Q693 Transcript

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(Note: This tape was transcribed by Vicki Perry. The editors gratefully acknowledge her invaluable assistance.)

[Editor’s note: This was the second of two conversations known to have taken place between Jim Jones’ wife Marceline and their adopted daughter Suzanne Jones Cartmell, during Marceline’s trip to the United States during the fall of 1978. The first contact between the two women occurred about a month earlier, on September 20, 1978.]

(Side A)

Part 1:

(electronic beep) (recorded message) The time is four thirteen and thirty seconds. (beep) The time is four thirteen and forty seconds. (beep) The time is four thirteen and fifty seconds. (beep) The time is four fourteen exactly. (beep)

(call terminated)

(dial tone)

(rotary phone dialing)

(phone ringing)

(recorded message) The time is three twenty seven, exactly.

(dial tone)

(rotary phone dialing)

(phone ringing)

Receptionist: (unintelligible name), may I help you?

Marceline: Is uh, Suzanne Cartmell in?

Receptionist: Uh, may I ask who’s calling?

Marceline: This is her mother.

(phone click) (pause)

Receptionist: Hello?

Marceline: Hello, Suzanne?

Receptionist: Uh, just a minute.

(click) (pause)

Suzanne: Hello?

Marceline: Suzanne?

Suzanne: Yes.

Marceline: This is your mother.

Suzanne: Yes.

Marceline: Hi. I was given a week to call you back which–

Suzanne: Well, you have plenty of time. (laughs)

Marceline: Well, (laughs) it was kind of an ultimatum that I didn’t quite understand, you know, I didn’t– I wouldn’t have given you an ultimatum like that, but I wanted to call you back.

Suzanne: Yeah, well, everybody’s in a different kind of circumstance, so, whatever they, you know, want to do.

Marceline: Well, I guess so but, you know, for one thing, uh, when you said that about your dad, you know, it’s hard for me to see you, and as a matter of fact I can’t, because I– I don’t work that way, if you don’t care–

Suzanne: Okay. Okay. Well then, that’s fine. That’s it, then.

Marceline: –for your dad. If you don’t– If you don’t care–

Suzanne: You don’t have to worry about it then.

Marceline: But I don’t understand. Your brothers [Lew Jones, Jim Jones Jr., Stephan Jones, Tim Tupper Jones] are (unintelligible under Suzanne)–

Suzanne: Well, then why don’t you meet me?

Marceline: Hmm?

Suzanne: Then why don’t you meet me at– at where I think is best?

Marceline: I’m– I’m– What I’m saying to you, I don’t understand– when you say to me you don’t care about your dad.

Suzanne: Okay, well, see, I can explain that. I can explain that, okay? But I can’t do it here, you know, and you can’t do it there. And we can’t do it over the phone. So, okay, if– if you’re going to go, you know, by what I said over the phone and that’s your reason for not wanting to do it, fine. I understand, okay? And that’ll be the end of it.

Marceline: Look, look. I want– I want you– Just let me– I just want you to listen to me, Suzanne. First of all, you’ve got to understand, you know, that down through the years, this kind of has been used, you know, I love you, but I don’t love Jim Jones. I care about you, but that– that doesn’t work because your dad–

Suzanne: I’m not using that, Mom. I’m– You know, I’m just going to cut off you and everybody, period. Okay? Based on what you tell me.

Marceline: Well, let me tell you what’s going on down there.

Suzanne: Well, I have no idea other than the few– the few people that you told me to talk to.

Marceline: Well, I’ll tell you this, I’ve been down there. And I’ve been around your dad for 29 years.

Suzanne: Well, I can’t talk about it and listen to all that over the phone. I’m in the middle of another meeting too.

Marceline: Well, I– I’ve had a lot of beautiful experiences, but the– what’s happening in Jonestown is the most beautiful experience of my life–

Suzanne: Well–

Marceline: – and you know I wouldn’t be someplace and leave your brothers someplace–

Suzanne: I know you wouldn’t.

Marceline: – and your nephew [Chaeoke Jones] some place and leave them some place where they were being mistreated and abused.

