Q624 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Electronic hum.

Phone rings twice

Male: Hello?

Woman: Uh, David Dupont, please.

Male: What?

(Two people briefly speak over each other, unintelligible)


Jenny: Oh, Dave.

Dave: Yes.

Jenny: How are you?

Dave: Fine.

Jenny: I– I got up this morning and I was thinking about you.

Woman: What– what– what was your name again?

Jenny: Oh, uh, Jenny Cheek.

Woman: What?

Jenny: Jenny Cheek.

Woman: Jenny? All right.

Dave: Yes.

Jenny: Yeah, I was thinking about you, and I decided I’d give you a call.

Dave: You were, huh.

Jenny: Yeah. How are you?

Dave: Fine.

Jenny: That’s good. How’s Karen?

Dave: Fine.

Jenny: Good.

Dave: I’m just sleeping late this morning.

Jenny: Oh well, that’s good.

Dave: Yeah, so how’s everything with you?

Jenny: Oh, pretty good. Uh, I was to planning to go home with you the other night.

Dave: You were?

Jenny: But I thought at the last minute, you know, you probably had some things to talk over.

Dave: Yeah, uh-huh.

Jenny: Yeah. Well, I’m always glad to see you, and– anytime you wish to visit me.

Dave: Mmm-hmm [Yes].

Jenny: Uh, I hope that you will.

Dave: Yeah. Why did you call person-to-person?

Jenny: Well, uh, (Pause) I– You know, you know how the money situation is with me.

Dave: Mmm-hmm [Yes].

Jenny: Yeah, it’s kind– kinda nil. (Laughs)

Dave: Mmm-hmm. Yeah. (Coughs)

Jenny: Yeah. Uh– I uh– You know that our friend loves you.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: You know, obviously that he does.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: Uh, because uh, if he didn’t, uh, you know, with you saying, uh, you know, that uh, you tape government officials, which is a actual, uh, dif– uh, offense. So obvi–

Dave: No, not those, not those people. Uh-uh [No].

Jenny: So obviously he cares, and you know you have a friend in him, Dave.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: Uh, you know that he never meant you any harm.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: Even though you gave uh, in writing that you forged a check.

Dave: (Startled) What?

Jenny: You know that uh, he uh– You know that you uh, gave in writing that you forged a check.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: Yeah.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: Uh, you know this is obvious proof that he cares for you.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: And you know, as long as you don’t do any harm to his people, uh, he’ll be there to help you.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: Uh– You know that, don’t you?

Dave: Yeah.

Jenny: Yeah, so the best thing for you to do uh, is get yourself back in.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: Don’t you agree?

Dave: (Inhales) Well, I don’t know. (Pause) I– I really don’t know.

Jenny: Well, why? Why don’t you know?

Dave: Well I– I just don’t know. I just– just been thinking about it.

Jenny: Oh, well. (Clears throat) Okay, I just thought I would uh, you know, call you and talk to you.

Dave: Well, yeah, well, I appreciate it.

Jenny: Yeah, well, I know you do.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: Well, uh– Listen, Dave. You know about uh, the dental bill?

Dave: Yes.

Jenny: Is there any way you can pay it off now?

Dave: (Exhales) Not at this time.

Jenny: Yeah, you know– you know I– there isn’t any way I can pay it.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: There’s no possible way.

Dave: There’s– there’s no way that I can pay it off whatsoever at this time.

Jenny: Oh. Okay. Just thought I would ask.

Dave: You know.

Jenny: So everybody’s okay down there.

Dave: Oh yeah, everybody’s fine.

Jenny: That’s good. (unintelligible name) and uh–

Dave: Boyd.

Jenny: Yeah, Dwayne?

Dave: Oh, yeah. They’re just fine. No problem whatsoever.

Jenny: Okay.

Dave: So how’s Kim?

Jenny: Oh, she’s fine.

Dave: So what has Kim had to say?

Jenny: What?

Dave: What has Kim had to say?

Jenny: Oh, well she uh, you know, goes to school, and I, you know, how we don’t sometimes get together when– sit down and talk.

Dave: Yeah. So how’s Kim’s grades?

Jenny: Oh, they’re– they’re pretty good.

Dave: Have you been there to see her teachers?

Jenny: No, I haven’t, but I will.

Dave: Or have you talked to her?

Jenny: Who? The teachers?

Dave: Kim.

Jenny: Oh, ye– uh, yeah, we’ve talked– yeah, I’ve talked to her about her grades, right–

Dave: Uh, what’d she say?

Jenny: Told her what, you know, you said about ‘em.

Dave: Mmm-hmm.

Jenny: Well, listen, I know this is long distance–

Dave: Right–

Jenny: –and costing you some money. So.

Dave: Okay. So let’s– I’ll let you go, okay?

Jenny: Okay.

Dave: Okay.

Jenny: Good to hear your voice.

Dave: Okay. Bye.

Jenny: Tell Karen hi.

Dave: All right. Bye.

Jenny: Bye.

Tape originally posted April 2006