Q594 Transcript

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Jones: – (Laughs; in a jovial mood) but we’re not sure about that, shooting the airplane.


Male 1: Dad, um – I feel as it’s my brother and sister – so-called brother and sister – put you through all this trouble, I feel that you should let my brother stay in jail and let him rot, I feel that you should have let, um – shouldn’t have saved my sister from being stabbed and bleeding to death. I feel that my sister should, um – she should have – when the pigs came, and (unintelligible word) have taken her to jail, it was you that she called on, and even though – even if she called you, she putting you through all this trouble right now. I feel that the bitch should be got and shot somewhere – I don’t care, I feel that the bitch should be got, both of them should be got and dragged by a car.

Jones: (Laughs) That’s a new idea.

Steve Addison: I feel –

Jones: I didn’t know I had so much down in me here. (Pause) I mean, you – you ought to have it, by God it’s time some of us got to feeling it. How much shit can you take and try to reason with people, and reason and show mercy with them, and even offer to bring them and entertain them, and they still do crap.

Addison: I’d like to kill my so-called brother and um, Phil Arrends for the crap that both of them [brother Phil Arrends, mother Virginia Arrends] has, have caused over these years since they’ve left.

Jones: Umm-hmm. Thank you. Um – (Tape edit) Your dad was up on the steps.

Young black Woman: (Voice becomes stronger throughout) Dad, I’d personally like to grab my father and string him up by his nuts and have a hot poker, sticking it in some coals and sticking it up his ass, and burning the hell out of him, for doing the things he’s doing, because he knows that you saved my sister’s life and he knows all the good things you did for us both, and he knew that we wanted to come over here and live peacefully, and this is why he’s causing all this hell. And I’d like to personally do those things to him, just to get – get him to realize that he – Laughter.

Jones: (High laugh). I’m sure when you have him tied up by his balls and a hot poker goes up his ass, he would realize something. (High laugh) It’s too much, these people. (Laughs)

Young black Woman: – just to get him to realize that he’s trying to ruin our freedom and, and trying to take away my daughter’s freedom. And I’d like to thank you, Dad.

Jones: Thank you. (Conclusively) He’d realize something, I’d say.

Laughter. General hubbub.

Greg Watkins: What I’d like to do to my so-called mom, the bitch – she, she hates, she hates purse-snatchers. I would like to disguise myself and beat the bitch up and drag her ass –

Jones: (Laughs)

Greg Watkins: – drag her ass.

Voice in crowd: That’s all right.

Jones: (High laugh)

Greg Watkins: I beat the bitch up. I’ll beat the bitch up, I swear, and then I blow the mother-fucking ass right off the earth. And I’d personally like to do that myself.

Jones: (Laughs. High laugh, verging on hysteria) We told him – We told him, when she started this shit, we were trying to make, you know, be nice and win people. We said, write a nice letter. (Laughs) And the fucking letter – it was the goddamnest letter, it –

Voice in crowd: (unintelligible) wrote it four times –

Jones: – he had to rewrite it four times to get it be nice. You fuckin’ bitch, you don’t mess with me, I’ll kill you. (High laugh) His mother – shit, they gave it – Sarah [Harriet Sarah Tropp] said they gave up on him fourth time, just let it go. He’s J. J. Tummell (phonetic spelling) (High laugh) She hates purse-snatchers. (Laughs) That’s why I – That’s why I had to bail your ass out. (High laugh) Get back at momma. (High laugh) Go on, go on, go on, go on.

Mike Touchette: Uh – the only – I think Mickey [Touchette] should die, and I’d like to go back there and do it. Um – I’m tired of living here, you know, just because of all these White Nights and everything, I love the place and everything, I’m just tired of living. And uh, if we, you know – if we’d do so something – anything we do, going to Cuba, or whatever, I’d pre – before I’d go anywhere, I’d prefer to going back to there and doing some things to people.

Jones: (Calm) Umm-hmm.

Mike Touchette: As far as Jackie and Marvin [Swinney] go, um – it’s really – and – it’s sickening what happened, because when Don [Swinney] came down here, he was a mess. And I think he was one of the greatest things that happened down here whi – you know – at that time, because –

Jones: Yeah.

Mike Touchette: Don made a complete change, and he was – he – he was a hell of a kid whenever he left.

Jones: Yeah. Yep, yep.

Mike Touchette: And then, you know – it’s always left me with a sickening feeling, and I think they should be got to.

Jones: Yeah, let’s move it kind of quick now, ’cause we got a line of folk that – umm –

Michelle Touchette: Um, Dad, what I wanted to say about my relatives is that none of them, um, wanted to come to the church, and they just wanted to uh, use and manipulate, just wanted you to come over and be nice to ’em. And for Kenny, um, he’s so careless about guns and cars, it would – it should a brand-new car sittin’ up in front of the house, and as soon as he started, it should blow his ass up, and for the rest of ’em, it should be a – a nice well dinner prepared for them, and poison all of them, ’cause there ain’t none of them no good.

Jones: (High laugh) (Sarcastic) That girl don’t dislike her family.

Michelle Touchette: As far as Mickey goes, um, you know, I disowned her from the day she left, and I think she should die, but first, I think she should be tortured. And uh, also the Swinneys – I forgot about them – but they should all die. And I’d be willing to do it, and take more people with me than just my relatives, so-called relatives.

Jones: (Observant tone) Umm-hmm. (Pause) Umm-hmm.

Mary Tupper: Um, I think that Mr. [Larry] Tupper should die, and um, Dad, I – (Jones talks over her)

Jones: (Laughs as he speaks) Mr. Tupper. Mr. Tupper. This always kills me, this family. Who is – (High laugh) It’s always been Mr. Tupper. Everybody calls him Mr. Tupper. I don’t want to know it. It’s funny, I like it. Mr. Tupper. Go ahead.

Mary Tupper: I think that I should um, and take a knife and cut Mr. Tupper all up real good and um –

Jones: (Laughter) Cut him up real good –

Mary Tupper: – and then, m – make him look like, you know, um, cut him up and then, put poison in him and invite all f – all my relatives over there and then have ’em eat him, and then they all die.

General laughter.

Jones: (High laugh) You been talking to Reb [James Edwards], that’s what you been doing.

Young Girl: My momma’s a damn fool, hope I – I hope I knock the fuckin’ shit out of – (Laughs)

Jones: (High laugh) I’m glad I put my life on the line to save you. (Laughs as he talks) Say, my mom was a goddamn fool, I had to beat the fuckin’ shit out of her.

Young Girl: I dare – I dare her to come out, ’cause I be the one that’s a – that shot her.