Suzanne: I know you wouldn’t leave them. That’s my whole point.

Marceline: Well, I– I don’t know what your point is, because I’ve been– now, like the reference to my living– or your dad’s living arrangements.

Suzanne: Well, I don’t want to discuss that now–

Marceline: I know that–

Suzanne: – anyway but he and I are–

Marceline: Okay, then well–

Suzanne: Well, are we having– Are we going to meet or not?

Marceline: I cannot meet with you when you are putting your dad down.

Suzanne: Okay, that’s it then. Don’t call me here no more and don’t ever call me anywhere else, period. That’s fine. (Pause) That’s fine. I have no problem with that.

Marceline: But your dad cries for you.

Suzanne: I don’t care.

Marceline: He cares about you.

Suzanne: I don’t care.

Marceline: He worries about you.

Suzanne: I don’t care. (short, nervous laugh) He can do that the rest of his life. I don’t care. I’m just ending it here.

Marceline: Well–

Suzanne: Okay? So, you know, good luck in your– whatever you do. That’s it. It’s fine.

Marceline: I’ll tell you one thing, Suzanne. And all I would have– I want to have one plea with you, please don’t ally yourself with our enemies.

Suzanne: I don’t have any. I don’t associate with anybody. I don’t have any. I’m just on my own, okay? (unintelligible under Marceline)

Marceline: Well, I– I just want you to know, because, you know, we’re on the offensive now. We’re going to sue because there’ve been lies said. And what–

Suzanne: Sue who?

Marceline: Huh?

Suzanne: Sue who?

Marceline: We’re going to sue people that have lied on us. And uh, you–

Suzanne: Like what?

Marceline: Well, if you’ve been reading the press, you’d–

Suzanne: No, and I don’t care, ‘cause– that’s why I don’t.

Marceline: Okay. But Lew– For one thing Lew is upset and he’s–

Suzanne: I don’t blame him for being upset.

Marceline: He’s upset if he thinks that you would g– get on the other side and do anything.

Suzanne: Well, he– he’s– Well–

Marceline: And he’ll– he’ll come back. Please don’t, because he’s angry–

Suzanne: Okay.

Marceline: – and he’ll come back–

Suzanne: Okay, all I can change my story, if you have them all come back.

Marceline: What do you mean?

Suzanne: All the boys.

Marceline: What story are you talking about? You can change what story?

Suzanne: I– I can change my feelings based on what they personally tell me, face to face and what you personally tell me, face to face. I can change my thoughts and my thinking. Depending on what– you know, what’s relayed back to me from all the boys, person to person, face to face, and what you tell me, person to person, face to face. Then I might be able to change what I’m thinking. Other than that, I can cut it off just as easy. And not ever have anything to do with– not even knowing you or anybody, period. I can do that.

Marceline: Well, okay. As far as that’s concerned, Suzanne, for a year and a half, you know, I haven’t seen you and I don’t think you have wanted to know us. I just don’t want you to get on the other side.

Suzanne: There is no (unintelligible under Marceline)–

Marceline: Lew– Lew is going to– We’ll try– we’ll say what’s been built for this beautiful– and you should see your grand– your– your nephew and Lew will come back, if you get on the other side and he’ll testify. He’ll testify of things, you know, that’s– that he knows that you– he tells about you h– being drunk and trying to get him to have sex with you. He has a–

Suzanne: That’s a lie.

Marceline: (Incredulous) That’s a lie?

Suzanne: That’s a lie.

Marceline: Didn’t you try to get him to use an illegal credit card?

Suzanne: Nope.

Marceline: Well–

Suzanne: Never. Never. He doesn’t even know what I have. Never.

Marceline: He says he has a tape of it.

Suzanne: That’s a lie.

Marceline: And he knows about your living with a blond-headed fellow. (unintelligible under Suzanne)

Suzanne: That’s– Well, so? So what? I’m of age.

Marceline: Well– Okay, Suzanne. I just– I– Your dad, you know–

Suzanne: Okay, go ahead and tell me more about that kind of stuff. That’s the very reason I’m gonna cut it off. ‘Cause those are all, you know, not true.

