Q602 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Side 1: Blank

Side 2: 15 minutes of silence

Jones: He hasn’t seen you like that. He doesn’t see any fascist force. I think it’s a reasonable assumption. I’ve heard it– I wanted to hear it from the Russian point of view, though, (Pause) ‘cause they’ve known what it is to see uh, (Pause) socialist governments go down. But he said there’s no fascist force here to take over. If it were uh, fall, it would be a quasi kind of capitalist government, but it wouldn’t– not be a torturous type of fascism anyway. (Pause) Okay, let’s again take the vote. Those who want relationships, who want the privilege to live apart, until what? Till the ba– child’s born or until after? (Pause) Until pregnancy? You want to impose that?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: What? It is three– it’s going on three o’clock in the morning, if you guys simplify this goddamn thing for me, I– I would like– uh–

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: I got fourteen hands. If I let every one of you talk, I will not be able to possibly get up with this Russian tomorrow.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Do you want to in­– preclude that? How many here wanted to– voted for the change, want to include the one clause of, when you’re pregnant, then you will come together.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Well, obviously, uh, to come together, they will be.

Male: (too soft)

Jones: Oh, yes, they should have a– a responsibility for a child, yes.

Male: (too soft)

Jones: (Sighs) Oh Lord. (Pause) I don’t know how you’re gonna control this, I really don’t know. (Yawns) Come master mathematician. And toying with liberalism. I don’t see how in the hell we can do it. It’s wonderful to talk about in theory, but I don’t know how in the hell in practice we’re going to be able to enforce it.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Male 1: (unintelligible) I– I– I– I appreciate your trying (unintelligible) help us all, but (unintelligible word) I just spoke my mind, I–

Jones: Good. Good.

Male 1: Also, you– you can keep voting over and over, and people are saying they vote every time, so it might be better to wait for people just to think about it and vote again some other time (unintelligible word)

Jones: Let’s take one more vote. Then they’ve got something to think about. How man– then– then I– I shall (stumbles over words) I shall put the one– So how many of you again said you want to put the clause of pregnancy in? I think the majority of you that said that, the ones who voted for it. But you then come together, because I don’t see how you’re going to bring up a child any other way. Be bunch of uh, malarkey. Okay, then. How many want uh, the uh, relationship changed, altered only to the degree that you can live apart? Until pregnancy.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Well, what the hell. You people got less votes this time than you did the last time.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Anybody that’s in a relationship, out of relation– anybody that’s sexually interested. And can function.

Crowd: (Laughter, hubbub)

Jones: How many again vo– voting for the change? Let’s see it again? (Pause) Hold your hands up high. I have to count these hands.

Male 2: Put ‘em high.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Okay, uh, now. Fifty-two. How many are opposed? (Pause)

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: I didn’t vo– I didn’t count you, Leon [Perry].

Crowd: (Laughter)

Jones: I– I protest against that kinda vote. (Pause) I didn’t uh, count another brother back there. (Pause) Seventy-seven to fifty-two. And a whole lotta folk I guess are over the hill. (Pause) Okay, that’s where it stands for now. We will enforce the present law. (Pause) That’s fine. Six months? If we’re here. Or wherever we are. (small laugh) If they do it– if they do it in the ethereal plane, we’ll vote there (unintelligible word) All right, now that’s uh– that’s it. I– I don’t– I don’t want to discuss this shit no more if I don’t have to. It’s going on three o’clock.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Marceline: Have we decided what Bruce is going to do? It’s Bruce, so–

Jones: Decide with what he’s going to do.

Marceline: Well, I ju– I just want to know what Bruce is going to do, I want it–

(Jim ands Marceline speak over each other, both unintelligible.)

Jones: –I thought you said he and Karen were be in (unintelligible word under Marceline.)

Marceline: Okay, that’s what I wanted to know– Understand that.

Jones: –in a relationship.

Marceline: Treat her right.

Jones: Is that right? You two going in a relationship?

Voice in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Knowing that– knowing that this is over, is that what you want to do? (Pause) You don’t want to do that. Well, what do you want to do?

