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(This tape was transcribed by Katherine Hill. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

Jones: (speaking at a slow pace) –all waiting. The reporter has told us in our demand that he just had been overwhelmed by this very difficult time of the year where the budget changes are being made, but he was highly impressed and will be printing our story. He was highly impressed about the performance. In fact, the editor and publisher of the G– Guyana Chronicle, the largest newspaper in Guyana, the organ of the Peoples National Congress, the ruling party of the vanguard of Marxist-Leninism under Dr. [Forbes] Burnham, stated that it’s the talk of the town. Our talent, cultural, and entertainment musical program is the talk of the town. So those are good breakthroughs.

Remember all citizens of Jonestown must have a list got in immediately to the Central Supply of your properties. All people– Vernetta Christian can give you the names of those who have been involved in conspiracy of thefts– will have to have their lists of property posted. Then emergency inspections will have to take place – unexpected, unaware – to check people’s property to see that the people do not steal from the people. It is one thing to talk in capitalism of stealing from big stores, corporations which can clearly be shown are properties of the bourgeoisie and the ruling class. But to steal from your own fellow comrade is stealing people’s property that’s to be shared equally and will be considered the most henious [heinous] and horrendous and disgusting of crimes against the people. It will be stopped. Any other ideas of measures of intelligence to stop it whose intelligence operations reporting consistently that saved Nigeria from being hoodwinked, the richest oil-rich nation in Africa– the richest nation in Africa, black nation that [U.S. President Jimmy] Carter attempted to hoodwink. The only way it was stopped, [was] through a strong secret service intelligence, where people informed on those that were working against the government and against the social order that was protecting the people. Our social order is clearly proven to protect the people. (Unintelligible word) Isaac Edwards, saving his life, willing to put out $25,000, even in spite of my miraculous intervention that made unheard-of miraculous breakthroughs. Fractures like that always leave brain damage, blindness or paralysis or death. He’s been released, perfectly made whole. The same with Rose Shelton.

Remember: all sticks– canes are to be utilized by people in their walking and distributed with socialist equanimity and fairness. All flyswatters are to be in use constantly. I want to see everyone– there not enough being done right now in the town forum and in the rice tents and over in the dining area. Use those flyswatters everywhere you go, where you walk, swat them on buildings, in restrooms, everywhere. Swat flies. That’s the way that communists have defeated flies in certain places, as in China, whose domestic policies are good, though their foreign policies out of their paranoia and racial chauvinism and fears have caused them to have a very unacceptable foreign policy. But their war on flies has been magnificent. Step it up. Use your flyswatters. Everyone is required to use your flyswatters, and I will not say more about it. I love you very much, and I wanted to get that across to you. Thank you very much.

News will be again midday and mid-evening. Digest the news, because tests are going to be more severe. You are expected to notice and take note of every nation in Africa, the nations in Guyana, our province, what is happening in various provinces, and our commitment as Guyanese – the government – to Belize, British Honduras, in its model for liberation from the fascist Guatemalan regime that’s upheld and supported by the corporate ruling class elite of US fascist uh, capitalism, as well as Nicaragua, where the women are on a total hunger strike through the capital. Brave women, resisting the oppressive regime of the 44-year dictator. Forty-four years he’s dictated with an iron hand over the Nicaraguan people. [Anastasio] Somoza. And it’s interesting to know that Guyana, as small a nation as it is, has taken firm stands, and guarantees have been given from Guyana to Belize, formerly known as British Honduras – look it up – in Central America, firm assurance has been given by Guyana to defend the sovereignty of Belize against any intrusion or acts of aggression by Guatemala. We need to know all of these spots of the world. Every news that I’ve given. So study your mop– your map in every spare moment.

Inspection people: please, get everything in absolute order. Look around for every little piece of debris, every ugly eyesore. Put up some proper signs and get the flag up at the gate – small or large – so that we’ll show that we are Guyanese. Have a flag in clear display, prominent display in many areas. And have everything in apple pie order. Cleanly as possible. If during the visit of the guest we have to take the fly traps away [that] smell very badly, we will do that. But there will be 35 prominent professional people, teachers, here tomorrow. So we must be prepared. The Soviet Embassy is due at any time. The radio operators (Unintelligible word) tell that the Soviet officials are more than welcome to come on our boat to bring them in (pause) to see– to see the beauty of this lovely land. But tell them, of course, the boat has to leave rather early to get back with the oil. It has to leave Friday or Saturday. But the Soviets might be ready, if you’re contacting them, Paula [Adams], if you contact them today. We’d like them to see how earthy we are, how we have overcome elitism, that all of us share and share alike. There’s no ageism, no sexism, no racism, and no barriers by those who are leaders in this vanguard of socialist liberation in Jonestown.

