Q712 Transcript

Transcript prepared by Fielding M. McGehee III. If you use this material, please credit The Jonestown Institute. Thank you.

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(Note: This tape was one of the 53 tapes initially withheld from public disclosure.)

Sound of number being dialed. Phone rings.

Operator: May I help you?

Mike: Yes, I’m making a collect call to uh—

Operator: Your name?

Mike: (unintelligible), this is Mike Rozynko.

Operator: Mike Nichol?

Mike: Rozynko.

Operator: Huh?

Mike: Rozynko. Mike Rozynko.

Dad: Hello?

Operator: Wha— What is your name, sir?

Dad: Why?

Mike: This is Mike Rozynko, making a—

Operator: The person that’s placing the call, I need your name.

Mike: Mike Rozynko.

Operator: All right. Is this a collect call to someone else? A person-to-person?

Dad: This is uh— This is—

Mike: Uh— the line has gone through.

Operator: It’s a collect call from Mike Nichols, will you accept the charge?

Dad: Rozynko, yes.

Operator: Thank you. Go ahead.

Mike: Hi, Dad.

Dad: Hi.

Mike: I was just— I’m calling to see how you’ve been doing. I’m—

Dad: Well, I’m doing fine.

Mike: I’m in the city right now. I’m calling from a friend’s house, so I couldn’t make a— a regular call.

Dad: Oh. Great. Well, uh— Where are you living now?

Mike: I’m still in the valley.

Dad: I see. Are you still working for— in that photography studio?

Mike: Yeah, I’m sure am. I’m (laughs) really enjoying it, too, it’s really neat. I’m getting into printing too, so—

Dad: Uh-huh.

Mike: We’ve gotten a new printing press, and stuff, and I’m really enjoying learning how to use it.

Dad: Uh-huh. Well, that’s great. I’m glad you called, uh— I been uh, wondering about you and uh, Chris [Christian Rozynko]. What’s been happening with— to you— to Chris?

Mike: Well, Chris has moved down to L.A. for a little while. He was doing a job down there with his wife. He and his wife have—

Dad: Oh, what kind of a job are they doing?

Mike: He’s a— a part time electrician.

Dad: Oh, I see.

Mike: He’s wiring up some houses down there. He’s—

Dad: Uh-huh.

Mike: His residence is here, he just moved down there for a while.

Dad: I see. Uh-huh. Was he uh— well, is he— is he married, uh, or not?

Mike: (Obvious tone) Yeah, he’s married [to Diane Louie Rozynko].

Dad: Well, uh, that’s uh, you know, that’s moot. My understanding was that it was a political marriage.

Mike: (Incredulous) What?

Dad: Well, that it was a— they were really married in name only. (Pause) Because that was— that was my understanding.

Mike: Oh, I understood he loved her very much.

Dad: Huh?

Mike: My understanding was he loved her really a lot.

Dad: I see. Well, that’s— that’s good. Glad it’s uh, it worked. Well, uh, when can you uh— when uh, can you visit?

Mike: Well, I don’t know yet. Um— My schedule’s (short laugh) really tight. Um, I can call you back on it if— if you want.

Dad: Okay.

Mike: So I— I’ll ask my boss, if I can get a s— get a couple days off or something.

Dad: Uh-huh. That’d really be nice.

Mike: What time would be best for you? On a weekend, or—

Dad: Uh, yeah, it really would. Uh, weekend would be really great. You know, that— that— it wouldn’t uh— If you could let me know, um— Well, let’s see. (Pause) (Muses) Uh, let’s see, today is the 31st, or no, let’s see. Yeah, 31st. (Unintelligible word). No, tomorrow’s the 31st. All right. Aah, well— (Pause) (Murmurs to himself) Well, next week uh, seems to be all right, or the week after that. Uh, the next— the next two weeks would be all right for me. The third week won’t be all right.

Mike: Um-hmm.

Dad: ‘Cause I’ll be uh, going someplace, but uh, August seventh and the fourteen will be just fine.

Mike: Okay. I’ll— I’ll check on it. How are you doing, though?

Dad: I’m just fine.

Mike: I—

Dad: One— one moment. Hold the line. (Pause) Uh, you just happened to uh, uh, hit me right, because uh— Mike? ‘Cause Sandy is here, and she wanted to be uh, talking to you. You want to— here’s uh, here’s Sandy.

Sandy: Hi, Mike.

Mike: (Tone is flatter) Hi, Sandy.

Sandy: Hi, how are you?

Mike: Fine.

Sandy: What’s going on? Anything new?

Mike: No, nothing new as such.

Sandy: Well, it’s really nice to hear you. I haven’t seen you in a long, long time. (Pause)

Mike: Well, I’m working.

Sandy: Oh, that’s good. So am I. Uh— you going to college?

Mike: No, I’m still working at the shop.

Sandy: You plan on going to college?

Mike: No, not right now.

Sandy: Oh. (Pause) (Unintelligible under Mike)

Mike: Well, later on, but not right now.

Both: Huh?

Mike: Later on, I’m— I’m really enjoying working where I am right now.

Sandy: Uh-huh. Well, that’s good. That’s good. I just, you know, hope that you get your opportunity to go to college like you— like you were hoping to.

Mike: Oh, I will. It’s been offered to me a lot, I just uh, want to stay where I am right now.

Sandy: Well, you know, I understand that. You know, well, I intend to be going to college next year, too. I’m going to become an engineer, hopefully.

Mike: (More animated) Oh, really? Where are you going?

Sandy: San Luis— San Luis Obispo Poly Tech, hopefully.

Mike: San Luis Obispo?

Sandy: Mmm-hmm.

Mike: That’s really neat.