Voices in crowd:

Bruce: Just– Just be by myself.

Jones: Hmm?

Bruce: Be by myself.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft, about being “impossible”)

Jones: How long, son, (stumbles over words) because you see you got something started here. And it’s always the way we’ve done it. You got something started, you stay with it. Now, if you were going to be by yourself, you’ll have to be cold, barren ass by yourself for six months. Is that what– You know what you’re talking about?

Bruce: Yes, Dad.

Jones: I don’t think you do.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Hmm?

Male: (too soft)

Marceline: Right. I think she has something to say about this too.

Karen: I don’t want to raise (unintelligible word, could be “children”), no.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: (under breath) –doesn’t accomplish a thing. Hmm?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: What’d she say, what’d she say?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Voice in crowd: You don’t want a relationship.

Jones: Do you wish to uh– What– what kind of relationship are you having? Talking? What was the term of the relationship? I don’t want to have this thing reviewed over and again. (Pause) Yes, I– I want kind of uh, how– What is the terms of what you want to do with him and how you want him to treat you and so forth, so we’ll have it understood, and he understands it so we can go out of here with a (Pause) measure of peace on this subject.

Karen: There’s nothing there. I mean, it’s just over. I mean, he doesn’t have anything to say wi– to me. That’s it.

Jones: Do you accept that? (Pause)

Bruce: Yes, Dad.

Jones: Now we wish to– she freed him, do we wish to bind him to uh, any period of time? (Pause) Do we wish to bind him to any period of time, with no relationship? ‘Course, I don’t know what else she’d say when you tell her you don’t want her.

Marceline: Yeah, I mean, I– (sighs) If I were Karen, I wouldn’t want you either, after you’ve stood here for fifteen minutes saying you didn’t want her.

Bruce: She told me before many times that she didn’t want me, Dad.

Jones: Who, Karen?

Bruce: Yes, Dad. That she– Yes, (unintelligible under Jones)

Jones: I don’t know what you guys have (unintelligible word). Huh.

Crowd: (Hubbub)

Male 3 (could be Stephan Jones): All right, come on, man, uh, if you got something to say, everybody raise their hand (unintelligible)–

Jones: Okay. They neither one wanted each other. Do you want to bind him to any period of time at all? That’s what I want to hear from the body. I– I don’t give a continental shit about this, at this juncture.

Marceline: I think– I think–

Jones: I mean I give a continental shit about you, but I don’t give a continental shit if you take up with a giraffe tomorrow.

Marceline: I think they should be bound uh– I think for three months, neither one of them should even think about a relationship with someone else.

Jones: I don’t know how you can take a guy from where he’s at, and put him in three months like that. I don’t– I– If he can make that miracle swing, I’ll uh, take my hat off that I don’t have. Where he’s been hung up with a woman as a mother figure, and then tighten him to three months? If he lives with it, that’ll be uh, tremendous, but that– that’s why I say you’re setting expectations beyond what I woulda called or– ordinary reality. ‘Cause I can see him uh, searching, searching, searching, searching, he’ll go back to search with her and (unintelligible word) obviously it’s over, and uh, that why I want her to understand it, because I– my– my– if I’ve got you pegged right, you’re gonna– you– you’re not uh– you’re not up to what you’re intellectually saying, emotionally. You lean too heavily on a sister. And that’s why I want to understand, does she want to talk to you, does she want to be any kind of co– ca– uh, relationship with him at all? What do you want to be ? Hello and goodbye? Is that what you want?

Karen: No, he don’t even have to say that.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Marceline: I– I want to sa– I– I know you’re right, I know you’re right, Dad, and I– probably he should be, uh, you know– shouldn’t be held to that. But I hope that the sisters in here realize that if we’re gonna have– be able to help Bruce (Pause) that they don’t allow him to use them, and that’s what you been doing, you been using them.

