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Jones: Attention, attention, attention. News of the day. Testing this evening. Preparations should be ha–made for testing this evening. Some have let down in the course of the relaxation with guests present. Some did not. We will ascertain that– the difference, those who pass all aspects of a test will’ve shown who carried on their responsibilities, others carried on responsibilities in other ways, so we’ll make exceptions for some in future tests and meetings and classes. It is shameful that some people did not have the good judgment to avoid physical hostilities. On one day alone, four incidents. That makes it difficult. You only hurt yourself by that. It’s my desire to make meetings less, testings less, so that people can stand on their own merit, their own conscience, but obviously, people do not yet know how to live socialism without a great deal of structure.  Any future– any future violations – we will discuss this tonight – any future such violations will be develop– dealt with in the most severe fashion. It is gross and grotesque that you want to impose more structure. It’s not only tires you but your leader, just because you can’t behave when your teacher’s out of the way or out of sight, you can’t behave. This is dreadful. Peoples Rally will begin promptly at 7:30. Be sure you’re listening to the news now.

Just some comments on Julius Nyerere, Tanzania, who has been receiving both Soviet and Chinese support. He said when the USSR sent its troops into Czechoslovakia in 1968, Tanzania was one of the many countries which protested. It is expected that we should not protest– It is expected that we should not protest, however, when Western powers send their troops into an African country. These so-called rescue operations almost always seem to result in the death of thousands of innocent people and the rescue of a government puppet regime of the imperialist, but that is apparently not regarded in Europe as interference in African affairs or USA either. There should be no mistake. Whatever the official agenda, the Paris and Brussels meetings will ever discuss, the freedom of Africa should be primary. They are discussing the continued uh, domination– Rather than how to liberate Africa, they are discussing the continued domination of Africa and the continued use of Africa by US imperialism and her lackeys. They are intended to be taken together a second Berlin conference. The real agenda inside and outside the formal sessions of all of the capitalist meetings will be concerned with two things and two things only: it will be concerned with neo-colonialism in Africa for economic purposes, because USA and Europe capitalist nations cannot maintain their standard of living without exploiting our economics– our economic resources. The real control of Africa and African states is obvious that US and her imperialist Western allies are intent on total control of our real personal total lives. It will be concerned also always, he warns his African comrades, with the use of Africa in the East-West conflict. They will be led– that is, the imperialist under USA will be led by the Americans. These two purposes will be coordinated so that they are mutually supported, and the apportionment of the expected benefits and cost will be worked out.

But the cost may also be higher than the participants anticipate. Tanzania is not the only nationalist country in Africa. There are other nationalists everywhere. Sooner or later, and as long as necessary, Africa will fight against US neo-colonialism and her ally and her puppets, as it has fought against colonialism, and it eventually will win. That we guarantee you, was Julius Nyeyere’s primary statement.

Continue with the news. From Radio Moscow. In Crimea, President Brezin– Brezinsky [Leonid Brezhnev] receives Armand Hammer, head of Occidental Oil. Apparently in new moves, the Soviets are trying to wedge a– put a wedge between some business elements of USA of a larger nature, uh, and its government and its military-industrial complex in general. They have formed a joint effort, President Brezhnev announced, that Armand Hammer, head of the Occidental Oil and the Soviet Union (covers microphone) are going into a joint venture in the USSR soby– sobi– Siberian region to complete equality and non-interference– with complete equality and non-interference to produce the resources of that land, and share with equanimity. Well, this is an interesting approach on the parts of the Soviets and, of course, no grave danger to them, in that they have such a large standing army, strongly– strongly loyal to the Politburo, the ruling assembly of the Communist nation.

Geneva Conference against Racism in its final session supported a final draft on African resolution that calls for an immediate end of all racial discrimination, and USA is named amongst those who have offended the poli– policies of racial fraternal relations. Also it has called for sanctions against Israel, a racist state, by the resolution’s own decision, and it has also called for the liberation of South Africa and Rhodesia. The Geneva Conference on Racism will convene again on 1983, but will have committee resolutions for guide– for guideline purposes as to their resolutions every year.

In uh, Namibia. Complaints has been made that the regime of the South African fascist apartheid state that has been held up by US aid– military aid directly, has ruthlessly exploited Namibia. SWAPO, according to Radio Moscow and or– also BBC, is gaining support widely. The Southwest African People’s Organization is gaining wide support across the non-aligned world and all of Africa.

The president of Moma– Mozambique [Samora Machel] opposes military occupation of Indian Ocean, accuses USA to be attempting to move her military presence into the Indian Ocean in spite of pledges that that would remain a zone of peace. Like this is between the USSR and the Soviet U– U– USSR and United States, our whole region is a zone of peace. USA denies that they have moved any military per– uh, fleet there for any in– long range military purpose, that they are en route to Southeast Asia that is in great trouble these days.

