Q670 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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Reporter: –(unintelligible word) judge in Fort Bragg at last week’s top choice as the city councilman for the coastal city, says he’s insisting that Fort Bragg Mayor be chosen in open public meeting.

Judge: The theory behind it, of course, being that the people of the city are entitled to know what is going on when their mayor is selected, be present uh, to express their viewpoints if they so desire, and to prevent any uh, behind-the-scenes action selecting such officials. I think this is the very basic core of the democratic process that we operate under.

Reporter: Here in Ukiah, the vice mayor has traditionally become mayor. However there’s strong feeling now the new council will break with tradition and select a new mayor at Tuesday’s meeting. Whether that selection process will be public or private is still not clear. Reporting for KLIL radio news in Ukiah, this is Tom Holmes.

Newscaster: And let me make one uh, correction, Tom, the name of the Ukiah City Attorney is Randy Hayes.

An attempt was made to blow up a bus yesterday, in which Reverend Jim Jones of the Peoples Temple Christian Church of Redwood Valley was riding. The incident took place in San Francisco. Details now from Associate Pastor Michael Prokes.

Prokes: The bomb, discovered yesterday morning by a security guard, was planted strategically underneath the fuel tank of the bus Reverend Jim Jones was on with his wife Marceline and a staff worker. The bus was parked with eleven other of the Temple’s former Greyhound buses in the lot of the Benjamin Franklin Junior High School, where Peoples Temple was holding services this weekend. About eight police units in all came to the school, including officers, investigators, and a bomb squad. One detective, after discovering that the bomb fuse had burned down to a small fraction of an inch, and then went out, said to Reverend Jones, quote “I don’t know what kept the bomb from going off. It’s really a miracle.” Unquote.  A number of individuals who had been involved with militant groups and activities of both the extreme left and the extreme right have been reformed by Peoples Temple and are now members of the church. This caused the same investigator to speculate that it may have been Reverend Jones’ opposition to militancy and the church’s nonviolent stance that prompted the attempted bombing.

Newscaster: Michael Prokes for the Peoples Temple Church.

Friday was the deadline for filing papers for candidacy in the June primary election at the elec–

(radio turned off)

(unintelligible comment by woman at recording end)

(end of tape)

Tape originally posted June 2006