Bring your reports in for music– special music that you want. I do ask that you try to appreciate some of the classicals and symphonics, where there’ve been real concerns for liberation, like [Freddy] Breck who is a communist and now lives in East Germany and resisted the Nazis valiantly at the point of being tortured and– and incarcerated. All those kind of music, with themes of people who lived their lives, like Victor Jara, should be primary of interest. But we will play your music. A lot of you do not have tapes in, so we don’t have as broad a selection, as if you’d bring them to us, we will pray– play your request. I love you very, very, very, very, very, very, very much. So much, it’s proven by the way I endure the physical suffering, the enormous headaches, and all the other symptoms which I have not yet begun to tell you. Only that love keeps me going on and will keep me going on. So be assured and be at peace. Much love. (tape edit)


Part II:

(microphone feedback)

Jones: Attention. Attention. Attention. Yesterday a bus driver kills several passengers and flees. Bus driver, New York, acting on behalf of the ruling class, refused to allow a patient– a passenger, really a patient, who was handicapped, on the bus, ’cause he didn’t have money to pay. At that point, when the driver mentioned to him, didn’t he think he had more responsibilities to the people than he did to big s– systems that control everything, all the corporations, the shooting immediately began. The driver, Ernest Davis, shot this man [Benny McKinney], and another man attempts to come to his defense and uh, then another shooting takes place. Police chased after the bus driver, some 70 miles an hour, in attempted getaway. It’s not been released as to what the fate will be for this noble bus driver who’s representing the big business interests of the bus company, rather than the working class, and shot working class members. Strange phenomena. Strange indeed. The alienation between people in the United States is so complete that there’s no sense of solidarity between the working class, nor even one’s own ethnic group. The man that was originally shot and the second man were both black, and the bus driver was an Uncle Tom, to say the least.

Slain girl’s parents quit the city of New York in fear of suspect out on bail, though it’s a capital crime to commit murder. The parents of a slain Brooklyn teenager moved back to Italy last night, frightened and furious that their daughter’s alleged murderer had been released on bail, which is contrary to the rule of law. But they said they’ll return for his trial to seek justice. Donato and Eleanor Zurlo are vital witnesses against the suspect, dress manufacturer Frank DiChiara. Police said he is charged with killing their only child, 14-year-old Germania, a little girl, during a recent attempt to steal the family’s life savings. He’s out on bail, and that has frightened them to death, police sources told the Post, as the couple tearfully left for Italy, a country they left 12 years ago, seeking sanctuary in the United States. The Zurlos said they are also leaving to demonstrate anger against the unfairness of the justice system in the United States, that releases people just because they have money and influence, as it was the case of this dress manufacturer [who] owned a factory but raped and murdered their daughter to death. (Pause)

Carter’s task to keep the peace with both Israel and Saudi Arabia is becoming increasingly diffi– difficult. President Carter, opening two days of crucial talks with Israeli’s foreign minister [Moshe Dayan], is striving to protect two of the US’ most important special relationships, with Israel and with Saudi Arabia. These two countries, with the exception of NATO’s Britain and West Germany, are now America’s most important allies. Any concession to either one by the Carter administration is now subject to the most profound analysis and eventual objection by either side. If the Saudi Arabians are in any way disturbed, the economic backing that has kept the US dollar from going completely defunct and thus throwing the entire US economy into a state of chaos and world oppression. Thus it is essential that Saudis– Saudi Arabians not be too (Unintelligible word) by his efforts to carry water on both shoulders. Though the Saudis reluctant and still highly doubtful about Egyptian President [Anwar] Sadat’s peace initiative, Israeli withdrawal from all occupied territor– territory, they believe will never take place, and indeed Israelis have said it would not. The Israelis have even refused to evacuate the occupied city of Jerusalem, which is fundamental to Arab religious life, Islam or Muslim religion. So Carter, as you know, and [Menacham] Begin, reactionary prime minister of Israel, has indeed broken. They split on the talks for peace.