Jones: Good. (High laugh) My momma’s a goddamn fool. I mean, these kids – (unintelligible word) There’s tough kids coming up here, honey. (Pause) (Momentarily serious) I’m glad I put my life on the line for her, months ago, ’cause they came for her, they were on there, they were going to w – pick her up. (Yawns)

Janet Tupper: Um – um, for Mr. Tupper that uh – I’d like to um – go –

Jones: I thought we all had the fucker slit up and (Laughs as he talks) then cooking him, the last I heard of him.

Janet Tupper: I’d like – I – I agree with Mary, I’d like to um, go back – I’d like to personally go back there and um, uh, cut them all up and des – and then serve them to Virginia, let her eat her there –

Jones: (Laughs) That’s his – that’s his – that’s his wife.

Woman: Uh, Dad, for those um, children of mine back there, I don’t feel like they’re my relatives any more, because uh, what they did to Mother is very sickening –

Jones: Um-hmm.

Woman: – because Mother is the greatest woman that ever –

Jones: Yep.

Woman: – that ever been. And I am really hurt of it, but if I – any way that – you know you could fix me where (Pause) um – I could go back there and ed – they’d be so glad to see me and get me in a room with all of ’em, and just let me just explode, you know, they be thinking I’m really mean, but I’d be one of them explode bombs, and just get rid of all of ’em, because they are no good.

Jones: (Quiet) Umm-hmm. Thank you. We’ve grown some. (More emphatic) We’ve grown some. (Pause)

Girl: All my life, I had thought about my family being something special, because uh –

Jones: ‘Till your daddy kind of put that kingship – shit in you.

Shirley Hicks: That’s right, Dad. And only thing you’ve talked about all my life is – only thing I’ve ever heard is my eight brothers, and uh, he always boast about his 12 kids, so he really used my mother as a fucking (unintelligible word).

Jones: Umm-hmm.

Shirley Hicks: And she was always very passive. He was so strong-hearted, you know, strong at all times that all of us backed down on it – I think Marthea [Hicks] was the only one that stood up to him. And when she stood up, she got knocked down. So since I’ve been here, I’ve grown stronger, and I realize that there’s no family like the one I have now, and I’d rather not even think of them as being part of the family. I’d like to buy a big white church and put all of ’em in it, and blow it up.

Jones: (Enthusiastic laughter) A big white church. You – Oh, that’s funny. That’s funny. I’m (unintelligible word). I’m (same word). Isn’t this goddamn – I want these kids – they come in for a testing on their, their first elementary. (Plays role in own conversation) “I’m a – I’m gonna kill my mother, goddamn her, and slice her up, and cook her.” “Where’d you hear that, little kid?” (Snaps fingers) “White Night.” (Laughs) I hope no teachers ever come through and ask these kids any questions. (Pause) We better have our ass on the boat, ready for Cuba.

General laughter.

Jones: Go ahead. Joel [Cobb], what are you going to do now, to your dad, and your brother and all this? Joel: Okay, um, well, I’d like to do to Terri and Jim Cobb, I’d like to go back there um, like they do to (unintelligible word), I’d like to um, tie a wire up to Jim Cobb’s balls and just pull it off, and to Terri I think I’m doing some – shoot in his stomach (radio interference) Teddy.

Jones: That’s fairly accurate. (Pause) Umm-hmm. They made ’em pricks and bitches – Tape cut off for undetermined time.

Man: Dad, (unintelligible) mother-fuckin’ uh, relatives of mine, they ain’t no damn good.

Jones: Umm-hmm.

Male: I been – I been knowin’ they were no good for me for a long time, before I met you. But (struggles for words) I was – They – They just as much to blame for what – these White Nights we having, even though they – they wasn’t around the steps, probably, but they just as much to blame, ’cause they –

Jones: They may – They may be – They may be – Man and Jones talk over each other.

Male: They would be here helping us – helping us taking care of these White Nights.

Jones: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Male: And I’d like to have them down on that fat [could be “flat”] farm, like I had them big hogs the other – the other day, where I’d rip their asshole – asshole appetite.

Much laughter.

Jones: (High laugh) Mean bunch a mother-fuckers.

Young boy: Okay. Dad, I don’t – I don’t know how much Vera Inghram is in on this, but I know that she – her and Jim Cobb, Mickey Touchette, all those guys were the first eight to go out. And all of those guys should be killed like dogs, ’cause they started all this shit when they left the church. All eight of ’em ought to be killed slowly, and I don’t think – like everybody said, they can get up and you know, kill ’em, but they ought to die the worst, horrifying death that there is. ‘Cause they all went out, they started this shit.

Jones: Yeah, true. Let me have angle – Let me have an angle.

Younger boy: Um, Dad, I’d – I – I – I think my daddy should be killed, and anyway, he ain’t my dad no more. He – Every – Every time he goes someplace, he either get drunk and his truck broke down, every time he goes to work on that shitty-ass place, and um – and um – and I wouldn’t like that place no more. We – we – (unintelligible phrase) and we go to L.A., we gone do this, we gone do that, I say, I – I – I um – he always used to keep me out of school and that shit, and uh, I think my daddy – I think my daddy uh – I mean, I – I think, uh –

Jones: There’s a basic, you know there a basic, there has to be a basic

Boy: I would like to – I think – I think – I think my daddy ought to be um, shot, and I would like to tie a rope onto his balls and hang him (breaks into laughter).

General laughter.

Boy: I want to cut his balls and make it look like an accident.

Jones: Makes it look like an accident. (Laughs) That’s hard to make it look like an accident.

General hubbub.

Jones: What’s that? What’s this?

Nancy Jones: Isn’t that awful?

Jones: What, sister.

Nancy Jones: Right here.

Jones: What does sister think is awful? (Pause)

Woman: Nancy Jones.

Jones: Nancy Jones, what – what’s awful? What’s awful about it?

Male: She’s the one that woulda done a better job of protecting (unintelligible word).

General hubbub.

Jones: I – I can’t –

Nancy Jones: (Microphone cuts in) – motherfucker that wasn’t in here, in this cause, uh, they need to be killed. My relatives and her relatives and everybody else’s.

Jones: (Firm) And, yes, right. And goddamn it, to keep my blood pressure down and some of the rest of us, they should be done slowly.

Nancy Jones: Right.

Sustained applause and cheers.

Jones: At least if I can’t do it, by God, I might not be able – I might try to save ’em if I got down to it, but at least it helps you to talk about it.

Scattered voices: Right.

Jones: Mother fuckers. Anybody that hurts goodness. (Pause) At least you can keep your damn mouth shut when we work. A lot of these people doing what they’re told to do. (Pause) (Upset) I knew somebody have to take issue with what’s going on, so we can have another hour. (Pause) I wonder why she’s oohing and aahing, yeah, I want to know what the hell she’s complaining about here.

Male: C’mon. Okay, talking to you, talking to you.