Imperialists need Africa, said president of Mozambique, and he said, do not count on any kind of negotiations, the so-called Anglo-US peace plan. The president of Mozambique, the Marxist republic that has also received aid from China and the USSR and Cuba, been beleaguered by the planes provided by USA attacking them from Union of South Africa, and planes provided by USA attacking them from Rhodesia. He said it is foolhardy to depend upon the imperialist discussions and negotiations. All freedom-loving people must oppose by force those exploiting Western powers – that means USA and her NATO allies – that are trying to continue to drain Africa.

Kenya. The transitional government makes a strong pledge to– of neutrality and non-alignment. This is a breakthrough in the sense that Kenya has been pretty much in the Western world’s camp.

Pravda says that Japan and Chinese treaty of peace and friendship is certainly good for nations to have such treaties of peace and friendship, but it is openly anti-Soviet. China lays claims to a number of territories in Asia and southeast Asia in the treaty, according to  the Soviet Union. And USSR says it will not remain passive in view of it. It has to take preparations to see that the wi– the will and intent of that treaty is not carried out be– because it supports the chauvinism and expansionism of China. It also gave another warning to Japan that in case of nuclear war, which seems ominously hanging over all of our heads, Japan will have to be listed as an enemy of the Soviet people for signing the treaty. You remember Japan and– and China had been willing to relax that part of their treaty, but USA insisted on certain features being in the treaty, and so Japan and China complied. China is of course undoubtedly trying to use all these frictions to bring about breaks in alliances with USA and for that part the Soviet Union, maybe, to bring about the nuclear war that she feels certain will come, which is one of the basis– It is the foundation of her Doctrine of Three Worlds.

Angola. When threatened by another excursion– intrusion by South African troops into her border and which were driven out within two hours, went on the air and said she will resist any exploiter. She praised the Soviet Union and Cuba for past assistance, and – of all things – Mobutu [Sese Seko] of Zaire pledged military assistance to Angola against any future enemies. Zaire’s one of the most uh, fantastic developments probably in the past many, many, many months, in that it is a right wing leader, Mobutu Sese Seko, and he has joined into the strongest alliances with Angola.

Today, the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front had a field day. They wiped out one unit of the secret police of the white mercenaries trained in USA, many of them just uni– u– uniformed US officers being paid by our tax dollars which causes guilt to the bottom of our souls. Well (unintelligible word) 29 of those secret police were killed today in one raid. Ninety soldiers were killed also by the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front  in an attack on the eastern reg– region. In one of the largest concentration camps upheld again, the guilt it causes in our minds is indescribable, a– a concentration camp as fierce as anything in Nazi Germany, but the Zimbabwean Patriotic Front freed all of the hundreds of prisoners that were in this concentration camp on the east– e– in the eastern region of Zimbabwe, or what the white man prefers to call, Rhodesia.

Students are teaching the revolution in Ethiopia. Highly skilled and trained by Marxist-Leninist lecturers from the Soviet Union, the students are spending their holidays all through the country, in farmlands, every little nook, crook and valley, teaching the principles of Marxist-Leninist principle, strengthening national unity in Ethiopia. All are carrying on a victory and restoration concept which will give education and food and equality of economic need– Meeting all the economic needs by 1980 is their goal.

An art festival has been called in the capital of Ethiopia, where all students at every age level will participate in a national art festival to encourage the arts and music. One way of communicating, in Ethiopia’s mind, their socialist revolution.

One person has been killed and perhaps more, said Radio Moscow, in the terrible tragic accident of a Titan II missile inside the USA in Kansas, near Wichita, Kansas. A cloud one mile long had to be– is– a yellowish cloud has floated as far– far as 55 miles from the disaster. Several more are laying in a critical condition. One was killed immediately when the Titan II missile leaked. This is not the first, said Radio Moscow, of USA, as even The New York Times, which Moscow quotes, said in 1965, 53 were killed alone in an accidental fire, as you know, when the president [Lyndon B. Johnson] was saying that no accidents could ever occur in the same kind of a Titan II missile. The Titan II missile warhead carries 24 megatons, enough to destroy, well, properly placed, a third of the stize– size of the state of Texas, all of Northern California, if it was high enough. The Soviets suppor– supposedly have laser defense means of stopping many of USA’s missiles that would be directed against them. Fortunately, said BBC and Radio Moscow and the Voice of America, this Titan missile II was not armed, it did not have a warhead yet placed in it. Obviously, there was some danger of great deal more, perhaps it being sent off, I do not know, or the bomb exploding– exploding in the silo, but it said– both Radio BBC, Radio Moscow and Voice of America said fortunately – almost their words paraphrased each other – fortunately the warhead, the 24-megaton warhead that will go 6000 miles in just a matter of a few minutes to its target, and which it would destroy, as I said, areas as large as a third of the state of Texas, but fortunately, all the broadcasters said, the warhead, which was due to be placed in tomorrow, had not been placed in the– the nose of the missile. It would– was requiring for as moment, there with– the evacuation of an entire city of Wichita, Kansas, but the clouds steered away. The yellow haze cloud was lethal to the degree that 50 miles– 55 miles from the disaster, it killed all of the livestock. That’s how dreadful was the leak from this unarmed missile.