A deaf mute is being chased– a black deaf mute is chased into a building where he was sh– fatally shot by [Paul Monaco] a la– large land-ow– holding corporate director and owner. Two girls, 10 and 12 years of age, told police they saw a man chasing Ciprian Septimo shortly before he was killed Sunday afternoon last. One girl, who said she saw the boy running from the man near his home, a few blocks aw– from where he was slain, told the Daily News, Ciprian seemed terrified of his pursuer. Ciprian was fatally shot to death by the landlord that owns several apartments and commercial dwellings in the Greenwood Street area. He said he thought the youth, sickly from two heart operations, as well as unable to speak and hear – deaf and mute – would perhaps– he looked like he might be thinking about trying to rob somebody’s apartment, though there was no evidence of that kind. Racism was the blatant charge by all the civil activists– civil rights activists in New York community. The landlord, who has been charged with murder in the first degree, says he fired after Ciprian did not respond to his yells to stop. Of course Ciprian could not stop because he was unable to hear. He attempted to grunt out sounds– sounds unintelligible, because he could not talk. He seemed to be trying to make a noise in the most horrifying way. But the gunman – rich landlord – continued to pump five bullets into the little lad of 12, going on 13 years of age. (Pause) Thus is the corruption that we see constantly of racism all around us. It’s disgusting. Most disgusting. No way to describe it.

Health cut has been set for all general hospitals in the New York area. There’s much protest to the cutbacks in the Queens hospitals, Albany Con– hospitals, and the Jamaican hospitals in Richmond Hill. Mary Immaculate Hospital in Jamaica said the governor of New York’s proposals would eliminate the city-wide ghetto medicine. There will be no medical care for the poor, black, white, Indian, or Puerto Rican. The program, which provides the two hospitals with almost $1,178,000 annually for clinical and emergency care, that is very inadequate at the best because they have to sometimes wait two days in line to receive care– that is, the working poor. Hospital officials warn that New York Governor’s [Hugh] Carey attempt to eliminate this program will cause the death of many marginal patients who earn just enough to put them above the Medicaid eligibility level but not enough to afford any doctor of any type. They will suffer the most. It will bring about death, disability to these people, that number into the few thousands in the New York area of the above-mentioned districts that I gave. The two hospitals are the only ones in all of Queens with this type of program. The busing project is sponsored by the Ambulatory Care Boards of the two hospitals, which log some 170,000 patient visits every three months. But those 170,000 patients are now confined to death because there will be no assistance for them to receive emergency treatment because the new guidelines, mental health– health and welfare, HEW, has been one of our conspirators that has tried to hold back our checks and has held back upwards of 60,000 US dollars in checks we need for this commune badly, desperately, so that we can buy a boat. It’s urgently needed for this great project. Due to new standards of welfare, and welfare fraud, make even lying to a welfare worker a felony charge that can put someone in jail for 10 years. Now new marginal lines that make it impossible for people who don’t have enough money, they make just a little too much to be eligible for Medicaid, but not enough to afford even the cheapest of private doctors in public clinics. This pattern is being followed throughout the nation. Similar problems of cutbacks in Cleveland, Chicago, San Francisco, Oakland, Los Angeles, Houston, on and on. I don’t think I need to go on with all of the uh, horrors that that represents.

