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(Note: This tape was one of the 53 tapes initially withheld from public disclosure.)

(Note: This tape was transcribed by Michael Bellefountaine. The editors gratefully acknowledge his invaluable assistance.)

Side A

Woman 1: (Weeping)

Jones: He followed you everywhere.

Woman 1: (Sobs) (unintelligible)

Jones: He was killed for no reason (over sobbing) by a vicious honky. As soon as you saw the man beating the dog with a rake, you could hardly see the man because of your anger.

Woman 1: (Unintelligible)

Jones: The Bible had taught you to be content-

Woman 1: Yes-

Jones: -that you were not to speak up to a white man. Well, I’m telling you, you speak up to anyone that oppresses you.

Scattered voices in congregation: Yeah, that’s right, that’s right. (Applause)

Jones: I know King James’ erroneously- King James’ erroneously printed many things like savant- Servants, obey your masters, slaves obey your masters, women keep silence in the churches, suffer not the women to teach, but that was mis- staken because King James – get My Letter Killeth and read it closely – you’ll see how he is the one that sent – (Aside) See that she has a copy – (back to woman) the Good Ship Jesus, it was the one that sent the good ship Jesus to Africa to bring back the first blacks in chains. The letter has killed us. That’s why you get- need to get the spirit that I’ve got now that’s magnetizing.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: You thought you was- (pause) (aside) Uh- I won’t say that, I won’t say that. (back to woman) You again recently picked up a stray dog with sores all over its body-

Woman 1: Yes sir.

Jones: -and you nursed it back to health-

Woman 1: (Sobs) Yes.

Jones: -even though you don’t have enough hardly to take care of yourself. And I’ll do something about that too.

Woman 1: Oh, thank you, Lord.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Voices in the congregation: Yes, thank you, yes.

Jones: (Uses glossolalia) In the last twelve years, your vision has become steadily worse until four years ago, (pause) until four years ago when you began to barely see even shadows.

Woman 1: Yes, yes. (Sobs)

Jones: I’ll work on that in just a minute. Have you begun to believe that there is not an ordinary man in this place?

Woman 1: Yes, oh yes, yes.

Jones: Not only have you suffered with this terrible blindness, but you’ve also had to face the agonizing pain of a crippling condition as well. Over fifteen years ago you fell carrying the only child you ever conceived.

Woman 1: Oh, Jesus.

Jones: That’s what I mean about the Skygod, you can’t believe in the Skygod. You got to li- believe in something you see. (over sobs) The horrible thing I’m about to say to this woman that I know in my mind. I saw today in the paper that- I mentioned Wi- George Wiley, a civil rights man, good man, who went out on the water and he drowned. Fell off the boat, and his little son, he said, please, hurry, throw me the rope, but the rope wasn’t there, and the man died, but he didn’t know me. And- Think of the guilt of that little boy will have. And on your paper today, it mentioned someone get- couple of young kids going through the desert and they were buried, one of them was buried alive. Think of the agony of that. And the front page of your paper says there’s eight million blacks in the Sub Sahara that are starving to death, and you say you can’t take me. One woman walked out of here and said, “I don’t worship anything I can see, I worship the unknown God.” And Paul said, you’re entirely too superstitious. Paul said that in your Bible, because you have a superscription- an inscription to the (calls out) unknown God. I tell you, you cannot worship anything you don’t see. Now I’m not talking about worship, ’cause I don’t want anyone to worship me. You can’t love anything you don’t see, and all the Bible is fulfilled in this saying: love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength, (ministerial fervor) and your neighbor as yourself, and you can’t love God if you don’t see God-

(Organ starts)

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: -and blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: (Moderates) Well, this day, you’ve seen God, and if you fulfill that saying, you can put your Bible away. When you have your contract on your house – that’s like a type of a Bible – and you pay your house off, you can throw the contract away. (Voice builds) When you fulfill a contract, you don’t need it any more. And the contract’s fulfilled in one saying, love God with all your heart, mind, soul and strength (Voice moderates) and your neighbor as yourself. Oh, how beautiful this is. You’re a beautiful woman, and you’ve known about love, (Pause) then when this happened fifteen years ago, you fell carrying the child, the only child you ever had, the child died, because of that fall.