Older Woman: I just said –

Male: Ah, you just talkin’ –

Irene Mason: – talkin’ about what, about she was talkin’ about you build a big white church, and then she would uh, blow it up. I said, woo, I said, that’d be awful.

General derision.

Jones: Well, why’d it be awful?

Irene Mason: (Cries out) Hell, no. Hell no, it wouldn’t be awful. Awful some shit. (Laughs)

Jones: (Laughs)

Irene Mason: (Excited) Who in the hell are you talkin’ about? (Laughs) I’d like to know what the hell are you – what’s on your mind? Hell, woman, what’s the matter withyou? He ought to do it.

General hubbub.

Irene Mason: (Excited) (unintelligible word) ought to know the answer. People don’t need to be blowed up now, goddamn it. We wouldn’t have the trouble we have now, Dad could rest at ease, with all (unintelligible word) goddamn shit, (unintelligible). I don’t pity nobody like that. Goddamn him. (unintelligible) That’s awful, awful some shit. What the hell are you? Now, I want to know what’s on your mind.

Jones: (Laughs)

Irene Mason: (Laughs) Hey!

General hubbub.

Male: Give her the microphone.

Jones: She said what – she asked you what – Irene asked what’s on your mind, Nancy. She asked what – what’d you say, Irene?

Irene Mason: I said, I don’t know what in the hell on her mind. Tell (unintelligible – sounds like “my Dad that’s”) awful, awful some shit. Hell, yeah, blow the hell out of ’em. That’s the reason the world in the shape it’s in now, when you can’t get along (unintelligible word), having these White Nights on account of them dumb goddamn bastards. (Laughs) Hey, hey! That’s the trouble right now! You in with it. (Radio interference) participate, you in with it. You don’t give a damn, do you? After you say, oh that’s awful. Your ass ought to be in there too. (Laughs)

General laughter.

Jones: (Laughs) I’d a married you, Irene, if you’d been young. Goddamn, that woman is the funniest woman I have ever seen.

General hubbub.

Jones: (Laughs) Her ass ought to be in there too. She only think that – she should oughta been in the white church, shove her ass in there too.

Nancy Jones: No, I want to know how come she build a church and didn’t burn it up.

Jones: What?

Nancy Jones: She can kill ’em without burning the b – building a big white church for (radio interference)

Jones: (Laughs)

Younger Woman: Three times, she, she kept uh – saying “Mmmm” every time one of the children would – would uh, tell what they’d do to the relatives, “Mmmm, that’s awful,” “Mmmm, that’s awful,” and I kept asking her what she mean.

Voice in crowd: Ask what’s worried about now –

Nancy Jones: You heard me say that was awful, ’cause the girl said that she’d build a big white church, and put ’em in.

Younger Woman: That wasn’t the only one that you said “Mmmm.”

Nancy Jones: I said, “Mmm-mmm.”

Competing voices.

Nancy Jones: I said she didn’t have to build a church to put ’em in – (End of sentence overwhelmed)

General derision.

Jones: (Firm) Shut up!

Nancy Jones: She’s building a church, and then burn them up. Already done – (mike cuts out)

Jones: Well, if they find a white church and put ’em in it, then b – and then burn ’em up, without building one, how about that, Nancy?

Nancy Jones: – church and then to kill ’em, that would be something else, but she’d kill them and then put them in the big white church and burn it up.

Hubbub and laughter.

Irene Mason: You know what I’d do with ’em? Did – no, they don’t need a church (unintelligible word) build a white church, by God, and put they asses in there, they think I have a happy time, just put you some gasoline in a can, seeing a setting fire going outside – say, I be back in there after a while – they burn up like they are – (Laughs)

Hubbub and laughter.

Irene Mason: Hey! I’ll be good. Very good.

Male: They’d have a hot time that time –

Irene Mason: Oh, yeah, yeah, hell, they’d have a hot –

Male: They’d have a hot time that night, wouldn’t they?

Hubbub and laughter

Irene Mason: Get rid of ’em.

Jones: Ninety years and alive), she is. Ninety years and she’s not dead.

Irene Mason: (Unintelligible sentence) – afore the next one, they’d learn how to quit messin’ with people. You don’t mess with a living god, by God. Who y’all think y’all messing with? Hell, y’all messing with a living God. By God, you had no goddamn squat – skygod up there. ‘Cause there never have been no one up there. Hell, he ain’t never been up there. That’s what you all used to. You can’t mess with this one you messin’ with now. Hey, you can’t do that. Hell, no, you better not – you better – you better get a hold to yourself. If you crazy, you got to get hold of your right mind. Hey! (Laughs) (Unintelligible sentence)

Jones: (Laughs)

Irene Mason: All right. Yeah. (Laughs) All right, I’m through.

Male: All right, I’m through.

Irene Mason: Yeah, I noticed that. Huh? Through now, I’m through, like some other said. How ’bout – ?

General hubbub

Jones: (Laughs) Sit down, Nancy. (Radio interference) We ain’t gone build no – We ain’t – ain’t gone build no white church, so sit down, don’t worry about it.

General hubbub.

Jones: Forgive – forgive – (Pause) Ire – Irene – Irene, don’t put your ass in – (Laughs)

Male: I’ll be back after a while.

Jones: I’ll be back after a while.

Woman’s voice: Sarah started all this shit, and then ran out.

Jones: Who – what’s that?

Woman’s voice: Sarah started all this shit, and then ran out.

Jones: (Laughs) That’s not a ni – nice thing for her to do, start all this white church shit. (Laughs) Okay.

Young Woman: Okay.

Jones: Fuck ’em.

Young Woman: Uh, I – I don’t – I don’t know if any of my relatives have been hanging around those steps, but they’ve never showed interest in coming to the church and uh, I think if they start any trouble with the cause, they ought to be blown up, shot or whatever. And I’d do it.

Jones: (Calm) Umm-hmm. Quick statements now, we’ve gotta move. Quick. We’ve got to.

Another young Woman: Okay. I don’t know if the fuckers I came out of are wrapped up with the conspirators yet, but I wouldn’t put it past them an inch, from out – I guess they are. And I would – I would –

Jones: Who is jogging?

Angry Male: Up front, Pop. Fry your ass up, (unintelligible phrase), goddamnit. You a dumb motherfucker, man. (Lower voice) Didn’t you hear him talking?


Jones: (Firm) You send these children up here for talking, huh?

Angry Male: That’s right.

Jones: Yeah, how do you think that looks to folk been settin’ all day. And me, I – I – I don’t want any of that. Goddamn. And then you send these children up here for talking, they little than – they ain’t – they’re not bigger than a foot and a half. Anthony, sometimes I don’t know.

Anthony: I was – I was jogging trying to stay awake, Dad, I was falling asleep back there. So I got up to jog so I could stay awake.

