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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Vicki Perry. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Part I:

Jones: -(Unintelligible word) refer to you, the dangers of trying to cross the border of Venezuela. (unintelligible sentence). Few example that happened to her in a short time. These are things that I know to be fact. One young man recently trying to cross the border, was raped by several hucksters. Those are people who [are] involved in white marketing and he was found in the river, dead. One person trying to go through the jungle was found recently, torn up by a tiger, al- also trying to cross the border. Also, the people around those areas are very immoral and cruel i- in the- in that Venezuelan border as you cross it. I saw some of these people take a bull and throw it off on its back, and whip the bill to get up when they’d already broken the back of the bull and it could not get up. It’s just something for you to consider. She felt it ought to be brought to your attention.

Continuing. I suggest that Peter [Wotherspoon] be taken off of teaching for the good of the community, the children and himself. There’s enough of a social democrat in me that I thought it compassionate that you allowed him to continue teaching. I no longer think so. I realized why I identify with him. It is because he is a sexual addict in the same way I am a drug addict. There are several factors about drugs (unintelligible)- (tape edit) -addict. Yet I myself, this- Jim saying, I believe that if he proves himself enough in an area and certainly Teresa King has never made one effort. She says she’s an addict – this is from Teresa King – but she certainly has kept good control. I do think it’s called for a great period of time of Peter doing what she recommends. She says, once an addict, always an addict, latent, if not practicing. And also to stay off it cannot be available- uh, to stay off of it because it cannot be available. Addicts have no will power. That’s what it means to be an addict. My mom is very grateful to you for getting me off drugs, she said, when the bad publicity started. Anyone that could get you off drugs is okay by me. She recognized this as a miracle. (Unintelligible word) this means, you were- uh, you used- well, the means you used were- you put me off from my- uh- from my old contacts. Put me under constant observation, you kept me busy, worked me hard enough to- that relaxation want- meant taking a nap, not looking for drugs. I can see from my reactions to coffee that I am not cured. I hate to admit it to you because you have so much willpower. But I do not know- but I do not trust mys- that I could be off of it if it were available, and that is pathetic because I’m grateful to be off. I never would’ve been what you- without you. I was and still am a perfect sap for the capitalist pigs to exploit. The only thing that lies between me and that, is the structure you have given.

This is a beautifully honest letter from such a beautifully honest worker and dedicated as she is to help so remarkably with interpreting the news and helping me with the historical background. Adding to news that I give. I say Peter needs too- he needs that too. He needs to be- always be away from children. He needs to be around adults. I think the work crew would be perfect. Something strenuous like the wood crew would give him a chance to learn how to work with adult males. That’s where much of his problem is, and it will tire him out enough to put him to sleep at night. That I think it needs- and I think it needs to be permanent. I do not- I do not think we will ever be able to handle young boys- that he will be able to handle young boys in the same way I couldn’t be around dope and stay off dope. It’s on this Saturday, is the most refreshing and honest kind of letter I’ve seen in some time. I think it’s unfair to him and us, I know he’s a good teacher – excellent one – but this will force someone else to step forward. We still have much undeveloped potential, much undeveloped potential. Let it be encouraged. I didn’t know Debbie Blakey at all when you said she had been an addict and was hooked by the CIA in Georgetown. If she had been on a work crew in Jonestown, she might still be a socialist today. Quite true, my dear, quite true. And she did work in the fields for a while, but someone called her in to the radio. I don’t remember who. I thought that it was essential for her. Unfortunately we are now busy in radio, some of us. I am now busy with something that has to get done, and it doesn’t give you the opportunity to get in the field as much as you like. But I know what it does for a person. When we used to have water bucket brigades every day – which will come again as we enter in the dry season – I’m looking forward with the utmost to the time when I’ll have a lot of physical involvement. I’m writing this (Unintelligible word) I don’t think you understand such weakness of the will because you are so different. You control your will. I think you may need reminding because of the dangers of putting such people into situations they can not handle. I accept that uh, clearly from Teresa King, and I want everyone to li- listen to it and then vote on the matter and uh, the brother to vote on it too, so that he can uh, see uh, uh, what can be done about this.

