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Jones: Important that we get the news. Also important that (unintelligible word) having pet birds take caution until our helpers can catch a cat. Not a big tiger, but a small cat has come onto the property last evening, and we want to be cautious. We want to watch very carefully the birds and small animals. Very, very important. It’s only on the edge of our property, but it’s serious enough that it represented a threat to the life of one parrot. So wish you to take note of this fact. Numbers of things come in when you have unusual amount of rain. People have the right kind of gratitude, they have no problem. If I’ve done nothing, the miracle of protecting people from ever having a snake bite, not one snake bite in all these years, that would be proof enough of the power of the paranormal in me. But anyway, we want those precautions taken. (Pause) Going into the news. Postmanner — Postmaster General of Guyana says mail service is not going to suffer severely over the strike. In this country, there is plenty of freedom, contrary to all the lies about the referendum. Workers are striking in the postal services, demanding more managerial participation in work, elimination of managerial elitism, and an increase in wages. The workers have said that there has been too much time taken by the management to get things settled. Picketing is going on outside all post offices in Guyana, and there is no interruption of any kind by police in this free country. A man is prosecuted for having an unlawful possession of a Magnum pistol and 20 rounds of ammunition. They are very considerate in Guyana, they don’t believe in severe sentences. He was only fined $250.

(Pause) Another gentleman was arrested on Tuesday for corruption in the Guyana National Service. (unintelligible word) by the name of Benjamin. They’re coming down on white collar or governmental corruption more severely than anything. A businessman arrested in Georgetown for selling two package of cigarettes. He sold the cigarettes for two dollars instead of ninety cents apiece, which is a controlled price. He got six months in jail, plus $500 fine. He sold the cigarettes to an undercover policeman. Guyana is very, very strict about the resale of foods, tobaccos, alcohol. One must always realize that that is in the interest of the socialist government to protect its people, and we admire them for that. So we want to be sure if we ever resell any food items, that we are within that controlled price figure. It should be listed here on one of our walls, perhaps in the radio room. Businessmen in Guyana have been indicted for a fraudulent scheme. They had been selling shares in a fraudulent shoe business to a number of farmers. Some had put in as much as $2000. It was a bogus investment, and the businessmen are being sought. Two have been arrested thus far. (Unintelligible name — sounds like “Karantee”) River. Cache of milk, other for — foods stolen a — and also salt — sal — sought to be caught in a smuggling operation across (Unintelligible name — sounds like “Karantee”) River. Arrested for storage of the food, not being in a bond. The gentleman storing the food was arrested for not being in a bond. We have been allowed to bring in foods as an agricultural project, we bring in food the ordinary channels, and very strict also about such smuggling operations of foods or any other items that are banned.

(Pause) (Unintelligible word) of courses, ideological socialist courses, Arbee (?) Armstrong, in charge of the courses on Marxism and trade unionism are being given in all of the various governmental sectors and the corporations and industries that have been nationalized and socialized by the Guyana go — Guyana government. A fund is being raised for freedom fighters in Zam — in Zimbabwe. Even some will be going from Guyana. My God, my God. How brave Guyana is. (Read without emotion) This will be upsetting as hell, infernal hell, to USA. They’re very open about it, coming over Guyana broadcasting network. That’s what they’re doing. I’m sure they’re not too happy about Marxist-Leninism, trade unionism, being taught in all of the unions and all of the industries to all the workers. Seems to be a serious endeavor on the part of this government, the Socialist Cooperative Republic of Guyana, to educate all of its people in the principles of socialism and Marxist-Leninism. At every trade union meeting at CCWU, there will be this kind of instructions. (Pause) Low cost milk production. A display of low-cost milk-making that can be (unintelligible word) down in Guyana is going to be demonstrated at the exhibit where we have been asked to put on an exhibition. The metrification seminar in Guyana will also be at the exhibition, [at] University of Guyana. It’s important that we all learn the metric system. Guyana is going on the metric system, [in] 1980. Guyana Telecommunications Commission, difficulties in getting materials and supplies in order to perform public services. Hopeful assistance will come from East Germany Democratic Republic, an ally of the Soviet Union. Dr. Hamilton Green who gave us our first start on (unintelligible word — sounds like “rabbits”), the Minister of Health, Labor will be on program Action Line this Sunday discussing some of the government’s efforts to give socialized medicine to all of the people. Trinidad and Tobago in their magazine Express News said butter and cheese is expendable. Transportation of medicine should be promoted. We don’t have to have butter and cheese in the Caribbean. Tighten the belt buckle on consumer items. It’s not only the trend in Guyana but all of the Caribbean — Caribbean Terracom (?) — something like the Commonwealth or the European Common Market that exist here in the Caribbean. They’re going to cut — cut off frills, and get down to business about things that people can’t live without, like medicine and other important — clothing and basic food items. Jamaica. The Workers Liberation Party is gaining momentum in Jamaica. It’s a new Marxist-Leninist party in Jamaica. They are beginning to demonstrate strong support in every village, hamlet and city. It is pure scientific socialism. Prime Minister [Michael] Manley is a socialist, who has been pressured greatly by having to take the International Monetary Fund and has no grip on the economy, because most of all the means of production and means of distribution are owned by big business. Nonetheless, Prime Minister Manley has shown great loyalty to Cuba and the African Liberation Movement. This is an encouraging sign there’s a strong grassroot communist party that’s springing up and gaining considerable momentum and thus far has not been stopped. Workers Liberation Party of Jamaica.

Rhodesia. Ian — Ian Smith will say it — say if they will attend talks with the patriotic front. He’s being pressured on all sides, United Nations, and all the rest of the Organization of African Unity, but he will not at this time declare his intentions, so there will be new negotiations with the patriotic front. Steve (unintelligible name — sounds like “Sheryl”) said they should support an all-party conference. He had been in his interim regime. Again, there is no further word, nor can anyone ever predict what the racist Ian Smith will do. Johannesburg. A white nurse who protected a black man by refusing to give evidence has been arrested and her license has been dropped by the full nursing council. She may lose permanently her license to practice nursing, and she will receive a sentence of one year in jail. She would not testify in an obvious frame-up that was intended to hurt, torture and politically — politically persecute one of the many blacks that these days are being persecuted in such a manner in South Africa and Rhodesia. (Pause) Romania sells all building material to China. Large amounts of oil off of China’s coast. They want to make [a] deal, People’s Republic of China. USSR, the Soviet Union, a close ally of Romania, seems to have no objection. It is considered that China will probably become one of the richest oil nations in the world from oil that’s off their coastline.

(Pause) Sistine Chapel. They’re testing the smoke as a test run to prepare for the election of the new pope. There is little speculation as to whether the pope will be liberal, moderate, conservative, or just a non-entity. Passenger sucked out of a Philippine airliner, rear toilet, when an explosion occurred. Explosion at 24,000 feet. No explanation has been given for the explosion, although there were members of the Philippine government, reactionary government, on board, that has been supported by USA and was brought about by CIA coup. More of our tax dollars. James Earl Ray has been caught in twists and turns in heavy testimony, heavy interrogation. Radio Voice of America says that he’s been found in conflicting testimony. He still insists he did not shoot Martin Luther King, said it was a conspiracy with the FBI, and everybody is trying to cover up. Said he’s a very fatigued man from the ordeal he’d gone through and the scuffle he had with US Marshals and being kept up for 48 hours with lights on him so he could not rest. Arrested a man in Chicago, Tom Peters (?), accused of selling top-secret systems. He’s a former CIA agent. Some kind of technical manual he was supposedly sold for $3000 to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, to Russia. The former CIA agent — I’m sure it will never be suggested that it was in any way a human rights violation. Seems like a pretty cheap price for someone to sell something of value to the Soviets, for a former CIA agent to do so. Guyana Broadcasting Studios had also mentioned that this former CIA agent had been critical of CIA cloak-and-dagger tactics and practices. He faces life in prison. Further news in the world. Cut in Social Security pay has caused a temporary appearance of having more income. People are now having to pay less into Social Security, not realizing that they cutting their nose to spite their face, for when they age or retire, their Social Security benefits will be lower than they are today, while like presently, no one’s Social Security is sufficient to meet the rising cost of living under the horrible inflation.

