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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Sarabeth Trujillo. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jim Jones: –Good Thursday news. Remember tonight, at 7:30 unless there’s a shortage in the food line, there’s always been exception to that fact, we hope the kitchen will be able to organize appropriately so that food will be on time. If not, then you will not be penalized, but 7:30 begins the teaching of this– Russian language, as we’re engaged in language study. Thereafter, there will be some review of some important matters of decision and some high points of the news. It is a Peoples Rally occasion, actually, possibly, because of circumstances in the past test. I wish all the tests that have failed, some fine people that have failed, we want to get them help so they can get through, so will you please, teacher-graders, read them off but then pass the test to me for review.

The celebration here in Addis Ababa of the anniversary of the fall of the Ethiopian emperor Haile Selassie, that many throughout the Caribbean capitalist world thought of the Messiah returned, was the occasion for joint discussions between numerous representatives of socialist, communist countries and national liberation movements, especially concerning the situation in Southern Africa in the neo-fascist regime that’s upheld entirely by US multinationals and our tax dollars to our sorrow.

I would advise that you listen, because the test will be more severe this time. To shut me out will be only to hurt yourself and require five extra classes.

Among those conferring were Cuban president Fidel Castro, and Zimbabwe – or what the white men call Rhodesian leaders – Joshua Nkomo, nationalist head, Robert Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist. The latter two sat side-by-side at this last week’s opening here of the Afro-Asian Solidarity Conference. In a radio broadcast, Mugabe, Marxist-Leninist, said he and Nkomo, nationalist, were in agreement that no useful purpose would come from any meeting with Rhodesian white government head, Ian Smith. He said the Patriotic Front, the only representative government, the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front that represents 97% of their people, and the leaders agree in the Patriotic Front that the only way to his – Smith’s – overthrow is through armed struggle, with its intensification as much as possible.

Beirut: The leadership of the Palestine Liberation Organization held an extraordinary meeting this weekend last in the wake of the Carter-Sadat-Begin [U.S. President Jimmy Carter; Egyptian President Anwar Sadat; and Menachem Begin, Israeli Prime Minister] agreement reached the previous days at Camp David, Maryland. The meeting was attempted [attended] by all factions of the PLO, including representatives of the Rejection Front, who have boycotted most recent executive council meetings. The meetings call for a general strike by Palestinians inside and outside the Israeli fascist-occupied territories, South Lebanon, the West Bank that they conquered from Jorgan– Jordan, and the Gaza Strip that they took from Egypt to indicate the rejection of the Camp David sellout agreements, held by Carter near Washington. Gathered on the eve of the special meeting of progressive Arab forces, were Libya, Democratic Yemen, (Pause) Syria, Algeria, and – scheduled for a following day in Damascus – Syria, Palestine Liberation Organization, Palestine Liberation Front, (Pause) and the steadfadne– steadfastist front conference will bear great responsibility and faces its decisive test in the eyes of the Palestine masses. As you are probably now aware, Saudi Arabia, one of the richest nations in the world, richest only second to the Soviet Union, and, uh, then follows the Shah [Pahlavi Reva, Shah of Iran]. So it will be (Pause) notable that the United States has lost much in this sellout to Zionist forces. It seems the presence of so many Jewish people who have been deceived by Zionism has caused the United States foreign policy to take a turn to madness, much to our sorrow.

Washington: Saying the Camp David conference had sold the Palestinians completely down the river, Senator James Abourzek, A-B-O-U-R-Z-E-K, Democrat, South Dakota, said yesterday in a speech on the floor of the Senate, the dreaded hour has finally arrived. The separate peace treaty between Egypt and Israel, which President Sadat swore would not come from him, and for which Israel has hoped for so long a time, has come. Now, with the inclusion of Carter, said Senator Abourzek, a brave– most brave senator probably left in the United States, he’s gone under much reprisals too, smears in the press, and intimidation by government agencies such as IRS, he said what Carter, what– now with the inclusion of Carter, what was reprehensible last year has become a great victory. The continue denial of self-determination for the Palestinians has given a sheen and a gloss designed to cover what it really is, an Israeli fascist occupation under a different name, said Senator Abourzek. Bravo to such courage.

The nationwide dockworkers, Sydney, Australia. Their– The dockworkers strike in Australia went into its third day. Losses from the strike are estimated at over 20 million, as it has begun again. The strike began when 55 maintenance workers at the container terminals in Melbourne of Seatrain, the USA firm, went on strike for higher wages. USA monopoly capitalism, as you know, controls 66% of the wealth, most of the wealth of all the capitalist nations, nearly all of Can– all of Canada belongs to US multinational neo-fascist (Pause) cor– corporations backed up the military industrial complex of USA of finance monopoly capitalism and the might of the garrison state of USA imperialism and its in– military industrial complex. In retaliation, management laid off 2600 dock workers with permission of the conservative government of Premier [Prime Minister] Malcolm Fraser. Dockworkers then went on nationwide strike, joined by oil refinery workers.