Water report. We requested the water as much as we can- We’ve tested the water as much as we can with the stuff available here. Bacteria are gram negative, non-motile, alkaline reacting and sulphur forming. The sulphur is what makes the bad taste and smell. We don’t know what it is for sure. It could be bacard- b-a- – eschria – e-s-c-h-e-r-i-c-h-i-a, coli, c-o-l-i flumedill- fernix- f-r-e-u-n-d-i-i-r para- cole- p-a-r-r- p-a-r-a-c-o-l-o, bactrum- b-a-c-t-r-u-m intramedium, or salmonella pullorum- p-u-l-l-o-r-u-m. We do not know definitely. We do know definitely, however, that it’s not staph, strep, typhoid, paratyphoid, pneumonia or ace-l-c-a-l-i-g-e-r-f, fecalis, f-e-c-a-l-i-s. It’s uh- Bleach is not thought by Pauline Groot, who wrote this up, to be of long range, uh, answering. I suggest we put a screen to see that nothing gets into the well and dies, and that she suggests uh, certain kinds of fish. She said uh, bleach is okay as a temporary solution, but not a long term solution. One of the problems is if a dead animal would get down in the well, bleach won’t solve it. I recommend putting some kind of fish down the well that will eat dead- dead things that would fall in. That will keep the water cleared on a continuing basis. We should consult Marie Rankin on what kind of fish to use. Also catfish to clean the bottom of the wa- wells. Snails to clean the sides and fish that eat algae. Algae, algi. To clean the water. If we don’t have pollywogs in the wells, we should. They eat baby mosquitoes. Very well. We want that acted upon too, by the administrators. Each of these things I’m giving you tonight, this Saturday night, I want uh, acted upon.

I wish I had the words to express my gratitude for everything that you have done for me, Bobby [Stroud] says. My leg was so badly broken that the doctor said I wouldn’t be walking for at least a year. Thanks to you, Dad, I’m now on crutches in just a few weeks. I will be off of them in a month’s time. You made sure I had the best medical care possible. Nowhere in the world does there exist a- a (Pause) man uh, su- such love- I gather what uh- exist and- stand by, stand by. (Pause) (Tape edit) -and person of such great love and concern as the love you have given us. Thank you, Dad, Bobby Stroud. (Pause)

Someone is thanking us for the great October revolution that we celebrated today. Rebecca goes on to say how the miracle of prophecy I gave ten years ago came to pass. Just as I said, years later. I gave her- I appreciate the honesty on the (Unintelligible word; could be “karate” or “carotid”) team. We will take that matter up in private council that was written. (Pause) We shall uh, discuss that as I say at a latter- later time.

It’s important that uh, all of you uh, do well on your testing and on your study of the language because there’ll be a test coming up, (Unintelligible word) tomorrow evening or People’s Rally- which will likely be Monday because we were (Pause) having our People’s Rally on Friday, (Pause) and you will be required, and I want the inspectors to go around (Unintelligible word) of the homes to see that no one is there. If they are in their homes, they are to be put on Public Service.

You will be getting the half day tomorrow. A half day will come tomorrow. You can’t always depend upon it, but it will be tomorrow. You’ll begin at the normal time so uh- you will arrive at six, only it’ll be six hours. You will arrive [at] seven and work seven to one. Seven to one. That’s the time that I’ve got to watch very carefully. I can’t really afford a whole day yet, because production is low. Anybody that has extra time, please donate to these dolls at uh, Kay’s project or other projects they have underway. Seven to one will be the work schedule tomorrow. Then spend your time beautifying the area.