(Pause) James Earl Ray. The defense of the James Earl Ray situation goes on, as spokes black Uncle Tom Congressman has tried to tear up his testimony, make it appear being the only assassin of Martin Luther King. However, even the world news admit that uh, grave doubts as to the question of James Earl Ray being the lone assassin. Ray’s clothes was taken into a laundry on the day he was not there in Atlanta. They traced his whereabouts and his comings and goings from Missouri, where he was offered through a channel, a mediator, $50,000 or $6000 worth of challenge to him or anyone else that was accepted by two businessmen who have since been assassinated, conveniently, so they can’t talk anything about it. Very, very bad situation. (Calls a muffled question to someone in the room). New York three major daily newspapers are still on strike. A bus crash in Quebec, right near Montreal, almost near where the other bus — bus crashed a few days ago appeared. Everything happens in threes. Several children were killed. And you remember just a few days ago, a similar place near Montreal, 46 were killed as a bus went into a lake. They were just within a very short distance where this second crash has happened. It seems three are kind of a nasty thing to deal with. (Repeats muffled question off mike). Croatian nationalists who had also wanted to break away from Yugoslavia and were for that reason more pro-Soviet (pause), six of them, you know, originally, went down to (unintelligible name) and they were holding six, six hostages. They never, one of the Croatian nationalists that they were concerned about, (pause) came and talked to them and caused them to give up their hostages. They were holding the hostages because of the Croatian nationalist (goes off mike two times). Anyway, if people are going to start on the action, they should either follow through or not start it. The Croatian brother convinced them that his mother in jail would not want this done. However, I do not know how he would presume to talk for the Croatian — the Croatian nationalist being held in the West German jails on these Red Brigade charges. As I said, the CIA official is going to be indicted and charged, he will serve no less than life imprisonment for selling a technical manual, supposedly, probably a frame-up, to the Soviet Union, because he had been formerly critical of Soviet practices (goes off mike). Foreign investments are helped by income tax proposals of Congress, of course, in a move to remove some $16 billion of income taxes. They greatly favor, of course, the rich. [President Jimmy] Carter has protested, but has not thought about whether he will veto. His secretary said he doubted — they doubted very much if Carter would veto the tax (unintelligible word — sounds like “number”) handout to the rich. The rich are actually getting away without paying as much taxes as they did in 1969. By investing in foreign companies, they can almost manage to pay no taxes whatsoever. One Congressman feebly spoke out that uh, the only people getting any help from this tax reduction plan were those making over $50,000 a year. He suggested at least maybe some help for those under $20,000. They’re getting no help at all, so who do they think they’re kidding? (off mike)

Two American balloonists in France. Air France is flying them home free, in spite of them landing in (unintelligible place name — Arepea?) and placing US flag and acting like buffoons, nonetheless, um, that’s what the greatest part of the news of USA broadcasting is, about the great New Lindbergh balloonist. I wouldn’t brag on [American aviation pioneer Charles] Lindbergh. As I said, he was pro-Hitler all during World War II, he’d ride on the stand with [Adolf] Hitler, saying “Seig Heil,” and led the Nazi movement in USA, the German American Bund. it’s still obviously very strong, in view of what’s happened to Scientology and all the hell that broke loose on us when we told about the Nazis hiding and being protected by the US government. Two S re — Two US reporters will not go to court for the third time, um, even though they violated Soviet law. The Soviets had warned there would be other actions taken. Whether this will be in the form of reprisal against reporters who are mo — more or less agents for the CIA, even by the US press admission, nearly all newsmen abroad and at home have served in the CIA. Just a few weeks ago, we learned that 400 leading foreign news correspondents had been giving information to the CIA. So we will wait for the Soviet decision. Their court order has been defied. In Soviet Union, slander and libel is very, very frowned upon. Very serious crime. Even if a person’s guilty, found guilty in a court, cannot be printed about in newspapers because it hurts innocent loved ones. That shows socialist sensitivity that USA would know nothing about. Carter summit at Camp David. (Unintelligible name) who said — he said be happy to give consideration, even though they’ve not too much hope that a great deal will come out of the meeting with Egypt and Israel, we have to lessen tensions. And these talks now may provide the appearance of lessening tensions. He said there would be no commitments as a prerequisite. Much news about the former CIA agent keeps coming across the air. Getting $3000 for selling, now it’s called a top-secret document. While ago, it was called a technical manual. Must not have been too top secret to only get $3000. Interesting enough that Campanis, the CIA agent, had been as I said very critical of CIA terrorist activities. The Croatian nationalists surrendered as I said, give up all their hostages, and the Voice of America made a great deal of to do that they didn’t get any of their demands met. That’s what bad about fools who play like they’re gonna do something, and they’re gonna take a stand, take a whole group of people hostage, and then give up about five hours later, after somebody gives them a few (unintelligible word), listen to a cop talk to them in very condescending terms, then have all the Voice of America dampen the spirits of every other person that might do an act of courage that was truly revolutionary, not terrorist, hearing the Voice of America say they didn’t get any of their demands met, they gave up their hostage and got not of their demands met. James Earl Ray did not commit the bank robbery in England, in spite of the effort of spokes Uncle Tom who is fronting for all the interrogators for this select committee on assassinations that’s meeting in the House. I guess it is select, all right. Select to give people who will not endanger the capitalist system by letting the truth out in their closed door hearings. Anyway, they have not been able to pin that on him. They’re trying to find a way to say that he had money to do criminal acts of his own. When he left the Missouri prison just a few weeks — days before without a penny.

Carter’s energy program is in trouble. The President tried to break the deadlock. Two Senators signed another report to cut all imports and strengthen the do — dollar. Well, it doesn’t look like anybody’s going to go along with Carter until oil imports are cut, they have to cut down on oil imports, buying of oil. That means US drivers are going to have to cut down to two gallons of gas a d — a day. So anyway, he (unintelligible) some Senators that he could strengthen the dollar, and Carter seems to be afraid to do that because obviously — obviously, if he does, he’ll probably never be able to be elected for even dogcatcher. (Pause) There’s talks for reaching tentative agreement in the police and fireman’s strike in Memphis, even though the teachers had participated in the negotiations with the strike and refused to cross any picket lines. Plane. Four were blown out of a fuselage. Twenty — 78 passengers are o — okay. Now that Philippine airline — evidently sabotage meant to reach at some of the Philippine government reactionaries, some Red Army move or something, no one has yet claimed responsibility, but at 24,000 feet, four of them went out the hole before they could get the plane landed.

