the gold markets since December of 1974. The rise was due to the fall of the dollar, as demand for gold goes up when the dollar goes down, and the dollar goes down every day. And since gold is still quoted in dollars at the great trading centers of Zurich, London, Hong Kong and New York, the price increase really meant that gold was maintaining its value, while the money which— against which it is measuring, the US dollar, is constantly falling. (Pause) Well, this gives you a little bit of the ideas (fumbles with mike) of what’s happening in the news. And I’m giving you a capitalist perspective so you can see how they’re thinking.

Another little blurb out of the capitalist press, in Memphis, Tennessee. Thoughtful Panamanians are appalled at the blackmail exercised by [Supreme Leader General Omar] Torrijos, general who leads Panama, in pushing for the Panama Canal treaties, notes Congressman Lawrence P. McDonald, Democrat, Georgia. They fear and oppose the treaties, and they realize, says the congressman, that the treaties are politically unpalatable to most Americans. They also know that their passage probably cements a left-wing dictator in power for the rest of his life. Torrijos is to the left of center. See how openly vicious the capitalist press is. Senor Alexis Watson Castillo, a defector from Panama, has said it is unbelievable to me that a country as large and powerful as the United States could be blackmailed by Torrijos. Always there’s a sellout, there always is an Uncle Tom. In his view, noted the Washington Weekly from May 16, 1978, the already powerful communist influence in Panama will become total once the treaties are ratified, and Torrijos will arrange for the Soviet Union to replace US subsidies and technicians required to operate the canal. When this happens, all hope for political freedom in Panama will disappear, and de facto control of the canal will be in the hands of [Cuban Pres. Fidel] Castro and the USSR. Now remember, that’s the US capitalist press. Panama hardly even got a decent treaty out of it. Sure Torrijos, the leader of ca- Panama, spelled T-o-r-r-i-j-o-s, is left of center, distrustful of US capitalism, and did pull a crazy nigger tactic and said that he would die and his army would die and the people would die if they didn’t sign the Panamanian treaty, ‘cause they were going to invade the Panama Canal the next morning, and it passed. But it doesn’t even give them the control of the Panomo— Panama Canal until the year 1999. Stupid capitalist press, they can’t even give people the dignity of looking down the road 25 years for freedom. (Pause)

A story from Maryside in London tells of the new confessional system of a local priest, allowing hard of hearing parishioners to write down their sins and pass them on their confessor, to avoid the embarrassment of having to shout for all to hear. On one occasion, however, the priest reported that he was passed a note which read: one pound of tea, half pound of sugar and a pound of margarine. Told of the mistake, the sinner was heard to cry out, good heavens, I’ve given my sins to Tesco’s. Just a little lighter side of the news. (Pause) Lighter side of the news, indeed. (Pause)

Passing of the Panamanian Canal, even in 1999, is certainly scaring the US press. They’re talking about a Marxist takeover, and (Pause) Third World control. (Pause) New York Times says not to return, replied a straight-faced businessman in on the plot to relinquish the canal to Panama’s tinpot Marxist dictator. You see, he said, we never had it. This is the argument. This is the whole essence of the thing, it is a full clear recognition of the fact that sovereignty is in the hands of Panama. The businessman conclude— concluded by describing the unelected Torrijos, a pawn of Castro, as a wonderful fellow. He believes in human dignity and respect of the individual. We shall see, said this capitalist blurb, out of the New York Post again, that dreaded [newspaper publisher Rupert] Murdoch who started the attack on us. Another blurb in his paper says, when a president says never, that may be just about the time he’s going to do it. The editors of the Richmond News-Leader believe President Franklin Roosevelt said he never would send American boys into any foreign wars. President Richard Nixon said he never would resign, and President Carter is saying he never will impose wage-price controls. Beware, said the New York Post. There will be wage and page controls.

A six million dollar contract has been awarded by the Syrian government to C.H. Babb, B-a-b-b, Company, a Massachusetts firm skilled in manufacturing equipment that bakes traditional Middle Eastern bread. The Arab country soon will enjoy the benefits of machines which provide 166 loaves of Syrian pocket-style bread a minute, three times faster than traditional methods in Arab Syria. There, you’ll see Zionism again. I guess the Syrians are not even supposed to be entitled to make br— bread on a mass productive basis. Of course, Syria is a strong and close support of the Soviet Union, and that bothers them greatly, that Syria could get any kind of, uh, could buy anything from USA, but USA is in such a bad state that they have to sell to whoever could buy their technology these days, and they have no principle. Capitalists have no morality, they’d sell their own mother.

