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Jones: Good Saturday news. Attention everyone. Be sure not to shut out the voice.

(tape muffled; unintelligible, inaudible)

-the liberation, ’cause we are going to have a test Saturday night, likely. And it will be very essential that you know all the news that has gone prior to the last test up till now.

First is a commentary about the CIA imperialist executioner. If there ever was an institution which corresponds perfectly to the character and requirements of US imperialism, it is the CIA, Central Intelligence Agency. A secret police force charged with pursuing those activities for which a nominally-democratic government does not want to take public responsibility is a tool which no imperialist power can afford to forego. If war, especially unopen and undeclared, (Pause) is the real state of affairs between capitalist rivals and between imperialism and those it oppresses, the compulsion for an organization such as the CIA is virtually, absolutely necessary and inevitable. It is the liberal critic- its liberal critics to the contrary, the Central Intelligence Agency, funded by our tax dollars, which causes me deep pain and should cause you the same, is not some rogue elephant which develops its actions and policies outside the control of the bourgeoisie, state apparatus as Phillip Ag- Agee points out in a new book, Dirty Work.

The agency is at the very heart of the apparatus, one of the principle executioners of imperialist policy, de facto fascist policy centered in Washington. The House Intelligence Investigating committee, headed by Representative Otis Pike, a Democrat, New York, concluded in its official report that all evidence in hand suggests that the CIA, far from being out of control, has been utterly responsive to the instruction of the President and the Assistant to the President for the National Security Affairs, who really runs the scenes for the trialat- Trilateral Commission, behind the scenes. I’m speaking of Br- of [Zbigniew] Brzezinski. The CIA is a part of that repressive, dictatorial apparatus, including the Army and the police which make up, as [Vladimir Ilich] Lenin pointed out, (Pause) the chief instruments of capitalist state power. However, with the growing size of the dictatorial repressive apparatus of the state and the increasing dependency of monopoly capital on them, these institutions do, in part, take on a life of their own. And it happens from time to time, there’s indeed a falling out between rival fascist, oppressive, repressive agencies and between the police power and the political power.

This ever-present power struggle within the state apparatus should not blind us to the struggle. The fact, however, that all of these agencies are nothing more than the instruments of monopoly capital, even when those whose careers are bound up with one particular organization, jockey for positions with the counterparts in others, it’s just the contradictions of capitalism. That’s why it falls, finally, ’cause there’s always competition between capitalists. The times when internal contradiction of the ruling class are particularly intense, these rivalries can become the vehicles through which such contradictions are momentarily resolved. The failure to understand the duel character of the repressive apparatus leads to a serious political error. Hey- leads to serious political error. Ultra-leftists who see the bourgeoisie as a completely unified class, an impossibility given by the inherent competition between rival monopoly capitalist groups, either minimize or ignore the contradictions within the ruling class. But as [Josef] Stalin, the great man of steel, pointed out, these contradictions are not only an objective fact, they actually constitute an important and strategic reserve of the revolution, said Stalin, the once-great leader of the Soviet Union which is now the avant-garde of liberation. Even more serious- (Pause) Even more serious, however, indeed, especially today, is the error characteristic of revisionism and reformism which holds out the illusion that instructions- that institutions like the CIA or the police can become demo- democratized or neutralized by being brought under the more effective control of the bourgeoisie political apparatus. Stuff and nonsense.

Such a view is inherent in the revisionist system and the statement that it is possible for the US under capitalism to pursue a democratic foreign policy. Every evidence clearly shows that US is supporting nothing abroad, outside the United States, except fascist dictatorships. Genuine Marxist-Leninists are more than willing to see one arm of the bourgeoisie state expose the workings of another. More than that, we insist that they do so and will hold them to that- we’ll hold them to that and- that task when, as they inevitably will, they stop short of a full and thorough exposure. We will speak out our findings, the Peoples Temple, and encourage them to do more, recognizing the value of such evidence when it comes from the horse’s mouth. But our purpose is- in doing so is not to improve the bourgeoisie state or sow the illusion that rooting out one or another official or group of malefactors, social degenerates, will ever make the bourgeoisie state more than it is: the instrument for class rule and national oppression. Look at all the police strikes. They’re always settled. Rather, it is to show the absolute dependency of monopoly capital on institutions such as the CIA and to educate the working class and all the laboring masses, fact that it is their very existence and necessity of this armed power which requires that the revolutionary struggle for power proceed on the basis of the virtual inevitability, the absolute certainty of armed struggle or conflict and revolutionary violence as taught by [Karl] Marx and Lenin.