There hasn’t been a la– moment in the last few years when a book on terrorists wouldn’t have been timely. This month, it was the PLO retaliating against citizens on [an] Israeli bus and South (unintelligible name, sounds like Malokan, repeated twice), the are– these are from the South Seas of the Pacific, holding hostages in Holland, or the Netherlands – look it up on your map of Europe when it’s finished – it could have been almost anyone and anywhere else. But what do they really want, and what are they really like? Jan Schreiber, in this study, attempts to answer these questions and to provide a rounded explanation of the roots of modern guerilla activism, or what prejudice propagandists call “terrorism,” an insight into the psychology of the terrorist and guerilla revolutionaries and some somber predictions about the future. First, of course, the terrorists want publicity. This is a capitalist rendition, in New York Times, so don’t pay it too much attention. They want world attention for their grievances and demands. They seize and kill civilians, rather than military or political personnel, only because they want to frighten and polarize populations. I doubt that. Civilians are just more available. Political situations vary, of course, from country to country. What the Irish Revolutionary [Republican] Army in Ireland, for instance, knows that when it kills a five-year-old Protestant child and the Protestant groups retaliate with their own violence, they succeed, either through fear or conviction, in dividing the population between them and us, thus increasing their power far, far beyond their actual numbers. When the Palestinian Liberation Organization kills Israeli adults, it reinforces the world’s convictions that these terrorists or guerillas will stop at nothing, and despite pious expressions of horror from the rest of the world, often increases rather than decreases pressure on Israel to reach agreement with the PLO, and mindful of the relatively small Israeli population, the PLO would also like to bleed its enemies to death. Terrorism is not, of course, a new invention, concocted by madmen. It is by revolutionaries who are seeking justice for their people. It has long been calculated by governments at war and nations whose leaders ned– now denounce the terrorist activities of PLO, but who practice terrorism, such as USA did in Vietnam by napalming little children and dropping cluster bombs to kill them purposefully, and also provide cluster bombs to Israeli Zionist fascist state to kill the Palestinian communities, children, women – nothing sacred – in Lebanon. And those terrorists did not hesitate to use those weapons of terror themselves, such as President [Harry S] Truman dropping the atomic bomb that killed some 344,000 in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, Japan. Can terrorism be eliminated or contained? Not likely, if the nations of the world, divided as they are into hostile economic, political, racial, and ethnic blocs, now regularly arm either existent governments or revolutionary movements in other lands as part of their overall strategy. Surely they will continue to harbor, train, arm, and encourage revolutionary activist groups, or terrorists, as the white propagandists atten– attempt to impose in our minds, although not all terrorists owe their existence to, or are aided by, outside forces. And finally, in a world where the now-omnipresent television gives instant attention to guerilla activities or, as the racist capitalist system calls, terrorism, there’s little ground for optimism. Schreiber, giving a governmental report to the United States on how to control terrorism, is a thoughtful and useful– useful examination of a disturbing world phenomena, called The Ultimate Weapon: Terrorists and World Order by Professor Jan Schreiber, Morrow Press.

German film company has created eleven different German films featuring Adolf Hitler in a positive light. Some six of them promise to receive awards at the Berlin Film Festival later on in the year. This is the horror of horrors, that a man can openly kill seven million people, destroy all people of color, all the Semitics, all the Jews, not only gas them to death, and their children, then take their skin and make lamp shades and other horrors– horror in uh, tortures that was done against the minority people of Germany, and now he is glorified, even by the theater and by government. The Nazis have actually elected several members to Parliament and several members to city government. Some seven mayors are now Nazis in the neo-Nazi Party that openly adulates Adolf Hitler. Fiend, barbarous fiend, and dictator.

Ru– Rupert Murdoch, known for his attacks on all progressive forces in liberalism, the one that started our attack in the New West magazine, led on the attack that destroyed the Black Panthers, encouraged the attack in his open alliance with the Hearst pro–paper, the Examiner, in destroying Synanon, has been after Carter to a sweltering degree. We know that there is an alliance between Rupert Murdoch, New West, new– and the Examiner, [Randolph] Hearst’s right-wing fascist publications, because we have the religious editor of the San Jose Mercury, who has offered to expose it, if we care to have him come on our project. We are debating how much effect actually his exposure would do, but we’ve used the threat of the exposure against Hearst and New West, Rupert Murdoch, with some success. They seem to’ve not carried on all of their evil uh, designs, as much as they had intended because they intended to attack us in the New York paper and Toronto paper and the London Mirror. And we said we have (unintelligible word)– clear proof of a conspiracy of these media, these newspapers, to do the bidding of the ruling class, to destroy Peoples Temple. And we saw no more news about the evil enemy of the people, Tim Stoen, and his lies about John [Victor Stoen].

Jimmy Carter is tenaciously trying to deflect the ideological attacks, says Rupert Murdoch, of political adversaries, but can anyone rescue him from his deepening entanglement with his friend and uh– Bert Lance. They’re trying to get him to break away from Bert Lance. Lance was his chief advisor, a powerful man in the arena of capitalist representative politics, though presidents really mean nothing in the United States. They’re only tools of the ruling monopoly classes. But for some reason Carter has some involvement or loyalty to Bert Lance, and he still has a diplomatic passport. The crux of the whole matter is that Lance is quite close to Arab financial interests and has been representing them in his firm. It is quite obvious that Murdoch is playing for the Jewish vote in trying to get Carter destroyed by means of his connections with Bert Lance. For Lance, a newly-born Georgian TV commentator said Rubert– Rupert Murdoch, heartless, racist, bigoted, fascist author of the New York Post and New West and several other newspapers from Australia, all over Europe and in England, he said that Lance, a newly-born Georgian TV commentator, former banker, amid his many other endeavors, there could remain, of course, a final moment of eminence. He could recite the inside first-person story of how he blunderingly helped engineer the (Unintelligible word) of President Carter and friend in another Watergate. He would not even require David Frost’s corroboration. He could grant himself an in– exclusive interview. We need to make much use of this, because Rupert Murdoch even brags about being the one that brought about the firing of the cabinet member Bert Lance that was the closest advisor to President Carter. Rupert Murdoch is a menace that needs to be exposed on every front. Anyone in the Jonestown community that can think of ways to do so, we would most welcome it. Indeed, we wouldmost welcome it. (Pause) Stand by.