Nairobi: Seventeen officers of the Somali army have been shot before firing squads because of the opposition to the policy of dictator Mohammed Siad – S-I-A-D – Barre – B-A-R-R-E, it was announced yesterday over Somali radio, Mogadishu – M-O-G-A-D-I-S-H-U – without trial. That is Somalia, backed by US capitalism and the erroneous and completely stupid foreign policy of mainland China. Thirty other officers received prison sentences of a maximum– They must– they must serve minimum rather, of 20 to 30 years at hard labor.

Lisbon: An estimated 600,000 Portuguese gathered yesterday for three days of the annual festival of the communist party newspaper, Avante, A-V-A-N-T-E. The paper called it the most beautiful and fraternal, most varied and largest festival ever held in Portugal. As you know, Portugal has been mending severely due to IMF – International Monetary Fund – pressure. The event featured cultural activities on four separate stages, involving one– 410 are– har– artists, 170 from other countries, including Basset Charlie Aiden [phonetic] of the United States. In a speech before a rally of 250,000, PCP General-Secretary Álvaro Cunhal, speaking on the eve of the fall of the government of Socialist leader Mário Soares, brave socialist that he was, once again appealed to socialists to form an alliance with the communist and all other elements of the left to restore socialism to Portugal.

Paris: Close to one million people gathered two weeks– two weekends– this weekend and the weekend last – for the annual festival of the French Communist Party’s newspaper, L’Humanité – L’H-U-M-A-N-I-T-É. Representatives of 65 other communist parties, progressive organizations, and national liberation movements participated in the events at the international city, set up on the northern outskirts of Paris. During the course of the– the L’Humanité, 8,047 people joined the Communist Party, and 7,473 signed up with the Young Comm– Communist League, as communism is definitely on the upsurge throughout the European nations. The paper got 7,103 new subscriptions, the French communist party newspaper that is, L’Humanité.

Paris again: Tens of thousands of demonstrators filled the streets here under the banner, of halt the massacres in Iran. Solidarity with the Iranian people. The demonstration represented the unity of an action of left and progressive forces in France. Some 16 mass organizations and parties issuing the call, including the French communist, socialist, and left radical parties. All three major trade union organizations and youth organizations, the government France is in– is an accomplice by its silence. All agreed this to be the case. The socialist, communist, and left radical parties, the government of France is an accomplice by silence, said they, the appeal signed by 16 organizations, said it’s nothing but a sellout, and a silence of consent of oppression in Iran– Iran. Same in United States, only there was no demonstrations. That’s what’s so hopeless about the United States. Though there are thousands of Iranians living in United States, there were very little demonstrations against the many murders that’ve been– been conducted recently by the Shah of Iran.

Kuwait, according to the news service of United Emirates – E-M-I-R-A-T-E-S – Yasser – A– Y-A-S-S-E-R – Arafat – A-R-A-F-A-T – chairman of the Executive Committee for the Palestine Liberation Organization, said here recently that the efforts of mediation between the Republic of Yemen and the People’s Democratic Republic of Yemen, a pro-Soviet ally, had been successful, and that both sides had agreed to meet shortly to discuss differences that have arisen between the two countries. We’re glad for peace wherever it can be found. The world is desperately in need of peace. (Pause)

Continuing with the news. (Pause) Radio Moscow: Ethiopia and the Soviet Union have reaffirmed their agreements to develop cooperation between their two countries, as they draw closer and closer in the strongest of alliances.

Members of the Human Rights Commission of the Organization of American States have arrived in the capital of the dictatorship of Nicaragua, under Somoza [Anastasio Somoza Debayle, President of Nicaragua] who was placed in power by the U.S. Marines many years ago, to begin an inquiry into the human rights violations by the Somoza military regime. The dictator’s– dictator’s troops killed at least 10,000 people during the suppression of the popular uprising. More than 25,000 men, women have left the country, and many, many, many more are missing. The ones that did escape missed the reprisals. As you know, jus– just yesterday, hundreds were blown out of the water by US-provided planes and artillery hardware. Should make all of us feel guilty, that anyone guilty, who thinks about going back to United States. So sick of the vomitous of it, and as I said, the office will take care of the matter from now on. The presidents of Venezuela [Carlos Andrés Pérez] and Colombia [Julio César Turbay Ayala] have called on the United Nations to investigate the violations of human rights in Nicaragua.

Vietnam declared another protest against China’s violation of her borders by Chinese servicemen and ships. A spokesman for Vietnam’s Foreign Minister handed over a note to the Chinese embassy in Hanoi. The note listed all cases in violation since the beginning of last month. A similar protest was filed on September 15. It pointed out that Chinese servicemen had repeatedly crossed over into the Vietnamese reunified socialist territory – it’s an ally of the Soviet Union – and fired at Vietnamese vessels, destroying fishing tackle. The countries of the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance will help Vietnam to continue building the project on which China declined technical assistance. The decision is being adopted by the council’s executives, and their communiqué says that Vietnam will also be assisted in completing the restoration of the railway between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, which was formerly Saigon under the imperialist control of USA.