Jones: And some dumb other sister’ll be under him, if he don’t have the sense, the integrity, to uh– to do better with himself. Be some other woman back in his sick goddamn game, and that’s why, Bruce, you’ll have to make the difference. I do not trust these females either. I’m gone tell you.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: And I better see the bitch show some strength, and I’d like to see it out of you. I’d like to see a man take the initiative for once. (Pause) But the three months business, I– I’m not a– I’m not uh, wanting to torture him. And I don’t think he’s emotionally up to going three months without a– uh, without companionship, he’s just jumped from childhood–

Bruce: Dad, I– I think– I think I do need to stay by myself, ‘cause– ‘cause I have had a lady ever since I was thir– twelve or thirteen. Ever since then and all the time.

Jones: That’s fine, son, if you want to do it. And you’ll be a greater man, if you do do it. And I– we could then depend upon you at every post, if you achieve it. But these people are prepared to put you under a vote like that, and I don’t think that the vote is realistic expectations. I’ll be glad to be proven wrong.

Marceline: I re– I really think that– you know, I admire you for saying that. And I think the sisters in here have a duty to help him emancipate himself, and I don’t want to see any of you chasing him.

Jones: (Scoffs) Oh. Would you want to make a– What– What is– What is the penalty?

Marceline: Well, someone help me with the penalty.

Jones: What is the penalty if they do?

Voices in crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: Now, it– it still rests with you, how much of it goes on. But I don’t trust some of these women, I don’t think they got enough gray matter between their head, they don’t deserve the wo– the title woman, they’ve been oppressed, they’ve seen women suffer, they don’t deserve it, the damn simple-ass bitches can’t even stay awake, some of you.

Voices in crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: You better not– you better not square ass in on him, ‘cause I’m gone lay– I’m gone nail you, if you contribute to his delinquency.

Marceline: That’s right.

Jones: ‘Cause y’all been nailed (stretches out word) long time ago.

Marceline: I’ll help you nail ‘em, Dad.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Because he– his best was retarded. Uh, potential was completely submerged. (Pause) Okay. (stumbles over words) Make your vote. I don’t give a damn how you vote. You want– (stumbles over words) He feels he ought to live without a sister? Right. Fine. But do you want to set it for how long?

Male 4: Well, if he– (unintelligible under Jones)

Jones: You make– you make him– (unintelligible word) you make the statement.

Bruce: Three months.

Jones: Hmm?

Bruce: Three months.

Jones: You want to go– you– you feel you’re up to that?

Bruce: Yes, Dad.

Male 5: What happens if you break that?

Bruce: (unintelligible word)– Whatever the punishment–

Male 5: No, what do you–

Bruce: Learning Crew, or Lear– I just– Learning Crew, the b– box, whatever. (unintelligible word) I mean–

Jones: Will you do us the honor to– to mention it uh, if you feel you can’t live with it?

Bruce: I– I don’t understand–

Male 5: Will you come– Will you come back– (unintelligible under Bruce)

Bruce: Yes, Dad. Yes, Dad.

Jones: Yes. ‘Cause I’d like to see somebody live up to their word or at least c– counsel to it, you know. I’da– I’d appreciate that. All right. Unless anybody else feels I– I think there’s some, uh– I– I don’t think there’s any merit for– for Learning in the– in the case.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Where does he live? I don’t know.

Marceline: What about his–

Jones: Well, what’re you laughing and snickering about, fool?

Marceline: We gotta make arrangements for him tonight.

Jones: You think– you think it’s big fun, do you?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Whoever laugh like that.

Male in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: He– Don’t take joy in other people’s sorrow. You’re a piss poor socialist when you do.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Fine. Learn– Learn when to laugh, you know, and when not to.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Oh yeah. (Pause) No, uh, I would like to have my special people keep this Learning Crew records and work with Tom (unintelligible name) or Sue Rosa– Sue (unintelligible name) appeal my judgments. How poor I am trying to learn from Tom how to handle situations better. I am trying to learn to be less defensive. Pleased advise Penny [Kerns].

Male in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: Yeah?

Male in crowd: He– He’s full of fucking shit (unintelligible)

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Marceline: (fades in) And I told her to write it down, I was not taking it verbally, and I handed it to Ava. So let this– She’s up there, and she’s gonna keep on doing what she’s doing.