Marceline: Well, I’d like for you to be– and hear the beauty of what’s happening, you know? I really would like you to.

Suzanne: Well, okay– I– okay, and I made– and I made arrangements for that. Okay, but you don’t want to, so?

Marceline: I just asked you to come right here and (unintelligible) home.

Suzanne: Well, no. No. I can’t do that. I mean, you have your reasons for it uh, okay, not wanting to uh, discuss it with me uh, because of what I said to you about Dad, okay? I have my reasons for not wanting to leave here.

Marceline: Okay.

Suzanne: And if we can’t come to a mutual agreement on–

Marceline: Can’t– Can’t you–

Suzanne: –some place, then –and you feel the way you just told me you do, then, you know, we can end it. I don’t have any problem, Mom. I have no regrets.

Marceline: Oh, but can’t you have any understand– can’t you understand what your dad thinks of you and that–

Suzanne: It doesn’t matter.

Marceline: – and it’s good.

Suzanne: It doesn’t matter.

Marceline: You can’t say, you know, that I’m– I do care about my dad, too?

Suzanne: I– It doesn’t matter whether– what– you know, whatever way. Good or bad. ‘Cause I (unintelligible). It doesn’t matter.

Marceline: But that would change it.

Suzanne: He has no influence.

Marceline: (weepy) But what you said to me, I care about you and my brothers, I don’t give– I care about the other person, you know? And that’s– if I– I– that’s–

Suzanne: Well, if that’s not acceptable to you, okay, then you don’t have to do anything with it, and I understand, okay? And I won’t have anything to do with it. That’s it.

Marceline: Okay. Well, I’m sorry I bothered you at work. But I just– you know, this kind of– I’ve had other people call me that have worked actively on the other side and offered–

Suzanne: Well, I don’t know anything about the other side. I mean I could care less.

Marceline: But some of the things you’ve quoted to me had to come from people that’ve come back.

Suzanne: I have never talked to anybody that came back. Never. Never.

Marceline: Well, I’ll tell you, when you talk about him being fat, it was a quote of Mike Cartmell. That’s just exactly the same thing he said to me.

Suzanne: I haven’t– I– He hasn’t been down there, he doesn’t know. I have–

Marceline: Yeah, but he mentioned that.

Suzanne: I have never talked to anybody that I– came back.

Marceline: Well, what are the living arrangements?

Suzanne: There’s been other people that’s been down there besides those who you think are on the opposite side. (Pause) I have talked to people but not the ones that you thought uh, were supposed to come back home. I wouldn’t even talk to them. I wouldn’t even acknowledge them.

Marceline: So you’ve talked to people who’ve come back that are leaving the church?

Suzanne: So-called. Or who– you know, who says it’s really, you know, lovely and nice and all that.

Marceline: Well, it is lovely.

Suzanne: Well, fine, you know, I’m glad.

Marceline: Well, I’ll let you go back to work.

Suzanne: Okay, please, you know– Okay, I want to get it straight. You do not want to meet based on what’s been discussed so far.

Marceline: I cannot meet, you know, knowing that you have no use for your dad.

Suzanne: Okay. Okay, fine. Okay, fine. That’s okay. You go ahead and, you know, do what you have to do then and live whatever’s the way you think it should, and I’ll do the same for myself.

Marceline: He’s been your friend, Suzanne, he’s been your friend.

Suzanne: He has not.

Marceline: He has been your friend.

Suzanne: He has not.

Marceline: He’s the one that wanted to adopt you– he’s–

Suzanne: It don’t matter. I would rather have been dead over there than for him to adopt me and go through all this shit that’s been going on, so it doesn’t matter, okay, Mom? I understand your position, and I want to keep it that way. And I don’t want, you know, you could get out on a limb (unintelligible word) this stuff, so we’ll just make it easy on– on both of us and just end it.

