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Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Jones: Attention, attention. Jonas Savimbi, leader of the Angolan counter revolutionary organization, UNITA, was arrested earlier this week by the Zairian government. In a new relationship between Zaire and Angola, the Mafia state led by Agostinho Neto, this was a surprising breakthrough. Jonas Savimbi was close to Mobutu [Sese Seko, president of Zaire] in political thought. Nevertheless, the leader of the reactionary counter-revolutionary organization of UNITA was arrested by the Zairian government. According to the report, Savimbis S-A-V-I-M-B-I-S family is also being held under house arrest under these renewed close relations between Angola and Zaire. Angola, as you know, is pro-Soviet and pro-Cuba. To date, Angolan officials in the United States have been unavailable for either comment on the news or to verify its accuracy, but the news agency says, informed sources indicate the move is related to recent agreements between the Marxist republic of Angola and Zaire to bring about normalization of relations on all scores and levels between the two countries.

More than 80,000 people gathered at Peace Park in Hiroshima, and offered a one-minute tribute to the victims of the atomic bombing of the city which killed more than 250,000 people immediately on that day, August 6, 1945. Meanwhile, 9000 people from peace organizations around the world met in an international conference for the total abolition of nuclear weapons and relief to bomb victims in Hibakusha H-i-b-a-k-u-s-h-a. Officials here say that 69 Japanese citizens have died in the past month alone as a result of the aftereffects of the insane and barbaric criminal bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, which now, it has been revealed, was done merely to keep the Soviets from being in the negotiations of the surrender of the Japanese, who had already unconditionally surrendered to the Allies, but the USA wanted a direct unconditional surrender to western imperialism. Mass protest against the use of nuclear power, nuclear weapons, the barbaric neutron bomb, and in memory of the victims of the atomic bomb were held throughout the world.

Large scale war games involving land, naval and air forces are now in progress in Portugal under the code name MARS 78, according to an official statement released in Lisbon by the Socialist Party. The maneuvers are aimed at getting the Portuguese army adjusted to NATO’s norms. NATO is the lackey capitalist of US imperialism. The step-up of NATO’s activities in Portugal has co– coincided, or run along with the severe worsening of Portugal’s political situation due to the manipulations of the International Monetary Fund and the Socialist government inca– capability or inability to nationalize the means of production and the means of distribution, as has been done here in Guyana.

The United Nations Security Council’s sanctions against Rhodesia has lodged a protest against attempts by the USA to unilaterally abolish internat– international economic sanctions against the racist and fascist Ian Smith regime. The United States Senate has been considering the Helms Amendment [sponsored by Sen. Jesse Helms (R-North Carolina)], which if adopted would enable the US to circumvent UN sanctions and open trade links with Salisbury, as you now know they have done.

A rightwing military coup ousted Honduras President General Juan Alberto Melgar, M-e-l-g-a-r, and set up a rightwing military junta, led by the commander-in-chief of the armed forces, General Policarpo Paz García, G-a-r-c-í-a, who has reportedly close links with the CIA.

Plagued by continued labor strife– continuing labor strife, Israeli journalist shut down the nation’s news for 30 hours for a two-day going-out strike.

The last week marks the seventh anniversary of British policy of concentration  internment without trial in troubled Northern Ireland of those who wish their liberation. In celebration, the government is sending an additional 1500 troops to the colony, bringing total occupational forces to 14,000. The British imperialist government says it fears an upsurge in liberation efforts leading to violence during this period.

London. A wave of letter and parcel bombs aid– aimed at trade unionist and left organizations hit the offices of the British Communist Party newspaper Morning Star Monday morning. Luckily, no one was seriously injured by the blast. The week before the Morning Star bomb, letter bombs were delivered to various other anti-fascist organizations and bookstores, including the Anti Nazi League, which has recently held massive demonstrations against the rising, rapidly growing neo-Nazi National Front in Britain. The bombings were all claimed by the fascist organizations called Column Aid.

Paris. The French Communist Party demanded the immediate release of Reverend Ben Chavis and the remaining imprisoned Wilmington 10 in a lever– in a letter delivered to the United States Embassy on this weekend by a delegation of top-ranking party leaders. The French Communist Party went on to say in its release from Paris, France that the United States had no right whatsoever to intrude into the internal affairs of the Soviet Union, when [Natan] Sharansky had been clearly revealed, even according to Newsweek Magazine, as conveying secret government information – highly-secret government information – to the CIA. The USA has made a human rights example out of Sharansky, who has been imprisoned and exiled by the Soviets on charges of espionage.

Santiago, Chile. Adding to the 200 million handout given the Chilean military junta by the People’s Republic of China in 1976-77 is a new economic agreement between the two nations. China will export ten million dollars to Chile while importing two-and-a-half million from the junta. China is also set to make large copper purchases from Chile, further propping up the more moderate military regime in consistency with China’s Doctrine of Three Worlds, hoping to woo Chile away from the USA orbit.

Geneva. United Nations Economic and Social Counted– Council voted 35 to four to urge all member nations to stop supplying South Africa immediately with oil and to halt investments in the apartheid concentration camp nation. USA, England, France and West Germany dissented – they didn’t go for it, of course – and nine nations abstained.