At Ethiopia’s request, the session worked out the guidelines for cooperation of West African countries. It also discussed ways of helping Angola in its agricultural development.

Since October of last year, the number of factory and other workers in the Soviet Union has increased by 2,300,000 and now exceeds 107 million. There is no en– unemployment in the Soviet Union. The Soviet Constitution guarantees everyone a job. These figures of an– employment have been released in Moskva – Moscow – in connection with the first anniversary of the new Soviet Constitution, which we all must be listening to, as Gerry [Geraldine Bailey] will be reading to us this day. This coming Saturday will be the celebration of the first anniversary of the new Soviet Constitution. We should write up a petition here and send it in to the embassy, showing our deep and abiding loyalty to the USSR for being the avant garde of liberation all throughout Africa and the world. The constitution guarantees each person the right to work. There will be an economic plan drawn up to ensure production prospers– prosperity with the new workforce. (Pause)

Doctors at the Moscow surgery center have restored, after several hours of being separated, the hand of a patient who lost four fingers in an accident. The operation lasted twelve hours, the surgical teams changing every two hours. This enabled the surgical team to better concentrate on complex jobs of suturing the tiniest blood vessels and nerves. There have been five cases of Moscow sur– surgeons now restoring hands in recent months. Microsurgery of vessels is now– new– now repeatedly developing branch, a completely new branch of medicine. Only in the Soviet Union does it take place, with centers in Moscow, Leningrad, and Kiev in the Soviet Union. Similar centers are being opened in other cities. All medical care, including surgery of any advanced nature, even cosmetic surgery, is free to all in the Soviet Union. Would not anyone want that kind of assurance, would one– not anyone give their life to see their children and their loved ones live under that kind of security?

The Soviet Union has launched a space cargo ship, which will take food, equipment, and fuel to the cosmonauts who have been working abroad– aboard the satellite space station for 112 days.

Leonid Brezhnev has started– has stated that a good harvest has been won in many parts of the Soviet Union.

SWAPO, South West African People’s Organization, will step up the armed struggle, according to Marxist-Leninist doctrine for the true independence of Namibia, having discounted the United Nations resolution, as did Czechoslovakia and USSR voting against it, because it did not grant them the independence that any people with pride would require. The new South African Prime Minister [Pieter Willem Botha] has declared that his country refuses to carry though the United Nations plan for Namibia, and intends to hold elections in December under South Africa’s control. Radio Moscow’s observers said in comment, the refusal to go by the settlement plans proposed by the United Nations Security Council showed that the South African ruling circles – fascist circles upheld by US imperialism – want to preserve their rule in Namibia with the help of strength, all the USA capitalists. The last few months have made it obvious that South West African People’s Organization, SWAPO, will win if general free elections are held in Namibia. In its persistent struggle for Namibia’s genuine independence, SWAPO has won itself a high repute in the country. It has left other puppet parties backed by South Africa with no chance for a political future. It is common knowledge that the Western powers largely depend upon South Africa for imports of strategically important minerals, and thus USA is willing to turn its head and not speak at all of human rights, in the hypocrisy of Carter, because they need the minerals of Union of South Africa that is brought by the sweat of s– black slaves and Indian slaves from that regime, apartheid regime, which means as it– just as it sounds, apartness. With its dubicle– dubious statements, the new South African administration would like to bring pressure on the imperialist Western powers, headed by USA, and force them into maneuvered– maneuvering– maneuvers aimed at setting up the puppet state in Namibia. The racists have already done something in this direction. The intentions of Western foreign ministers to pay a visit to Pretoria, the capital of the fascist regime of Union of South Africa, once again, following the new Prime Minister’s statement, (Pause) is a case in point.

Events in Namibia and around it indicate that the time is right for taking the most decisive action against the South African racists. That was exactly the point made the Foreign Minister of Cameroon, C-A-M-E-R-R-O– C-A-M-E-R-O-O-N, I think. The point made by the Foreign Minister of the Cameroon at the current session of the United Nations General Assembly. He stressed his statement that the United Nations Security Council must supply– apply Article 7 of United Nations charter to South Africa. The limiting the introductions of compulsory international factions, the Soviet Union’s stand on the Namibian issue is consistent and clear-out– clear-cut. The Soviet Union insists on South Africa’s immediate withdrawal from Namibia. It fully backs the demands b– put forward by SWAPO, South West African People’s Organization. The organization presses for the withdrawal of all the occupation forces from Namibian territory, Union of South Africa backed by US imperialism, liberation of all political prisoners, and the holding of free elections under United Nations supervision without US intervention. When the conditions are met, the road will be cleared to general solution of the Namibian problem.