Keep the place tonight very clean because [Sunny Ogle] the head of the cultural program for the entire nation of Guyana’s coming in late tonight with our musical talent. He’ll be a guest for a day. We want everything to be looked as spic and span. Around the basketball area, it’s very essential that there’s something be done to level out that- that dirt. It is an eyesore. And uh, we’ve got to see that that is changed. We can’t have any eyesores because we uh, are known for our cleanliness and our s- high standards of concern, so we will expect you all to work on that immediately to see that we get rid of the eyesores. Ninety percent of the major ones are caused by heavy equipment, say several people who’ve written to me in the suggestion box. Tearing into the land. Maybe this one was done when they put up the light pole to the basketball court. An area about seventy-five foot square was torn up. Deep gorges- gouges left in the ground by the heavy equipment. The damage was not repaired. As a result, the park-like basketball area is now a major eyesore. Sug- We suggest the following- this sort of heavy equipment use that a crew be sent to restore the land, and I want that done tomorrow and the fence affected- and fence affected uh, (Pause) areas off so vegetation can grow back. Fence aff- fence affected areas off, in other words, so vegetation can grow back. If this isn’t done, the land becomes more permanently ugly. Be sure that’s taken care of tomorrow, as I said. Be seeing you little later in the evening. Thank you. Much love.

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Part II:

October 22, Sunday news. Rhodesian white racist forces. Many of them trained soldiers from New Mexico, USA, have attacked twelve black liberationist bases deep inside Zambia, killing at least thirty-five hundred citizens. Innocent civilians. A military communiqué said that Rhodesian forces, empowered and emboldened by US hardware, as USA hypocritically lifted the ban of economic and military aid just a few weeks ago. This racist regime have also ended an attack on bases in Mozambique. They destroyed a number of innocent civilians there just a few days ago. And that the troops have been withdrawn from both there and Zambia. Rhodesian announcement followed a statement by the Patriotic Front Leader, Joshua Nkomo, that Rhodesian forces had attacked more of his camps in Zambia following a raid on Thursday near Lusaka. He indicated that fighting was still going on. He said his forces had shot down seven Rhodesian aircraft. Salisbury communiqué said the Patriotic Front Group said the attacks were against three major- major guerilla bases – as they always call the people who really the land belongs to – and nine satellite camps of the Patriotic Front. But of course the Patriotic Front is Zimbabwe or, as the white man prefers to call, Rhodesia. It’s said the deepest penetration by Rhodesian forces was some one hundred and fifty kilometers northeast of Lusaka, (Pause) Zambia. The communiqué said the activist liberationists killed a number of uniformed people, mercenaries sent in by the (Pause) Ian Smith regime. But the Rhodesian government made no hesitancy in claiming that they wiped out whole villages and cities. Rhodesian statements said that in Mozambique, Rhodesian forces struck several bases, cities, villages. It- It gave no estimate of the casualties.

Negotiations on Israeli-Egyptian peace treaty are suspended while chief Israeli delegates return home for consultations on a revised American draft treaty. Israeli cabinet meets late Monday, to hear a report from Foreign Dayan- Foreign Minister Mosie- Moise Dayan and Defense Minister [Ezer] Weizman on the draft treaty. Mr. Dayan told Israeli television the talks have run into difficulties over the question of linking an Egyptian-Israeli peace to progress on settling the West Bank issue. He said another problem is the pace of establishing diplomatic relations between Egypt and Israel. President [Jimmy] Carter met separately with both delegations Friday for the second time this week. The two chief Egyptian negotiators planned to remain in Washington, but a third negotiator went to London. Report to the visiting Vice President of Israel- on- to report to the o- of- the results on the visiting Vice President on Israel on progress of the talks. An official spokesperson for the- the call uh- for the negotiations called the consultations an interlude, not an impasse, and said they were natural at this stage of negotiations. But they thought it was just so much rhetoric in most parts of the world, and the sell-out at Camp David summit, between Israel, Egypt and USA just could not resolve the Near East problem when other nations’ lands were involved that had been taken illegally by Egypt.