The Central Intelligence Agency has bled the US of its taxes that should’ve gone to help the poor who are dying from starvation and actually freezing to death in the winters, has likely become an object of intense hatred by hundreds of millions throughout the world who have their aspirations to freedom hampered or thwarted by the activities of imperialism’s secret police. But our objective here – our object rather – cannot be merely to cut off the imperialist monster’s trigger finger and then believe that the job has been done, for it is in the essential nature of this beast that it will grow a new one just as quickly as it loses the old. Keep that in mind.

A joint Soviet-Syrian communiqué has released- been released in Moskva, the capital of the Soviet Union, and the Syrian President [Hafez Al-Assad] has been holding talks with the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party, Leonid Brezhnev. The talks centered on the situation in the Middle East. The communiqué denounced the set ou- the sell-out again, the Camp David agreements between Israel, Egypt, as a collusion behind the backs of the Arab people. The Soviet Union and Syria believe that such a deal can only heighten the tense situation in the Middle East. The two sides fell- feel that a just Middle East peace can be restored with a complete Israeli withdrawal of all occupied Arab territory by assuring the right of the Arab people of Palestine to have a country of their own, being that USA and Britain dispossessed them of their land for the Zionist in 1948.

The joint communiqué says such a settlement can be achieved within the framework of the Geneva peace conference and must be done so. The Soviet Union and Syria have condemned Israel. Their interference in the affairs of Lebanon and have refirmed- reaffirmed their desire to promote normalization in that country. The Soviet Union will continue to help Sy- Syria strengthen her defenses. The joint communiqué condemned the imperialist powers’ interference in Africa and voiced support for the national liberation movement in Namibia, Zimbabwe and Union of South Africa, where concentration camps exist all over the tip of Africa, and they’re upheld by our tax dollars and multinational corporations from USA.

Israeli warship entered Lebanese waters and shelled the western section of Beirut, the once-beautiful capital, the most beautiful city in the world, one of the most. The bombardment lasted three and a half hours. Israeli aircraft also flew over southern Lebanon. The Israeli armed provocation attempted to heighten the tension further so as to split the Arabs and divide the country. The bombardment that lasted three and a half hours has taken an untold amount of innocent casualties. Women, children and elderly people.

Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko, in an interview for national Soviet television, covered the problem of strengthening peace, (Pause) the Middle East and the Soviet-American relationships. He said that the Soviet Union favors good relations with the United States, believing that peace between the two countries would also mean world peace. And nuclear war will damage too many in Canada and USA and other parts of Europe, to even think about it. He noted some peace between the two countries would also mean- he noticed some shifts in the position, rather, of the American side in the right direction. He feels that [President Jimmy] Carter is becoming aware that he is being led down the pathway to a nuclear holocaust. And he said should be- he’d be well prepared in order to sign important documents – President Carter should – most of all the treaty limiting stratenic- strategic arms. He also noted the interest at the current United Nations General Assembly of the Soviet initiatives aimed at putting on- an end to the arms race entirely. Most countries, he remarked, have supported a proposal to sign an international agreement. Most countries, as he remarked, have uh, also at the international convention and- and the continuous discussion that will guarantee the security of non-nuclear states in regards to the Middle East, Gromyko condemned the separate Israeli-Egyptian agreements as being counter to the demands of establishing any peace in the region of the Near East.

Leonid Brezhnev and Alexander [Alexei] Kosygin have congratulated the German Democratic Republic – most modern country outside the Soviet Union, great modern country, East Germany, communist – on the event of their twenty-ninth anniversary, their birthday. The GDR country is making important contributions to the struggle to extend a peacefully, mutual advantageous cooperation among countries and for ending the arms race and insuring disarmament. The message said, German Democratic Republic works actively to consolidate the unity of the socialist community. The Soviet people value highly the deepening contact between the two countries and the internationalist unity of the Soviet Communist Party and Socialist Unity Party of Germany. The striking manifestation of the cooperation of the Soviet Union and the German Democratic Republic was a recent flight, joint flight, of the cosmonauts of the two countries in an unparalleled venture that has gone into the hundred and twenty-second day in outer space, building a whole city.

Nigeria’s Foreign Minister [Henry Adefope] has spoken out against the Rhodesian fascist white Prime Minister [Ian] Smith’s invi- invitation to the United States. Speaking at the United Nations, he said Smith will either take- will take the opportunity to win approval of the so-called internal settlement and to have economic sanctions with them. He demanded from Washington that the invitation be cancelled. Nigeria’s a capitalist country, drawing more and more away from USA and closer to Soviet and nonaligned policies.