Marceline: But this shit– your life hasn’t been that bad. You’ve had some good friends, you know? And the things we’ve been going through– You know enough about this system to know that they try to destroy things and do things for black people and poor people. (Pause) (unintelligible under Suzanne)

Suzanne: Well, there’s no use crying about it. I mean, a lot of things have gone down and a lot of things have gone on and a lot of things have happened uh– You know, it may not have been your fault, but you know, it’s somebody’s fault, okay? W– Good or bad, and somebody’s– you know, somebody had to initiate it, whether it’s good or bad and, you know, I understand your feeling about it, and I understand why you can’t meet and, you know, so now you can understand why I’m– the only thing I can have to do is cut it off .

Marceline: (unintelligible) I– I don’t understand you. (Pause)

Suzanne: Well, you know, that’s okay. You know, that’s– then that’s your problem, not mine, ‘cause I won’t have any more worries. I won’t have any more to do with this, you know, and I don’t have any enemies and I don’t know what kind of enemies you’re talking about, okay?

Marceline: Okay. Okay.

Suzanne: I just stick to myself, period. That’s it. I have never seen anybody that’s come back from down there that’s supposed to be so called on the other side. I wouldn’t even know who they are if I saw them. Okay? ‘Cause I don’t know who’s back and forth and who is and who is not. I don’t keep track of that. I live my own life. And I don’t want any more part of it. And the only thing I’ve wanted to do was to talk to you one to one, okay, to tell you what my feelings were, what my concerns were, and that was all. Okay? I might say a few things that you may not like, and I may say some other things that were shocking to you, but that was my only chance. Okay? To meet with you one to one, to tell you how I felt about it, just on my own. You know it, Mom. It’s (unintelligible) there that I’ve always kept to myself and there were many times when you asked me why I was so sad about certain things, and only you had a feeling of why it was that (unintelligible word) could never talk about it. And– and– and I got that feeling from you. I cannot think about this any more. Okay? And that’s why I felt (unintelligible) and nobody else, but you know, now all of that has gone and has passed and you know, everybody has their own life to live.

Marceline: ‘Course, down through the years, I’ve talked to you (unintelligible) but you really didn’t handle (unintelligible) Which is a natural thing. (unintelligible)

Suzanne: No, it isn’t natural, in fact, I could tell you some stories about that that you don’t know about it, you know, (unintelligible word) completely (unintelligible) and I did want you to know that.

Marceline: Well, I (unintelligible).

Suzanne: Well, he may have told you eventually, ‘cause he might have been afraid that it would get to you in some other way, but I’m sure everything’s been distorted so, you know, why (unintelligible). I only know my own– I know only my side of the story, no one else’s. And I can cite you some examples that you were aware of, that you knew of, and then I may have told you some other ways because you did not recollect at the time it happened, but I remember every detail of it, and only I know it. I have not repeated it to a soul and I don’t intend to. Only one I wanted to talk to was you. So, you know, I mean– I gave you an ultimatum about meeting this week, one to one at a certain place. You didn’t want that and you gave me your reason for it, which is acceptable to me now, okay? I understand it and I’m not going to fuss about it. I’ll just go along with it and what– I’m just telling it– you know, for that reason. For your reason and for my reason, we’ll just end it here.

Marceline: Well–

Suzanne: Okay.

Marceline: Okay. Very painful. (Pause) Thanks.



(Side B)

Part 2:

Jean: And Theresa’s here, over.

Sarah: Oh, wonderful. Look, uh, Darrin can’t seem to get a hold of Donna, do you copy?

Jean: Uh, roger, I copy. Over.

Sarah: You know, Charlie’s trying to– to get a hold of Donna uh, he told me that (unintelligible) possible (unintelligible). Do you copy?

Jean: Yes, I copy. I talked to her last night. I know she’s there, over.

Sarah: Well, I tried to but (unintelligible) get a hold of Donna until I get a hold of Darrin because uh, Darrin has some information that Donna needs. Okay? Over.

Jean: Roger, roger. Uh, Donna said yesterday that she was looking forward to hearing from Darrin uh, and– and she had some questions, and so I guess that’ll fit. Over.

Sarah: Roger, roger. Darrin said (unintelligible) real connection between where Darrin is and where Donna is. (unintelligible) not working quite well, so it would be better if uh– if Donna uh– if I would get a hold of Darrin, I think (unintelligible) better where Donna is. Over.