William F. Buckley is highly regarded now by most news media now as his articles [are] appearing more and more and mo– more in newspapers. His 16-page melodrama can be reduced to a single sentence: Ronald Reagan is the apex of a number of conservative organizations that are raising money to back very good Republican conservative congressional causes, all over the country, which Buckley, his apologist, says is a great thing to do, and the only patriotic response is for everyone to raise money to back more conservative congressmen and send their money to the National Committee for an Effective Congress. In trying to bring about what America is really standing for – true conservatism – Buckley attacks Senator Charles Mathias who actually wrote our tremendous exploit of the birth of the twins into a Congressional Record. Dr. [Larry] Schacht was written into the Congressional Record and called a modern-day Dr. Schweitzer. [Albert] Schweitzer, the famed African medical missionary. He was called that by Dr. Greenfield who assisted him in consultation all the way from New York to our beautiful Promised Land.

Rupert Murdoch is a disease, as I said, a disease that we need to watch. He carries the most conservative reactionary kind of writings. He’s a dangerous menace to the public good, and we should be very much aware of his schemes, because his schemes are horrendous to say the least.

Continuing the news. (Pause) More torches have been lit to the abortion clinics, from New York to Ohio, from Maine to California, to Washington State, down to Texas. Several abortion clinics have been set afire. New fascist crowds stymie public as they march four miles long again, another march, four miles long, in the outskirts of Detroit.

Also in Skokie, Illinois, the Jewish community leaders have called for a peaceful countermarch to a planned Nazi White People’s march on April 20, the anniversary of Adolf Hitler, mass-murderer’s birthday. In spite of protest from Jewish Federation Evanston B’nai B’rith and other civil rights concern groups, nothing can be done as the courts have upheld the rights of Nazis to even march and make their insulting “Heil Hitler” gestures right in the middle of Jewish and black neighborhoods. At least one good thing has come out of it: the AS– ACLU has lost some 20% of its membership because of defending the Nazis. This is not a First Amendment right to salute and carry signs to “Kill Niggers,” as these signs clearly show in the pictures, in a march in St. Louis and one in Detroit, one in Indianapolis, Indiana, one even in Minnesota, considered a progressive state, and marches in Oakland in California. These are not protections of the First Amendment rights for people to have open propagation signs saying, “Kill All Niggers and Jews.” This kind of agitation and hate is not tolerated– racism is not tolerated in Guyana. To refer to one’s race can cause you to be guilty of a crime. The same is true in all socialist countries.

Despite the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare’s much talked-about anti-smoking campaign, the tobacco industry can puff easy for a while. Their money, power, and influence, the tobacco company that’s also involved in (Unintelligible word) keeping blacks in slave conditions in the South, involving Union of South Africa in setting up the dreaded concentration camps and were involved in the industry production of napalm that burned our babies of color in Vietnam. Last February, HEW secretary Joseph Califano, former smoker and Phillip Morris stock holder – quite a conflict of interest, I would think – proposed a twenty-nine and a half million dollar anti-cigarette blitz aimed at educating young people in public schools and at increasing cigarette addiction research. The tobacco industry and its loyal members in Congress in the interim, in the meanwhile, have raised a chorus of condemnation to the Health, Education, and Welfare proposal. Tobacco Institute, the industry– US industry’s powerful lobbying arm, recently denied the government’s well-documented argument that smoking leads to cancer, heart disease, kidney failure, strokes, blindness, and many other related dis– disorders. The Institute said that more study is needed, and its strategy is to divert the increased funding toward the end– that end. The reason they’re so hysterical is that their own ads are directed at children, and they’ve fought for years not to disclose how much they spend on that, said an HEW aide. The HEW program may have tough going in Congress, however, where legislators from seven tobacco states have ridden the seniority system to key positions in the appropriations process, as well as tobacco money is bribing Representatives and Senators across the nation. “This is more federal control,” blasted Representative William Natcher, Democrat, Kentucky, a key legislator, last week. “People are fed up with Washington meddling in their lives.” And the Kentucky State Legislature recently passed a resolution calling for Califano’s resignation in the Health of Education, and Welfare s– shake-up, for coming down on the big tobacco lobbyists, powerful tobacco corporations that also have their hands, according to many authorities, in dope, particularly marijuana, production of napalm and other merciless, barbaric, and inhumane military types of warfare equipment that have destroyed children from Vietnam to Africa. But although the HEW program, if successful, might dip slightly into the tobacco industry’s fifteen and a half billion dollar annual sales – fifteen and a half billion dollars – is the bourgeois state really lining up against the tobacco companies? Nay, nay, nay. Glossed over in much of the reportage about Califano’s anti-smoking campaign is the factor that– that twenty-nine and a half million dollar proposal represents only a nine-dollar– nine million dollar increase over last year, six million for education and three million for research. It’s a pittance compared to the profit of fifteen and a half billion dollars– billion dollars. Only 29 million dollars. (sardonic tone) And, more importantly, both Califano and President Carter have vowed repeatedly since the first of the year that the so-called anti-smoking onslaught will not challenge the government’s extensive subsidy and price support system for the tobacco industry. The tobacco be– industry is actually on welfare – it gets governmental supports – and Carter and Califano promise that this’ll be continued, even though it causes cancer and all sorts of related horrible diseases. (normal tone) Meanwhile, fourteen years after the US Surgeon General’s announcement that the perils of cigarette smoking are a danger to all health, an estimated 4,000 young people per day are taking up the habit, new. That is, 4,000 new young people a day are taking up the habit. Stand by. (Pause)