US Defense Department officials said yesterday – or early today rather – as Secretary of Defense Harold Brown met separately with the Israeli and Egyptian delegations to discuss matters of mutual defense interest. In another development, US envoy Harold Saunders is in Jerusalem for consultation with Israeli officials. Earlier Saunders visited Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Syria’s President [Hafez Al-Assad] will go to Baghdad next week for his virst- first visit to Iraq in five years. The surprise trip will come just before the opening of an Arab summit to discuss the Camp David accords. An official Syrian source declaring that the President’s visit is to coordinate possible joint moves to confront an Israel- an- an Israeli-Egyptian peace agreement. Both Iraq and Syria stand opposed to the [Anwar] Sadat sell-out peace initiative, but their different views on other Arab issues have made them rivals over the years, but this has drawn them closer together. Observers have speculated that Syrian President’s trip may mean warming of relations between the two nations including an opening of their mutual borders. Friendship comes out of US deciding to be too expansionist in the Near East. As you know rumor has it, USA planned an imperialist air base in the Sinai uh, region.

United States Secretary of State Cy- Cyrus Vance has arrived in Moscow for what could be a decisive round of negotiations on a new Soviet-American strategic arms accord. His hope that in two days that both sides will be able to overcome the handful of problems that continue to block a new agreement and to build on the progress achieved earlier this month in the talks in the United States. Reaching a mutually-beneficial agreement is of utmost importance to both sides. Vance’s war- Vance has warned that perseverance and dedication are needed. Earlier a senior American official said Soviet-American relations are now enjoying an upswing. He said ties had clearly reached a low point earlier this year. Over the last month or two, relations had crossed over to the positive side.

Two former members of the Malawi cabinet have been sentenced to death in Bonaco, B-o-n-a-c-o, on charges of plotting to overthrow the government. They are the ex-Security Chief of Interior Ministry and- the ex-Security Chief rather- and the Ministry of Interior. Minister of Interior. The former Transport Minister was sentenced to twenty years of hard labor. And the ex-Foreign Minister received a five-year prison term. The group was arrested yesterday.

The President of Somalia [Mohammed Siad Barre] has urged the Soviet Union and Cuba to change their policies in the Horn of Africa, and end what they call- he called threats and aggressive moves against the people of Somalia. The Somalian leader spoke as he reviewed a parade of more than one hundred thousand persons on the ninth anniversary of the military overthrow, a coup that brought him to power. He praised the United States, Western Europe and China for giving his country economic aid in his imperialist expansionist designs on Ethiopia. United States representatives at the ceremony said he expects to discuss the possibility of military intervention and aid to Somalia in their aggressive design on (unintelligible word; sounds like “Meogaden”) in Eritrea.

Sudan says it will leave its units attached to the Arab deterrent force in Lebanon in place for another three months.

The Sudanese President [Gaafar Muhammad Nimeiry] said Saturday he has decided not to pull out the Sudanese troops as announced earlier, because of decisions taken during a meeting of Arab force foreign ministers in Beirut last weekend. The foreign ministers came up with a security plan for Lebanon that went into partial effect yesterday. Syrian troops of the inter-Arab force are being withdrawn from East Beirut, to be replaced by Saudi Arabian units of the same Arab force, and this engagement is intended to reduce a point of friction with the Christian-fascist militia in Lebanon, and Lebanon’s Prime Minister [Salim al-Hoss] held a cabinet session this Saturday and announced afterwards the formation of a special milisterial- ministerial comit- committee to implement – that is to add – to other measures recommended in this security plan. They also called for rebuilding the Lebanese Army, disarming the fascist Christian-Phalanges militias that Israel had set up, and strengthening the central authority. News reports say that the situation in Beirut has returned to near normal following Friday’s disengagement. The Lebanese President [Elias Sarkis] has left for the Vatican to attend the inauguration of the new pope [Pope John Paul II].