Jean: Okay, Well, I’ll be sure and do that. I can do that right away if she’s home. I’ll keep trying ‘till I get her, over.

Sarah: Thanks so much. Now, how is everything else? Over.

Jean: Oh, pretty good, Sarah. I did have a note here from the doctor at the clinic. Over.

Sarah: Roger, roger. (unintelligible) what the doctor said. Over.

Jean: Okay, uh, it’s Betty’s opinion– it’s Betty’s opinion uh, that it’s in the best interest of the patient– Do you copy so far, Sarah, over?

Sarah: Yes. Yes.

Jean: To hire the therapist. To hire the therapist. Because that gives the patient a controlled therapy program and the security of knowing that it will be a regular planned program. You copy so far? Over.

Sarah: Yeah, roger, roger.

Jean: And the therapist’s time would not be taken up with other patients at the same time, uh, and that it would assure the patients’ uh, you know, confidential relationship with the doctor. Over.

Sarah: Yes, I understand that. Uh, (unintelligible).

Jean: Did– What did you say, Sarah? Please repeat, over.

Sarah: Roger, roger. I am (unintelligible) there’s a considerable amount (unintelligible).

Jean: Okay, well, we wanted you to know. Uh, certainly the doctor, uh, the pres– the prognosis from this end and uh, Betty is pretty uh, adamant about that. Betty– Betty feels that uh, that’s a– a necessity so– W– We’ll– We’ll try to uh, get a, you know, a b– balanced view, but we want you to know that that’s what she’s hanging on. Over.

Sarah: Roger. But the problem is (unintelligible) the person’s uh– I don’t know– uh, I really would’ve done it except the uh, cost (unintelligible), over.

Jean: Oh. You say that– that it’s simply not there, the patient just can’t uh, afford that. Is that a roger? Over.

Sarah: Well, that’s a reality. That’s a reality. As far as the other episode (unintelligible) medical staff here about (unintelligible) uh, like Sally and uh, a few other people felt. That’s uh, also a con– a real consideration because without the problem (unintelligible word) Betty would say something like the sky’s the limit (unintelligible) that kind of attitude has gone on for (unintelligible). Over.

Jean: Well, Sarah, wha– what we’d like to know of course, to– to uh, be as accurate as possible on the patient’s behalf, uh, what would be the other considerations? What would be the other considerations that uh, we could explain it? Over.

Sarah: I thought uh, (unintelligible) also feel that also what uh– (unintelligible) that (unintelligible) the doctor that uh, predicted (unintelligible).

Jean: Wait a minute– Sarah, uh, I’m– I’m going to have to ask you to back up and slow down because I don’t have that good a copy on you and I want to get this accurately. Can you repeat? Over.

Sarah: Okay. Remember (unintelligible; very static filled) Over.

Jean: Roger. I know the doctor. Roger, roger, over.

Sarah: Well, that doctor as well (unintelligible) all the (unintelligible) that is uh, (unintelligible) very difficult– (unintelligible)

Jean: Hello? Sarah, you’re gonna have to back up. I copy about the doctors. I also care– copy about– about uh, Gordon and friend, and they all feel the patient something and I can’t copy you after that. I– I– You’re going to have to speak up if you will. Over.

Sarah: (unintelligible) at all because there’s no (unintelligible) relationship (unintelligible) afford this and cannot be separated from (unintelligible). Over.

Jean: Well, all I copy is that they all feel the patient should not be beholden uh, to Nathan? Uh, with Nathan’s help, over?

Sarah: Wilson could not help her, because (unintelligible) not to know because– Stand by. (Pause)

Jean: (Aside) I– I just don’t follow her.

Sarah: Because (unintelligible) this is why (unintelligible) later down the line, this is because they no longer want to be– be associated with the patient or supposed (unintelligible) follow the advice and act on his own, and then it’s– that because they don’t want to be responsible for the patient (unintelligible).