Woman 1: (Sobs)

Jones: And you were never then again able to have children.

Woman 1: (Sobs)

Jones: And you cannot walk a step without crutches, ’cause it injured your spine. Pinched a nerve in the legs, your legs are numb-

Woman 1: Yes.

Jones: -chipped away parts of your vertebrae.

Woman 1: Yes.

Jones: Now your actual spine has disintegrated. That’s what the Doctor Shepard said, it had disintegrated. Is that correct?

Woman 1: (Crying) Yes.

Jones: (Uses glossolalia)

Woman 1: Oh, God.

Jones: Now first, now- Mother, will you work with me? I- will the eyes. I’ll show you some objects. (Aside) Anybody got a black book? It ain’t good for nothing but th- this? The black book won’t do it. Aw, that’s- that’s no good, that’s no good, that’s no good. I’ll take another kind of book. No, no, no, the black book never did anything to th- they never gave any life, ’cause you know what I’m talking about now. I just ah, undid what I was attempting to do. I mentioned and- what it was, and everyone knows what I mean by black book. (Back to woman) You can see nothing but shadows. Is that correct?

Woman 1: (Faint) Yes sir.

Jones: Unable to walk?

Woman 1: Yes.

Jones: (Uses glossolalia) I have come in the name of Jesus. I have come in the fathership degree. I am a God. As Jesus said, ye are Gods. I am that one. The I am that I am.

Woman’s voice: Amen.

Jones: What am I waving before your hands?

Woman 1: (Faint) Book, a book.

Jones: What am I waving before your eyes rather?

Woman 1: (Faint) Book, book?

Jones: A what?

Woman 1: Book.

Jones: Yes, well I mentioned that, but what color is it? (Pause)

Woman 1: It’s, uh, uh, red.

Jones: (Calm) Red, it is.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Voice in congregation: Yes, praise God.

Jones: Hands clasped.

Congregation: Thank you, Father, thank you, Father.

Jones: Now what am I waving? (Pause)

Woman 1: Your arm.

Jones: (Gently) My arm.

Woman from Congregation: Mighty God.

Congregation: (Applause)

Jones: We’re coming- Now what am I rav- waving? (Pause)

Woman 1: A hand.

Jones: Yeah, I’m waving a hand, I am, I am. What, what- how many fingers are on that hand?

Woman 1: (Pause) Four.

Congregation cheers, organ plays

Jones: God!

Congregation: (Cheers)

Voices in congregation: Hey sister, let it go, thank you.

Jones: Now wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. Don’t move, sister. Don’t you move. You’ll be dead as he is. He doesn’t hear me. He’s dead. From the standpoint of mortal understanding, he cannot hear anything. You saw four, you saw four. Hands clasped. I must jot down something that’s private to you now. (More forceful) Now how many fingers do you see?

Woman 1: (Stronger) Two.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Organ plays

JonesNow what do you see? (Uses glossolalia)

Woman 1: A pen-

Jones: What- what color?

Woman 1: (Firmly) Red.

Jones: Red. Hey, God.

Congregation: (Cheers and applause)

JonesSpirit. Now. I’m waving something now, that’ll really test your faith. A lot of people who are not blind could not see this. What am I now waving?

Woman 1: A rubber band.


Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: Hands clasped.

Woman from congregation: Praise God.

Jones: (Uses glossolalia) Now sister. Your faith’s high. You can see now. You can see now. You can see now. I want you to lay down the crutches. Lay them down. And begin to walk. (Uses glossolalia) If you sit down, you can see her better, ’cause some want to see it. (Uses glossolalia) You can raise your hands in worship if you want to. (Uses glossolalia) Now quit moving, quit moving, child. (Uses glossolalia) Come on, child, you saw- you saw- you told me- you told me you saw a rubber band. Now I have faith in you, I am God.