Soviet cosmonauts continue for many weeks now in outer space on their platform where they’ve been supposedly developing heat sensory defense device that could hone in on factories and cut out the industrial might of USA in case of nuclear World War III. They are continuing, said Radio Moscow, to study every part of the land area, the fo– the topistry, the forest, the seas and the oceans. They’re very open about the fact that they’re studying all of ear– world surfaces.

South Africa makes raids on Namibia border all the time, says Radio Moscow. SWAPO and Zambia uh, are in close alliance. Zambia has given– Zambia’s also receiving military and economic assistance from China and the Soviet Union again. Zambia has given support to all of the SWAPO leaders. Zambia opposes the UN resolution al– as did also the uh, s– nations of Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union, because they feel that it will only impose a Western-oriented regime, too moderate for the people’s welfare.

Reactions of Vorster [Johannes Vorster, prime minister of Republic of South Africa] and President Kaunda[Kenneth David Kaunda, president of Zambia] seem to want though (clear throat) to get a settlement to the situation by December 31. Both agree on that. Strangely, a new kind of situation is developing, a new turn of events that always shows how capitalists will sell out capitalists. Anyway, Za­– Zambia will continue to give support, said President Kwanda, to SWAPO, the liberation forces of Namibia, South West African People’s Organization, until a free– full– fully-free government is established, as was promised by all nations concerned and all parties involved, by the end of this year. (covers microphone)

Smith– Ian Smith of Rhodesia has given a hint that he would attend an all-party conference of Zimbabwe. Faced with a new policy of South Africa, he has little else he can do. It’s opposed by Bishop [Abel] Muzorewa. Bishop Muzorewa insists that the negotiations should be through Britain. Typical Uncle Tom talk, because he now sees that Smith may be going to make some kind of a deal with the  Zimbabwean Patriotic Front, particularly in view of several military losses, as I just described earlier, that have taken place by Smith’s mercenaries provided by USA and our tax dollars, who are actually, many of the thousands of them, are US soldiers in the guise of being volunteers mercenaries – which means killers for hire – by the Rhodesian pirate government. Muzorewa beginning to see the handwriting on the wall, that the three Uncle Tom leaders may be so– being sold out by Smith, particularly in view of the new developments  in South Africa. South Africa is– is reportedly, according to BBC and Moscow, conducting a saw-off type of USA deal. They choose this to be the tactics of USA, wherein they’ll sell out one capitalist and sell out one government, like USA sold out Taiwan, which they nurtured and built up, to get a deal with China. They want to see Namibia launched as a moderate government, that is, the Union of south Africa and Vorster’s regime, and they want an all-party conference with the Patriotic Front. (unintelligible word) in a private session with a BBC foreign correspondents, we do not want a house of card government in Rhodesia. We want a stable government, and that will require a government that includes the Patriotic Front of the nationalist leader Joshua Nkomo and Robert Mugabe, the Marxist-Lenin– the Marxist-Leninist leader. They see a charade there now, said Vorster, who was a past ally of [Adolf] Hitler in World War II. A real Nazi. But he is coming to terms with reality, it seems. White Rhodesians, said BBC, feel that South African whites support them, but in fact, there is no support. It is a myth. They are being sold out, the white Rhodesians, by the white government – the white racist government – of South Africa, for to– for the right– they’re being sold out for the right of the South Africans to pull off in their own uh, way into their white citadel and hope that if they are cordial and ke– maintain economic ties and give assistance to the African nations, that they will be left alone with their own racist regime, withdrawn off into a white citadel in the southern tip of Africa. They’ve decided to sacrifice, said Radio BBC, the Rho– the Rhodesian whites. It’s absolutely clear as a governmental policy of the racist regime that has been upheld by US military aid for years, they have decided – white racists in South Africa have decided – to sacrifice the white Rhodesians, and that will mean that many of the white Rhodesians will have to pack up and leave, but they naturally, when it gets down to it, capitalists always look after their own posterior when it’s a real tough sledding. So it’s tough sledding. And Union of South African whites are just sacrificing their so-called white brothers and sisters in Rhodesia. They know that the white Rhode– white Rhodesian government’s illegal, they know their government’s illegal. But they’re making these compromises, and aiding left causes even, hoping that they will be given the allow– the uh, toleration to carry on in their position of uh, leadership domination in South Africa.