James Earl Ray, in the terrible grilling of the third day, going into the third day of testimony, and his health not good, has the assistance of Mark Lane, famous author and attorney who’s trying to raise objections to improper questions in what is obviously a kangaroo court determined to maintain what the government has said originally, that James Earl Ray is the only assassin of Martin Luther King, and he had enough sense when — uneducated, no money — to be able to get away, throw all the Memphis police off, cause them to go the wrong way, get to Canada, England, and Europe down into Portugal with a rich banker, and he did this all without the help of anyone. Really, they do expect a lot of us to believe that kind of shit. Carter’s energy trouble is deeper than anyone can imagine. He says he will veto the thirty-seven thousand million dollar weapons bill because of not getting cooperation on the energy bill, and because USA is considering — the Congress — to build a nuclear aircraft carrier that is a just a fat gift to certain lobbyist interests. However, he wants to uh, assist those who are more weapon-minded (goes off mike for moment) more weapon-minded and supply assistance to those who want to put weapons and equipment into Europe. He sees the Soviet Union as a great threat. Now the Congressmen want to spread the gifts around all over the uh, USA to different lobbying interests who want to build up weapons that are not needed. Thirty-seven thousand million, can’t even feed the people, can’t even hospitalize people, can’t even clean up the air, can’t even provide jobs and thirty-seven thousand million — 90% of the weapons that they are making have never yet been even planned or designed for use in war thus far. That shows you how much boondoggling, how war is just one of the capitalistic methods of maintaining its life when it’s about to go down the tubes. The sodium nitrates, FDA said they would try to phase them out, but no final plans. Anyone using the sodium nitrates who’ve eaten hot (struggles for words) hot dogs I think we used to call them, and bacon all their life from childhood on up to middle years, unless they stop are doomed to have cancer before they die. Yet the fe — Federal Drug Administration USA cannot say for sure that they (unintelligible word) that phasing out of this terrible sodium nitrate. Not only is it in meats, sausage, chickens, poultry, every meat on earth, USA, but it’s also in lots of other foods. (Pause) As I said, strangely enough, two bus crashes in one week’s time, the same area, both killing retarded children. The same amount of people were on the bus this week as were on the bus a week ago. Leads you to believe that there are rather strange and bizarre happenings in terms of threes or (unintelligible word) conspiracy in capitalist Canada which is 70% owned by USA, to get rid of their (laughs shortly) their — their precious little handicapped children. I wouldn’t put that past them either.

(Pause) Two to one, Democrats prefer [U.S. Senator Edward] Kennedy to Carter. Kennedy is for medical insurance guaranteed, which is supposedly popular with a number of the people. I don’t mean socialized medicine. The medical program like Blue Cross where everybody can pay into about 20 or 30 dollars a month (pause) and then will be able to get their medical needs taken care of. Not drugs, no doc — doctor’s visits or anything like that. (Pause) Now that NBC thinks that the country’s in a conservative mood aroused over taxes and over the threat of So — Soviet might, new Cold War hate and fear, and they do not think that Kennedy has much likelihood of being successor. Even if he were to replace an incumbent president, there has never been a case in history in USA where the present incumbent was replaced by some other office-seeker, and that party then succeeded. Also, ABC thinks that Chappa — that, that — Chappaquidick or something, whatever, I’ve forgotten the name of the word, wherever a young woman died, and seemingly, he was probably only drunk, it was um, accidental homicide. Said the US family is always forgiving — yeah, forgiving if you’re capitalist — others claim, you know, it’s time that — it was a young woman he was dating out on after a drunken party, that he actually swam away and didn’t try to get her out of the car even though he could’ve. Who knows? Anyway, her family was left deeply disheartened. I remember them writing us, when we gave them encouragement when their daughter was being vilified in the newspaper, and seemingly, Mr. Kennedy was not suffering much at all. But the general feeling of the news is, that that would not be held against him. The thing that will be held against him is his liberalish position on medical — guaranteed medical insurance, because USA is in a very conservative mood. Said Carter also is no Henry the Eighth that will abdicate to Camelot. He’s not going to get out of the way easy, he would cause a lot of disturbance in the party and probably divide — cripple the Democratic Party so badly that no successor could win, even if he were displaced. Natural gas compromise in jeopardy again, because of further complaints by various elements of the Congress. Memphis strike now in the last minute, no, it is not settled. Was thought to be for a moment, there would be a peaceful settlement, but the police and firemen and other sympathetic unions have walked out, so Memphis is still in an uproar. Terrorist siege on Chicago, in Chicago, Michigan, according to ABC, where the victory for sanity and for US’s position never to give in to terrorist. Well, they’ll never hear the last of that. Those Croatian Socialist who won independence from nonaligned Yugoslavia will never hear the last of that, or will any other person thinking of making a demonstration be likely to be quite as encouraged as before, because they walked off, they face life imprisonment, they got not one of their demands met, not one. They didn’t stay long enough to get one demand met. The one person they wanted freed from West Germany, nothing. (Dismissive) Nothing was done at all. Study being held in one state, at least, (struggles for words) well, at least in Atlanta on extensive probation as alternatives to prison for non-violent crimes, because the jails in USA are so packed full, that people do not know what they’re going to do with all the prisoners.

The Federal Reserve Board raises its rate seven and a half to seven and three quarters percent. The libel case against the two US (pause) news correspondents for not obliging the court system, Soviet court for the time being has dropped the case. There may be considerations taken in the diplomatic arena, but the uh, Soviet court has dropped the charge against Greg Whitney of the Baltimore Sun and the New York Times. The Voice of America is shouting and screaming that world opinion has already gotten the message. Soviet Union comes back that uh, we have not had the last word. It is not our desire to cause oppression to the individual, but we will have our laws respected and safeguarded. So we will await what the Soviets are doing. Soviets seem to be following a careful course trying to avoid nuclear war or anything that can be used as a pretext to build up an excuse for USA’s harsh line renewed cold war tactics. [Alexander] Ginzburg, in spite of US pressure, due to selling materials, secret information to the CIA, his appeal has been denied. He has eight years in a rehabilitation center. He was not present at the decision. He declined to be there, said the Soviet press. Czech. Two dissidents in Prague say police reinforced in the city to put down dissent in capital, as the (unintelligible word — sounds like “southerly”) anarchist and the revisionist are exporting — trying to export, or import, I should say, terrorism into Czechoslovakia on the anniversary of the Czechoslovakian nation going communist. Swiss at the UN say it’s okay, the job is okay for Gally Mikovsky (sp) who US says is a spy. The United Nations is um, not going to uh, yield to the US pressure about someone who US is ballyhooing about having a UN appointment, a UN appointment, charging that she’s a spy. UN votes US protest down. Rhodesia’s Smith statement clears the way for an all-party meeting and then, suddenly he’s backed up and it’s still at a standstill. (Pause) In spite of all efforts made against James Earl Ray, his testimony still strongly leads to conspiracy, said BBC, the conclusion that there was a conspiracy involved in the murder of Martin Luther King. He has retracted his confession and had stead — stood by his testimony through these horrible hours of grilling. Texaco, all natural gas off the coast of New Jersey, 9.4 cubic feet of natural gas — not high quality, however — oil can be pumped out a day from each of the two wells. Some of this news is about as interesting as how many cavities Mr. Nixon has in his teeth, I’m sure. Beirut, Friday. Lebanon. Shelling. Both sides deny they’re responsible. I guess it came from the little men from Mars. Christian militiamen are the likely ones, though, backed up by Zionists. The Christian militiamen are making plans in eastern Beirut. They are the right-wing, the Fascists, just like you saw in For Whom the Bell Tolls, that you’ll see after the socialist classes tonight. Soviet secret police can take up duties as chief of personnel — He’s a former Soviet secret police person, that is, according to US charges, in the NKVD or the KGB. Swiss approve of it, he’ll be the chief of personnel in the United Nations, Valery Kroske (sp), it’s not a woman but a man. Allegations against him by USA are not established. The United Nations said they — they’re tired of being a forum for USA’s political um, stage play. British Amba — ambassador also protested vehemently. Confidential information in personnel files and they’re afraid that this uh, lead chief of personnel connected with the KGB, as they say, will be getting uh, information out about, not only members of the Soviet bloc, but in the personnel section is information on the character defects, he said, said the British Ambassador, of both British personnel and US personnel. Character defects. Well, I’m surprised the capitalists would ever admit that they have any character defects. The rest of the United Nations are not convinced, so the Soviet will be appointed to the chief of personnel, the chief of personnel in the United Nations sector.