A new chairman [Daniel arap Moi] has been elected to the Kenyan African National Union. The ruling party of Kenya, he has been acting President since the death of Jomo Kenyatta, (Pause) just a few weeks ago. The decision was taken unanimously at the party’s national conference in Nairobi. Villagers from all over Kenya took part at the same time. The new chairman was also named as the new president of the country, and since candidates for the post of head of state can be nominated only by political parties, and since KANU is the only party in Kenya, he became president automatically.

Ethiopian armed forces have fully claimed the city of (unintelligible name; sounds like “Mendavilla”) from the hands of the separatist backed by US imperialist and her lackeys. The city is situated south of the administrative center of the northern province of Eritrea, according to the Ethiopian socialist news agency, which is an ally, as you know, of USSR, the avant garde of world liberation. A large amount of arms and explosives have been seized that had been sent to them by the USA and her lackeys. Again, our tax dollars when seniors are being put out on the streets. Don’t have enough money, they have to eat dog food. That’s where our tax dollars go, to kill people and to try to stop people from having their own way of life, freedom.

In Tanzania, The Daily News has sharply criticized the USA imperialist government and multinational corporations of raping Africa. It says their activities on the continent have made the developing countries dependent- dependent on the very capitalist systems (Pause) that aggravated their economic structures and cultures. This was said in the face of- the fact that Tanzania is heavily in debt to the International Monetary Fund. So it was a brave act, indeed. The purpose of such monopoly, as the paper says, is to gain maximum profit and to perpetuate the system of exploitation of the working people of Africa. Such corporations as US Lockheed, US ITT, United Steel, USA and other US and English multinational monopoly comp- companies conducted repeatedly as tools of imperialism, inciting of internal disorders and overthrowing local governments in the countries that began leading the influence of monopoly capitalism. Tanzania President [Julius] Nyerere, said I do not want to hear one more word from President Carter’s lips, that should be dripping with blood, about his concern for human rights. Brave. Bravo to you, President Nyerere, who’s a close friend of our own beloved Prime Minister, Prime Minister Forbes Burnham of our party, the People’s National Congress. He is- President Nyerere made the statement to the president of Tanzania.

The President of Cyprus [Spyros Kyprianou] has demanded the withdrawal of all foreign troops from the island, in keeping with the UN decision. He was speaking at the UN General Assembly. He said that the problems of the two ethnic communities, the Greeks and the Turks, tend to resolve (adjusts microphone) along lines of complete demilitarization of the island. (Pause) He called for the holding of a representation international conference under the auspices of the United Nations to obtain a settlement in Cyprus.

The Human Rights Commission of the Organization of American States heard the testimony of the inhabitants of Leon in Nicaragua. That town was destroyed by dictator [Anastasio] Somoza’s troops when they were suppressing the popular uprising in September. All inhabitants were killed. Political opponents of the fascist regime of Nicaragua, upheld only by USA, and churchmen also spoke before the- the commission. Members of the commission were also shown burnt and destroyed buildings throughout every city. During the uprising for freedom, Leon was bombed and shelled until all the people were killed.

In other parts of Nicaragua, it estimates perhaps fifty thousand people have now been killed during the clear revolution for justice in Nicaragua. In the capital city of Managua, bomb explosions are still heard all night long. Somoza, the fascist dictator put in power by US Marine Corps way back in 1933, and in an aggressive act by US imperialism, is being upheld and backed by USA, and so Carter should not have the nerve to mention again, human rights. Somoza’s having reinforced concrete walls built around his palace. He is a man without a people, a dictator who rules and owns land, but the people are almost totally against him.

The cargo- cargo ship Progress IV today docked with the Salyut orbital station. It brought the Salyut crew supplies and fuels for continuation of their experiments in laser – that’s a good way to stop nuclear bombs coming from the USA – and heat radiation and a num- uh, number of other experiments that the Soviets do not choose to make public to the world. It also brought letters and gift parcels from the cosmonaut families.

The last of the news will be a commentary on Korea. Korea. Just some twenty years of upholding socialism, (Pause) (Unintelligible word) towards the anniversary of the founding of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, the communist country. Little is known in the United States about this socialist country, yet in its three decades now nearly of independence, the DPRK has made dramatic achievements from what was a colonial semi-feudal economy – if not a feudal one – in 1948. Then they were bombed into hell till there was nothing left standing when the war ended with US imperialism in 1953. So they’re barely twenty years old, digging out of the graveyards. Nothing was left standing. One bomb for every individual was dropped on the North Koreans.