Students at two Tehran universities staged peaceful protests Saturday, demanding release of- release of political prisoners and an end to martial law. Students were urged to boycott class- classes until the de- demands are met. Police outside the gates of both campuses that student- students stayed inside as clashes occurred between the two. The dreaded shrah- the dreaded Shah of Iran [Reza Pahlavi], one of the richest men, whose government is in great peril because he has had to establish martial law. He imposed martial law in Tehran and eleven other Iranian cities last month after bloody anti-government riots in which many students took part. Iran is quite nervous as they border the Soviet Union, Afghanistan and Syria, all allies of the Soviet Union.

Greek Premier (Clears throat) Constantine Karamanlis has arrived in Rome from Athens on the first leg of a three-nation tour to press his country’s bid to join European Common Market. Greece is presently an associate member of the EEC and has asked for full membership by 1980.

Heavy diving equipment has been dispatched in the Chesapeake Bay on America’s east coast, the scene of Friday’s collision involving a Coast Guard training ship and an Argentinean coal freighter. The Coast Guard vessel sank in eleven fathoms of water. One fathom equals six feet.

Analysis of Proposition 13 is being passed throughout the United States after it made its first success in California shows that most people will pay hi- hi- much higher taxes next year than this year because of higher Social Security rates and inflation, despite the cuts. With these deficits, the bill makes a mockery of Proposition 13 as a nationwide movement for tax reduction in the United States.

Full moon may help medical doctors to predict coronary. (Pause) Doctors should mark full moons on their calendars to better predict medical- medical crisises in their patients, according to a top researcher. We’re suggesting that local practitioners realize that a lot of medical crisises occur during full moon phases, Doctor Ralph W. Morris of University of Illinois Medical Center reported to the news, The Washington Star. This ought to be- this agency should’ve been contacted by the Doctor Ralph W. Morris of the University of Illinois Medical Center because, being that we’re made of ninety-eight percent water, much does occur that affects us. Morris studied eighty-eight patients with a history of heart trouble and found that sixty-four percent of their attacks came during the full moon phase. Too high for coincidence. Policemen and firemen have known for a long time that a full moon makes people do strange things, said Morris, referring to one study which showed one hundred percent increase in arson cases in New York City during periods of full moons.

CIA agents have been ordered an execution of an American writer during Chile’s bloody military coup five years ago – it’s been brought to light in The Washington Times – because he knew too much about US involvement. A new book says Charles Horman, 31 of New York, New York was one of the two Americans among the thousands of people reported killed in the 1973 military coup that ousted Marxist President Salvador Allende. Horman was taken from his house in Santiago. Seventeenth September and his body was officially identified October 18th, just after the revolution of the six- sixteenth of Se- September in 1973. The other dead American, Frank Telu- Terabuggi? T-e-r-u-g-g-i of Des Moines Plains, Illinois was detained in his home September 20 and his body was found October 2. Though Chile’s military junta denies executing either author- author, Thomas Hauser, H-a-u-s-e-r, charges junta troops, placed in power by US CIA and our tax dollars which pains my heart, arrested and killed Horman with the knowledge of US officials and their cooperation, and perhaps under the orders of the CIA intelligence director [Richard Helms] because Horman had stumbled into signs Washington was definitely involved in the military takeover and unseated the democratically-elected regime of Doctor Allende, a true gentle-hearted, Marxist socialist. Hauser said he hopes the book, The Execution of Charles Harmon, to be reprinted in part by Penthouse in November, will spark a congre- congressional investigation of Horman’s death. Charles Horman was killed because he knew too much and (unintelligible word) was done between the CIA and the local authorities. The book quotes Rafael Gonzalez, a former Chilean Army Intelligence Officer who fled Chile in 1978, as saying- Gonzalez is quoted as saying, he and an unknown American were in the office of Army Intelligence, Chi- Chief General Augusto Lutz, L-u-t-z, about three days after Horman was detained when Lutz said Horman had to disappear.