Jean: Okay, uh, well, I understand that. The fact is that uh, we’re not sure, if that’s, you know, that that’s– I mean that’s consensus, if that’s the clinic’s consensus, we’re– but there seem to be some differing opinion, uh, over.

Sarah: Roger, roger. But Gordon, Sally, (unintelligible) and the other doctor (unintelligible).

Jean: Okay, Sarah, well, uh, hol– Could you hold the line just a minute, please?

Sarah: (unintelligible)

Jean: All right. I’ll be right back to you. I’m going– I got a phone call here, and I’m– and I know I don’t want to run up the bill but uh, I’ll be right back to you. And thank you for this kind uh, patch, operator, I’ll be right back.

HAM operator: (unintelligible word) be standing by. This is (unintelligible call letters) WVI WV6, MIV slash KR3 WB5 VCR (unintelligible), uh, the copy’s coming back pretty fair, Sarah.

Sarah: Roger that. (unintelligible) over.

Operator: Okay. This is really strange. Uh, I’m sitting here with a half of a uh, stereo headset on and a microphone on my lap, and a telephone in my hand. All kinds of uh, wires dangling at my knees.

Jean: Hello? Operator? I’m back. I– I’m back. This is Jean.

Operator: Okay.

Sarah: Go ahead.

Jean: Okay, Sarah. Uh, Betty– Betty had uh, the idea that if uh, she and Nathan– if Betty and Nathan helped uh, then the patient really wouldn’t be responsible. Uh, it would simply be Betty’s responsibility, and she– and she of course wants the patient’s trust in that regard. Over.

Sarah: So where do they want (unintelligible) job. Over.

Jean: Well, that would not– I– I– That would not necessarily– That’s uh, Betty’s decision and Betty’s– Betty’s responsibility. Over.

Sarah: Well, uh, I’ll double check on that but I– as– as long as Betty doesn’t bill Mrs. Clark later, I uh, you know. Over.

Jean: No, absolutely not. Uh, I don’t think that that would– that doctor wants to do this on his own, and uh, Betty wants to see that that’s– that that’s taken care– on his own. Over.

Sarah: Well, I’ll run that by. I’ll run that by and see what everybody says and then uh, I can get back to you on that. Over. (Pause)

Jean: Okay. We– we’d like a little more time on this. We want to try to, you know, get back to the doctor, and I think we have an appointment this afternoon, so we’ll give him– Is it okay if we– All right– It– it’s okay to explain the– the reasoning on this, isn’t it? Over.

Sarah: Sure, roger roger. Uh, I don’t think Betty will agree but she’s a little headstrong, but that’s the reasoning, over.

Jean: You don’t think that Betty will agree but you think it can’t hurt to explain. Is that a roger? Over.

Sarah: That’s a roger. Over.

Jean: That’s a roger. Over.

Sarah: Is there anything else?

Jean: Uh, no, I don’t think so. Uh, hmm? Just uh– uh– uh, Mr. Parks and Cecilia–

Sarah: (unintelligible)

Jean: Mr. Parks and Cecilia are having uh– uh– had an appointment with Melinda. Uh, over. They’re there right now, as a matter of fact, over.

Sarah: Oh. That’s nice. That’s nice. I hope they have a good time.

Jean: Okay, uh, that’s all from this end right now. Uh, we can– (Pause) Yeah, do you have any idea when uh, Darrin is expected? Uh, over.

Sarah: I have no idea at all. I got this message from him a little– about an hour and a half, two hours ago. They’re trying to get a (unintelligible word) uh, they said that they were trying to get a hold of uh, of Donna right away. If Donna could uh, get a hold of him– of him, over.

Jean: Uh, you’re saying then, that as far as you know that uh, Darrin’s at the capital right now. That’s a roger? Over.

Sarah: Oh, that’s a roger. That’s a roger, definitely. They’re on the uh, (unintelligible). Tomorrow at the earliest. Over.

Jean: I’m sorry, Sarah, you’re going to have to repeat that. Uh, over.

Sarah: He won’t be travelling until tomorrow at the earliest. Over.

Jean: Yeah, we understand that. We understand that. Over.