USA, according to Radio Moscow, is deeply consternated. It does not understand its own contradictions. Said USA should be more aware of capitalist. Capitalist sell out capitalist every day.

The Spanish government has reversed its policy on fishing, due to the brave uh, holdout of the Basques, who you saw so uh, bravely perform in the film For Whom the Be– uh, For Whom the Bell Tolls. The Basque had totally ignored the fishing policy. The government had been reserving fishing within 200 miles limits of their coastal regions for the big corporations, but they’ve had to reverse their decision because the Basques have just ignored it anyway, who are the great fishermen of Spain.

Nicaragua. BBC said it is clear that a business– the business element, the centrists, the moderates, and all shades of the left and Marxist-Leninist have formed a unified front, and Somoza’s [President Anastasio Somoza Debayle] imperialist government upheld by USA is only a matter of weeks at best. His life cannot last, says BBC. They’re all too well-organized against him. You know the tremendous breakthrough that they had there uh, in Nicaragua. The group of Sandinistas, the liberation front, it’s a left coalition of socialist, communist, took over the national parliament, holding at the top 5000 as hostages, including family members of the Somozan dictatorship that has been held up by US capitalism for 44 years in a tyrannical hold on the people. Well, when the first demand was met – 80-some political prisoners were fled– uh, they were fl– flown out, Somoza bowed to his deman– the demands of the 20 uh, members of Sandinista that were in the uh– that were holding the National Palace or the parliament. They let out 80 political prisoners from the jails and concentration camps in Nicaragua yesterday and flew them to safety in Mexico and Venezuela, which is moving in a leftward direction, by the way, both those governments. And finally, all 21 of the guerillas – the remarkable activists that used the best of Marxist armed struggle concepts – left the National Palace and were flown safety– safely to Panama, where some remo– re– have chosen to remain. Panama is moving more left every day also, and uh, the Panamanian government has given them sanctuary. And flying with the 21 members of the Sandinistas were 60 more political prisoners, bringing to a total of 140 of the most st– the staunchest uh, political opposition to the dread Nicaragua regime. USA continues to say that it was a Cuban effort because USA has no sense of human dignity. They say we know it was a Cuban effort, because the Somozan regime with our aid had already wiped out all of the guerillas and activists in Nicaragua. A great deal of hue and cry about Nicaragua becoming a second Cuba, but it has not affected Panama in giving sanctuary to these brave people, and it’s quite a strong stand for the Panamanian nation to give the guerillas — particularly the guerillas – uh, sanctuary, because they killed seven police and military of Nicaragua’s uh, so-called puppet regime of USA capitalism.

Senegal, one of the few puppet regimes of US capitalism, is in peril. Its economics is in a state of disaster, says BBC. It is not expected to be able to w– withstand the inflation that continues.

Eritrean nationalists are badly divided, says the BBC, in their efforts to gain independence from Ethiopia, and they’re being backed by USA and her imperialist lackeys, but they’re not able to get their act together, said BBC, because th– there are Marxist elements in the Mu– Muslims, uh, Eritrean nationalist force, and there are wi– extreme right wing. This extreme right wing dominates, but there’s also centrist and there’s just not a national unity in Eritrea’s efforts for succession [secession] uh, and independence from Ethiopia.

Brazilian elections will take place in uh– by the– the fall of this year. The electoral college uh, is uh, stacked with supporters of the peasant uh, regime, General Geise– Geise– [Ernesto] Geisel’s regime, but the op– opposition is growing, and it up– the opposition is a general also. He is however standing as a democrat, a– a social liberal. Opposition is in itself uh, a– originally a creation of the Brazilian military, to give the appearances of more democracy. A– But they did not expect the opposition to gain such grassroots support, which it has throughout Brazil. General [João] Figueiredo was handpicked by General Geisel, or Geisel (pronounced with long “i”)– I think Geisel is the way it is pronounced – to be a successor– successor, but still, the other general has a good chance, says BBC. The opposition party would not compete if they did not feel they had a chance, because in la– the last elections when they were put up for appearances only, the opposition protested by not even competing, and the opposition uh, Liberal Democrats are conducting a real heavy campaign throughout Brazil. Brazil is the rich nation to our south who has no dispute with Guyana, never had any claims to Guyana’s borders, and recently, as you know, Guyana and Surinam and Venezuela and Peru and uh– they all signed a petea– a– a treaty of friendship and economic cooperation, thus lessening any danger that Guyana would be attacked from any country, because USA could not do it without the assistance of Brazil or Venezuela or Surinam. Anyway, BBC’s overall consensus is that there is a moving uh, to more democratic and liberal position by the government. Even in– if the opposition does not succeed, it will force more liberal and uh, more moderate stands by the Brazilian government.