Scattered in congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: (Voice rises) I say straighten your back. Straighten it, straighten it, straighten it, straighten it, straighten it, straighten it. Now, sister, now, sister, walkwalk, walk, don’t you worry. Look to me, look and live. Remember what I said, in the name of Jesus, lookOnly a look, only a look will bring salvation. Look, come, come, come, come, come. You’ve never taken a step without a crutch for twelve years. That’ll give you faith. Come. Come. Come. Spirit. (Uses glossolalia) Come.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: Now sister, the same daring faith that caused you when you were blind to see the rubber band, I want you to run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Run. Spirit. Run. Straighten up your back, straighten up your back. Run. Run. Straighten up, straighten that back, straighten that back, straighten it up, straighten it up, straighten it up, straighten it up. That’s it, all the way, straighten it up. God God God God God God God God. Now sister, you’re not running, I want you to run. I said run. Now, that’s it. Run. Spirit. Run around here one more time. Run on the other side. Run on the other side. There’s a sister that needs arthritic condition being healed. When you go by her- when you go by her – Mary Philips – when you go by with the arthritis, just let her- let the anointing move, now run, sister. Run, run. (Pause) Run, run. God. Hey, spirit of God, spirit of God, spirit of God.

Congregation: (Sings and cheers)

Jones: (Singing) Oh- God is in this (Unintelligible)/ Oh, raises the dead oh, yes/ 5000 souls he saved, oh yes/ Oh, what a mighty God we serve/ (Music stops) (speaking) Oh, glory. I’m going to tell you, you better look at a woman. Her back was bent, her back was stiff, her legs wouldn’t move. Now she’s running like a newborn child. Come on child. (Begins singing) Oh, it’s said-

(Tape edits)

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Singing) (Unintelligible word) Get up and walked/ And she walked in the twinkling/ In the twinkling/ In the twinkling of an eye/ Oh, they say he raised the dead/ Oh yes, 5000 souls he saved, oh yes/ What a mighty God (speaking) (Unintelligible) Got them? Got the (Unintelligible word), heart, cancer, kidneys, high blood pressure. Healing down the line, and if you’ll just touchSave Jesus, it’s a- save Jesus. Ha!

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Singing) (Unintelligible) in the twinkling of an eye/ Oh, they say he raises the dead-

(Tape edit)

Jones: (speaking) Sister Jewel, is it all lifted? You were having such a terrible pain there. Is it all gone?

Sister Jewel: Yes, it’s gone.

Jones: All right.

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Singing) He said to the cripple/ Cripple, get up and walk/ And in the twinkling/ In the twinkling of an eye/ Oh, they say he raises the dead-

(Tape edit)

Jones: (speaking) As I left the stage, I cannot leave that man up there in his condition, so come on out, come on out now. I awakened you when I stepped off the stage. When I stepped off the stage, I think your name is Caldwell. Arise. You’ll arise now. Arise. Arise.

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: Now time to get up. Dance, brother, dance. You’ll feel good now. There won’t be any trouble in that leg. Just dance.

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Singing) He’s raising-/ Oh yes/ Oh yes, what a mighty God we serve/ Oh, he saves the cripple, oh, cancer, (Unintelligible word)/ Oh (Unintelligible word)/ In the twinkling of an eye-

(Tape edit)

Jones: (Speaking) Sickle cell anemia, you’da died, but your sickle cell anemia’s gone now.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: Hey. A little touch on the heart. You feel a warmth there? Just touch your hands and clap them three times. I saved you from a heart attack in three minutes. God.

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Singing) In the twinkling of an eye/ They say he raises the dead/ Oh yes, 5000 souls-

(Tape edit)

Jones: (speaking) Anybody pulls on my garment that bad, I’ll save you.

Voice from the congregation: Thank you, Father.

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Singing) Oh today, he raises the dead/ oh yes-

(Tape edit)

Jones: (speaking) Come right up, nobody’ll be hurt. When anybody falls under the power, you’re all right. Just saved her. (Pause) She fell because she healed, she’s all right, healed of heart trouble, blood pressure.

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Singing) (Unintelligible word) the dead/ Oh- (speaking) (Unintelligible) Nurse, nurse, nurse. (Pause) Saved you of something that could eat you away. Get your faith, keep your faith, keep your faith. Anyone wants to try to walk? Anyone wants to try to move, just do so. Another person there was crippled, another person was crippled just tried to walk on their own. I don’t have to call you out. If you see, if you see

Man’s voice from congregation: Yes.

Jones: -just like you had trouble in your back. Now. Is it gone? Is it gone?

Man’s voice: Yes.

Jones: Surely.

Man’s voice from congregation: Praise God.