Family farm– farmers are clogging the corporate wheel, and US farm production is in a very sorrowful state of affairs. Thus, Carter is demanding certain aid from the farm belt’s capitalist alliance countries in NATO to assist the USA in the next months ahead, as farm reserves are the lowest in the history of United States.

Coal operators are still practicing a slow-down, though they were given no backing by the AFL-CIO fascist CIA renegade sellout, George Meany. There are still slow-downs going on in many of the mines, though little of their demands were met. They still have to crawl most of the day, they cannot stand up erect, they have to lay on their back to do their work in the mines. What does that matter to the ruling class? They have no concern at all for those who work– who honestly work to save their lives, the lives of the oppressor, so they can make more profit.

The US Supreme Court has agreed to review a Pennsylvania law requiring doctors performing abortions to try to bring about a live birth whenever possible. A favorable ruling would seriously jeopardize the right to abortion granted in the high court’s historic’73 decision, and anti-abortion forces will undoubtedly use the opportunity to urge the court to rule on when life begins. If it does so and finds that life begins at the moment of conception, as the reactionaries such as the Catholic Church and the Right of Life Society urge, abortion will again become illegal in all the United States. Many fear that such will be the result. Fensyl– Pennsylvania law was enacted in ’74 over the veto of Governor Milton Shapp. It has twice been ruled unconstitutional by a federal appeals panel. The Obstetrical Society of Philadelphia, one of the plaintiffs in the suit challenging the law, argued it would impu– impose a chilling effect upon the constitutionality-protected right of the woman in consultation with her physician to terminate her pregnancy during the latter portion of the second trimester. The 1973 Supreme Court decision limited government interference with abortion, according to the stage of pregnancy. In the first 12 weeks, the choice is a private matter between a woman and her doctor, and should be. The body of the woman belongs to her. After that, a state may regulate abortions in ways related to the woman’s health. In pregnancies longer than 24 to 28 weeks, which obstetricians consider the point of viability, states may regulate abortions to preserve the fetus or the baby or forbid an abortion not necessary to save a woman’s life or health. The Pennsylvania law, however, leaves a determination of viability up to the doctor. If the doctor thinks the fetus could live, the law requires the abortion to be performed by saline injection or other method of induced labor, rather than dilation and curettage or suction, unless it would endanger the woman’s life or health. The baby or fetus would then be maintained in an artificial atmosphere until it could live on its own.

Wisconsin’s illegal operations of sterilization: after disclosure of a five-year violation of federal moratorium, Wisconsin Medicaid officials were ordered to review the payment plan that they are giving for non-therapeutic sterilization of women under 21. It is estimated that some several thousands of women were sterilized in Madison, Wisconsin alone. This practice is being carried on by HEW and local welfare officials in Chicago, Memphis, uh– Memphis, Tennessee, Baltimore, (Pause) Cleveland, Ohio, on and on. I see every state again, practically, mentioned in this kind of procedure.