Jones: And how are we supposed to stay awake? Listen to Irene, you can stay awake.

Anthony: All right.

Jones: Listen to a black woman, 90 years of age, and free and independent and exerts herself. That’s what’s so funny to me about it, she don’t give a shit who she cusses out.

Voices: That’s right.

Jones: I don’t give a – that’s what I – that’s what I see so beautiful in her. And I enjoy it. To all the black women, they shoulda had a chance. And if you’da been listening and caring about black women, you wouldn’t have no trouble staying up – ’cause fuck, I ain’t had no sleep. When I went over there to try to do a little rest that I had to do, I couldn’t do it conscientiously, I had to read all the new Nations of the PNC to see where in the hell this government was going. If you care enough about people, you stay awake.

Anthony: All right, Dad.

Jones: You a healthy, able-bodied person.

Woman in crowd: (Soft) Why’d you got your storefront like this?

Crowd: Laughter, general hubbub.

Another Woman: He has a brother round here.

Man: Wait, wait, wait. You got all these – (microphone clicks off and on) You got all these seniors in here, and I don’t – I don’t see none of them joggin’, so your ass ain’t got no goddamn reason to be joggin’.

Man (Anthony?): You’re right.

Young Woman: I’d like to know – I’d like to know, why did you bring all those children up here today?

Jones: (microphone turns on late) – find any adults that was doing bad things, then you’d have to pick on people two feet tall?

Man: I was just sitting down at the back table, and from what I heard, they said, that anybody was talking, send ’em up to Learning, and the work is about women –

Jones: – about people jogging, is supposed to be on security.

Another Male: Go look.

Anthony: You’re right. You’re right, Dad.

General hubbub.

Anthony: Thank you, Dad.

General hubbub.

Woman: Um – Any – Anyway, I could (sighs) –

Jones: Okay, (stumbles over words) you have some mi – some mitigating circumstances for Anthony, I’ve had no problems of late. He does these silly ass things, he goes and – What? I think he menstruates every six months or something. (Pause) Through the asshole. (Laughs) It’s true. Anthony does real well, till his cycle comes. You – you men always making fun of women having their cycle, shit. (Pause) They have cycles, I’ll be damned if they don’t.

Woman in crowd: Dad, Anthony had a warning on the twenty-seventh.

Jones: He had a warning on the twenty-seventh? Oh, shit, well, that’s too bad, Anthony, I – ’cause I kind of like you, generally speaking, you know – lazy.

Man in crowd: He works (unintelligible phrase) silly, that’s why.

Jones: Well, he’s menstruating.


Jones: You see, his comes through the head, red. (Pause) Hold in there, Anthony. We do have our cycle.

Anthony: Okay.

Jones: Watch it. Yours is strange tonight. Work it off in lightning. I mean – (laughs) lightning, what the hell – what’s that mean. (Stumbles over words) Learning.

Woman: Um, anyway, I could –

Jones: I guess I’d run like lightning to get away from Penny [Kerns], I – that’s a Freudian slip. I’d work he – I’d work hard to keep her from talking to me, if I was on Learning. Hear me? (Pause) (Calls out) Come on now, hold in there, you know you would.

Anthony: Right, Dad.

Woman in crowd: (Unintelligible comment about a baby and wheelbarrow)

Jones: That’s enough. Go back and jog.


Anthony: Thank you, Dad.

Jones: Me – Just don’t menstruate on the floor.

General hubbub.

Jones: And put your – show him where to put his Tampax on the next time.


Jones: (Calls out) Oh, come on now, let’s go. For Christ’s sake.

Stephan Jones: (Angry) I just want to say something. I – I don’t know – I don’t – I disagree with this. I think, you know, I – I feel people should go on the crew when they screw up and shit, but I get kinda sick of people, well, “Go to learning,” you know – they don’t – they don’t want to see the fuckin’ case. When somebody comes up to maybe say something good for ’em, they say, aw, shut up, shut up. I get kinda sick and tired of it, because when the people that are laughing get up here and get on the fuck and somebody says, get on the crew, they’re all deadpan face and shit, so I think it’s totally fuckin’ unfair –

Single voice: Right.

Stephan Jones: – it sounds like, you know, it’s this same shit that goes on in the States. They want to hear the bad stuff, they don’t want to hear the good stuff. And you bringin’ that shit over here –

Jones: Oh, I love to hear the good, I don’t like – I agree with you.

Stephan Jones: I know you do.

Stephan and Jones talk over each other.

Jones: I didn’t think you were aiming that at me, son. Go on with it.

Stephan Jones: It’s just people, you know, shut up. You want to hear it when they’re talking all the nasty shit. Buncha fuckin’ hostile people – It not everybody, but it makes me goddamn mad – You oughta think, you know. Put yourself in his fuckin’ place.

Several calls of assent.

Jones: Yeah, think how – how it is to be in Learning.


Jones: Let’s go. Just tell ’em, Eva [Pugh], tell ’em – tell ’em – tell ’em – tell ’em.

Eva: Gladly.

Jones: (Laughs) – tell ’em (Laughs)

Eva: First starve – first starve ’em, them kill ’em, ’cause that would get the Medlocks [Wade and Mabel Medlock], not eating food.

Jones: Starve ’em, then kill ’em – (unintelligible)

Eva: Yeah, kill ’em.

Jones: Mmm. (Pause) Kill ’em. (Laughs) (Mumbles)

Elderly Woman: Da – Dad, I want – I want to tell you, the first thing about – I have a son and a daughter.

Jones: Yeah?

Elderly Woman: And I have a sister and three brothers.

Jones: Yeah? (Firm) Okay, shush! Y’all shush. Dammit. Seniors, you learn some respect here.

Elderly Woman: And um, my brother – my son used to write you all the time, I used to write him, rather, and he’d write and tell me that, I had a letter from your pastor, he’s a very fine man.

Jones: Mmm-hmm.

Elderly Woman: And that’s all he would say. But my daughter would say – I’d tried to get her to come to church, so she came one time, and (Pause) when she (unintelligible word) come back home, she said, uh, you know, they told that man, uh, my name. I let her talk all she wanted, and I – and she got the (unintelligible word) – listen, you don’t have to tell that man nothin’, about your name or what she doin’.

Jones: That’s true.

Elderly Woman: I said, because, he can tell you without you – you or anybody else tell him, and I – I birthed you in the world but I don’t care what you say about him, I’m not going to turn from him. I’m going go on and live the life that I’m supposed to live. So she said, if you are happy, I am. So since I been here – She have eight chirrun. Since I been here, she lost a daughter. So – She didn’t treat me nice nowhere, raising this child, helping me with this child. She had none of it – none of the rest of them. And so – she got it.

Jones: Good. She got it. That’s good enough. That’s good enough.