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Singing) (Unintelligible word) -consciousness of the presence of God/ He is the source of all-

(Tape edit)

Jones: (speaking) (Unintelligible word) You need to come out to valley. ‘Cause there’s a purpose for you. Nobody out there’s got any strokes. Out of ten thousand people, I’ve never had a stroke. So don’t tell me. You see, I’m here in the hundred fold. And you’ve got to see- The more you see of God in me. This woman saw me as God. That’s why she was crippled, blind, and now she’s healed.

Congregation: (Murmurs)

Jones: That’s why the woman back there left her crutch. That’s why the woman over there with a paralyzed side was healed, because they saw me as God. but when you start telling me something, you see me as man. You have to have faith and keep coming and see God. Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see GodGod and not another. Bless you. Bless you. God.

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Singing) Does (Unintelligible word) every good desire/ Oh, spirit of the consciousness and presence of God/ Here is the door of (Unintelligible word)/ He can-

(Tape edit.)

Jones: (speaking) And you have a blood pressure problem, and you have an eye problem. Now you look clear. Look out. You see everything clearly? Is everything clear? Beautiful You would’ve been blind, but not now, because I came. Beautiful, beautiful. (Pause) Different ones. Oh, I wish I could take you all home with me. Wish I could take you all home with me. Remember, we have to have the buses here at six o’clock. You must stay and give your- give a way home for people, if you’ve got a car. To keep these healings and to get these healings, you must stay and share. You know? Share. What’s the problem? You must stay and share. It’s all right. Let her worship. Let her worship. Touch. I won’t hurt you. Nothing but life here. Just saved this woman’s business. Just today saved her business. Just today. God, she losing her business, now she won’t lose it.

Congregation: (Singing with Jones)

Jones: (Singing) I love him/ Do you love- (Speaking) If you will say it, if you’ll know it, you won’t have to say please. Keep coming. Please be sure you’re on a mailing list when you get your oil or the pictures of the blue cloth [could be “cross”]. If you want to be saved, just call upon the name of God right now. Just right now. We’ll come back to Philadelphia when the hearts are ready. Tell twenty people a day. That’s the key to life. No one’s ever died, no one’s died in our valley. Ten thousand in our mother church. No one. Spirit of God. (Uses glossolalia)

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Singing) Oh, I love you/ I love you/ Because he first loved you/ (unintelligible)

(Tape edit)

Jones: (speaking) But I’ve been so busy I hadn’t even had chances to bathe or to cut my hair. We must go on to Washington tomorrow. Many of you come up- Everyone that will share your home for our people tonight, come up on the balcony now, up on the platform. Anyone that needs a ride home, you come up around the organ, and anyone that will share your cars, do so. If there’s anyone that wants to give their life to Christ, come out of the aisles now. Don’t now go home. Share, because this is the way you’ll get your healing. When you get my teachings, when you get my teachings, you’ll get your healing. You’ll get your protection. Draw your neighbor close to you and sing.

Congregation: (Singing)

Jones: (Singing) Oh, I love you/ Church of God, I love you/ Because he first loved you/

(Tape edit)

Jones: (speaking) -want them healed of a separate fatal disease. I called them out, and all fourof them were healed of a separate fatal disease.

Man’s voice: My God, hallelujah, thank you, Father.

Jones: That’s what I’ve been doing. In the balcony a woman gave the proper amount of money and saved her from a stroke.

Man’s voice: My God.

Jones: It wasn’t what she gave. It was because she gave what she’d been prospered with.

Man’s voice: My God, hallelujah.

Jones: Bless your hearts.

Man’s voice: Hallelujah.

Jones: Now those that will offer their homes, come up. The busses must leave here sharply.So it’d be best if you go to your church rather than- What is the time?

Man’s voice: That’s right (unintelligible).

Jones: It’d better- be better that you go to the- the Church of the Advocate, than you take any chance that you don’t get back.

Man’s voice: That’s right.

Jones: Because at six o’clock we must move out to go to see the congressmen. I do love you, I do love you, and if you’ll take a picture of me, I guarantee you, you’ll live. You’ll live. (Calls out) Look and live, sister, look and live.

Man’s voice: My God, hallelujah.

Jones: God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God, God.

End of tape

Tape originally posted April 2004