A hundred and eleven cara– cardinals are sealed into the Vatican (pause) Palace. They are reasonably confident who they want, according to most Vatican experts. A consensus is already been heard and reported by one uh, cardinal to a friend that wasn’t to get out because all to be conducted in secrecy but it does, as all people seem to have trouble keeping the– the truth of liberation that could be misused by the enemies from other people, so do the capitalists have the same difficulty.

By the way, you are to rehearse those questions and know those questions for guests. We’ll be having more guests, and you better answer every question just right. Make sure you are studying to be prepared to answer just right.

The consensus of the 111 cardinals in the College of Cardinals that will pick uh, a pope is this: that they will want the reforms of Vatican II carried on, and that more decentralization of the church, giving more power to the local church. They’re looking for a man to be the pope who has more buoyancy and optimism than that of– of Pope Paul [VI], but yet the moderate traditions– will carry out the moderate traditions of Pope Paul. Church not yet ready for a black face, said one leading Catholic ho– member of the hierarchy, but they want (stumbles over words) They– they would– would accept one, the cardinals would, if they had an absolutely outstanding one. Of course, that according to the Catholic hierarchy, there are no black people that would be outstanding at this time. There’re none available yet. So that’s the way of saying that they will not be selecting a pope who is a pope of color from a Third World nation. They said likely the pope will be Italian, and the propaganda of the Catholic church of the Vatican public relations is, that only an Italian can continue to carry on the reforms of the church and cause the church to become more involved in social concerns and to take a braver stand towards world peace. There’s an element of truth in that, but again, it’s the logic for doing things as usual and maintaining the old guard Italian leadership over the Roman Catholics, which represents 700 million of the world’s population, though they have dropped to only 553 million active, due to the fact that Pope Paul opposed any birth control methods.

China and Vietnam at this very moment are having a severe border clash. Each are accusing the– the other of killing members of their army. It’s all over these ethnic Chinese. China wanted them at first, but apparently they have agreed in principle, though not o– openly, that these Chinese ethnics are undivi– undesirable. Vietnam said they had been involved in corrupt business practices, they were the old traditional capitalists. China first wanted them, but now they don’t, so a few thousand of these immigrants out of Vietnam and supposedly to be allowed in China are not being allowed, and they’re kept in between their two borders and there’s a hell of a lot of tension going on there, to such a degree that the Soviet Union is sending a part of its fleet to the region, and also – as you know, as I said earlier – USA when being denounced by president [of] Mozambique that they were going to be doing military maneuvers in the Indian Ocean, their response was no, it was just our fleet was in the Mediterranean, and it was the easiest and shortest way to get to the troubled Southeast Asia region.

A Boeing airliner has just been hijacked somewhere in Europe. No further news on that.

The Portugal Unity government that has tried to destabilize socialism does not look uh, very hopeful of uh, withstanding the pressures. The government may collapse, forcing new elections. It has been one sad ca– case where International Monetary Fund has weakened the socialist perspective, but IMF has not been able to do so in Mozambique and Tanzania and fortunately Zambia.

Now our little bit of aid ha– that has been received here has certainly has not weakened the strong socialist Marxist content of the news, as you’ll see in the library. We have uh, newspapers available for you from the uh, PNC, the Peoples National Congress, which is our ruling party, under Forbes Burnham, our prime minister. You can look at those periodicals and read the Marxist content. They carry a number of articles on Marxist-Leninism, articles praising the Soviet Union, China, the Democratic Peoples Republic in North Korea, as they are, and Guyana should be, a non-aligned nation. They would have to be, to survive and to build.

As you know, a total of 140-some political prisoners have been released. Twenty-one hostages in Nicaragua. They received less than their demands, but they left with one half million dollars– that was accord– according to Nicaragua. According to other reports, they got their full ten million dollars. But the point is that 20 people were able to hold the National Palace, the entire parliament, and doing it the right time of day to carry out the bravest and most pure case for armed struggle against a recalitrant [recalcitrant] uh, oppressor or tyrant. It is a movement success, one of the few acts that have been successful, because most people, when they do these acts, they weaken like the group did in Chicago. They never get one of their demands, and then the system can say, I told you so. But not in Nicaragua. All the left the world over are heralding the victory of Nicaragua, as 140 – some of the most strong political opposition against the fascist regime of Nicaragua, the Somoza family that has been upheld by US capitalism for 44 years – have pulled off this feat. They held 5000 hostages and left with a few hostages until they reached Panama City and safety, where Panama gave them sanctuary. In spite of US charges that it’s a Cuban effort, and that uh– that uh, Nicaragua will become a Cuban– another Cuba in Central America, when Somoza falls, it seems to be falling on deaf ears by Mexico, Venezuela and Panama. Mexico and Venezuela gave the first people political asylum that the guerilla members of Sandinista liberated and sent out, and Panama has given sanctuary to all the guerillas, in spite of the fact that they had to kill several people taking over the palace– National Palace, but they were tran– conducting armed struggle. They had a purpose, and they were shooting at police, not innocent civilians.