Well, this’ll give you an idea of the news, and I hope that you will digest it, think about it, organize it in your thinking, because we need to be thinkers. Without knowledge, we have nothing but animalism, total disloyalty to everything living. We have no sensitivity, we have no principle. It takes knowledge to bring us to communism, Marxist-Leninism, and the revolutionary applications in fact of it, as we see in this beautiful cooperative which we should kiss the dirt every day and be thankful for our children, the miracles that never cease, the protections that always are on the increase, 30 miles round our land, the beauty of it, the beauty of it all, the breath-taking beauty of it all, enough to eat, shelter, warmth, not having to worry about cold as tens of thousands froze to death in USA because of oil shortages and manipulations of the big corporations that turned off gas on the poor and oil on the poor. Never get too cold, and certainly it’s never too hot. That’s something. Older people have to have 67 degree temperature to live. You’re never guaranteed that, not even in California. Here, that’s why they’re guaranteed good health. It’s best to be in a warmer climate, where you sweat out the impurities from your system, where the food is free of the chemical contaminants that cause cancer, where there’s no filthy smog, no dirty oil that causes cancer, lung problems and all other kinds of bodily ailments, kidney, heart failure and high blood pressure. Think of it, with over 100 people that had high blood pressure, now only just a bare handful have any trace of high blood pressure. Even diabetes has disappeared. Many were on insulin, no longer use it. We’re not grateful enough for the housing, the recreation, the entertainment, the central supply that guarantees equality, the medicines — had to pay $56,000 for medicines this week. Be grateful, and (deliberate tone) I do demand that by tonight everyone turn in a way of making money and saving it, and do your own project. I’m tired of appealing now. I want it brought in. Some of your tests still show an appalling lack, but many did very excellent performances, and we will reward you accordingly. Down the road, you will be getting special awards that pursue educational knowledge, because it takes knowledge to be sensitive and to bring about revolution. Thank you, and all my love. Step up your production, so you (unintelligible word) not brought up before the new brigade tonight, because we are observing some that are not producing as they ought to be producing. I love you very much.

(Tape break of undetermined time. Jones’ voice is in a slower cadence than before) Attention. We always keep you informed of all news, good or bad. This is good news. We have avoided any kind of alarm to you as a community because I felt that I could handle this situation. The publisher’s wife, Hunter, is a part of the conspiracy, though I had helped her through the years, visited her, many of my staff and myself have listened to her, hours and hours, in her drunken stupor. She’s a woman near death. Paralyses. A very hardened woman who now is seeking every dime she can get to sustain her. She’s become a very evil, mechanic robot of the conspiracy that started with [George] Klineman the Nazi and [David] Conn the Nazi, connected with the Treasury Department in the earliest days with San Francisco and Los Angeles police, and then built up to the horrifying degree that it now is. She was sent by the PD — Press-Democrat, Santa Rosa — and also money— money-backing. Slim indeed, because she had to help us, ask us for some help. (Pause) It’s a shame what little money people will sell their conscience out. But she underestimated this little country. She came under false pretenses, not telling that she was coming to do a story to try to smear us, and today, the Home Ministry— Ministry of Immigration, of Home Affairs, our good friend Dr. [Vibert] Mingo, has ordered her being expelled from a country. That’s quite serious type of approach to these matters, for a small country, though rich in resources, to take on Yankee imperialism, by the order of expulsion of a USA citizen. But if she is not out of the country by tomorrow, under the present circumstances, Dr. Mingo has ordered her arrest. She thought her honky pride and connections with right-wing circles in the Caribbean, and the fascist backing of oil interest, and undoubtedly the CIA, Senator [John] Stennis [D-MS] and all of his mass murderers, lynch mob rulers — she thought she could make it in to our project and stay and harass as long as she chose. But Dr. Mingo and the government of Guyana — the Socialist Republic of Guyana — at least consider us in somewhat good standing, as she was ordered to be expelled and removed, by tomorrow she must leave this country, even though she had originally a thirty-day visa, and has only been here three days. I think you can take heart from that kind of support. I asked the radio room to be sure to tell the people in Georgetown, because a country can have international shock waves. When the Soviet Union, as large as it is, expelled a reporter from its country, there were shock waves all around the capitalist world, about denial of human rights, and all of these other things. But the Soviet Union stood by their guns also, of course. But the woman came in as a liar, she’s been pulling all kinds of intrigue, even though I helped her grandchild when it was about to die, and helped her daughter-in-law, her son to pay their hospital bill, as Mary S— Tschetter can tell you, and other nurses, they didn’t have a dime, and I had to take care of them. There is no way we can help but have a Committee of the Defense of the Revolution and look at every person. We all should be critical and analytical of every one. After seeing the (unintelligible word — sounds like “person”) that was lost in the forest the other day, it is your duty to report any negative thing you hear, or you will be held absolutely responsible. It is your duty to see any strange behavior and negative talk from anyone, leadership— top leadership, makes no difference, and all echelons of this egalitarian society.