The Kerner Commission: ten years later. Governor [Otto] Kerner, white governor of Illinois, as you know, was imprisoned on a frame-up, because he told the truth about racism in America. He died of cancer in a lonely prison cell. Ten years ago the federal government responded to massive urban rebellions by blacks by issuing the–

End of Side 1


Side 2:

Part III:

Jones: (begins mid-sentence) –centration camps supported by US corporations, in spite of the fact that they thought Transkei was well in their hand, the so-called hand-picked puppet rebelled against Union of South Africa and led his state out of the Union of South Africa, even though surrounded and land-locked, and they’ve declared their independence from the dreaded fascist regime.

A virtual gang war seems to be brewing between the Progressive Labor Party and the Los Angeles Police Department. At the same time, the PLP is using the incident to bolster its claim that it is the only group that is fighting the racist cops and has scheduled demonstrations in opposition to what it calls the merciless fascist tactics of Los Angeles Police that brought about eighteen deaths of blacks and Chicanos and Indians over Easter weekend. LAPD, of course, is now under a very, very known, widely-known fascist and the LA Police Chief, formerly, [Ed] Davis, has now resigned to run for governorship of California, against [Jerry] Brown, and is some ten to twelve points ahead in the polls. He, again, is one of those that’s calling for gallows so that people can use lynch mob rule to avenge themselves from crime. Just an excuse to commit racist acts against the poor, against we who are black and brown. This is a terrible danger, a terrible danger.

The revisionist Communist Party has shifted its position on the Equal Rights Amendment. Until recently, the Communist Party argued that ERA would gut protective labor legislation for women and destroy affirmative action programs. But the party found itself increasingly isolated from the woman’s movement and embarrassed by its position. It is now offering backhand support, although it is not openly announced so or criticized its former stance. The Communist Party – or, I should say, the revisionist Communist Party – was formerly following the Peiping line, but it broke away a few days ago and now is more a supporter of Albania’s point of view. Of course, this paper is not for the revisionist Communist line, and obviously puts the Albanian-led party, the Communist Party, or CPR, in a bad light. An article in March issue of Political Affairs, the Communist Party of China, formerly of China, which broke away from China’s uh, alle– allegiance, now, in its theoretical journal article entitled “The ERA: New Trends, New Developments,” states says there are new factors which make possible for the Communist Party revised to support the Equal Rights Amendment that the women are seeking to get passed but looks not very encouraging throughout the USA.

An attempt to crush apartheid sports. The worldwide movement against South Africa’s concentration camps– that’s at the tip of South Africa. Find it. You know every nation on that map because you will be t– tested. You will have to know all these areas of world change. Essential to knowledge. Without knowledge there cannot come socialist sensitivity. One cannot be sensitive, one cannot be loyal to one another in– in a state of ignorance. So, we are demanding, as a town forum and a participatory democracy as we are, and through the Office, that is, the final representative of the will of the people, that all people must know world events, news, and you’ll be tested far, far, far more thoroughly than ever before. In a way, the worldwide movement against South Africa’s racist apartheid racial-separated sport system is rapidly gaining ground. Protests have taken place all over the years throughout th– particularly the nations of Greece, Italy, Spain, all the African nations, Asian nations, and the Soviet alliance, the Warsaw Pact. Even New Zealand is being forced to take some stand against having Union of South Africa in to play sports in their nation. Canada, as you know, was forced to take a stand because of the brave Quebec province – French-speaking province – that voted for self-rule and actually a separate state. Quebec has been taking a decisive position for Third World liberation and furthermore an adamant position that all trade and commerce be broken with the troubled fascist apartheid regime upheld by US monopoly capitalist corporations. This is a brave stand for the French-speaking people of Canada in its eastern-mo– eastern-most province– look at your map and find out, when it is made– of Quebec that may be, in days to come, a separate state with a world consciousness– a Third World consciousness and a m– and moving more and more in the direction of a socialist perspective.

This, I think, fairly well sums up the news. Always, new things come to my mind. Juvenile crime is on the increase in all cities of USA by some 67%, according to the FBI. The FBI has said they will defy court orders under Freedom of Information that demands that they, the Justice Department, involving a case with the Socialist Worker Party, that they have to turn over all court-order uh, materials, FBI files and so forth, about the informants that were in the Socialist Worker Party. The FBI has given a fair indication of rech– reactionary backing to such a degree that they’re going to defy this court order, was the statement of the FBI office.