Sarah: Roger, roger. Have you heard from Gordon? I hope he’s okay, over.

Jean: Oh, roger. That was a big misunderstanding. I’m glad you asked. G– Gordon is fine. Gordon is just fine. It was uh, Josephine’s misunderstanding, and Gordon said that he would give Josephine a call and get it all straightened out. I’m not quite sure why Josephine misunderstood. Uh, I think she maybe’s just a little bit uh, unsettled by the situation and uh, she uh, just didn’t uh, give an accurate uh, description of the conversation to anybody. Over.

Sarah: Oh, I see, that’s–  Well, (unintelligible name) a little distraught about hearing it was (unintelligible) with her relatives. Okay, well, I’ll tell (unintelligible word) Gordon is doing (unintelligible) and please send him our best regards. We’re really, really grateful to him and his phone, over.

Jean: Okay, Sarah. Well, I sure will and uh, he’s real anxious to get together with Sally and (unintelligible word) and he has all kinds of plans so I am sure that uh, we’ll be back to you on uh, later developments with Gordon. He’s doing just fine. Over.

Sarah: Oh, that’s tremendous, that’s tremendous. Yeah, I know Sally had (unintelligible) good idea that (unintelligible) going back but I thought that Sally was part of it. (unintelligible) do well. (unintelligible). But thanks a lot and send our love to everyone there, and we miss you all a lot and uh, we’ll be talking to you later. Okay?

Jean: Okay. Sarah, can you give us an approximate time when we can expect another call from you, because uh, we’re using the phone here and we’d like to uh, we have a lot of people to– to contact and uh, we’d like to know when– about when we should be leaving it free, over.

Sarah: Sure. Uh, let’s try at about six at our time. How’s that? Would that be o– is that all right? That’s 2 o’clock your time but (unintelligible). Uh, but we’ll do our best. Over.

Jean: Okay, well, we’ll– Starting around two our time, we’ll leave it free for you. Sure appreciate the patching, and uh– and thanks a million to this fine operator who’s uh, helped us out so much here. HAM operators are– you’re in a class all by yourself. I appreciate the help more than words can say. I’m going to terminate from here, then, uh, Sarah, and uh, say thanks a lot for the QSL. Over.

Sarah: Roger, roger. I’ve got to go out of here. We have some guests from Finland through the day, uh, they’ve come all the way and I want to be there and be part of the welcome. They came all the way up to this part of the country, just to see the project, so I’m going to go out and uh, greet them. (unintelligible). Over.

Jean: Okay, did you say from Finland? I didn’t hear you, did you say from Finland? Over.

Sarah: That’s a roger.

Jean: Roger, roger. Well, that’s great news. Great news. We’d uh– that’s tremendous. Uh– Well, uh, I’m going to say 73’s and we’ll expect to hear from you around two our time then. So take care and uh, try to get us any more feedback you can and uh, you know, on, uh, especially on Betty. Over.

Sarah: Roger. Roger. Take care of yourself and bye-bye.

Jean: Bye-bye, Sarah. Thank you for your time.


Part 3:

Operator: You worked through a phone patch before?

Sandy: Yes, I have, and my name is Sandy.

Operator: Okay, Sandy. I’m going to have to use uh, the foot switch in activating it and the signal is very bad

Sandy: Okay.

Operator: It’s late in the day. Okay, it’s about fifteen meters, so just bear with us.

Sandy: Okay.

Operator: WB6MID plan 8R3, WB3 JRW. I have Sandy on the line and uh, we can go ahead and start with your half. So you go ahead and start on that side, Mike. WB6MID plan 8R3, WB3 JRW.

Mike: Uh– Okay, hi, Sandy. This is Mike and I’m going to turn the microphone over to Sarah here. I wanted to say hi to Sarah. I wanted to switch to the mic, over.

Sandy: Okay, roger, roger. Hi, Sarah, how ya doing? Over.

Sarah: Hi, how are you, Sandy? Over.

Sandy: Just great. Just great. Uh, what’s new, over?

Sarah: Oh, listen, uh, you know what? (unintelligible) Over.