The North Koreans have built a socialist society, a socialist society with one of the highest standards of living in the world, in and of itself. This was no simple task. I am not reading from a pro-socialist magazine or giving comments of a pro-socialist magazine. I’m giving one from Harpers. But it was complicated by three years of US aggression which had butall but devastated the economy in the capital Pyongyang, P-y-o-n-g-y-a-n-g. For example, at the end of the Korean war in 1953, it is estimated that no more than three buildings, ifany at all, were left standing. Following the war’s end in 1953, the Koreans began to rebuild their country. Their success then have not been based on magic or good luck or favorable weather conditions, because cloud seeding has been uh, used against them by our tax dollars through the CIA.

The DPRK, communist North Korea, attributes its advances to a strong political line summed up in the Korean word, “juche,” j-u-c-h-e. The word does not have an equivalent in English. Roughly it can be translated as self-reliance. Guyana gives much credit to that word and they are very good friends of the DPRK. As developed by President Kim Il-sung, juche, the concept stands on three legislative, political independence, economic self-reliance, and military self-defense. An integral part of the juche concept is the axiom that the problems facing the Korean revolution – and there have been numerous difficulties over the years – must be solved on the basis of Korea’s concrete conditions, not on the basis of developmental theories mechanically imported from US imperialism. Basing itself on [three pronunciations] the juche, or the juche, or jussie, j-u-c-h-e concept – someone else can give you a proper pronunciation – the DPRK industrialized its agricultural country in only eight years. Now this is the picture we saw las- night before last. The beauty of their organization, where they work sixteen hours. Eight hours of work. Eight hours of study. And then eight hours of rest. And it was this industrialization that laid the groundwork for establishing an independent economy which, as the Koreans realized from their colonial experience, was their only way to truly safeguard their political sovereignty. There is such unity and solidarity in this country that they do not have one jail in the country inhabited by over fifteen million people. Perhaps more important, remembering that US troops are still poised on North Korea’s southern borders, ready to invade at any moment, this industrialization created the basis for the DPRK’s own defense capability.

The Korean people have been the main beneficiaries of these significant accomplishments. Health care and education are free, with a universal eleven-year compulsory education system for everyone. Comprehensive daycare centers have been established for working women. Recreational centers have been provided throughout the country of the most modern variety like our carnivals and circuses. There are state subsidies on basic foodsubs- foodstuffs, particularly rice. Free clothing is given to schoolchildren and workers. Subsidies mean that the rice cost little or nothing. Large-scale construction of new housing has guaranteed livable housing all for now no rent at all. Now that’s what work re- re- it brings about. We can free so many people, and if we work now, we can get to a place that doesn’t work that hard, but we must work and our observers- I’m instructing the security to see that the job is done and that every name is put down. Equality and prosperity- and the supervisors will be held responsible, by the way, for any of your workers that are not doing what they should be doing.

The equality and prosperity enjoyed in the northern part of the country stand in contrast to the deprivation, the utter poverty of the masses in the south, with an econo- economy that is the wholly-owned subsidiary of foreign interest – everything in South Korea is owned by multinationalist, the military-industrial complex of USA – a state that is among the mostrepressive, the most cruel, brutal, fascist tyranny in the world, and the government that remains propped in power by ad- admittedly forty thousand US troops and some say it’s double that, and hundreds of nuclear bombs. The south is a living example of all that socialism in the north has overcome. And when the USA wasn’t in South Korea and put up their dictatorship, Syngman Rhee, right after their war of liberation before the Soviets could free the south too, the north moved down with the south. The south rose up and in a matter of uh- just a matter of hours, south and north had reunified. It took USA might, planes and threat of nuclear missiles and bombs by Senator [Joseph] McCarthy, or General [Douglas] Mac- MacArthur rather to bring down the South Korean resistance. It is said by all pollsters that no dictatorship, including the present one, has had more than one and a half percent of the support of the people.

Sooner or later, South Korea’s people will rise in rebellion against conditions there and demand the reunification of their country, as Vietnam has done, under socialism and the backing of the avant garde Soviet Union. For two thousand years, there was one Korea. Imagine USA wanting to divide a country that it was two thousand years united. And 25 years of enforced artificial division will not change that fact. All the bayonets the US army can muster will never be able to severe Korea permanently. For progressives in the United States, the Korean situation presents a compelling demand for opposition to the United States government’s policy there. Because of the threat of revolution, the United States imperialists know it is necessary to maintain its huge de facto fascist army in the south. The hands of US imperialism and its lackeys reaches directly into the lives of all Koreans.