Panama Canal defeat. The narrow passage, says Radio Cuba — now you’re getting a Cuban perspective — of the second Panama Canal treaty has— was a victory for Jimmy Carter and his right-wing fascist elements of Congress that made all kinds of unscrupulous deals with the right wing, the far right w— fascist wing to win its passage. Carter unabashedly expressed the true intent of the second treaty. We have a clear right to do what it necessary to defend our canal, quote unquote. Imagine claiming that property of a foreign country belongs to the United States. Senate Democrat leader Robert Byrd of West Virginia, one of the staunchest supporters of the treaty, called the vote one of the Senate’s finest moments, but all sorts of compromises had to be made with Senator Byrd because of his racist demands, and demands that there be no more opportunities, legislative opportunities given, to blacks, Indians and poor minorities. In securing passage of both Panama Canal treaties, the one passed last month allegedly guarantees the neutrality of the Canal Zone. Carter used strong-arm tactics and other dubious methods to get the votes he needed. Following the approval of the first treaty, one high administration official was quoted as saying, “I hope the Panamanians will get as much out of these treaties as some United States Senators did.” In one case — this was stated by one in the administration itself — in one case, the White House reversed itself last month, said Radio Free Cuba. They were quoting a US press, by the way, when they said that US Senators were picking up money and powerful influence from going along with Carter on the passage of the Panamanian treaty. In one case, the White House reversed itself last month and supported a plan whereby the government would buy $250 million worth of copper for the country’s strategic stockpile to keep down poor nations. Carter sold out on this one to Arizona Senator Dennis DeConcini, whose state is a major copper producer. DeConcini became the center of controversy during Senate debate on the second canal treaty, when he sponsored the amendment allowing the United States to intervene militarily at any time it chooses to keep the canal open. (Pause) We need no copper, by the way. That cost the taxpayers — USA — $250 million because we already have a very great stockpile, enough to sell out into the world market sufficient copper to lower the prices of Bolivian copa— copper, and to lower the prices of Zambian copper, so that they would have their economy broken, but it did not succeed. Zambia told Carter yesterday evening they will continue to sponsor the Cuban and Soviet presence in Africa as their only hope, the only champions of liberation that they have outside their own people. The Panamanians are not at all pleased with either of the treaties, both of which allow continued US fascist neocolonialism in the Canal Zone. Indeed, it was this mass opposition to both treaties that forced Panamanian head of state, leftist general Omar Torrijos to declare that his army would have intervened in the Canal Zone to start our fight for liberation, even if that means our death, if the second treaty had not passed. There is little doubt of the certain US retaliation. If Torrijos had carried out his plan, they would have annihilated, no only he, his army, but the people of Panama. There is also little doubt that the Panamanian people will not stand much longer being subjected to US fascist domination. (Pause)