Mercenaries fighting for the United States and Angola through Zaire – look at your map – were driven out by the crack forces trained and equipped by the Soviet and Cuban brave warriors, vanguards of liberation, in Africa. The Zimbabweans rounded up some nineteen hundred and seventy-one people and put them through torture, members and families of the Patriotic Front in Zimbabwe, or Rhodesia. However, the Patriotic Front under Josiah Chinamano drove through with one of his task force, aided by Cubans and Zambians and Mozambiques, and rescued some eighteen hundred and seventy of the nineteen hundred and seventy-one. And most of the terrorist police, the torturers trained by CIA operatives and US tax dollars, were killed. The other hundred have not been located, but they did flee from the concentration camp-like reserve where they were being held. This included children and everything else.

The Nazi Party US, the most prominent Nazi Party [in] the United States, is now under the leadership of Frank Collin, himself of Jewish descent, who is a madman, who had been leading Nazi demonstrations throughout the entire United States and has headquartered his vastly growing and increasing membership in Chicago. (Pause)

I cannot think of any other news. Now the United States is trying to take the dead memory of Marcus Garvey, who stood against everything Unit– nited States represents, stood for black liberation and was jailed and framed by US Postal Service on mail fraud and other felonous crimes and was forced to live in self-exiled imprisonment abroad. Now they’re trying to enshrine him by naming a museum after him. There is no sanctity amongst capitalists. Nothing is sacrosanct, nothing is sacred. They will take the dead heat– heroes that fought with their last breath capitalism, after they’re dead, and try to institutionalize them and brainwash the people to believe that Marcus Garvey was a supporter of the American system, which he fought with all of his moral conscience to the very day he died. Marcus Garvey, who represented the black “Back to Africa” movement, never once recanted, even though he died a lonely man, self-imprisoned in exile, forced by the United States government.

Instant crib death, the silent killer, is much on the increase. Abuse of children has increased 500-some times, says Washington authorities. It’s not uncommon to find in every city hundreds and even (Unintelligible word) thousands of children killed by parents. Child abuse is one of the worst crimes in capitalism today, due to alienation and insecurity. We shall see more and more of this happening.

Dollar erosion abroad is shaking the home economy again today, as the dollar again plummeted due to Chrysler Corporation announcing that it was going to have to hike its retail prices or not be able to continue to function. The Japanese have said that they will consider reducing their tariff barriers and protectionist policies but will have to wait on an emergency conference in Bonn, Germany, that the US has said must take place, or that the entire capitalist system will be in danger of collapse.

I think that this is basically the essentials of the news for the day. We hope that you will study. Be sure– be sure, indeed, that you study the new laws about thievery, the worst crime against the people. Stealing from the property class is one thing. Stealing from the people is the gravest criminal act. All people must turn in to the Central Supply a list of their possessions and property. Anyone who’s ever been involved in stealing, on a major basis, or brought up for the town forum for discipline, must immediately get yours in. Now, if you fail – every member of Jonestown – if you fail in turning in your list of property to Central Supply – and that will be then passed on to our fine recording secretary of the Jonestown community, Vernetta Christian – you will be brought up for discipline, because it’s our only way that we can control thievery in this community. We have some ironclad ways of in– of controlling it. You still have approximately three hours– that is, I’m giving this news at a quarter after four. By the time the Steering Committee of the Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement meets at 6:15 on this Tuesday night, you had better have made (Pause) restitution with me in the Radio Office and brought back things you’ve stolen or make full explanation to be sure that nothing is in your possession, because there will be spontaneous, sporadic, and many emergency checks – unannounced – into your homes and property. So be sure you take advantage of this amnesty. If you return things now, before the 6:15 hour of the Steering Committee of the Women’s Revolutionary Socialist Movement, required by all women to attend, the main meeting at 7 o’clock, all women must attend to be able to combat chauvinism and gain your own emancipation. Then, thereafter, a Steering Committee, Central Committee, for the entire Jonestown community, and, of course, a movie will be shown, Children of the Damned – we have very little much more time to absorb it – and The Day of the Jackal. It should become of important interest, and all schools are to instruct the meaning of the Children of the Damned, which carries a high moral message, as well as revolutionary sentiments are carried in The Day of the Jackal.

Thank you very much. Give music now that people would like, because I do want to give my children their diversified test and taste of music. Be sure that we do develop taste, though, more for such symphonies as Breck, who was a devouted commu– devoted communist and went to jail, for Victor Jara, who died never succumbing to the CIA, our tax-supported dollars that cruel tortured him from USA. He never succumbed and never once gave information on one of his comrades. Develop taste in your music and art. I do love you very, very much.

End of tape

Tape originally posted July 2011