Jimmy Carter will be a one-term president, says Voice of America. (Pause) There was a poll taken by Voice of America, or Mutual Broadcasting Company, of several small communities – farm communities – and then one industrial community. Each of the polls showed that more than 75% are not for Carter serving a second term.

It was the feeling of Dr. [Carlton] Goodlett when he was here too, that he’s too weak, that he has allowed himself to be used, that he does not have the strength of character to stand up for his ideals out of fear of assassination– and of course, that’s a real, real thing, we much study often Don Freed’s assessment. Uh– I would think if any of you doubted that USA was hellhole, that USA was no place to live, you should now know the truth after hearing him. He’s moving here, by the way, he wants us to help him get a position in the university, and that’s so his child can reside here in our commune, in our beautiful socialist cooperative. He sees the end of USA, and he wants to move to Guyana. But he wants to go back to help our cause to make a public announcement and try to crack into the conspiracy, and he knows a means of doing so, and we’re going to give him our full support, a– a way of getting into the conspiracy and find out all of the elements of US fascism and the genocidal murderers that are involved in it.

Detroit increasing their prices on the General Motors cars – Chevrolets and so forth – up to 4.7%, pricing them even more so than that, they said, out of the reach of middle class people with the high cost of living and the continued spiraling inflation and the plummeting fall of the US dollar. But increase their prices they did, even though the president of the United States asked them not to.

Senate. A cow– coalition, for the first time we’ve seen in US politics, of liberals and conservatives, are blocking the natural gas bill of Carter’s which would’ve deregulated gas con– uh, prices, allowing the big monopolies to make fat profits. The right is doing it for one wing, uh– reason, and the left for another. Both are mightily opposing it, and there’s a chance that it will be defeated in the first coalition of left, liberals, so-called – we really have no left in USA, or we would’ve remained and fought there – but liberals– a first coalition of liberals and conservatives. It only means that if big business were ever really blocked, however, that the military would take to the streets and put people in concentration camps. When people begin to question– even last night, Don Freed, Dr. Freed said, who’s the author of so many books proving that murder, assassination by conspiracy of Robert F. Kennedy and uh, the Ro– Rush to Judgment [by Mark Lane] and uh, the inquest about the Rosenbergs [Ethel and Julius Rosenberg], he said [the movie] Z is just exactly like what will happen in USA, and all of you should know Z for testing.

Now we are having a great difficulty in England. All people in the plutonium industry, several plants, have been found – one out of seven – have more than the danger level of the by-product of plutonium. It has a half-life of 500 million years, in their h– in their bodies.  It may mean that they will have to shut down the plutonium plants. Three women in a laundry at a plutonium plant also received a high, if not lethal, dosage of plutonium. Uh– Someone has revealed in the left, the government had been trying to enshroud the whole business in secrecy and maintain a lid on it. But it has been revealed that one out of seven in England engaged in the plutonium industry, in the building of nuclear bombs, have too much– a lethal amount, more than a deadly amount, in their body. They will not be able to live, in other words. One out of seven of the workers will be doomed to death, sooner or later, by some form of radiation disease or another. (Pause)

Improved conditions for detained people no longer than 48 hours. Mostly Irish are detained under a new law of detention, ano– another police state measure being taken by England, and USA is taking more and more every day, it’s a way of– for police to gain information. People can be held for 48 hours without any reason, and have been put, according to the left and the Soviet Union, they have been put through torturing, cruel, brutal treatment – brutal means of torture to get information – and most of the people that are detained are the Irish because they are fighting for their independence, and their revolutionary movement is the IRA, the– the Irish Republican Army. (Pause)

The USSR should not take for granted, said the British foreign secretary [Lord David Owen], that uh, England in any way will be unable to help with NATO to resist any of her designs on Europe, just because England is having so much division now with one segment of its population, the Irish.

Chinese are countervailing powers, The Express says. She just– she distrusts uh, the– the Soviet military machine, uh– The British are becoming as rightwing as the US– S– the USA. We said, uh– said the British government spokesman. We should go as far as possible with China to break the power of communist hold over the world. But actually, their so-called alliance with China is doing nothing but h– aid China. China’s getting military aid now from all of the NATO countries, so it may be just a ruse. Uh– I can see little they’re getting from China, but China’s sure getting a-plenty from NATO and USA.

Fifty thousand troops of NATO are conducting defensive maneuvers, which even some of the West Germany press– the rightwing part of West Germany claims are insightful, to have this many troops, of five NATO nations – US and four other of these imperialist lackey allies – are doing a defensive maneuver along the Soviet border– of the Warsaw Pact nations border.