The Mongolian capital was the site of the regular meeting of the Council of Mutual Economic Assistance. This international economic organization is comprised of its member organizations of the socialist community, Bulgaria, Hungary, the German Democratic Republic, the modern East German communist nation, Cuba, Mongolia, Romania, the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Vietnam. The participants were representatives of each country’s head of state. The meeting was held in the– in an air of friendship, understanding, and the closest unity that has ever been noted in this great conclave. (Pause)

The price of gold reached a world record l– record level today, as the US dollar continues its decline in value against major currencies. On the London bullion market, the gold price reached a level of $223 an ounce. On the foreign exchange market, the dollar fell to new lower points against the German mark, the Dutch skelder [guilder], and the Belgian franc. The West German bank intervened to support the dollar.

Heavy artillery batteries have con– been continuing in Beirut, once the most beautiful capital outside of any capital in the world, with exchange of fire in many parts of the city, due to the fascist Israeli-backed Zionist aggressors Christian militia. The Christian fascist militiamen are encircling in East Beirut, and Syrian troops who are pro-Soviet, the Arab peacekeeping forces are surrounded in other areas. Both sides seemed determined to fight it out. The shelling continues in the already-badly damaged area, and the people are without water and power. It is a frightful sight to see this once most modern and beautiful city of the world just simply brought into ruins.

The funeral of Pope John Paul [I] has taken place in St. Peter’s Square in Rome. One hundred thousand people were in attendance. The usual mourning was not noted. He was only 24 years– 24 days, the representative of Christ on Earth. Seems that God is having difficulty keeping his popes alive these days.

President Sadat – or dictator Sadat – of Egypt has appointed a new commander-in-chief of the armed forces and Minister of Defense [Boutros Boutros-Ghali]. The general was formerly in charge of the government’s intelligent [intelligence] department.

Ethiopia has issued a warning to the new Somalian act of aggression towards it. And the USSR and Cuba has backed that warning also. There are reports that Ethiopia intends to attack Somalia, although the Ethiopian government has clearly refuted these allegations.

Mexico and Panama have condemned the crimes of the Somoza regime and USA for backing that regime, since the invasion by the U.S. Marines that put Somoza in power. U.S. Marines put him in power in Nicaragua. The Mexican foreign minister [Santiago Roel García], addressing the United Nations General Assembly, accused dictator Somoza of pursuing a policy of absolute genocide of his own people. Panama’s foreign minister called on the United Nations to seek the necessary steps to put an end to the killings in Nicaragua. Said if it’s not stopped, he will kill his entire population to remain in power over nothing but rubble. He said the situation in that country jeopardized peace in Latin America. He pointed out that this government has information that reactionary circles in United States and elsewhere on the continent are preparing a new conflict between Honduras and [El] Salvador so as to direct– divert attention from the events in Nicaragua. Panama has been taking an increasingly brave stand against the imperialism, Washington-style.

The Washington Post foreign edition has said that the CIA and FBI and other US se– secret services are conducting a total surveillance of America. Special police divisions were set up to increase surveillance. The main task of these divisions is to keep tabs on progressive-minded people. Their work is primarily aimed against anti-war and civil rights organizations and minority groups who are calling for an end to racial demon– dis– discrimination. Complete ecolec– electronic uh– surveillance has been brought about. Needless to say, this does not even begin to tell the kind of recriminations, persecutions, and harassment that are done to people like ourselves who call themselves what they are openly: socialist Marxists-Leninists.

Carter has lifted the embargo on arms, despite his promise to do otherwise – all of his election promises have been broken – he lifted the em– embargo today to Turkey, fascist Turkey, who has been known for its aggressive and bellicose actions for years, just right under the Soviet Union on the Black Sea. The embargo was enforced three years ago, following the dispatch of Turkish troops in aggression to Cyprus. The resumption of American military aid to Turkey has caused grave concern [to] Greece and Cyprus, and could cause a tremendous strained relation. (Pause)

Just as a point of view of the opposition, a proposed visit to Guyana, President Carlos Anders– Andrés – A-N-D-R-É-S – Pérez, who’ll be used by the regime to raise hopes of more loans from our oil rich neighbor. This is the consensus of a number of knowledgeable persons who have been watching the antics of our bankrupt regime. Friendly, however, his source say, very versed in Venezuelan constitutional and political norms, have declared that the Pérez visit will merely be friendly. Indeed it will only improve relations with that country. The reason for this is Sen– Señor Pérez, P-É-R-E-Z, president of Venezuela – is very much on the way out from the presidency. Elections take place in a few weeks, and Pérez can take no initiative regarding economic aid or border negotiations. We are in a border dispute, as you know, that must be resolved by 1980. Loan: However, it was during Pérez’ administration that Venezuela made a loan in 1974 to the Republic of Guyana during severe financial stress. The regime has been– had been hoping that now that the country is further in the slough of debts, Venezuela would have helped again, but like Trinidad and Tobago, which had at the time made a loan, there’s been no response to feelers. It is believed that the reason for this non-response is the inability of Guyana to repay as was a– as was agreed upon. Observers believe that it was certainly a wonderful greeting and gesture to Guyana to have received a loan from Pérez, whose Party Action Democratic– (pause) Party Action Democratic – (pause) Uh, as I was saying, that this Party Action Democratic has never been on the best terms with this country, our beloved Guyana under our party, the avant garde PNC, the Peo– People’s National Congress, and our Prime Minister Forbes Burnham.