Man: Oh, well, I’d strangle ’em first, and then I’d um, kill ’em.

Jones: Good. Thank you. That’s graphic and short.

Boy: I hate Mr. Tupper, and –

Jones: (Laughs)

General laughter.

Boy: He needs to be killed, and I wish I could be the one to do it.

Jones: That’s good, son, sounds very genuine. You can make it genuine with one word. Just like these people’re doing. (Pause) I don’t (unintelligible – sounds like: “give extra line-up”), come on, now, we ain’t got everybody here with relatives.

Male: Well, we all got relatives.

Jones: Then we can all put up our hands and say we’ll kill ’em.

General hubbub. Then cry of assent.

Male: What? What?

Jones: All right. Everybody here want to kill your relatives, lift your hand.


Jones: Moms Mabley [likley Bertha Cook] ain’t making that mistake twice. (Laughs) She wavin’ hers back there. (Laughs) Okay.

Man: I’d like to live with them for the rest of my life.

Jones: I’d like to see ’em live – live – End of side 1.

Side 2.

Sound of person whistling. Microphone tapped.

Young boy: Testing. (Taps rhythm twice. Clicks tongue. Microphone turns off and on). Testing. (Pause, more clicks, microphone on and off.) I can talk – talk –

General low crowd sound.

Jones: Hold it, hold it. Some of you people wake up, we wouldn’t have people going to sic ’em at a dog, when they say, sic ’em, dog, we’d – we’d get – we’d get more alive here, and listen to this kind of strategy, you might – you might really uh, gain some knowledge. Next say somebody said, sic’ em, dog, you wouldn’t run uh, like a little dog.

Scattered voices: That’s right.

Crowd quiet.

Boy: (Whispers) Scott. Scott. Scott. Scott. (Taps mike, clicks tongue) Well, how come it does that? (Taps mike) Shh! He said, be quiet.

Low noise.

Jones: All right, let’s get – let’s go, let’s go here, what – let’s hear what you – quick – quickly, just don’t have a long pen – pendantic uh, description, what the hell do you – you think ought to be with your – just tell us, right quick, one line, what do you think should be done with your relatives?

Young Woman: I think that Michelle should uh, wait till – she shouldn’t come until she deserves to come, Father. And I appreciate your concern, and – but I wouldn’t ask that she come any sooner.

Jones: What about this uh, we were to talk about your dad.

Young Man: (Speaks quickly) Okay, like I said about him, if it – (stumbles over words) I think he ought to try the thing with the, the negatives, the pictures and everything, in front of white mail [blackmail], okay, if that, if – you know, and that might work. I don’t know, it may not, ’cause he’s 60 years old, I don’t know if he has any – if he cares about his image or whatever, but – but if that doesn’t work, then I think, you know, I mean, he’s a nobody, and so I think it – some of these fuckers you need to be made an example of, you know, and just get rid of him, ’cause nobody –

Jones: Use the words. That’s what we want to find out, what your emotion is, (radio static) we’re not asking for some real strategy, now, what do you think should be done with him?

Young Man: Dad, I think he should be killed, and I – you know, I’ll do (radio static) lot of guilt.

Jones: Okay. (Stumbles over words) We appreciate that. We all know the guilt. I know that too, son, but you don’t need to. He, he’ll – What the hell’s he got to do with you?

Young Girl: I – I myself, um, (unintelligible word) I – I could kill Richard without – you know, without any second thought. He’s tried to molest Mishaun (unintelligible words) and stuff, and I – (radio static)

Jones: Another one, huh?

Girl: Another one. I can’t stand his white ass. I never have.

Jones: Well, that’d be something Liane [Harris] ought to know, say, what the hell are you associated with? What the hell are you associated with? You didn’t do that kind of stuff, Dad. Why are you associated with these? Talk to these women. Talk to – You ought to talk to my girlfriends. Make them take a lie detector test, and make – and see their lie detector test. See, there’s another case, there’s another goddamn daughter molester. (Pause) Only one out of the four men isn’t – hasn’t molested their daughter, gone to bed with their own daughter. It’s a suck-ass world, I’m telling you. (Pause) Glad to be off of it. Uh – don’t go in there, go in there, go in there and tell them that, will you?

Young Man: (Unintelligible short sentence) – Mike can tell ’em about it.

Jones: Okay, but you better go in there and check it out with attorney. I think that ought to be mentioned. Goddamn, I (radio static) mix up with that kind of tripe. He – What the hell is he doing that’s cooking? Maybe he’s – maybe Lian’s Dad’s [Sherwin Harris] molesting one of his own daughters now. (Pause) Every blessed one of them has molested their children, or, been a deviate. Like [Tim] Stoen, who going around wearing women’s clothing. Low conversation.

Jones: Okay, well – it’s probably pointless, you got a bunch of decadent pricks – go on, go on, next, what you want to do with them.

Ava Jones: Okay, I thought Jim Cobb and Terri and my uncle shoulda been killed when they first left the cause, and I kinda wiped them out of my mind from being my relatives, and I haven’t said anything publicly, because I’ve been thinking of something that’s realistic, that would – that could happen to them, to destroy them (radio static).

Jones: Makes sense, that’s talk, straight talk.

Second young Woman: I think that uh – I agree with what Ava says, I think they should be wiped out, um, any way possible. I’d do it if we could – if I could go back and not have it reflection on you.

Jones: Umm. That’s good enough. To the point.

Third young Woman: I thought Jim Cobb should be number one – we were talking about number one – because he’s been in it the longer, he’s has the most given to him, he’s seen the most, and uh, I’ve said before, when he’s talking about me going out and having dinner with him and going out for a drink and I told (first name unintelligible) Nelson, said we eat – we’d go out to drink if I had a way to take him a bottle of poison, and shit, I’d do it. And I would. I’d be thinkin’ some kind of way to get rid of him if I could. And – and I’d be willing to do it.

Jones: That’s plain. That’s plain.

Another Woman: I – The same thing with my relatives. I believe that they should stay there back in the fascist states and be tortured to death, whatever happened to them, because when we talk to them on the radio – I just got a letter today that they didn’t believe that it was our voices talking on the radio. So they want to see us in person, but they ain’t gone see neither one of us in person, so I believe they just stay there. (Pause)

Crowd: General noise.

Jones: The one that talked – the one that talked didn’t turn against it – hasn’t turned, has she? The one that you talked to hasn’t turned with them, has she?

Woman: No.

Jones: Um, she just said they didn’t believe it, huh?

Carol Kerns: (Stutters) I know I’d like to kill Jeanette [Kerns] and Ruth [Kerns] (radio static), and I’d be willing to go back and kill ’em myself, if I could make ’em somehow believe that I could go back and – go back in with them and kill ’em somehow, and I mean –

Jones: Umm-hmm.