Obstetricians in the maternity shops here said yesterday that more babies than usual are expected around the end of October, nine months after record snowstorm brought more than fifteen point two percent inches on the city in less than thirty hours in Minneapolis. The blizzard confined thousands to their homes for at least three days. Pretty early snort- snowstorm- no, it’s Indianapolis, not Minneapolis. (Pause) Trying to give you a cross section of the news. Some things that are lighter-veined, and others are not so light indeed.

Alarming federal cancer study. Health, Education and Welfare Secretary Joseph Califano made public that the results of a still-unreleased study last week on occupational cancer in what he probably- what was probably an understa- understatement of uh, eternity. He called the findings alarming. According to Califano, the new federal study had found that at least one of every five future cases of cancer in the USA would come from exposure to carcinogens on the jobs. Figures which sharply contradicted much lower estimates made recently by capitalist industries were made public during a speech delivered in Washington DC to the AFL-CIO National Conference on Occupational Safety and Health, the first of its kind to be called by the union. Califano said the study, conducted by the National Cancer Institute and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, also showed that occupational exposure to asbestos alone may cause two million premature cancer deaths in the next decade. Two million in United States will die from their job of cancer-causing elements around the- way they work and what they breathe. Seventeen percent of the total population will have cancer deaths that they can expect during that time. That’s a lot of people. Noting that- and that’s only just industrially-caused cancers. This is not to mention stress-caused cancers or other types of cancer that comes from direct working with radiation and so forth. Noting that earlier estimates by industry of the number of cancer cases related to occupational exposure between one and five percent, Califano recommended if the total full consequence of occupational exposure in the present and the recent past are taken into account, estimates of at least 20 percent appear much more reasonable and may even be conservative. It could be as high as forty percent of the American people facing a death by cancer. Other federal health officials- and all because of the air, the pollution in the job, in the air that you breathe when you drive down to your homes or walk to your bus or wherever. Other federal US- federal health officials from- officials familiar with the study said to interviewers that the researchers found that the number of occupationally-related cancers may actually run up to forty percent of all cancer in the country. It is in my judgment, concluded Califano, myopic to argue the programs to protect workers are inflationary, if we do not count in our calculations that those programs buy safety, health and often greater productivity. Califano was even forced to make com- comparisons to cancer in the USA and in the Soviet Union where it is less than half that of the USA.

The army’s battle is trying to bury story of radar casualties. Microwave radiation, long thought harmless, is beamed at- is constantly at us constantly in the United States by radar, broadcast transmitters, telephone relays, satellites, power lines, microwave ovens, CB radios, and other sources, but workers exposed to microwaves have developed cataracts, blood disorders, cancer, behavior changes, and there’s a possibility that microwaves cause genetic damage, sterility and birth defects. As the truth emerges, the military-industrial complex, finance capitalism in their marriage with the military, uh, keep their stranglehold of fascism on USA whose existence depends on microwaves, is doing all in their power to try to suppress it from the press. Amazingly enough, it was picked up by The New York Post. The third of six parts describes the Army’s reaction to a study of suspiciously high birth defect rates at radar base hospitals. Yes, I would call twelve percent quite a distinctly high birth defect rate. How much does it take to get the American people alarmed? Will we ever find that answer? Will we ever really know?

Thus ends the news and commentary for Sunday. Remember to play the news in the library in the morning and at uh, lunchtime and then play the news in the evening, preparing what may be a test tomorrow evening, and then the language class and then after that we’ll have uh- (Pause) we’ll have a uh- (Pause) and then we’ll have our news and our language and then we’ll have uh, a musical program for the head of the cultural center where our band and musicians are to do a program that ought to net our community a great deal of money over the holidays if everything goes along. If they learn their principles of humanism and all of their concepts of language, if we learn that properly, it has a great chance of making us some money. The delegation will be coming to see how we perform, so there’ll be that time. From four to six, children will be having films that will be suitable to them. We have to arrange the uh, (Pause) video in another area beside the sewing machines. Let’s do so because we can’t let anything till the 31st eliminate us from our goal of making those dolls, those stuffed toys. (unintelligible name; sounds like “Samuels”) and son, largest in Guyana, has promised to buy every one we make. And that’s quite a breakthrough. We already see the thirty-three thousand net profit, at the rate we’re going, by the end of October 31. And we need every penny we can get, taking in so many in our free clinic.