Uprising: It was action democratic with Leon– Leone L-E-O-N-E [Raúl Leoni]as president that aided those who brought about the Ruper– Rupununi Uprising. There was also a nación democratic government which proclaimed a decree remaining– regarding Guyana’s rights to certain maritime limits. As for the protocol of the Port of Spain, it has never been ratified by the Venezuelan con– congress, due mainly to members of Acción A-C-C-I-O-N Democratic. It was Coper, C-O-P-E-R, administration of Rafael Calderia C-A-L-D-E-R-I-A, which worked out the Port-of-Spain accord. Definite, however, there is of information, that on a visit to Venezuela, Burnham was offered some 900 million dollars to arrive in a definite way a settlement of the border dispute. The Burnham administration agreed, but put no action on the proposal. It is believed that if the visit materializes, President Pérez of the– of Venezuela, our neighbor, just ten miles east, (unintelligible word) make statements about non-alignment, the need for mutual assistance, among them, and a new international economic order. Indeed, it needs to be said with some commendation, I would think, to our beloved Prime Minister Burnham, that he did not sell out his country or a portion of his land for 900 million dollars. He has stood steadfast on the demand for all of Guyana to remain as it is, and not to give up any of the land to either Venezuela, Surinam, and there are no claims on it by Brazil. It’s hard to say just exactly how it will go. There has been a new treaty signed of cooperation with Surinam, Venezuela, Brazil, Ecuador and Peru, but nonetheless, I’m giving you an opposition point of view, the most vicious type of opposition point of view.

Thus end the comment of the news. I think that pretty well carries the essence of the news. I can’t think of anything else that would be so much uh, (pause) important to hear. There might be one thing that I would add. Uh– a book review.

Bonn, West Germany, which prides itself on being Hitler’s inheritor of the Third Reich. Bonn, West Germany, Pretoria strike nuke deal. Nuclear Axis: Collusion between West Germany and South Africa, by (struggles to spell lead author’s name of Zdenek Cervenka) and Barbara Rogers, Vermillion Publishing Company, 1978, 600 pages, $12.95. On the morning of September 24, 1975, Donald Soul (phonetic), South Africa’s ambassador– fascist South Africa’s ambassador to West Germany, also a neo-fascist regime, made a chance discovery that deeply shocked him and his racist government. Some nine cases of Soul’s embassy files were missing, an entire carload. Among them were cables, letters, and dispatches detailing a secret agreement providing for the sale of West German nuclear technology to the Pretoria fascist regime – which is upheld only by US tax dollars that you and I help pay, to put blood on our hands, so the multinationals continue to pay, as well as our tax dollars – which will enable it to manufacture atomic bombs. These secret papers that were brought to light showed that West Germany was helping Union of South Africa and indirect way, USA, because USA has much investment in the corporations of neo-fascist West Germany. Within hours, South African Prime Minister John Vorster and General [Hendrik Johan] van den Bergh – B-E-R-G-H – the Pretoria– Pretoria, the capital of fascist South Africa’s Bureau of State Security, learned of one of the most serious security breaches in the South Africa’s history. Just how serious became clear the following day, when a brown envelope arrived in the mail at the embassy in Bonn, West Germany. In it was a gloosy– glossy brochure entitled, “The Nuclear Conspiracy,” published by the African National Congress, ANC. The African National Congress, by the way, is enfiltered all through the Union of South Africa and has successfully carried out many acts of sabotage against the fascist regime. There’s not a city, no matter how comfortable or rich in white power, that has not been reached by the– the very power that’s growing by leaps and bounds as the African National Congress, which has their central base in Angola. Published by the A– ANC, it contains reprints of the key documents exposing the secret and the illegal deal between fascist West Germany and South Africa, that’s also fascist. In The Nuclear Axis, (unintelligible word) fully exposé of the deal, the authors include no fewer than 42 pages of these top secret letters and telex exchanges which are a damning indictment of West Germany’s (unintelligible word, sounds like “boots”) of national and international agreements on the non-proliferation of nuclear know-how. Most damning of all is the exposure of Bonn’s crucial role in helping South Africa produce nuclear weapons by the most sophisticated and cheapest techniques, at the same time evading the bans on West Germany’s developing its own nuclear know-how. The authors do not fully explain how the documents fell into ANC hands, and believe me, they are brave and fighting and deeply entrenched people, the African National Congress in Union of South Africa’s fascist dictatorship, working hard for its deliverance. Their best guess is that it happened in April 1975, when the South African Embassy was moved from Cologne, West Germany, to Bonn, neo-fascist West Ger– Germ– Germany. Bad Godesberg, G-O-D-E-S-B-E-R-G. Due to temporary inadequate space at the new embassy, numerous crates were left in an unguarded depot. At the heart of the matter was a secret agreement between– signed in August 1973 between Steag S-T-E-A-G, Steinkohlen S-T-E-I-N-K-O-H-L-E-N, Elektri– Elektrizitat, L-E-K-T-R-I-Z-I-T-A-T, ah– well, I won’t spell– I’ll just spell it, A-K-T-I-O-N C-E-C-E-L-L-S-C-H-A-F-T, of Essen, E-S-S-E-N, which is a USA-monopoly corporation, which held the monopoly on the jet-nozzled uranium enrichment process needed to make bomb-grade uranium, and Ucor, U-C-O-R, Uranium Enrichment Corporation, of (unintelligible name) South Africa. Steag and Ucor rights to manufacture the jet-nozzle system, this was a climax to years of secret negotiations and top-level business between the neo-fascist Bonn government of West Germany and Pretoria, the Union of South Africa fascist regime, and Essen and (same unintelligible name).