Carol Kerns: Also, like Jeanette, I know Jeanette knew that like when Philip [Kerns] used to rape me when I was little, she knew – she still knew what was going on and she never helped, tried to help me out or anything like that. (Radio static)

Jones: Say that. There’s another one. Jeanette let the br – older brother rape the daughter and did nothing about it. No wonder they’s such outra – outrageous people.

Woman: And when Jeanette first came to Peoples Temple, she screwed uh, Jim Cobb and uh, she shoplifted and, and done everything rotten, and I – she’s hur – she’s so concerned about her image, I think that she works at St. Mary’s Hospital in Long Beach, I think they ought to know she’s been on drugs, and I think she ought to be killed, and I think –

Jones: They won’t believe it. They won’t believe it. (More deliberately) They will not believe it. Anything socialists say, they will not believe.

Woman: Well, I think they ought to all be killed, and I – before they die, they ought to know why they’re being killed, and I hope they’re scared to death before they die.

Jones: Thank you. Okay. Let’s go.

Young Man: I – I consider my – I consider that bitch, my so-called momma, just as bad as Tim Stoen and – and all the rest of ’em, and I think dying is too easy, I think she ought to have her fat ass whupped with a bat every day.

Jones: Thank you, son. She’s supposed to be in that circle, too. I don’t know whether – anything – he – she kind of lacks, you know, and she think it would appeal, she – she’d – her ego so big, she don’t mind ruining him either, but why’d she think any kind of a call could get her out of a mess, ’cause she’d be in that mess down there. (Pause) Some ideas. Another one? Let’s go.

Woman: Dad, you saying you wanted someone –

Jones: Shh –

Woman: – wanted someone back in the States to get uh, next to these people, and if I’m able for me to get back there, because if I was there, I would be loaded down with some kind of a gas bomb or something, and walk in with a conference. But uh, Colleen Leigan is back there, and she had walked into uh, many different uh, meetings. In uh, this way I think that you can get it over to her without even mention about fighting. And something can be done over there.

Jones: Do you know anyone – (unintelligible)

Woman: Correen Leighans.

Jones: I know, I know Moms, I know Moms –

Woman: She could get in there and –

Jones: (Fatigued) She’s (unintelligible) communal, she’s communal. She could what, do you think?

Woman: Uh, get in there and get – get things done what is supposed to be done over there without even mention about fighting.

Jones: Talk to him – talk to her about this.

New Woman: I think that Jack Arnold [Beam] should be killed, done away with –

Jones: (Still dealing with previous woman) She doesn’t have – She’s has a very bad heart

– Radio traffic. Incidental tape pick-up:

Boy: Well, you shouldn’t be laughing about that anyway.

Low crowd noise. Radio.

Jones: Let’s go.

New Woman: I feel that Jack Arnold [Beam] should be killed, and done away with because you risked your life to save his stupid ass –

Jones: I sure did –

Woman: – when he got in a bunch of shit, and um, if I was back there, I feel that I could go ahead –

Jones: Shift, please.

Woman: – and shoot him, but I feel that he’s chickenshit, ’cause he waited until Jack left the States before he started this shit, because he knew that Jack would probably go kill him, but I believe that he don’t – he don’t deserve any mercy, I just shoot the shit out of him.

Jones: (Radio static) – that baby that I protected him from, that son of a bitch. (Pause) Go ahead.

Young Woman: Okay, as for my relatives, um, I feel that they should be killed, like if they died tonight, or tomorrow, anytime, I wouldn’t care –

Jones: Which ones – oh yeah.

Woman: ‘Cause – I decided, you know, the only reason I got here, ’cause after my mom died, my aunt tried to put me in a – you know – Jones: What the – what the hell is your relative trying to do? They were in this shit too, weren’t they?

Woman: One of my brothers, I don’t know which one it is, I got two there.

Jones: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. Yep.

Woman: But I don’t care what happens. I told them before I left, I’m going to take care of myself, they’re old enough to take care of themselves. So I don’t care what happens to them, really. And it wouldn’t – it wouldn’t bother me if they died tonight.

Jones: Umm-hmm. Umm-hmm. (Pause) Umm-hmm.

Brian Bouquet: My relatives are all racist and have been for the – as many generations back as I can knew of, they’ve been in contact with reporters, Tim Stoen, and I think they all deserve to die, and I b – would be glad to do it myself.

Jones: Thank you, Brian.

Young boy: Um, I – I think dying would be too good for Jack Beam. And I think he ought to be beat to the pulp, and he – he – he was cruel to me, like once, I – I touched his record and asked him if it should be changed, and he hit me as hard as he could.

Jones: Yeah. Thank you, son.

Young Woman: Um, Sandy [Rozynko] knew that – Sandy knew that this was the last hope for many people, including children, and when she wants to ally – ally herself with people who wish to destroy this place, I think she should be wiped out.

Voice in crowd: How? How?

Male voice: How’d you do it?

Woman: Well, you – you were looking for (radio static) of trying to tell people what to do, it happened to occur to me, a good way of beating somebody up is to have them christened like a boat. (Pause)

Jones: Christened like a boat.

Woman: If her skull was – if her skull was split, it would serve a good purpose.

Jones: Umm-hmm. I sure don’t want to be giving that christening of the boat to my – my precious black loved ones back there, ’cause that don’t mean much to anybody but the middle class, and they would definitely get that wrong.

Another Woman: Um, I’d personally like to see Mike [Cartmell] shot, and um –

Jones: Shh, shh!

Woman: I’d have no hesitation whatsoever to (radio static) right in his face and shoot him. And uh, I don’t think it – I think he should be number one on the list. I know a lot – it’s probably some emotional, but I think he’s got a lot of responsibility, ’cause he knows exactly –

Jones: He’s in it. He’s in it.

Woman: And he exposed the black (radio static). In fact, he’s got so much ego, I think that would really crush him.

Jones: Umm-hmm.

Elderly Woman: About my relatives back in the States, I only have a daughter back there, and a foster sister, and um – but I’m sure they think by now that I’m crazy. I haven’t wrote to them, either one of them since I’ve been away from Los Angeles, and I have no intention of doing so. I’ve tried to explain (radio static) about the church and everything, but she doesn’t seem to think anything about it, and I personally am not interested.

Murmurs from crowd.

Woman: And I don’t – I don’t care what happens to them, because I – I just don’t feel the same about them anymore.

Jones: Okay, but they – they might be, to keep them out of this – okay. Think about her, Rita [Tupper?], better get your name, we may have to use you to write something, so these people recruiting uh, recruiting some of these people. (sighs) You got that? Be sure to – they get her with Rita. I think maybe she should just write something.

Middle-aged Woman: Dad, do you remember the night you asked us, uh, which of us wanted our relatives dead, and we had to raise our hands? My hand was one of the first ones that went up, and that bitch who thinks she’s my daughter, my hand goes up on her again tonight.