Twenty-two Attica brothers shot down by New York City cops. Twenty-two former defendants in the 1971 Attica prison rebellion were shot, and one was killed immediately, three died later, by two New York City policemen with submachine guns earlier this week. Maliano Gonzales (phonetic spellings throughout account), who was known at Attica and in the defense movement as Dalu, was shot to death. Cleveland Davis, who was also cull— called Jomo Eric Thompson, is near death, and has been charged with murder and conspiracy. Both police officers, Norman Sahulo and Christy Masson, were killed. Good. Police accounts of the shooting, which they claim to have ra— reconstructed from witnesses, are extremely suspicious. The struggle allegedly began when Officer Masconi, while sitting in a patrol car, brushed Dalu’s coat and felt a gun inside. Dalu had been standing on the sidewalk with many of his brothers. When Masconi got out of the car and ordered Dalu to put his hands up for a search, Dalu allegedly grabbed him, and Jomo opened fire on Masoni and Cirillo. Police say that this account was given by the witness in a fifth-story apartment. Very likely that anyone could see what was going on a fifth-store— a fifth-story apartment. The New York Times quoted one of Masoni’s fellow police as praising him as an officer who pulled people off the streets for searches simply on suspicion that they looked wrong. (Pause) Although remaining charges against Attica defendants were dropped 15 months ago under a pardon by New York City govern— New York Governor [Hugh] Carey, Dalu was still considered— They were not going to give them up, they make these pretenses of human rights, but then the police or the FBI or the CIA wait and gun them down. They were considered fugitives ever since their pardon. The pardon was announced at the same time Carey said there would be no discipline or charges brought against state troopers or guards for the murder of over 40 Attica prisoners. At the time of the shooting, Jomo was on parole from an earlier conviction. Police said he would have been sent to jail immediately upon arrest. A lawyer who worked in the Attica Defense Movement has indicated to Workers Power that there has been a pattern of harassment and extra-close surveillance of parolees from the Attica rebellion. They had to let them off, because the state used outright fascist tactics to not only murder Attica prisoners but many of its own police force, and they didn’t want any more notoriety in the news showing how ugly and fascistic the New York governor Rockefeller and his cohorts and his state police and prison police were. The police and the establishment white press have seized upon this incident to unleash a flood of vicious racist and reactionary fascist propaganda. They have spread slanderous accusations about the 22 and their families. Seven men were convicted of relatively minor crimes, six of them through plea bargaining due to the fact that they had no lawyers, because lawyers only are available to the rich in US society, not to the black, Indian or the poor whites. One of these was Jomo, who was shot seven times at Attica. Jomo began presenting evidence in court of the murderous, fascist atrocities committed by state officials, which had never had been investigated. This evidence so threatened the Attica prosecution that they were willing to drop their trumped-up murder charges and made a plea deal carrying no additional prison time, and arrange with the police to have them shot down like dogs later. The Attica rebellion of September 1971 was the culmination of years of unrest and protest of the fascist, torturous condition in the prisons of New York State and the entire country of USA. It was recognized throughout the world as a discipline justified and fully necessary act of revolutionary rebellion against intolerable fascist conditions inside and outside US prisons. A little bit of the news that we hope that will give you some insights in what is happening to our brothers and sisters in USA. Behind everything that looks like a possible breakthrough, we always see that there’s something, something going on. (Pause)

Blacks sentenced in South Africa. Pretoria, South Africa Supreme Court recently sentenced 66 black men to seven-to-eighteen years in prison on trumped-up charges under the Terrorism Act. The repressive, fascist law in the apartheid regime of South Africa, in which Pretoria is the capital and South Africa is fully-financed and backed by US monopoly capitalism. The repressive, fascist law, adopted in May 1967, says that anyone can be arrested, imprisoned and sentenced without trial, no jury trial, no judge trial, for endangering law and order or plotting to overthrow the government with violence, if it is considered to be the case in the minds of the police. The mind of a racist policeman can convict and sentence someone to prison for 18 years, just like the above, without a trial. This is an example or model of what USA will do in its own country, as the tighty— the fighting gets tougher. People arrested under this act receive the maximum penalty of death or at least five years in prison. A similar law already is being practiced in Washington, D.C., or at least five years in prison. It is reported that in five months of late 1977, over 6000 black South Africans — many of them students — were killed by this fascist regime that is supported entirely by US monopoly corporations and the fascist government of USA. Over 1700 people arrested and imprisoned without trial, 1600 people deprived of the freedom of movement entirely.

Bank loans ruling. A congressional panel voted last week to make loans to South Africa by the US Export-Import Bank group, based on progress by the white fascist-ruled country towards black majority rule. (Ironic) Ha ha. What a joke that is. The House of Representatives Subcommittee on International Trade approved the amendment. Imagine that, in light of the news I just gave you above. This, which will bar South Africa from receiving loans unless the United States Presidentit— President Carter determines that it is making significant moves towards black rule and maintains its close alliance with US monopoly capitalism. The bill also raises the bank’s lending authorization from $25 billion to $40 billion to uphold the fascist regime that is rocking and reeling from revolution by the great black solidarity and Indian solidarity that we see in South Africa.