The jet-nozzle agreement was actually signed behind the back of the West German government, but received Bonn’s unofficial blessing two months later. Just like USA, the governments hardly control anything anymore, it’s the garrison state, the military-industrial complex, the monopoly capitalists who control everything. The story of what happened as revealed in the epo– expropriated documents in a– is a classic example of how governments apply the blind eye to violations of national and international obligations, appeared dead and buried. Supporting the illegal Steag-Ucor S-T-E-A-G dash U-C-O-R deal, were ten members of Chancellor Willy Brandt’s B-R-A-N-D-T-T– B-R-A-N-D-T-’S government, including present Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, present Foreign Minister Hans-Dietrich Genscher – G-E-N-S-E– G-E-N-S-C-H-E-R – and eight other cabinet ministers. Opposing it were Doctor (pause) Gerhard Eppler – E-P-P-L-E-R – Minister for Developing Aid, and Werner Maihoser – M-A-I-H-O-S-E-R – minister without portfolio. (pause) So you can just imagine supporting the illegal Steag-Ucor deal were Brandt and Schmidt who is the present prime– prime minister, present foreign minister and prime minister and chancellor. At an October 1973 cabinet meeting, in which the deal was first discussed, Chancellor Willy Brandt, who supported it, appeared to oppose the idea by suggesting that a decision be postponed for a week. At the meeting it was announced that Steag – S-T-E-A-G – had asked for the proposal to be withdrawn. It appeared, as Minister Eppler expressed it, that the matter was dead and buried. But this was far from the case. It was Eppler who was dead and dru– and buried, politically, because of his opposition to the project and the technology transfer. (Aside) My God. To think that a capitalist country would put nuclear bombs in the hands of such a vicious nation as the Union of South Africa.

(Back to reading) Yes, and the technology transfer went through on the sly. In an October 1977 interview with the London Sunday Times, Dr. Eppler explained how it was done. I learned by pure– He said he learned by pure chance that the whole affair had not ended at all, but had been keep– (slow and deliberate) kept going despite the absence of governmental sanction. It had been evidently continued on the lower level of secretaries of State, with the two State Secretaries, Dr. Hans-Hilger Haunschild– H-A-U-N-S, and then Child – in the Ministry for Scientific Research, and Dr. Detlev Rohwedder – R-O-H-W-E-D-D-E-R – in the Economics Ministry, as the driving force behind it. Normally in the ministry, the sa– the state secretary does not do anything without the green light from the ministry himself. I do not know whether in this case the secretaries of state plotted to get the matter through themselves, claiming they did not need to be submitted to the cabinet, or whether they got a private nudge from their ministers to go ahead with it below cabinet level. What I fail to understand, because it is contrary to the official procedure of the West German government and the sanity of the world to risk nuclear war, for certain if Union of South Africa actually got their hands on nuclear weapons, the USA has placed neutron bombs there but not put them in the hands of the Union of South African fascist government. But it is– how something that had reached cabinet level and was left undecided can then be continued at state secretary level, on a low level and be grant, he continued.

Eppler was forced out of office in 1974 after a six-month campaign against him by West Germany’s ultra-fascist element. The end result was that South Africa, fascist nation as it is, acquired the jet-nozzle separation process and built a plant with West German techno– technological and financial help. The plant was the capa– has the capacity to produce one hundred big nuclear weapons a year. In addition, West Germany contributed to the development of South African delivery systems for the bombs. That’s why Africa’s for an all-out push to free Union of South Africa before they have time to build these bombs. And that’s why all freedom-loving, peace-loving people must stand up for the liberation of South Africa, by armed struggle, (deliberate) by any means necessary, before they get a hundred big nuclear weapons, because it would be trouble for Africa, another continent destroyed.

The Nuclear Axis also describes in detail how the enrichment process was passed on to Brazil, Israel and Iran. The impeccably-documented book exposes a monstrous conspiracy against peace in general and the African people in particular, and the odious role of neo-fascist West Germany, USA’s NATO ally, Social Democratic government to endure– to ensure the survival of the universally-despised racist regime, the fascist regime of South Africa. The authors note incidentally that from 1974– 1974 onward, West Germany overtook all other Western powers to become South Africa’s biggest trading partner with a volume of trade totaling more than– over one point twen– twenty-four billion dollars. That’s one thousand million and uh, another 24 million. That’s how big– amount of money you’re talking about going from USA multinationals and her lackeys to the fascist regime of South Africa.