Jones: Umm-hmm. Umm-hmm. Yep. She’s been a mean one. She’s been a mean one –

Male: What – Dad, I got a son and a daughter back there, and I went to their house for eight years, tried to get them to come to church. And of course my daughter don’t like no parts of you, I couldn’t communicate with her. I don’t care if she’s dead, and I never ever think of her no more, and uh, I know when I was in Ukiah up there, they knew – you know, their mother died up there, they came in one block of my house, twice –

Jones: Dr. [Larry] Schacht –

Man: – to go to the – the grave to put flowers on their mother’s grave, they never even darken my door. Within one block of my house. And I – how I learned it, my little grandson, about eight years old, he made a mistake and told it on ’em. And they tried to shut him up. I didn’t say anything about it, but I know then they didn’t care anything about me, and when you had me writing letters back there to my kids, I hated to do it, but I did it anyway –

Jones: They held his checks, tried to forge his checks –

Man: Sure did – sure did, tried to st – stop my checks. And Dad, I’d kill them today, if I could get to them, both of them. (Radio static) Get rid of that there, uh, all them people there that has done all this damage to the church. You see, they don’t know too much about me. I was always quiet around there. They just may not know me. I’d like to get back there, maybe I could stop some of this.

Jones: He’s a good man, he was great man for – you were – you were saved for something, but I’d like to think of something better than that. Man: Yes, Dad, I had –

Jones: You were – you were saved, you ruptured appendix here, no way he should have lived to get into Georgetown on the boat –

Man: Doctor called it a chronic ulcer, wasn’t no way to get rid of it, ‘ca – wasn’t no way to cure it. And I feel fine, Dad. I thank you so much for that, Dad. I kind of appreciate that.

Jones: Yep. Yep, yep.

Man: One thing I’m so sorry for, I’m not able to get out and work like I desire. I know how to work, but I’m just not able to do anything that I want to do, and it worries me. It really bugs me.

Jones: No, no, no, don’t worry about it.

Man: It really bugs me. I thank you, Dad.

Jones: You – you do things. You work.

Man: Thank you.

Jones: Go ahead. Shift, please. (Pause) All right, let’s move along.

Young Woman: Dad, my so-called sister, uh, Vicki Moore, I’m sure is in on this, and I believe there’s no doubt in my mind, um –

Jones: Yeah, she’s in it –

Woman: I don’t know if she realizes that her own son testified that she molested her younger son, and he witnessed it. Uh –

Jones: She knows. He – She did it.

Woman: I think she ought to be eliminated. I – I think death is too easy. She’s always been afraid of pain, and consequently afraid of death. I think she should be perhaps overdosed with a drug that can’t be reversed the way she overdosed a patient, so that she can experience some of the suffering she put somebody else through, and then die.

Jones: Nice group of people we got against – working against us, aren’t they. Burglars, child molesters, went to bed with their own son, mother, (stumbles over words) there ain’t no use talking about getting these people humane. Like talking to shit trying to turn into a pearl. Uh, yes, uh, go ahead.

Woman: I wonder if you might have a long sign made with sheets, that um, there could be people waiting at the side of this conference, and someone just talk in front of the uh, TV screen, with a sign (radio static) all these people have done these things with a list, and then instruct the people that um, that traitors might be provoked to violence, so there should be sure to be our people there to make sure that not one hair on our head gets hurt, or something like that. It might not –

Jones: (Musing) I hadn’t thought about – I hadn’t thought uh, uh (long pause) (radio static) – ask them, how long – nobody hesitate to ask – I – I hadn’t thought about the placards, I thought the placards should be used, I don’t know whether they got the time, but I definitely thought they ought to have some placards (static). That’s one goddamn thing you can do. (Pause) (More emphatic). You can. Sure as hell can, it’s truth. Let ’em sue, what the hell – who they gonna sue? Us over here? (Pause) Okay, let’s go.

Young boy: I’d like to kri – kill Grace Stoen and Tim Stoen. I’ll go back and do it right now. (Pause)

Jones: He said he wanted – what’d he want to do, what’d he say?

Woman: Tie a rope around Gra – tie a rope around Grace’s tittie and hang her down in the water until she drown. And some other people could think of some things like this, but he’s six years old, and he’s this imaginative.

Jones: She wouldn’t like that. (Laughs) Go ahead.

Joyce Touchette: Okay. (Pause) I gave Mickey up several years ago, um, as a daughter. I do not even think of her as a daughter at this time, and I would be willing to go back and um, uh, shoot her, um, do her in completely. When we talked to her on the radio, and she was just like a robot. She sounded um, uh – she sounded just like Sandy Rozynko. You couldn’t tell them apart. They were –

Jones: They were both alike.

Joyce: Just alike.

Jones: You couldn’t tell the difference. They talk about brainwashing –

Joyce: Yeah –

Jones: You oughta heard them. They were brainwashed so much, they sounded exactly like each other.

Joyce: That’s right. You – you couldn’t have told them apart –

Jones: (static) You’re right. (Pause)

Boy: Dad, I think that uh, somehow that my grandparents should be – shouldn’t (static for several seconds) have something to do with my grandmother, because I – she has a way of manipulating, and I think that if they mysteriously disappear, nobody knows what happened, we could get some money from them. Thank you, Dad.

Jones: Thank you.

Young teen boy: Okay – okay, Dad for me, first of all, I want to personally be – have a chance to kill my mom, and for the lady who’s talkin’ about um, how my grandmother (static) put all these uh, lies in my mind, I think the bitch oughta be gotten (unintelligible word) before the fact that uh, she worked two months for a rich white woman, (unintelligible word) and took care of her like a little slave bitch. And I wish – I wish I personally could get both of them. That’s all I have to say. Thank you, Dad.

Jones: You look like you’re well-equipped there.

Child: Dad, I don’t know how much Leena’s in it, but she’s scared of water. I think she should drown.

Jones: (Laughs)

Young Male: Dad, I – I’d like to say for my relatives, my brother and my sister, if I’da known that – uh, I coulda did it when I was back in the States, I’da killed them both right there on the spot. (Pause)

Another young Male: Dad, I’m willing (static)

Crowd noise.

Jones: Shh! Give ’em a quick answer and be done with it.

Youth: I think – I think since they ain’t never done nothing for us, um, I think, I would do – I would go by – I would go back there myself and um, I think death is too easy for them, and I’d do it myself, torture them to death.

Jones: They’re on the damn – they’re on the damn uh, steps too, you know, your grandparents, they were in there. Trying to get your mother, trying to put her in jail. Houston. Yeah, they’re there.