(Pause) Now the balloon, the balloon, the balloon, the balloon. All I hear is the goddamn balloon. Arouse the world, said the Voice of America just a moment ago, for about 80 (?) days people have been talking about nothing but the balloon. And I’m not going to even give you the names of the fools who, when they landed in the wheat fields outside of Paris, planted the US flag and caused the French left to be irate. But the capitalist French are equally as crazy, because Air France is giving them a ri — ride home, and I hope when the bastards arrive in New York, that that’s the last we hear about the balloon. Common Market, 387 million dollars bought on the Common Market in shares, 379 million sold. There is a imbalance which is rather frightening in the Common Market. Arab oil. Slight (unintelligible word) US. Because of Arab oil, US has continued deficits in its balance of trade. Eastern Europe bought from West Europe and Japan some of their commodities to try to help them. Apparently, the socialist world is trying to help keep the world from collapsing. I don’t know what the reasoning for that may be. Trade has slowed down to such a considerable degree, and I presume that the Soviets feel that there’s such madness in the Pentagon, that if the cra — capitalist world were to collapse economically right now, there would be no alternative but a nuclear war. Vietnam and Chinese still having their border exchanges refugee problems. Student exchanges between China and Washington will be taking place soon. Washington will determine how many Chinese students — several hundred — will be coming to learn technical skills. Carter believes that the leadership of China is reaching out in a spirit of friendship. However, China is requiring that more US students and Peace Corps students come to China to be educated in the academics. The catch is, the Chinese will be getting technical training, and if the American students of impressionable protected little bourwaee — bourgeoisie youngsters get into the Soviet Union, then into China, they will undoubtedly, in the academics, get a Marxist-Leninist course. As I said earlier, we know who’ll win in the exchange. (Pause) Terrible rains have engulfed in Karachi, vast parts the subcontinent — we’re having a lot of weather disturbances, much of it’s being blamed on prior past performances of the CIA in weather modification. Dozens were killed in the rains in Karachi, houses collapsed, and buildings everywhere. Hundreds of thousands of families may have to be evacuated before it is over with. Cargto — Carter vetoes major defense spending bill, as I said he would. He threatens to veto two more tax bills. He criticizes Congress on not caring about the people acting on energy matters. Criticized the press for the coverage of Tip O’Neill [Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives], and they’re trying to st — show division in the Democrat ranks. And he criticized the press for trying to create division between him and Senator Kennedy. His disagreements with Kennedy w — he said could be worked out, but not the platform of a sensational press. I agree with him about the US press, trouble making all the time, trouble making. Any time they’re in some act, you can know who they’re against, you ought to be for. Not that Carter’s any great uh, choice, but when they champion anybody else, you can bet your life it’s in the interest of capitalism, because they’re the arm, the obedient servant of capitalism. Excuse me a little bit today, as I said, my head a little tight, and I’m not quite rested as much as I should be, but I’ll get the news out as I’m allowed to complete (goes off mike to cough). United Nations conference against racism. Geneva. The Angolan representative demands sanctions against Rhodesia and Union of South Africa. (Pause) Also, the Organization of African Unity condemns the West, Western cooperating, US imperialists and their lackeys cooperation with blatant racists. They all came down at the United Nations Conference Against Racism in Geneva, Switzerland of over 120 nations. They all came down against the English and American plan for peaceful settlement — so-called — in Rhodesia with the Smith regime. The Ian Smith regime kills today 27 Africans — the secret police, USA-equipped, our tax dollars again, make us feel good, tortured them and killed them, trying to get information out of them. The UN Conference Against Racism said that better than 20 are now killed every day and tortured by the US and British mercenaries hired by the Rhodesian (tape cuts out for five seconds) economic and military aid. Open racist stance that USA showed a few days ago. Crimes against people continue to double and even treble in South Africa.

End of side 1

Side 2

It is understandable that people in wars will fight, their soldiers will fight. That’s why innocent young people are tortured and (unintelligible word) in inhumane fashion by such regimes that are antediluvian, not even worthy of Attila the Hun, like Rhodesia or the Union of South Africa. Consider — continue to be in complete shock and amazement to the Voice of Sweden. The Voice of Sweden, the Voice of Sweden, social democracy, highly critical of USA backing of Rhodesia and the Union of South Africa, which, the Voice of Sweden says, neither government would succeed in its torture one more hour, if it was not for USA tax dollar support. Tanzania denounces the use of mercenaries sent in by US and their lackeys, said measures will be taken against the recruitment of missionaries. Tanzania — we know it’s also been pressured around by IMF, and Tanzania’s getting aid from China and the Soviet Union, as well as Mozambique and Zambia. Tanzania said no new foreign missionaries would be allowed in (unintelligible phrase) no missionaries be allowed into Africa, which is the greatest continent on earth. Wise, that’s wise.

(Recorded too softly for several moments).

It will not help to obtain any kind of just peace to have two nations, and there are many principles involved, trying to arrange for the settlement of the lives of many who are not represented. He said he will oppose whatever settlement (unintelligible phrase) came out of the Camp David meeting, said [Menachim] Begin, right wing prime minister of Israel, and [Anwar] Sadat, the strong arm leader of Egypt, along with Carter. Non-aligned countries have been supportive of Arab (unintelligible word) right down the line. In a resolution, the non-aligned nations were almost unanimous in the support of the Palestinian Liberation Front, demands for settlement in Israel, major feeling of the non-aligned nations (unintelligible phrase) and there should be cooperative nations. It’s up to the Muslims, the Palestinians, and Israel should not be a religious state like Israel is now. (Pause)

Conference of — against racism — on racism meeting in Geneva has also met in emergency session condemning the use of missionaries — and USA sending mercenaries in, Ocause there are now 7 — , 16 — or 20,000, they cannot figure exactly, and many of them have been trained in US Air Force bases with our tax money. (unintelligible sentence) Our tax dollars paid for in New Mexico.

From [Leonid] Brezhnev, Soviet Union, Communist Party chair, congratulations to Afghanistan on the anniversary of their revolution. Seems like the CIA always tries to overthrow countries on the anniversary of their revolution. As you know, yesterday, they tried to use the Defense Minister to overthrow — the CIA did — to overthrow the socialist government of Afghanistan, just like the People’s Republic of the Congo did, the CIA tried to use some of their military people and mercenaries on the 15th year of their anniversary, last week. But both times, the CIA failed. The CIA has little time to be concerned about us in this part of the world, but they sure got their hands filled in the Near East and Africa. They raped this country, this continent, for 200 years, bled its mine, as I told you, pointing out that one interesting point that Sarah [Harriet Sarah Tropp] made that we have out of one mine alone, enough silver was taken by the great exploiters from Europe, US, their fore — their forefathers, the great white brothers and sisters who now call their civilization so advanced, took enough silver out of one mine in Peru alone to build a bridge all the way from South America clear across to Spain. That’s a long bridge of silver out of one mine. USA ought to have streets of gold and everything made of silver, if it hadn’t been so lustful and wasteful.