Sandy: Yeah, it’s a— a polytechnical school down south, and it’s really high-rated and everything, so, you know— hope (Whisper unintelligible). How’s Chris?

Mike: He— He’s great.

Sandy: He really is?

Mike: Mmm-hmm.

Sandy: Well, that’s good. Is he going to law school?

Mike: Well, he got out for a year or two, he’s become a part-time electrician. He’s going to go back—

Sandy: Oh— Well, I really hope he goes to law school, ‘cause you know that four years at USF [University of San Francisco] kinda, you know—

Mike: Oh, yeah, he’s going to go back to law school. (laughs) He wouldn’t waste that much time on nothing.

Sandy: Well, that’s— Uh, you know, I hope not, you know, I really hope that he— ‘Cause I know he was really anxious to (Unintelligible word), you know. And uh, I hope he really does. I don’t know— I don’t know— kinda nice, (Unintelligible word) lawyer, you know.

Mike: Umm-hmm.

Sandy: But it— And you know, I— Were you still planning on becoming a doctor?

Mike: Um, certainly.

Sandy: Really?

Mike: Umm-hmm.

Sandy: Doctor— Another Dr. Rozynko, huh? Well, that’s really great. Are you going to be coming down at all, to see Dad?

Mike: I don’t know. We were just talking about that. I gotta— I gotta check back.

Sandy: Yeah?

Mike: Check my schedule, you know— (Unintelligible sentence)

Sandy: You know, ‘cause I would— you know, I’d like to see you, you know, ‘cause I haven’t seen you for a long time. You know? After all, you’re my brother. And I really, you know, kinda miss you. Haven’t seen you for a while.

Mike: Yeah, I do too, Sandy. I—

Sandy: Um— Well, everything is (Unintelligible balance of sentence), you know.

(Pause in tape for 30 seconds)

Sandy: —you know, you’re not parachuting. Why? When did you—

Mike: Oh, well, you— you mentioned that a long time ago, I just wanted to see if you were still taking it.

Sandy: Oh. Well, no. (Laughs) I wasn’t planning on, you know, going— going into parachuting.

Mike: (Laughs)

Sandy: How’s Mom [Annie Joyce Rozynko]?

Mike: She’s great. She’s really enjoying the work.

Sandy: What’s she doing there?

Mike: She’s on nursing—

Sandy: She still working in a convalescent hospital? (Pause)

Mike: Umm, I think— I don’t think so, I think it’s in acute right now.

Sandy: An acute?

Mike: That’s a regular hospital.

Sandy: Oh, she is? Hey, um is she— did she decide to go back to college and get her B.A.?

Mike: I don’t know— I have no idea.

Sandy: Well, I remember that she was talking about it before I left— left. You know— you know— I was trying to encourage her to go back to get her— get her B.S., because, you know, she’d get paid more, you know. And you know, if you want prestige, you should get a better job, and, you know, if you see her, (voice trembles) you know, tell her I said hi.

Mike: Okay.

Sandy: Tell her that I really, you know, I kind of miss her, tell her that I care for her a lot, and I think about her a lot. So—

Mike: All right. I certainly will.

Sandy: You know, tell her (Unintelligible phrase under soft voice), you know, that I worry about her, with how she’s doing and stuff. You know— Well, how’s everything else? Everything for you going real well?

Mike: (Flatter tone) Sure is. Couldn’t be better. (Unintelligible phrase)

Sandy: Well. That’s really good. (Emotional) I’m really happy for you, Mike, if you’re happy.

Mike: (Snorts) Thanks. Well— Really good— good to talk to you.

Sandy: Yeah? Well, Michael, I just wanted to know— you to know that I really care (voice too soft), and I really care for Chris and Mike, you know, just ‘cause um, I’m not living any more with you. (voice soft) And Mike, you know, you’ve changed (voice too soft). You are my brother. I do love you. And would you like to talk to Mi— to Dad again?

Mike: Yeah, I think so.

Sandy: Okay.

Mike: Okay, bye.

Sandy: Okay, bye. It’s really nice talking to you, Michael.

Mike: Okay.

Sandy: Tell Chris and (Unintelligible word) Mom I say hi.

Mike: Okay.

Sandy: (Off phone) Dad?

Dad: Hi.

Mike: Hi, Dad. Okay, it was it— uh, that was all, I guess, so—

Dad: Huh?

Mike: I want to— I want to end this phone call, because you— you’re a— running up a bill on your phone and everything so—

Dad: Okay, well, uh, if you can come uh, and visit me on the seventh or the fourteenth, that would be just wonderful. What’s your transportation, uh, Mike?

Mike: (Pause) Okay, I’ll work it out, I might be able to borrow a car or something.

Dad: I see. Okay. Do you— do you drive now?

Mike: Do I drive?

Dad: Yeah.

Mike: Yeah, I drive.

Dad: Oh, okay. Well, I didn’t know. You weren’t driving the last time, Mike—

Mike: Oh, yeah, remember? I had my permit last time.

Dad: Oh, I see. Okay. As Sandy had said, you were an absolute menace.

Mike: (Laughs, more heartfelt) Well, that was the first time I ever drove.

Dad: I see. Okay.

Mike: (Laughs)

Dad: Okay, well, that figures. Well, let me know, huh, uh, what uh— if you can come—

Mike: Okay, well—

Dad: —and wh— and when.

Mike: Oh, I certainly will. Okay, I wanted to—

Dad: ‘Cause I really would like to see you, because it’s been a while.

Mike: Okay. Well, Dad, I wanted to let you know that I’m really happy, fine, I love you, and uh—

Dad: Okay. Hey, that’s great. I love you too, hon.

Mike: Okay, Dad. Okay. See you later.

Dad: Okay.

Mike: Bye.

Dad: Bye-bye.

End of tape

Tape originally posted April 2002