We here in Guyana who do not sympathize with the way our tax dollars were being spent in USA have the opportunity and the duty to help remove it by- for work and produce, we can send out funds to help other systems. We also already have helped the DPRK while we’ve been here, but we’ve got to do more. We’ve got to get our people to freedom. I would think you’d take joy in just working to make funds for Zimbabwean Patriotic Front or the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea or Namibia. I would think that would turn you on. But some it doesn’t. So observers will.

Yes, because of the threat of revolution, the United States knows it’s necessary to maintain its huge fascist army in the south. The hands of imperialism reaches directly into the lives of all Koreans. We here have the opportunity and, I – as I’ve said before – the duty to help remove it. Who in the world is better situated to take up this fight than we, the only socialist movement, as the different guests have said in the last few days, in the United States? If we don’t take it up, who will? We must always work. We know the night’s coming when no man can work. We know nuclear war looks inevitable. We know it looks like almost an absolute. But as we commemorate this twenty-fifth anniversary of socialism really being free in the DPRK, we join with progressives the world over in demanding US imperialismout of Korea, bring the troops home, like Carter promised, even though he hasn’t kept one of his campaign promises. Not one. Jobs, he promised for blacks, all kinds of ecology things, and all types of things. I could go on longer than is necessary. It’s been a half hour of news. I want to give you less news so you can digest what you have for testing tonight in People’s Rally. Thank you for your consideration and time, and I do love you more as I say than you’ll ever know. Good morning. Good evening. Good day.

(Pause) (Tape edit)

-tion, attention, attention. I would like to answer a group of rumors that are absolutely unfounded. I’m telling you, rumors will be dealt with. I do not want to hear any more about Ava Jones, my daughter, and a relationship – sexual relationship – with Doug Sanders or with Sebastian [McMurry] that she was supposed to have had, or with Joe Wilson. Joe Wilson to her is like a child. She is a mature daughter of mine. I’m very quick to watch my children when they’re playing around. Ava is one of the most controlled people sexually. She has no sexual desires and wants that- if there was anybody here, she wants that said expressly by me. Now, we are- Stand by. (Pause)

Attention, attention. Sorry for the interlude. Also we want for the language classes, they are to begin, of course, at uh, eight- quarter of eight. We are going to have a quiet time that you’re not obliged to attend between six-thirty and eight. Then there will be news commentary at approximately nine to ten. For this time, the news commentary broken down- I don’t know just how that’ll be, because many look to me for that direction. Other teachers perhaps can help. The question-and-answer period to get people involved. We’re going to take the children out two nights a week and give them education on their level of TV and video that they can understand and plus discussions. We’re going to try to get some extra nights off in spite of this schedule, but folks, right now, with the important golden opportunity of travel – and you know what I mean – with the important golden opportunity of living uh, without any kind of worry, it is important– we do not know when these guests are coming. If I knew, I would tell you. They- it takes them a while to pick the best experts in the field, and so it- it could be two weeks, it could be six weeks, it could be two months. I do not know, so I’m urging you, begging you, to comply with this schedule until that time. You will not be hurt by not watching your rotten movies for a little while. We’ll make them late. Some of you- late and owl people can stay up after them. After all, the way this new schedule would be, you would- uh, news would be finished by ten, but we’ve got to be sure that there is an understanding.

As for the suggestion from Dick Tropp, much was worthy. He said no one behind the pavilion heard the news. I have many who tell me that they do get it and they show it by excellent pluses. If the technicians can put a PA system behind the pavilion, I am all for it. I have no objections. I welcome this kind of suggestion. We want suggestions where people will know their schedule, will know when they’re going to be off, know what days they have to themselves, what time they can do other creative things. Then they will also be during those day- the day off and evening offs, there will be creative classes that I hope most of you will take, because I’m telling you, you’re going to be on shaky ground unless you know the [Russian] constitution and you know the language. And I urge you – it’s notmy wishes – I urge you to do so. But, so what? If you don’t care to do it, when we do- but right now we’re doing it every night. It’ll be that way until further announced. I’ve al- also asked the analyst, and I beg you again, to give me a test on people knowing that they could uh, have an eight-hour day and give me a production results from those variousdepartments, so that I can see what they are achieving in eight hours whereas uh- uh, compared to what they used to achieve in ten hours. Then a lot of our problem is taken careof. Please will you- I don’t want to say to the analysts anymore that I’ve got to have this. I’ve heard nothing from my- and the supervisors are all right, fine, they can tell you, butthat’s not sufficient. I’ve got to have analyzers, observers, inspectors to tell me what the production rate is. That’s essential for me before I can make any kind of a decision. We’re surrounded, you know, by class contradictions. Our beloved Prime Minister Burnham is a true blue socialist of the PNC. Excellent. Great avant-garde of liberation here in Guyana. But a lot of people are not so oriented, and we must maintain our orientation to socialism and the practice thereof. So I’m urging you please to cooperate with this request.