Mugabe [Robert Mugabe, leader of Zimbabwean Patriotic Front] and Musaka have talked with Nkomo [Joshua Nkomo, leader of Zimbabwean Patriotic Front in Rhodesia] on a relief struggle involving Tanzania and Mozambique of a military nature, if necessary, to overthrow the corrupt Rhodesian Ian Smith racist regime. The Soviet Union has sent into the — hundreds of thousands of tons of medicine, food and blankets to Rhodesia to help the patriotic front. Also, the similar kind of supplies of the Soviet Red Cross is being sent to SWAPO and elements of the resistance against Union of South Africa.
Martin Luther King has been the victim of a political plot. Ray was forced to plead guilty, being pressured by USA, says Moscow, using certain black opportunists like [Louis] Stokes, Congressman Stokes [D-OH], to whitewash what they all know is the obvious fact, that Martin Luther King was murdered by a political conspiracy.

Ban against the weapons of mass destruction, said the USSR. The USSR will not design the neutron bomb, if the USA will only promise not to build there. The USA has refused to give any assurances on this type of bomb, bacteriological and chemical warfare. They refuse to give any assurances that they will not involve — the USA will not involve its government against genocide — the genocide, which means mass-murder against its own people or other nations. So the Soviets said time is running out. They’re going to have to get on with their plan for self-defense. What that means, who knows? They got a platform up in space, some kind of heat-sensor radiation, but — who knows? Who knows? But the socialists have to protect themselves from inhumane capitalists.

The cosmonauts are now growing onions and other kinds of food in their space platform out — in outer space, and doing other kind of technological and scientific experiments that cannot be revealed to the public, said Voice of Sweden. In three years, thirty new colleges and universities have been built in the Soviet Union, just for agriculture. Sixteen thousand miles of glass pipeline, cheap and acid-resistant, better than stainless steel, is being produced in the Soviet Union each year, and will be also available for Third World developing nations. See if we can get some of that. But they made 16,000 miles of glass pipeline, every year, the Soviet Union will, and it’s heat — acid-resistant, better than stainless steel. We ought to look into that, have them look into that, here in the radio room, when our — when Marceline visits the uh, Soviet Embassy this week.

The world conference against racism, USSR nationalities, the policy of Soviet government, the quality of its citizens were praised by the world conference without one dissent. A hundred and twenty meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, have been giving great praise to the Soviet Union, for it’s almost taking the wind out of USA so-called campaign about Soviet mistreatment of their dissidents. Said Soviet citizens have self-determination against racial and national discrimination, USSR policy on Africa is on the right side of every question. They’re always on the side of liberation struggles as they have been in Zimbabwe, Namibia and Union of South Africa. They could find no fault, said the United Nations (unintelligible word) on race meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, a hundred and twenty-some nations. Council for Economic Assistance, United Nations, ten countries were singled out for assistance (unintelligible phrase). Cuba, Poland and others. They will be given special technical assistance in their five-year plan, which are to be very productive, and they want — the council wants to give them the financial aid, the United Nations wants to be able to observe on the spot their five-years plans for economics and agriculture, because they’ve had industrial output increase 18 percent in the last year and a half. The socialist bloc has seen overall one-third growth — 33 and a third percent growth — in their gross national product. The rate of economic growth in the Common Market has, of course, fallen, as well as in USA, by 5%, while it’s growing in the socialist bloc. No wonder US capitalist is having such trouble, wrapped up in (unintelligible word) Soviet bloc, giving them some economic assistance, because they fear that, looking at their failure so badly, they may be tempted to do something tempestuous and chaotic, think about a nuclear war the Soviets seems to be trying very hard to avoid. They’re not pragmatic like the Chinese who feel it’s going to happen anyway, so you might as well get it over with, before it destroys all the world.

The UN Commission on Racism, responding to a USA complaint about Hungary being enslaved by the Soviets, said that Hungary is completely independent. It is a totally independent, socialist nation. In Romania, tension ca — came also in the council on race about Romania being pressured by the Soviets. The convention against racism, United Nations, back in Geneva, said again, they have an economy that uh, there was mutual economic assistance that was (unintelligible word), allied with the Soviet Union but no way intimidated or pressured by the Soviet Union. Completely independent. Obviously so, the comrade there now negotiating trade uh, with the (unintelligible word) but they’ve been allied with Soviet Union.

Andrew Young (unintelligible phrase) as you know, filed for political prisoners in the United States, it’s the 30th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the United States, the US is defiant on human rights, will not sign genocide, will not have a racial discrimination conference, even on its own soil, nor probably the commission of uh, that’s meeting now against — on racism in Geneva. They only ratified, as you know, less than 10 out of 40 documents for human rights, will give no guarantees that it will not kill men — as gen — genocide, mass murder, against its own population or other nations. So, the U.N. Commission on — against Racism held US responsible for the tens of thousands of civil rights workers they kept in jail. When approached for an interview, Andrew Young was speechless when faced with the evidence. Defense of human rights for export only, said one aide of Young. The nameless aide said that on — the only the United States defends in reference to human rights is to export it, not to do it at home. They didn’t give his name.

Foreign troops in the Soviet Union have increased their (unintelligible word) they’d already planned to take in last week, given free education, medical, monthly maintenance, grants, vacation on the best resorts on the Black Sea. They’re going to increase it, if they can, to reach up to a hundred thousand. They’ll be able to come and go on any form of commercial travel, airline, trains, subways, and so forth. Two thousand Third World students will be educated in the Soviet Union. I can assure you no such thing is happening like that in USA.

Remember that we have to receive, after socialist classes — I want in socialist classes a strong discussion about Rosenbergs [Julius and Ethel Rosenberg]. A great book — play was written by the author who knows we’re under a conspiracy is coming to, in the next few hours, to write about us. Everything has got to be gotten in order. He said that [Tim] Stoen’s in the CIA. He also did a beautiful play about the Rosenbergs. So in the first hour, you must discuss that, very strongly, about the Meeropol boys [Michael and Robert Meeropol, sons of Ethel and Julius Rosenberg], two children that were orphaned by their mom and dad. The Rosenbergs were charged with being spies for the Soviet Union and — they could have avoided having anything happen to them — you know I gave you the news (unintelligible word) just yesterday — (Pause) they could have avoided any kind of recrimination, they — avoided the electric chair, if they had just lied and said that the Soviet Union was not really interested in the well-being of Jews — even the few who worked to build Israel. But the Rosenbergs would not make this (unintelligible word), they would not recant, they would not do any number of alternatives that were offered to them. One of them was just what I said, they would make an appeal to the world’s Jewish population not to have faith in the Soviet Union, but to put their strength and their toil and their ambition towards building the state of Israel. The result was a frame on the thinnest evidence.

