Q358 Transcript

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(Note: Transcript prepared by Vicki Perry. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: My name, which is socialist principle through and through, if you hide yourself in me, you will make it through, no matter what befalls you.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: No matter what comes your way, makes no difference what difficulty seems to beset you. If you hold to the name of Father, there will be a way made where there was no way.

Congregation: (Cheers)

Jones: Trust in your God. They that know him shall be strong and they shall do exploits–

(Tape cuts off)

Jones: Start the tape now. Start the tape, start the– (tape cut off, begins again) Start the tape. And there’ll be pauses. And keep this tape. Very, very important for Dick Tropp and uh, Johnny Brown, and Harriet [Sarah Tropp], Teri [Buford], or Carolyn [Layton], or [Gene] Chaikin to use, or [Mike] Prokes. Keep it, uh– We’re not going out through the PA system, are we?

Male voice in background: No, we’re not– (unintelligible) (Pause) (Tape edit)

Jones: Attention. It’s very important that we pamphlet and we project. We must get to work immediately. New crisis has arise. Just read the headlines of your newspapers, and you can see the time and the seasons. We must not feed on just good articles that were– we receive, like last week in the Nation of Islam paper, The Bilalian News, or Guy Young, or Guy Wright rathers [rather], report about what we’re doing, the beautiful thing we’re doing, rehabilitating lives in the project– the agricultural project. We must work now. Please, everyone, everyone must cooperate immediately to get the newspapers [Peoples Forum] out. We have to get the newspapers out. Not only do we have to pass newspapers here, in the Bay, we must get them out all over Northern California area and down in the Southern California to override or to at least balance out the evil intentions of those monopoly forces that own the press. (Tape edit)

Attention, attention, attention! It’s very important that we get busy. The weekend is upon us. Johnny’s away, and there’s not time for me to coordinate situations. My son Johnny had to take my place in L.A. because of something I had to do for the salvation of all of us. So we want all of you, please, to get busy, pamphleting and project. There’s no time for play downstairs. Let us be busy in the vineyard, because certainly the time’s coming when no one will be able to work. (Tape edit)

Attention, attention, attention! We must get these newspapers distributed. This is Thursday evening, and I am not able to coordinate newspapers and all the other things I’ve got engulfing me here, because I am involved in something drastically important to all of you. My son Johnny’s in Los Angeles taking care of our Thursday and Friday night meeting, and we must all get busy to get this newspaper out as quickly as possible. Thank you very much. (Tape edit)

Attention, attention, attention! Whether or not I come down for an activity does not mean that I’m not present. I have things that must be done for your sake, and it’s very vital that you allow me uninterrupted time on my telephone. Please do not call the intercom unnecessarily. I do not have enough assistants to carry on all that we have to do now. All my main workers are involved in newspaper distribution, Johnny is holding the Friday night meeting down in our Los Angeles Temple, and I need your cooperation. Please, everyone, be distributing the newspapers, be distributing the newspapers or pamphleting or projecting. And we’ve got to get the newspaper to the entire state this time. (Tape edit)

Attention, attention, attention! I interrupt the service to tell you that the special offering number is sixteen. It is sixteen. This Saturday night, we must give sixteen. This revelation is important to our protection. Sixteen represents the most dangerous cycles. And sixteen is the number we must give. (Tape edit)

Please let me interrupt. Attention, attention. It’s important that you listen to my son, Johnny, as he addresses the needs of this congregation to you. We are under the most dangerous cycles, and as we approach the latter part of June, we’ve got to get ourselves together because we are in difficulty unless we all work and coordinate from A to Z. The special number in our offering is sixteen. You must get that sixteen in this Sunday. Take that pledge– You haven’t given it, and be sure to have it in by my Wednesday night service. It is vital to all– the welfare of all. Thank you. (Tape edit)

I cannot emphasize enough. Attention, attention. Attencion. Achtung, attention. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of pamphleting. We are running out of time. It’s urgent. I’ll be back in the services very shortly, but I have to take care of matters that are grave to your life and your liberation. So please, get the newspaper out. We have very little time to get this newspaper out. It’s Tuesday, and we’re way behind time. We’ve got to get this newspaper throughout Los Angeles this next weekend. It’s got to be there. Throughout Los Angeles, and we must be finished by the 25th. We’ve got to have everything out in Los Angeles the 25th and the 26th. We have no time to waste. Do you hear me, please, listen. No time to waste.

(Series of tape edits)

Jones: I interrupt the service. Attention, please, attention. Johnny, be sure that we coordinate– I know you may have to go in my place uh, for our Thursday night service, tomorrow night, in Los Angeles, because I may not be able to make that uh, service on the uh, 16th or the 17th. And it’s the 16th, and that’s a bad day coming tomorrow. Uh, always, sixteens have an ominous effect, so we want to get the newspapers on with you, if you don’t mind. Take some newspapers, have the newspapers ready for– for my son Johnny so that they can be distributed now in Los Angeles. Our newspapers, the only free newspaper left to fight the monopoly press. Thank you. (Tape edit)

Gene Chaikin, dial the office, please. Dial the office, Gene Chaikin. Gene Chaikin, please, silence, silence. Gene Chaikin, dial the office. (Tape edit) Mike Prokes, dial five. Mike Prokes, dial five. (Tape edit) Professor [Richard] Tropp, would you get me that letter? That letter’s got to be out by the 21st. And we’re getting mighty close. Got to get it out by the 21st of June. Will you get the letter up to me for proofreading? I know you’re busy, but please, get it up as fast as you can. (Tape edit)

The project committee that I just talked to, via Mike Prokes and Tropp, coordinate them and get them here. We’ve got to have them in– uh, we’ve got to plan this situation out thoroughly because I– I’ve got to be ready for the operation tomorrow morning. It’s got to be done. It’s just got to be finished by the 17th, that’s all. No, the 18th, I’m sorry. The 18th– So let’s get on with the planning. If you could, come to the office with that whole schedule. (Tape edit)

Harriet Tropp, dial five. Uh, can you get me those statutes that I wanted on that beautiful island of paradise [Grenada]? Can you give me some regs that we needed them for establishing uh, you know, enterprises for the liberation of our people on that beautiful island where we were visited by the Prime Minister [Eric Gairy] that was so completely ignored by the press. Incidentally, would you also, uh, Professor Tropp, get a letter out to him uh, thanking him for coming by and uh, encouraging him that I hope to see him sometime in July? (Pause) Yes. Yes, I’ll take the phone. Thank you. (Tape edit)

Buford, dial the office. Buford, dial the office please. Buford, dial the office. (Tape edit) Johnny, Johnny, on five, please. I need Johnny on five. Has anyone seen Johnny Jones? Please, my son Johnny, on five. (Tape edit) (Long pause)

I think this Saturday and Sunday, between services it would be good – uh, Sunday particularly – if we s– looked at the pictures of H– of uh, Hitler and studied the parallels very closely, study the parallels of how similar it is, the rise of the dictatorship in Germany to what’s happening here. The methodology, what they do when the pressures get too high, when resistance rises. And watch very closely. So, this Sunday afternoon, let’s be sure that we have seen (Unintelligible word). After tonight’s service, when you finish the service – ‘cause I can’t come down – if you will. I can’t be in the service. Other pressing matters for your liberation and salvation. If you would, Johnny, have as many as possible. Try to study it now. It needs to be studied closely. Thank you.

(End of tape)

Tape originally posted March 2010