Jones: Well, then, tell her, she’s gonna keep on doing what she gone do. Is that it?

Male 6: I hope so.

Jones: I hope so too. Now– hold it, hold it. You got to– You got to uh– We’re gonna have to go through uh– We can’t get up before nine o’clock, for Christ’s sakes, at this rate.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: He’s getting up at 9:30. (tape cuts off) His breakfast will be at 9:30. The brav– the great hero of the liberation. Nine o’clock is the first uh, up– (Pause) Hey? Ten o’clock?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Then we finish at 3. Hmm?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: I hear you. (Pause) Yeah, tomorrow, uh, in the afternoon. I think the (unintelligible word) meeting in the afternoon and the socialist class is at night.

Marceline: Could I– Excuse me.

Jones: Some Russian films he– he le– left those Russian films. He gone leave those films with us? Sharon, do you know anything about that?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Oh, he sure as hell can’t expect us to do it tomorrow night, and get ‘em back to him.

Marceline: Okay.

Sharon: (unintelligible)

Jones: Okay. Okay.

Marceline: Another thing. Could I please– If (unintelligible interruption under Jones)

Jones: Is it all right now? Everybody uh– Nine? The six o’clock people at nine, the– the seven o’clock people, ten.

Marceline: (fades in) –want to say this. If the (unintelligible word) I– We cannot wait–

Jones: I– Wait– Hold it, hold it. Hold it, hold it. That’d be 3:30. Right?

Marceline: Mmm. But the nursery people–

Jones: Everybody be on the field at– by 10:30.

Male in crowd: Yes.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Marceline: We– we cannot leave the night crew in that nursery and wait for the day crew to come on at ten o’clock. It cannot be done, will not– For one thing, those babies won’t wait to be fed and so forth, so I would like for the nursery crew (unintelligible word) in there in back, and some of you come on earlier tomorrow.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Marceline: Well, you’ll work that out. Right? Okay. Thank you. (Pause)

Jones: Please, at this hour, what– What is it?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: What’d you say?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: (Sighs) The Jonestown police better do it. You’ll have (unintelligible word) real confusion in production. I’ve got to keep production, I do.

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Then go to where they get up at uh– They what?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Some at nine, they get up at nine, and then some get up (Pause) at ten, isn’t it?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: What’s that? What’s that?

Voices in crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: Well, you pa– you better stay in that bed. You better stay in that bed, and don’t bother people. They better stay in that bed.

Voices in crowd: (Hubbub)

Jones: You– you (unintelligible word, sounds like “fogified”) people, young and old, you better stay in a bed. What?

Male in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: I didn’t clear no laundry workers. All begin her day at the same time. So don’t start no lot of excitement and confusion. Everybody – everybody – 9:30. We need to know at nine o’clock. And ten. And then off till 3:30. We’ll go till 3:30. Well, tell him– tell that Russian tomorrow we’re putting in– just a special day for production. We want to do it because our production goals were down. Right?

Male in crowd: Right. (unintelligible)

Jones: But normally we don’t.

James: (unintelligible)

Jones: What’s that?

James: James (unintelligible) 25 buckets to offlo– to offload the fish.

Jones: James says he needs 25– We need 25 buckets to o– offload the fish?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

James: Well, we got 25 buckets (unintelligible)

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: I had a hundred and seventy-five buckets. (Pause) How many got a bucket?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: Will you get the bucket in here in the morning? (unintelligible word) you need it right now?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: What’s that?

Voices in crowd: (Too soft)

Jones: All of you go and get your buckets and bring ‘em back, after you’ve told three miracles that’s important. You gotta bring the buckets back to the radio office.

Voices in crowd: (Hubbub as meeting breaks up)

Jones: Shh, shh, shh-shh.

Voices in crowd: (Hubbub)

Male in crowd: (unintelligible)

Jones: Who’s this?

Male 7: It’s (unintelligible name). You can’t read it, but it’s (unintelligible) he and Robert Franklin worked two days with Darell Keller. He– They–

End of tape

Tape originally posted May 2013