Later on we’ll give you some of the horrifying information about how they concluded, how they made the press and the government conclude that James Earl Ray was the lone assassin. There’s a woman named Grace Walden who described the man she’d seen flee from the bathroom. He was short, had salt-and-pepper hair. A man in his late fifties. She appeared to be very sober and alert, said the uh, Memphis judge now, and he’s been a reporter for the Memphis press. Quite sober and alert. But she was in a weakened condition, because she lived in a poverty area. I believe she said she had recently been released from hospital for some serious physical ailment. Charlie Stevens, on the other hand, was wildly drunk. Bessie (unintelligible name), who ran with (unintelligible word) told me, this reporter, pay no attention to Charlie, because he was drunk. He didn’t know what he was talking about. I distinctly recall that Charlie Stevens said to me, it was a nigger that done it. And that’s all he could say, repeating his racism over and over again. And I’m now giving the, the quotes from Memphis Press-Scimitar, S-c-i-m-i-t-a-r, the uh, reporter who’s now a lawyer-judge, Wayne Chastain. So anyway, police arrived at the scene and took Walden and Stevens to headquarters where they were questioned. Walden stated the man she saw flee from the bathroom held something in the right hand, and that he was approximately five feet, five inches tall. She kept saying this over and again. Very thin, and a dark complexion. Was in his late fifties or early sixties. She said that he wore [a] hunting jacket of neutral color that was opened near the neck, but she could see a bright flash of checkered shirt under his jacket. She was very detailed. According to Thomas Smith, the chief investigator of the Memphis police of the King assassination, Charlie Stevens was in a drunken condition and unable to tell us anything at that time. Smith is now a Memphis police captain in charge of homicide. Earlier this year, he told reporters of the BBC, British Broadcasting Corporation, Television, that he had seen Stevens minutes after the assassination, and that Stevens was drunk at the time and unable to provide any reliable information. Approximately two months later, James Earl Ray was arrested in London. At that time, FBI agents asked Grace Walden to sign [an] affidavit so that Ray could be extradited. When she saw Ray’s picture, she said adamantly, “They got the wrong man. This man isn’t the man. He doesn’t look anything at all like the man I saw come out of the bathroom,” the bathroom that was supposed to be right there, King’s killer’s commode, shot him, after the FBI (unintelligible word) got him, Coom [phonetic] to move to a black motel. [Walden] Said, he is just not the man. At the time, Ray was 39 years old. Ray was five foot eleven inches, not five foot five inches (unintelligible word) and a man in his fifties. Ray has a light complexion, not a dark complexion, as she had said. Walden refused to sign the affidavit. She refused. She was threatened and frightened by the agents, said the Memphis Scimitar uh, now a judge, reporter. She was threatened and frightened of agents, but refused to identify Ray as the man she’d seen. The fact is, it doesn’t look a thing like him, she said shortly after she arrived home. Walden was arrested uh — shortly after she arrived home, Walden, the lady, was arrested by two officers of Memphis homicide squad and taken to the mental hospital ward of John Ganton Hospital — G-a-n-t-o-n — City Hospital in Memphis. She was held there for several weeks and then committed to Western State Hospital in Bolivar — B-o-l-i-v-a-r — Tennessee. The charge made against her was that she was hallucinating, that the patient thinks she was a witness to the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King, and the police records clearly said she was. But not giving one that the conspiracy of the police in Memphis and the FBI wanted, they charged her with being insane. Said she’s hallucinating. Patient thinks she’s a witness in the murder of Dr. Martin Luther King. She was held in seclusion in that institution, as the defense team sought to represent the case, the (unintelligible word — sounds like “ferret” or “parrot”), the James Earl Ray, who’s now the fall guy. A notation in the hospital records say that she should be kept in the hospital until the Rail murtle — murder trial is over, said the Memphis Press-Scimitar reporter. He has the notation, and no one’s asked for it — asked for them in the Select Committee — yeah, very select committee for the whitewash — the Select Committee on Assassinations in the House of Representatives has not even asked for these records that he has. The hospital records reveal also — now remember, that it said, right on the record of this patient, that she should be kept in the hospital until the Ray murder trial is over. Hospital record also reveal that she was not to be released until the homicide squad of the Memphis police department and the FBI said so. Ten years later, she was still in the mental institution in Bolivar, Tennessee. With Grace Walden out of the way, Memphis police arranged for Charlie Stevens, who was dead drunk, who had been arrested more than 200 times for being publicly drunk, to get all the liquor he wished, and that the police department and FBI or somebody would pay for it. In that condition, and after he had been promised $100,000 reward, Charles T. Stevens changed his testimony. It was a black man that did it, or a dark-skinned person. He signed an affidavit identifying James Earl Ray as the man he saw flee from the bathroom, though James Earl Ray said he was in Cuba. (unintelligible sentence) they would look the same in the jungle, (unintelligible phrase) person looking at his color, they see all of us alike. I know some of us who are Asian, Indian, and black though are light-skinned, feel like they’re not all seen alike, but in the eyes of a redneck, we all look alike. But when he got all this money, and all this liquor, he finally agreed and identified, signed an extradition offer — or — order, identifying James Earl Ray as the man he saw flee from the bathroom after the shots were fired. The federal authorities who prepared that affidavit and submitted it to a court in London, in order to secure Ray’s presence in the United States, knew that the affidavit was false, said Judge William Chastain, former reporter of the Memphis Press-Scimitar. They knew it was an absolute falsehood, that, with the exception of James Earl Ray’s own coerced, forced, under pressure, confession, the only evidence that ties Ray to the murder is this perjured, absolutely framed-up affidavit. Anyway, there was one other last little thing I thought might be of interest, then I’ll close. As the physical environment diminished Ray’s ability to resist the federal police psychological and torturous pressuring of him — they waged a psychological war against him — he was informed that if he did not plead guilty, his brother Jerry would be indicted as a co-conspirator in the murder of Dr. King, and probably executed. Ray responded that neither he — that neither he nor his brother had killed Martin Luther King, and he was not afraid of a trial. Finally, informed that the FBI had determined, that Ray’s father, an elderly man, had violated parole in Iowa m — state of Iowa more than 40 years before, Ray was informed that if he did not agree to plead guilty, his father would be arrested, transported to Iowa and die in prison. Ray’s resistance at that time collapsed. He agreed to plead guilty. But when Ray pleaded guilty in open court, he asserted that there had been a conspiracy to kill Martin Luther King even at the time. The trial judge ordered him to plead (tape distortion). Like I said (draws out word) all these years, they’ve got the wrong man. When they went back to see Mrs. Walden, who’d was kept in mental hospitals conveniently all the — all that time. Just the other day, in an unprecedented news conference, religious leaders of Memphis, joined by black civil rights leaders from throughout the country, demanded the immediate release of Grace Walden, and a trial for James Earl Ray. Reverend Samuel Kyles, at whose home King was to had dinner just ten minutes — ten years before, read the statement. Other assistants with whom Dr. King had been working closely were speaking, uh, when he was — when he was killed, eloquently supported the demand. Anyway (Pause) in closing this out, the uh — when Grace Walden was finally cleared, and it was said she was mentally competent — now she’s finally been called mentally competent — and her last interview this week was — before the interview began, she was given psychiatric drugs again, trying to keep her confused. Yet, through the drugs and the manipulated interview came her simple and clear message, “Like I’ve said all these years, they’ve got the wrong man. James Earl Ray was not the man who came out that bathroom ten years ago.” Secretly, the state authority’s placed Walden now, since that interview a few weeks ago, in a boarding house in Memphis, had a local Memphis lawyer appointed as her guardian, and announced that she had been freed. But she has been secreted away, and we don’t know where she is at this present time. That’s how much of a conspiracy you’ve got in USA.

Remember, ten minutes, gather in the pavilion immediately for your classes in your own class grouping, study much about Rosenberg and other areas that you need to review. There will not a written test. It will be tomorrow, definitely and surely. Be sure you know how, do some testing in each class, that people know how to respond to guest. Know the Rosenbergs, then stay. Come right into the pavilion, the theater pavilion, after your classes for the film that is required by all, For Whom The Bells Toll, to get that message alone. It’s a remarkable movie with (pause) Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman. It’s a remarkable movie, of revolutionary tactics, strategy and sensitivity. How the socialists in Spain were bombarded by US capitalism, through Hitler’s Germany, and yet they held out bravely for three years. I’ve reviewed it before, and I will do it again. I want everyone to see it for review. Thank you and much, much love.