National Guard in Puerto Rico has been had uh, to be strengthened, doubled in its strength because of unrest in Puerto Rico. The left is growing, and is decidedly against remaining a territory of the United States, and they do not want to become a state, said the BBC.

As you know, President Carter vetoed the defense bill. Weakened priorities, he said, the priorities he had voted for were in Europe. He believes that Europe is the place that USA’s going to have to show its military strength, because there’s a new Cold War era that USA has built up to get the American public’s mind off of their high cost of living and their own economy and social system crumbling around them. But he had voted against the nuclear carrier, and uh, Senator Stennis [John Stennis (D-Mississippi)] wanted it because some big fat businessman that were close to him were getting a big deal on it, and for the first time, Carter and Stennis have crossed each other. We know Senator Stennis well. This could be ominous for Carter, because Senator Stennis is the one that started the conspiracy against us without a shadow of a doubt.

Carter. The Senate approved his bill for overhaul of the Civil Service Commission.  Only one dissenting vote. Will make Civil Service system more efficient and– but it’ll make it also easier for the civil service to hire– uh, to fire people. Formerly, there had been some restrictions in the more liberal era after neo-McCarthyism, that civil service people could not be uh, fired based on politics or so-called charges that they were involved with political uh, forces of the civil rights or civil justice or civil uh, social activists or left arena, that uh, they would not be able to lose their jobs, that they had guaranteed seniority, but the guaranteed seniority had been removed, and so now it will make it easy for the Civil Service Commission– for the president to hire who he wants to, they won’t have to go through the process of civil service testing, it’s made civil service  again a political tool, a tool of whatever uh, government, capitalist government may be in power, and will make easy hi– firing of any member of civil service. This will affect a few million people in the USA.

A toxic propellant gas that uh, is uh, uh, nitrogen and uh, other mixtures that they have not yet revealed, Radio Moscow, BBC or Voice of America, is still traveling one mile long in areas at high– it said a high level now, and they think it is going out– it will go out into the At– uh, Atlantic Ocean, and will not fall into any area and will be weakened before it gets there, but it already has killed as far south as 55– far east and south from its nuclear silo, 55 miles.

The Senators may line up against the compromise natural gas bill. Eighteen Senators, as I told you, right and left, coalition, right and liberal, have their own bill.

In Canada, they want to deregulate natural gas in Ja– in January, in spite of much opposition from the Ca– Canadian population for this interference in their own affairs. It seems that uh, US doesn’t mind that.

The Soviet Union is taking a very strong position against the uh, (Pause) uh, government of Yugoslavia. President [Josip Broz] Tito will not be forgiven uh, so BBC says –Moscow makes no references to this – for giving such a friendly welcome to Chairman Hua– to Chairman Hua [Kuo-fenj] of uh, China. President Tito got a great deal of ill will in the USSR from it, according to BBC. Yugoslavia has claimed that Macedonia is a separate state, but Bulgaria, another ally of the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact, said it is merely an extension of Bulgaria. Yugoslavia claims Macedon– donia is an autonomous nation, a Yugoslavian position that China is clearly backing now. China now backs Yugoslavia and Rumania, said BBC, and is taking a position against Albania, which is moving more towards Moscow again. Albania has always been a purist Stalinist state, but their leader of Albania [Haxhi Lleshi] had enough principles that he toos– wi– withstood China’s misapplication of the Doctrine of Three Worlds, and China cut all aid off from the little nation of Albania. According to BBC, Albania’s now moving much in the direction of the Soviet Union.

The Tito– Titan II missile site is still cleared of all technicians. One dead and six others li– lingering between life and death. It was a nitrogen and other form of propellant gas that turned this haze into a deadly cloud one mile long that caused a hundred people in its wake in a small village to be vacated, they had to be– they had to flee in the middle of the night, but fortunately, it drifted away from Wichita and is now, as I said, in the upper– going up in the upper atmosphere. Where will it fall, or, are they really telling the truth? Will US citizens, all the way from Kansas to New York before it goes to the Atlantic Ocean, suffer permanent damage from it? Probably so. We would never be told one way or the other.

There’re 18 such silos, 150 feet deep, in and around Wichita. They– This is the worst accident, of course, since 1965, when the same kind of Titan uh, exploded, and 53 died from radiation and fire uh, damage. They– Some of them were just turned into a living, uh, flame torch in Arkansas at that horrible accident. These– some hundred and uh, eight– eighteen silos, 150 feet deep, each carries, as I said, a 24-megaton warhead that will travel slightly over 6000 miles to some target in the Soviet Union, unless intercepted by los– uh, US– uh, SSR’s laser beams. Fortunately, as we said, for the world, and– said Voice of America, BBC and Radio Moscow, it had not yet been equipped– just short of 18 hours, if it– the accident had happened 18 hours later, there would’ve been a warhead in the missile. Apparently, then, all of these stations, both capitalist and socialist, are saying that if it had been equipped with a bomb, the bomb would’ve exploded in some way, and radiation strewn off over Kansas and who– goodness knows how much of the United States and how many people and animals would’ve died.