The South African government made a last dist effort— ditch effort last week to persuade the black people of Soweto, a township, S-o-w-e-t-o, a brave township that has fought over and again, like the Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto, against the Nazis, to vote in a mock elections for vacancies on the community council. The 30-member council has no executive powers. It’s just a front to appear that blacks have some self-rule, and it was predicted by prominent black newspaper editor Percy Kwabulzel that less than two percent of the township’s population would turn out, and indeed, it was true. One point six percent turned out. In elections held earlier in February, many candidates were disqualified. (Pause) This is some of the news.

Ugandan officials corrupt. Ugandan President Idi Amin, who used to be bravely nationalistic and independent of USA dictates, last week blasted some of his Cabinet ministers for cheating the public, and said he will soon announced a major government reshuffle. The Ugandan leader accused the officials of considering themselves supernatural supermen and big heads above the law and open collusion with USA monopoly capitalist interest. In spite of his wooing up and trying to kiss up to USA, they were still trying to doing in — doing him in. Perhaps he’ll take a turn now back to the proper stance that he always did, brave independence. He gave this speech during an in— address to ministers and other leading government officials. Idi Amin in Uganda, look these up on your map, was particularly critical of Finance Minister Briggy— Brigadier Moses Ali, when he accused of corner— cornering the market in the sale and distribution of US new automobiles. Ali, Amin said, would no longer have these powers. (Pause) Let us hope that he looks into the full extent of the conspiracy to have him destroyed, because they do not trust him. (Pause)

Angolan President Agostinho Neto was reported to be desperately ill with leukemia in a Moscow hospital. Russian doctors have asked for a newly-developed drug to treat him, the Sunday Telegram here reported. Soviet Embassy officials approached specialists to request supplies of the medication developed by cancer researchers, Dr. Cort Vorheim, a specialist in the hospital there. He will advise the therapy for the leader of the Popular Movement for the Liberation of Angola, MPLA. In spite of President Agostinho Neto’s illness, the Angolian revolution continues and they are backing up strongly the freedom liberation efforts of the Kataganese that they have given refugee asylum to, and are now these brave Kataganese are fighting in Zaire to regain their province, which was formerly known as Katanga. (Pause) This gives you a little bit of news, and we hope that you may be able to digest it.

Victoria Road blacks forced to mo— move. The future of the predominantly (pause) Victoria (pause) Row, a tenement section in the black community for poor and minority residents in Oakland, and business owners of the Victoria Row community, here remains uncertain following last Tuesday’s city council vote to redevelop the dic— the deteriorating two-square block area in downtown Oakland and put many more blacks out of a place of residence. The city has reassured residents and proprietors in this area bounded by Broadway, Eighth, Washington and Tenth Street, that they will be given some financial and other assistance in moving. However, black caucus leaders doubt that a penny will be given to help the minorities. However, numerous people on Victoria Row, named after the architectural style that predominates the community, are fearful that they will literally be left out in the cold once reconstruction begins.

The criminal code overhaul, Senate Bill 1, which is now Senate Bill 1437 and House Bill HR 6869— it’s hopeful that it might be killed in the— in the House, and might have succeeded, but Senator Edward Kennedy put his reputation on the line by pushing hard for enactment of the bill during this session of Congress. Can you imagine the contradictions? A man who’s lost two of his brothers, I guess out of fear— the monopoly capitalists of the CIA and the FBI have him so fearful, that he’s becoming a real little puppet for fascism. Kennedy, the lead Senate sponsor of the measure, along with Senator James Eastland, who has openly suggested lynch mobbing of black people, of Mississippi, has been meeting with the chairman and membership of the House subcommittee which is currently holding hearings on the bill. (Pause) Well, what can you expect? People just don’t have any soul, no gut. I think he would rather die. I would think Senator Edward Kennedy would rather die than associate and collaborate with the enemies of his brothers who murdered President Kennedy and Senator Bob Kennedy. With what some people will do to save their miserable life when our body’s only worth 98% of chemicals. It’s really really frightening, what will happen. (Pause)