You ought to feel thrilled that a boy’s arm- leg looked like, as I said, just bit on the path where he was walking because he stepped on a Labarria’s tail, and it grabbed him, bit him. His leg looked like a plaster cast, with boils and abscesses on it. It looked rotted in his heel and it looked rotted in- all the way up, until we got the time to deal with the uh, (Pause) situation and give him antibiotics and other immunities of tet- uh, uh, from tetanus and s- pain relief. He’s in the hospital, he’ll be staying in our headquarters. He’s doing fine. If you care at all about our family – and we’re giving extra time, been working so many half days – you will please put in all you can and then you will do all you can to beautify our homes and clean eyesores. Remember I want the eyesore by the football- basketball court leveled off by Public Services tomorrow, if you kindly will. And any other places I come out, I’ll be circulating around. I want to see as- as much as I can into that uh, (Unintelligible word) picture. Be aroused at quarter after seven, go to work at quarter after eight and go to a quarter after two. Let’s make it very effective. Thank you very much. Much, much love to you. Remember we have those who want freedom’s blood in our hands. That’s a great responsibility. Good night and m- good day, rather, and much love.

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Part III:

-(Unintelligible word) of the uh, young lad who didn’t come in on his own. So, there wasn’t much concern there for his um, Mary and (Pause) and Kim. So some having gotten him so wide awake as he did those in the office during the night, he will have courses in the extended care, ’cause that is ridiculous to put that kind of pressure (Pause) on the teacher (Pause) and the office. So he’ll be with Ujara [Don Sly] for a while on appeals from the office. De- uh, depart makes no difference. (Unintelligible word) time just going to turn it over to the matter of Ujara. The next time we’ll call the brigadier [Commander Clarence Price]. We tried last night, but he wasn’t in, but next time when we get in this situation, we’ll just turn it over to the brigadier – he’s been so helpful – of the Guyana Defense Force. Thank you, and much love. Have a good day, and a good work day.

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Part IV:

-purest form of democracy, like they had in the early days of England and New England and the United States. Everything is decided by all the people participating. We don’t believe in dictatorships, right or left. We believe in democracy and freedom. Freedom of the individual to express. And we gave every opportunity for consideration. I just wanted to let it be known in Nick’s situation, we’ll give Brigadier General Price the opportunity because he offered his assistance. So I’m firm in that matter. Thank you, have a good day and work, as I say, as vigorously as we can to produce so that we’ll have more funds to be able to take in more people at our free medical clinic. The child that was going to lose his leg that was like- just looked like it was like a cast, it was so thick and so swollen, it looked like it rotted is doing excellent. He’s going to save his leg. One of the few who come through Labarria’s two bites. The last time it happened, it was to David George’s relative, a nine-year-old cousin. He died within an hour of a Labarria bite. None of our (Tape edit) have been bitten, we urge you to be careful during this excessive rainy season, the longest that we’ve had in ten years. Be careful not to be unaware. The snakes like to go to high ground during such rain. We’ve still spotted none in our community, but be on the lookout.

Thank you for your endeavor to make this a better place. Be sure to beautify your homes [in] every way. Plant foods. They make for beauty just as flowers, and any eyesores that any of you see, please point them out as Professor [Richard] Tropp did in the suggestion box and a few others. And help correct them yourself by coming to me, and I will get- immediately get Public Services on the job, because they as well as myself want this to be the most beautiful place that it can be.