Red Army attempting the bomb– the bombing of several US bases in West Germany, USA charges on the Voice of America moments ago. That’s members of the Red Brigade or the Meier– uh, the– the uh, Baader-Meier– Meiderhof [Baader-Meinhof] gang, as the capitalists prefer to refer to them.

The radiation terror of England. The English population is aroused more than it has by– been by anything since the bombings of World War II, by the fact that all people working in plutonium–related industries – uh, one out of seven of– of them – have found that they have above that level of plutonium in their body in which they can live with, that it sooner or later will cause them one disease or another that will kill them. So Altimaster, one of the biggest defense systems, is shut down. The uh– The establishment won’t be closed all the time, says the British government, but many of the populists of Britain are rallying in demonstrations for the complete closing of this major plutonium plant.

Ford– Ford Motors has 50,000– 57,000 workers at Ford, an increase of thirty s– per cent. Workers will not accept a five percent increase. There’s a danger of a strike, and that’s why Ford is saying that they’re having to raise the prices also on their cars. GM, as you know, just raised theirs 4.7%. And so Ford is probably getting ready in the face of a strike to do the same.

Continuing at the cru– clusion of the news, now to the end of it. The guerillas are being celebrated in Panama, and as they left Nicaragua, thousands pressed through to greet them. Thousands of Nicaraguans, hailing them as heroes, in spite of Nicaragua’s army and secret police, could not keep back the thousands that– uh, it was in the tens of thousands, according to the BBC, that gathered around the main airport of Managua, the capital of Nicaragua, as the brave liberators of the Sandinistan Liberation Front left with the remaining 60 political prisoners, as 80 had been, as I told you, flern– flown earlier to freedom in Mexico and Venezuela. (Pause) Nicaragua took with them as safety that nothing would be done to blow up their plane, the leading member of the Roman Catholic Church hierarchy, who had been a rightwing uh, supporter of General Somoza. They freed him in Panama. They were wise. Nothing like a rightwing Catholic religious leader, or any other rightwing religious leader. Religion goes right hand in hand with oppression. It is the opiate. All religion, all mysticism, all astrology, anything with– having to do with credulity is pure muckity-muck, pure uh– (Pause) purely opiate. It purely puts people to sleep. It is used by the slavemasters to intensify their slave hold over the minds of the working class.

By the way, Don Freed said that he had never believed anything having to do with healing, but what he’d seen I– me do, he know– he knew was real. He wants to write a book later about that, when he settles in Guyana, to be able to make money, because he said there’s such an appetite for these things, he said no one else ever produced anything, he said I’m the only one that produced anything in that arena of healing at all. So he could see that, only been here a few days. So others here should be able to talk about the reality and give thanks for it. (Pause)

Tito has been condemned, as I said, by uh, so-called by uh, BBC and Voice of America, they call it that way. And the Yugoslavian newspapers, who are greatly controlled by President Tito, for complying with China’s anti-Soviet campaign, as BBC calls it– calls it. I heard nothing of it on Radio Moscow, I must say, for qualification. This may be pure uh, muckum, uh, it may be just uh, the humbug of capitalist propaganda. It said that the transitional government (Pause) Oh– This isn’t– a bit of new news. The newspapers, said the BBC, uh, Yugoslavian newspapers are calling uh– are stating, two of them, at least, are stating that the breakdown in Yugoslavian and China relationships was caused by the Soviets, but again, it’s strange, if that’s the case, that I hear nothing of it from Radio Moscow.

(Stumbles over words) Transitional government required by the Anglo-USA plan for Namibia is not satisfactory, according to all the Organization of African Unity states. They want a liberation for Namibia with no strings attached, just like Zambia and Czechoslovakia and the Soviet Union are requiring.

This seems to be the end of the business of the news. One thousand– No, no, no, no. Tens of thousands of miners demonstrate in Lima, Peru, demanding the removal of Peruvian troops in the mines. Peru seems unable to cope with its mightily-strong left movement, as well as Colombia. In Peru and Colombia, we’ve had something that encourages the heart of all liberation forces. In Peru and Colombia, you have a complete coalition of the l– the le– the left. Maoist, pro-Soviet, Trotskyites, Social Democrats, and the same in Colombia. This is the kind of thing that is required to liberate the masses. We need unity amongst those who champion uh, liberation and Marxist solutions, socialist solutions, for the working class.

Thank you very much for your attentiveness, and much love, and remember, be prepared for testing. Study this– we’ll replay this news now. Study it very closely and be promptly in your seats at 7:30 for Peoples Rally. Socialist classes will be tomorrow. Thank you. I love you.

End of tape.

Tape originally posted January 2012