I don’t want to hear any more gossip. I’m sick of it. I’m tired of it. Ava is not- uh, not having an affair with Joe. It’s a lie, as- as much a lie as ever been told here. And you’ve got dirty minds. She feels motherly towards Joe. And uh, there’s a lot of people here who need mothers, including Joe. Most men, all men, if they would admit it, need some motherliness. There is nothing going on. I’ve been through this thoroughly, and if I hear any more of this tommyrot- She did not come over here to have a baby. Even- she’d not had a baby, obviously. She didn’t have an abortion, obviously. And so it’s wicked to use your tongue against someone who’s one of my best examples of work and doesn’t get involved in the sex games. So I’m demanding now, don’t start any more of this nonsense. If you say something about her being involved with a married man- she is not interested slightly in Doug Sanders. She- she talked to him on occasion, but she would not dream of moving in on a marriage. And she has no intention to, nor does she want to. And please get that in your pipe and smoke it. Thank you and much, much love. (Pause)

Attention, attention, attention. We’ve had three volunteers already for the barefoot doctors. It’s to begin. All barefoot doctors are to be released from their work department. Everyone that I’ve said to be a barefoot doctor is to go to see a full medical examination of Maria Katsaris at two. They’re willing to volunteer, they don’t care anything about body. They’re not interested in any of you men, so it doesn’t bother them nor any of you women. And Carolyn Layton will follow at three, and Sarah [Tropp] will be available the next day. She’s available today, if you uh, want it done. She could be done at four. But we need very much uh- uh- I’ve heard many compliments on the doctor’s [Larry Schacht] lectures, and that’s helpful. But his best teaching method is to show what he’s doing as he does it with the physical body. So all barefoot doctors must be in the uh, clinic in the major- doctor’s office where he keeps his s- small uh, surgical room. You must be there at two o’clock promptlyfor the examination, thorough physical examination of my secretary Maria Katsaris, and at three my secretary uh, Carolyn Layton, and then my secretary, Sarah Tropp, will be available. There’ll be no laughter. I will- if there’s the slightest snides, if there’s the slightest humor, you will uh, see Public Service. I do mean this.

We are trying to save the health of our people, because you see from the- the gentleman-  (Covers microphone and says something in background) -P.C. Norris, you see, even though he looked to other gods and did not have trust and thought he had all the power unto himself, it would have been helpful if we coulda had barefoot doctors that could’ve been examining in the meantime. We don’t want to be caught when it’s too late or it’s too- rather late in the game. So, I’m urging you to cooperate. All barefoot doctors to be there, exactly, along with the medical staff, of course, at two o’clock. Then you will follow the exam of Maria Katsaris at two with a medical exam of Carolyn Layton, my secretary, at three.

Now remember, they have no sexual interest, so you keep yourself in control. And then at four, if you want Sarah- or whatever hour, she will be available also to be examined. That to me is courageous, ’cause some of you women are so skittish about letting somebody learn some facts that might save some lives from someone else. I would also like to get uh, with the doctor later about some men, but we’re going with women this- at this time. Thank you very much and much love.

(tape edit)

Attention, attention, attention. I’ve had Rennie Kice and I’ve had Annie Moore and I’ve had Maria Katsaris and Carolyn Moore- Carolyn Layton to respond to offer for physical exams for people to observe them. I need a lot of people to make such volunteer. You should not be concerned about your body because nobody’s going to be making any fun. It will only open the part of the area that they’re dealing with anyway. The rest will be covered. And it’sridiculous when I’m trying to save your health, and I mean everybody’s going to get a physical here. I care for you. Naturally when I do some physicals, I’m going to find some things. That means a lot of money goes out for your health. You should be thankful, instead of being so damned obstreperous and difficult. Thank you so much. Much love.

End of tape

Tape originally posted May 2009