Part 2: 1972 Sermon

Jones: — and without it, the universe is a mess. God is no respecter of persons, is the law of scripture. Now if it wasn’t for reincarnation, then would someone being crippled and someone being poor and someone being rich and someone being a have-not and someone being a have, (Voice drops) the world could never say, the Scripture could never say, God was no respecter of persons because we know in one lifetime, some people don’t get a fair shake. They don’t get a fair shake. (Voice rises to ministerial cadence) But if you’ve lived five, ten, or fifteen lives, maybe you’ve been a king yesterday and now you’re a common servant because you did not learn. (Voice lowers) You did not carry the laws of power and responsibility well. Then you can see at least some shaping up of equality. (Voice rises) Without it, you might as well check God off. (Chastises) You better listen to me. Some of you never got this teaching. You want healing. You’ll never get healing till you understand the truth. It isn’t my hand that sets you free, it is my truth. (Voice rises to ministerial cadence) Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free. Not maybe, but will set you free.

Scattered applause

Jones: No two ways about it, the truth set you free. (Pause) And I don’t often teach, but when I do, they’re precious gems for your consciousness, and you better listen to them closely, because they’re the keynote to salvation. (Pause) How long will you halt between two opinions, the opinion of self that says hold on to all that you’ve got. Give a dollar here, or five dollars there, or ten dollars there, and have your color TV at home, and your clothes that you don’t need. You know I — You’ve got to live like Father walks. I have put on Christ, you see. I have followed after the example of Christ. When you see me, (Pause) (Quiet) that’s the mystery. That’s the mystery. (Voice rises to ministerial cadence) It’s no longer Jim Jones here. I am crucified with Christ, nevertheless I live, yet not I but Christ that lives here. Now Christ is in this body, because I don’t own cars or land. Money does not possess me. I’ve adopted children, I’ve given given given, I only keep money as a means of exchange to help those that have come to me for salvation.

Crowd: Applause. That’s right.

Jones: I don’t have any expensive clothes. No rings, though my people would give me diamonds if I were to have them. I have no watches, though they would’ve given me watches watches, and I turn around and let them go for the cause. I have no new car, never have, I’ve never bought a pair of new shoes, and you say I want to get Father’s blessing. You will not get Father, you will not get Christ in Jim Jones’ blessing until you walk like Jim Jones, until you talk like Jim Jones, until you act like Jim Jones, until you look like Jim Jones.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: (Cries) How long will I be with you until you understand that I am no longer a man, but a principle. I am the way, the truth and the light. No one can come to the Father but by me. If you have known me, you wouldn’t be here tonight. So now’s your opportunity. If you’ve known me in the beginning (voice lowers gradually), you would have known me and the Father. (Voice rises again) I am the Father all one, also henceforth you do know him, the Father, because you have seen him, have I been with you so long that you know not who is in your midst? How long do I have to look out upon you, Phillip? How long do I have to look out, and I see Phillip here tonight. (Voice cracks with strain) How long do I have to look at Phillip? (Claps hands) How long do I have to look at you, John? (Claps hands) How long do I have to look at you, Peter, and say, I have been with you so long, and you know not who I am.

Crowd: Applause.

Jones: (Firm voice) Either get with it or hit the road. (Pause) This is God’s house. There’ve been four people drop dead, or started the process of death in the last two weeks, one of them a white sister setting right here in the second row, she can tell you, don’t, don’t underestimate the power that’s here. (Voice raises) I’d advise you to get out of this house, because the power is so strong here, it could slay you like I did, and (unintelligible phrase). (Pause) I’d give everyone a kindly word that does not enter into this consciousness, because the power’s on you, and when you touch God, you have touched a live wire that will destroy you and all his adversaries.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: (Speaks in tongues) (Voice rises in ministerial cadence) Try not to figure out my, my calling in your own understanding. You have not suffered enough. You have not walked through the dens of thieves. You’ve not gone into the prisons for someone that’s been kicked, some of you wouldn’t even go for your own wife.

Two voices: Right.

Jones: Some of you have not even been true to your own wife, like one I’m looking at. You lollygagging, languishing whoremonger.

Crowd: Delayed applause

Jones: So you could not understand my spirit. I have given everything. I would die for everyone in this room, not to mention the children that are close to the heart of God, not to mention the disciples of the Christ. I would go even for you that are followers of Paul, I would die for you. So you could not understand me. Someone said Wednesday, I did not understand what you were doing. How could you understand, because you are in another plane, you’ve not yet reached to that which I am.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: How could you know what I’m doing? You never want to worry about it, just take it and be gracious to take it, as one sister did. (Conversational) Two or three asked that question. One sister asked me directly — that was the place to ask me — Sister Joy asked me directly. But don’t wonder about God. (Ministerial cadence) Who are you to figure out the mind of God? Who are you to figure out the ways of God? Who can know the mind of God? His ways are so high above your ways, that they’re unfathomable, so far out of your reach. (Pause) Who can know the ways of God, but the God ideal himself? (Weary tone) I don’t understand this reference to you as God. (Pace livens) Then you don’t understand Scripture, you shouldn’t have been here in the first place. Jesus said, when they wanted to crucify him, he said, it is written. They were going to kill him for the same thing they want to kill me for, and they want to kill you for, because we call this a Godship degree. We won’t let anybody take that away from us, we’re in the Godship Academy. We’re in the Fathership School. And we’re not going to change that, no matter how many news articles come out. God is here, and he’s here to stay.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: Peace. Peace. You don’t know your right hand from your left. You show it by your ignorance. When they were going to take Jesus, He said, for what good work do you take me? Some people say, I — you’re not just like Jesus, you’ve not done everything He’s done.