Sandy: Yes, roger, roger. Over.

Sarah: Yeah, just what will (unintelligible) just real great, over.

Sandy: Oh, that’s good to hear. That’s real good to hear. Over.

Sarah: (unintelligible; very weak)

Operator: Okay, go ahead and pick it up. You can’t– Take it along because the band is really terrible.

Sandy: Okay, Sarah, it’s– it’s pretty hard to copy you right now, uh, some of your other friends here are– are meeting with another friend of yours, Hilda. You remember Hilda? They’re meeting with her now, over.

Sarah: (unintelligible; weak signal) Over.

Sandy: Well, uh, let’s see, pretty good, I think. Pretty good. Jerry met with Hilda and a friend of Hilda’s this morning and that, you know, was pretty uh, pretty much just a casual uh, encounter but uh, uh, actually we’ll know more this afternoon after uh, Charlie gets back, over.

Sarah: Roger. (unintelligible) called uh, called uh, you know, (unintelligible) over. (Pause)

Sandy: I didn’t copy all that. You said Mel called 8R1, and I didn’t copy the rest, over.

Sarah: (unintelligible) wanted to tie down with Betty, uh, over.

Sandy: Yes, roger, roger. That’s what uh, was mentioned briefly, uh, this morning that uh– Actually Mel thought he’d like working with Rodney directly better. Over.

Sarah: (unintelligible) uh, when Mel called her. They’re just trying to get uh, your opinion on Mel (unintelligible) right now (unintelligible) at the same time. Over.

Sandy: Yeah, roger, roger. I think that’s kind of what Irene and Rudy are doing also. I just trying to get, you know, uh, an opinion on uh, the case so uh, I don’t have anything definite for you at this time. Over.

Sarah: Roger, roger. (unintelligible). Over.

Sandy: (to herself) I didn’t copy that. (louder) I’m sorry, Sarah, I’m negative copy. Over.

Sarah: (unintelligible; very weak signal) Over.

Sandy: I don’t have anything else, uh, for you from here at this time, but it’s very difficult for me to copy you, over.

Sarah: (unintelligible)

Sandy: Uh, maybe so, ‘cause you’re very, very faint, uh, unless it’s something that you know, uh, really uh, needs to be gotten to the– the people here right away. I– Whatever you think, Sarah. Over.

Sarah: Well, I just have some (unintelligible word) to uh, you know, try to (unintelligible) else about– about (unintelligible) they had passed on to you earlier. Over.

Sandy: Uh, well, you can try, you can try. Uh, I’ll do the best I can, over.

Sarah: Roger, roger. Did Alena call Preston in Indiana? Over.

Sandy: I don’t know. Uh, I was gone this morning with Jerry so uh, I don’t know if she did or not. She made about nineteen calls she said, you know, very happy to see a lot of her friends. Over.

Sarah: Roger, roger, uh– You know uh, if there are people down here that (unintelligible) blank (unintelligible) paper. Do you copy?

Sandy: Blank, eight and a half by uh, question mark uh, lined paper, over.

Sarah: (unintelligible) really been trying though, over.

Sandy: Eight and a half by thirteen ruled and numbered paper. Over.

Operator: By fourteen.

Sandy: Oh, fourteen.

Sarah: (unintelligible) now, over.

Sandy: Okay, very good, uh, roger, roger. Over.

Sarah: (unintelligible). I don’t want to waste your call. (unintelligible). Over.

Sandy: I’m sorry, I didn’t copy all of that, over.

Sarah: I’ll try back later. I don’t want to waste your money. (unintelligible).

(Sandy and male laughing)

Sandy: Oh, okay, roger, roger. Seventy three, Sarah, over.

Sarah: (unintelligible)

Operator: Okay.

Sandy: Thanks an awful lot. What’s your call sign there?

Operator: WB3 JRW.

Sandy: And where’s it from?

Operator: It’s from Maryland.

Sandy: Okay, thanks an awful lot. Really appreciate it.

Operator: Uh-huh. My pleasure.

Sandy: Bye.

Operator: Okay, bye-bye.


Tape originally posted January 2012