Washington. The US government reported that the nations of the world spend 750,000 dollars a minute on arms on a total of 400 billion dollars a year. That is two and a half times the amount spent on public health, the government said, for the world’s population. Meanwhile, the US Senate has just passed a 36.9 billion dollar authorization for military procurement, part of the 119.4 billion military appropriations bill, which is expected to pass the Congress this year, though is threatened to be vetoed by President [Jimmy] Carter because of Stennis [U.S. Sen. John Stennis (D-Mississippi)], where our conspiracy began, the head of the Armed Services Committee, pushing for a nuclear aircraft that in no way would be necessary to the US defense posture.

Cologne, Germany. The public prosecutor here has charged Kurt Lischka – L-i-s-c-h-k-a – Nazi Gestapo chief in wartime Paris with complicity in murdering at least 33,000 Jews during World War II. No date has been set for the trial at the Cologne district court, and he remains at liberty, strangely enough, in West Germany, the puppet of US capitalism, until the proceedings start. All capital crimes are supposed to be unbailable – you’re not supposed to be out on bail. Not only has he killed one, but 33,000, and he is not even given any bail. He’s walking free, at large, until proceedings start. This is the horrible, horrifying rise of Nazism in Germany, capitalist Germany, today.

West Germans report that neo-Nazis (unintelligible under radio interference) forty percent since January of this year. They’ve also been aided by British and American Nazis, who have been coming for various conventions throughout West Germany, which prides itself, unashamedly now, as being the inheritor of [Adolf] Hitler (unintelligible word under radio interference, could be “Reich”). Jewish graveyards nearly everywhere have been desecrated with Nazi swastikas on every tombstone.

Congress blocks home rule for DC. Hope of winning full voting representation in Congress for the District of Columbia, which is predominantly black, is being blocked by conservative senators. Supporters of the proposed constitutional amendment, which would give Washington DC its absolute right to elect two senators and a congressperson, are faced with a wide variety of procedural problems. Senate Majority Leader Robert Byrd, longtime rightwinger, former Ku Klux Klan member, has not it– been able to obtain agreement on limiting debate time for the amendment, therefore bringing the process to a standstill. Various reasons have been given for opposing the DC measure, but proponents argue that the opposition’s real reason are that anyone elected by DC will fit four too’s: too liberal, too black, too Democratic, and too urban. That’s racism, American-style.

Ex-CIA agent Philip Agee – A-g-e-e – has begun a worldwide campaign to uncover and identify every US intelligence officer working around the world. Though his life has been threatened numerous times in recent weeks, Agee has given his supporters detailed instructions on how to find intelligence officers and exert pressure to have them expelled from their host countries. The CIA and Senators Barry Goldwater, and Senator Stennis – of course – where our– where our conspiracy began, and Senator Lloyd Bentsen, are trying to stop him. Agee also announced the publication of the new mad– bi-monthly publication called Covert Action Information Bulletin, whose aim will be to expose CI agents and other intelligence officers for the fascists that they are.

Black jobless rate jumps. The nation’s unemployment rate jumped to a 6.7 percent in July, the Labor Department reported last week. The rise was the largest monthly increase in unemployment since March of 1975. California’s unemplay– ployment rate increased from 7.2 to 8.2 percent. Nationally, the unemployment rate for black workers, however, climbed to thirteen and half percent in July, and while the unemployment rate for black teenagers decreased slightly, it still stands at nearly 47 percent. White unemployment rose by 5.3 percent, having been 4.9 percent in June.

Well, this is the sum and substance of the news, a basic synopsis. Other news is being given to you under the library. Be sure that you get all the news that you can.

Last, I think, Philadelphia blacks have been attacked in a predawn raid. Police, in responding to news inquiries, said we’re dealing with a psychotic bunch of revolutionists. Get the death penalty back. Put them into the electric chair, and I’ll pull the switch, were the words of arch-conservative Philadelphia Mayor Frank Ritzo– Rizzo,  R-i-z-z-o, former police chief and commissioner, following the bloody predawn police raid on the house of the predominantly black group known as MOVE, which has been subjected to vicious Gestapo-police siege since May of last year, because of its opposition to conventional middle-class lifestyles. Imagine this statement. I repeat it again in closing.  Mayor Frank Rizzo of Philadelphia. We’re dealing with the psychotic bunch of revolutionist. Get the death pelanty– death– death penalty back. Put them into the electric chair, and I’ll pull the switch. Those were the words of the reactionary mayor of Philadelphia Frank Rizzo, who I’m sorry to say strongly represents the mood, the terrifying mood of USA these days.

Good news, good study, good production. I love you very, very muc h. Be sure that we keep our community clean. Be helpful to each other. Produce so that we can get our people to liberation in the land of promise. All that were here were very, very impressed. Dr. [Carlton] Goodlett called it a paradise, and he was moved to tears at one point. He was just astounded at what we’ve achieved, as he moved about freely, talking to different ones. So let us be grateful. Tonight there will be the showing of Hearts and Minds. We request that all study the film for testing. It is the request of our honorable guest [Donald Freed], famous author, chief investigator, the House Investigation on Assassinations (unintelligible word)– Assassinations Committee, one of the primary forces in bringing it about, doing the groundwork in the conspiracy behind– on the conspiracy behind the murder of [Martin Luther] King and the Kennedys [President John Kennedy and Senator Robert Kennedy]. He would like to see it, and we’ll all see it with him at the dot hour, whatever time that is. Much news study, because we need new– knowledge to be sensitive, and sensitivity makes us loyal, makes us good socialists, to extend our cooperation that protects our children and our seniors and all of this beautiful community. Much love.

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Tape originally posted January 2012