Remember there are more work observers today, which’ve been added just today. They’ll be taking close sight for the next Peoples Rally in every department. There’re a considerable number of new observers. Keep that in mind. We will now have to have meetings every night until we get our move to greater, and more broad opportunities. [We] Certainly won’t have to worry about crowding there, the kind of thing that they’re talking about giving us, the acreage extended to us. You can have all the room in the world for yourself, for hunting, for education, for free medicine and whatever. It’s a glo– glorious and great challenge. So let us work hard. That was one request they made, that we study the constitution well, their language (moves microphone) and to work hard, work very hard here, extra hours, to build this project to the very, very best we can. Please put in the suggestion box any way you have for making money or saving money.

I do love you very, very much. I know the hostility that comes towards me for having to be the driving force for your freedom, but I’m offering you a freedom that no people had, to (unintelligible) injustice of the world, most people did not happen to be born in a socialist country with such tremendous freedoms, with such tremendous opportunities, where practically everything is free. So let us be grateful for a leader, find some gratitude in your heart for a leader that pushes himself night and day for your best. Try hard. Try hard to think of some reasons to be grateful, instead of always in your states of apprehension and hostility.

They’re all seeds to back to your capitalist days, and there would be no peace for you there. Remember, if you were to return, your arm would be twisted, just as we found out now for sure, Debbie Blakey’s was. You would not be able to do what you wanted to do. You would become a victim of the conspiracy that we have now exposed, and which is as high up as Washington, D.C. and throughout newspapers and governmental agencies, from State to the– every federal agency of the United States. Don’t mess with that kind of a backward look. The USA is crazy. Madness has broken loose. Racial riots, Ku Klux Klan marching in Cicero, Illinois, and in Detroit. This is a hell that I could not begin to go into all the racist incidents. A 16-year-old knifed to death in a public street, and no one stops it, right on a main street, right in the Chicago area. This is just one case after another. I could go on with the legacy of the impoverished and the brutality of the colonial attitude that it– even the United States is clearly persisting against the Indians. There’ve been all sorts of incidents at Wounded Knee, more Indians shot down, many more Indians wounded, people in jail sentences for life, when they were– should’ve gotten only a year to ten. You don’t realize– You have no sense at all when you think about going back to Babylon.

Much love. I wish you could know my love. Somehow I wish I could communicate my love to you, but time will show you. Perhaps it’ll be too late, but time will show you. Thank you.

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Jones: Please find ways of sharing your blackboards. I’ve got a lot of education to do. I’m sure you want to leave all the alternative or the option open of the promise. We’ve had a number of places offered to us. We want to keep every option open. Are you sorry to have to require more learning than usual, but it is required that when Gerry Bailey gets on that you listen to the constitution, that you pick up on the news, and that you’ll be sure that you are aware of the avant-garde of liberation’s orientation, what it’s doing in the world for liberation, of our visiting guests, those– of our visiting guests, their country. It’s important that you know, because all black people have a debt to that, as our beloved Guyana has been strong to stand behind the liberation of Angola, even when they were threatened by Kissinger, our prime minister stood bravely and said he would rather die on his feet than beg on his knees. We have much to do. Nothing will be done without the decision of the entire community, but one thing is absolutely sure: We have to work this project as never before. I’ve not slept for several days and nights. Will you please cooperate? There are more observers today, and believe me, there will be names taken – plenty of them – because we have increased our observer staff by at least double, and you will– It won’t be somebody just walking that you think you know. It’ll be someone you don’t know. So please take cog– cognizance of your work. I don’t want to hear any more snide remarks about us having to do things and of being put under pressure, or the heavy structure, and being treated something like automatons. I don’t want any more of these snide remarks. You can’t afford it. I can understand it, but I have to be the source of responsibility and leadership. And you can say anything you want to in the suggestion box to me. What I particularly need is ways of making money and saving money. You can say anything, but you must not make any cracks in front of other people that reflects on the office, because they will be dealt with summarily. Please remember that.

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Jones: (slow and emphatic) Attention, attention. I’m asking for the closest scrutiny of my food by Joyce Touchette – she may be too busy – or delegate it to Rose Shelton or Eva Pugh, uh, to Mary Tschetter, it doesn’t matter, any one of those individuals who can watch from beginning to end. I was attempted to be poisoned last evening. I am accustomed to hostility, but I am also the benefactor of 1200 people here, and I will not sit back and allow this kind of thing. A great deal of sickness came from it. It was clearly poisoned food. And it caused another one of the nurses to get sick also. But I had the good feeling to stop taking it, and got very sick as it was. So I am demanding that my food be watched under the closest of scrutiny, or I will eat nothing except that which I can peel – in oranges and bananas – and then I will pick them myself. And I am very serious about this. (Pause) I’ve gone through this nonsense of my (unintelligible), and I am working against that. The person already is feeling the results of that. And you’ll feel the results of your attempt to yield to such credulity. It has no place in Marxist-Leninism. So mark my word, for the sake of the children and the seniors, you will not succeed in poisoning me. I thank you.

