Q691 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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(Busy signal)

Clara Johnson: Testing. One two three. Testing. One two three.

(Dial tone)

(Number dialed)

Wade Medlock: Hello.

Johnson: Now, okay, uh, Mac [James McElvane] just left and the other people left and I got them to lock the door, ‘cause see, I don’t want nobody in here right now. Okay, now, what you say you wanna do?

Medlock: Well, I’m going to– if I don’t get the money to pay for these things, if he– I’m suffering myself, and the people here at the Temple withholding my money and Mabel [Medlock]’s money, and we can’t– we can’t turn wi– without expenses, without running and asking somebody for something. We di– Mabel doesn’t want to go commune. Why they say, if she didn’t go commune, one of us couldn’t go commune. So I– I– I– I– I do want a portion of my money. If they don’t, I’m going to go down and talk to the federal folk about it, and– and I’m going to have it.

Johnson: Oh, I see.

Medlock: I mean, I’m gonna have mine. I’m not gone suffer like I’m– I– I’m suffering and putting her where she– Mabel’s afraid, because those people threatened to kill her about her own money when Ijames [likely Archie] and all of ‘em were jumping at her, and she didn’t even know what to do. That was a lowdown dirty act. (Pause)

Johnson: Well, I– (cut off by Medlock)

Medlock: And she hadn’t been willing to do it. And you know she hadn’t. And uh– Now, her mother’s out here, and she can’t take her to the Promised Land, there’s no way– there’s no way. There’s no way you could– she’d die afore she got to New York. (Pause) I don’t care who’s trying to hold her up, she’d die before she’d– I know what the condition of that woman.

Johnson: Umm-hmm. [Yes]. Uh-hmm. Well, (unintelligible phrase) like I say before, you know, I don’t live down that way, you and Mabel. And uh, (sighs) you know–

Medlock: Well, you– they– you (stretches out word) sho’ did put a problem down here with her. You sho’ did put a problem down here with her. Mabel wasn’t intending to bring her back in. You put that problem in here. Nobody but you. And I’ve done (stretches out word) everything I may’ve ever known to help you, since I– since I– since I’ve been here.

Johnson: Well, I really appreciate it, too.

Medlock: Yeah, you sure do. And I’m tellin’ you, I– and you have done us more harm than any one person on this (unintelligible word). Now that’s the truth. You told me one time – and as much as that we’ve done – that– that you found Jim Jones, you didn’t need me. You remember that?

Johnson: (Pause) (Slowly) No, I don’t remember that. But uh–

Medlock: Oh, yes, you did. Yes, you did. Well, uh, I think that’s a very low down way to do. And I– I– What uh– Just– I– I can’t refuse people. I’m made up that way. I forgive people for what they’ve done. (tape fades) I don’t– I don’t hold it against them. But I– (tape fades out momentarily) this lowdown–

Johnson: (unintelligible) (Pause, volume increases) Now, okay, I’m sorry, uh-huh.

Medlock: I said, I put it in my book of remembrance. I– I’d let my future– my past– my past be my future confidence in anybody. If you take your past and then look at that person, you can let that first thing be your future confidence. They’d have driven us around like dogs, and we’ve given more money in this cause, I believe, than any one person in here. I really do. And then they’re trying to take that away. (Pause)

(Two people talk over each other, Johnson unintelligible)

Medlock: When Mother [Marceline Jones] come– I’m hoping she will come, I’m– I may not go, I may wait till she come here, and when she comes, I’m gonna call her and tell her– If Father doesn’t come, I’ll tell him. Uh– They even threatened to kill her about her money in that council room that night, and nobody knows what went on at my home when I went back there. I had to pack Mabel in my arms from that garage to my bedroom and put her in bed. And then I called Father through the Spirit. Father came. Father told me what to– what to do. And uh, the only thing that I know, Jim will live up to his word, but there isn’t a council member – I mean, not one, I mean, not one – is worth a damn. I know that. (Pause) And they all after just what they can get. Jim didn’t choose this council. You know how they got in?

Johnson: How?

Medlock: I’m gone tell you.

Johnson: How?

Medlock: Uh– Just like somebody (stumbles over words) giving him– giving him a name, and he took ‘em. Took ‘em along at– at– because they were represented by somebody. And the same people that have uh– that have threatened to kill him, that have poisoned him, have come out of this council. (Pause) And some of them have gone by the way of the ways, some have gone by the way of the streets, some have gone about their business. And– You know it too. But I’m gone tell you, I never seen such a bunch of lowdown dirty people in the– in all my life. (Pause) And come talkin’ about, do I want to go to the Promised Land. Uh– If they wouldn’t accept me, I would– I put 26 years in counseling, recreation, playgrounds, schools and everything, and they get a bunch of dope addicts to be counselors when they have ru– bo– bought enough things that even cover up their ass. That’s– That’s low– That’s– I mean, that is– That don’t make sense. Then I’m gonna go to the Promised Land and having them bossing me the rest of my life? Hoo! (Pause) That’s the worst thing I ever seen in my life. (Pause) Well, I just had to get it off my chest.

Johnson: Well, I’m glad you did. Like I said before, I’m sorry, you know, that uh, you feel that I been such a terrible person and let you down, (unintelligible under Medlock)

Medlock: You sure have. But uh, that’s all right. I never have– I never have in my life, have begged for nothing. But I got out and begged for this council. Begged for this project, please. I put more dadgum council (unintelligible word) uh– (unintelligible word) money in that place than all the other people put together. But that’s all right. I don’t mind him. I’d do it again. But–

Johnson: (unintelligible)

Medlock: But, that uh– what uh– I– and– and your– and that council is the one who ran us off of the street. It’s nothing but– That was free money, money that was (stumbles over words), just by mistreating people, doing everything just like that old guy up in uh– up in– (unintelligible words) I wasn’t never going back up in there anymore. Up to Frisco. That ol’ nigger standing around, I’m gone start kickin’ ass.

Johnson: Well, he’s not even there anymore, so–

Medlock: Oh, he’s gone– he’s gone– he’s gone over. He’s gone over in the Promised Land. You think I’m gonna go over there and be on that council the rest of my life. I would not do it to save nobody– I’ll die right here in this room before I do it. (Pause) There’s nothing over there but slavery. That’s all (unintelligible word) (Pause) If people can’t do no better, then that’s all right. But if you can do better, that’s a hell of a place to go. (Pause) So I’m– I’m gone wet– wait and I’m gone see what I can do. I (unintelligible word) might go down and talk and see if I can get my m– get these things paid for and tell ‘em why I can’t get it.

Johnson: Um-hmm. You mean, you’re gone do what, now?

Medlock: Nothing. (stumbles over words) I’ll bet I’ll get it, because like the federal government– that’s my (unintelligible word) they can’t take away from you, your– your– your life support.

Johnson: You– you mean for–

Medlock: Nothing.

(Line disconnected)

End of Side A


Side B

10 minutes of Recorded R&B/soul music

End of tape

Tape originally posted May 2013