Crowd: Groans from audience

Jones: Well, I wouldn’t — I wouldn’t be too quick to say that Jesus is doing any less today than He did then, because in fact, He said, these things shall you do, and greater, because I have come as a Nazarene. And the next time I come, He said, it’ll be greater. (Pause) I don’t ask you what you’re up to. Jesus said — Jesus said there in the Scripture — He said, for what good work do you stone me? Jesus wasn’t even sure why they were stoning Him. So He asked them a question, (claps hands) for what good work do you stone me? He didn’t have as much discernment in that consciousness as some of you know is here today. Jesus said, what good work do you stone me? And that blasphemer said, why not for any good work, (Pause) (softens tone) but because you being a man, make yourself God. And then Jesus said, with such direction and such power, He said, well, it is written, to whom the scripture says, Come and it cannot be broken, (slow and emphatic) Ye are all gods. (Voice rises) I wouldn’t allow this to be removed. I am God, and so shall you become God. If you take a likeness, a picture, and reproduce it of this likeness and this spirit in you, you reproduce a greater picture. Oh, God is on the scene and God intends to remain on the scene. And he will never remove from the scene.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: So glad God Almighty is here, so glad that we don’t have to talk.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: (Soft voice) (Unintelligible word) Hallelujah. (Pause) Asking the same ridiculous questions, you know, then ask — yeah, they used to ask in the (unintelligible word), well, why don’t you fast? (Voice rises to ministerial cadence) Said, well, you don’t need to fast when the bridegroom’s here. Some ass says, well, you don’t pray. You don’t pray to heaven. Why would we pray, when the captain of our salvation, the healer of all healers, the deliverer of the (unintelligible word), the Beginning and the End, why would we would bother to pray, when he’s already here, and sees us, and knows our cry before we call, hears our call before we ask. He’s aware. We don’t have to tell God anything. (Pause) You ignorant people, you don’t know your right hand from your left. (Pause) Same stupid idiot prevailed in the day of Jesus, they said to Jesus, why don’t you fast? He said, you don’t fast (voice lowers) when the bridegroom is in the house. You don’t fast when the bridegroom’s here. (Voice rises) You don’t pray when the bridegroom’s here. When the Father’s here, who do you have to pray to? You don’t have to get on your knees anymore. When God has appeared, when he’s come in the likeness of mortal flesh, you don’t have to pray anymore.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: (Lower tone) Hallelujah hallelujah. Hallelujah hallelujah. (Pause) [Jesus] Said the time’s gonna come when you no longer pray to me, you’ll speak to the Father directly. [He] Said you’ll no longer ask me to go to the Father, but you’ll speak to the Father directly. We’re not in a praying house here, we’re in a speaking house. The Spoken Word is here. The Word is made flesh. We don’t pray and beg anymore, we don’t grovel around on our knees anymore, we can talk to God face-to-face, and we can hear God with our own ears, and with our own understanding. (Pause) (Softly) So glad that I know this truth. (Pause) The words that I say to you, I do not speak on my own unders — authority or understanding. The Father dwells in me, he’s doing the speaking. But when you see your Father, you see me, you’ve seen the Father, and vice versa. (Pause) If you just believe in me, I can give you the keynote to salvation. I’ve got it. I’ve got it. (Pause) You just believe in me.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: This is a treasure hidden here in vessels. And we don’t want to go back on light. It’s too precious. It’s too precious. I swear to you that, this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel. This is that which was and is to come. (Voice strengthens and rises) This is your salvation. You are looking at the Temple of the Holy Ghost. You are looking at the body of Jesus Christ. (Cries) Some are in the room, are sick and asleep because they don’t discern the body of Christ. They don’t understand the Godship degree. Jesus said, we all are gods, and I had to come back to remind you what I told you 2000 years ago. I’m on the scene to tell you, ye are gods.

Crowd: Applause

Jones: (Voice normal) And not take it away. Won’t let you take it away. So don’t be judges of the fact, that my people say I am God. Jesus said, ye are gods. Ye all are gods. Matthew 5 said (unintelligible phrase) clear, unalterably clear, (slow for emphasis) ye are gods. So why shouldn’t I, who have raised the dead, I, who never ask any question, I don’t say, for what good work do you stone me, I told you, before September 16 came, what Reverend [Lester] Kinsolving was going to do. I told you what the newspaper was going to say, what it was going to do to us — not in detail, word for word — but I told you what was going to come on September 16. I told you. I didn’t ask anyone, so this is a greater day than the day of Nazareth.

Crowd: Applause and cheers.

Jones: (Ministerial monotone) And I’m telling you this evening, that if you don’t free yourself of mortality, you’ll be back here again and again and again, (voice rises) and you’ll have to toil with this body again, and it’ll be crucified before you again, and I always will be crucified, I know that. I’ll tell you now, I will not always be with you, (softens) not in this body, but I will always be crucified for you. And there will be those that will deny me, you’re shouting with the heights of glory tonight, but when they come to make their false charges and accusations, when the man and the system comes, they want to (stumbles over words) (voice calms) destroy, to uproot this divine economy, because capitalistic indulgence imperialism is threatened by this apostolic sharing. When they finally come, some of you will say, I never knew him. Some of you’ll be asleep on that awesome morning, and you’ll say, I can’t stay up, it’s too hard. (Sad tone) Just like they did — Just like some of you did in the garden, when I looked out and said, wouldst you not tarry an hour with me? Can’t you stay awake just an hour? Just an hour? And people were sawing wood all over that little walled garden. Please don’t lose your soul. (Voice strengthens) This is no funny trip. This is not the amusement park. This is not funhouse lane. This is the death-of-self movement. This is the denied life. If any man would come after me, let him first take up his cross. You can’t hang my cross around you. You can’t hang Jesus’ cross. You ought to yank those little old gold crosses off — the idea of putting a gold cross on your neck. Jesus died on splintered wood, and it wasn’t even a cross, it was a key-shaped piece. Just a key piece. And his head hung low over it. It wasn’t a cross like that, it was like that. When you hang a gold cross around your neck, I’d yank that idolatry off, I’d jerk it off now and throw it (stumbles over words) side, they’ve got you poisoned to think that the cross of gold or Mary’s heart or thorns of Jesus’ brow is going to do anything for you. You can’t do anything through Jesus’ cross. I said, as I said then in that Bible, if any man would come after me, (voice rises) let him take up his own cross and deny himself. Sell what you have. Enter into cooperative living. Get rid of all those wares that you will let possess you. (Voice softens) Surely you know a man of my strength could get all I wanted in this land if I wanted it. I could have a fine Cadillac out there, but I don’t own any car. I could have a new car waiting for me anytime I wanted it. (Pause) But I came to bring the spirit of sharing and the spirit of caring. How many will follow me? Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted. I have not mourned. You better start learning. Have you mourned over Vietnam? Have you mourned over the blacks that are being cut down like dogs, because they want justice? Have you mourned over the poor, pitiful Indians as you travel through the areas of New Mexico and Dakotas, that only live to be 42 years of age? Have you mourned over suffering humanity? I’ve heard it said, this is a time of joy. It’s a time of joy, only after you’ve learned to mourn, and some of you have never cried for anyone. You only cried for yourself. You’ve only cried, you’re here tonight, you want me to heal you, you’re crying over your ache and pain. When I walk down the aisles, and I will, and I’ll call out the sick, and I will, and I’ll take growths away, and I always do, and as I did last night, cause a paralyzed woman to get her strength and to run and dance (pause) as I always do, I will continue that spirit, but there’ll be those that’ll pass me and say, (crotchety voice) “My nose. My toes. My knee. My aching back.” (Voice rises) You won’t ever get any help from me, because you cannot come here with that consciousness. It’s not to mourn over yourself. It’s not to mourn over your own stomach pain. I have borne all your pains from the beginning. I’m in constant pain from the top of my fingertips — to the top of my head to the bottom of my toes. When I enter into a congregation, I take your infirmities into my body. If anybody should be sick, it should be I. I anybody should die, it should be me. Because I’m dying a thousand deaths for all of you. (Pause) I don’t ask anybody to take my toe ache, I don’t ask anybody to take my cancer, I don’t ask anybody to take my headaches. I take my headaches and your headaches, because I have come to save you, and I will not be denied. (Cries) I will not be denied, for that which I have come to do. I shall see the travail of my soul, and be satisfied. I will be lifted up, and I will draw all men and all women unto me. Oh yes I shall. None shall hinder me. None can prevent the spirit and the body of Christ. (Murmurs in tongues) (Softly) So are you mourning for those that are oppressed? Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted. They shall see God. (Pause) Oh, look into your heart tonight. Look into your heart. Blessed are the meek, the people who don’t act haughty and pride, for finally they’re going to inherit the earth. Love simplicity. Don’t lose the common touch for the least little flower, or even a weed. Walk with the lowly. You’ll inherit the earth. (Voice rises suddenly) I know that there are those in Washington who think they’re going to inherit it, but on a certain 309 of the 16th, they’re going to be made low, they’re not going to be able to find one atom of them left. The generals will one day not long —

End of tape

Tape originally posted April 1999