We’re very grateful to the doctors who have been here testing our eyes. I have to be involved today, but I hope that they will examine mine. But your eyes are more important than mine. Already we need uh, over thirty pairs of glasses, so I understand, it all ends for one of the children who had lost two before. We just say, do not lose two or four, or you’re going to have two more or you’re going to have do extra work in the cooperative to try to help make up for this. This is not fair in a cooperative arrangement, where everything is provided, free medicine, free dental care, free everything, food, education, scholarships. It’s not fair to lose the expensive glasses and (Stumbles over words) contact lenses, and then expect us just to go and buy some more. The doctors are trying to be helpful for us, and in order to help us to reduce prices, so we absolutely demand that you be responsible about your glasses, because we’re into thousands of dollars this year, into the tens of thousands we’ve paid out already this year in glasses. We’re so grateful to these wonderful gentlemen who understand what freedom’s about and yet have a humanitarian concern, so we do demand that you take pains and be concerned when they give you advice, and that you don’t lose glasses or break them. We cannot afford that in a cooperative and give free medicine to three hundred people a week that come from surrounding areas as far away as- in a river, 27 miles upriver as this Indian family did with their son who was dying and his leg looked like it was literally rotted off and entered his lymphatic system from the bite – two bites – of a Labarria snake which is usually fatal. And (Unintelligible name) is- he’s in our headquarters and he’s not going to lose his leg, he’s going to be normal. Much love. Thank you very much.

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Part V:

-(Unintelligible word) up the half ha- half days, this week to make up for fine production, so you had a half day yesterday, half day today. We’ve had several half days during the work week, even during the regular work week. The work schedule is eight-fifteen to two-fifteen. Your get up time is seven-fifteen. So we urge all of you to be trying to get as much production out and spending times on your homes and beautifying, and all look after eyesores. Those that do correct the proper intake on their heart, their total community will be given special awards of travel later and scholarship and all the other advantages, ’cause there going to be a number of advantages from USA and other countries. (Pause) You know what countries I’m talking about. I’ve gone over them enough times with you. And that’s the ones we’re concerned because that way you’ll see places you’ve never seen before, so all take a special interest. That’s what I ask. There’s time for wake-up time, and the news will be in the library. The news will be in the library in the morning and then noon and then it’ll be in the pavilion. That will give you current news from BBC and Voice Of America under the pavilion which you can help because we’re trying to correct all functional illiteracy. We nearly have it done. Everyone can read a little bit and write somewhat. That’s a duty. The poor in USA, as in maj- many ma- major countries are never given an opportunity to read or write. We are going to defeat that as well as building an outstanding cooperative. And that’s our purpose, to defeat that, so we will have our class this evening, seven-thirty. I’ll let you know what nights we’re having- not having classes. Seven-thirty to seven-forty-five, rather, is news, and after that is language. We’re studying five different languages in the Jonestown community. And that’s very good, because one needs to be a linguist in these days. And some of you are doing an excellent job. We’re proud of you. So it’ll be (Pause) after the news, current news, events of the radio broadcast, then thereafter an hour of language.

Our film will be soon fixed because I’ve asked for the part to be sent down immediately from the United States so you’ll have the film. We will set up the television, because we have some new, beautiful new films from television. We’ll set it up in the second school pavilion or in the dining room pavilion, whichever is more stable electric- electrically speaking. It will benefit you. Remember, we have a good day and a chance to help. By producing we can give more free medical care. We now give three hundred people free medical care on the average of a week. And we have a lot of people who want to get out of urban cities where children are tempted by dope and gangs, the asphalt jungle. It happens to all modern industrial centers. Here we don’t have to worry about drugs, muggings, rapes, or anti-social behavior. We don’t even have violence. Parents don’t even have to spank their children. That is a rule that is outlawed by the town forum vote, as everyone here ha- has a vote and everyone exercises it. We’ve done all these times since we’ve been settled here without any difficulty. We’re going to keep that up. We believe that reason can reach the human mind. Thank you so much, and much love.

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Tape originally posted May 2009