Youth: I know, the only reason why they’re doing this, trying to get some money from –

Jones: That’s all. Trying to hurt your mother. But we got her, shipping her out. Cost us another twelve, thirteen hundred dollars a month, for a few more months, ’cause – goddamn, they own us thousands of dollars for this shit, not to call the pain.

Youth: Thank you, Dad.

Jones: Thank you. (Pause, then burps) Excuse me.

Woman: All of my family except two of my brothers have been – had a opportunity to come to hear uh, Jim Jones in uh, Detroit, and the other ones came in L.A. And as far as I’m concerned, if they’re not here, they had a chance to hear and to know the truth of socialism, and as far as I’m concerned, if they’re not here, they’re just like anybody else, they should die just like uh, any other person who is foolish enough to stay in the same ass backwards situation.

Jones: Umm-hmm.

Woman: And if I had a chance – whatever is necessary to do, I would do it, because it – as far as I’m concerned, they can all just kiss my ass because they came to all – four – my mother, my mother was saved, my father was saved, and all my hooligan-ass brothers they were saved from a lot of different things by Jim Jones –

Jones: Yep.

Woman: – and if they’re not here, whatever condition they’re in, (More emphatic) by them hearing the truth, their lives in itself is fastly disintegrating. My mother is sick, never will get over it, my dad’s sick mentally –

Jones: Yeah –

Woman: – and physically, and he never will get over it.

Jones: Put a lot of creative – uh, put a lot of creative descriptions of the beauty of the things here, livestock and the chicken and so forth, you know, the flowers and the parrots. Different examples in there. Make it homey. Thank you.

Youth: Dad, for what my uh, relatives did to try to kill her on the steps –

Jones: What’s that, honey?

Youth: For what my relatives did to try to kill Mother on the steps, um, I don’t know how – I don’t know how they – they ain’t my relatives for one thing, and one thing I will want um, to do with them is, when I catch ’em, I’d like to torture ’em for the rest of their damn lives.

Jones: Thank you.

Woman: Father, for what I care about my relatives, the Butkus (?), they should have been dead 13 years ago, ’cause they been seeing me 13 years, that they been stealing my (static) and lying on me, and saying that I’m getting a certain amount of money, and I wasn’t getting it. So I hope they’re – someone would blow ’em up – If I had a, a, a machine gun, I’d b – blow all five of them up. If it was left up to me –

Jones: (Laughs)

Woman: – they’d go to hell right now. ‘Cause that’s the way I feel about ’em. I don’t want to see ’em, ’cause if I see them go back there, that’s the first ones I’ll kill.

Jones: (Laughs)

Walter Cartmell: Dad, I’d uh, (clears throat) be willing to go back, take care of –

Jones: That’s kind of direct action, I think. (Pause) Yes, Walter.

Walter: I’d be willing to go back and take care of any of ’em, uh, however I could kill ’em, I’d b – be willing to do it, plus Mike, he’s spent 19 of – of your life has been wasted with him.

Jones: Yeah.

Walter: See him through school and college and – he’s going to be a lawyer, and then he turns you down. I’d be willing to kill him anyway I could get him. I’d love to get my hands on him.

Jones: (Emphatic) So would I. I never thought I’d come to such a mess as this, but I sure would.

Youth: My brother’s a punk, and he need to die, and I hope he’s around the steps when they see me coming around with a (unintelligible word).

Jones: Good.

Girl: For my so-called sister Leena, who’s hanging around with Jim Cobb and those guys, I’m sure she’s some part of it –

Jones: No, she’s in it, Noya (?) –

Girl: Ah, she’s – she’s really paranoid, and she’s – she’s paranoid, and I think we should work on that, plus um, she used to like the way I cook, so I can put some arsenic in her food or something like that.

Jones: Rat poison, huh? That’s good. Let’s go –

Young Male: I think that Mickey – I think that Mickey should die a very slow and agonizing death, and I’d like to be the one to go back and do it.

Jones: Thank you.

Woman: I think my so-called uncle Rick Cordell should be – should die a slow, meaningful death for a long time, and I’d like to say to the rest of my family, I think you should be up here to say, bye Rick Cordell. Don’t come up to the front now, just get in line.

Jones: (Tired) No, no – I don’t want no more talk on – on Rick Cordell right now, uh, now that’s enough. They – they ought – they – they – they ought to let it be known, though, they should’ve have been, that’s true.

Male: I’d like to take my so-called dad and my sister and stab them to death with a pair of scissors, and run ’em piece by piece through a garbage disposal. Laughter, clapping.

Jones: (Laughs) (Calls out a cry in foreign language). I believe in that kind of killing. Some of this shit – I – I – They ought to be dead. I don’t know, but when he talk about cuttin’ ’em up with scissors and putting ’em through the garbage disposal piece by piece, then I – I rather believe you are slightly serious.

Girl: Dad, I think that uh, Cindy and Jack Beam are being behind my dad all the time, because um, he was scared when he first took me – he wouldn’t even go past the church (radio interference) alley, he was so scared. And I think that um, since Cindy’s afraid of heights, she should have to um, I don’t know, climb up some building and fall off or some shit, and then Jack should um, be beat and um, that um, since Danny gets in so many car wrecks, then he should get in some kind of car accident and be killed and like that, and Robin can go with him –

Jones: Hmm.

Girl: – and um, I don’t know, my dad can have some caterpillar fall on him, or something.

Jones: (Laughs) This is good for some of our blood pressure tonight. Shit. (Laughs)

New Girl: I know that – (microphone turns off then on) Alice Small (?) won’t be on the first steps, but I’m sure she’s got a – a right and left hand in this plot –

Jones: Oh, she’s in it, yeah.

Girl: – and she’s a very devious bitch –

Jones: She was here. I mean, she had – she had backing to get in this embassy here.

Girl: – and she’s caused Dad a lot of problems in the government here, and I would personally (More emphatic) personally personally would like to strangle every vein and throat and muscle in her fucking body.

Jones: (Laughs) Diane ah – Diane – Diane met Garry Lambrev and beat the shit out of him in the – in a restaurant, you know. That was the best – that’s the only one – one thing that kept me going, (stumbles over words) in the middle of our White Night, said he – she met him coming through a door, and beat the shit out of him right there in the revolving door. (Laughs)

Laughter and scattered applause

Jones: That did my soul good.

Male: Dad, I have a sister – only sister I have, I tried to get her in to come to the Temple and she never would come, so I have a son did come to the church, but he stopped, and then Davis son, he not – I could never get him in here, so I (unintelligible phrase) until he was dead (unintelligible word).

Jones: (unintelligible) Go ahead.

Young boy: Sherwin Harris is a fascist bastard, and I personally would like – I would poke out his eyes, tear his muscles off his body, limb by – limb by limb, and then (Pause) through him down the shithole until he drowns.

End of tape

Tape originally posted October 2000