Male: Dad?

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Jones: Please keep the closest of inventory. The piggen– piggen– the piggery, chicken area, the warehouse, wherever it might be, insecticides, the bond, the clinic, watch any kind of medication, keep your eyes on your medication at all times until they’re locked. I demand that for the sake of the welfare of this people. There’s no one that has such love for their people as I, who would give so much. But that is always the case. Someone will try to kill the thing that loves them, because they don’t want to love in return. So keep the closest guard in inventory, I urge you now – and administrators will follow through with it – to keep the closest count on. This was sprinkled all through my food. And I am deplored by it, and I shall find it. And I shall take the pictures out one by one, and I’m going to begin the process that I told you about, and I’ll have an end to this. You better quit trying to poison me, because I will be here to see you die by normal means. You’ll just die. Death process will take over, and it’ll be you that will be put six foot under, by your own thoughts, minds, and attitudes, by touching the anointed. So keep it in your mind, in your heart. Don’t make me have to prove my point. I’m a loving liberator, but I’m also quite capable of protecting this family. Much love.

Male: Dad?

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Woman: (unintelligible)

Jones: (Voice slows, more lethargic) Attention, attention, attention. I want everyone to be aware of the fact that I want this situation brought to a head in reference to the food matter and the office. That must be brought to the head. I’m calling on the chief coordinator of the kitchen to resolve the problem. I would like all pictures of the people (unintelligible), so we can get those sorted out, if you know what I mean. So we can take care of the– the needs of the people. We want to have, as we have always had, equality, justice, and absolute peace and mercy amongst us. Joyce Touchette, Joyce Touchette, would you come to the radio room please?

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Jones: Attention, attention, attention. The medical department and all the community owe Penny Kerns a very special thank you. She has worked out her insurance and got claims that were long overdue us, into the thousands of dollars. We give that commendation, and we want all the medical department to cooperate with her closely, because she has a lot more claims that are ours if she can find if she gets the absolute of cooperation, which the office is requiring. Thank you and much love.

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Jones: (unintelligible beginning) I would like to give a word of recommendation out of the many hundreds of superfluous things that pass through (unintelligible under static) the suggestion box, that are hand to hand to me, I thought we would do– be much better to build two bins or bins, one for rice and one for flour. It would cost a little more than the (unintelligible word) siding it would take to build a loft in the pavilion. The pavilion has no walls so a lot of weight at the (unintelligible word) might cause it to fall in on us. Organizing it, please, in the name of heaven (unintelligible under static), get this taken care of. I cannot stand the– the (unintelligible word) that we’re going to have. Thank you very much. Much love. Thank you.

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Jones: (Voice slows with lethargy) Attention, attention, attention. In addition to Russian classes beginning promptly on the pavilion, 7:30, and encouragement to the kitchen, have the food well ready and prepared so that people can get out and be there, but no snide remarks if it’s not done. Bring complaints to the official Peoples Forum. I’m tired of any snide and– and remarks, or any gossip. It will be dealt with publicly, no matter where it comes from. We will then follow with a brief movie, (unintelligible name), which is bad enough, on what’s happening to blacks e– and Indians in England. It’s a very sorrowful sight. And we will study it with some interest, so we can become aware. Some people can become aware through the spoken word, and the blackboard which I want to be used and to be built rapidly as pos– possible so it– there will be no burden on Comrade [Tom] Grubbs. Then there are those (unintelligible word) television media. It’s a (unintelligible word) uh, introduction. It’s CBS, it’s biased, but you can see the horror of what blacks and Indians face in England. If you don’t do some written exam, please bring them off as soon as possible (unintelligible under static), give to me the names of those who did not have luck on this last test. And good people, some of the finest noblest workers, fail, but we’ve got to bring up the knowledge level. It’s not punishment, it’s a benefit, so we can get– we’re being offered (unintelligible under static), we’re being offered something that sounds like a gold mine, and they want us to be purely communist and purely aware of all the news, current news, and what’s happening, particularly affecting the Soviet Union and the enemies of the Soviet Union, and to know the constitution, so that I’ll be listening to at great length, and then, if you’ve got time for some Soviet history in the schools, that oughta be gotten in where possible. We let the Guyanese in, we also recognize, we want to get Guyanese history. But when we have guests, we like for them to see our knowledge we have, languages, we have learned all languages. Chinese, we’ve learned Swahili, we’ve learned Spanish, Portuguese. We’ve learned mostly languages– French. And I cannot mention all of them. So please, (unintelligible), that will be the procedure. If not, (unintelligible under static) it will be the study of the excellent, though biased commentary about Britain– Britain’s blacks and East Indians.

End of tape

Tape originally posted January 2011