Brace yourself for return to the Red Scare. Witchhunt era promoted in the 1950’s by late Wisconsin fascist Senator Joseph McCarthy. The Federal Bureau of Investigation, claiming that the current epidemic of terrorism in Europe and particularly evidence by the Red Brigade in Europe will spread to the United States and is preparing a massive anti-terrorist program. The kidnapping of former Italian premier Aldo Moro by the Red Brigade and his execution by the people and similar recent incidents in Europe and Latin America have brought on a strong feeling of uneasiness in fascist US government circles in this country. Jimmy Carter no doubt has frequent nightmares of being snatched off the streets one day by unfriendly abductors. The prevailing fear in USA ruling monopoly capitalist circles is that foreign dissidents seeking the armed overthrow of the United States will infiltrate the country and are doing so now. Just a scare to try to bring excuse to set up a police state. While it is certainly true that there are many revolutionary and progressive organizations abroad that seek the demise and overthrow of American capitalism, there is a large and growing group of potential terrorist guerrilla activists here at home. There are the millions of black men, women and children living in stark poverty, (slowly) over 40% of the black population, forty out of 100 in USA are living in stark poverty. Because of this government, fascist US government’s nearly four centuries of cruel genocidal racist neglect. There is a rapidly growing Spanish-speaking population whose unemployment problems, experts say, have become more of a crisis than even those experienced by blacks. And they have broken out in absolute revolution, in Houston four times, killing some 17 police, Houston is really rocking and reeling from the resistance of the Span— Spanish-speaking, the Chicano population. There is a dwindling Native American population, the Indians that are practically being massed out by genocide. The first Americans who now face an onslaught of federal legislation designed to strip them of their human dignity and right to self-determination by breaking every che— treaty that the United States government ever made with any Indian or Indian tribe. (Pause) In the white community, there are the coal miners, farmers, and other workers weary of receiving chump change for being the backbone of the fascist American economy. These disgruntled poor and oppressed Americans are the ones who bear watching in this country, not the Red Brigade or the Japanese Red Army, the forces that will inevitably seize power for the people of the United States live right around the corner from the White House, said an editorial of the Black Panther (Pause) spokesperson who’s now putting out a little sheet because their major paper was curtailed by the terrible conspiracy against them. And thus is true — although this is still dreamy-eyed nonsense, because when blacks will not speak up strongly and demand the release of the Wilmington 10, when blacks will not speak up when their own leaders are discredited, framed like Congressman [Charles] Diggs [D-MI], facing a 175-year penitentiary sentence in USA, when they’re so apathetic not to speak up, no consciousness, you can’t depend upon anything.

It has been brought to light that the FBI has used Howard University, the largest black university, to discredit all black liberation efforts. The Federal Bureau of Investigation used Howard University in numerous instances — too many to count — during their campaign to discredit all black leadership in the 70’s, declassified files in the federal government’s notorious Counter Intelligence Program known as COINTELPRO revealed. The files, made public under the Freedom of Information Act, disclosed that the FBI attempted to exploits rifts between Howard students and the Black Panthers and other black liberation groups. The Howard University Hilltop reports, the rifts stemmed from problems caused by the party’s 1970 Revolutionary Peoples Party constitutional convention held in Washington, that seemed threatening to the ruling class and particularly the monopolists who rule all the capitalist nations, the Trilateral Commission. (Pause)

Well, this has given you a little bit more of news that might be of (Pause) in— interest to you. We hope that it will.

Disabled Congressmen, 18 members, white, of course, of US Congress are currently receiving monthly checks for so-called disabilities. These 18 other Congressmen — the— no, there’re 18 more, 36 in total — receive a monthly military pension check or Veterans Administration payment in addition to their $57,500 salary a year. Their travel allowances and other benefits, the payments range from $41 to over $1809 a month that they get from welfare. My, my. Congressmen on welfare. With their travel allowances, Congress now has to be bought out to the tune of over $100,000.

Yet, no matter how much they sell out, when they leave office, they’re used as scapegoats to try to give the appearance of human rights, as two white congressmen have been charged for receiving kickbacks from the South Korean fascist government to the KCIA. (Pause) You can’t stay in Congress forever, after all. Congressman Diggs tried to go along, black congressman, leader of the subcommittee on African Affairs, founder of the Black Caucus, but he faces 37 felony counts and 175 years in prison. The nature of the attack on the popular Michigan black congressman, who was a senior black member of Congress is reminiscent of the witchhunt launched against the late Harlem Congressman, Adam Clayton Powell, that denied him his office twice. And according to US law, there can be no taxation without representation. Yet Harlem was denied its right to the congressman it elected by over 70% majority vote.

End of tape.

Tape originally posted April 1999